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1. I, MA. AGNES HERNANDO-CABACUNGAN, of legal age, maried Filipino,

with Office Address at the Public Attorneys Office, Pasig District Office
located at the 3rd Floor DSWD Rescue Compound Pasig City Hall
Caruncho Avenue Pasig City, after having been sworn to in accordance
with law, depose and say;

2. That I am designated as Public Attorney III at the Pasig City District Office
of the Public Attorneys Office;

3. That I assisted Ms. LILIBETH B. MARGALLO in the preparation and filing

of the Petition for Declration of Nullity of Marriage before the Regional Trial
Court of Pasig City upon her compliance with the requirements for availing
of the services of the Public Attorneys Office;

4. That the Ms. MARGALLO was never required to pay any acceptance fee or
whatever fee for my services;

4. That as per DOJ DEPARTMENT CIRCULAR NO. 46, dated June 25, 2010, I
am executing this AFFIDAVIT to attest to the fact that Ms. MARGALLO was
not required to pay any acceptance fee for my services and hence, she
should be exempt from payment of docket and other fees before the
Office of the Clerk of Court, Pasig City, pursuant to A.M. No. 07-5-15-SC
Re: R.A. No. 9406, exempting clients of the Public Attorneys Office from
payment of docket and other fees, dated June 12, 2007 and OCA Circular
No. 121-2007 issued by the Supreme Court dated December 11, 2007
exempting PAO clients from the payment of such fees, incidental to
instituting an action in court xxx, as an original proceeding xxx, and
revoking OCA Circular No. 67-2007, particularly the conditions imposed
for PAO clients to be exempted from paying these fees.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature this 16th day

of August, 2011.



SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME this 16 th day of August, 2011 in

Pasig City.

Atty. Kristin Fatima Franco

Public Attorney II
Pursuant to RA 9406