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Học viện Cảnh sát nhân dân cùng với Học viện An ninh nhân dân là hai trường

đào tạo hàng đầu

của Công an nhân dân Việt Nam, đào tạo những sĩ quan cảnh sát có trình độ đại học và sau đại học
cho lực lượng cảnh sát.
Học viện Cảnh sát là trường trọng điểm, đầu ngành của Lực lượng Công an nhân dân (cùng với Học
viện An ninh nhân dân), mục tiêu đến năm 2018 Học viện trở thành trường trọng điểm Quốc gia

The People's Police Academy along with the People's Security Academy are the two
leading training schools of the Vietnam People's Police, training police officers with
university and postgraduate qualifications for police forces. .

The Police Academy is the key and leading school of the People's Police Force (together
with the People's Security Academy), aiming to become a National key school by 2018

Trải qua trên 48 năm xây dựng và trưởng thành, Học viện CSND đã có được cơ sở hạ tầng quy mô, hiện đại.

Over 48 years of construction and growth, the PPA has had modern and large-scale

At the same time, with the goal of building a regular university-level training facility of the PPA, focusing on
specialized skills (anti-terrorism, riot, kidnapping, combat action on the field ...) in the direction of modern
development, meeting the requirements of combating crimes in all situations, step by step integrating into
the world by 2020. The Second Institution PPA - Ministry of Public Security has been approved by the
People's Committee of Vinh Phuc province with planning area of 101.28 hectare located in 4 communes of
Tam Duong district including Thanh Van, Dao Tu, Kim Long, Huong Dao.
The office of Directorate Board and functional units is a 9-floor building inaugurated in 2006, which ensures
a working place for all staffs and teachers. The building is designed with modern furnished rooms, internal
network, Internet…
At the moment, 100% of the working quarters, libraries, lecture halls, dormitories, students can connect to
the internal network, the Internet via wired or wireless. The Academy has also equipped a high-speed server
system for deploying intranet management software and training software under the credit course. Besides,
the CCTV system in the lecture hall was also completed for the management, construction of online
classrooms, building the e-learning lecture room project.
The Academy has a system of specialized classrooms for the Department of Police on Drug Crime
Prevention and Suppression; Department of Traffic Police, Department of Forensic Science; Department of
Foreign languages; Department of Informatics, Laboratories for specialized research.
The e-shooting room: was installed on the area of 200m 2 with the total cost of more than 24 billion VND, the
work has been completed and put into use, serving the shooting training at the Academy. The Electronic
Combat Field is equipped with a modern simulating shooting system capable of training shooters from basic
to advanced levels with simulator guns including: simulated Glock 19, real Glock 19, simulator MP5 and
shooting back system to put pressure on students. Moreover, there are also video and audio presentations,
computerized control systems, laser receivers, display and control devices, report printers.
- Shooting field: meeting the increasing requirements of training, fire drill practice of officers, students of the
- The Department of Armed Police’s training ground to carry out anti-terrorism and riot exercises.
- Training and physical training area: martial arts hall, swimming pools, gymnasiums with sports
competitions (volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis court ...), stadium with 7m wide pit.
- Model Court Room: Judging sample trials instituted by the Academy; Judging mobile trial of real cases
instituted by People’s Court at all levels.