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平成 31 年度静岡大学大学院総合科学技術研究科修士課程

10 月入学外国人留学生英語コース特別入試

October 2019 Special Admissions for International Student

English-based Courses

Application Guide for Master's Degree Courses

Asia Bridge Program (ABP)*

Shizuoka University
Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology

*When using the email addresses shown in this application guide, please replace [a] with @.

*Asia Bridge Program (ABP)

Shizuoka University's Asia Bridge Program (ABP or ABP-SU), in collaboration with local
governments and global corporations headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture, is designed to educate
future global leaders for business and society. The mission is to foster globalization of the Shizuoka
community and industry by cultivating and developing highly skilled individuals with a global
vision. (For more details:

To fulfill the goal of the ABP program, Shizuoka University offers the ABP tuition aid to students
who are citizens of the following 16 countries and states, and do not have Japanese nationality. The
aid covers the examination fee, the enrollment fee, and the first year's full tuition. The tuition
waiver for the second year will be awarded according to each individual’s academic performance
during the first year. For 2019 October admission, maximum 20 students will receive 40,000 JPY
per month for the first 12 months. All the applicants will be considered for this additional financial
aid, and the 20 students will be selected according to their performance at the entrance
examinations (document screening and interview examination).

The 16 countries and states are: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Federal Democratic
Republic of Nepal, India, Kingdom of Thailand, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia,
Mongolia, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Indonesia,
Republic of Korea, Republic of Singapore, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of the Union of
Myanmar, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, and Taiwan.

For students who seek admissions to Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology, but
are not citizens of the foregoing 16 countries and states, please refer to the other general
application guide for international (non-ABP) students.

Our Vision
Freedom and Enlightenment & Creating of the Future

A university with an active presence promoting high-quality education and creative research that
collaborates and grows together with society.
(For more details:

Our Mission
Shizuoka University will cultivate learned individuals who are endowed with a sense of
responsibility for the future of the Earth, an international outlook, a high level of specialized
knowledge, the spirit to take on challenge without fear of failure, and a rich humanity.

Shizuoka University strives toward scholarship that can contribute at all levels to worldwide peace
and the prosperity of humankind through the pursuit of academic research which is abounding with

Social Collaboration
Shizuoka University will contribute to society by working hand-in-hand with local communities,
addressing earnestly the various problems which society faces, and functioning as a beacon tower
for the promulgation of culture and science.

Our Departments and Education

 Department of Informatics
In the Department of Informatics, we cultivate students who are ready to join society as advanced
professionals, equipped with expertise and problem-solving skills in ever-changing information
technology and society. Such students are not only capable of contributing to the realization of a
desired information society, but also to harmonious developments between human beings, and
information technology. We seek students who will contribute to the creation of new information

Along with the interdisciplinary education/research of informatics that integrates and unifies
information science, system and sociology, we provide the students with systematic and specialized
education programs in computer science, information systems, and information society design.

 Department of Science
The Department of Science aims to train individuals with problem-solving skills who are able to
apply fundamental science to advance the study of science and technology. Our curriculum places
emphasis on the importance of students’ involvement in advanced academic research in order to
foster their scientific thinking to seek truth for the sake of the enrichment of humankind. Our
education also aims to develop students' ability to take action, think insightfully, and improve
technology, while assisting diverse needs of society. Our mission is to seek out an essential
understanding of reality and to perform academic research that is inspired by innovation. We
cultivate and develop highly-skilled individuals who have mastered the erudite scholarship needed
in advanced technology and research.

We aim to cultivate well-trained individuals who possess advanced expert potential and the ability
to perform creative research. We develop students’ multifaceted views through requirement and
elective courses that highlight foundational theories in order to enhance their skills to solve issues
in the field. Our curriculum stresses systematic links between lectures, seminars, and research, and
faculty members provide students meticulous advice on courses and research.

 Department of Engineering
The Department of Engineering educates socially-conscious individuals with the ability to identify
and solve real-life issues by effectively and responsibly engaging in the practice of the engineering
profession. Students are trained to become local and global leaders who contribute to the
enrichment of future society as well as the advancement of the field of engineering and technology,
leading to engineering innovation and partnerships with industry.

Our education aims to raise students’ social sensibilities, global awareness, and level of leadership
in this diverse society. We train students to produce new and innovative technology and solutions
that contribute to all fields of science and engineering. Students experience and participate actively
in cutting-edge researches in a wide range of areas conducted in the Department of Engineering.

 Department of Agriculture
Providing sufficient food, clothing, and housing in better ways is the fundamental idea of the
research we conduct and the courses we teach at the Department of Agriculture. We work to develop
the theoretical foundation and improve the technologies that are critical in achieving this
fundamental goal. Based on environmental science and bioscience, we offer education for
individuals who can contribute to the sustainable development of our community and the world at

Our education helps students grow as expert professionals while acquiring profound understanding
of the connections between their studies and related industries and how those connections form the
backbone of their future research. With emphasis on experiments and laboratory work, our students
acquire foundational knowledge and practical skills which are critical for the advancement of the
field as well as the local and global communities. Students also acquire broad knowledge of cutting-
edge work in the natural sciences, well-balanced ethics, and perspectives as engineers in their own
and related fields.

I. 2019 October Admissions Overview/Capacity

Number of Students
Department Course for October 2019

(Hamamatsu Campus)

(Shizuoka Campus)
Biological Science
Mechanical Engineering Total 40*
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Engineering Electronics and Materials Science
(Hamamatsu Campus) Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering
Mathematical and Systems Engineering
Management of Business Development
Biological and Environmental Sciences
Applied Biological Chemistry
(Shizuoka Campus)
Environment and Forest Resources Science
* Under any circumstances, even if the number of applicants who passed this entrance examination is
less than the indicated number above, no additional successful applicants will be announced, or no
additional entrance examinations will be scheduled.

II. Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must fulfill all eligibilities 1), 2) and 3):

1) Do not have Japanese nationality.

2) Have nationality of at least one of the following countries and states:

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

India Kingdom of Thailand
Lao People's Democratic Republic Malaysia
Mongolia People’s Republic of Bangladesh
People’s Republic of China Republic of Indonesia
Republic of Korea Republic of Singapore
Republic of the Philippines Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam Taiwan

3) Applicants also must fulfill either of the eligibility a) OR b) indicated below:

a) Have completed at least three academic years of university education curricula outside Japan
and have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent certificate (Or expected to complete by September
30, 2019).

b) In case a) is not satisfied, the applicants must have been reviewed and approved by either of the

Departments (Informatics, Science, Engineering or Agriculture, Graduate School of Integrated
Science and Technology, Shizuoka University) to have the eligibility, e.g. Preliminary review of
eligibility requirement.

Those of you who wish to apply with the Eligibility Requirement 3b) must submit required
documents to the Department(s) first for the Preliminary Review of your eligibility. Each
department provides its own form for the preliminary review, so please first email to the
Department(s) you want to apply between Thursday, December 13th, 2018 and Wednesday, January
16th, 2019, and ask the procedures. Failure to request the Preliminary Review and not fulfilling the
Eligibility Requirement 3b) will result in losing your eligibility to apply for the October 2019
admissions. After emailing to the Department(s), you will be asked to fill the designated form, and
submit the necessary documents to mail them by post. All the documents must arrive at Shizuoka
University no later than Thursday, January 31st, 2019. Please note that the requirement of each
Department is different. The result of the Preliminary Review will be notified by Thursday,
February 28th, 2019.

The examination fee is not required at the time of the Preliminary Review. The Departments’ email
addresses are listed as follows:

 Department of Informatics (Hamamatsu Campus)


 Department of Science (Shizuoka Campus)


 Department of Engineering (Hamamatsu Campus)


 Department of Agriculture (Shizuoka Campus)


III. How to Apply

Applicants must submit all the documents listed below through the online application system. If any
information has not been completed and/or any fraudulent or inaccurate information is found, the
application will not be accepted.

1. List of Required Documents

No. Documents Notes

- Enter all the required information on the online

application system.
1 Application Form
- Use names written in English on your passport or
national identification card.
- Follow the size shown below, and include 5mm to
7mm margins from the frames to the head.
- Must be a front-facing bust portrait with headwear
removed, and taken within three months prior to
your application.
- Portrait with headwear is acceptable only for the
religious reason and the face must be shown clearly.
- The image resolution must be 150 dpi.
2 Photo

Photo dimensions

- Submit a copy of your passport picture page(s)

indicating your name, date of birth, sex, and
3 Copy of Passport - If you do not have a passport, submit a copy of
your national identification card (as a proof of your
nationality), or a copy of proof (receipt) of your
passport application.

4 1st year - Must be authorized by the university president of

the official educational institution where applicants
have graduated or currently are enrolled.
- The course names must be clearly indicated.
5 2nd year - Transcript of the fourth or final year must include
Academic Transcripts of
all the subjects completed at the time of your
University (undergraduate
application (including partial scores/grades from
6 3rd year any ongoing terms/semesters if available).
- If the duration of your university (higher)
education is less than four years, and you do not
have four transcripts, please upload as many as
7 4th year possible.

- Must be authorized by the university president of the
official educational institution where applicants have
graduated or currently are enrolled.
- Those of you who already graduated from university
Graduation Certificate, or Copy
must submit an authorized graduation certificate or copy
8 of Diploma, or Certificate of
of the diploma issued by the university president.
Expected Graduation
- Those of you who have not completed the university
education must submit an authorized certificate of
expected graduation stating your expected graduation
- Submit a copy of one of the Score Reports from
revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test, TOEFL iBT,
(academic or general) tests taken after March 2017.
Certificate(s) of Proficiency of - Those of you who do not have the test scores, submit a
English Language letter of English proficiency (A4, 1 page) issued within
(Applicants from non English the last 12 months by your current or former academic
native countries only) supervisor. No specific form or format is provided, but it
should include the applicant’s English ability, the
medium (language) of instruction at the higher
education level, and history of education in English. The
date of issue must be indicated.
- Must be written in English, and should not exceed
Summary of Graduation Thesis,
10 1,000 words. Submission by an electronic file is not
or Past Research Experience
- It should include sufficient information on the
applicants’ future research plan for master thesis in
Shizuoka University.
- The motivation to pursue further education in the
11 Research Plan Essay graduate school and desired career path after graduation
should also be explained.
- Must be written by applicants themselves in English,
and should not exceed 1,000 words. Submission by an
electronic file is not accepted.
- Must be written within the last 12 months by a referrer
(the applicants’ current or former academic supervisor
or professor) who knows the applicant well. Only one
letter is required.
12 Letter of Reference - The referrer’s handwritten signature and date are
- The referrers must log in the online application system
by clicking “Referrer,” and upload the Letter of
Reference during the Application Period.

[Important Note]
All documents including the passport/national identification card must be issued in Japanese,
English, or with English alongside the native (original) language. If any of documents are issued
neither in Japanese or English, then they must contain the English translation that has been notarized
by the university, an embassy, or a notary office.

* TOEIC, TOEFL, TOEFL iBT and TOEFL ITP are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This publication is not endorsed or
approved by ETS.

2. Courses and Departments to Apply

Please refer to the section I. “2019 October Admissions Overview/Capacity” on page 5.

No departments allow to choose another department as the second choice. The second choice options
differ depending on the departments.

 Department of Informatics
Applicants may choose up to two prospective academic supervisors from one course.

 Department of Science
Applicants may choose one course and one prospective academic supervisor only (The second
choice is not accepted.).

 Department of Engineering
Applicants may choose up to two prospective academic supervisors from the six courses.

 Department of Agriculture
Applicants may choose one course and one prospective academic supervisor only (The second
choice is not accepted.).

3. Online Application System

All the application documents are accepted only through the online application system. Any mailed
or submitted-in-person documents will not be accepted. Applicants must follow the on-screen
directions on the website, which will be opened at the beginning of the application period. Please
check our website frequently for updates:

If you encounter any technical errors, please contact at the following email address:

Organization for international collaboration, Shizuoka University


4. Application Period

Friday, March 15th to Monday, March 25th, 2019

The online application system will close at noon on Monday, March 25h, 2019, Japan Standard Time.

IV. Selection Procedure

The first round selection is based on a comprehensive review of all documents submitted by the
applicants. Only the successful applicants will be invited to an internet interview examination for the
second round selection. The final decision will be made by the examination committee, based on an
overall assessment of both interview examination and evidence provided in the application

1. First Round Selection (Document Screening)

The first round selection will be based on each applicant’s submitted documents. The result of the
first round selection will be announced on the following Departments’ websites on Wednesday, May
8th, 2019:

 Department of Informatics

 Department of Science

 Department of Engineering

 Department of Agriculture

2. Second Round Selection (Interview Examination)

For those of you who have passed the first round selection, the second selection will be an online
interview examination through internet (such as Skype and Zoom). The interview examination will be
scheduled between Saturday, May 25th and Wednesday, June 5th, 2019, and each applicant will be
contacted for the details via email. Applicants are required to secure high-speed internet access at the
time of the interview examination.

V. Notification of Final Result

Monday, June 17th, 2019

The result will be announced on the following Departments’ websites. Successful applicants will also
be notified via email.

 Department of Informatics

 Department of Science

 Department of Engineering

 Department of Agriculture
- 10 -
VI. University Registration and Enrollment Period

Registration: Late September 2019

Enrollment: Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

VII. Important Reminders

1. Enrollment Fee and Tuition

Enrollment Fee: 282,000 JPY (As of 2018)

Tuition Fee: 535,800 JPY (As of 2018)

The enrollment fee and the first year’s full tuition are waived for students who are eligible for the ABP
tuition aid. The tuition waiver for the second year will be awarded according to each individual’s
academic performance during the first year.

Tuition and other fees for the Shizuoka University admissions are standardized and determined by
the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. If the tuition is increased
while school is in session, the new amount shall apply from the date that becomes in effect.

2. Other Initial Expenses at the Time of Enrollment

Department Expense Amount (JPY) (As of 2018)

Informatics Student welfare society fees 11,750
Science Welfare society fees 10,000
Engineering Miscellaneous expenses 10,750
Agriculture Supporter’s association fees 11,750
*Amounts are subject to change.

The other initial expenses at the time of enrollment listed above are for the associations in which
students are to join by understanding the purposes, and that provide them with educational and other-
related assistances. In addition, all students of Shizuoka University are enrolled in "Disaster and
Accident Insurance for Student Education and Research" to prepare for any unexpected incidents
during the course of the regular curriculum. The costs for this insurance are included above.

Disaster and Accident Insurance for Student Education and Research

This insurance covers disasters and accidents met by students during educational and research
activities (e.g. the course of regular curricula, school events, extracurricular activities, and a break on
campus), and while commuting (including from home to campus for regular curricula, school events,
and extracurricular activities, and from facility to facility on campus). The Japan Educational
Exchanges and Services maintain this insurance policy as a national mutual-aid system. All students
at Shizuoka University are enrolled in this insurance.

Liability Insurance for Students

In addition to the insurance above, liability insurance for students are also strongly recommended for
all students. It covers 24 hours a day, wherever you are (on-campus, off-campus, even when you are
traveling back to your country). For application, go to the University CO-OP.
Price 3,000 JPY (University Coop membership fee) + Insurance fee 3,120 JPY (2 years)
* University Coop membership fee (3,000 JPY) will be returned when you graduate.
- 11 -
3. Personal Expense in Campus Life

Living cost should be covered by personal expense. It will cost around 70,000 JPY to 80,000 JPY per
month in Shizuoka, including housing, food, utilities and others. Please refer to the following website
for the University dormitories:

4. Requests for disclosure of examination results

Applicants who failed the second round selection can make a request for the disclosure of their
entrance examination results. For questions regarding these requests, please contact the following
office during the request period: Friday, November 15th - Monday, December 16th, 2019:

Graduate School Unit, Educational Affairs Section, Student Affair Division

Telephone: +81 - (54) - 238 - 4332
Email: exam-result[a]
836 Ohio, Suruga-cu, Shizuoka-shy, Shizuoka, 422-8529 Japan

5. Handling of Personal Information

Personal information is handled in accordance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal
Information Held by Incorporated Administrative Agencies, etc.,” and the “Shizuoka University
Code on Personal Information Management” in the following manners:

(1) Personal information recorded on all application documents will be used for (a) selecting new
students (processing application and making selections), (b) announcing the results, (c)
processing registration, and (d) investigating admission selection methods and university
education improvements.

(2) The examination results in admission selection will be used in compiling materials for the
investigation of future admission selection methods.

(3) Personal information for new students will be used for work related to (a) educational affairs
(student registration, learning assistance, etc.), (b) student support (health care, tuition exemption
and scholarship applications, employment support, etc.), and (c) tuition collection.

(4) For the (1) and (2) above, some duties may be undertaken by contractors entrusted by the
university. The contractors will be provided with some or all personal information only to the
extent needed to complete the said duties.

- 12 -
6. Contacts

For questions regarding the application guide and entrance examination, please email to the
following office(s):

 Department of Informatics (Hamamatsu Campus)


 Department of Science (Shizuoka Campus)


 Department of Engineering (Hamamatsu Campus)


 Department of Agriculture (Shizuoka Campus)


Note: We do NOT respond to inquiries on Saturdays, Sundays and the public holiday (Thursday, March

- 13 -
How to find your prospective academic supervisor in Shizuoka University

Based on your research interests, choose prospective academic supervisor(s) with whom you wish to
work. For the names and research expertise of the professors, please visit the given website and refer
the attached list below. We encourage you to contact the prospective academic supervisor(s)
beforehand and consult your research plan.
* When you email, please add “” at the end of the professors’ email addresses (For
example, “abpexample[a]” should be replaced with “”).

 Department of Informatics
Course of Informatics
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Assoc. Akao,
akao[a]inf. Media Studies None
Prof. Koichi

Aoki, Radiation Informatics, Imaging,

Prof. aoki.toru[a] None
Toru Devices
Assoc. Araki
araki[a]inf. Statistical Science labs/behavior_detail.html?UC
Prof. Yuko
Prof. araya[a]inf. Graph Theory, Design Theory labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Assoc. Youth Labor Migration, Immigrants
Prof. fujioka-n[a]inf. and Foreign Workers, Precarious labs/society_detail.html?UC=
(Lecturer) Employment fujioka-n
Assoc. Fukuta, Intelligent Informatics, Web
fukuta[a]inf. labs/behavior_detail.html?UC
Prof. Naoki Informatics, Software
Assoc. Harata, Information Law, Library and
harata[a]inf. None
Prof. Shinichiro Information Science
Prof. horiuchi[a]inf. English Linguistics, Linguistics labs/society_detail.html?UC=
Assist. Itaguchi, Cognitive Neuropsychology, Human
itaguchi-y[a]inf. english/labs/
Prof. Yoshihiro Motor Control and Learning
Human Computer Interactions:
Kanev, Vision Information Processing,
Prof. kanev[a]inf.
Kamen Virtual and Augmented Reality and
Computer Graphics
Assoc. Kano, Natural Language Processing,
kano[a]inf. english/labs/behavior_detail.h
Prof. Yoshinobu Artificial Intelligence
Assoc. Kiriyama, Intelligent Informatics, Media
kiriyama[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Prof. Shinya Informatics
Intelligent Transport Systems,
Assoc. Kitani,
t-kitani[a]inf. Sensing Systems, Computer labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Prof. Tomoya
Networks t-kitani
Information Economics, Economics
Assoc. Koguchi,
t-koguchi[a]inf. of Privacy, Personal Data, ICT, OTT,
Prof. Teppei koguchi/index.html#
Assoc. Kogure, Perceptual Information Processing,
kogure[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Prof. Satoru Learning Support Environment
Kondo, Linguistics, Syntax, Generative
Prof. mkondo[a]inf. labs/society_detail.html?UC=
Makoto Grammar

- 14 -
Konishi, Educational Technology, Learning
Prof. konishi[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Tatsuhiro Support Systems
Assoc. Lee, Agent Based Simulation, Gaming
lee[a]inf. english/labs/behavior_detail.h
Prof. Hao Simulation
Mineno, Intelligent IoT System, Mobile
Prof. mineno[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Hiroshi Computing, Multimodal DNN
Miyazaki, Brain, Perception, Cognition, Motor
Prof. miyazaki-makoto[a]inf. english/labs/
Makoto Behavior
Development of E-Learning Tools
Miyazaki, (English & Math Education), Search
Prof. yoshi[a]inf. english/labs/
Yoshinori Engine for Math Expressions,
Numerical Computation
Cognitive Modeling, Interactive
Assoc. Morita,
j-morita[a]inf. System, Learning Support, english/labs/behavior_detail.h
Prof. Junya
Behavioral Data Analysis tml?UC=j-morita
Management Information System,
Assoc. Nagayoshi,
nagayoshi[a]inf. Knowledge Management, Business english/labs/behavior_detail.h
Prof. Sanetake
Process Management and Strategy tml?UC=nagayoshi
Assoc. Naka,
naka[a]inf. Media Studies, Journalism None
Prof. Masaki
Environmental Politics/Sociology,
Assoc. Nakazawa,
t.nakazawa[a]inf. LULUs Conflicts, Consensus-
Prof. Takashi 1590/?lang=english
Assoc. Nishida,
nishida[a]inf. Universal Communication labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Prof. Masafumi
Prof. nisigaki[a]inf. Humanics Information Security
Masakatsu nishigaki/
Speech Information Processing,
Prof. nisimura[a]inf. Spoken Dialogue System, Acoustic english/labs/
Event Detection, Accessibility ml?UC=nisimura
Assoc. Natural Language Processing,
Prof. noguchi[a]inf Learning Support System, Software labs/science_detail.html?UC=
(Lecturer) Engineering noguchi
Prof. nomiyama[a]inf. Poetic Site, Philology, Poetry None
Ohki, Information Security, Pattern
Prof. ohki[a]inf.
Tetsushi Recognition and Machine Learning
Prof. ohta[a]inf. Software labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Prof. joshima[a]inf. The Learning Sciences labs/behavior_detail.html?UC
Prof. roshima[a]inf. The Learning Sciences labs/behavior_detail.html?UC
Assoc. Owari Quantum Information, Quantum
Prof Masaki Computation, Quantum Physics asakiowari/index.html
Sakai, Software Engineering, Learning
Prof. sakai[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Sanshiro Support System

Prof. saji[a]inf. HeliTele Analysis None

- 15 -
Prof. sasahara[a]inf. Community, Gender・Sexuality None

Culture and Immortality, Culture and
Prof. Mordecai sheftall[a]inf. english/labs/
War in History
George ml?UC=sheftall
Shiomi, System Design, Software
Prof. shiomi[a]inf. None
Akichika Engineering, Engineer Education

Sugiura, High Efficiency Encoding of Ultra

Prof. sugiura[a]inf. None
Akihiko High Definition Television

Assoc. Sugiyama,
shsugi[a]inf. History None
Prof. Shigeru
Prof. sugi[a]inf. Multimedia Database, Web Design labs/society_detail.html?UC=
Takahashi, Recognition Judgement, Confidence,
Prof. akirtaka[a]inf. None
Akira Usability, Brain Science

Prof. takamatsu[a]inf. Kano School, Tosa School None
Takeuchi, Cognitive Science, Media
Prof. takeuchi[a]inf. labs/science_detail.html?UC=
Yugo Informatics, Artificial Intelligence
Assoc. Tamura,
tamura[a]inf. Linguistics labs/society_detail.html?UC=
Prof. Toshihiro
Tanaka, Management Information System,
Prof. tanakah[a]inf. None
Hirokazu Organization Engineering
Assoc. Information Retrieval, Information
Prof. yamamoto[a]inf. Credibility, Human-computer- labs/behavior_detail.html?UC
(Lecturer) Interaction, Web Mining =yamamoto
Yoshida, Thought and Ethics for Information
Prof. yoshida[a]inf. None
Hiroshi Society

Assoc. Yuhashi,
yuhashi-h[a]inf. Cyber-Physical Integrated Society None
Prof. Hiroyasu

 Department of Science
Course of Mathematics
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
suzuki.nobuyuki Mathematical logic: Semantics of non-
Prof. classical logics including super- B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Nobuyuki [a] intuitionistic and modal predicate logics. 025&l=1
Noncommutative algebraic geometry:
Prof. mori.izuru[a] Classification of noncommutative algebraic B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Izuru surfaces. 062&l=1
Assoc. Kumura, Differential geometry: Study of the
Prof. Hironori [a] structure of manifolds and mappings.
Geometric group theory: CAT(0) spaces,
Assoc. Hosaka,
Prof. hosaka.tetsuya[a] groups acting on CAT(0) spaces, Coxeter B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Tetsuya groups. 022&l=1
Mathematical logic, in particular,
Assoc. Yorioka,
yorioka[a] combinatorics on P(ω)/fin and the real line, B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Teruyuki and forcing theory. 029&l=1
Assoc. kimura.kyoko.a Stanley-Reisner ideals: Study of the
Prof. arithmetical rank and minimal free B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Kyouko [a] resolutions. 030&l=1

- 16 -
Diego A. Mathematical logic: Combinatorics of the
Prof. diego.mejia[a] real line and forcing theory.
(Lecturer) Mejia 203&l=1
Tanaka, Semigroups of operators and evolution
Prof. tanaka.naoki[a] equations.
Naoki 967&l=1
matsumoto.toshita Abstract nonlinear evolution equations and
Prof. their applications to partial differential B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Toshitaka ka[a] equations. 184&l=1
Yokoyama, Study of the topological structures and the
Prof. smmyoko[a] algebraic invariants of orbifolds.
(Lecturer) Misako 047&l=1
Assoc. adachi.masanori Complex analytic geometry: complex
Prof. analysis on weakly pseudoconvex domains B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Masanori [a] in complex manifolds. 241&l=1

Course of Physics
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Propagation and radiation of light in nano,
Tomita, micro, structure complex media; including
Prof. tomita.makoto[a] microsphere, random or periodic dielectric
Makoto 734&l=1
Pattern forming phenomena in
Sato, nonequilibrium systems; Dendritic growth
Prof. sato.shinichi.a[a] and surface roughening. Chaos in
Shin-ichi 995&l=1
nonlinear systems.
Suzuki, Integrable systems in statistical mechanics
Prof. suzuki.junji[a] and field theories.
Junji 008&l=1
matsumoto.masas Theoretical study of condensed matter
Prof. physics. Especially, magnetism and B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Masashige hige[a] superconductivity. 987&l=1
Particle physics and cosmology. Especially,
Prof. tsuchiya.asato[a] nonperturbative aspects ofquantum field B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Asato theory, string theory and quantum gravity. 988&l=1
Assoc. Kaki, Nuclear reaction theory in relativistic
Prof. kaki.kaori[a] framework.
Kaori 018&l=1
Assoc. Theoretical physics. Especially, string
Prof. morita.takeshi[a] theory, gauge theory and quantum aspects B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Takeshi of gravity. 144&l=1
Assist. Yuge, Nonequilibrium physics. Interplay between
Prof. yuge.tatsuro[a] nonequiibrium and many-body effects.
Tatsuro 168&l=1
Production, analysis and application of
nano-particles and carbon clusters
Prof. mieno.tetsu[a] (nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.). Experimental B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Tetsu study of plasma science & space 014&l=1
Biophysics of biomembranes. Dynamics
and function of biomembranes and proteins.
yamazaki.masahit The single GUV method. Peptides/
Prof. proteins-induced pore formation. Cubic B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Masahito o[a] phases of membranes. Force-induced 735&l=1
unfolding. Development and analysis of
artificial cells and systems of life.
Assoc. Shimada, Study on superconducting mechanism of
Prof. Daisuke [a] cuprate and Fe-based superconductors.
Assoc. Ebihara, Crystal growth and electrotransport
Prof. ebihara.takao[a] measurement in heavy Fermion system.
Takao 986&l=1
Biophysics of proteins. Studies of dynamics
Assoc. Oka, and properties of proteins with X-ray
Prof. oka.toshihiko[a] crystallography, small-angle X-ray
Toshihiko 027&l=1
scattering and other methods.

- 17 -
Photophysics and quantum optics in
Assoc. Bando, semiconductor systems including organic
Prof. bando.kazuki[a] and inorganic semiconductors and their
Kazuki 021&l=1
quantum nanostructures.

Course of Chemistry
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Biochemical study of environmental
Uritani, response, especially focused on TOR
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Masahiro [a] proiten kinase and its signal transduction
Sakamoto, Organosilicon chemistry: Synthesis,
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Kenkichi i[a] reactions, and properties
Okabayashi, High resolution spectroscopy for transient
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Toshiaki ki[a] species
Yamamoto, Study on molecular mechanisms regulating
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Ayumu [a] chromosome dynamics and structures.
Assoc. Kawai, Study on effective coordinates to describe
Prof. Shinnosuke [a] polyatomic systems.
matsumoto.yoshit Study on intermolecular interactions and
Assoc. Matsumoto,
vibrational analysis of molecular clusters by B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Yoshiteru eru[a] laser spectroscopy. 142&l=1
oyoshi.takanori Elucidation of nucleic acids functions
Assoc. Oyoshi,
induced by nucleic acids binding proteins in B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Takanori [a] vivo. 049&l=1
Moriya, Molecular ionics using supramolecular
Prof. moriya.makoto[a] assemblies.
(Lecturer) Makoto 118&l=1
kobayashi.kenji.a Structure and function of self-assembled
Prof. materials and supramolecules via hydrogen B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Kenji [a] bonds & heteroatom interactions. 717&l=1
Kondo, Synthesis and reactivity of new functional
Prof. kondo.mitsuru[a] metal complexes.
Mitsuru 020&l=1
Quantum chemistry of structure, properties,
Prof. sekine.rika[a] and reactions for molecules, cluster and B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Rika (surface of) solids. 017&l=1
Synthesis, structural analysis, and catalysis
Assoc. Kato,
Prof. kato.chika[a] of metal oxide clusters, metal complexes, B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Chika and inorganic porous materials. 972&l=1
yamanaka.masami Construction and exploration of function in
Assoc. Yamanaka,
capsule shaped molecule. Development of B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Prof. Masamichi chi[a] functionalized supramolecular gel. 977&l=1
Assoc. Tsukada, Organic synthesis using transition metal
Prof. Naofumi [a] complexes as catalyst.
Studies on behavior of trace metal elements
Assoc. Yanaga,
Prof. yanaga.makoto[a] in living organisms by means of B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Makoto radioscientific techniques. 064&l=1
Elucidation of interaction mechanism
Assoc. Oya, between materials and b-emission nuclides
Prof. oya.yasuhisa[a] including tritium, and its application for
Yasuhisa 067&l=1
nuclear energy systems.
Assoc. chikada.takumi Study on hydrogen isotope behaviors in
Prof. materials and material development for B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Takumi [a] advanced energy systems. 119&l=1
Nishina, Catalytic study of organometallic
Prof. nishina.naoko[a] complexes.
(Lecturer) Naoko 042&l=1

- 18 -
Course of Biological Science
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Mechanism of flowering, regulation of oil
Assoc. Kozaki,
Prof. kozaki.akiko[a] synthesis in seed and growth regulation by B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Akiko nutrition signals. 061&l=1
Regulation mechanism of protein turnover
Assoc. Amano, in chloroplasts, characterization of ATP-
Prof. amano.toyoki[a] dependent proteases using protein
Toyoki 058&l=1
Assoc. Tokuoka, Plant taxonomy; molecular phylogeny and
Prof. tokuoka.toru[a] embryology of angiosperms.
Toru 059&l=1
Molecular physiology of lipids in the
photosynthetic membranes. Production of
Assoc. Awai,
Prof. awai.koichiro[a] useful compounds and molecular B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Koichiro mechanisms of stress responses in 740&l=1
photosynthetic organisms.
Studies on photoresponsive systems of
Assoc. photosynthetic organisms from molecular
Prof. narikawa.rei[a] level to ecological level. Development of B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Rei light switches and fluorescent probes based 120&l=1
on photoreceptors.
Mocelular and ecological studies on
Fujiwara, nitrifying and denitrifying microbes.
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Taketomo [a] Molecular mechanism of haloadaptation in
extremely halophilic archaea.
takeuchi.hiroaki Neuroethological analysis of instinctive
Prof. behavior, learning and memory in B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Hiro-aki [a] vertebrates. 056&l=1
Molecular mechanisms for endocirne
Suzuki, regulation, adaptation, the development of
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Masakazu [a] endocrine organs, and hormone gene
Assoc. Ishihara, Analysis of the effect of endocrine-
Prof. Akinori [a] disrupting chemicals on thyroid system.
Assoc. Kusakabe, Evolution and diversification of
Prof. Makoto [a] osmoregulatory ability in fishes.
Assoc. Effects of developmental and
Prof. okada.reiko[a] environmental changes on regulatory B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
(Lecturer) Reiko mechanisms of vertebrates. 724&l=1
Cellular biology of cell growth and cell
Ushimaru, proliferation. Key words: DNA replication,
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Takashi [a] Mitosis and TOR (target of rapamycin)
Molecular mechanism of oocyte maturation
Tokumoto, and fertilization in fish and frogs. Non-
Prof. B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Toshinobu bu[a] genomic steroid actions through the steroid
membrane receptors.
Studies on symbiosis between Paramecium
Assoc. Doura, and intra-nuclear symbiont Holospora and
Prof. dora.hideo[a] between P. bursaria and symbiotic
Hideo 016&l=1
Assoc. Mechanism of early liver development.
Prof. koike.toru[a] Characterization of hepatoblasts and liver B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
(Lecturer) Toru progenitor cells. 989&l=1

Course of Geoscience
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
kawamoto.tatsuhi Water and magmas, Seawater-mantle
Prof. interaction, History of chemical B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Tatsuhiko ko[a] composition of seawater. 267&l=0
ishibashi.hidemi Physical and chemical properties,
Assoc. Ishibashi,
formation processes and eruption dynamics B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Hidemi [a] of magma. 041&l=1
- 19 -
Active monitoring of crustal stress state
Assoc. Ikuta, using artificial vibration sources.
Prof. ikuta.ryoya[a] Developing a new method to detect crustal
Ryoya 028&l=1
deformation on ocean bottom.
Assoc. hirauchi.kenichi Elucidation of rheology of materials at
Prof. subduction plate bounday by means of B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Ken-ichi [a] deformation experimental apparatus. 095&l=1
Assoc. Mechanism of Earth's deformation by
Prof. mit[a] Geodetic, Seismological, and Physical B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
(Lecturer) Yuta modeling. 103&l=1
tsukagoshi.akira Natural history of Ostracoda (Crustacea:
Prof. Arthropoda). Animal evolution based on B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Akira [a] taxonomy and comparative anatomy. 054&l=1
kitamura.akihisa Analyses of Quaternary paleoenvironment
Prof. in shallow water around Japan and marine B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Akihisa [a] ecosystem response to the global warming. 983&l=1
Actuopaleoecology of bivalves faced large
Prof. sato.shinichi.c[a] environmental disturbances caused by B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Shin'ichi human activities. 143&l=1
Ecology of microorganisms inhabiting
kimura.hiroyuki marine, hot spring, and subsurface
Prof. environments. Earth microbiology B/public/Default2.aspx?id=10
Hiroyuki [a] associated with material cycles, global 999&l=1
warming, and energy production.
Biogeochemical cycling in marine
Assoc. Sohrin, environment, especially for the interaction
Prof. sohrin.rumi[a] among microbes, organic matter and trace
Rumi 971&l=1
Reconstructing biological characteristics of
fossil marine animals based on the
Assoc. Suzuki,
Prof. suzuki.yutaro[a] examinations of fossil morphology from B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Yutaro the aspects of comparative morphology and 023&l=1
Plankton ecology. Adaptive and
Dur Gaël dur.gael[a] evolutionary strategy of zooplankton to B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
global changes. 204&l=1
ikeda.masayuki Mesozoic Earth system dynamics and
Assist. Ikeda,
biotic evolution-recovery-extinction driven B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Masayuki [a] by astronomical forcing. 134&l=1
Biogeochemistry in urbanized coastal
Assist. Kubo,
kubo.atsushi[a] waters especially for carbon dioxide, B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Atsushi
organic matter, and nutrients cycling. 225&l=1

 Department of Engineering
Course of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Asai, Mechatronics & Information Systems
Prof. asai.hideki[a] ai-lab/
Hideki Engineering
(in Japanese)
Bearingless motor, Magnetic bearing,
Assoc. Asama,
asama.junichi[a] PM motor drive, Power- ama/
Prof. Junichi
mechatronics, (in Japanese)
Assoc. Fujii,
fujii.tomoyuki[a] Strength of materials
Prof. Tomoyuki
(in Japanese)
Prof. ebisawa.yoshinobu[a] Vision System Measurements
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Fukiba,
fukiba.katsuyoshi[a] Aerospace engineering fukiba/
Prof. Katsuyoshi
(in Japanese)

- 20 -
Assist. Fukumoto, Ergonomics, Measurement and
Prof. Kiyotaka Control Engineering
(in Japanese)
Prof. fukuta.mitsuhiro[a] Refrigeration, Fluid Machinery idmech-lab/
(in Japanese)
Prof. hashiguchi.gen[a] Micro electro-mechanical systems None
Prof. hayakawa.kunio[a] Material Forming Technology jp/
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Hayashi, Elastic wave, Non-destructive
hayashi.yasuhisa[a] ashi-lab/
Prof. Yasuhisa evaluation
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Inami,
inami.wataru[a] Optical measurement, Microscopy
Prof. Wataru p/
Assoc. Ito,
ito.tomotaka[a] Robotics, Control Engineering arslab/
Prof. Tomotaka
(in Japanese)
Iwata, Opto-Precision Measurement, Nano-
Prof. iwata.futoshi[a] nomechatronics/
Futoshi Craft Technology
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Kakimoto,
kakimoto.yasushi[a] Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics ki-lab/
Prof. Yasushi
(in Japanese)
Laser Fabrication, Optical
Prof. kawata[a]eng. Measurement, Nanophotonics,
Yoshimasa p/
Assoc. Kikuchi Strength of materials, Fatigue of
kikuchi.shoichi[a] ations?user=JDyyTcYAAAAJ
Prof. Shoichi metals
Assoc. Kobayashi, Robotics, Pattern recognition, Motion
Prof. Yuichi planning p/english_page_index.htm

Kondoh, Developments of sensors and

Prof. kondoh.jun[a]
Jun actuators using surface waves ndoh-lab/
Prof. kuwahara.fujio[a] Heat transfer, Fluid mechanics p/~heat/lab/research/research.
Fiber optics, Fiber devices,
Prof. Li, Hongpu ri.kofu[a]
Nanophotonics li01

Assoc. Mashiko, Nonlinear phenomena, fluid

Prof. Takashi dynamics ashiko-lab/
Assoc. Matsui, Aerospace,
matsui.makoto[a] matsui/index.html
Prof. Makoto Plasma
(in Japanese)
Miura, CAD/CAM/CAE, Geometric
Prof. miura.kenjiro[a] p/profile/ktmiura/
Kenjiro T. Modeling, Optical Measurement
Assoc. Motozawa, Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, Fluid
motozawa.masaaki[a] idmech-lab/
Prof. Masaaki function
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Nakamura,
nakamura.atsushi[a] 2D materials, applications
Prof. Atsushi
(in Japanese)
Prof. nomi.masahiro[a] Space Engineering
Masahiro english/top.html

Oiwa, Precision machine system, Precision

Prof. oiwa.takaaki[a]
Takaaki mechatronics oiwa/default.htm
Assoc. Okamoto, Turbulence statistical theory,
okamoto.masayoshi[a] p/homepage/top.html
Prof. Masayoshi Computational fluid mechanics
(in Japanese)

- 21 -
Assoc. Sakai,
sakai.katsuhiko[a] Manufacturing technology ikaikousaku/
Prof. Katsuhiko
(in Japanese)
Sakaida, Strength and Fracture of Materials,
Prof. sakaida.yoshihisa[a]
Yoshihisa Material Strength Design ndex_E.html
Assoc. Sanada, Fluid Mechanics,
sanada.toshiyuki[a] ttsanad/
Prof. Toshiyuki Multiphase Flow
(in Japanese)
Assist. Sano, Bio-Heat and Mass Transfer, p/~heat/lab/research/research.
Prof. Yoshihiko Desalination html
(in Japanese)
Numerical analysis, Circuit analysis,
Assist. Sekine, Computational electromagnetics,
sekine.tadatoshi[a] kinelab/
Prof. Tadatoshi Electromagnetic compatibility,
(in Japanese)
Multiphysics simulation

Shimamura, http://mechmat.eng.shizuoka.
Prof. shimamura.yoshinobu[a] Composite materials
Assist. Shizuka,
shizuka.hiroo[a] Cutting, EDM ikaikousaku/
Prof. Hiroo
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Takeda,
takeda.masanori[a] Superconductor electronics None
Prof. Masanori

Prof. tanaka. shigekazu[a] Metal forming None

Prof. torii.takao[a] Vibration theory None

Assoc. Tripathi , Photonics, Terahertz, Spectroscopy,

tripathi.saroj[a] None
Prof. Saroj Imaging
Assoc. Usuki,
usuki[a] Optics, Measurement p/profile/usuki/index.html
Prof. Shin
(in Japanese)
Prof. yamagiwa.yoshiki [a] Space transportation system yamalab501/
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Yoshida, http://plasticity.html.xdomain.
yoshida.kengo[a] Crystal plasticity, metal forming
Prof. Kengo jp/

Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Assoc. Chandler, chandler.damon.michael Perceptual image and video
Prof. Damon Michael [a] processing p

Egami, Laser Scanning Microscopy, Optical

Prof. egami.chikara[a] None
Chikara Data Storage
Environmental monitoring sensor,
Assoc. Futagawa,
futagawa.masato[a] Semiconductor device, Signal
Prof. Masato agawa/
processing circuit
Assoc. Hashimoto,
hashimoto.takeshi.a[a] 3D Image Measurement jp/
Prof. Takeshi
(in Japanese)
Assist. Hirano,
Hirano.harutoyo[a] Biometric system None
Prof Harutoyo

Inuzuka, Digital Instrumentation, Digital

Prof. inuzuka.hiroshi[a] None
Hiroshi Signal Processing

Assoc. Kagawa, CMOS Imager Sensors, Information

Prof. Keiichiro Photonics .jp/

- 22 -
Assoc. Katayama,
katayama.hitoshi [a] Control Engineering None
Prof. Hitoshi

Prof. kawahito[a]idl.rie. Imaging Devices and Systems
Shoji .jp/

Assoc. Kawamoto, Dispersed Power Sources,

kawamoto.ei[a] None
Prof. Ei Energy Systems
Kita, Superconducting Engineering,
Prof. kita.ryusuke[a] aken/
Ryusuke Electronic Materials
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Matsuo, Solar Energy Utilization, Energy
matsuo.hironobu[a] None
Prof. Hironobu Conservation

Prof. michishita.koji[a] Lightning Discharge and EMC None
Assoc. Niwayama, Biomedical Optics and
niwayama.masatsugu[a] wayama
Prof. Masatsugu Measurements
(in Japanese)
Noguchi, http://www.noguchi-
Prof. noguchi.toshihiko[a] Power Electronics

Prof. ohashi[a] Digital Image Processing None

Assoc. Ohuchi,
kohuchi[a] Communication Systems None
Prof. Kouji
Okita, Physiological Measurement
Prof. okita.yoshimitsu[a] None
Yoshimitsu and Analysis
Assist. Ota
ota.s[a] Micro- and Nano- Magnetics
Prof. Satoshi g-e-otalab/

Prof. sekikawa.junya[a] Electrical Contacts, Arc Discharge None
Assoc. Shimizu, Application of Atmospheric
Prof. Kazuo Microplasma
Prof. toru.tanzawa[a] Integrated circuit design
Toru nzawa-lab/

Assoc. Takahashi, Semiconductor Equipment and

takahashi.takahiro[a] None
Prof. Takahiro Process Design

Assoc. Tatekura, Sound and Auditory Information

tatekura.yosuke[a] None
Prof. Yosuke Processing

Assist. Tomiki,
tomiki.masahiro[a] Optical Circuits None
Prof. Masahiro

Assoc. Wada, http://telecom.eng.shizuoka.a

wada.tadahiro[a] Wireless Communication Networks
Prof. Tadahiro

Assoc. Watanabe,

watanabe.minoru [a] Optoelectronic Devices
Prof. Minoru tanabe-lab/

Assist. Yasutomi, CMOS Image Sensors,

Prof. Keita Integrated Circuits .jp/

Course of Electronics and Materials Science

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Prof. fu.tokusho[a] Material sciences
Desheng sheng-fu/

Prof. fujima.nobuhisa[a] Physics of metal
Nobuhisa /~fujima/index.html

- 23 -
Prof. hara.kazuhiko[a] Crystal engineering
Kazuhiko p/active-display/
Prof. hori.masahiro[a] Nanoelectronics
Masahiro no/
Prof. ikeda.hiroya[a] Applied physics
Hiroya edalab-en/

Prof. inokawa.hiroshi[a] Electron devices and circuits
Hiroshi ~nanosys/

Prof. inoue.yoku[a] Nano science

Ishida, Semiconductor laser and

Prof. ishida.akihiro[a]
Akihiro electronic materials ida-lab/

Assoc. Ito,
ito.tetsu[a] Optronics, quantum optics None
Prof. Tetsu
Assist. Kawaguchi,
kawaguchi.takahiko[a] Inorganic materials ramics/
Prof. Takahiko
(in Japanese)
Prof. kokado.satoshi[a] Condensed matter physics
Satoshi kado-e

Assoc. Kominami,
kominami.hiroko[a] Inorganic Chemistry None
Prof. Hiroko
Prof. konno.akinori[a] Nanomaterials Chemistry p/~konnolab/index.html
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Kouno,
kono.tetsuya[a] Nano and Micro Optics None
Prof. Tetsuya
Prof. kubono.atsushi[a] Thin Organic and Polymeric Films bono-lab/
(in Japanese)
Assist. Matsubara,
matsubara.ryosuke[a] Organic Semiconductors bono-lab/
Prof. Ryosuke
(in Japanese)
Prof. mimura.hidenori[a] Electron devices and system None

Prof. mizeikis.vygantas[a] Optics and photon science
Vygantas mlab/

Assist. Moon,
moon.jonghyun[a] Plasma science None
Prof. Jonghyun

Assoc. Moraru,

moraru.daniel[a] Nanodevices and nanostructures
Prof. Daniel ~nanohome

Assoc. Nakano,

nakano.takayuki[a] Crystal engineering
Prof. Takayuki kano-english/

Assist. Nakashima,
nakashima.seisuke[a] Magnetics and photonics None
Prof. Seisuke

Assoc. Neo,
neo.yoichiro[a] Electronic device None
Prof. Yoichiro

Assoc. Ogino,
ogino.akihisa[a] Plasma engineering None
Prof. Akihisa

Assoc. Okabe,
okabe.takuya[a] Correlated electron systems None
Prof. Takuya

Assoc. Okuya,
tcmokuy[a] Optical materials
Prof. Masayuki

- 24 -
Assoc. Ono,
ono.atsushi[a] Applied optics ~a-ono/
Prof. Atsushi
(in Japanese)
Prof. ono.yukinori[a] Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
Yukinori no/
Prof. sagane.fumihiro[a] Electrochemistry p/~konnolab/index.html
(Lecturer) (in Japanese)
Assoc. Sakamoto,
sakamoto.naonori[a] Inorganic materials ramics/
Prof. Naonori
(in Japanese)
Assist. Satoh,
satoh.hiroaki[a] Electron devices
Prof. Hiroaki ~nanosys/

Prof. shimomura.masaru[a] Surface chemistry
Masaru shimomura/

Assist. Shimura,

shimura.yohsuke[a] Applied physics
Prof. Yosuke .jp/

Prof. suda[a] Energy & environmental materials
Seiichi p/~sudalab/
Assoc. Takano,
takano.yasushi[a] Thin solid films yasusi/ztaka/
Prof. Yasushi
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Tamura,
tamura.ryo[a] Condensed matter physics /~tamura/
Prof. Ryo
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Tanaka,
tanaka.yasutaka[a] Combined Chemistry None
Prof. Yasutaka

Prof. tatsuoka.hirokazu[a] Electronic and electric materials
Hirokazu suoka/
Prof. wakiya.naoki[a] Inorganic Materials ramics//
(in Japanese)

Course of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Synthetic Biology,
Assoc. Ferri,
stefano.ferri[a] Protein Engineering,
Prof. Stefano p/wordpress/ferri/
Cyanobacterial bioprocess
Fukuhara, Clean Energy, C1 Chemistry,
Prof. fukuhara.choji[a]
Choji Chemical Reaction Engineering m/fukuhara-lab
Futamata, Environmental Microbiology,
Prof. futamata.hiroyuki[a] p/wordpress/futamatalab/
Hiroyuki Energy Production, Bioremediation
(in Japanese)
Prof. hirakawa.kazutaka[a] Photochemistry akawa/
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Kawai,
kawai.hideki[a] Photofunctional Materials wailab/
Prof. Hideki
(in Japanese)
Prof. kimbara.kazuhide[a] Environmental Biotechnology t/
(in Japanese)
Prof. kimura.motohiko[a] Biomedical Engineering p/~kimuralab
Motohiko (in Japanese)
Assoc. Kohno,
kohno.yoshiumi[a] Hybrid Materials, Photocatalysis p/~kohno/index.html
Prof. Yoshiumi (in Japanese)

- 25 -
Graphene, Nanomaterials,
Prof. kong.changyi[a] Supercritical Fluid, p/~koulab/index.html
Chang Yi Thermodynamic property (in Japanese)
Assoc. Maezawa, Chemical Engineering,
tcamaez[a] Environmental Preservation
Prof. Akinori
Mase, Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry,
Prof. mase.nobuyuki[a] Process Chemistry ase/
Assoc. Matsuda, Polymer Solution,
matsuda.yasuhiro[a] Biocompatible Polymer atsuda-yasuhiro/
Prof. Yasuhiro
Assoc. Miyabayashi,
miyabayashi.keiko[a] Inorganic Nanostructured Materials
Prof. Keiko
Assoc. Narumi, Bioorganic Chemistry, Peptide
narumi.tetsuo[a] Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry
Prof. Tetsuo (in Japanese)
Assoc. Noguchi,
noguchi.yoshifumi[a] Quantum Chemistry Simulation None
Prof. Yoshifumi
Assoc. Okajima,
okajima.izumi[a] Supercritical Fluid Engineering p/~sakolab/
Prof. Izumi
(in Japanese)
Assist. Sato, Bioorganic Chemistry,
sato.kohei[a] o-kohei/
Prof. Kohei Protein Chemistry
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Sengoku, Organic Chemistry, Natural Product
Prof. Tetsuya Synthesis b-o-chem/

Assoc. Shintani, Environmental Microbiology,

Prof. Masaki Microbial Genetics profile/Masaki_Shintani
Assoc. Sugita, Molecular Spectroscopy,
sugita.atsushi[a] sugita-laboratory/
Prof. Atsushi Biophotonics
(in Japanese)
Prof. takahashi.masaki[a] Organic Photochemistry gphotochem/
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Takeda,
takeda.kazuhiro[a] Bio Process Systems Engineering p/~takedalab/index.html
Prof. Kazuhiro
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Takeishi, Catalytic Chemistry, ion?id=5373
Prof. Kaoru Clean Fuel and Energy
Prof. tasaka.shigeru[a] Biopolymer Material
Tashiro, Environmental Microbiology,
Prof. tashiro.yosuke[a]
Yosuke Microbial Biotechnology p/wordpress/tashiro/e/
Assoc. Tatemoto,
tatemoto.yuji[a] Drying, Powder Technology p/~tatemotolab/
Prof. Yuji
(in Japanese)
Assoc. Toda, Organic Chemistry,
toda.mitsuo[a] None
Prof. Mitsuo Environmental Science

Assoc. Tomita,
tomita.yasumasa[a] Inorganic Solid State Chemistry None
Prof. Yasumasa

Torii Physical Chemistry, Molecular

Prof. torii.hajime[a]
Hajime Spectroscopy, Theoretical Chemistry p/

Prof. ueda.kazumasa[a] Organic Chemistry of Materials
Kazumasa dalab-e/

- 26 -
Assoc. Watanabe, Catalytic Chemistry,
Prof. Ryo Chemical Reaction Engineering m/fukuhara-lab

Yoda, Organic Chemistry,

Prof. yoda.hidemi[a]
Hidemi Natural Product Synthesis b-o-chem/

Assoc. Yoshida, Applied Microbiology, Microbial

Prof. Nobuyuki Cell Biology, Biochemistry shida-cb-shizuoka/

Course of Mathematical and Systems Engineering

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Prof. adachi[a] Variational problems
Shinji achi-en/

Assoc. Akahori,
akahori.takafumi[a] Partial Differential Equations None
Prof. Takafumi

Assoc. Ando, http://coconut.sys.eng.shizuok

ando.kazutoshi[a] Discrete Optimization
Prof. Kazutoshi
Assoc. Fujishima,
fujishima[a] Nonlinear heat equation B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Prof. Yohei
Guo-jie Jason Numerical and experimental studies
Prof. koh.kokketsu[a] B/public/Default2.aspx?id=11
Gao of granular materials
(Lecturer) 212&l=0
Assoc. Hoshiga,
hoshiga.akira[a] Wave equation None
Prof. Akira
Assoc. Ichinose, Complex Systems, Artificial Life,
ichinose.genki[a] hinose/
Prof. genki Multi-Agent System
(in Japanese)
Prof. ishihara.susumu[a] Computer Networks
Susumu ra/index-e.html

Assoc. Kai, http://higo.sys.eng.shizuoka.a

kai.atsuhiko[a] Spoken language processing
Prof. Atsuhiko
Prof. kikuchi.koji[a] Differential equations g-math/?page_id=6
(in Japanese)
Assist. Liu
liu[a] Internet of things, multimedia
Prof. Zhi

Prof. miyahara.takashi[a] Environmental assessment None
Prof. miyazaki.rinko[a] Delay differential equations
(in Japanese)
Morita, Nonlinear dynamics, complex http://www.msys.eng.shizuok
Prof. morita.satoru[a]
Satoru networks

Assoc. Nakajima,
nakajima.toru[a] Variational method None
Prof. Toru

Okabe, Makoto okabe.makoto[a] Computer Graphics

Assoc. Sato,
sato.kazunori[a] Mathematical ecology None
Prof. Kazunori

Assoc. Sekine,
sekine.yoshihiro[a] Operator Algebras None
Prof. Yoshihiro
Assoc. Yokojima, Environmental fluid mechanics,
Prof. Satoshi Computational physics
(in Japanese)

- 27 -
Course of Management of Business Development
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Assoc. Hasegawa,
hasegawa.takahiro[a] Information Security system
Prof. Takahiro ot/to-foreign-students/

Assoc. Honjo, Marketing, Marketing Research,

Prof. Seiichiro Consumer Behavior ot/to-foreign-students/

Prof. maeda.yasunobu[a] Risk analysis and management
Yasunobu ot/to-foreign-students/

Assoc. Sakai,

sakai.katsuhiko[a] Machine processing
Prof Katsuhiko ot/to-foreign-students/

Prof. suzuki.yasuyuki[a] Innovation Management
Yasuyuki ot/to-foreign-students/

Assoc. Tatekura,

tatekura.yosuke[a] Statistical information processing
Prof. Yosuke ot/to-foreign-students/

 Department of Agriculture
Course of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Takikawa, Taxonomy, Plant pathogenic bacteria,
Prof. takikawa.yuichi[a]
Yuichi Pathogenicity determinants, /bs/plantpath/index_en.html

Tomita, Plant Genomics, Genetics and

Prof. tomita.motonori[a]
Motonori Breeding Technology /bs/gene/index_en.html
Vegetable production
Suzuki, Protect horticulture
Prof. suzuki.katsumi[a]
Katsumi Plant factory /bs/vegetable/index_en.html
Plant morphology
Plant molecular Biology,
Motohashi, New breeding technique,
Prof. motohashi.reiko[a]
Reiko Plastid differentiation and /bs/motohashi/index_en.html
Postharvest Physiology,
Kato, Metabolism of carotenoid, flavonoid,
Prof. kato.masaya[a]
Masaya and ascorbate in horticultural crops /bs/harvest/index_en.html
after harvest.
Environmental Microbiology,
Prof. ogawa.naoto[a] Biodegradation, /bs/environmental_microbiolo
Transcriptional Regulation gy/index_en.html
Invasion Ecology,
Yamashita, Agricultural Ecology,
Prof. yamashita.masayuki[a]
Masayuki Conservation Ecology, /bs/seitaigaku/index_en.html
Endophyte, Glyphosate-Resistant
Takenouchi, Agricultural philosophy, food ethics,
Prof. takenouchi.hirobumi[a] /bs/environmental_philosophy
Hirobumi environmental philosophy, bioethics
Vegetable crop science,
Prof. kiriiwa.yoshikazu[a] Hydroponics,
Yoshikazu /bs/vegetable/index_en.html
Abiotic stress management
Assoc. Tagami, Entomolgy, natural enemy,
(*Please replace [a] with /bs/entomology/index_en.htm
Prof. Yosuke insect symbiont, sex determination
@.) l
Assoc. Horiike, /bs/horiike/index_en.html
horiike.tokumasa[a] Molecular evolution, Bioinformatics
Prof. Tokumasa

- 28 -
Plant disease, phytopathogenic
Assoc. Hirata,
hirata.hisae[a] bacteria, plant virus, citrus, /bs/plant_pathology/index_en.
Prof. Hisae
bacteriophage html
Assoc. Watanabe, Indoor environment, Volatile organic
Prof. Hiromu compounds, Biomass, Charcoal /bs/esh_res/index_en.html
Soil science
Legacy phosphorus
Assoc. Nagumo,
nagumo.toshiyuki[a] Eutrophication and oligotrophication
Prof. Toshiyuki /bs/nagumo/index_en.html
Biochar amendment
Green manure
Assoc. Sameshima, Soil Microbiology, Soybean rhizobia,
sameshima.reiko[a] /bs/environmental_microbiolo
Prof. Reiko Denitrifying fungi,
Applied Entomology,
Assoc. Kasai,
kasai[a] Interspecies Interaction, /bs/entomology/index_en.htm
Prof. Atsushi
Environmental Impacts of Pesticides l
Assoc. Matsumoto,
matsumoto.kazuhiro[a] Horticulture, Agribusiness None
Prof. Kazuhiro
Renewable Energy,
Assoc. Fujimoto,
fujimoto.tokihiko[a] Small Hydro Power,
Prof. Tokihiko 6835/?lang=english
Social Business, Sociology
Floricultural science
Assoc. Nakatsuka,
nakatsuka.takashi[a] Plant molecular biology
Prof. Takashi /bs/floriculture/index_en.html
Plant biotechnology

Course of Applied Biological Chemistry

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Natural products chemistry
Prof. kawagishi.hirokazu[a] Bioorganic chemistry
Hirokazu /abc/biochem/index_en.html
Prof. morita.tatsuya[a] Nutritional chemistry
Tatsuya /abc/morita_t/index_en.html
Silkworm biotechnology,
Prof. park.enoch[a] Virus-like particle,
Enoch Y /abc/park/index_en.html
Plant nutrition
Morita, Plant physiology
Prof. morita.akio[a]
Akio Acid and aluminum tolerances /abc/o-cha/index_en.html
Tea plant (Camellia sinensis L.)
Kimura, Molecular &Cellular Biology, http://kimurapqchs.agr.shizuo
Prof. kimura.yoko[a]
Yoko Proteostasis, Stress response

Hara, Plant stress physiology,

Prof. hara.masakazu[a]
Masakazu low temperature, high temperature /abc/envplant/index_en.html
Woody biorefinery
Prof. hirai.hirofumi[a] Bioremediation
Hirofumi /abc/biochem/index_en.html
White-rot fungi
Assoc. Sayama, Animal physiology, food science,
Prof. Kazutoshi Chemokine in Milk, functional food /abc/sayama/index.html

Assoc. Yogo, Molecular and Cellular Biology,

Prof. Keiichiro Reproductive Biology /abc/yogo/index_en.html
Assoc. Kato,
kato.tatsuya[a] Baculovirus
Prof. Tatsuya /abc/park/index_en.html
Protein expression
Assoc. Kodani, Applied Microbiology,
Prof. Shinya Bioactive compound, Actinobacteria /abc/kodani/index_en.html

Assoc. Ikka, Plant Nutrition, Plant Stress

Prof. Takashi Physiology, Tea plant /abc/o-cha/index_en.html

- 29 -
Assoc. Hino,
hino.shingo[a] Nutritional chemistry
Prof. Shingo /abc/morita_t/index_en.html

Course of Environment and Forest Resources Science

Faculty Email Research Interests Website
Forest ecology and silviculture.
Mizunaga, Ecological services linked to diverse
Prof. mizunaga.hiromi[a]
Hiromi canopy structures /frs/zourin/index_en.html
Regeneration modeling
Remote sensing,
Prof. wang.quan[a] Gas exchange models, /frs/kouiki-
Global change seitai/index_en.html
Biochemistry of lignin,
Prof. kawai.shingo[a] Biosynthesis of wood extractives,
Shingo /frs/mokubake/index_en.html
Actinorhizal symbiosis
Assoc. Naramoto, Forest ecology, Tree physiology,
Prof. Masaaki Gas exchange /frs/zourin/index_en.html

Assoc. Imaizumi, Sediment disaster, Geomorphology,

Prof. Fumitoshi Hydrology /frs/bousai/index_en.html
Assoc. Kojima, Wood-based material, Cellulose
kojima.yoichi[a] /frs/wood_biomass/index_en.
Prof. Yoichi nanofiber, Wood plastic composites,
Assoc. Iio, Forest eco-physiology,
iio.atsuhiro[a] None
Prof. Atsuhiro Canopy process

Assoc . Kobayashi,

kobayashi.kenji.b[a] Timber Structure, Joint, Shearwall,
Prof. Kenji /frs/mokubutu/index_en.html
Wood chemistry,
Assoc . Yoneda,
yoneda.yuko[a] Carbohydrate Chemistry,
Prof. Yuko /frs/mokubake/index_en.html
Organic synthesis
Wood adhesives, Wood-based
Assist. Tanaka,
tanaka.takashi[a] materials, Wood physics, Wood-water
Prof. Takashi rofile/Takashi_Tanaka7
relations, X-ray densitometry
Wood based materials,
Assist. Kobori,
kobori.hikaru[a] Near Infrared Spectroscopy, /frs/wood_biomass/index_en.
Prof. Hikaru
Nondestructive analysis html
Remote sensing applications,
Assist. Sonobe,
sonobe.rei[a] LUCC, /frs/kouiki-
Prof Rei
Global change seitai/index_en.html

- 30 -