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Part One: Reading

Read the following text about my house. Then answer the questions that follow:
My House
1. Hello, my name is Melissa. My house is in the countryside.
There are five rooms in my house.
2. The first room is the living room. The next room is the kitchen. I cook
dinner in the kitchen. The dining room is next to the kitchen.
3. There is also a bathroom. The bathroom has a shower, toilette and sink.
The last room is the bedroom. My bed is very comfortable. I sleep well in
my bedroom.

A. Circle the correct answer. Then write it on the line:

1. Melissa cooks dinner in the ________________________.
a. Dining room b. kitchen c. bathroom

2. Melissa sleeps well in her ________________________.

a. Bedroom b. living room c. kitchen

3. Melissa and her family eat dinner in the ________________________.

a. Kitchen b. bedroom c. dining room

B. Answer the following questions in a complete sentence:

1. What is the title of the text? ________________________________
2. How many rooms are there in Melissa’s house?
3. What is your favorite place in your house?
C. Complete the table:
Rooms of a house Action done
Dining room
D. State weather the sentences are ‘True’ or ‘False’.
1. Melissa’s house is in the countryside. ___________
2. Sometimes Melissa cooks dinner in the dining room. ___________
3. Melissa’s bed is not comfortable. ___________
4. Melissa sleeps well in the kitchen. ___________

E. Circle the word that rhymes with each underlined word.

1. Ride: hid - side - make
2. Lake: slid - snake - horse
3. Lid: kid - slide - same
4. Frame: meat - come - game

F. Choose the correct pronoun .

1. My mother (she,he) cooks my food.
2. My house (it, they) is big.
3. My cousins (they, we) build a play house.
4. I and my friends (we,they) play in the garden.

Part Two: Writing

 Write a sentence about each picture. Use words written in the boxes.

mom -cooks – kitchen