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Part One: Reading Comprehension:

Read the following text about the city cat and the country cat,
then answer the questions that follow:
City Cat Visits Country Cat
1- Jana and Tina are happy cats. Jana lives in a big house in
the city. Tina lives in a tree in the country.
2- Jana rides a car and goes to the country to visit her friend Tina. She sees
the owl and the fowl in the fields. She feels scared.
3- Soon Jana and Tina feel hungry. Tina likes to eat crops and seeds from the
fields. Jana feels sad. She likes fish from the shop.
4- Jana doesn’t like the country and goes back to the city.


A. Choose the correct answer, then complete the sentence:

1- Jana lives in a _______________________________________.
a. small house b. tree c. big house
2- Jana comes to the country by ________________________.
a. horse b. bus c. car
3- Jana and Tina are ____________________________________.
a. friends b. sisters c. brothers
4- The bus stops at the __________________________________.
a. city b. farm c. country

B. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

1- What does Jana see in the fields?
Jana sees __________________________________________.
2- What does Tina like to eat?
Tina likes to eat _____________________________________.
3- Where do they get fish?
They get fish from the _______________________________.
4- Where do you like to live in the city or in the country?
I like to live in the ___________________________________.