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Berlin, Germany guide -Travel Places

and things to do
Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is a historical city that has transformed into one of the
most beautiful places in the world to pay a visit. Tourists who travel to Berlin are often
engrossed in the city’s fanciful artistic prowess and exciting blend of modern lifestyle.
Geographical Location
Berlin is located in northeastern Germany. It is the second most populous city in the
European Union. The city is located north of the German-Czech border. Brandenburg State
surrounds the city on four sides, and river Havel and Spree flows around the city.
Best time to go
The best time to visit Berlin is the summer. This is the time of the year when the city is a little
warm and friendly. Traveling to Berlin in the winter is not a good idea, thanks mainly to harsh
and unfriendly weather condition characterized by the bone-chilling cold. The autumn and
spring are the perfect period of the year to visit Berlin if you love to take walks across
gardens. Berlin has lots of gardens and parks waiting for you!

Fun Fact
• Berlin is nicknamed the Grey city.
• Almost 100 years ago, Albert Einstein became a public figure in Berlin after winning the
Nobel Prize for Physics.
Useful information
• Euro is the official currency in Berlin.
• German is the official language spoken in Berlin.
• It will only take you about an hour and a half to fly from London to Berlin.
• Using the train service in Germany as a means of transportation requires that you have
your stamped ticket with you to avoid a fine.
• Berliners are happy if you stick to their rules; especially those about traffic and sanitation.
• There are lots of stores, shopping malls, parks, museums, stadia, and gardens in Berlin.

What to do:
• The Berlin Wall is historical and is a great place to visit.
• Visiting the Museum Island gives you an enjoyable authentic experience.
• The Movie Theatre in Kant Kino gives you the warm privilege to enjoy arrays of movies,
• The Brandenburg gate is a beautiful place you can decide to pay a visit.
• Checkpoint Chalie’s museum is a historical place you don’t want to miss!
• Just in case you arrive in Berlin in the autumn or spring, there are plenty of gardens and
parks you can visit to witness a fantastic side of Berlin. Treptower Park, Mauerpark, and
Tiergarten are few of the many parks you can visit in Berlin.
Where to eat:
• Grill Royal is an inviting place to get all sorts of international food. Although, the pricing is
a little expensive.
• Marjellchen is a less costly and cool restaurant to pick up very delicious meals. The
environment is also great to experience.
• Rutz Restaurant is one of the best places in Berlin to enjoy lovely meals. The restaurant,
however, does not open on Sundays and Mondays
Where to shop

● Wilmersdorfer, located in the Charlottenburg district, is an excellent shopping mall

consisting of hundreds of shops. Almost anything you wish to purchase; ranging from
accessories, fashion, etc., can be found in Wilmersdorfer.
• The Alexa Shopping Mall, located near the city east, offers an array of shops and
If you have time:
• You can pay a visit to Strandbad Weissensee; which is home to modern sports
• The Siegessaule is a monuments and Statues location in Berlin where you can have a
good time.
• The Berlin Cathedral is historical, and enjoyable to visit.
London, United Kingdom Travel Guide
– Places and things to do.
London, the capital city of England and The United Kingdom, is undoubtedly one of the most
beautiful cities in the world. The history of London dates back to about 2000 years ago. The
city has become an economic, ceremonial and international figure for many of the other
cities in the world to behold.

Geographical Location:

● London is located in the southern part of Great Britain. River Thame flows across its
west to east. The port of London, which was once the largest port in the world,
extends from The River Thame to the North Sea.

Best Time to go:

● The best time to visit London primarily as a first timer who is not used to ‘extreme’
cold in the summer! The summer is usually warmer, and the atmosphere is more
transparent. Summer runs from June to August. The temperature around this time
can go as high as 25°C to 30°C. This is really preferable to visiting the city in the
autumn, Winter, or the Spring; the trio of which record average temperature of about
11°C, 20°c, and 11°C respectively.

Fun fact:

● As far back as 1300, London was within the confinement of the high wall built by the
Useful Information:

● English is the official language spoken in London.

● The British pound sterling is the official currency.

The underground tunnels or subways as referred to as ‘The Tube’ in London.

● About 300 languages are spoken in London alone. Perhaps, you shouldn’t find it
difficult in London to locate an individual who can speak your language as well.
● The administration of London is carried out by the Greater London Authority.
● Apart from English, other popularly spoken languages in London include; Mandarin
and Bengali.
● London is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.
What to do:

● If you are interested in football, London is the perfect destination to enjoy watching
some of the best teams in the English premier league; just in case you are lucky to
arrive during the season between August and May. London clubs such as West Ham
United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal FC, are known for playing entertaining and
fascinating local derbies much to the joy of the fans and audience.
● Take a ride to behold the famous ‘Big Ben’ clock! You will be amazed.
● The National Portrait Gallery and The Wallace collection are the top artistic
destination you can go ahead to visit while still in London.
● Walk along the Thames and behold the Tower of London in its exquisite beauty.
Where to eat:

● The Portobello road market is a worthy destination to connect with food.

● The Borough market is also home to various delicacies you may desire to taste.

Where to Shop

● Visiting London to shop without sliding into Oxford Street is a miss! Oxford Street
harbors big stores and shops where you can get lots of varieties.
● The Portobello market also offers many fashion wears and accessories you may
desire to acquire.

If you have time:

● Take time out to behold the beauty of London by taking out a boat along the Thames.
● Visiting London’s West End will be exciting because of its splendor of musical
Minsk, Belarus travel Guide- places and
things to do
Minsk is the capital of Belarus. This city is the capital of the 11th century that delights tourists
with their purity. What this city adorns and makes it unique are the lake and several hundred
Geographical location
The city of Minsk is located in the southeastern parts of the Minsk Mine (part of the much
larger Belarussian beam), a mildly stratified area of marine origin that includes the central
parts of the Minsk region and the Republic of Belarus. Basically, there are walls of the
Devonian, Cretaceous and Palaeogenic age, while the new surface relief was formed by the
operation of the Sosa Glacier which was active in the period of 220 and 110 thousand years

Best time to go
You can visit this city at any time of the year because it can always provide you with all its
options. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -4 degrees, and the
hottest month is July with +18 degrees. Summers are sufficiently damp and wet, and the
winters are mild. Choose the time and make sure to visit this city.
Fun fact
Interesting facts about this city are linked to the nascency of his name. According to the
legend on the banks of the Svislac River in a stone watermill, the giant Menes lived. In his
stone mill, the colossus stone was the bread from which he baked the bread to feed his
citizens. Although no one ever saw Menes from the watermill heard the screams, the song
and the game every night. At midnight, the giant emerged from its waterfall and visited
surrounding villages by snatching people and turning them into their soldiers and citizens.
However, his subjects rebelled, and with the help of a powerful wizard, Menes was forever
exterminated, and his watermill burned down. In memory of the giant Menes, the name of
the city remained.
Useful information

● Belarusian is the official language of Minsk.

● The local currency in this city is Belarusian ruble.
● Tourists have trolleybuses, metro, buses, and taxis that are not expensive.
What to do

● Minsk Botanical Garden-If you are fans of nature and natural beauty, then this
place is right for you. With its cleanliness and colorfulness, this garden gives you full
pleasure. This peaceful green garden with a greenhouse and a walking path includes
trees, flowers, and plants.
● Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum- For this museum, except its beauty, we
can say that it represents the sacred place of its people because it preserves all the
remnants of the history of that nation. The museum has 24 exhibition halls. As of
2012, there were 142,676 items in the museum's collection.The museum staff also
engages in historical research: particular areas include Belarusians in the Red Army,
local anti-fascist, and partisan activity, and the history of the Auschwitz death camp.
● Gorky Park- The park is impressive in its entirety. It is also interesting for the elderly
and children and offers every one of its attractions. Part of the park is covered with
an amusement park, but there is also an educational observatory with a planetarium.
● Minsk History Museum- The museum is located in the historical center of Minsk in
the Upper Town. The building is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The
museum organizes temporary thematic exhibitions, including international ones,
based on collections of collectors, artists, photographers, various organizations, and
institutions, as well as a variety of creative projects: concerts, seminars, conferences,
actions, open-air.
● Church of Saints Simon and Helena- This church also has the name red church.
With its grandeur, the church attracts visitors, but there is plenty to show. Beautiful
icons drawn along the walls of this church have the true value. The church was
named after the children of Wolinvić, who financed the construction of this church in
his time.
● Pishchalauski Castle- This building is the central prison of Minsk. Although it does
not carry beauty in itself, it creates fascinating from the outside. This old building
carries the breath of history, and it is worth seeing.
● Dvorets Kul'tury Profsoyuzov- A beautiful palace, you will find yourself in the great
lobby of the castle. Comfortable seating places make your pleasure more beautiful.
Anyone who loves culture is welcome to this magnificent building.

Where to eat

● Grand Café-It looks very beautiful, beautiful facade, and inside it is very cozy and
atmospheric. The staff is really very friendly. Everything is very delicious. But here
with the hood something you need to think up clearly.
● The View Restaurant- The second tallest building in Minsk, the highest restaurant, a
panoramic elevator. Royal chairs, the hall is a beautiful, beautiful interior and lighting.
Food is excellent. Service at the most appropriate height for such a high restaurant.
Salads and soups are excellent. Binge drinking is also a choice, from local to
expensive imported - for every taste.
● Kamyanitsa- The menu for every taste is unique for visitors. Who wants to plunge
into the world of traditional cuisine and try the country from the inside, you need to go
to this place! All meals have a wonderful presentation. By cooking time, so everything
is quite on the level. Price list of the institution is average, even if measured in
Moscow. Huge gratitude to those people who preserve traditional cuisine and
traditional names of dishes.
Where to shop

● Minsky Komarovskiy Market- Multi-level parking is, but it is paid. On one of the
parking lots, the entry of cars on studded rubber is prohibited. This is a market, not a
supermarket. Although the price tags are everywhere. Tip: you must first bypass the
ranks, look at and try what you like and then go back to where you liked more. Give
to try everywhere and everyone present at the tasting.
● Zamok Mall- A good shopping center, conveniently grouped shops, there is
everything for everyone, in general, an ordinary shopping complex. You also have a
taxi near the center in the parking lot.

If you have time

Minsk Zoo- This huge zoo certainly what to give you. If you have time, you must visit it,
because your enjoyment of this city will be completely whit this Minsk Zoo.
Beijing, China Travel Guide – Places
and things to do.
Beijing is the capital city of China. It is the second most populous city in the world. Talk of a
massive historical city typified by amazing modern infrastructures; a town with lots of exciting
cultural, political, educational, technological features; a city of economic power; Beijing really
stands tall amidst other cities of the world. It is a city you can look forward to visiting
someday with lots of excitement.

Geographical Location:
Beijing is located in the northern part of China. The northeast, north, and west of Beijing are
surrounded by mountains. The mountainous parts of Beijing alone accounts for about 60
percent of the total region. Tianjin municipality is to the northeast of Beijing, while the Hebel
province surrounds Beijing municipality.

Best Time to go:

● The summer between June and August is not the best time to visit Beijing. It is
usually hot and sweaty at this period of the year.
● September to October is the best time to visit Beijing, all thanks to pleasing and cool
autumn season.
● Spring is another season which is moderately warm, but it’s usually windy at this
period of the year (April to May).

Fun fact:

● The most popular surname in the city of Beijing is Wang

● Bei means north and Jing means capital.

Useful Information:

● Mandarin Chinese is the official language spoken in Beijing.

● Renminbi (RMB) is the official language of the people of Beijing
● Beijing capital international airport is the busiest airport in the world.
● Five rivers flow across Beijing city.
● The international dialing code of Beijing is +86

What to do:

● The Great Wall is a historic place you can pay a visit to in Beijing.
● Another exciting place to visit is the Beijing zoo.
● The Pekin Man site located at Zhoukoudian is another historical place you can visit
during your stay in Beijing.
● Shihua cave is beautiful to experience as a tourist to Beijing.
● The Forbidden City, also known as the Imperial city, is one of the most popular
places where people visit when they come to Beijing.
● The Temple of the sun known as the Ritan in Chinese is another excellent historical
destination to pay a visit.
Where to eat:

● The imperial court food gives you varieties of local food to eat from.
● Western restaurants such as KFC, American deli, A and W can be found in Beijing.

Where to Shop:

● Tiananmen square has enough shops and stores where you can shop for just
anything you want.
● One of the most popular shopping malls you can visit is the Guoman and Yansha
shopping malls.

If you have time:

● The Birds Nest – the National Stadium in Beijing is a place you shouldn’t miss.
● The Tian’anmen, the trademark structure of the people of Beijing and China is a
great place to visit if you have time.
Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide-places and
things to do
Cairo which is the capital city of Egypt and also the largest city in the African continent. Here
you can find the merge between the Fatimid, Mamluk, Pharaohs and the modern
Geographical location
Egypt is considered an African country, part of the Middle East and Also an Asian Country
as part of it which Sinai is in Asia. Egypt is bordered by Sudan, Libya, and Gaza Strip.

Best time to go

The best time to visit Cairo is from October to May which is considered a high season for
visiting Egypt. The temperature is fantastic and you will witness Ramadan, winter, and
Christmas too.

Fun Fact
The ancient Egyptians were scared of cats, and they considered it a devil soul.
Useful Information

● Arabic is the official language, but a lot of Egyptian youth can talk, read and write
English fluently.
● The Egyptian pound is the official currency, but you can find a lot of exchange offices
and some places accept dollars too.
● You can quickly move inside Cairo by either using the underground, public
transportation, taxi or you can use Uber & Careem applications too.
What to do

● For almost 7000 years, Giza Pyramids caught the attention of people which is also
considered the last wonder of the ancient world. People kept asking since it was
discovered "How the ancient Egyptians built this wonder"?
● Egyptian Museum which is located in Downtown with its pinky color, it's a must to be
visited as long as you are in Cairo.
● Sharia Al Muizz Li Din Allah an open museum for the old Cairo where you can visit Al
Azhar mosque and many ancient mosques.
● Cairo Tower has located also on Zamalek Island, you will have a superb view at night
with 360 views of Cairo.

Where to eat

● You can't be in Egypt and not eating koshry, Koshry Abo Tarek is a very famous
restaurant in Downtown. It’s a must to be visited.
● Abo Shakra
● Felfela is your best cheap and fast option for oriental food. Its name came from
Falafel which is called green kofta.
● Abou el-Sid is serving Egyptian food with plenty of options like Molokhya and Fattah,
also if you are a smoker, you will find the best flavors of shisha.
Where to shop

● If you are looking for a traditional oriental place for souvenirs, so it's Khan El Khalili,
an open bazaar for all kinds of gifts that will remind you of Egypt.
● If you are brands collector, Cairo has many malls like Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia,
City Center, City Stars, and Cairo Festival Mall. You can find many stores there.

If you have time

● Visit Alexandria, which is two hours by train from Cairo. It's a fantastic city in Winter
and summer. You will find many places to visit and see.
● You can have a day use trip to Sokhna in summer, where you can enjoy swimming
and snorkeling in the Red Sea.
Rome, Italy Your Guide to Traveling in
Italy – What to do and Places to Visit
There is no doubt that Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. it is the capital
city of Italy. This city has a story to tell. It was founded in 753 BC and therefore the city is
rich in history.
Visiting this city will let you relive history and experience everything that took place during
the Roman empire through their architecture, their art, and Roman ruins that can be found in
the city.

Geographical Location
Italy is located in the south of Europe. Rome is located close to the timber river about 23 km
from the Mediterranean Sea coast, this is in the west-central part of Italy.
Best Time to visit
The best time to visit Rome is in April, May, Late September and through October. August is
not recommended as many locals go for vacations.
Fun Fact
Rome which is also referred to as the Eternal city was founded by two brothers. Their names
were Romulus and Remus. Romulus killed his brother Remus and named the city after
Useful Information

● Italian is the official language in Italy. English is also widely spoken in Rome.
● The Euro is the official currency being used in Italy. Dollars are not generally
accepted by local businesses.
● You can easily get around Italy using local transport. The tickets are usually
inexpensive. Also, rentals and taxis are available throughout the city.
● There is no formal dress code that you are supposed to follow in Italy. But if you
decide to visit the churches, it would be a good idea to dress in a way that is
What to do

● If you love ancient history, strolling through the ancient Roman ruins can be an
ideal activity for you. These are located at the Roman forum. Having a guide with you
will heighten your experience as he or she will narrate the history of these ruins.
● Visiting the Colosseum which was inaugurated as early as the 80 A.D can provide
you with quite an experience to remember. This was recognized as the largest
amphitheater during the Roman empire and it had the ability to pack up to 50, 000
● Visit the Vatican Museums. These were founded in the 16th century by Pope Julius
II. If you are an art lover, these museums will present to you the greatest art
collections from all over the world.
● Palatino hill offers you memorable views and a rich atmosphere made of towering
pines. It is believed that Romulus founded Rome on Palatino hill.

Where to Eat

● Flavio al Velavevodetto – This restaurant will serve you with best Roman food. The
food you will get in the restaurant includes deep fried shredded beef and pasta. If you
love dessert, this is available too.
● Armando al Pantheon – This is located in a very strategic position. It is only half a
block from the Pantheon. The chefs in this restaurant will make awesome food for
you such that you will never forget.
● L’Arcangelo – To get a taste of Roman classic food, you need to visit this restaurant
in Rome. This restaurant utilizes the best traditional Italian recipes to cook great food
for you.
Where to Shop

● Via Cola di Rienzo – This shopping street has the best mid-price shops. It also has
high street chains and designer boutiques.
● Via del Corso – This is located a short distance from the pantheon. High street
stores such as H&M, Diesel, and Zara are present.
● Porta Portese Flea Market – It is the largest market you will find in Rome. It is
usually held on Sundays between 7 am and 1 pm.

If You Have Time

● You can visit the ancient streets of Ostia Antica which is a 25-minute drive from
● The World Heritage Sites at Tivoli are also worth seeing. This will take less than an
hour to drive to it.
● If you are a foodie, check out Castelli Romani to enjoy the food served here.
Visiting the United Arab Emirates, things
to Do and Places to Visit in Dubai
Dubai is the seventh most visited city in the whole world. There is a reason for this. Dubai
has the best shopping malls, luxury hotels, man-made islands, and of course, Burj Khalifa.
There are numerous activities that you can do in this place including skydiving and
ascending the tallest building in the whole world. Dubai should be the next city that you visit
in the United Arab Emirates.

Geographical location

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf found in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates.
UAE borders the Gulf of Oman, and it is in between Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Best time to go
The ideal time to travel to Dubai is between March and November. During these months it is
not too hot.

Fun fact
This city harbors the world’s tallest building which is 830 meters tall. This building is called
Burj Khalifa.

Useful Information
● Arabic is the official language in Dubai. English is also used widely in this city.
● In comparison to other states in the middle east, the dress code is a little bit liberal,
although, some guidelines dictate what you should wear. When traveling to this city,
you will need to wear unrevealing clothes.
● If you are not in a hurry, you can cruise around Dubai using public transport. Public
transport usually offers advantages as it is cheaper. You can also use rental cars and
● The official currency in Dubai is the United Arab Emirates Dirham. Dollars and Euros
are accepted here too.

What to do
● If you didn’t know, the entire Dubai and the neighboring country of Iran could be seen
from the top of Burj Khalifa. Ascending Burj Khalifa is one thing that you must do
when you visit Dubai.
● Visit the Jumeirah Beach where you can bask in the sun or enjoy the cool waters of
the Persian Gulf.
● To get a feel for what religion is like in Dubai, visit Jumeirah Mosque. Unlike all
other mosques in Dubai, Non-Muslims are allowed inside this mosque.
● To learn more about Dubai’s history, visit Bastakiya Quarter which is a historic
district. This place has cultural institutions and art galleries.
● If you love skiing, you can do this at Ski Dubai which is a big indoor winter
wonderland where you can enjoy skiing even when the temperatures in Dubai are the

Where to eat
● Zaroob which is located near the Dubai International Financial center is the best
place to visit and enjoy tasty Arab dishes.
● If you are a seafood lover, the best place that you should visit is the Bu Qtair Café.
Here, you can order fish curry, fried fish, and even BBQ shrimp.
● The Din Tai Fung restaurant will serve you with the best Taiwanese cuisine. You will
get to enjoy Xiao long bao, noodles and simple vegetable dishes.

Where to shop
● Dubai shopping mall has over 1000 stores and a large number of food outlets.
There is nothing that you need to shop for that you will miss in this mall.
● If you need to buy jewelry and gold bars, there is no better place to go than the Deira
Gold Souk. This place is equipped with gold shops where you can buy your gold at
the cheapest rates.
● If you are looking to take gifts back home to your family, the best place to buy
souvenirs is Karama Shopping Center. This place sells affordable designer
clothing, imitation watches, and handcrafted items.

If you have time

● Visit Dubai Miracle Garden. This is the biggest flower garden in the whole world.
● Check out Dubai Aquarium which is the most prominent underwater aquatic zoo.
● Take a break from the city of Dubai and head out to the Dubai Desert Conservation
Reserve. Here you will be able to see mountain gazelles, sand gazelles, and Arabian

Tokyo, Japan Travel Guide – Places and

Things to do
Tokyo which is the capital city of Japan has a combination of historic temples and ultra-
modern skyscrapers. Tokyo has a population of more than nine million people and hence if
there is any place that you need to visit and interact with Japanese people while learning
their culture, it is this city.

Geographical Location
Tokyo is located in the south of Kanto region. Kanto region is positioned in the center of the
Japanese archipelago. Japan is located in Eastern Asia between the Sea of Japan and
North Pacific Ocean.
Best Time to Visit
For good weather and outdoor activities, the ideal time to visit Tokyo is in March, April,
October, and November.

Fun Fact
Tokyo’s Skytree in 2010 was named as the tallest tower in the whole world. This tower has
the world’s highest skywalk.

Useful Information
● The primary language spoken in Japan is Japanese. English is not a typical
● The Japanese Yen is the primary currency in Japan. Dollars are accepted in Japan.
● Tokyo public transport is efficient enough to cater for tourists. Their transportation is
punctual, and the service is superb. For tourists who would like to travel on their own,
car rentals and taxis are available.
● The people in Tokyo are not strict about the dress code. This means that you can
wear anything as long as you feel comfortable.

What to do
● For you to learn about the Japanese ancient Buddhist religion, you will need to visit
Sensōji. This is one of the ancient Buddhist temples.
● Meiji Jingū which is a Shinto Shrine attracts millions of visitors each year. This is
due to the great sceneries that this place provides. It will be worth your time to spend
your time here while you visit Tokyo.
● To witness the tallest broadcasting tower in the whole world, you need to visit Tokyo
Skytree. If you are daring, you can walk at the top of this tower and enjoy seeing the
whole of Tokyo.
● Visiting Tokyo’s Disneyland which is a theme park can offer you just the relaxation
that you need during your trip. This 115-acre park is made of 7 themed ports which
are inspired by legends and myths of the sea.
Where to Eat
● Shima – This restaurant serves perfect steaks as part of a set meal. Seafood is
usually served as an appetizer.
● Sushi Sugita – For people who enjoy eating Sushi, when you are in Tokyo, the best
place to visit is the Sushi Sugita.
● Tofuya Ukai – This restaurant offers multi-course meals. They also offer their
customers appetizers.
● Butagumi – This is the only place in Tokyo where you can eat deep-fried pork. This
meal is usually referred to as tonkatsu by the Japanese.
Where to Shop
● Kuramae is the best place where you can buy artistry goods. You can acquire
products such as traditional garments which are colored using natural dyes.
Handcrafted leather goods are also available.
● Kōenji is the best place to purchase items from secondhand shops. Kichijōji which
is located in the west next to Kōenji is an extraordinary place where you can shop for
your homewares.

If you have time

● While visiting Tokyo, it will be worth your time to visit Yokohama which is only 30
minutes away. This is usually an excellent destination for food lovers and shoppers.
● Kamakura which most people know as the ancient city of Samurai is located only 60
to 90 minutes from Tokyo. This place has many shrines and temples which you can
go and see.
● If you are a fan of hot springs, then you can visit Hakone which is only 2 hours away
from Tokyo if you decide to access it by train.