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Mission Tracking Document

Team Name: Choose an item. 5-Digit Industry: C

Primary Business-level Strategy

Explain your firm’s primary business-level strategy.

Select the market segments in which your primary business-level strategy will apply.
☐ High-End

Are you following a Product Lifecycle Approach?

☐ Yes

In the market segments where your primary business-level strategy applies, will you rely only your existing products, or
are you planning to develop new products?
☐ Rely on existing products

In the market segments where your primary business-level strategy applies, how will your products differ from those of
your competitors?
The product taste will be different from other competitors, the product packages will differ.

In the market segments where your primary business-level strategy applies, what major moves do you have planned?
When do you intend to have these moves completed?
Keeping prices affordably low, and using promotional tactics like seasonal discounts.

Economic Logic:
Select the economic logic for your primary business-level strategy.
☐ Cost Leadership

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Supplemental Strategies
Clarify your business-level strategy for each of your target market segment(s).

Low priced products for the low end market.

Frequent advertising and marketing of the product

Organize events, parties and occasions.

Continuous investment, while increasing both quantity and quality of advertising

Remove all layers of functional management and connect all regional business units directly to the headquarters.

Performance Weights
Weights must total 100% (or 1.00, if using proportions). The maximum weight for any one measure is 25%. Your team
must choose at least one market-based measure and at least one profitability ratio.

Initial Weights Changes

Measure Weight Measure Weight
Cumulative Profit 12% Cumulative Profit 10
Market Share 12% Market Share 10
ROS 12% ROS 18
ROA 12% ROA 14
ROE 12% ROE 12
Leverage 12% Leverage 10
Stock Price 12% Stock Price 16
Contribution Margin 16% Contribution Margin 10
Total 100% Total 100%

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Mission Statement
What is your firm’s mission?

Step 1. What do you do and for whom do you do it?

To refresh the world, and create value for every occasion

Step 2. Why is your answer to Step 1 important?

Every day we need refreshment after completing our chores

Step 3. Why is your answer to Step 2 important?

We have several occasions to attend to everyday

Step 4. Why is your answer to Step 3 important?

Through refreshment we can create value for every occasion.

Step 5. Why is your answer to Step 4 important?

The mind body and spirit needs to be inspired.

What is your mission statement?

To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit while inspiring every moment through brand and action.

Clarify your firm’s vision. In other words, what is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal that your firm wants to achieve by the end
of the simulation?

To be the first choice for refreshment solution because of value delivery, in the right way and to all

Executive Titles
List the name(s) and title of each member of your executive team.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO):

Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Chairman of board of directors

Chief innovation officer

Chief communications, public affairs, sustainability and marketing

Chief internal audit

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