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The Shopper's Paradise

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06 Prologue : Must-buy Items in Seoul Shopping

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Shops to Suit Your Taste
Museum · Exhibition Center
12 SPA Brands, Loved by Fashionistas
Performance Hall
16 Goods and Accessories, Glamorous Temptations
20 Korean Beauty Stores for the Seoul Look
24 Drug Stores for All Your Needs
Tourist Information Center
26 Home Interior Items for Your Lifestyle
28 Cute Designer Items

30 Marts, Shopper's Cozy Havens
32 Traditional Markets, Brimming with Generosity
One-stop Shopping Areas Police Station
36 Myeong-dong, a Shopper's Paradise Post Office
42 Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil, a Trendy Shopping Street Embassy
48 Apgujeong · Cheongdam, the Pleasure of Hospital
Luxury Shopping Bank
54  Gangnam · COEX Mall, the Epitome of Gangnam Style School
60 Dongdaemun, Seoul's Number 1 Fashion District
66 Hongdae, a Collection of the Hottest Brands
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72  Insa-dong · Samcheong-dong, the Most Traditional
Airport Limousine Bus Stop
Shopping Streets
City Tour Bus Stop
The Shopper's Paradise
78 Itaewon · Hannam-dong, Unique Fashion and Hot Places
84 Sinchon · Ewha Womans University, a Hot Spot for
Youth Culture
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90 Shopping Tips for Tourists in Seoul Directions

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94 Basic Korean Shopping Phrases Website in Seoul

The Shopper’s Paradise

Publication date December 2015 Published by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Tourism Business Division
Publisher Mayor of Seoul Planned & produced by Seoul Tourism Organization
Designed by T&I Media Co.,Ltd. Written by Kwon Da Hyun │ Photos by Jeong-Yul, Ryu
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•Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center Souvenir Shop [Map p.37]: 070-4923-9133
•Cheong Wa Dae Sarangchae Art Shop: 02-723-0336
•Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Art Shop (Design Tag) [Map p.61]: 02-2153-0299
Seoul, a city for
exciting shopping
As evidenced by the fever for K-Pop and Korean beauty products, Korea has gone
beyond Asia to influence global fashion trends and the beauty industry. Emerging
as one of the hottest fashion cities in the world, Seoul attracts travelers with the
latest trends and unique styles. From streets featuring luxurious designer brands
to shopping malls with the latest styles and outlet malls for frugal shoppers, Seoul
provides you with a fun shopping experience.
Korean cosmetics, also known as “K-beauty”,
are recognized by women from around the
world for their excellent quality and results.
Thanks to Korean women’s keen interest in
beauty, Korean cosmetics brands offer a wide
variety of products for different age groups
and skin types. The basic skincare lines release
diverse products for each season to protect
your skin against seasonal changes. Tourists can
easily purchase Korean cosmetics anywhere, not
only at major department stores and shopping
streets but also in subway stations, where you
can find standalone shops for various cosmetics
Prologue brands. Most stores have tester products so
that customers can actually try products before
they buy them.

Items in Seoul

A shopper’s paradise in Seoul! We have

chosen the ten most popular items for
tourists, including famous Korean cosmetics
brands, traditional crafts that display the
elegance of ancient dynasties, diverse daily
items for your convenience, and specialty
goods for fans of the Korean Wave.

Fashion goods Food

The Korean Wave has led to increased interest Recently, more and more foreign travelers are
in Korean fashion brands and styling, and now visiting the large marts and convenience stores
Korean fashion is recognized for its uniqueness in Seoul. They have always bought well-known
and great quality. Garosu-gil and Apgujeong Korean foods such as gim (dried seaweed) and
have many designer shops frequently visited by kimchi in the past. These days, they tend to
famous fashionistas, while shops and malls that purchase various Korean instant foods, such
sell trendy items are clustered in Myeong-dong as snacks and noodles. In particular, classic
and Dongdaemun. Distinctive fashion items can Korean snacks free from artificial additives are
be easily located in the Itaewon and Hongdae becoming increasingly popular. Diverse types of
areas. In addition to clothes, there are other ramen and instant foods make ideal souvenirs
attractive items, such as hats, bags, and that will remind you of your trip to Korea when
accessories, to complete your style. you get home. Instant coffee and green tea are
also popular.

06 07
Korean traditional liquor
For a long time, Koreans have enjoyed alcohol
to liven up the mood and have used natural
ingredients to create an array of alcoholic
beverages. Soju is currently the most popular
type of Korean alcohol. Recently, fruit-flavored
soju has become popular, such as citron,
pomegranate, and pineapple soju. Makgeolli is
the oldest alcoholic beverage native to Korea,
and is made from rice mixed with nuruk, a
Korean fermentation starter. The drink is
popular among foreign tourists because of its
low calories, high alcohol percentage, and great
taste. Drinks such as bottled soju and makgeolli
are also good souvenirs worth buying.

Hanbok (traditional Korean Designer stationery

clothes) and traditional crafts Shops in Myeong-dong and Garosu-gil with
When you go to Insa-dong, Samcheong-dong, character-based merchandise have become
Bukchon, or other historical areas in Seoul, you increasingly popular, and Dongdaemun Design
can find traditional Korean artwork and crafts, Plaza (DDP) also offers unique items from
full of the elegant beauty of Korea’s past. There young Korean designers.
are a diverse array of crafts on show, from
simple daily life props to quality craftwork by

Oriental medicine Other products

Korean ginseng’s health benefits are well For music fans, K-pop merchandise is another
recognized in places other than Asia, such great reason to visit Seoul. Merchandise
as the U.S. and Europe. This is why visitors in ranges from photos, logos, or even figurines of
Seoul always remember to buy ginseng. Local popular idols and entertainers, and the market
ginseng in Korea is much cheaper than exported has grown considerably due to collaborations
ginseng. Customers can also pick and choose with famous designer brands. In Seoul, large
from a variety of ginseng products that come entertainment companies directly operate
in different forms (powders, pills, extracts, such stores in Myeong-dong, Dongdaemun,
Home appliances Home interior etc.). Other popular oriental medicine products Apgujeong, COEX Mall, and Hongdae. Fans
Korea home appliances enjoy a fine global The antique furniture street in Itaewon offers include hair loss-prevention shampoos and can also easily purchase basic items, such as
reputation. Electronic rice cookers are especially classic and vintage products, while interior toiletries. postcards or photos, in souvenir shops near
popular in Asia, with everyday products, such as shops in Garosu-gil and Apgujeong feature major tourist destinations.
toothpaste and kid’s toys, gaining popularity too. unique designs.

08 09

SPA Brands, Loved by Fashionistas

Goods and Accessories, Glamorous Temptations

Shops to Suit Korean Beauty Stores for the Seoul Look

Your Taste Drug Stores for All Your Needs

Seoul is a fashion-loving city, home to a variety of
stores ranging from SPA brands offering quality trendy Home Interior Items for Your Lifestyle
clothes at reasonable prices, to accessories shops with
glamorous and unique items, and beauty shops which
attract not only Asian shoppers but also those from
around the world. Here we have compiled a list
Cute Designer Items
of shops that perfectly suit your fashion sense
and shopping taste, including home interior
stores and stylish boutiques. Marts, Shopper's Cozy Havens

Traditional Markets, Brimming with Generosity

Shops to Suit SPA Brands, Loved by Fashionistas Topten 탑텐 [ Map p.43 B4 ]
Your Taste
Topten, one of the hottest local SPA brands

01 Global SPA brands such as Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo can all be found on the streets
of Seoul, as well as Korea’s own SPA brands, which are suited to the body shapes
and preferences of Koreans. Here are Korea’s “It” brands that captured the hearts
of young fashionistas with their stylish designs, high-quality fabrics, and reasonable
among 20-something shoppers, offers clothes
with eye-catching designs, vivid colors, and stylish
patterns. The brand streamlined its clothing range
to focus on 10 major items, allowing easy and
prices. trendy styling with its diverse options for color,
pattern, and design. Topten has expanded rapidly
and now has over 100 shops in major cities across
Korea, including Seoul.

8 Seconds 에잇세컨즈 [ Map p.43 B3 ] 070-4652-5928

10:00-23:00 (varies per store)
8 Seconds, which has recently entered the
Chinese market to emerge as a global SPA
brand, offers a range of young casual fashion,
from funky designs for teens to comfortable
and affordable options for those in their 20s
and 30s. As one would expect from a brand
that based its name on the fast fashion
philosophy of “releasing a trend every
8 Seconds”, 8 Seconds has the
hottest fashion designs in Korea.
Starting with the first branch
which opened on Garosu-gil, 8
seconds is operating stores in
major tourist destinations including
Myeong-dong, Gangnam, Hongdae,
and other easily accessible areas. Nain 나인 [ Map p.37 A2 ]

Nain is a global brand with trendy products made

of refined materials targeting women in their 20s.
Nain is aggressively marketing with more than
40 brick and mortar stores after their “Nain Girl” 1599-0007
campaign won popularity as an online retailer.
11:00-22:00 (varies per store) The stores can be easily located in the Lotte
Department Store in Myeong-dong as well as
major shopping districts, such as Dongdaemun,
Gangnam and Sinchon.
Indibrand 인디브랜드 [ Map p.43 B1 ]

Indibrand is a trendy and chic fashion brand 1544-7729

recommended for those who prefer basic designs 10:30-20:00 (varies per store)
and natural colors. As the whole process from
design to production and distribution is handled
internally, the brand offers high-quality products
at low prices. Having started in its Apgujeong
studio, Indibrand has established large shops in
Myeong-dong, Sinsa-dong, and Dongdaemun. 1899-4551
11:00-22:00 (varies per store)

12 13
LAP LAP [ Map p.55 E3 ] Bari E-Dition 바리에디션 [ Map p.43 B3 ]

LAP, an acronym for Los Angeles Project, pursues Bari E-Dition, formerly “Bagazimuri”, won great
Hollywood street fashion. In comparison with popularity and became one of the hottest brands
other local SPA brands in Korea, the brand’s free for teens, as well as those in their 20s and 30s, with
and unique style is particularly favored by young diverse designs and great quality. Bari E-Dition has
hipsters in their teens and 20s. LAP has a loyal brick and mortar stores in major shopping districts,
customer base as the brand instantly reflects including Garosu-gil, while its online shopping site
the latest trend, yet maintains classic features is getting good responses in Japan and China. It
combined with a unique design and chic style. recently expanded to natural cosmetics to evolve
into a comprehensive fashion group. 02-2015-6960
10:30-20:00 (varies per store)

SPAO 스파오 [ Map p.37 B4 ]

SPAO is a local SPA brand that matches its design 1577-8241
to the skin tone and body shape of Koreans.
Rather than blindly pursuing trends, SPAO displays 10:00-22:00 (varies per store)
classic and comfortable styles that can go well with
any casual look. It is a favored brand among young
shoppers because of its cheap prices, with T-shirts
costing about 10,000 won and pants available for
between 20,000 won and 30,000 won. Mixxo 미쏘 [ Map p.54 B1 ] Inspired by cocktail-making mixology, Mixxo aims to become

a global SPA brand for ladies to mix and match basic items
02-2081-3498 080-300-0456 with trendy pieces to create their own style. The brand offers
10:30-22:30 (varies per store) various items in different designs. Its ornate accessories are
10:00-22:30 (varies per store)
particularly loved by its clientele.

Aclim Collect 아클림콜렉트

Basic House 베이직하우스 [ Map p.37 C3 ]
This Korean designer SPA brand, which was inspired by an
As Korea’s foremost casual brand, Basic House pursues artistic amusement park in Paris called “Jardin d'Acclimatation”, 02-2027-5060
contemporary fashion by offering basic items which have been releases stylish items with an artistic touch. Aclim Collect is
080-545-6860 adored by shoppers in their 20s and 30s due to its trendy yet 10:30-20:00 (varies per store)
newly interpreted in accordance with the current trend. Basic
House mainly provides relatively cheap yet high-quality products 10:00-22:00 (varies per store) unique street fashion style, and it has recently become the
in simple and comfortable designs for people of all ages. Basic casual brand of choice for many celebrities. Its comfortable
House also offers a range of children’s clothing which has and stylish kids’ line is also proving to be popular.
helped to boost its popularity among young housewives.

Shoopen 슈펜 [ Map p.67 B1 ]

LeShop 르샵 [ Map p.55 E3 ]
Asia’s first global SPA brand for shoes operated by E·Land, LeShop is a casual clothing brand for young women that sells a fashion brand of Korea offering trendy and quality shoes
trendy items suitable for everyday use. It offers different product at a reasonable price. Shoopen offers shoes for people of all
02-6712-7200 10:30-22:00 (varies per store)
lines including modern and casual designs for women in their 20s, ages, with more than 2,000 new designs offered each season
10:30-20:30 (varies per store) denim clothing for active consumers, and a more formal range to appeal to young customers. Practical items, such as slip-on
for office workers. Furthermore, LeShop’s trendy hats, bags, and shoes, can be purchased for around 10,000 won, so Shoopen
accessories are captivating the hearts of shoppers. is an ideal store for thrifty shoppers and travelers.

14 15
Shops to Suit Goods and Accessories, Glamorous Temptations J.Estina 제이에스티나 [ Map p.37 A4 ]
Your Taste
J.Estina is a luxury jewelry brand inspired by

02 Seoul is the perfect place to find glamorous and classy accessories to make your
style stand out. Here we introduce classic jewelry brands favored by Korean
shoppers, shopping districts for handmade accessories, and the best shops for
stylish brand hats.
Giovanna of Italy, an Italian princess who later
rose to become the Tsarina of Bulgaria. Much of
the brand’s jewelry is shaped like a tiara. J.Estina
is favored by a host of celebrities as it brought
the classic tiara design into the 21st century. The
brand is now broadening its range to include bags
and perfumes.

Dongdaemun Shopping
Complex accessories stalls
동대문종합시장 액세서리상가 [ Map p.61 B1 ]

Dongdaemun Shopping Complex is home to a

variety of stalls which sell different materials for
custom accessories, attracting young hipsters and
You can create your own handmade accessories
using materials from these stalls. Some stall
owners make and sell unique accessories made
from the leftover materials for low prices. 080-998-0077
11:30-21:30 (varies per store)

Jongno Jewelry Town

종로 주얼리타운 [ Map p.72 ] 02-2262-0114
09:30-19:00 (closed on Sundays) Jongno Jewelry Town attracts many young
shoppers and engaged couples with its wide
range of jewelry at affordable prices. A number
of jewelry shops are clustered around Jongno
3(sam)-ga Station, Subway Line 3. If you look
Vincis 빈치스 [ Map p.37 A2 ] around, you can find high-quality yet affordable
jewelry which is comparable to some premium
Vincis takes inspiration from the golden ratio to designer brands.
create accessories that are beautiful both visually
and structurally. Young women especially like
their practical items, such as their handbags and Around 88-1, Myo-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
purses, due to their unique, beautiful designs. 10:00-17:30 (varies per store)
This brand became famous after many female
celebrities were seen sporting these trendy
accessories. Recently, it has been offering more
modern and sophisticated products.
02-2106-3441 10:00-20:00 (varies per store)

16 17
Suecomma Bonnie Beanpole Accessory
슈콤마보니 [ Map p.43 B3 ] 빈폴액세서리 [ Map p.55 ]
Suecomma Bonnie is a designer shoe brand which started Beanpole’s accessory line integrates classic styles
as a small shop in an alley in Cheongdam-dong in Seoul with contemporary fashion. Beanpole Accessory
and is now in Harrods in London and the Printemps in is favored by women in their 20s and 30s as
Paris, capturing the hearts of European shoppers. Based the brand offers practical items which combine
on its motto of making shoes “to make women stand modern designs and casual styles. The brand
out”, the brand has consistently created high-quality often collaborates with celebrities to develop
shoes with unique designs that have even garnered unique items for customers.
attention from celebrities. It is also a favored brand
among career women, as the shoes are not just beautiful
and glamorous but also make their legs appear slimmer. 02-772-3858 1588-7667 10:30-20:00

Stone Henge 스톤헨지 [ Map p.37 A2 ]

Lloyd 로이드 [ Map p.37 C3 ]

Lloyd has gained popularity with its combination

A jewelry brand with a simple and clean design of classic design, reasonable prices, and beautiful
concept, featuring Korean star Shin Min-ah as packaging. With its modern designs based on
the main model, which offers classic, elegant and British style, Lloyd has created various collections
feminine jewelry products. It appeals to women with Queen Victoria as its muse. These include the
of all ages with diverse collections including the Rosette line fused with a red rose motif, loved by
Honeymoon line with diamonds, the Silhouette the Queen, and the Victoria Coin line modeled on
line for a simple, feminine look, the Anna.P line the coin minted in celebration of Queen Victoria’s
which is inspired by the Russian ballerina Anna coronation.
Pavlova, and the SHe line which encompasses
Stone Henge’s brand identity. 1600-0455 1644-7313 11:00-22:00

miniGOLD 미니골드 [ Map p.67 B1 ]

JEUM JEUM [ Map p.37 A2 ]
miniGOLD was one of the first jewelry brands in Korea to base its
This jewelry shop is gaining popularity among fashion conscious designs on current fashion trends. It has been loved by local customers 080-356-0123
people with a wide range of materials and unique designs. for over 20 years. With stores in major shopping districts, such as
1644-7313 11:00-21:00 Gangnam, Hongdae, and Myeong-dong, miniGOLD provides a range of
The name “JEUM” is a combination of the words “jewelry” and
“museum.” As the name denotes, JEUM has a large collection 10:30-20:00 (varies per store) lines catering to varied tastes and personalities. In particular, affordable
of beautiful items for all ages which include: feminine antique jewelry lines with prices lower than 100,000 won are favored by young
brand Rosemont, German luxury brand Aigner and Escada, and shoppers. There is even a jewelry line for babies, which is proving to be
witty French jeweler, Trois Rois. popular with young families.

MCM MCM [ Map p.67 C2 ] Look Optical 룩옵티컬 [ Map p.84 B2 ] MCM is a luxurious brand originally from Munich, Germany, which A fashion-oriented glasses franchise that played a pivotal role in
was acquired by a Korean company in 2005. Since the takeover, boosting glasses from the status of “tool” to a fully-fledged fashion
1600-1976 02-562-6285
the brand has altered its image with the introduction of practical, item. After opening its first store in Sinchon in 2011, it now operates
11:00-20:30 sturdy, and trendy designs. The brand specializes in leather multiple stores in major department stores and shopping districts. It 11:00-22:00
products made by experts, including purses, wallets, and bags, and also entered the Chinese market in 2013. Customers can freely try
its stylish Homme line is especially popular among young fashion- glasses to find the one that suits their face shape, and the stores
conscious men. Meanwhile, handmade key holders shaped as dogs, have a photo-taking space where customers can try on fun glasses
rabbits, and bears are among women’s favorite items. and take selfies.

18 19
Shops to Suit Korean Beauty Stores for the Seoul Look Holika Holika
Your Taste 홀리카홀리카 [ Map p.67 B2 ]

03 The popularity of Korean beauty brands (K-beauty) is spreading beyond Asia to

the US and Europe. Foreign tourists often put Korean beauty products at the top
of their shopping lists given the variety of skincare lines available for different age
groups and skin types, as well as various other color cosmetics.
Holika Holika is a cosmetics brand which defines
itself as a “beauty creator.” Its hit products are its
color cosmetics in a range of bold and impressive
colors. Shoppers also love its moist lip tints in
vivid colors and skin-soothing aloe gel. 080-757-1339
Too Cool for School 11:00-22:00 (varies per store)
투쿨포스쿨 [ Map p.67 B3 ]
This cosmetics brand reflects the fun and carefree
attitude of young people. Too Cool for School sells
basic and color cosmetics for all occasions. Its
Banila Co. 바닐라코 [ Map p.67 C2 ]
most popular products include its shiny lip gloss, Banila Co. mainly releases base makeup products
color mascara, and blemish-covering concealer. suited to Asian women’s skin tone. It is renowned
for its primers and CC creams which enhance the
natural texture of the skin, and lip products that come in various and vivid colors.
080-080-0168 10:30-22:30 (varies per store)

Skinfood 스킨푸드 [ Map p.67 B1 ] 080-225-6500
Skinfood is the first “food cosmetics” brand in 11:00-22:00 (varies per store)
Korea and launched with the motto: “food that is
good for your health is also good for your skin.”
It has food-specific product lines which include
gold caviar, black sugar, avocado, and black Innisfree 이니스프리 [ Map p.37 B2 ]
pomegranate. Its basic skincare lines, such as
Innisfree is an environmentally friendly cosmetics brand that
serums, are popular with shoppers.
uses various natural ingredients from Jejudo Island. Its best- 080-380-0114 080-012-7878 selling products include its Jeju green tea seed line and its pore-
tightening facial mask pack which contains volcano mineral 10:30-22:00 (varies per store)
11:00-22:00 (varies per store)

Etude House 에뛰드하우스 [ Map p.67 B1 ] Tonymoly 토니모리 [ Map p.67 B2 ] As one of Korea’s top beauty brands, Tonymoly boasts a Etude House is a beauty brand well known for its striking pink
080-356-2222 collection of high-quality yet affordable cosmetics. Its top-
interior and beautiful packaging. It is filled with diverse color
080-022-2285 selling items include its gel eye liners and tints in various colors,
cosmetics comparable to those from luxury brands, while its 10:00-23:00 (varies per store)
10:00-23:00 (varies per store) which are used by a host of celebrities, and its hydrating cream
rich moisturizing cream has long been one of its best-selling
containing goat’s milk.

Aritaum 아리따움 [ Map p.54 B2 ] Sulwhasoo 설화수 [ Map p.37 A2 ]

Aritaum is a multi-brand shop that brings together various By using time-tested oriental medicinal substances made from
cosmetics lines from Korea’s largest beauty corporation, Amore natural ingredients, Sulwhasoo‘s products help achieve the right
02-6080-9966 080-023-5454
Pacific. Some of the best-selling products include the IOPE air pH balance of skin and boost its resilience. Yunjo essence serum
cushion foundation, Laneige color cosmetics, and nail polish from 10:00-22:00 (varies per store) and Jaeumsaeng cream (Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream) 10:00-20:30 (varies per store)
Aritaum’s sub-brand MODI. containing ginseng extract are must-buy items for foreign tourists.

20 21
Nature Republic Beyond 비욘드 [ Map p.85 F2 ]
네이처리퍼블릭 [ Map p.37 B4 ]
Beyond is an eco beauty brand well known for
By using clean natural substances sourced from its body care line. Moisturizing body lotions and
around the world, Nature Republic has developed sweet-scented body shower gels are its most
a leading line of makeup, including its Super popular items. Shoppers also visit Beyond for its
Aqua Cream with excellent skin-nourishing moist and natural-colored tinted rouge lipsticks
and moisturizing qualities, argan oil-based hair and CC creams.
products, and mild chamomile cleansing oil for
sensitive skin. 080-023-7007 080-890-6000 10:00-23:00 (varies per store)
10:00-22:00 (varies per store)

su:m 37° 숨37도 [ Map p.43 B3 ] VDL VDL [ Map p.67 B2 ]

su:m 37° is a beauty brand famed for its The Face Shop’s newly launched color cosmetics
remarkable natural fermentation technique, which brand, presents a variety of makeup products
it uses to create its essence serum lines made developed in collaboration with world-renowned
of patented substances fermented from multiple makeup artist Wendy Rowe. Shoppers’ baskets are
plants. The brand operates shops in major filled with VDL’s lip makeup in vivid colors, as well
department stores and duty free shops in Seoul, as its foundations and primers that naturally cover
as well as its concept store on Garosu-gil. the skin. 080-023-7007 080-023-7007

10:00-21:00 (varies per store) 10:00-22:00 (varies per store)

Missha 미샤 [ Map p.67 C2 ] Hera 헤라 [ Map p.37 ] Missha is Korea’s major skincare and cosmetics retailer Named after a Greek mythical goddess, Hera offers
operating beauty shops. The company runs a Missha Day to functional skincare lines and sophisticated color cosmetics, 080-023-5454
offer discounts to customers around the 10th of every month. making it Korea’s premier beauty brand for career women. Its
10:30-22:00 (varies per store) Its best-selling items are its natural colored BB cream and eye best-sellers are cushion pacts and oil serum essence products 10:00-20:30 (varies per store)
shadow products. that contain brightening and moisturizing minerals.

It’s Skin 잇츠스킨 [ Map p.85 E2 ]

The Face Shop 더페이스샵 [ Map p.84 A2 ]
In pursuit of optimum clinical skin solutions through a The Face Shop is a brand rooted in the philosophy of
combination of the best ingredients, It’s Skin offers various
080-020-0186 naturalism where nature and beauty coexist. It is located in
skincare products catering to the different needs and issues 080-050-3300 major shopping districts and subway stations in Seoul. Its most
of its customers. Its Power 10 Formula range, a highly dense 10:00-23:00 (varies per store)
10:00-22:00 (varies per store) popular items include its hydrating cream made of natural
serum line with various skin-strengthening qualities to guard mango seed butter and lip tint products in various colors.
against dry weather and skin conditions, is especially popular.

Primera 프리메라 [ Map p.84 A3 ] The History of Whoo 더히스토리오브후 [ Map p.37 ]

Primera is an eco brand that focuses on the life energy of This global beauty brand brings the class and beauty of the
plants and minimizes the use of artificial colors and scents, as Whoos (which means queens in Korean) into the modern era,
080-023-5454 attracting customers with its ornate, oriental packaging. Its best 080-023-7007
well as other chemicals. Its most popular products include its
10:00-20:30 (varies per store) Miracle Seed Essence, also known as ”seed essence (serum)”, sellers are the Gongjinhyang and Bicheop essence serums, which 10:00-20:30 (varies per store)
and its high enriched moisturizer, Alpine Berry Watery Cream. were inspired by the skincare secrets of past queens.

22 23
Shops to Suit Drug Stores for All Your Needs Watsons 왓슨스 [ Map p.67 B1 ]
Your Taste
A global health and beauty brand with multiple

04 Drug stores are loved by Korean shoppers as they offer health supplements and
beauty products, as well as cosmetics. Its popularity with travelers is increasing as
products from around the world are cheaply available.
stores in Seoul. Watsons features not just cosmetics
from diverse brands but also health supplements,
including vitamins, healthcare products, snacks,
and beverages. The stores are frequented by global
travelers since they offer products from Korean
healthcare companies and cosmetic brands that are
not available in other countries. 02-3140-7600
Olive Young 올리브영 [ Map p.43 B4 ] 09:00-22:00 (varies per store)
Olive Young is one of Korea’s most popular
health and beauty stores with various hair, body,
and healthcare products available in one shop.
It stocks a number of specialist products, and
it is therefore popular among young women.
In particular, the flagship store at the center of
Myeong-dong offers diverse discounts and events
to travelers. Beauty products developed in-house
are getting favorable responses too. 1577-4887 About Me 어바웃미 [ Map p.67 C1 ]

10:00-22:30 (varies per store) About Me is a total beauty and health store that
uses natural ingredients in their diverse line of
products. About Me produces its own range of
healthcare products and cosmetics. Customers
can find the famous French beauty salon brand
LOHB's 롭스 [ Map p.43 B3 ] Ella Baché here as well. About Me operates stores
in Myeong-dong, the Hongdae area, Shilla Duty
A new drug store brand from Lotte Shopping, Free Shop, and Yeongdeungpo Times Square.
with branches in major shopping districts of Seoul,
such as Myeong-dong and Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil,
for easy access. The brand endeavors to feature 080-740-7983
more unique product lines than other drug stores.
There are also products exclusive to LOHB’s, such 11:00-22:00 (varies per store)
as the popular German cosmetics brand Misslyn,
Bourjois’ Rouge Edition, and LOHB’s’ own spot
patch. All these products have received positive
reviews from young female customers. 080-030-7777
10:00-23:00 (varies per store)

24 25
Shops to Suit Home Interior Items for Your Lifestyle Modern House 모던하우스
Your Taste
As a European lifestyle shop, Modern House sells

05 Home interior stores in Seoul cater to the diverse needs and tastes of shoppers
and range from vintage furniture shops which import items from Europe, to
interior stores selling in-vogue, retro goods. These are some of the best places to
visit to pick up a souvenir from your trip that will provide a unique finishing touch
a wide range of home goods from furniture to
bath products, utensils, and tableware. The kids’
line, which is made with environmentally-friendly
materials, features bright colors and popular
to your home. characters, making it a hit with young mothers.
Its seasonal collections, released on special
occasions such as Christmas, are also popular.
Compared to other lifestyle shops, Modern House
offers products at more affordable prices.
Itaewon Antique Street
이태원 앤티크거리 [ Map p.78 C3 ] 1899-9500
Often referred to as “little Europe” in Seoul, the 10:30-22:00
antique furniture street in Itaewon has over 100
shops selling attractive, antique furniture from the
East and West. From oriental, antique furniture
in ornate and colorful designs to vintage items
Casamia 까사미아 [ Map p.84 A3 ]
imported from across Europe, the street attracts As one of the foremost home interior corporations
visitors’ eyes. Cheap items are often sold outside in Korea, Casamia has a broad selection of natural
these shops. If you are lucky, you may find a and modern furniture and goods. The company
bargain while browsing outside. After looking has furniture lines which each has their own style,
around the antique stores, it is worth visiting the including the Northern European-inspired Citta
pretty cafes and restaurants which are located line, and the more generically-styled Casa On
nearby. range. Casamia also runs Hotel Casa, a boutique
hotel decorated with Casamia products. Located
near its Garosu-gil flagship store, Hotel Casa gives Itaewon its loyal customers a chance to enjoy the brand
Antique Furniture Association 02-790-4103 even more. 1588-3408
10:30-20:00 (varies per store)
JAJU JAJU [ Map p.43 B3 ]

JAJU, an acronym for naturalism in Korean,

aspires to be a Korean lifestyle shop, offering Goto Mall 고투몰
diverse interior goods and clothes that reflect
the energy of urban life in Korea. The shop is Goto Mall, located in the underground floor of the Express
2 00, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Bus Terminal linked with Subway Line 3 and 7, is a must-see
full of products to satisfy different tastes, from
Seoul shopping spot for savvy shoppers. It also has interior product
comfortable zen-styled furniture and goods, to
vintage and vivid-colored items for your space. 02-535-8182 stores with daily life items for diversity of atmosphere, making it
Many newlyweds and young singles can be seen 10:00-22:00 (varies per store) popular with newlyweds and single people. Each store features
shopping in JAJU thanks to its high-quality, yet different product concepts and price ranges, so make sure to
reasonably priced, and product range. take your time to look around for the best shopping experience.

Butter 버터 [ Map p.67 B1 ]

A character-based living style shop from E·Land, a representative
Korean fashion and lifestyle group, with cute and lovey-dovey products
15, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul targeting the sensibility of those in their teens and 20s. Products here 02-2068-8595
02-3447-3600 Mon.-Sat. 11:00-20:00, are uniquely designed but the price range is 1,900 won-12,900 won, so 10:30-22:00
Sun./national holidays 12:00-20:00 travelers won’t find them intimidating.

26 27
Shops to Suit Cute Designer Items 10X10 텐바이텐
Your Taste
10X10 is a famous multi-brand design store in

06 Koreans’ strong passion for design is also shown in their small ornaments and
everyday stationery items. These cute character models and unique gifts are must-
buy items for travelers in Seoul.
Korea that sells various themed goods. It mainly
operates online but it has recently opened
physical stores in several districts across Seoul,
including Daehangno. Its stationery featuring cute
characters and beautiful household goods are
some of its most popular items. You can also find
innovative electronics on its shelves. 1644-6030
LINE Store 라인스토어 [ Map p.43 B3 ]
The LINE design store sells models of the various
characters of LINE, a global mobile messaging
app. You can also find stationery, ornaments, and
cute kids’ clothes featuring familiar characters and
emoticons from the mobile app. There is even a cafe
selling character-themed desserts and drinks. Many
visitors take the opportunity to take a photo with the
huge teddy bear at the entrance of the store.

Kakao Friends Shop

카카오프렌즈샵 [ Map p.84 ] 1544-5921 It sells products based on characters featured on
10:30-21:30 (varies per store) Kakaotalk, the most popular mobile messenger
application in Korea. The characters are cute
animals, such as a rabbit, puppy, kitten, duck,
and crocodile, and there is even a pink peach,
making the audience feel happy just by looking at
1300K 1300K [ Map p.67 A3 ]
them. Dolls, cushions, mobile phone cases, pens,
1300K means “1,000 degrees Celsius,” a notebooks, and even outdoor products feature
temperature that can melt anything, and the characters so that customers can take this
symbolizes the passion of youth. Filled with special cute experience with them wherever they go.
ideas to add fun and happiness
to daily life, the stores offer a 02-2632-1008
variety of products, including 10:30-22:00
stationery, interior items,
accessories, and even
clothes. Ecobridge, 1300K's
eco-friendly cafe, is
operated in the Hongdae
branch. 1544-0132
12:00-21:00 (varies per store)

28 29
Shops to Suit Marts, Shopper's Cozy Havens Home Plus 홈플러스
Your Taste
This is a supermarket chain with more than

07 Large marts, such as Home Plus, can be found around residential areas of
Seoul and offer such a wide variety of products, that they could be considered
perfect “shopping havens” themselves. High-quality everyday items are offered
at reasonable prices, so even non-Korean travelers should visit these interesting
150 retail stores across Korea. In Seoul, it has
branches in central areas such as Hongdae
(Hapjeong), Dongdaemun and Jamsil. Though
Home Plus is well known for selling food at low
stores. prices, various baby items such as milk, diapers,
and baby cookies also attract young mothers.
Surprisingly large discounts are offered on
weekends and during holidays, so it’s worth
paying a visit to pick up a bargain.
Emart 이마트 1577-3355
Emart is a large mart operated by Shinsegae 10:00-24:00
Group, with multiple stores throughout Seoul
including Yeouido, Yongsan and Yeoksam. Many
everyday products, as well as food, are sold
at cheap prices. Diverse special products and
Emart-exclusive brand mini stores offer clothes
and interior goods at reasonable prices. Food
and everyday goods can be shipped to overseas
customers so travelers can shop around without
worrying about the size and weight of their

Kim's Club 킴스클럽 02-380-5678
10:00-24:00 Kim's Club, with a spot in NC Department Store
and Newcore Outlet, can be found in Gangnam
and Songpa of Seoul. Their stores offer a variety
of fresh vegetables and meats. As the area where
its stores are located are mostly populated with
Lotte Mart 롯데마트
single person households, most products are
Lotte Mart stores in Seoul Station, Gimpo Int’l packaged in small quantities, along with a wide
Airport, and World Tower are frequented by variety of everyday goods.
travelers due to their excellent accessibility. Lotte
Mart is popular due to the many products offered 1899-9500
with great quality and low price tags, which are
10:00-24:00 (varies per branch)
packaged in small quantities for small families and
travelers. It also has a licensing deal with Toys R
Us, a global toy maker, to offer diverse toys. 02-2145-8000

30 31
Shops to Suit Traditional Markets, Brimming with Generosity Traditional Flea Markets
Your Taste

Seoul Folk Flea Market [ Map p.61 ]
Whichever country you travel to, markets offer a glimpse of the daily lives of
ordinary citizens. Seoul has a number of traditional markets dotted around the Originally, it used to be called “Hwanghak-dong
city. They captivate the hearts and minds of travelers with their delicious range of Dokkaebi (Korean goblin) Market.” The market was
food, affordable goods, and welcoming sellers. compared to a ghost as the goods on sale were so
diverse and incredible that they were considered
unbelievable – just like a ghost. Visitors might feel as if
they have entered a museum, as the market still sells
lots of interesting items, such as old ornaments and
Namdaemun Market antiques. The market also offers visitors the chance
남대문시장 [ Map p.37 ] to build traditional Korean models in its Traditional
Cultural Experience Center located at the entrance.
This traditional market in Seoul dates back to the
early 15th century, with ancient texts confirming 21, Cheonho-daero 4-gil, Dongdaemun-gu,
that merchants opened stores near Sungnyemun Seoul 02-2232-3367 10:00-19:00 (off on
Gate (Namdaemun) at that time to trade goods. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays), Food area: 10:00-22:00
There are more than 6,000 stores that comprise a
massive clothing market. At one time, it was one
of the “twin peaks” of the Seoul fashion industry, Dongmyo Market 동묘시장 [ Map p.61 ]
along with Dongdaemun. Being close to Myeong-
dong, a lot of foreign tourists come to shop here as Dongmyo Market is a major vintage market in Seoul
well. All the shop owners and employees speak basic which was the location of a spoof music video
English and other languages, therefore there is little featuring famous Korean comedian Jeong Hyeongdon
difficulty for foreigners when it comes to shopping, and pop star G-Dragon from the popular TV show
despite it being a traditional market. Infinite Challenge. Young students can often be seen
browsing the racks of affordable vintage clothing,
21, Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul with many pieces available for around just 10,000
02-753-2805 Daytime 09:30-17:00, won. In addition to vintage clothes, a host of other
Nighttime 22:00-11:00 (times vary by shop) goods, including electronics, antiques, and LP discs,
will catch your eye.

Gwangjang Market 광장시장 [ Map p.37 ] 84 (Dongmyo) Nangye-ro 27-gil, Jongno-gu,

Seoul 10:00-20:00 (varies per store)
As one of the most vibrant traditional markets in
Seoul, Gwangjang Market is based in the center of
the city so it can easily be located by even first-time
visitors. This historic market opened in the early 20th Noryangjin Fish Market
century and is home to a number of clothing and 노량진수산시장
food stalls, offering tourists a taste of traditional
With all kinds of fresh fish caught and carried
Korean cuisine. Starting with ‘Mayak gimbap’, one
from all around Korea, it is famous as the largest
of Koreans’ all-time favorite snacks, and Nokdu-jeon
fish market in Korea. The auction, one of its most
(Mung Bean Pancake), visitors can sample a range
popular spectacles, opens early in the morning, while
of Korean delicacies. Other traditional treats such as
general sales go on throughout the year with no
Tteok-bokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) and eomuk (Fish
holidays and 24-hour operation, thus you can plan
Cake) are also available. It is worth visiting the food
a visit here anytime you want. You can purchase
stalls since most dishes are reasonably priced. If you
any fish you want to try, go to a restaurant and pay
have a keen interest in clothing, we recommend
a 'table making fee' to try the food, or go to any
that you visit the hanbok stores and vintage clothing
sushi restaurant or general restaurant.
shops on the 2nd floor.
88, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 688, Nodeul-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul
02-2267-0291 Goods stalls 09:00-18:00, 02-814-2211
Food stalls 09:00-23:00 24 hours (varies per restaurant)

32 33

1 Myeong-dong, a Shopper's Paradise

2 Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil, a Trendy Shopping Street

One-stop 3 Apgujeong · Cheongdam, the Pleasure of Luxury Shopping

Shopping Areas 4 Gangnam · COEX Mall, the Epitome of Gangnam Style

5 Dongdaemun, Seoul's Number 1 Fashion District

It would be nice to have time to visit all the popular
brand shops, but most tourists only have a limited
6 Hongdae, a Collection of the Hottest Brands
amount of time. Therefore, places where you can
enjoy many shops at once, such as department
stores and shopping mall complexes, are attractive 7 Insa-dong · Samcheong-dong, the Most Traditional Shopping Streets
options. Here we introduce Seoul’s most
popular shopping areas, including unique
8 Itaewon · Hannam-dong, Unique Fashion and Hot Places
street stalls that are full of character.

9 Sinchon · Ewha Womans University, a Hot Spot for Youth Culture

Ferrum Tower Mirae Asset Center1 0 50 100m

A Shopper’s Paradise Gwangjang Market

1 3 About 1.4km from

Myeong-dong 명동
KEB Hana Bank
2 KEB Hana Bank Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station
1 Industrial Bank of Korea
Subway Line 2 1
을지로입구 Eulji-ro
Euljiro 1(il)-ga

Myeongdong 11-gil

One of the first places that foreign tourists think of when it comes to shopping KEB Hana Bank

7 (Former KEB Head Office)
in Korea, as “the heaven for shoppers”, is Myeong-dong. From major department

Myeong-dong Tourist Information
stores to shopping malls, the most popular brands in Korea can be found in Center




Korea Federation

Metro Hotel

of Banks
Lotte Department Store Myeongdong
(Main Store) Halmeoni Guksu Seoul YWCA
Lotte Duty Free Shop (9-11F) Olive Young
Vincis, Stone Henge, JEUM (B1)
Sulwhasoo, The History of Hadongkwan
Whoo (1F), Nine (2F)
Osulloc Tea House
10 Corso Como (5F) (Myeong-dong Branch)
Myeong-dong Street Hanwoori (10F) Ibis Ambassador Royal Hotel Seoul
Lotte Cinema
Myeongdong Theater Olive Young
Nam Myeongdong Flagship Store
daem Innisfree Shinhan
un-r Tonkatsu Bank
o 7- Myeongdong Kyoja
House Myeong-dong
Police Box
Hallyu Souvenir Shop Woori Bank
Shinsegae Department Store Lotte Young Plaza Noon Square Myeong Dong Nanta
Chungmu Cathedral
Theatre (3F)
Myeong-dong Cathedral (Main Store) CGV (8F) Gimbap Dduksim
Mamonde Myeong-dong
Embassy of China Maki Flagship Store
Myeong-dong Station
Underground Shopping Center
Nature Kitchen Basic House
Myeong-dong (Myeong-dong Branch) (5F)
Myeongdong Kyoja

Amiso (5F)
Street M Plaza (Main Store)

Kyesung Girls’

ÅLAND High School

dong 8-
Din Tai Fung

(Myeong-dong Dreaming Young
Main Store) Hall
Entrepreneurs' Store
The Bank Seoul Global (Myeong-dong

of Korea Cultural Center (5F) Branch)
Junction Post Tower Oversease Chinese
Primary School Savoy Hotel
Woori Bank Gogung
Silk Button
Hallyu Souvenir Shop (Myeong-dong Branch)
Lotte Department Store Myeong-dong Tourist Heohyeon Underground
Shopping Center
Korea Post Nature Republic D! Mall
(Main Store) Information Center (B1) SPAO

Hallyu Souvenir Shop Migliore (Myeong-dong Branch)

7 8
Youngyang 5 6
❖ S hinsegae Department Store A4 ❖ Noon Square A3 Center Industrial Bank of
Shinsegae Department Store g 명동
(Main Store) (Main Store), J.Estina, Hera (1F)
Korea Myeong-don
❖ Tieholic B1 2 4
Toegye-ro 3
❖ L otte Department Store A2 Line 4 4
 amonde Myeong-dong B3 Subway Prince Hotel
(Main Store) Flagship Store Market Myeong-dong Station
C3 Underground Shopping
❖ M Plaza ❖M
 igliore B4
About 700m from New Oriental
Center Namsan
Myeong-dong Station State Tower Hotel
❖ D! Mall C4 (Myeong-dong Branch) Namsan School
Woori Bank

36 37

Shinsegae Department Store (Main Store) 신세계백화점 본점 [ Map p.37 A4 ] M Plaza 엠플라자 [ Map p.37 C3 ]

Situated between Myeong-dong and Namdaemun Market, the M Plaza is a shopping mall that definitely stands out, and
63, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, 27 Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-
Shinsegae Department Store (Main Store) catches people’s features brands such as Zara and Forever 21. Located in the
Seoul 1588-1234 Weekdays attention with its vintage, early 20th century style architecture. center of Myeong-dong, it is easy to access. Its chic exterior gu, Seoul 02-727-3100
10:30-20:00, Weekends & national Famous for being Korea’s first department store, the classic and interior makes the building a pleasure to look at. You can 10:00-22:00 3-minute walk
holidays 10:30-20:30 1-minute main building and the sophisticated modern style of the new also find Saera, a famous Korean shoe brand, and KM Play, from Exit 7 of Myeong-dong
walk from Exit 7 of Hoehyeon wing create the perfect harmony. Shoppers can find numerous a lifestyle shop with a unique concept. Foreign tourists can Station (Subway Line 4)
Station (Subway Line 4) Korean and international brands here. Many of the employees visit the Seoul Global Cultural Center on the 5th floor and
of companies nearby eat lunch here because the food court experience traditional Korean clothing and arts.
includes some of the most famous restaurants in Seoul.

Lotte Department Store (Main Store) 롯데백화점 본점 [ Map p.37 A2 ]

Many foreign tourists visit this famous shopping spot because

81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu,
D! Mall 디아이몰 [ Map p.37 C4 ]
it is located in the city center. Lotte Department Store
(Main Store) is located near the trendy Avenuel, where one Seoul 02-771-2500 10:30-20:00 A select shop that introduces various street brands from
(10:30-20:30 during extended hours) 123, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
can find internationally known, high-end products, and the Dongdaemun, one of the leading fashion spots in Seoul, to
Young Plaza where buyers can find trendy clothes. It is easy 1-minute walk from Exit 7 of 02-753-8100 customers. Myeong-dong is full of global brands and big
for anyone to enjoy shopping here. For people interested in Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Subway Line 2) 11:00-23:00 1-minute walk fashion brands. But at D! Mall, customers can find special and
K-Fashion, there are many famous street fashion shops in from Exit 7 of Myeong-dong unique fashion items, making it a secret spot for fashionistas.
Young Plaza, some of which are even more popular online. Station (Subway Line 4) Along with clothes, it also sells interior items, popular nail polish
One can find the hottest trends here. brands, and handmade accessories.
38 39
Noon Square 눈스퀘어 [ Map p.37 A3 ] Mamonde Myeong-dong Flagship Store
마몽드 명동 플래그십스토어 [ Map p.37 B3 ]
Noon Square is one of the major shopping malls in Myeong-
14, Myeongdong-gil, Jung-
dong. At Noon Square, you can find various types of fashion One of Korea’s most famous beauty brands. Mamonde’s
choices, such as the global brand H&M, as well as the Korean gu, Seoul 02-3783-5005 17-2, Myeongdong 8-gil, products use the energy that emanates from the seasonal
brand Indibrand and Level 5. Select shops such as Raum Edition 11:00-22:00 10-minute Jung-gu, Seoul 02-318-3695 flower leaves, stems, and roots. Makeup base products are
and Waylon provide items with a unique twist from all around walk from Exit 5 of Myeong- 09:30-22:30 5-minute walk especially popular as they do not irritate the skin. Korean women
the world. Other than fashion brands, Noon Square also has dong Station (Subway Line 4) from Exit 7 of Myeong-dong have been fans of these products for more than two decades.
restaurants, cafes, and a cinema. All sorts of fun can be found Station (Subway Line 4) Mamonde products are usually sold in select cosmetic shops,
in this one space. such as Aritaum. However, Mamonde’s only flagship store is in
Myeong-dong, where you can find their products in one spot.

Tieholic 타이홀릭 [ Map p.37 B1 ]

Migliore (Myeong-dong Branch) 밀리오레 명동점 [ Map p.37 B4 ]
A tie designer who has worked for internationally recognized
23, Myeongdong 7-gil, Jung-
brands, such as Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent, runs Located at the entrance of Myeong-dong, Migliore is a
gu, Seoul 02-3789-2083 115, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu,
Tieholic, where you can find ties with various patterns and multishopping mall that mostly sells women’s wear and casual
Mon.-Sat. 11:00-21:30, Sun. designs. High-quality ties with good designs can be bought at wear. Young students, women especially, usually shop here. Seoul 02-2124-1538
15:00-21:00 10-minute walk reasonable prices. Whether you are 20 years old or 40 years You can find trendy yet affordable clothes at Migliore. Migliore 11:00-22:00 1-minute walk
from Exit 6 or 7 of Myeong-dong old, you can find the right tie for you. Customers can also find is very accessible as it is close to the subway station and the from Exit 5 or 6 of Myeong-
Station (Subway Line 4) other beautiful men’s items, such as scarves, handkerchiefs, tie outdoor performance hall is always bustling with amateur dong Station (Subway Line 4)
pins, and boutonnieres. performances and events.
40 41
Sinsa-dong Community Gaewhaok
Service Center 0 25 50m
ELBON the style
(Garosu-gil Main Store)
A Trendy Shopping Street
2 C4
ELBON the table
Gallery CoLA

Sinsa-dong Apg

Shinhan Bank 1

Garosu-gil 신사동 가로수길

Two Plus gil
Shingu 61-
ro 1
Fly With the Wind Gallery UM
Indibrand Elementary
Gallery Yeh
School Non

KM Play Remicone
Salon de
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil is one of the trendiest shopping streets in Seoul Mon chouchou gil
and has become a must-visit place for foreign tourists. Garosu-gil is full Around The Corner ro 1
of the most popular flagship stores in Seoul. It is one of the best places to La Eskimo Non

experience shopping in Seoul. 3CE Cinema 9owls

Koon With A Epoca

ro 12-gil
Modern Table View

Flow (Sinsa Branch) Villa Youkshimwon




uje Serosu-gil Do
Deux Crèmes sa
n- 2
Tommer & Jeffer Gallery Erl, Urban 19
Art Gallery il
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil -da
ero Maison de Parfum
m Sona
gna Brownbreath
Vintage Hollywood March Rabbit
su:m 37°
Suecomma Bonnie Table Star
ero LINE Store
m-da Bari E-Dition
gna gil Neuf Hotel
Gan o 158-
aer Ilmo Outlet Chapter 1
Seoul Mode
Fashion Institute
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil KM Play 8 Seconds (Garosu-gil Branch)


Simone Handbag Museum Villa de Spicy


56-gil Serial Gourmet


gna JAJU
Gan KB Kookmin Bank

De Chou
LOHB's (Garosu-gil
54-g Branch) Sinsa Police Box
ro 1
gn am-
Manjok Ohyang Jokbal Industrial
(Sinsa Branch) Olive Young Bank of Korea
MG Tower 52- (Garosu-gil Branch)
Nonhyeon Furniture Street 9owls ro 1 Villa de Bailey
m - dae
Gan Better Than Young Dong Hotel
Beef Topten (Garosu-gil aero
❖ E LBON the style A1 ❖ Neuf Hotel B3 Branch) Dos
(Garosu-gil Main Store) ❖ 9owls B2 Line3 Building
NH Nonghyup way Do 4
Sub sa
❖ Around The Corner B1 ❖ Vintage Hollywood A2
National Pension Seoul
❖ KM Play B1 ❖ Ilmo Outlet B3 Southern District Do
sa il
Headquarters gil
❖ Villa Youkshimwon B2 8 149- n-
❖ Chapter 1 C3 n-ro ero
a hyeo
Sins Non 12
❖ 3CE Cinema B1 신사
a il
Sins Lotte Cinema
42 43
ELBON the style (Garosu-gil Main Store) KM Play KM Play [ Map p.43 B1 ]
엘본더스타일 가로수길본점 [ Map p.43 A1 ]
Trendy Dongdaemun designers gathered together to create a
22, Apgujeong-ro 12-gil,
ELBON the style is a luxury select shop that truly represents select shop with a unique vibe. The hottest trends are reflected
88, Nonhyeon-ro 175-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in their products. They have a basic, comfortable style that
Garosu-gil and displays the most famous luxury brands.
Every season, it has the best collections of designer brands. Gangnam-gu, Seoul 02-3443-5454 10:00-22:00 goes well with any sort of clothing. There are many looks to
ELBON the style pays a lot of attention to bags and shoes, the 02-547-9700 11:30-21:00 10-minute walk from Exit 8 of choose from – ranging from feminine to chic businesswomen
two items that Korean women love the most. Many female 10-minute walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) style.
celebrities come to shop here because hot items are sold at Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3)
reasonable prices.

Around The Corner 어라운드더코너 [ Map p.43 B1 ]

Villa Youkshimwon 빌라육심원 [ Map p.43 B2 ]
A lifestyle and fashion select store where various young
24, Apgujeong-ro 12-gil, Villa Youkshimwon shows the works of artist Youk Shim Won,
designers and creators have colorful items on sale. The 66, Nonhyeon-ro 159-gil,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul a favorite among Korean women. Her works depict women
designers share a contemporary sensibility but, at the same Gangnam-gu, Seoul
02-545-5325 11:30-21:00 in various emotional states. Villa Youkshimwon has a gallery
time, manage to mix their unique philosophies into their 02-516-4477 11:30-20:00
10-minute walk from Exit 8 of where Youk Shim Won’s works are exhibited, and an art shop
products. The results have produced rave reviews. Both women 10-minute walk from Exit 8 of
Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) where there are souvenirs influenced by her work. The villa is a
and men visit this store to look for various street brands with a Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3)
cultural space with a cute atmosphere.
free-spirited twist.
44 45
3CE Cinema Vintage Hollywood
3CE 시네마 [ Map p.43 B1 ] 빈티지헐리우드 [ Map p.43 A2 ]

This cosmetic lineup offered by ‘Style Nanda’, This custom jewelry brand is loved by numerous
admittedly one of the most successful shopping Korean celebrities and has established jewelry as
malls, features a magnificent array of diverse a key fashion item in Korea. Its gorgeous designs
colors. Its excellent functionality attracts young draw attention but the subtle refinement, such
women, while its simple but freestyle packaging as matching fabric and jewels or mixing wool
with a “street” atmosphere allows anyone to and chains, are what make this place special. The
easily use their products. Customers can try brand also features a variety of jewelry for men
products before buying them, and the staff who are highly interested in fashion.
offer a makeup consultation to find the right
color that suits your skin tone.
22, Apgujeong-ro 8-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 37, Gangnam-daero 160-gil, Gangnam-gu,
02-544-7724 11:00-22:00 10-minute Seoul 02-6224-2203 11:00-20:00
walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) 10-minute walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station
(Subway Line 3)

Neuf Hotel 네프호텔 [ Map p.43 B3 ] Ilmo Outlet 일모아울렛 [ Map p.43 B3 ]

The Ilmo Outlet is operated

Neuf Hotel, located in the center of
by Cheil Industries and mostly
Garosu-gil, captures people’s attention
features highly discounted
with its vintage exterior and
imported merchandise, such as
colorful accessories displayed
10 Corso Como, Balmain, and
in its storefront window. Neuf
Comme Des Garçons. Thanks
Hotel is run by Naning9, one
to the availability of products
of the major online shopping malls in
from renowned designers at
Korea. It is a lifestyle shop with women’s
cheap prices, it has become a hot
clothes and accessories on the 1st and 2nd
shopping place populated with young, fashion-
floor and home accessories, bedding, and 23, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
30, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul oriented customers, as well as celebrities.
furniture on the 3rd and 4th floor. Customers 02-515-0970 11:00-21:00 10-minute
02-516-1161 10:00-22:00 5-minute walk Diverse pop-up stores are operated every
can find pleasure in shopping at Neuf Hotel, walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3)
from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) season to provide spontaneous shopping
where they will find both Neuf Hotel products
and products imported from around the world.

9owls 나인아울즈 [ Map p.43 B2 ]

Chapter 1 챕터원 [ Map p.43 C3]

One of the most popular select shops, it boasts

A longtime player in the Garosu-gil scene, an excellent array of fashion and allows anyone
9owls is a small vintage select shop to easily experience products from Chapter 1
located underground in a narrow which have appeared in popular magazines and
alley. It is a favorite among female TV shows. Chapter 1 offers items from renowned
celebrities. Word of mouth, as designers for everyday
well as a high-quality collection, use, as well as items
has kept this place popular. You that remind customers
can find international high- of the value of design
end vintage products here, as 48, Nonhyeon-ro 151-gil, Gangnam-gu, and collaboration.
well as flashy accessories and Young consumers love
Seoul 02-517-8001 Mon.-Fri. 11:00-20:00
miscellaneous goods from around the brand as it offers
the world. There is also a store which 27, Apgujeong-ro 12-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Sat. 13:00-19:00 (closed on Sundays)
02-548-9011 11:30-21:30 10-minute 10-minute walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station products based on
stocks various vintage products, so it unique, practical, and
is a good idea to check it out as well. walk from Exit 8 of Sinsa Station (Subway Line 3) (Subway Line 3) trend-setting design.
46 47
 yundai Department Store A1
The Pleasure of Luxury Shopping
3 (Apgujeong Main Store)

Apgujeong ·
❖ Galleria Department Store D1
❖ 10 Corso Como E1

Cheongdam 압구정·청담 ❖ Mue

❖ Koon
❖ Boon The Shop E2
The Apgujeong and Cheongdam area is considered one of the most luxurious
shopping areas in all of Seoul. Here you will find traditional, high-end products, ❖B
 eaker Cheongdam Flagship E1
as well as brands from international young designers. Especially for hallyu fans, Dosan Park Cheongdam Hallyu Star Store
there are select shops and cafes where Korean celebrities drop by, so they are Street
❖ Rare Market F2
definitely worth checking out.


0 50 100m

Cheongdam Junior
High School
o Kare Galleria
ujeo KB Kookmin Department Store
Apg Bank KEB Hana
KB Kookmin Bank
Bank Woori Bank
1 Cheongdam
Apgujeong High School 1


Hyundai Department Store Cheongdam
(Apgujeong Main Store)
Cecil Art Hall
Rodeo Street Elementary School

o 압구
6 2
1 Bonne

Woori Bank Nouvelle
Gaewhaok 3 Cheongdam Hallyu
Mealtop Pop Green Hotel Shingu Middle SM Entertainment Gallery Won
Star Street

School Cheo
2 Jamie & Bell ngda Yoo Art Space

6 Korea Development Bank m-d

Apgujeong 압구정

Beaker Cheongdam ry Fa
Gangnam 5 Jaseng Hospital of Flagship Store 10 Corso Como
n St
Tourist Korean Medicine reet
Information Gamjabau 5 10 Corso Como Cafe (B1)
Center What I Want Boy+
Industrial Bank of Korea 4

Sawore Boribap
Addicted Shop

Pungwoldang Ce Soir Bistrot de Yountville
4 3
Fashion Street Ristorante Eo Tutto Bene
Highkickz The Love Standard Chartered Bank
Boon The
Comes Shop
Bbanzzac Mue
Samwon Central Post
Garden San Francisco L'espoir du Hibou
CGV Market Rare Market Gallery Seomi D.Nué
Dosan Park Guillaume
Muimui -ro 80-gil
CGV Apgujeong
Blush Cafe-T
Grill H Cheongda
Dongduk Women’s

Le Alaska 152-gil
Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Seolleung-ro University Design
No Space*C Research Center
nhy Memorial Hall Ahnsei Hospital
eon KB Kookmin
-ro Buona Sera Cheongdam Human
168 Bank
-gil ero Starville
MSK Min’s Industrial Bank of
Bogio Ceci Cela Kitchen Korea
My Boon
Assouline Lounge ng Ju
(Dosan Park Branch) KEB Hana Hakdo
Riviera Maison Bank
Dureguksu CGV

3 Yangmani 3
Omiga Maison Hermès
Yedang Dosan Park Horim Art Koon

Subway Line 3



Junction Hanwoori
48 49
Hyundai Department Store (Apgujeong Main Store)
현대백화점 압구정본점 [ Map p.48 A1 ] 10 Corso Como 10꼬르소꼬모 [ Map p.49 E1 ]

An Apgujeong institution, Hyundai Department Store has a classic 10 Corso Como, the select shop established by the former 416, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-
165, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam- fashion editor of Vogue and “Godmother of Italian Fashion”
atmosphere with traditional, high-end products being their main gu, Seoul 02-3018-1010
gu, Seoul 02-547-2233 focus. The customer base from this region of Seoul is very strong, Carla Sozzani, is covered with its eye-catching logo and equally
Mon.-Thu. 10:30-20:00, Fri.- flashy exterior. Not only does it introduce fashion, beauty, 11:00-20:00 5-minute walk
so many famous international brands and dessert cafes choose to
Sun. 10:30-20:30 1-minute and living brands, but it mixes art and culture into its space, from Exit 3 of Apgujeong Rodeo
start business here first. “Mealtop”, the famous patbingsu (shaved
walk from Exit 6 of Apgujeong ice and red beans) cafe that has been shown on TV many times, is attracting many Korean celebrities. 10 Corso Como’s sensibilities Station (Subway Bundang Line)
Station (Subway Line 3) located here as well. It is directly connected to Apgujeong Station are shown in the cafe inside and is well worth a visit.
on Subway Line 3, so it is easy for tourists to find.

Galleria Department Store 갤러리아백화점 [ Map p.49 D1 ] Mue 무이 [ Map p.49 E2 ]

As a symbol of Apgujeong, the west wing has a reputation of 40, Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, A store that truly represents Cheongdam, Mue is a fashion
343, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-
introducing global fashion trends to Korea. Famed architect multi-store that introduces world-famous fashion brand
gu, Seoul 02-3449-4114 Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Ben Van Berkel created the special LED exterior. On the other collections. It also showcases young designers from Paris,
hand, the East wing has a classic look where many famous Mon.-Thu. 10:30-20:00, Fri.- 02-3446-8074 11:00-20:00 London, and other famous fashion cities. Mue has come to
international brands and special editions are displayed. High- Sun. 10:30-20:30 1-minute walk 5-minute walk from Exit 4 be known as a hangout place for fashionable people. They are
end brands, such as Goyard and Stefano Ricci, are sold from Exit 7 of Apgujeong Rodeo of Apgujeong Rodeo Station branching out into other areas as well, especially with their
exclusively at Galleria. Station (Subway Bundang Line) (Subway Bundang Line) free-spirited, street-style-infused hiphop casual brand.

50 51
Koon 쿤 [ Map p.49 E3 ] Beaker Cheongdam Flagship Store
비이커 청담 플래그십스토어 [ Map p.49 E1 ]
Koon was one of places that ushered in the age of select
27-7, Seolleung-ro 146-gil,
shops. It introduced hot brands like Dsquared2 and Dries van Beaker is relatively new compared to Boon The Shop or Koon.
Noten back in 2001 when they were relatively unknown. The Gangnam-gu, Seoul 408, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-
The store displays the works of some of the most promising
Cheongdam branch of Koon is no longer simply a select shop 02-548-4504 10:30-20:30 gu, Seoul 02-543-1270 young designers from New York, Paris, Milan and other places.
– it has upgraded itself into a lifestyle shop with more than 10-minute walk from Exit 4 11:00-20:00 1-minute walk Beaker’s own line of products is just as special as the ones
250 brands. There is even a shop that introduces the latest of Apgujeong Rodeo Station from Exit 3 of Apgujeong Rodeo from international designers. Beaker has fashion items, books,
Northern European furniture on the basement floor. (Subway Bundang Line) Station (Subway Bundang Line) cosmetics, stationery, and many other products in stock. The
store’s cafe is also grabbing people’s attention as a new cultural

Boon The Shop 분더샵 [ Map p.49 E2 ] Rare Market 레어마켓 [ Map p.49 F2 ]

Boon The Shop, one of the first select shops in Korea, is well In a neighborhood like Cheongdam-dong where big
21, Apgujeong-ro 60-gil, Gang- 24, Apgujeong-ro 80-gil, Gang-
known as the first specialty stores built under the supervision conglomerates have set up select shops, a new space run by
nam-gu, Seoul 02-2056-1234 of Peter Marino, a globally famous architect. It is a landmark Big Bang member G-Dragon’s sister is in the spotlight. True nam-gu, Seoul 02-512-3433
10:30-20:00 5-minute walk in Cheongdam-dong providing unique experiences as it to its name, Rare Market introduce rare and unique items to 11:00-20:00 5-minute walk
from Exit 4 of Apgujeong Rodeo mixes dining and art, as well as fashion and beauty, to customers. Tu Es Mon Tré sor and Enfants Riches Dé primé s are just from Exit 4 of Apgujeong Rodeo
Station (Subway Bundang Line) enable enjoyment of the sophisticated sensibility and culture. some of the hidden yet hot street brands that Rare Market sells. Station (Subway Bundang Line)

52 53

The Epitome of Gangnam Style Gangnam

Gangnam · ❖G
 angnam Station Under-
ground Shopping Center

COEX Mall 강남·코엑스몰 ❖ Kyobo Book Centre

 yundai Department Store E3
(Trade Center Store)
Thanks to PSY’s smash hit “Gangnam Style”, Gangnam has now become a
place that not only Asians, but people from all over the globe, are curious ❖ Samsung d’light B3
about. COEX Mall provides shoppers with a massive underground shopping Gangnam Station Underground Bongeunsa Temple ❖ Kumkang A1
space where you can “shop until you drop.” Shopping Center
❖ COEX Mall E1

0 50 100m Heungkuk Life 00-g 0 50 100m
New ro 1 ASEM
Balance Insurance Building am-dae Tower
Kyobo Book Gan Intercontinental Seoul COEX
Kumkang Centre
About 650m from
CGV Lotte Duty Free Shop (B2-B1, 2F)
Gangnam Station

ro 5-
Gangnam Kyoja

1 1
Gangnam COEX Mall


Seven Luck Casino


National Library for

Children and Young Kukkiwon

ABC Mart Adults

Mixxo Il Mare
Giordano Beanpole Accessory (B1)
Lotte Cinema Oakwood Premier
Yeoksam Park COEX Center
The Face Shop Megabox (B1)
Bibigo 96-g


Gangnam Art Hall (B1) do



2 Club MASS Korea World Trade 2

The Body Shop

Seoga & Cook Woori Bank COEX Artium

CALT City Airport Terminal

8 Seconds Convention Center

Din Tai Fung
il 6
10 96-g tion
g-ro g Sta
-ro seon Grand Intercontinental seon
Gangnam Station 12 eran Sam Sam Junction Seo
Norang Jeogori Teh Seoul Parnas ter
Underground Shopping Center 5 d e Cen
ld T 역센터)
r a
Slow Village Brewery and Pub
GT Megabox District Tax Wor 삼성
1 Office ng (
Tower 강남 Hyundai Department seo

gna Store (Trade Center Store)

Korea Exchange Bank


Yeontabal 9 De:Shop, LAP (6F)


3 2 3


ro 8

ay L
National 92-g

g-ro w
ro 8


Health seon 3

am Glass

Insurance S




8 ro

o 4-g


Gan 강남

Samsung d’light

ro 9
ero 7


cho 54 55

Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center
강남역 지하쇼핑센터 [ Map p.54 B3 ]

In Gangnam Station on Subway Line 2, below the extravagant

396, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-
world of Gangnam-daero, a new world awaits shoppers. Hyundai Department Store (Trade Center Store)
gu, Seoul 02-553-1898 Spread out like a spider’s web, here you can find street shops 현대백화점 무역센터점 [ Map p.55 E3 ]
11:00-20:00 (varies per store) and some of the most famous beauty brands in Korea. The
1-minute walk from Gangnam main customers are female college students and young Located next to the COEX Mall, many tourists enjoy visiting the
517, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-
Station (Subway Line 2) employees of nearby companies, so you can buy hot items at Hyundai Department Store. Since it is located in Teheran-ro,
one of the main corporate districts in Seoul, this department gu, Seoul 02-552-2233
affordable prices.
store is home to fashion brands and restaurants that target 10:30-20:00 5-minute walk
young workers in their 20s and 30s. There is a language from Exit 5 of Samseong Station
interpretation service for foreigners and a separate lounge with (Subway Line 2)
an information desk to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Samsung d’light 삼성딜라이트 [ Map p.54 B3 ]

This is a hands-on place operated by Samsung Electronics
11, Seocho-daero 74-gil,
where products combining top-notch technology from
diverse fields of daily life can be experienced for a glimpse of Seocho-gu, Seoul
the future. After signing up, visitors can enjoy the exquisite 02-2255-2277 10:00-
experiences provided by the gallery on the first floor, such as 19:00 (closed on Sundays and
drawing self-portraits or recording their special movements, national holidays) 1-minute
which might help them discover their artistic potential. walk from Exit 8 of Gangnam
Station (Subway Line 2)

Kyobo Book Centre 교보문고 [ Map p.54 ]

Kumkang 금강제화 [ Map p.54 A1 ]
The representative shoe brand in Korea features a variety
Gangnam-daero 441, Seocho-
The representative culture space of Gangnam, this bookstore of products, from classic shoes with Italian sensibility and
Gangnam-daero 465, gu, Seoul 02-592-8613
features millions of books in hundreds of fields in a space the casual shoes to suit a young audience, to highly functional
size of two soccer fields to attract customers of diverse ages. Seocho-gu, Seoul 1544-1900 Mon.-Thu. 11:00-20:30, Fri.- sport shoes. Comfortable shoes for middle-aged women are
While the books include diverse themes and categories, they 09:30-22:00 1-minute walk Sun. 11:00-21:00 5-minute gaining popularity nowadays and are great gifts too. The
can be easily located to provide non-Korean travelers with a from Exit 6 of Sinnonhyeon walk from Exit 10 of Gangnam brand also sells assorted bags, wallets, and outdoor clothing.
deeper understanding of Korean culture. In addition to the Station (Subway Line 9) Station (Subway Line 2)
bookstore, Hot Tracks sells music albums, unique stationery,
and various other products.
56 57
Sekanskeen 세컨스킨 Store │ R105

As the name suggests, this brand specializes in seamless clothes

boasting an excellent fit and comfort as if they are another layer of
one’s own skin. The seamless manufacturing technology that makes
clothes without stitches is applied to sportswear and dresses, not just
to underwear, to provide varied products.

Lucky Chouette 럭키슈에뜨 Store │ B111

The fashion brand targets young shoppers pursuing classic but

vibrant personalities, by providing diverse styles with street style
elements and light-hearted, humorous designs.
COEX Mall 코엑스몰 [ Map p.55 E1 ]

COEX Mall is one the main shopping areas in Seoul and is Raum 라움 Store │ B112
513, Yeongdong-daero,
connected directly to Samseong Station on Subway Line 2. When Meaning ‘Space’ in German, Raum is a select shop for career women
Gangnam-gu, Seoul it was first built in 2000, it was one of the biggest underground 02-551-7775
in their 30s and 40s filled with chic items from more than 60 unique
02-6002-5300 10:30-22:00 areas in Asia. It has turned into an even more refined space brands.
7-minute walk from Exit 6 of after recent renovations. With fashion and lifestyle shops,
Samseong Station (Subway Line 2) restaurants, a bookstore, hospital, and theater, anybody who
goes to the COEX will be treated to a full cultural experience. Laughing Child 래핑차일드 Store │ M104

Other attractions include the aquarium and the Kimchi Museum. The first Korean brand dedicated to children's clothes provides
products focusing on children's sensibility and comfort.

Stores in COEX Mall

Level 5 레벨파이브 Store │ E113

The store contains products from new and young Korean designers
GAP 갭 Store │ K110
in the international spotlight, including trendy clothes full of
One of the most popular global clothing brands, selling casual personality and the unique touches of the designers.
clothing for comfort in your daily life, easy wear and miscellaneous
goods. Children's clothes are also popular items.
Vivien 비비안 Store │ D103

H:Connect 에이치 커넥트 Store │ A107 The most well-known lingerie brand in Korea, Vivien features elegant
lingerie that provides women with both beauty and comfort.
A contemporary clothing brand with stylish and modern sensibilities
which quickly integrates trends to become a shop well-known to
young people. Oysho 오이쇼 Store │ D111

This lifestyle brand offered by Inditex, the Spanish fashion group

Black Martine Sitbon 블랙마틴싯봉 Store │ R125 02-569-7080
and the owner of the renowned global brand, Zara, opened the
The brand facilitates the young and chic sensibility of Martine Sitbon, only store in Korea in the COEX Mall. It offers feminine and modern
a globally renowned fashion designer, and is loved by women in their underwear, and beachwear.
20s thanks to its lovely shoes and bags.
Joe Fresh 조프레시 Store │ R121
OST OST Store │ L119

It is a casual accessory brand mostly based on silver, and is loved by The brand launched by Club Monaco’s founder is wildly popular in
02-6002-6836 02-551-1517
students and women in their 20s. Canada and the U.S. Great quality for the price tag, the diverse
colors and elaborate details attract a young audience.
Burberry Beauty Box 버버리뷰티박스 Store │ B104

Diptyque 딥티크 Store │ B114

The first conceptual store offered by Burberry, a global designer
brand, for the first time in Asia that provides diverse services, including It mirrors the style of Diptyque which is famous for candles, providing
custom perfume creation, beauty styling, and makeup consultation. boutique-exclusive goods that are unavailable in other stores.

58 59

0 25 50m


Seoul’s Number 1 Fashion District Jong-ro Dongmyo

Subway Line 1 Market

About 800m from

Dongdaemun 동대문

9 7
Dongdaemun Station
Seoul Folk Flea

Jong-ro 40-gil
8 Market 1
KEB Hana About 1.4km from
Dongdaemun Station
Honam Bank JW Marriott
Jip Dongdaemun Chung Pyung Hwa
Square Seoul Standard
Dongdaemun is bustling with energy following the completion of the Dongdaemun Jin Ok Hwa Halmae Dongdaemun Shopping Complex Chartered Bank (CPH) Fashion Mall
Design Plaza (DDP). Check out local street brands, as well as brands and products Darkhanmari accessories stalls (5F, Bldg. A) Dong Pyung Hwa
My Wife’s Fashion Town

from across the country. Dongdaemun is a haven for foreign tourists.

i Bridge
Cooking Ogansugyo

deu il Brid
About 420m from
Bridge Dongdaemun Station
Cheonggyecheon Stream

(Beohun Tae-
Cheonggyecheon-ro 6-ga Shin Pyung Hwa

Junction Fashion Town
Market Urban Knife Tavern
Nam Pyoung Hwa

Hyundai City Outlets Owl's Cutlet
Dongdaemun branch

Line 4
Jeil Pyunghwa
Doota Maxtyle Market


Monyeo Sikdang Shinhan Bank

Donghwa Guarneri
Market Taphouse



Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Migliore Event Hall

Dokkaebi Bulgogi
Stadium Memorial

National Medical History & Culture

City W
Jan Park
Hello apM
401 Restaurant ng
da Dongdaemun

o History
Goodmorning City Museum
Masinneun Sundubu & Design
Heunginjimun Gate Doota Kimchijjim
Megabox (9F)
Battery Park Gallery
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
(DDP) 3
14 Art Shop (Design Tag)
Subwa 13
y Line
2 1 -gil
Uljiro Co-op ro 45
12 Eulji-
11 Don Hanyang Middle

10 gdae School
Central Asia Village

동대 istory

Lotte Fitin &사문

원 lt
9 화공 ultur

화공 Cu
원 e 2 Hanyang Technical



사문 &
High School
Pyeonghwa Market Migliore

문역 tory
The Top Hat

동대 His

apM Place



❖ Dongdaemun Design Plaza C3 ❖ Nam Pyoung Hwa Market C2 Dongd

aemun Toyoko Inn
(DDP) 동대문
역사문 & Culture
❖ Jeil Pyunghwa Market C2 화공원 Park
❖ Doota B2 ❖ Chung Pyung Hwa o
4 Toegye-r 4
❖ Migliore B2 (CPH) Fashion Mall 5 Gwanghuimun Gate
Silk Road Itinerary
❖ Hello apM B3 ❖ Shin Pyung Hwa Fashion Town C2

❖ Lotte Fitin A3 ❖ Dong Pyung Hwa Fashion Town ay
❖ Pyeonghwa Market B2

60 61
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Migliore 밀리오레 [ Map p.61 B2 ]
동대문디자인플라자(DDP) [ Map p.61 C3 ]
Migliore, which means “better” in Italian, first opened in
263, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-
Dongdaemun Design Plaza, which replaced the old Dongdaemun Dongdaemun in 1996, making it one of the oldest shopping
281, Eulji-ro Jung-gu, Seoul malls in the neighborhood. Migliore is a shopping mall that gu, Seoul 02-3393-0001
Stadium, is a multipurpose cultural space designed by Iraqi-
02-2153-0000 Weekdays British architect Zaha Hadid. It has become one of the new sells the latest products at a reasonable price, making it 10:30-05:00 (closed on Mondays)
10:00-21:00, Weekends & national landmarks of Seoul. There are numerous exhibition spaces as especially popular with teenage girls. There are also a variety 3-minute walk from Exit 14 of
holidays 10:00-22:00 (varies per well as small design shops just bursting with creativity. Simply of performances on the outdoor stage at the shopping mall’s Dongdaemun History & Culture
store) 1-minute walk from Exit 1 window-shopping here is a treat in itself. When it gets dark, entrance. Park Station (Subway Line 2, 4 or 5)
of Dongdaemun History & Culture visitors can enjoy the fantastic night view of the area.
Park Station (Subway Line 2, 4 or 5)

Doota! 두타 [ Map p.61 B2 ] Hello apM 헬로에이피엠 [ Map p.61 B3 ]

Doota is one of the most famous shopping malls in Hello apM, which is located just across Dongdaemun Design
275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung- 253, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-
Dongdaemun. There are many facilities and services to help Plaza (DDP), is a large shopping mall where you can find
foreigners, which make it a prime shopping destination for gu, Seoul 02-3398-3651 gu, Seoul 02-6388-1369 numerous street brands all in one place. Due to its reasonable
tourists. Discover the latest fashion trends in Seoul by looking Mon.-Sat 10:30-05:00, 10:30-04:30 (closed on Tuesdays) prices, Hello apM is one of the shopping malls (along with
through the various shops. The first floor showcases many Sun.10:30-24:00 3-minute 3-minute walk from Exit 14 of Migliore) which is popular with teenage girls. The shopping
pieces from designers based in Dongdaemun and around Seoul, walk from Exit 8 of Dongdaemun Dongdaemun History & Culture Park mall regularly holds special sales events, giving customers the
capturing the attention of fashionistas. Doota even holds a Station (Subway Line 1, 4) Station (Subway Line 2, 4 or 5) chance to snap up a bargain. Apart from clothing shops, Hello
design competition to promote new designers. apM also has many restaurants and beauty shops.
62 63
Nam Pyoung Hwa Market 남평화시장 [ Map p.61 C2 ]
The representative bag wholesale market of Dongdaemun
where a variety of bags with different materials are available 282-10, Jangchungdan-ro,
at cheap prices. As it is famous as the biggest bag market in Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2237-
Korea, buyers from online retailers or brick and mortar shops 0620 1-B1 24:00-11:00, 2-3F
frequently visit this market, thus it can be safely said that the 20:00-11:00 3-minute walk
market leads the trend of street fashion of Korea. from Exit 7 of Dongdaemun
Station (Subway Line 1, 4)

Jeil Pyunghwa Market 제일평화시장 [ Map p.61 C2 ]

Of the clothes stores in the Dongdaemun area, the kids’
13, Majang-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul clothes market is especially active, and its popularity draws
02-2252-6744 Weekdays celebrities with kids too. Young moms come from all over
09:00-17:30/20:00-05:00, Sat. Seoul as diverse and trendy kids’ clothes are available at
Lotte Fitin 롯데피트인 [ Map p.61 A3 ] 09:00-17:00, Sun. 21:00-05:00 affordable prices. Aside from kids' clothes, diverse fashion
3-minute walk from Exit 7 of items including women's clothes, handbags, shoes and
Opened in 2014, Fitin is Lotte Group’s new multi-fashion mall, Dongdaemun Station (Subway accessories are available too.
264, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
heralding a new golden era in Dongdaemun. Along with the Line 1, 4)
02-6262-4000 Mon.-Wed/ usual shops, there are also new designer brands from Korea. Its
Sun. 11:00-24:00, Thu.-Sat. 11:00- modern interior design helps to create an enjoyable shopping
02:00 1-minute walk from Exit experience. The view of Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from Chung Pyung Hwa (CPH) Fashion Mall 청평화시장 [ Map p.61 ]
11 or 12 of Dongdaemun History the observatory here is spectacular, making it a must-visit spot It is a traditional wholesale market operating from midnight
& Culture Park Station (Subway for tourists. until noon of the following day with a focus on women’s 334, Cheonggyecheon-ro,
clothes. Trendy and practical items targeting the taste of Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2252-8036
Lines 2, 4 or 5)
young women are available, including a variety of denim 24:00-12:00 (Sat. 12:00- Sun.
clothes. Therefore, it is often picked as a must-visit place for 24:00 off) 5-minute walk
buyers from online retailers and street clothes shops. Most from Exit 7 of Dongdaemun
shop owners have their own factories, which allows them to Station (Subway Line 1, 4)
sell clothes for less than online retailers.

Shin Pyung Hwa Fashion Town 신평화시장 [ Map p.61 C2 ]

One of the representative clothes markets of Dongdaemun,
298, Cheonggyecheon-ro, it uniquely features stores selling belly dance outfits, dancing
Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2253-0714 uniforms and clothes specifically designed for workers at bars,
Weekdays 21:00-12:00, Sat. attracting customers from around the country. Price-sensitive
12:00-21:00 3-minute walk housewives frequent here, too, as diverse practical items
from Exit 7 of Dongdaemun including sporting goods and sport socks are available at cheap
Station (Subway Line 1, 4) prices. In particular, the 4th floor has a wholesale market for
clothes exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and China.

Dong Pyung Hwa Fashion Town 동평화시장 [ Map p.61 ]

Pyeonghwa Market 평화시장 [ Map p.61 B2 ] Called as the mecca of children’s clothes along with Jeil
298, Cheonggyecheon-ro,
Pyunghwa Market, it features a lot of well-known children’s
clothes brands, thus recognized by young moms as a Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2238-7791
Running for more than 60 years, Pyeonghwa Market is considered
274, Cheonggyecheon-ro, shopping hot spot. Many shops therein also apply up to 70- B1 21:00-10:00, 1-3F 09:00-
to have started the Dongdaemun fashion scene. Most businesses
Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2265-3531 80% discounts to local clothes brands’ products, attracting 18:00 (some stores on 1F
in the market target wholesalers, so Pyeonghwa Fashion Town
Mon.-Fri. 22:00-18:00, Sat. many middle and high schoolers. Some imported clothes are operate 24 hours), 4F 06:00-
has unconventional business hours, opening at night and closing
22:00-20:00, Sun. 10:00- available at reasonable prices, and it is easier here to purchase 15:00, 1F of new building 21:00-
the following evening. If you’re visiting Dongdaemun late at
3-minute walk from Exit 8 of small quantities compared to other wholesale markets. 14:00 3-minute walk from
night, it is worth dropping by. Recently, shops in the market have
Exit 7 of Dongdaemun Station
started selling to individuals as well (depending on the item), so Dongdaemun Station (Subway
(Subway Line 1, 4)
you can negotiate if you find something that you like. Line 1, 4)

64 65

0 50 100m

Woori Bank Charles Gimbap 2

A Collection of the Hottest Brands 입 About Me
6 대



La Lune Violette iv. 8 Cinema (Hongdae

Nature Kitchen Shoopen


(Hongdae Branch) k


Bulia Wonderplace

(Hongdae Branch)
Butter 1
KEB Hana 1 Donsoobaek
o-ro Standard Chartered Bank
ggy Bank
Don KEB Hana Bank
If you want to find the hottest brands in Seoul right now, you have to e
2 Skinfood
visit Hongdae. Hongdae is a neighborhood where young people who love Lin Myth Jokbal
y Folder
fashion, arts and culture gather together. Naturally, most of the shops wa miniGOLD
Sub (Hongdae Branch)
therefore target young shoppers. It is also fun to look at the street fashion Etude House
of young Seoulites. Hongik Univ. Watsons
Junction City
Bank MCM Seoul Seokyo
Elementary School
Wolhyang Banila Co.
(2nd Branch)
a-ro Tonymoly
hw Seogyo Hotel Mapo Lifelong Learning Center
ng Dalkkot
Shinhan Holika Holika Crepes 2
Bank Chez-Roll
KB Kookmin
Trick Eye Museum Paul & Paulina
Hongdae area Seogyo Market
Alla Torre
ÅLAND (Hongdae Branch) Giordano
(Hongdae Branch)
KEB Hana Bank
Kim and Kim
Crab House
Music Show Wedding Hongdae area
Mecenapolis Seoul Art Odd Gallery
Mall Space Seogyo
Too Cool for (Hongdae Branch)
Police Box School Hongik
Ganggangsulrae Hongdae Free Children’s Hongik University
(Hongdae Branch) Market Park
The Gabriel
1300K Hongdae Free Bird
SangsangMadang Hongdae Eateries Donburi 3
Club Mansion Customellow
Mimine (Seogyo Branch) (Hongdae Branch)
Around The Corner
Club NB
Books Flying Chicken
Club M2 Burger B
Samgeori Butcher's
KT&G SangsangMadang Club DD Pork Charcuterie
Design Square
Bonjour Hawaii
F.ound Store

Castle Praha Manhattans

Club Evans
Hongdae Free Market
Lounge Sobok Teppen
❖ ÅLAND (Hongdae Branch) B2 ❖ Odd Gallery B3 MOA Club Yakuk Snob
aA Design Museum Far East
❖ Wonderplace (Hongdae Branch) C1 ❖ KT&G SangsangMadang Design B3 Object Wildhogs Broadcasting 4
❖ Giordano (Hongdae Branch) B2 Square Company

Cafe aA Gourmet
❖ Object A4 ❖ MOA A4 Market
Vert et Blanc
Cafe Comma
❖ Customellow (Hongdae Branch) B3 ❖ Folder (Hongdae Branch) B1
Gyeongsung Patjip
❖ Hongdae Free Market B3 Okrumong Hakata Bunko
Rolling Hall Jelly Fairy Yogi
Nice Two Meat U 66 67
ÅLAND (Hongdae Branch) 에이랜드 홍대점
[ Map p.67 B2 ]

ÅLAND is a select shop that focuses on new

designs from Korea and abroad. Instead of
following common trends, ÅLAND offers items
that can express one’s individuality and personal
style. ÅLAND has a diverse array of items, such as
clothes, bags, shoes, and household items, as well
as a cute kids’ clothing line. The prices are very
reasonable so a lot of college students shop here.

29, Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

02-3210-5882 11:00-23:00 5-minute
walk from Exit 9 of Hongik Univ. Station
(Subway Line 2) Object 오브젝트 [ Map p.67 A4 ]

Garnering popularity as a new type of select shop that

23, Eoulmadang-ro 5-gil,
is pursuing the idea of ‘informed consumption’, diverse
Wonderplace (Hongdae Branch) Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-333-1369 secondhand goods, as well as handcrafted products, are
11:00-22:00 5-minute walk
원더플레이스 홍대점 [ Map p.67 C1 ] available at reasonable prices. As it seeks simple and eco-
from Exit 1 of Sangsu Station friendly designs that exude beauty the longer the product is
Just like the shop’s name suggests, (Subway Line 6) used, many different kinds of people frequent this shop. The
Wonderplace aims to be a fashion store is rather small but it is fun just to look at the variety of
and lifestyle select shop that adds products filling the shelves.
wonder to your life. There are
a good mix of Korean fashion
brands and upcoming designer
labels, along with a trendy line
of accessories. The shop is a hit
with college students as they can
164, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02- buy the season’s hottest items at
322-1490 10:30-22:30 2-minute walk from a reasonable price. Wonderplace
Exit 8 of Hongik Univ. Station (Subway Line 2) provides a wide range of fashion
choices from fast fashion to basic
designs, offering something for everyone.

Giordano (Hongdae Branch) 지오다노 홍대점

[ Map p.67 B2 ]

Giordano is one of the most popular casual

fashion brands in Korea. There is a sizeable
store in Hongdae which is often filled with
shoppers. It provides basic items at a reasonable
price, such as good-quality cotton shirts, anti-
Customellow (Hongdae Branch) 커스텀멜로우 홍대점 [ Map p.67 B3 ]
wrinkle cotton pants, fitted jeans, and polo Customellow is a retro-contemporary fashion brand for trendy
t-shirts in a wide range of colors. Giordano has 75, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu,
men which encourages its customers to show their own
withstood the test of time with its classic design individual style. The sophisticated suits from Customellow are Seoul 02-3677-7242
and tailored clothes for the Asian market. especially popular with younger men. They also do collaborations 12:00-22:00 10-minute
5-1, Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-323-
with various artists and designers, offering designs with a twist. walk from Exit 9 of Hongik Univ.
8244 10:30-22:00 5-minute walk from Exit
The Hongdae branch also has a women’s clothing line as the Station (Subway Line 2)
9 of Hongik Univ. Station (Subway Line 2)
brand looks to expand its customer base.
68 69
MOA MOA [ Map p.67 A4 ]

A select shop for handcrafted goods and

accessories made by designers.
The young designers who are
active throughout the country
offer both unique and sensible
products. As sales activity
is commissioned by the
designers, seasonal, trendy
items are available, earning a
good reputation among young
B-dong, 48, Dongmak-ro 7-gil, Mapo-gu,
Seoul 02-6053-9092 13:00-22:00
5-minute walk from Exit 1 of Sangsu Station
Odd Gallery 오드갤러리 [ Map p.67 B3 ] (Subway Line 6)

A unique select shop located near the playground in Hongdae

12, Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-
which has a distinctive interior that resembles an art gallery.
gu, Seoul 02-326-5522 Folder (Hongdae Branch)
As Odd Gallery is an independent retailer, the curator gets
to decide how and where to place the products. The use of 14:00-22:00 10-minute walk 폴더 홍대점 [ Map p.67 B1 ]
various types of media, such as art pieces and videos, helps from Exit 9 of Hongik Univ.
create a unique shopping experience. At Odd Gallery, there Station (Subway Line 2) Folder is the first select shop to specialize in
are designer brands which are usually only sold online, such as shoes, following the popularity of select shops
Andersson Bell and CRES. E DIM. in Korea. Customers can find shoe brands from
Europe, USA and all around the world. Here you
can find Folder-exclusive shoes such as OTZ
shoes and PF Flyers sneakers from the USA,
and Palladium boots from
France. These brands
have gained a loyal
following of young
shoppers. 152-6, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 02-
324-7280 10:30-22:00 1-minute walk from
Exit 9 of Hongik Univ. Station (Subway Line 2)

Playground for Young Artists

Hongdae Free Market

홍대 프리마켓 [ Map p.67 B3 ]
KT&G SangsangMadang Design Square KT&G 상상마당 디자인스퀘어 [ Map p.67 B3 ]
Hongdae art market is a flea market held
The Design Square, which is located on the first floor of every weekend in Hongdae playground
65, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, where many young artists sell handmade
Hongdae’s SangsangMadang building, is one of the best
Seoul 02-330-6200 12:00- places in Seoul to see the works of Korea’s up-and-coming accessories, fashion items and decorations
23:00 10-minute walk from Exit artists. Korean Design Challenge, a competition organized by for the home. With one-of-a-kind designs
9 of Hongik Univ. Station (Subway SangsangMadang, aims to discover new talented designers. and inimitable styles, this market is the
Line 2), 8-minute walk from Exit 1 Designers’ work is exhibited and sold here, giving visitors a place to go if you want something straight
of Sangsu Station (Subway Line 6) chance to take an artwork home with them. from the designer’s hands.

70 71
❖ Ssamzigil B2
The Most Traditional Shopping Streets Samcheong-dong

7 ❖ Yongjung Collection B2

Insa-dong · ❖ Misanyo
❖ Jilkyungyeewooriot

Samcheong-dong 인사동·삼청동 (Samcheong Branch)
❖ Heartist D2
❖ Thavma E3
If you prefer to see traditional Korean beauty and fashion rather than modern
trends, then head over to Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong. Many of the items ❖ Lyanature D1
here are perfect for travelers that are looking for a souvenir or gift. You can find Ssamzigil Bukchon Hanok Village ❖ Moonshot D1
modern interpretations of traditional handmade works, as well as other items.


0 50 100m Gallery Young

Woori Bank Second Best in Seoul 0 75 150m
Embassy of Japan Embassy of
KEB Hana Bank Public Information and Cultural Center Korea Banking Vietnam Samcheong-dong
Institute Post Office

Pungmoon Girls'
Post Office An
Relic Museum Starluxe Repetto Samcheong-dong
High School 1
(Samcheong-dong Branch)
Korea-Arab Society Moonshot
1 Haneul Mulbit 1
Insa-dong Jongno Police
Seoul Senior
Unhyun Elementary Osulloc

Welfare Center Unhyeongung Tea House

3 6 Station Annex School

yL ine Palace (Samcheong

Subwa Gallery MIZ Branch)
Bukchon Museum

MG Community Old Fragrance Changdeokgung

Eumsik Iyagi Duksung Women’s Credit Cooperatives Choongang Palace

Bap Jongno Police University Jongno High School

Station Jirisan Campus Lyanature
Jogeum Suun Hall Asian Art Museum
Miss Lee Cafe 32-gil Museum of
Todokgongbang Nwijo The Central Temple Samil- Jilkyungyeewooriot Humanities
KEB Hana of Cheondogyo Heartist (Samcheong Branch) Yido Rhee Kitai
Bank Shim Hwa Sook Traditional Folk
Violet Gallery
Hanul Poong-Kyoung Seoul Gyeongun Gallery Doll
Bukchon Hanok The Han Sang Soo
Hanji Workshop Kite Workshop
The Dongduk
Art Gallery (B1) Isae Osegyehyang Village Embroidery Museum
(Anguk Branch) Ssamzigil Sneaksoul Bukchon Jeotdae
Kyungin Museum of Kyodong Elementary
0-gil Tea Drinking (Flute) Workshop Think Museum
Fine Art ong 1 School
Insad Garden
2 Hangwachae Gallery Biim Woori Bitkkal Gahoe Lacquer Workshop 2
Balwoo Crown NTS Jongno Museum
Gallery Lux Gogung Ahwon Workshop DIA ‘Chilwon’
Gongyang Hotel District Office
Mokin Museum
Insa-dong il
Bukchon Chogo
Donglim Knot
Insa Art Space
Topohaus Art Gana Insa Art Center
Street er o3
0-g National Gallery Jinsun
Folk Samcheong-dong Jeongdok
Center ad Andamiro il -da Museum 4 chawon Public Library Blacksmith Oven Pizza
Jogyesa Temple Templestay on Nagwon-dong Sam of Korea The
g- Yongjung Tteokjeon Alley Jinjooshell (Bukchon Branch)
Information Knife gil
Doore 28-g
il Restaurant Samcheong Tea Guesthouse
Center Collection ero Police Box World Jewellery
Gallery il-da Bukchon Art
Insa-dong P.R Center
Banjjak Banjjak Bitnaneun Sam Museum Center Museum of Korean Art
Shinhan Bank gil Kukje Gallery
g 4- Chung Won
KEB Hana Bank Shoplee don
Cheondung Insa Hakgojae San Bang Seoul Guesthouse
Nakwon Gallery Keungiwajip Ahwon Gongbang Ssiat
Sori Music Mall (Samcheong-dong Branch) Myeongin Rak Ko Jae Boutique

Hanuso Fraser Silver Cinema Museum

Aventree Hotel Hanok Hotel
Suites (4F) Hit The Spot
Jongno -gil Jaedong Hu's Table
g5 Thavma
don Violet Art Sonje Center Elementary School
Insa Leebap Biwon
Gallery Subway Line 5 Beautiful Store Son-kalguksu
Standard Chartered Bank
Woori Bank Gallery (Anguk Branch) Jeonda
3 Beautiful Tea 3

NH Nonghyup Museum Dam

KB Kookmin Bank Bukchon Traditional Embassy of
Jogyesa Temple National Museum of Culture Center Portugal
Hanaro Heogwan Misanyo Modern and Contemporary Shinhan Bukchon Art Hall
Junction Lacquer Seoul Intangible
Jongno Jewelry Town Art, Seoul Bank
Workshop Cultural Property
About 1km from Hyundai
Bukchon Training
Industrial Bank Anguk Station Center Wonseo
Seoul Art Center of Korea Constitutional Park
Chohyung Embassy of Poland
Gongpyeong Gallery Court of
Gallery Korea 72 73
Ssamzigil 쌈지길 [ Map p.72 B2 ] Misanyo 미산요 [ Map p.72 C3 ]

Ssamzigil is a major craftwork shopping mall in Insa-dong. A ceramic workshop with a factory in Icheon, a globally
44, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, 14-5, Insadong-gil, Jongno-
Although it may appear somewhat modest, it has a special renowned city of ceramics, it also operates a showroom in Insa-
and heart-warming atmosphere. At Ssamzigil, you can find the Seoul 02-736-0088 dong. The ceramics built throughout the ages without being gu, Seoul 010-4366-8287
best traditional crafts made by famous Korean artists, and also 10:30-20:30 influenced by trends or changes contain the natural beauty 10:30-20:00
pieces with a modern interpretation by young artists. If you 5-minute walk from Exit 6 of and colors, attracting many non-Korean customers. A hands- 5-minute walk from Exit 5 of
feel hungry, you can grab some traditional Korean food such Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) on program is also provided so that visitors can make a mug or Anguk Station (Subway Line 3)
as bibimbap or bulgogi. Fifty art shops are arranged in a spiral a dish, which will serve as an exquisite memory to make your
design in line with the direction of movement. This makes it own ceramic.
easier for visitors to move around and look at the stores.

Yongjung Collection 용정콜렉션 [ Map p.72 B2 ]

Jilkyungyeewooriot (Samcheong Branch) 질경이우리옷 삼청점 [ Map p.73 D2 ]
This vintage clock specialist, located in the center of Insa-dong,
34, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Jilkyeong-ee is a hanbok (Korean traditional wear) store located
attracts not just enthusiasts but also travelers visiting out of 88, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-
Seoul 02-735-2700 curiosity. It originally collected and sold antiques like ceramics, in Samcheong-dong. It generally sells lifestyle hanboks for
gu, Seoul 02-733-5606 everyday use rather than traditional hanboks. Hanboks have
11:00-20:00 but the daughter who inherited the store from her father 11:00-21:00 beautiful traditional colors and neat designs and are popular
5-minute walk from Exit 6 of became highly interested in clocks and led the store to what it
10-minute walk from Exit 1 of with foreigners. At Jilkyeong-ee, the hanboks maintain their
Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) is now. Globally famous designer brands, such as Omega, Rolex,
and Patek Philippe, are available with watches displayed by year. Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) natural dye colors and can be worn casually every day.
74 75
Heartist 하티스트 [ Map p.73 D2 ]
Lyanature 리아네이처 [ Map p.73 D1 ]
Heartist is owned by Cheil Industries, Korea’s leading fashion
89, Samcheong-ro, Jongno- Lyanature is an eco-friendly skincare brand owned by hallyu
company. The profits from the fashion items sold here are 94, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-
gu, Seoul 070-7130-9281 donated to underprivileged people in need. Heartist sells Cheil actress Lee Young-ae, star of the TV drama Jewel in the Palace.
All the skincare products are made with natural ingredients. You gu, Seoul 02-732-2833
11:00-20:00 Industries’ major brands, such as Beanpole, Galaxy, Kuho,
can also buy Jeju Camelia Oil, which became famous for being Lee 10:00-22:00
10-minute walk from Exit 1 of and Lebeige. Also, it sells upcycled fashion items from new
Young-ae’s secret beauty item. Lyanature is famed for its beautiful 10-minute walk from Exit 1 of
Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) designers and eco-friendly design products. The shop itself is
in an old warehouse, creating a unique atmosphere for your packaging, as well as the fact that its products can be used Anguk Station (Subway Line 3)
shopping trip. on children as well. This has led to a surge in sales from young
housewives looking for child-friendly skincare products.
※ Please note that Lyanature will be renamed as Lya’s love.

Thavma 타마 [ Map p.73 E3 ] Moonshot 문샷 [ Map p.73 D1 ]

Thavma, the Greek word for “miracle”, is a Korean bag brand. Moonshot is YG Entertainment’s cosmetics brand. YG
40, Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno- 111, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-
Thavma bags have a basic design but also have a special feel to Entertainment is one of Korea’s biggest entertainment
them at the same time. They have a classic design that goes well gu, Seoul 070-8625-7348 gu, Seoul 070-4100-4607 companies, with artists such as Big Bang and 2NE1 on its books.
with any clothing style. Their trendy look is made possible by the 10:00-20:00 (Sun. 13:00-) 11:00-20:00 10-minute walk When Moonshot was launched it received a lot of attention all
variety of materials used in their designs. Many celebrities have 5-minute walk from Exit 1 of from Exit 1 of Anguk Station around Asia. The bold lip liners, eye shadows, and mascaras are
been spotted on the streets of Seoul with Thavma bags. Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) (Subway Line 3) all inspired by flashy stage makeup.
76 77
❖ Janggone Culture Salon D3
❖ This Retro Life E3
Unique Fashion and Hot Places
8 ❖ Itaewon Market B3

Itaewon · ❖ Itaewon Gyedanjang

❖ J's Closet

Hannam-dong 이태원·한남동 ❖ Comme Des Garçons Street

❖ Comme Des Garçons Flagship Store
❖ Series; Corner E2
Instead of big shopping malls, Itaewon and Hannam-dong are full of boutiques ❖ Beaker Hannam Flagship Store E2
and designer shops. They are certainly the secret hangout areas of Seoul’s
fashion brigade. The best things about Itaewon and Hannam-dong are the Itaewon Street Gyeongnidan-gil ❖ D&Department Seoul E2
international designs and a variety of clothing sizes. ❖ Hpix F1



0 50 100m

Embassy of

Monster Cupcakes Grand Hyatt Seoul
ong Yongsan Womens’ Cultural

Seoul Digitech Leeum, Samsung Center

High School

Hattori Kitchen Museum of Art

1 il il Comme Des Garçons Flagship Store Kyotofu 1

-g -g

ga da gil
ro 6-

44 44 a-

-ro -ro 44


u u ro Jain Song MO Jain Song

am am


en en

ns es
Arabic House Ho Ho n am

rço e D

oe Bistro Al'li

Ga mm
Buzza Pizza
Energy Chicken

Bada Restaurant Trevia

Taco Chilichili
Itaewon-ro 27ra-gil Series; Corner
Beaker Hannam Flagship Store

Itaewon Post Office Woori Bank

Embassy of
Zelen Belgium Monday Edition Hannam
Kervan Traditional
Hamilton Hotel Embassy of Apartment


Embassy of Argentina Turkish Restaurant

Santorini Ukraine

Mi Casa Embassy of

2 Maybell D&Department Seoul

Georgia Dubai Restaurant
2 Bakery 2

Vatos Restaurant
1 Chadol Moghul The Macaroni Market Saudi Arabian Culture Center

Bangalow Imperial Palace Boutique Hotel

pyeo Smokey Saloon KEB Hana Bank Ha
ng (Y Embassy of Laos
녹사평 ongsan-
La Bocca 2- nna Post Poetics
(용산 Petra Un dong m
gu O 2
ffice) ne 6
4 KEB Hana Bank Neal's Yard 1 Subway Li Craftworks Itaewon
ss Ha
Itaewon 이태원
3 Tartine nn
Agra Bakery & Pie am Embassy of Switzerland
Itaewon Street 4 3 Itaewon 119 Fire

Late-Night Safety Center Tailorable & Co

Itaewon Restaurant Season Sultan Turkish Itaewon
Unknown People

2 Jubari Project Kebab House Police Box

Market Jonny Foreign

Restaurant Embassy of Thailand

Marrakech Night Seoul Central Masjid
J's Closet Taj Palace
Itaewon Antique Street Itaewon Gyedanjang
3 3

Janggone Culture Salon

This Retro Life

78 79
Janggone Culture Salon 장고네문화살롱 [ Map p.79 D3 ]

This designer select shop is located at the entry of Usadan-

46-1, Usadan-ro 10-gil,
gil and features diverse products by young artists. Products
Yongsan-gu, Seoul 010-3891-
3391 11:00-21:00
include postcards with images hand-drawn by professional Itaewon Market 이태원시장 [ Map p.78 B3 ]
illustrators, handmade soap, and badges. A café selling fruit-
5-minute walk from Exit 3 of based desserts and beverages on the opposite side of the street Much like a treasure hunt, it’s really fun to visit the shops
Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6) will be worth a visit. hidden inside the narrow alleys of Itaewon Market. Because 6, Itaewon-ro 14-gil, Yongsan-
many foreigners like to go to Itaewon, a lot of shops focus gu, Seoul 02-794-5682
on selling clothing and accessories from all around the world 09:00-20:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
rather than following trends. There are also plus-size clothing 5-minute walk from Exit 4 of
shops and traditional souvenir shops for foreigners. Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6)

Itaewon’s Free-spirited Market

Itaewon Gyedanjang 이태원 계단장 [ Map p.79 D3 ]

Gyedanjang is Itaewon’s version of Hongdae’s of the mosque in Itaewon. Young artists in
Art Market. The name Gyedanjang is derived Itaewon showcase their design products,
from the fact that it is held on the last while foreigners cook and sell international
Saturday of every month near the stairways dishes.

This Retro Life This Retro Life [ Map p.79 E3 ]

A shop operated by an owner who collects retro-style vintage

82, Usadan-ro 10-gil,
clocks from the 1970s and 80s. The customer base consists
mainly of young people interested in vintage products but the Yongsan-gu, Seoul
prices are reasonable enough for travelers and the diverse 010-2806-8492 14:00-20:00
designs attract different groups of customers. Old albums, (closed on Sundays)
books, and sunglasses are available too. 5-minute walk from Exit 3 of
Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6)
80 81
Comme Des Garçons Street shopping Tip

Comme Des Garçons Flagship Store 꼼데가르송 플래그십스토어 [ Map p.79 E1 ]

A couture house set up by Kawakubo Rei, a renowned
261, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-
Japanese designer. Its flagship store in Hannam-dong
brought about major changes to the streetscape and is now gu, Seoul 02-749-1153
considered a local landmark. More than a dozen lines from 11:00-20:00
Comme Des Garçons are all available here. The Play line,
which features a cute, heart-shaped logo loved by Koreans, is
their most popular product range.

Series; Corner 시리즈코너 [ Map p.79 E2 ]

Proposing diverse fashion styles for gentle but stylish urban
244, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-
J's Closet 제이스클로젯 [ Map p.78 B3 ]
gu, Seoul 02-797-0710
males, Series is wildly popular with Korean office workers
in their 20s and 30s. Series; Corner in Hannam-dong is the
A select clothing shop of Itaewon, J’s Closet is popular among Sun.-Thu. 11:00-21:00, flagship store of Series, with clothes from a variety of fashion
21, Noksapyeong-daero 32- Fri.-Sat. 11:00-22:00
celebrities as well as entertainers. Most lines feature modern, brands around the world directly imported by Series and
simple, and gorgeous details, while the materials are of a high gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 02-
Epigram, its secondary brand.
quality for the price. You can also find basic fashion items here. 543-7333 Mon.-Sat. 10:00-
Accessories, bags, and scarves are ideally located around the 20:00, Sun. 12:00-19:00
store along with clothes, providing you with hidden treasures 5-minute walk from Exit 4 of Beaker Hannam Flagship Store 비이커 한남 플래그십스토어 [ Map p.79 E2 ]
wherever you look. Itaewon Station (Subway Line 6)
A select shop operated by Cheil Industries, with the hottest
241, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-
brands from around the world, including New York, Paris,
and London. Beaker’s own products, as well as their gu, Seoul 070-4118-5216
collaborations, mean there is a lot to look at. The store’s 11:00-20:00
goal is to be a lifestyle select shop, not just a fashion select
shop, thus it offers a wide range of products including books,
cosmetics, and stationery.

D&Department Seoul D&Department Seoul [ Map p.79 E2 ]

This Seoul branch of D&Department, a popular lifestyle select
240, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-
shop from Japan, is a special store whose designers have
gu, Seoul 02-795-1520 unique tastes and are committed to ethical manufacturing
12:00-20:00 and consumption, rather than just pursuing trends. By
following basic design principles, they create timeless,
eye-catching products. Young consumers love Millimeter
Milligram, one of the most popular design select shops in the
area, on the 1st floor.

Comme Des Garçons Street 꼼데가르송길 [ Map p.79 E1 ] Hpix 에이치픽스 [ Map p.79 F1 ]
Comme Des Garçons Street, named after the famous Japanese A homeware shop that gained popularity by introducing
261, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, 20, Itaewon-ro 54-gil,
brand Comme Des Garçons, starts at the Comme Des Garçons interesting products and brands from international
Seoul 1-minute walk from Exit flagship store and continues upwards toward Itaewon. The designers, predominately from Europe. Hpix is operating a Yongsan-gu, Seoul 070-
1 of Hangangjin Station (Subway street is filled with select shops and popular restaurants and is showroom in Hannam-dong. Beyond fresh and trendy daily 4656-0175 Mon.-Fri. 11:00-
Line 6) also known as the “second Garosu-gil.” Comme Des Garçons life products, unique and personal items are also available. 20:00 Sat.-Sun. 12:00-19:00
Street is a luxurious shopping district which is certainly different
from Cheongdam-dong. There are lots of brand stores for men.
82 83
❖ E·Land Complex
A Hot Spot for Youth Culture
9 ❖ Ewha Welcome Center F1

Sinchon · ❖ Ewha Womans University

Fashion Street

Ewha Womans University 신촌·이대 ❖ Ewha Womans University Hair

Salon Street

❖ Watco
There are several famous universities around the Sinchon area, including
Ewha Womans University. Sinchon and Ewha Womans University are both ❖H
 yundai Department Store A3
names of subway stations, providing easy access to the neighborhood. Sinchon ‘Pedestrian- Ewha Womans University U-PLEX (Sinchon Branch)
Many of the brand shops have a youthful vibe to them. Most of the Friendly Street’ ‘Street You Want to Visit’
consumers are college students and thus the prices are reasonable.


-ro 0 40 80m
Yonsei University Se
Severance Hospital Ewha Womans

1 1
Sinchon (Gyeongui·Jungang Line) 신촌(경의중앙선) Sinchon-dong Community Ewha Welcome
Gyeongui·Jungang Line Service Center Center
Migliore Megabox Ewha Womans University
1 Fashion Street
Naan Sinchon Tourist
Dak-galbi Information Center
Hot N Beer Myeongmul-gil Ewha Womans
et’ Mercer University
tre It’s Skin
Shopping Mall
‘Street You
Sinchon Police
Dear Bread
Want to Visit’
Bock Sung Gak Precinct
Ranju Tangshuk Ewha Womans University
KB Kookmin Bank

Hair Salon Street
de Look Optical Hyundai
Hyungjae Galbi
Ewhayeodae 3-gil
2 2
YES apM Daehyeon Onl
Just Dessert
l Sinchon-dong
4-gi Culture (E-Dae
Community Center
S Yo
Park Branch)
2na Woori Bank
i-ro KB Kookmin Bank
nse Fair Lady 3
Yo 2
Dreaming Young Entrepreneurs' Store Sinchon Post Office 1
(Sinchon Branch)
The Face Shop CGV Sinchon 이대
Ewha Womans Univ.
Subway Line 2 Sinchon-ro
Hyundai Department Store 2-gil 6 5
U-PLEX (Sinchon Branch), ei-ro
Yons Camp21 Officetel
Primera (1F), Casamia (9F), Dae

Sinchon-ro 26
Sinchon Posvill heu
ÅLAND, Kakao Friends Shop (B2) Standard Chartered Bank ng-
ro 2
Mukshidonna Hongik Book Kyobo Life
Store Shinhan Bank

3 3

2 3 n 11
Building Gosa

1 Sinchon Police Box

4 gil
ro 1-

eom- Jangsu Bath

촌 Baekb


S About 500m from

E·Land Complex Watco Changchon


Sinchon Station
5 Elementary·Middle School Go

About 50m from

Sinchon Station Gosan-gil 17-

6 Woori Bank gil

84 85
Ewha Womans University Fashion Street 이대 패션거리 [ Map p.85 F1 ]

Ewha Womans University, one of the most prestigious universities

Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-
in Korea, is well known for the charming shopping street in the
E·Land Complex 이랜드복합관 [ Map p.84 ] gu, Seoul 10:00-21:00 (varies
natural surroundings of the women's college. Mostly frequented
by young women in their teens and 20s, it has trendy designs per store) 1-minute walk from
E·Land Multi-Complex is run by E·Land, one of the biggest Exit 1 or 2 of Ewha Womans
94, Sinchon-ro, Mapo-gu, and cheap price tags. As well as clothes and shoes, diverse items
retailers in Korea. It is close to Sinchon Station. Casual brands,
Seoul 02-323-0456 are available, including handmade accessories, with small and Univ. Station (Subway Line 2)
such as E·Land’s SPA brand Shoopen, fashion brand SPAO, and
10:30-22:00 1-minute walk large street stalls filling each alley. The main street starting from
restaurant brands, such as Pizza Mall and Nature Kitchen, can
from Exit 7 of Sinchon Station the main gate of the university has beauty salons, with the alley
be found at the E·Land Multi-Complex. Most of the products
(Subway Line 2) to the right filled with shops selling general and vintage clothes.
are reasonably priced and thus popular with students attending
If you are in the market for more formal designer clothes, the
colleges nearby.
back alley to the right of the gate is recommended.

Ewha Womans University Hair Salon Street 이대 헤어숍거리 [ Map p.85 F2 ]

Ewha Welcome Center 이화웰컴센터 [ Map p.85 F1 ]
The area surrounding Ewha Womans University has so many
Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-
hair salons that it is known as the mecca of hair salons and is
Ewha Womans University is one of the oldest universities gu, Seoul 10:00-20:00 (varies therefore well worth a visit. The selection is quite large, from
52, Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu,
in Korea and the historic yet lively campus is loved by per store) 1-minute walk from sophisticated salons pursuing a total hair service to casual
non-students as well. The Welcome Center to the right Seoul 02-3277-3277 Weekdays and
weekends 09:30-17:00 (off on national Exit 1 or 2 of Ewha Womans salons offering the latest trends and styles. It would be a good
of the main gate sells various souvenirs for visitors. Univ. Station (Subway Line 2) idea to try a new style for a unique memory as the cost is
Foreigners buy the souvenirs for their fine design and holidays and school anniversaries)
rather low, even though Korean beauty care and cosmetic
quality. 5-minute walk from Exit 2 or 3 of Ewha
technologies are highly recognized throughout Europe and the
Womans Univ. Station (Subway Line 2) U.S. for their subtle details and innovation.
86 87
Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX shopping Tip

Culture Star 컬쳐스타 Store │ Basement floor

A designer select shop wanting to be known as a 'fashion

playground' with diverse styles and young styles. This shop is popular
with those who prefer unique styling, since products from both
trendy global brands and fresh indie brands are available.

Allo 알로 Store │ First floor

This famous Korean eyewear brand offers glasses with beautiful

designs and diverse colors. A quick vision test is all you need to get
some glasses that are functional and suit you.
Watco 왓코 [ Map p.84 ]

A select shop near Sogang University that can be appreciated Tate Store │ Fourth floor
63, Seogang-ro 16-gil, Mapo-
for its unique and elegant patio cafe. Watco means ‘What a
Coincidence?’, and represents the fun of running into people gu, Seoul 070-5055-3831 A casual brand offering both classic and modern styles with
11:00-20:00 10-minute walk 02-3145-2676
where you least expect it. Buttero and Pago, unique shoes stylish sensibility and reasonable prices, enabling a wide range of
brands which are independently operated by Watco, are from Exit 7 of Sinchon Station combinations. The men’s range is popular too.
receiving good reviews, and it is also fun to look around the (Subway Line 2)
store as it features many global brands.
Kai-Aakmann 카이아크만 Store │ Fourth floor

A unisex fashion brand featuring diverse styles from formal to casual

with modern tailoring. Many celebrities wear these clothes as their
everyday clothes.

The North Face White Label 노스페이스 화이트라벨 Store │ Ninth floor

This outdoor powerhouse offers functional, casual lines that have

made it one of the most popular brands in Korea. With practical
designs for daily life, this brand is always receiving praise.

M-Limited M-Limited Store │ Ninth floor

The casual lineup from Millet, a French outdoor specialist brand,

features stylish designs and offer a comfortable fit.

Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX (Sinchon Branch) 현대백화점 유플렉스 신촌점 [ Map p.84 A3 ]
TBJ TBJ Store │ Ninth floor
Hyundai Department Store is the main shopping area of the
83, Sinchon-ro, Seodaemun- This casual brand attracts younger shoppers with its practical items
neighborhood and is directly connected to Sinchon Station on 02-3145-2063
gu, Seoul 02-3145-2233 matched to the latest trends. As it targets those in their mid-teens to
Subway Line 2, so tourists can get there easily. The U-PLEX
10:30-22:00 1-minute walk early 20s, its major features include freeform designs, patterns, and
branch inside the department store sells casual brands aimed at
from Exit 1 of Sinchon Station comfort. The reasonable price tags are also appealing.
young shoppers. It is usually filled with customers as there are
(Subway Line 2) many young people in the area. The department store has major
brands, popular select shops, and fashionable sports brands.
88 89
Shopping Tips for Tourists in Seoul 2 Enjoy the discounts! Seoul Summer Sale
When foreign tourists were asked why they came back to Seoul, the number one reason Every summer, Seoul holds a massive sales event for foreign tourists. More than 100 shopping
was shopping. Seoul gives you a great opportunity to shop and a wide variety of stores to spots, hotels, restaurants, museums, and performance venues participate in this event, called the
choose from. Here are some tips for cheap shopping that tourists can make use of. “Seoul Summer Sale.” For more information, visit the official website (
You can easily find information by searching for categories or regions. Even if it isn’t summer
1 Cheapest shopping in Seoul - Seoul downtown duty free shops time, take a look at the website for information on various events and special discounts for
foreign tourists.

A special benefit for travelers armed with a passport and a boarding pass - duty free stores. Duty
free stores around Seoul allow travelers to make wise purchases. These stores have different
discount periods and discounted items so check the details online first.
Duty free shops in Seoul for thrifty shoppers
[Lotte Duty Free]
[Main Branch] 9-11F, Lotte Department Store (Main Store), 81, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
02-759-6600~2 09:30-21:00
1-minute walk from Exit 7 of Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Subway Line 2)
[COEX Branch] B1-2F, Ground 2-3F, COEX Intercontinental Hotel, 524, Bongeunsa-ro,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul
02-3484-9600 10:00-21:00
5-minutes walk from Exit 7 of Bongeunsa Station (Subway Line 9)
[Galleria Duty Free 63] 50, Yeongdeungpo-gu 63-ro, Seoul
1661-6633 09:30-21:00
15-minutes walk from Exit 4 of Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5)
[The Shilla Duty Free] 249, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
1688-1110 09:30-21:00
5-minutes walk from Exit 5 of Dongguk Univ. Station (Subway Line 3)
[Shilla I’PARK Duty Free] 3-7F, I’PARK mall, 55, Hangang-daero 23-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
1688-8800 09:30-21:30 Welcome kit
1-minute walk from Exit 2 of Yongsan Station (Subway Line 1)
[Dongwha Duty Free] 149, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul
02-399-3000 09:30-20:30

[SM Duty Free]

1-minute walk from Exit 6 of Gwanghwamun Station (Subway Line 5)
41, Insadong 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
1522-0800 09:30-21:30
3 Get your tax back - duty free

3-minutes walk from Exit 3-1 of Jonggak Station (Subway Line 1) This is the biggest benefit for foreign tourists in Seoul – you can save money with duty free
[Doosan Duty Free] 7-17F, Doosan Tower, 275, Jangchungdan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul shops. There are various taxes for Koreans included in products sold in Korean shops. But for
foreigners, they can get a tax refund when they buy more than 30,000 won worth of items at a
(planned to open in May 2016)
Duty Free shop. Check to see if a shop is duty free before buying products. If your product costs
5-minutes walk from Exit 8 of Dongdaemun Station (Subway Line 1 or 4) more than 30,000 won, then ask for a tax refund application. Don’t forget your passport! You
[Shinsegae Duty Free] 8-12F of new building, Shinsegae Department Store (Main Store), 77, need to show it to prove that you are a foreigner! Keep the tax refund applications and get your
Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul (planned to open in May 2016) refund at Korean customs before your departure.
3-minutes walk from Exit 7 of Hoehyeon Station (Subway Line 4)

90 91
4 Discount coupons for travelers are essential! 7 Shop at an even cheaper price – City Outlets

Many travel information websites or shopping websites for non-Korean travelers offer diverse Recently, instead of shopping at department stores, where the distribution costs are high,
discount coupons. These coupons are for everything from popular beauty parlors to restaurants, customers choose to shop at city outlets where they can buy the same products for less. Because
so make sure to download them in advance for more savings. Some stores may require printed of the popularity of city outlets, product cycles have sped up and it’s possible to buy seasonal
coupons, so check accordingly. products at a good price. There are several outlets in Seoul. So if you’re a thrifty shopper, they
are worth checking out.

Tip Tip
Website offering discount coupons Seoul outlets for thrifty shoppers
[Seoul Summer Sale] 50, Yeongdeungpo-gu 63-ro, Seoul [Lotte Outlets Seoul Station Branch] 405, Hangang-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul 02-6965-2500
[Korea Grand Sale] 11:00-21:00 1-minute walk from Exit 1 or 2 of Seoul Station
(Subway Line 1 or 4)
[Hyundai Outlet Gasan Branch] 9, Digital-ro 10-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 02-2136-2233
11:00-21:30 3-minute walk from Exit 4 of Gasan Digital
Complex Station (Subway Line 1 or 7)

5 Can I buy one more? Brand day? Making use of various deals [NewCore Outlet Gangnam Branch]

51, Jamwon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul
(Subway Line 7)
1-minute walk from Exit 4 of Banpo Station

Many large shopping centers, beauty shops, and drug stores have special deals on their products. [Mario Outlet] 185, Digital-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul 02-2109-7000
There are great deals to be had, such as Buy One Get One Free or Three for the Price of Two. 10:30-21:00 3-minute walk from Exit 4 of Gasan Digital
Worried that the deals only apply to products that are out of season? Don’t worry! They include Complex Station (Subway Line 1 or 7)
popular products that are steady sellers. Beauty shops in particular have “Brand Day” where they
have up to 50% off for 2-3 days every month. If the shop has a sign that says it is Brand Day, it’s
the best chance to enjoy shopping without worrying about your tight budget. When it comes to
fashion, look for the special clothing lines. They offer trendy styles at low prices that won’t put a
dent in your wallet.

6 Make the most of your shopping trip - Giveaways!

Lotte Outlet Hyundai Outlet
One way to make the most of your shopping trip is to buy goods at discounted prices, but
giveaways are recommended in case such discounts are unavailable. Popular beauty shops
especially offer not just free beauty cotton pads but also ample samples of new products when
you spend over a certain amount. Stores in Myeong-dong, where many beauty brand shops are
concentrated, offer such giveaways even before you enter the store. Most of these stores have
more than enough samples of cleansing foam or essence that are useful while traveling, thus you
can even request for more without feeling guilty. Department stores often arrange events where
coupons, gift cards, or giveaways are offered based on the purchase amount, so make sure to
check for them in advance. Keep in mind that they check the amount with the receipt.

Newcore Outlet Mario Outlet

92 93
Myeong-dong, a Shopper's Paradise Galleria Department Store 50
JEUM 18 Rare Market 53
Basic Korean Shopping Phrases Gwangjang Market 32 Mue 51
Nain 13 Boon The Shop 52
Namdaemun Market 32 Beaker Cheongdam Flagship Store 53
Nature Republic 22 Koon 52
Noon Square 40 Hyundai Department Store (Apgujeong Main Store) 50
Shopping in Korean is not difficult. The History of Whoo 23
D! Mall 39 Gangnam · COEX Mall,
the Epitome of Gangnam Style
Lloyd 19
Some useful expressions are provided below to help you in shopping during your LAP 14
Lotte Department Store (Main Store) 38
time in Korea. OST 58
Mamonde Myeong-dong Flagship Store 41
Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center 56
Migliore (Myeong-dong Branch) 41
백화점은 어디 있나요? 가장 인기 있는 제품은 뭔가요?
GAP 58
Basic House 14
Kyobo Book Centre 56
[baekwajeom-eun eodi innayo?] [gajang ingi inneun jepum-eun mwongayo?] Vincis 16
Kumkang 57
Where is the department store? What is the most popular product? Sulwhasoo 21
Diptyque 59
Stone Henge 18
여성복 매장은 어디인가요? 추천해주겠어요?
Raum 59
Laughing Child 59
[yeoseongbok maejang-eun eodiingayo?] [chucheonhaejugess-eoyo?] Shinsegae Department Store (Main Store) 38
Lucky Chouette 59
Where are the women’s clothing stores? Would you recommend one for me? M Plaza 39
Level 5 59
Innisfree 21
화장품 매장은 몇 층이에요? 티셔츠를 찾고 있어요.
LeShop 14
J.Estina 17
Mixxo 15
[hwajangpum maejang-eun myeot cheung-ieyo?] [tisyeocheureul chatgo iss-eoyo.] Tieholic 40
Burberry Beauty Box 58
What floor is the cosmetics store on? I'm looking for a t-shirt. Hera 23
Black Martine Sitbon 58
Vivien 59
기념품 가게는 어디에 있나요? 저것 좀 보여주세요.
Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil, a Trendy Shopping Street
3CE Cinema 46 Beanpole Accessory 19
[ginyeompum gage-neun eodie innayo?] [jeogeot jom boyeojuseyo.] JAJU 26 Samsung d’light 57
Where is a gift shop? Please show that to me. KM Play 45 Sekanskeen 59
9owls 46 Aritaum 20
입구(출구)는 어디예요? 입어 봐도 되나요? Neuf Hotel 46 H:Connect 58
[ipgu (chulgu) neun eodiyeyo?] [ib-eo bwado doenayo?] LINE Store 28 Oysho 59
Where is the entrance (exit)? Can I try this on? LOHB’s 24 Joe Fresh 59
Bari E-Dition 15 COEX Mall 58
이건 얼마인가요? 너무 크네요(작네요). Vintage Hollywood 47 Hyundai Department Store (Trade Center Store) 57
[igeon eolmaingayo?] [neomu keuneyo (jangneyo).] Villa Youkshimwon 45
Dongdaemun, Seoul's Number 1 Fashion District
How much is this? It's too big (small). su:m 37° 22
Nam Pyoung Hwa Market 65
Suecomma Bonnie 18
그냥 좀 둘러볼게요. 작은(큰) 사이즈로 가져다주세요.
Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) 62
Around The Corner 44
Dongdaemun Shopping Complex accessories stalls 16
[geunyang jom dulleobolgeyo.] [jageun (keun) saijeuro gajeodajuseyo.] 8 Seconds 12
Dong Pyung Hwa Fashion Town 65
I’m just looking. Please bring me a smaller (larger) size. ELBON the style (Garosu-gil Main Store) 44
Doota 62
Olive Young 24
이건 소재가 뭔가요? 다른 색깔 있나요?
Lotte Fitin 64
Indibrand 12
Migliore 63
[igeon sojaega mwongayo?] [dareun saekkkal innayo?] Ilmo Outlet 47
Shin Pyung Hwa Fashion Town 65
What is this made of? Do you have any other colors? Chapter 1 47
Traditional Flea Markets 33
Topten 13
Jeil Pyunghwa Market 65
Apgujeong · Cheongdam, Chung Pyung Hwa (CPH) Fashion Mall 65
the Pleasure of Luxury Shopping Pyeonghwa Market 64
10 Corso Como 51 Hello apM 63

94 95


Index Choansan

Mountain Nowon-gu
Bus Terminal Swimming Pools Bus Terminal Swimming Pools
Hongdae, a Collection of the Hottest Brands Itaewon Market 81 Train Station University Eunpyeong-gu Train Station University Eunpyeong-gu
1300K 28 Janggone Culture Salon 80 Tunnel Hotel Tunnel Mia Hotel Royal Tomb Museum of

Bukhansan National (Seoul Cyber Univ.) the Joseon Dynasty
Ferry Boat Quay Others Ferry Boat Quay Others
KT&G SangsangMadang Design Square 70 J's Closet 82


Yeonsinnae Dream Forest Yeonsinnae
MCM 18 L ine

Sinchon · Ewha Womans University, 1 [ Subway · Railroad ] 1 [ Subway · Railroad ] 6 1

MOA 71 Seokgye
a Hot Spot for Youth Culture Line 1 Line 7 Sinbundang Line Line 1 Line 7 Sinbundang Line
VDL 23 Line 2 Line 8 Gyeongui· Line 2 Line 8 Gyeongui·
M-Limited 89 Bulgwang Seongbuk-gu Line BonghwasanBulgwang
miniGOLD 19 Line 3 Line 9 Jungang Line 3 Line 9 Jungang Line Gyeongu
TBJ 89 Mountain i·Jungang
Missha 22 Line 4 A’REX Gyeongchun Line Line 4 A’REX Gyeongchun Line Line
Casamia 27 Line 5 (Airport Railroad) Railway Line 5 (Airport Railroad) Railway
Banila Co. 21 Palgakjeong Park Gireum Palgak
The North Face White Label 89 Line 6 Bundang Line Not Open Line 6 Bundang Line Not Open
Butter 27 Holiday Inn
The Face Shop 23 Jongno-gu Seoul Seongbuk
Shoopen 15
Look Optical 19 Kyung Hee Sangbong
Skinfood 20 Baengnyeonsan University (Intercity Bus Terminal) Baengnyeonsan
Beyond 23 Mountain Seoul City Wall Mountain
About Me 25
Allo 89 Samcheong-dong Korea
Hoegi Samc
Etude House 20 Grand Hilton Seoul University Grand Hilton Seoul
Watco 88
ÅLAND (Hongdae Branch) 68 p.73
Ewha Womans University Fashion Street 87 Gyeonggi-do
Odd Gallery 70 Cheongnyangni
Ewha Womans University Hair Salon Street 87 Ansan (Univ. of Seoul) Ansan
Object 69 DMC Gallery Mountain
DMC Gallery Mountain
E·Land Complex 86 Noeul Park Digital Media City p.72 Dongdaemun Noeul Park Digital Media City
Watsons 25

e o

e o
dg gy

dg gy
Ewha Welcome Center 86 Seoul World Cup Seodaemun-gu Insa-dong Seoul World Cup Seodaemun-gu Insa-

Bri gdae

Bri gdae
Wonderplace (Hongdae Branch) 68 Dongmyo
Stadium Stadium
It’s Skin 22 Gy p.61 Gy Achasan


Giordano (Hongdae Branch) 68 Haneul Park eo
ng Ewha Womans University Sindang Haneul Park eo
ng Mountain Ewha Womans University


Kai-Aakmann 89 ui·J ui·J
Customellow (Hongdae Branch) 69 Pyeonghwa Park
ga Yonsei
p.37 Pyeonghwa Park
ga Yonsei
Kakao Friends Shop 29 Hongik Univ. Line
ng University Chungjeongno
Jung-gu Wangsimni
Hongik Univ.
ng University
Seoul Amsa-dong
Tonymoly 21 (Kyonggi Univ.) Cheonggu e (Kyonggi
Culture Star 89 Hongik Univ. p.84 Hongik Univ. p.84
Too Cool for School 20
LOTTE DUTY FREE Coupon Event Tate 89 2 Gimpo
p.67 Coupon Event
2 Gimpo Hanyang Gunja p.67
Sheraton Grande 2

ge gyo

ge gyo
Folder (Hongdae Branch) 71 Yaksu University Walkerhill
International International (Neung-dong)


Primera 22 Sinchon Mapo-gu
· Ewha Womans Univ. Sinchon · Ewha Womans Univ.
Holika Holika 21 Airport L Airport
Lin Mapo-gu
W Seoul-
Hyundai Department Store U-PLEX (Sinchon ine Hapjeong Hongik Hapjeong Children's Grand


Event Duration 2016.
Hongdae Free Market 1. 20 - 2017. 2. 28 71 88 Event Duration 2016.
9 1. 20 -Seonyudo
2017. 2. 28 University Seoul Station e9 Seonyudo Park University Walkerhill Gwa S


ngjin City Hotel Mapo

Branch) Park Lotte City Hotel Mapo Park B Lotte


Event Branch LOTTE Main Store, World Tower Store, Coex Store Event Branch LOTTE Main Store, World Tower Store, Coex Store Namsan Park ridg yo g


Rai an ge eg

Rai gsan ridge aeg

Konkuk University
Gwangnaru Cheonh Gongdeok e

Bri gyo

Bri gyo
Gongdeok Seoul Forest

ngs Brid ada

Seongsu Rodeo Street

ge yo

ge yo
Insa-dong · Samcheong-dong, Grand Hyatt Seoul

n B ad
Exchange Place LOTTE DUTY FREE Foreigner's Gift Desk Exchange Place LOTTE DUTY FREE Foreigner's Gift Desk o


(Presbyterian College & Brid daegyo

ad ol

ad ol

Brid gdaeg

Brid gdaeg


lro che

lro che
the Most Traditional Shopping Streets Gangseo-gu Seonyudo Gangseo-gu Seonyudo Theological Seminary) ge



Don Brid

Aclim Collect 15 Best Western premier Best Western premier


Bamseom yo Imperial palace Konkuk Univ. Bamseom yo
Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 1 Event 2 Event 3

Ol B
Lyanature 77

Islet eg Seoul Garden Itaewon Boutique Hotel Islet g SeoulCheonho
ae e (Pungnaptoseong)

gho ge

ym rid

da ge


Modern House 27 d

Mok-dong Mok-dong

pic ge
Moonshot 77 o Samgakji o g Sam

Brid gdaegy


Jam oad
Stadium ap Brid Apgujeong · Cheongdam
Stadium Dong Seoul ap rid


Clean KIT Get Wax figures Goto
museum 30,000won discount with27a Clean KIT Get Wax figures museum M 30,000won discount with a M B

Ha Br
Mall Terminal

The National The National


Misanyo 75 Mok-dong Itaewon · Hannam-dong Mok-dong

silc Bri
yo yo

nn idg
The Lexington The Lexington

exchange voucher with a minimum purchase of $300 exchange
Assembly of the
voucher with a aeminimum purchase of $300
Assembly of the


Rodeo Street Rodeo Street
Capital Apgujeong p.48 ae Gangdong-gu

am e
10X10 29

heo dge
Jam Bri
Ssamzigil 74 purchase Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
minimum of $200 minimum purchase of $200 od od

hy ge hy ge

Brid gdaeg ge o

Brid daeg ge o

Marriott Executive Yeouido Park Marriott Executive Yeouido Park

id y

id y
on Brid

sild dge
Emart 30 on Brid

(cotton swab, hand sanitizer, (cotton swab, hand sanitizer,

Br olg

Br olg
Yongjung Collection 74 W Yongsan Park Garosu-gil Ellui W

Yeongdeungpo-gu Dosan Park

are excluded) Apartments Yeouido Apartments Yeouido

d he

d he
alcohol, band-aid are excluded) Lotte Mart 30 alcohol, band-aid
Office park Centre - Seoul Yeouido Office park Centre - Seoul Yeouido

oa c

oa c

ge yo

ge yo
Jongno Jewelry Town 17 Ichon (National Olympic Park Ichon (N

ilr ng

ilr ng
Ban Bridge
Yangcheon-gu Yangcheon-gu OfficeCourtyard Cheongdam

Courtyard Marriott Marriott

Ra nga

Ra nga
Jilkyungyeewooriot (Samcheong Branch) 75 Home Plus 31 Seoul Times Square Yeouido Saetgang Museum of Korea) p.43 Seoul Times Square Yeouido Saetgang Museum





Singil Ecological Park Sports Ecological Park
JamsilSingil Jamsil

Bridge egyo

Thavma 76 Kim's Club 31 Sinsa-dong Imperial Complex
\ 30,000 \ 30,000


Hangang River palace Seoul Hangang


2 Lotte

Noryangjin Fish Market 33 Noryangjin Noryangjin p.55 Noryangjin Noryangjin

Yeongdeungpo Station Yeongdeungpo Station
Heartist 76


Incheon International Fish Market Incheon International Fish MarketSeokchonhosu Lake
Sports Complex

Express Bus Best Western premier COEX Mall Samseong


won discount coupon Airport Sindorim won discount coupon Airport Sindorim
Terminal Gangnam


Itaewon · Hannam-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu Chungang University Yeongdeungpo-gu Songpa-gu Chungang University

Express Bus Seolleung Tan

Unique Fashion and Hot Places Guro Dongjak (Seoul JW Marriot The Ritz-
Terminal Carlton Seoul
Renaissance che Seokchon-dong Dongjak (S
D&Department Seoul 83 Gocheok National Cemetery) Seoul palace Gangnam Gocheokp.54 Seoul Gangnam-gu nS
trea Ancient Baekje-era National C
Sky Dome Dongjak-gu Seoul National Sky Dome Gangnam m Dongjak-gu
Stone Mound Tombs Seoul Nati
This Retro Life 80 3 1 Guro-gu Cemetery 3 1 Guro-gu 3
Seocho-gu ne

Comme Des Garçons Flagship Store 83 Boramae Park Li
provista Dogok Boramae Park Garak Market Garak
Daerim Seoul Nat'l Univ. Daerim 3 Market

m Office)
Comme Des Garçons Street 82 (Guro-gu Office) of Education t r a
e Line

g Line
Seoripul Park
Beaker Hannam Flagship Store 83 Sillim eo Sillim Suseo B
Attention Attention
Chongshin Nambu Bus ech un

•L.VUITTON, 83 PRADA etc are excluded •L.VUITTON, CHANEL, CARTIER, GUCCI, BVLGARI, Best Western premier
HERMES, Guro etc are excluded
PRADA Univ.(Isu) Terminal Yangjae ng Best Western premier Guro d
•Limit one coupon per customer per transaction
Hpix •No
83 refund or reuse if the purchase is cancelled •Limit one coupon per customer
Gasan Digital per Rodeo
Garibong transaction •No refund or reuse ifGwanak-gu
the purchase is cancelled (Seocho-gu Office) a
Gasan Digital YGaribong Rodeo Gwanak-gu ang

•Above image may be differ from actual product. •Above image mayComplex
be differ from actual product. Complex Lin
•LOTTE Gyedanjang
WORLD branch will be closed on June 2016,81
Please visit the website to check the relevant information. •LOTTE WORLD branch will be closed on June 2016, Please visit the website to check the relevant information. Line 2 Sadang Yangjae Line
Itaewon Antique Street 26 Geumcheon-gu Nakseongdae
Seoul Grand Citizens' Geumcheon-gu Nakseongdae
Umyeonsan Park

Park Mountain Park

Novotel Ambassador Novotel Ambassador
Doksan The-K Seoul Doksan
o Ch
Do Ca n In ng
hw rg t'l
o A na
도 a

In 공 Ter irpo
항 m r
청 Int
라 'l


국 t'l 화 in t 국 C
물 a
l 제 ity


제 B 청 도
업 us Do 사 시


무 in ng 제 mu

지 e


물 lp


구 ss inc
포 o Inc Y

Di Ju A h Un

o Ga G (U un

str Ga


h 도원 ow
동 eo


ict 인 n ns 주안 an 인 irpo eon se 영종 eon
gjo eh
D 천 eo 천 검 eom 문 nch san

Oi 운 ng 암


국 rt In
do t'l

nt 서
제 am 개 wa

달 alw 간 k (운 eo

a Inc B D

공 화
l o P
석 천 n)

오 월 o 항
lP he G ae


이 월 lg
Do aju )





곶 o
t ar Of upy G
e hw


Je Un ng G Ja Im B G a

Gy 계 yey 파
on a o yeo 양 a
W 주

k 센 인천on
iv. B 부평 fice ong

갈 als 작 kje 임 ha 박 akc 귤 yul 대 o

gw n in n l

Subway Line 5
Subway Line 4
Subway Line 3
Subway Line 2
Subway Line 1

of 동 m 산 an 전 o 경 f Ed ng 계산 esa 학 k 촌 h 현 hy
럴 Ju on 화
Ma upy 구청
N eo Ju lon
암 인


an S
부 rk eo

ng u n

교 uc

g ye
크 평 e n Gy Sa


he 시 t g
BIT o p u
소 ora 장 Ge g 월
mn m 대입구ation at'l U
on G
Sin 정 래 삼 as sa niv
왕 포 po Zo .
주 mc 롱

중 g 산 iu n
gil u
구 g ne Je 엽

인 동 굴 ulp 체 m


Ge hon



천 육

포 o

대 신 inp 관

ch Te 지 천 ch
e S Son G G
정 on

Bu Ba Bu So B b
포 o Bu o

a g
식 부 uch 발 g um 금


ch 구 산

정 ga ng 천 n 촌

py als
An no 보 eo un eo e na B n Bu 상 ng 시 eon 개 aeh 방 ang an Un eun
py 백운 eg
동 -

단 청 송 jeon 김포 imp 화 w
sa 신 인 che
S ng do Cit 정 화 h
지 부 uch g 공 oI

ng 부 산 a wa

C ar
길 천 on sa

천 e ng

yH 항 nt

논 N 개 on heo
jeo g 금

온 sam ng
D n Sin a

천 현 o
nh 숭 ung Ga
g o A 'l A Ma Y 릉
n안 부 내 마 ag
o ll

의 ui k
캠 am k 테
산 yeo ns 부 평 신 ju
곡 irp du

부 S

퍼 pu 크
n 스 s 중 ng 공 irpo an
천 ta
ad 운정
Ch g 종 d 동 -d 항 r
t 마 g

타 T 노파 eo 평삼거 eori 동 ngs
발 alsa
on 시 t

수 u
운 o 소 osa


리 합 iu 두

oji wn 크 간 og 산 n 장 M

Do 사

운 m
S ar n

Uj Ba

n C i k
석 eo (Su 동 Ta 야당
초 호 ogu 동 오
ng 장 et hy
구 p 우 an 백 ek
막 gm In 거 ri
k Ne

신 nb



석 se


포 o 리 춘 hun 장 g
ak 방 an

인 ha Kk 의 u
i H 산 san 화 g un eg ok
Go Do 하 U 온 ong hw gg an


Ils on 탄
수 h 화 wa
역 eok

대 n 현
jan jeo 곡 go

on iv. (성 oe O 곡 g 까치 ach 일


3 GJ
동 ngc
S l
o 대곡ok

ok 울 iu 산
능 k
n I G iv
ngn o P

n o
마 ag
춘 hu Ch 공회 Un nsu


고 eo 곡
잔 원 jae 송 ng wa 대 Ya 신
정 ege Y 나 ng Go Bae un

ng ng

인 ch
남 am 인 도 d 네 or 루 n ks
ar ng gsa
까치 kac


천 eo
Ju o A a u n
재 ch
Y my n m
거 i

nw 입구) .)
동 d 산 his 양 ang
e n
시 n


ng 인 청 eo 천
Subway Line 9
Subway Line 8
Subway Line 7
Subway Line 6

Ci Hw

더 ng
Incheon Line 1

향 che
S 예 rts 천 g 곡 풍
an 스 I 연 eon
O n- (E inje Ga 교 o

g u
수 s 술 C 왕 aje 산 백


파 nd

회 en ya
ty 광 ongs

크 u 신 inye Hy on
In 관 t 양 ffi gu 신 un on
Ha 명 age
sp er ng H

연 o


중 천 ce 정 ha g an W

앙 ar 수 n 구
ll 사거 ori
k su

오 ryu (은 e

Ha 인 che
( gg
Gw 리 청
행 aen

행 ng on 화

류 - 가
천 on
터 an Ch 동 on ok- M 정 e un

o G
신 g
sin da 정

미 Bu ok ) eon

eo g Do ng
널 s

gU -d g) gm 강 ang

Te gmy Ga ri
niv Se rm lsa on H
매 m

문 unh 오목 don Om

eb ae

.a on 학 ak ina eon 도 mc 교(목 g S okg i증 on 원당

경 철 n on he
Sa ha 림 h 미 화 wa

tA 기 Sp 산 De
k o
전 je un
ng n u
동운 tadiu yo
t n
장 or 동
l 광명 g

no sC Gu ng Sa
g 개 천 eon 동장 m)



ks 학 om ch
Mu ms 원


ll on

ple Y on 흥
il 구 양 ang

대 Su Ye g

상 일 평 p
ye s

앞 Ga
Ba 등
a J

문 ae

록 염 eom 촌 수
nw 수 래 ns


Co san Ye ng h
창 c 색 ek
Se m Gu d o W u
ch 삼송
ol O u
Ge Do 가 O a inn

ffic ngd ng or

석 ok 독 ks N

신 orim
반 산 a am
n g
산 pl Dig 구로 ro
디 ex i
Sa Gu ae Gu

e eun

D 월 tal 도 축
지 림 Cu sa 연
Gw 수 su 금천 ffice mch
an eo 남 ur 털 영 g 신 inm
p eje 신 pa

대 aey 구 단 등 p Eu 내
n- 구 o 목 o ol ba


야 a 청 지 구

미 m
i gu 로
Ye Y 포구 o-g 동 kd 월 (S St ng
(Si 산
An n

관 on Ma eong 청 u S m


on 드컵 eon adi 새

ya gd 파

악 절
영 rk de


g 경기 gs um
M ng n
등 et u
(신 sa) 응

선 eon
C uro

대 aer 포 유 y 사 암
장( an

수 uris 안 림 im 시 D 도 udo )
Sin 영 gpo


성산 ) 617
리 a 장

명 ye
Sinbundang Line

Sa 양 구 om D 등 )
Gyeongchun Line
Gyeongui·Jungang Line

산 n 학 on 당 ang
Bundang Line, Suin Line
A’REX (Airport Railroad)

로 (G
gh ae 로 p ig 포 Sin N Di Je Do
g u

구 ur san Ma
b g
디 le ita
Be l a
산 nb
a i n

본 o
n k an
지 x
청 o
) -g ae A ti 마 증 kb
u tal
털 Ye aw

범 om 산 g
6 GJ A K315
신 il

ba 포 po-

G 계 gy 지 pu Of n
길 G
M 구 g Ga Me