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Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal ‫املعهد العربي للمحاسبني والقانونيني‬


You are qualified to take this certification if you have any

Marketing & Sales Professional Diploma
of the below requirements:

Two of the most dynamic and fast moving areas in any  Must have at least one year experience in related
organisation are sales and marketing. The marketing side field
is responsible for creating brand awareness as well as  Bachelors or Masters Degree
generating a need for products and services and
ultimately creating leads for the sales team.

The sales side is responsible for the conversion and Course Parts
closing of the deals which directly drive revenue. This
programme will equip you on how to successfully apply  Introduction to Marketing
academic knowledge and practical know-how by covering  The Marketing Mix
vital aspects such as the marketing mix, how to design  The Marketing Environment
basic marketing plans and strategies, plotting sales  Consumer and Buyer Behaviour
territories and managing your sales teams to drive profits.  Marketing Research
 Targeting, Segmenting and Positioning
 Business to Business and Consumer Marketing
 Product Planning
 Pricing
Certification Issued By
 Pricing and Channel Development
 Promotion
Leadership & Management Global Organization (LMGO -  Sales Management
Switzerland) The Leadership and Management Global  Demand Estimation and Forecasting
Organization (LMGO ®) is a global provider of leadership  Sales Territories
development and management research and  Personal Selling Techniques
certifications. Ranked among  Gaining Commitment
the world’s top providers of
executive accreditation and
standardization, LMGO helps How To Register?
clients leverage leadership and
management to drive results
that matter.  Register Online or
Membership Benefits  Fill-up the registration form and visit the Institute, with
the following requirements then pay the necessary
High Authority Council for Arab o passport copy
Managers HACAM believes that this o 1 copy of passport size photo
certificate will be a valuable resource o eligible certificate copy
for professionals within the Arab world
in order to understand how these and
other processes for organizational Contact Us
improvement are interrelated. HACAM provides training
program in the Middle East and targets Managers of TOLL FREE: 800 24 25 63
quality-focused organizations/industries, professionals Tel: +971 4 29 44 001
aiming to increase their effectiveness/ productivity and Fax: +971 4 29 44 002
Mob: +971 50 108 7171
anyone interested in the field of quality.
Email: info@aialme.com
Web: www.aialme.com

Who Should Attend? Address:

Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal

 Managers who wish to gain a stronger knowledge of Office 1004, 1st floor
sales and marketing to improve their performance; Al Rigga Business Center
 Sales professionals who want to grow their careers in Ibis Hotel Building
sales and marketing; Al Rigga Road, Deira
 Graduates who wish to add a job-related qualification Dubai United Arab Emirates
to their CV;
 Small business owners and entrepreneurs who For More Inquiries:
realise the value of sales and marketing for the
success of their business;  info@aialme.com
 People currently in this profession who want to  registration@aialme.com
formalize their knowledge with a certificate.

Marketing & Sales