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Elijah Freitag

Professor Trotter

English 1201

15 March 2019

Online Casebook

Brownstein, Ronald. Why Democrats are no longer afraid of Gun Control Anymore. CNN, 26

Feb. 2019 https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/26/politics/democrats-gun-control-bill-party-

policy/index.html Accessed 28 Feb. 2019.

1. This article was written by Ronald Brownstein, and as a CNN reporter he wrote this
article to show why Democrats are no longer afraid of gun control anymore. The article is
going on to say that the house was at first scared to lose southern democratic seats in
congress but as time moves on they are becoming stronger and fighting for themselves
rather than worrying about others.
2. The purpose of this article is to show the democratic half of congress is starting to
progress and they are become more self centered and on their own views rather than
focusing on the people around them. The audience for this piece is anyone that is a
follower of a democratic party. I say this because this is helping democrats win elections
and more gun control laws to be passed.
3. The author is Ronald Brownstein, and this source is credible because it is CNN news.
CNN news is credible because they are a popular news outlet so if they were putting out
news that was not even true they would not be where they are today. I can refer to the
CRAAP method because all the answers to the questions are given to me in the article.
4. This will help me answer my questions because it shows me how it will affect people
around me. I might be against these views but looking at the democratic views helps me
understand what they are trying to impose and what they are trying to change and how it
will affect it.
Edmondson, Catie. House passes First Major Gun Control Law in Decades. The

New York Times, 27 Feb. 2019




&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection Accessed 28 Feb. 2019.

1. This article was written by Catie Edmondson and her article is on how the house has just
passed its first major gun control law in decades. This article says that the NRA had ran
congress for decades until the Parkland shooting had happened. Once the shooting had
happened activists swarmed congress, which pressured the democrats to pass a gun
2. This article’s purpose was to state both sides on this bill, and how they feel it will affect
the future. This article was written towards either political party, I feel as if this article was
very unbiased. The context of this article was just to state what is going on and how
congress and America is changing.
3. The writer is Catie Edmondson. I know she is credible and her sources, is because she
used specific quotes from congressmen and women. I know the source is credible
because it is New York Times, which is a popular and well supported source.
4. This article will answer my questions because it will show how it affects current gun
owners. I say this because the author uses specific quotes from Republicans who are
against gun control.
Flynn, Meagan. “Bump-Stock Ban Enacted by Trump Administration Can Stand,

Federal Judge Rules.” The Washington Post, 2019. EBSCOhost,



1. The author of this article is Meagan Flynn, and she writes how the Trump administration
has passed a Bump-stock ban on weapons. The article says that after the Las Vegas
massacre the ban was brought up and put into place. It was also said that it was
considered the same as a machine gun which is also illegal so it was banned.
2. The author’s purpose was to show that even trump will pass gun control laws. The
audience for this piece is anyone pro gun control.
3. The author is Meagan Flynn, the author is credible because she has written for multiple
news sources in the past which means she is popular. Her information is credible
because she uses specific quotes. This source is reliable because it is a popular source,
it has very recent information, also it has specific sources used.
4. I can use this towards my paper because it has information on guns being banned.
Although this article is not about a specific weapon, it does lead to the fact that this could
lead to future weapons being banned.
Freitag, Chris. Personal Interview. 1 March 2019

1. The author of the source is my father Chris Freitag. He is against gun control. He doesn’t

believe it will help at all and it won’t change anything. He also talks about how fake

democrats and liberals are and how they make things up to get their way.

2. His purpose to teach me how wrong people in the government can be and I should

defend my right to bear arms. Also to teach me guns are not the problem. The audience

for this is everyone, to try and teach them wrong versus right.

3. The writer is my father and he is credible because I know he wouldn’t lie to me about his

views. Also I know he is credible because he is an older man and experienced.

4. This source can answer a lot of questions because he is a proud gun owner and this will

affect him, and since I am family this will affect me as well. Also my dad can teach me

what will happen with each law that is passed.

Miller, Steven V. “What Americans Think About Gun Control: Evidence from the

General Social Survey, 1972–2016.” Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell),

vol. 100, no. 1, Feb. 2019, pp. 272–288. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1111/ssqu.12555.

1. The author of this source is Steven Miller, writing about the American people and gun

control. Steven writes about how he used surveys and scientific studies to determine how

people view gun control. He viewed all kinds of regions across the U.S.

2. Steven’s purpose of this was to figure the general opinion of gun control. The audience of

this piece is anyone in America that could be affected by this.

3. The writer is Steven Miller and this source author is credible because he is a popular

social scientist. The article is reliable because it is a published social book, which means

it has been edited and reviewed.

4. This article will be helpful to answer my questions because I can see different opinions

on gun control. With these separate opinions I can analyze and infer how the future could

be affected.
Rosenberg, Mark L. “Let’s Bring the Full Power of Science to Gun Violence

Prevention.” American Journal of Public Health, vol. 109, no. 3, Mar. 2019, pp.

396–397. EBSCOhost, doi:10.2105/AJPH.2018.304912.

1. The author of of this article is Mark, Rosenburg, and he is writing on how science can

prevent gun violence. The author says that with science they can research who is affected

the most by gun violence. Then with this info they can help stop these people from being

affected in the way they are.

2. The purpose is to save lives and prevent gun violence. The audience for this article is

anyone who wants to learn how they are affected by violence and anyone who wants to

help prevent. The people affected by this were people who were specifically hurt or

targeted by gun violence.

3. The writer Mark Rosenburg, and he is credible because he is a part of the American

Public Health Association. His sources are correct because he uses quotes from a book

written by a person who was affected by gun violence. The source is credible because it

is a government ran website. Also it is a public organization.

4. I can use this article to answer my questions because this will answer how crime rate will

be affected. This will show that gun control doesn’t have to happen to change what is

going on in the world. It also shows that it is the people that is the problem not guns.
Boisvert, Nick. “Victims and Families of Danforth Shooting Call for Handgun,

Assault Rifle Ban in 1st Public Remarks.” The Canadian Broadcasting

Corporation (CBC), 2019. EBSCOhost,



1. The author of this article is Nick Boisvert, and he writes about how after a shooting kids

wanted to get rid of all guns in Canada. He talks about kids went to a meeting and spoke

in front of representatives. He goes on to quote what the kids said about removing guns.

2. The purpose of the author’s article is he is trying to send a message on how kids want

guns gone and that he is also wants guns gone, so he wants to use his resources to send

that message. The audience for this piece is Canadians and also families, and anyone anti


3. The writer is Nick Boisvert, and he is a credible author because he is a popular writer for

the CBC and also he is on EBSCOhost, which means he has to be reliable to be on there.

The article is very reliable because it is a very broadcasted news outlet along canada,

which has to be reliable or it wouldn’t be popular.

4. This article could answer my questions because if Canada does, we could see then how it

could affect us if we did it. They are a close neighbor so this could affect us the same

way. Also we could learn from their mistakes to prove that gun control won’t solve