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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019 

Student Name  Caleb Martinez  Class Period  1 

Research Topic  Going to participate in a Beach Cleanup 

Thesis Statement  I am going to motivate and encourage people to stop littering and 
What you intend to prove   leaving waste behind because it often ends up in the ocean. 

Description of Product       

Form of Product  ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel 

(Highlight all that apply)  ❏ Creation/Art Work/Tangible Item 
❏ Education 
❏ Service 
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection) 
❏ Other 

Please explain your  Taking part in a Beach Cleanup to help reduce waste. I plan on 
product (with specific  spending 2-3 hours at each beach and hopefully travel to at least 
details?)  3-4 beaches. I’ve researched different organizations and have 
found oceanconservancy.org. 

Describe the connection  I am going to research different beach cleanup organizations and 
between your research  find a couple fitting dates to go participate. 
(annotated bibliography) 
and your product. 

How will you display this  I will create different slides to put evidence of me participating in 
in your digital portfolio?  the beach cleanups. 

Estimate the number of  A couple hours per trip will be required as a minimum 
hours needed to 
complete ALL of the 
items on your to do list 
(page 2) including your 
final product. ​You must 
document at least ten 
(10) fieldwork hours 
outside of class. 

Explain how you will  I will take pictures and short videos of the trips. 
document each and 
every step for 
completing your product 
(journal, blog, video blog, 

What do you hope ​to  The importance of keeping our environment clean not only for 
learn​ during this  humans but also for sea life and other important species that we 
process?  are ignorantly killing.h 
My To Do List 
Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete 
the product,  
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. T ​ he log will be turned in on March 
18, 2019! 

Steps  Completed by Date 

1. Get the supplies (Gloves, Trash Grabbers etc.)    

2. Join an organization that has to do with Beach Cleanups   

3.Find suitable dates to participate in.   

4. Go help clean up at the beaches with the organization   

5. Gain evidence via photos or short films   

6. Casually update my website with all of the documentations   




Student Signature    Date   

Teacher Signature    Date   

Accepted As-Is     

Accepted With Modifications