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Leadership & Ethical Dilemma in cases– The Parable of Sadhu & Rupert

Mudroch and News Corp.

Leaders are those who help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an
inspiring vision and shared values, motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision, manages
delivery of the vision and coaches to build a team, so that it is more effective at achieving the vision.
Leader imparts shared values and vision amongst a group. The most successful companies are those
whose leaders and employees share a core set of values and a set sense of direction for their company.

Trying to understand the same from the subjected cases , in both the scenario the shared values and
vision was missing and a question mark on authentic leadership. In Parable of Sadhu , Stephen wanted
to help the holy man but couldn’t able to gather the support from his group. They tried to help by
giving stuffs to Sadhu to buy him some time but nobody took the responsibility to take the
responsibility and resolve the situation effectively. For them reaching to the mountain top was more
important. At the same time Stephen was lacking that the threshold push to deal with the situation as
a leader. He was not able to give voice to his values perfectly. But the question , Is winning is
everything and at any cost ? What about our ethical and moral values ? What do we all achieve in life
by stooping to ways unbecoming of being a human? Who remembers and values this kind of success
built and based on unethical?

Yes, moral and ethical values will not earn you the maximum money and luxury but you will not die
with a dilemma. You will live in peace and satisfied . It also helps in creating a strong culture which is
the strength of the organizations in tough situations. For an organization ethics has to do with the
authenticity and integrity of the enterprise. To be ethical is to follow the business as well as the cultural
goals of the corporation, its owners, its employees and its customers.

But what if the leadership style is unethical and immoral. It is then a difficult situation because
followers follow their leaders and the shared values and vision both gets corrupted. Referring to the
Rupert Murdoch case , the organizations culture created by Rupert Murdoch, was to get the maximum
market share in news reporting at any cost. They don’t care to steal the privacy of royal people and
sell or fake news to get popularity. One can imagine the shared values of the organization where
reporter say that ‘tapping phones are common in media’ . Rupert Murdoch had created and internal
auditing organization due to various legal pressures later but if he would done that before – the
message would be clear crystal that don’t follow unethical means to reach the target and get rid of
ill- conceived goals and motivated blindness .