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Meru University 908 Homework assignment

What is a Morphic Resonant Field?

Morph is from the Greek morphe meaning shape or form. For example, the word metamorphosis
means a change in shape or form. (Wikipedia)


Morphic field is a term introduced by British scientist Rupert Sheldrake in the early 1980s. It is
described as consisting of patterns that govern the development of forms, structures and

Sheldrake proposes that there is a field within and around a morphic unit which organizes its
characteristic structure and pattern of activity. (A morphic unit is a unit of form, organization or 
arrangement of any size. [e.g., it can be an individual])

According to this concept, the morphic field underlies the formation and behaviour of holons
and morphic units [think: individuals], and can be set up by the repetition of similar acts or
thoughts. The hypothesis says that a particular form belonging to a certain group which has
already established its (collective) morphic field, will tune into that morphic field. The particular
form will read the collective information through the process of morphic resonance, using it to
guide its own development. This development of the particular form will then provide, again
through morphic resonance, a feedback to the morphic field of that group, thus strengthening it
with its own experience resulting in new information being added (i.e. stored in the database).
Sheldrake regards the morphic fields as a universal database for both organic (living) and
abstract (mental) forms.

Morphic resonance: Essential to Sheldrake's model is the hypothesis of morphic resonance.

This is a feedback mechanism between the field and the corresponding forms of morphic units.
The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the resonance, leading to habituation or
persistence of particular forms. So, the existence of a morphic field makes the existence of a new
similar form easier.

Sheldrake proposes that the process of morphic resonance leads to stable morphic fields, which
are significantly easier to tune into. He suggests that this is the means by which simpler organic
forms synergetically self-organize into more complex ones, and that this model allows a different
explanation for the process of evolution itself, as an addition to the Darwin's evolutionary
processes of selection and variation.
- A Morphic Field stores collective information (memory) for a group structure or
- The group can be any size, from a simple system to all of humanity.
- An individual member tunes into that memory (via morphic resonance) to guide its
own development.
- The individual member strengthens and expands the field with its own experience
(via morphic resonance).
- The stronger a morphic field becomes, the easier it is for new individuals to tune in to

My impressions:
- The wish-granting jewel tree is a morphic resonant field.
- We tune in to the morphic field of the mentor lama and the surrounding deities.
- Brilliant, radiant light flows from them to us, and through us to those in our life.
- Gratitude flows from us and from those in our lives back to the enlightened beings in
the jewel tree.
- The wish-granting jewel tree field is strengthened and expanded, affecting everyone
in the field and all life as a whole.

The Field, by Lynne McTaggart

McTaggart researched dozens of rigorous scientific studies of anomalous phenomena, including

extrasensory perception, quantum fields and entanglement, light communication in cells,
memory of water, holographic memory (brain working with waves and patterns rather than
images), attention influencing random processes (even in the future), telepathy (influencing
others), remote viewing (past, present and future), healing at a distance, collective consciousness,
collective memory (e.g., sacred sites), and Transcendental Meditation effects.

“A field is a matrix or medium which connects two or more points in space, usually via a force,
like gravity or electromagnetism. The force is usually represented by ripples in the field, or
waves.” … “Simply put, a field is a region of influence.” (p 22)

“Zero-point energy was the energy present in the emptiest state of space at the lowest possible
energy, out of which no more energy could be removed.” (p 20)
In physics equations, the Zero-point energy is infinite. Physicists “normalized” this
unifying infinite energy out of the equations, making everything appear to be separate.

“…perception occurred at a much more fundamental level of matter – the netherworld of the
quantum particle. We didn’t see objects per se, but only their quantum information and out of
that constructed our image of the world. Perceiving the world was a matter of tuning into the
Zero Point Field.” (p 91)

“…the Zero Point Field was a vast memory store.” (p 90)

“…short- and long-term memory doesn’t reside in our brain at all, but instead is stored in the
Zero Point Field. …the brain is simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism. … The brain is not
a storage medium but a receiving mechanism in every sense, and memory is simply a distant
cousin of ordinary perception.” (p 95)

“According to the laws of classical physics, particularly the law of entropy, the movement of the
inanimate world is always toward chaos and disorder. However, the coherence of consciousness
represents the greatest form of order known to nature…” (p 122)

“On the most profound level, the PEAR studies also suggest that reality is created by each of us
only by our attention.” (p 122) (PEAR = Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, p 112)

“It seemed that we had an ability to extend our own coherence out into our environment. By a
simple act of wishing, we could create order.” (p 122)

Remote viewing: “They were picking up information contained in The Field. … Those good at
remote viewing weren’t seeing anything invisible to all the rest of us. All they were doing was
dampening down the other distractions.” (p 159)
This supports the urging of the ascended masters to practice stillness.

“The Pat Price study … suggested that people could ‘see’ into the future or reach back into the
past. … The Pat Price studies and the PEAR studies began to suggest that at a more fundamental
level of existence, there is no space or time, no obvious cause and effect … that the universe
exists in some vast ‘here’ where here represents all points of time and space at a single instant.
…life exists as one enormous present. ‘Take time out of it,’ Robert Jahn was fond of saying, ‘and
it all makes sense.’” (p 164)

My impressions:
- The Zero-Point Field (ZPF) is a morphic resonant field.
- All creation is connected through the ZPF. We are all One.
- Every individual has a unique core pattern or vibration.
- We interact with ascended masters by tuning in to their morphic fields (vibrations?).
They help us and we help them.
- The ZPF, as a morphic resonance field, explains how God continually transcends
- The ZPF is pure, undifferentiated potential.
- The ZPF is the Void, the goal of meditation
- We create with our attention.
- We resonate with the ZPF at the level of our attention. This is the world that we
- We rise to higher levels of consciousness by shifting our attention from our current
morphic field patterns, or world (includes resolving karma, completing sacred labor).
- We experience the Void through the discipline of Stillness.
- The ascended masters have a higher degree of discipline and stillness that enable
them to access many more levels and dimensions of the ZPF than we currently do.
- As some materials approach absolute zero, they become superconducting and can
transmit vast amounts of energy with no resistance or loss.
- As we experience the ZPF (Void) through stillness, we can transmit huge amounts of
energy for all life, especially that at our level.
- Ascended masters have access to unimaginable energies because they are attuned to
the ZPF at much higher levels and dimensions than we are.