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Nama : Mega Dwi Fauzi Ningtyas

Kelas : 2D / DIII-Teknik Kimia

NIM : 1731410031


1. Absorb (v) : UV-Vis light can absorb molecules in NaOH solution.

Absorbtion (n) : The process of absorption sulfuric acid with the catalyst takes
place in the converter

Absorbable (adj) : Children need absorbable calcium for their growth

2. Accelerate (v) : Vanadium pentaoxide catalyst can accelerate the process of

making sulfuric acid.

Acceleration (n) : Spectrophotometric wave graphs can be obtained through the

acceleration of UV light.

Accelerated (adj) : Today's chemical engineering operation practicum was

accelerated because the supervisors were meeting.

3. Adjust (v) : The heating process of sodium hydroxide adjusts the boiling
point of the solution

Adjustment (n) : Adjustment of the equipment must be done before practicum.

Adjustable (adj) : Microscope has adjustable magnification glass.

4. Bend (v) : The head of the department expands the laboratory for practical

Bend (n) : Pipe bend is formed according to the design desired by the engineers.

Bendable (adj) : Copper is one of the bendable metals.

5. Burn (v) : The furnace is used to burn filter paper as a result of gravimetric

Burner (n) : Gravimetric filter paper is inserted into the burner

Burnable (adj) : Converts sludge already present to burnable fuel.

6. Compress (v) : Engines must be run in order to compress the air which is to be
Compressor (n) : Water flow pipes require an air compressor to enter with
maximum pressure.

Compressible (adj) : Microscope has adjustable magnification glass.

7. Condense (v) : Ice cube can condense if the temperature decreases

Condenser (n) : The function of the condenser is to convert high-pressure gases

into high-pressure liquid.

Condensed (adj): Condensed liquids have been made thicker by removing some of
the water in them.

8. Connect (v) : Lisa connects the condenser with erlenmeyer before starting the

Connection (n) : All students can do assignments if there is an internet


Connectable (adj) : Flowmeter device has different connectable types of tube.

9. Contract (v) : Before the contract expires, employees are prohibited from

Contractor (n) : The employees stood in front of the building, discussing some
about the contractor.

Contracted (adj) : Metal can be contracted when cooled off.

10. Convert (v) : Students convert volume units from centimeters to millimeters
to simplify mole calculations.

Converter (n) : In the manufacture of sulfuric acid, a converter is used to absorb

the catalyst

Convertible (adj) : Energy is convertible into other forms of energy, but heat, light,
and electricity are not transformable into primary once.

11. Evaporate (v) : In the process of heating ethanol will evaporate faster than

Evaporation (n) : The evaporation process occurs due to changes in molecules

from liquid to gas.

Evaporated (adj) : 50% ethanol will be evaporated during the heating process.

12. Expand (v) : The head of the department is expanding the laboratory for
practical activities.
Expander (n) : Ball mill is one of the expander tools to expand the surface of
the material.

Expanded (adj) : The bacteria in the petri dish can be expanded with the addition
of an inoculum

13. Ignite (v) : Use matchstick to ignite burner

Igniter (n) : Turn on bunsen with an igniter that are available in the

Ignitable (adj) : Turn on the heater button up to 1000 C, so the heater ignitable to
the maximum

14. Push (v) : If you want to turn on the lamp push the valve to the right.

Pusher (n) : Expenditures of sulfur in the ground use a pusher system that is
heat pressurized

Pushed (adj) : Liquid sulfur in the soil is pushed out with the help of pressure

15. Rotate (v) : The stirrer rotates in beaker glass containing a solution of
hydrochloric acid

Rotation (n) : The stirrer tool rotation can be accelerated to 3 times the speed.

Rotatable (adj) : Vulve are rotatable according to the desired variable.