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MEALS IN BRITAIN On Saturdays and on Sundays English have supper: it’s a lighter meal

than dinner.
In Britain the main meals are breakfast in the morning, lunch at midday,
teatime in the afternoon and dinner in the evening. TICK T for TRUE or F for FALSE
1. There are four main meals in Britain. T F
Breakfast 2. Breakfast is about seven o’ clock. T F
The English have breakfast at about eight o’ 3. Breakfast is a light meal. T F
clock in the morning. It’s a big meal. A 4. English drink milk for breakfast. T F
typical English breakfast is made up of a 5. Lunch is about one o’ clock. T F
glass of fruit juice, cereals with milk,
6. English eat pasta for lunch. T F
such as cornfl akes, eggs and bacon.
7. Students usually have lunch in the T F
Toast with butter and marmalade or jam,
sausages with tomatoes, tea or coff ee. school canteen.
Lunch 8. At teatime English have only tea. T F
Lunch is a light meal or a snack at about twelve o’ 9. Evening dinner is a big meal. T F
clock. 10. Supper is a type of soup. T F
They have cold meat, fish with boiled or fried
potatoes and salad. A piece of pie or
sandwiches with beer and a soft drink.
1. Breakfast is a light meal. B I
Students usually have their lunch in the school
2. Lunch is a big meal. B I
3. Students usually have lunch in the B I
The English have teatime in the afternoon, at about school canteen.
five o’ clock. They have tea with biscuits or cakes. 4. They eat pasta for lunch. B I
Sometimes they have bread 5. They have dinner at six o’ clock B I
and butter with jam or marmalade.
6. Dinner is a light meal. B I
7. They eat pudding. B I
Dinner 8. They have teatime in the afternoon. B I
Evening dinner is the main and the most substantial meal.
9. They eat a sandwich for lunch. B I
They have dinner very early at six o’ clock, or much
later. It consists of soup, meat or fish with potatoes
10. They eat eggs and bacon for B I
and vegetables, a pudding or a pie breakfast.
and some cheese.