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On this essay I will write about the differences about Chilean soccer and European soccer, what we can see on this sport in our country, what advantages and disadvantages exists, the differences about the fans, the soccer teams, the stadiums and the tournaments. Explaining how this sport is very popular in our country and also the origin and the develop of the Chilean soccer, maybe a person who doesn’t watch soccer can think that soccer is the sane in all countries, but it is not, so what differences exists in Chilean soccer and European soccer?

What we know today as football was played in English schools from the 17 th century otherwise at the end of the 19th century, soccer arrived in Chile along with British immigrants through the ports of Valparaíso (to later pass to Santiago), Coquimbo and Talcahuano, among others. According to tradition, the first field where soccer was played in Chile was in the grounds of the British school The Mackay School, in Alegre Hill, Valparaíso.

Actually, in our country there are 3 official Chilean leagues tournaments; “Primera División”, “Primera B”, “Segunda División”. There are lots of differences between the tournaments, one of them is the number of teams that participate in a tournament, as well as “Primera División” and “Primera B” have the same number of participants (16), “Segunda División” has 10. One of the disadvantages of these tournaments is that just the “Primera Division” is televised by a special channel of Chilean soccer (CDF), so that is a disadvantage for people who don’t have economic resources or don’t have enough money to watch their favorite soccer team.

Otherwise, in European countries we see more official tournaments, for example England has 8 official tournaments and each league has more than 20 participants teams. The tournaments are televised by national channels, sports channel and special channels of their country or of the world. The Premier League (one of the most important soccer tournament of the world) is televised around the world.

In Chile there are 51 stadiums, 3 of them have capacity for more than 30.000 people and the rest of the stadiums have a very less capacity, on the other hand in Italy there are 56 stadiums and 15 stadiums have capacity for more than 30.000, and 4 stadiums can resist more than 50.000 people inside. One advantage of the stadiums in Italy is that there’s no wall to separate the fans with the field, so you can be near of the play and the players. In Chile most of the stadiums have walls to separate the fans with the field because the kind of fans and people who go to see a soccer match are very different than Europe, in Europe you don’t see delinquency and their stadiums have the best security for the people in case of something dangerous, things that in Chile we have to learn, and obviously a ticket for a match in a Italian stadium is more expensive than here in Chile, for example Juventus is a very famous and good team around the world, they have a beautiful stadium in a beautiful place in Turín, they have very famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo in the team and the most famous and expensive sponsors. Compare that with any team of Chile, you will never see that on an important Chilean soccer team.

One advantage of the Chilean soccer is that is more competitive than Europeans leagues, there was a time that only 3 teams were relevant here in Chile (Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica and Colo Colo) because they have money for buy good players and coaches now all the teams have very good leaders and dealers to bring good players to fight the tournament with all teams, otherwise in European countries like Spain there are 2 teams that always win the tournament (Barcelona and Real Madrid) because they have the best players in the world, so it’s boring. Another advantage of the Chilean soccer is that the teams use amateur players, so they give young people an opportunity to be a professional.

In my opinion, Chilean soccer it’s not bad at all, the soccer in Chile has changed a lot since the generation of new players and their motivation for the kids, also the European teams with their famous players are a motivation for the people who wants to be a football player and the presidents and dealers of soccer teams are doing a good job with them and with the team. To conclude, there things that need to change in our country, one of them it’s that national channel should broadcast all matches because there are people that don’t have money to buy the special channel, but the most important thing that Chilean soccer needs to change very quickly is the security for stadiums and the implementation for stadiums. It’s not a safer place when you are inside or outside the stadiums with criminals, because takes away one of the most beautiful and entertaining show of sports in the world.

Patricio Rivera Castro.