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Axia College Material

Appendix E

Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 3, 4, & 5

Complete activities A, B, & C.

A. Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 1-
16. Word parts may be used more than once. Click the grey box to begin typing.

gloss/o- epi- diastol/o- -in saphen/o-

bil/i- apic/o- cusp/o- -ic -id
mastic/o- tri- rub/o- thorac/o- eu-
axill/o- glott/o- sept/o- -ous mucos/o-
-al -stals/o -ary -sis -pne/o-
cardi/o- fec/o- peri- -ation -ac

1. Pertaining to the tongue glossal

2. Pertaining to the mucous membrane Mucosal

3. Process of chewing Mastication

4. Process of contracting around Peristalsis

5. Substance of red (red blood cell) bile bilirubin

6. Pertaining to stool Fecal

7. Pertaining to the septum septal

8. Pertaining to above the glottis epiglottic

9. Pertaining to the apex Apical

10. Pertaining to Normal breathing eupneic

11. Pertaining to the heart Cardiac

12. Resembling three points Tricuspid

13. Pertaining to the heart and lung cavity Cardiopulmonary

14. Pertaining to the armpit axillary

15. Pertaining to standing saphenous

16. Pertaining to dilating Diastolic

HCA 220
B. Define the following words or word parts

-cyte cell -eal Pertaining to

-gen That which produces cecum Short sac

enzyme Speed up chemical in- A substance

-ole Small thing ex- Out, away from

thorax chest cilia Eyelashes, small hairs

-ature System composed of -ity State, condition

sin/o- Hollow cavity, channel extra- Outside of

bi- two

C. In this activity, break the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, create a definition
of the word. Write a sentence using the word in a medical context. Use the table to record your answers.

Combining Combining
Medical Word Prefix form form or suffix Suffix Definition
Peritone/o- al Peritoneal is a watery fluid
Sentence: Peritoneal fluid is needed to fill the space between the organs in our gastrointestinal system

Cholecyst/o Kin/o -in Movement of the gallbladder
Sentence: The hormone cholecystokinin stimulates the gallbladder

Stern/o- -al This is also called the breast bone
Sentence: We all have a sternal that is part of our thorax.

Combining Combining
Medical Word Prefix form form or suffix Suffix Definition

Inspiration in Spir/o- -ation Process of breathing in

Sentence: When we count respirations the process of breathing in is called inspiration

Oxyhemoglobin Oxygen molecules and red blood cells

Ox/y Hem/o Glob/o- -in form in the compound.
Sentence: The oxygen in our blood travels in the form of oxyhemoglobin.

My/o- Cardi/o- -al Pertaining to the heart muscle

HCA 220
Sentence: There are times when the myocardial of our heart develop weakness when we get older

Endocardium Smooth membrane that lines the

endo Cardi/o- -al chambers of the heart and heart valves
Sentence: The inside of ones heart is lines with endocardium

The action our blood vessels do when

Vasoconstriction Vas/o- Constrict/o- -ion contracting
Sentence: When our heart muscles contract in our arms the artery decreases causing a vasoconstriction

HCA 220