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Laboratory Activity No.


Abito, Amiel
Almadin, Camille F.
Dela Peña, Paolo B.
Dollesin Jr, Joseph R. July 6, 2018
David, Ian Carlo
EE 510/EE52FA1

Picture of the System


Serve the purpose of

automatically fully opening
or fully closing valves in

Motor Valve

Serve the purpose of

manually fully opening or
fully closing valves in

Man Valve

Measures the rate of flow

of a fluid through the pipe.

Flow Meter

Allows flow in one

direction and automatically
backflow (reverse flow)
when fluid in the line
reverses direction.
Flow Check Valve
Refers to a mechanical
apparatus using suction or
pressure to raise or move

Pump Motor

Measures mass and volume

flow rates

Flow Sensor

Prevents a reverse flow of

fuel from the injection line
reduces the fuel pressure in
the injection tube at the end
of injection
Delivery Valve

Removes condensate from

the air system without
losing excessive
compressed air and without
shutting down the system

Drain Valve
Uses a tapered pin to
gradually open a space for
fine control of flow.

Needle Valve

An electromechanical
device in which the
solenoid uses an electric
current to generate a
magnetic field and thereby
operate a mechanism which
regulates the opening of
fluid flow in a valve.

Solenoid Valve

An atmospheric vessel that

collects and skims free oil
from the water, typically
produced from platform
deck drains.

Sump Tank
A container that holds
liquids or compressed
gases which is not typically
labeled or regulated as a
storage tank or mediums
used for the short- or long-
term storage of heat or cold.

Process Tank

Designed to open and

excess pressure from
vessels or equipment and to
reclose and prevent the
further release of fluid after
normal conditions have
been restored.

Relief Valve

Used to maintain heat

within a liquid medium like
water, oil and different
chemicals along with
stabilizing the gas.

A thermally sensitive
resistor whose resistance
increases significantly with


Measures very small

Nanometer surface figure in

Instrument for measuring

the condition of a fluid
(liquid or gas) that is
specified by the force that
the fluid would exert,
when at rest, on a unit
area, such as pounds
per square inch or
Pressure Gauge Newtons per
square centimetre.

Linear variable differential

transformer (LVDT) is a
type of electrical
transformer used for
measuring linear
displacement (position).
Uses air pressure against a
piston or diaphragm to
produce linear or circular
movement to operate a

Air Valve

A device that measures

temperature or a
temperature gradient.

Thermometer Pressure Gauge