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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

with the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the Wakandans,

1. THE AVENGERS and the Guardians of the Galaxy in the process, with
Iron Man and Spider Man going to Titan alongside
The Avengers. It's what we call ourselves, sort of like a Doctor Strange and meeting and allying with Star-Lord,
team. “Earth's Mightiest Heroes” type thing." Nebula, Mantis and Drax to try to stop Thanos while
Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, War Machine,
―Tony Stark to Loki[src]
Falcon, Thor, Groot, Rocket and Scarlet Witch
The Avengers, also known as the Heroes of New York, protected Vision from the Black Order in Wakanda.
are a team of extraordinary individuals, either with While the team on Wakanda was successful in killing
superpowers or other special characteristics. Its Thanos' minions, the team fighting on Titan was
purpose is to protect global stability from inner or defeated. Thanos arrived and overpowered the heroes
extraterrestrial threats. Though primarily affiliated on Wakanda with ease before killing Vision in order to
with the United States of America, they work with the receive the Mind Stone, thus completing Infinity
peaceful interests of the whole world in mind rather Gauntlet. Even after Thor severely wounded him,
than a specific country or organization. The Avengers Thanos still managed to eradicate half of the universe's
were first assembled population, triumphing over Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
by S.H.I.E.L.D. when Loki invaded Earth with Several Avengers were among the victims,
his Chitauri army to conquer the planet. The including Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man; with
team defeated him and went to their separate ways. only Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black
Widow, and War Machinesurviving the war.
After S.H.I.E.L.D. became a defunct agency, Stark
Industriesremodeled Stark Tower into Avengers Contents
Tower and the team joined the fight against HYDRA. [show]
After they finished the war, Tony
Stark built Ultron hoping that the AI would be able to History
defend the world from any threats necessary. The plan
backfired and Ultron started a war against humanity, Recruitment
ending with Ultron's defeat. When Ultron was
Starting the Initiative
defeated, the team gained new recruits and relocated
to the New Avengers Facility. "There was an idea, Stark knows this, called
the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together
Under Captain America's leadership, the team
a group of remarkable people, see if they could become
successfully completed several operations until the
something more. See if they could work together when
amount of collateral damage caused during their
we needed them to fight the battles we never could."
conflicts caused the United Nations to pass the Sokovia
Accords in an attempt to regulate their actions. The ―Nick Fury[src]
differences in opinions created a rift within the
The Avengers are the result of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick
organization which split the Avengers into two factions,
Fury's Avengers Initiative. Fury realized that a group of
led by Iron Man and Captain America. After Captain
extraordinary individuals would be needed to battle
America stopped Helmut Zemo, the instigator of
the growing forces that conventional military forces
their fight, the team officially disbanded; but a small
would not be able to handle alone, much less defeat.
group consisting of Captain America, Black Widow and
The founding members are Captain America, the
Falcon continued to operate in the shadows.
world's first superhero, the invincible armored Iron
However, their disbandment would not last long. As Man, the Asgardian warrior prince: Thor, the rage
two years after the Accords were ratified, Thanos, monster known only as the Hulk, and two of
the Titan warlord and instigator behind Loki's Chitauri S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most skilled operatives, Hawkeye, an
invasion, launched a second attack against Earth in his archer with perfect aim, and Black Widow, a master
crusade to gather the Infinity Stones. The Avengers assassin with a huge skill-set.[1]
were split up into different groups as they fought to
Recruiting Tony Stark
combat Thanos before he succeeded, joining forces

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

path to save himself and back to work. After finding

a new element that stabilized his health and ending a
large scale attack by Vanko, however, Romanoff wrote
a report on Stark and stated that while the armor
would benefit the Avengers Initiative, Stark himself
was deemed unsuitable and was instead given a
Nick Fury introduces himself to Tony Stark position as consultant, which he accepted on the
condition that he and Rhodes would be given medals
"You've become part of a bigger universe. You just for their heroics, personally awarded by Senator
don't know it yet." Stern.[4]
―Nick Fury to Tony Stark[src]
Meeting Thor
After revealing to the world that he was Iron
Man,[2] Tony Stark returned home to find Nick
Fury waiting for him. Fury consulted with Stark
regarding the Avengers Initiative, telling him that he's
not the only superhero in the world. Stark declined but
Fury still kept his eye on him for the meantime.[3]

Rejecting Tony Stark

"I told you I don't want to join your super-secret boy
Agent Phil Coulson with Thor
―Tony Stark to Nick Fury[src] "Know this, Son of Coul. We both fight for the safety of
Six months after revealing to the world that he was Iron this world. From this day forward, you can consider me
Man, Tony Stark helped to stabilize peace between an ally."
East and West relations. However, he discovered that ―Thor[src]
the very thing keeping him alive, the Palladium Arc
Reactor, was slowly killing him. Beginning to do After Thor was exiled to Earth and landed in New
questionable things such as donating a large number of Mexico, he tried to recover Mjølnir after discovering it
his personal things and giving Pepper Potts control had made its way to Earth as well. Phil Coulson made
of Stark Industries, Nick Fury began to intervene, note of Thor's strength, albeit human, and his combat
sending in his top agent Natasha Romanoff, in the guise skills, making his men "some of the most highly trained
of Stark's new assistant Natalie Rushman, to keep an professionals in the world look like minimum wage mall
eye on him. cops." Then when the Destroyer came to Earth to kill
Thor, Thor willingly handed himself over, an act that
allowed him to regain his power and defeated the
Destroyer. After that, Coulson approached him and
Thor vowed he would be an ally to Earth if they
return Jane Foster's research which Coulson agreed.
However, before Coulson had a chance to debrief him,
Thor flew to the landing site to return back to Asgard to
stop Loki.[5]

The Consultant
Nick Fury keeping tabs on Tony Stark

Following a number of altercations, including an attack

on Stark by Ivan Vanko and a fight with his friend James
Rhodes during a drunken stupor, Fury meet with Stark
to discuss his condition and help him get back on the

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia
Agents Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulsonconspire Chitauri Invasion
"So, on the Council's orders, we have to send one of
Destruction of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.
our people down to General Ross to ask for Blonsky,
who we don't even want."

―Jasper Sitwell and Phil Coulson[src]

Soon after the confrontation between Hulk and Emil

Blonsky in Harlem, a request came down from
the World Security Council that blame for the incident
be placed on Banner and that Blonsky, who was being
held in General Thaddeus Ross' sector, be exonerated Nick Fury and the World Security Council

for his crimes and placed on the team's roster. "We're running the world's greatest covert security
Director Nick Fury didn't want Blonsky for the team, network and you're gonna leave the fate of human race
but was in no position to disobey a direct order from to a handful of freaks."
the council. Hoping to resolve the situation for Fury, "I'm not leaving anything to anyone. We need a
Agents Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell conspired to response team. These people may be isolated,
sabotage the request by sending in their newly minted unbalanced even, but I believe with the right push they
consultant Tony Stark to be the one to contact the can be exactly what we need."
General. ―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]
As planned, Stark's abrasive manner and disdain for At first, when it seemed to be no progress with it,
authority resulted in Ross not only turning down the the Avengers Initiative was shut down. Gideon
request, but also attempting to have Stark removed Malick put the focus on Phase 2, an initiative to
from the bar. In response, Stark bought the reverse-engineer HYDRA weapons to create weapons
establishment and had it scheduled for demolition.[6][7] for Earth's defense and examining the Tesseract as a
Captain America's Return source for such weapons. Loki arrived through the
Tesseract and began attacking
several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, taking control
of Hawkeye and Erik Selvig with the Scepter and taking
hold of the Tesseract. Following this, Nick
Fury reinstates the Avengers Initiative and has Phil
Coulson call for Black Widow to bringing in the others.
Coulson has her go to Kolkata, India to bring in Bruce
Nick Fury meets Steve Rogers Banner, who can track the cube due to the fact that it
is emitting low levels of Gamma Radiation, of which
"We thought it best to break it to you slowly."
Banner is an expert. Meanwhile, Fury goes to Captain
"Break what?"
America to give him his first mission since being
"You've been asleep, Cap. For almost 70 years."
awakened. Coulson personally travels to Stark
―Nick Fury and Steve Rogers[src] Tower to bring Tony Stark files containing information
regarding his other potential teammates, Loki, and the
After being frozen for approximately 70 years, Steve
Rogers woke up in a 1940s-style hospital to find
something wrong. When he realized the game playing Battle of New York
on the radio was a game that he had already seen, he
escaped onto the streets of New York City. There, he "Yes, I've met them."
met Nick Fury who told him the entire incident was "Yeah. Takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you
meant to break the news to him slowly that he had that one. But, let's do a head count here: Your brother,
been missing for nearly 70 years.[8] the demigod; a super soldier, a living legend who kind
of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

anger management issues; a couple of master dangerous."

assassins, and you, big fella, you've managed to piss off "They surely are. And the whole world knows it. Every
every single one of them." world knows it."

―Loki and Tony Stark[src] ―Gideon Malick and Nick Fury[src]

In the aftermath of the battle, the team rested and ate

at the nearby Shawarma Palace.[9] While they were
eating, War Machine, who had come to New York to
help fight but was too late, entered the restaurant and
was introduced to the Avengers.[10] Later, the
Avengers reassembled in their civilian clothes to
watch Thor take both Loki and the Tesseract back
to Asgard.[1]
The Avengers assembled for the first time
Meanwhile, Nick Fury worked to resurrect the person
The team was assembled on the Helicarrier and initially that the team avenged, Phil Coulson.[11] Anticipating
had difficulty working together. Many of them did not the possible death of an Avenger, Nick Fury had Phil
want to form a team and they argued constantly over Coulson lead Project T.A.H.I.T.I., an operation inside a
ideological differences. Tony Stark was reluctant to hidden safe house where the bodily fluids of
work under the command of Captain an extraterrestrial were used to make various drugs,
America. Thordemanded that Loki be returned to him including one that could resurrect the
and did not want to compromise. Everyone on the dead.[12] Coulson, though, recommended the project's
team was uncomfortable with the presence of Bruce shut down, due to its unusual side effects.[13] Since
Banner. After Loki killed Phil Coulson, and began his Fury considered Coulson an Avenger, he used the
main attack, the Avengers decided to put their procedure on him anyway.[12] Coulson was successfully
differences aside and went to New York City. During revived, albeit with altered memories, in order to
the battle they learned to trust one another and rally maintain his sanity; the Avengers were kept in the dark
in defense of New York as it was invaded by about this, even Captain America, Black Widow and
extraterrestrials known as the Chitauri. Captain Hawkeye, who worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.[14]
America took command of the team and they all
worked to suppress the invasion force. Hulk beat Loki
into submission and Iron Man carried a nuclear
weapon fired by the World Security Council into the
portal through which the aliens entered Earth and
destroyed their fleet, breaking the neural connection
with their ground troops and instantly incapacitating
them. The team took Loki as their prisoner.[1]

Aftermath Avengers action figures

Considering how popular the team had become, a toy-

line had been made called the "Heroes of New York"
with action figures based on each Avenger.[15]

Later Exploits
"I'm not currently tracking their whereabouts. I'd say
they've earned a leave of absence."

The Avengers eat in the Shawarma Palace ―Nick Fury[src]

"I don't think you understand what you've started. Following the conclusion of the war and capture
Letting the Avengers loose on this world. They're of Loki, the team split up to finish their own individual

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

pursuits. Black Widow and Hawkeye continued to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance in time. The Dark Elves came
work with S.H.I.E.L.D., with Captain America joining perilously close to succeeding in their goal but were
and he and Widow would often work with STRIKE to eventually thwarted by Thor, Foster, and her
neutralise threats and Hawkeye would go be with his colleagues. The war led Thor to renounce the throne of
family.[16][17] Thor returned to Asgard, Asgard, but unbeknownst to him allowed Loki to
delivering Loki into the hands of Asgardian justice. The secretly take Odin's place and gain control of Asgard,
return of the Tesseract allowed the Asgardiansto leaving the AllFather's fate unknown.[20]
repair the Bifrost Bridge, after which Thor and his allies
began to battle the bands of Marauders that had Targeted by HYDRA
sprung up across the Nine Realms.[18] Suffering from Still working for S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers was
trauma after his near-death experience, Tony informed of the organization's latest initiative, Project
Stark focused on developing an Iron Legion for the Insight, a program designed to target potential threats
purpose of countering future threats. against the United States of America before they
struck. Rogers had deep misgivings about Insight,
which only grew after witnessing Nick Fury's
apparent assassination at the hands of the Winter
Soldier. Fury's last actions before his seeming death
were to warn the Captain that S.H.I.E.L.D. was
compromised and give him the data recovered from
The Iron Legion the Lemurian Star. Rogers refused to tell all he knew
to Alexander Pierce, prompting the organization to
Despite now being familiar with one another, the
declare him a fugitive and attempt to hunt him down.
Avengers continued to deal with threats individually.
Rogers eluded his pursuers and met up with Black
After his friend and former bodyguard Happy
Widow, and together the duo learned a terrifying truth.
Hogan was nearly killed in an apparent terrorist attack,
The preserved consciousness of Arnim Zola informed
Stark issued a public challenge to the Mandarin, a
them that HYDRA had recovered from its defeat during
shadowy figure claiming responsibility for the
the war and realized that in order to take control,
bombings. This rash action led to a chain of events that
humanity needed to willingly give up its freedom. To
resulted in Iron Man successfully unraveling the
this end, the organization had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. at
conspiracy of Aldrich Killian, the head of A.I.M. who
its founding, using their influence to spread chaos
intended to use Extremis to create an army of super-
across the globe.
soldiers and take over America. Though Stark
considered calling his fellow Avengers for aid, he By the present day, HYDRA had grown large enough to
nonetheless was able to defeat Killian with the gain nearly complete control of S.H.I.E.L.D., and now
assistance of James Rhodes and Pepper Potts.[19] stood to use Project Insight to complete their master
plan. Rogers managed to uncover Insight's true
Meanwhile, back on Asgard, the onset of
purpose: the elimination of over twenty million
the Convergence awoke both the Infinity Stone known
individuals that posed a threat to HYDRA's control.
as the Aetherand the Dark Elves who coveted its power
Nearly all of the Avengers were primary targets,
for the purpose of annihilating the Nine Realms. After
including Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, who remained
his love interest Jane Foster unwillingly became the
unaware of the imminent threat. Fortunately, Captain
Aether's host, Thor traveled to Earth and sheltered her
America, Black Widow, and their allies were able to
on Asgard. The subsequent Dark Elf attack led to the
narrowly prevent Insight's activation, taking down the
death of Frigga and the dismantling of Asgard's
thoroughly corrupted S.H.I.E.L.D. in the process.[16]
defenses, leading Thor to reluctantly recruit Loki's aid
and escape to the Dark Elf homeworld, Svartalfheim, Following the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark recruited Maria
planning to lay a trap for the Dark Elves. Though Loki Hill into his company, shielding her from legal
did not immediately betray his brother, their plan went persecution. Stark Industries began working to
awry, resulting in Loki's apparent death and Malekith, privatize global security and fill the void left by the
the Dark Elf leader, escaping with the Aether. organization's collapse.[13]
Returning to Earth, Thor was unable to gain

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

War on HYDRA
Fighting HYDRA
"Strucker's technology is well beyond any
other HYDRA base we've taken."

―J.A.R.V.I.S.[src] The Avengers attack the HYDRA base

With the rising threat of HYDRA, the Avengers were "Loki's Scepter must be here. Strucker couldn't mount
officially reassembled, with the financial backing this defense without it. At long last."
of Tony Stark. Using the former Stark Tower, now "At long last is lasting a little long, boys."
renamed Avengers Tower, as their headquarters, and "Yeah. I think we've lost the element of surprise."
using the new drones of the Iron Legion, they
―Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye[src]
embarked on several missions to ruin HYDRA's plans
for world domination. Their main target was the cell of Thanks to information acquired by Phil
Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, which was in possession Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. who gave it to Maria
of Loki's scepter.[17] Hill,[22] the Avengers were able to finally
locate Loki's Scepter in the European country
Battle of Sudan
of Sokovia. The team attacked the base in force. The
team fought as a unit, using skilled combat techniques
which complemented each other's fighting styles. This
synergy, coupled with their abilities and equipment,
gave them a decisive advantage over the HYDRA
defenders. During the battle, the super-powered
Maximoff twins Pietro and Wanda also attacked the
team and Hawkeye was injured in the process. Tony
located the Scepter but as he went to retrieve it Wanda
used her powers to show Stark his greatest fear: the
entire team dead and the Chitauriinvading Earth. Stark
retrieved the Scepter and the team returned to
The Avengers battle HYDRA in Sudan
the Avengers Tower.[17]
"Let's take 'em down fast, boys!"
Ultron Offensive
―Captain America[src]
Crashed Party
When Black Widow intercepted a call from the HYDRA
scientist Dr. Jensen to her colleagues
in Khartoum, Sudan, the Avengers quickly flew in
their Quinjet to the location of Jensen's lab. Though
HYDRA managed to shoot down the Quinjet, the
Avengers fiercely attacked HYDRA's soldiers. Despite
their tanks, guns, and numerical superiority, HYDRA
soldiers decided to retreat. Refusing to admit defeat,
Dr. Jensen took the power gauntlets from one fallen The Avengers celebrate the victory on HYDRA

soldier and attacked the Avengers with heavy energy "Lab's all set up, boss."
blasts. However, Hawkeye sneaked up behind her and "Actually he's the boss, I just pay for everything, and
destroyed her weapon with one of his explosive design everything and make everyone look cooler."
―Maria Hill and Tony Stark[src]
Attack on the HYDRA Research Base
Stark convinced Thor to let him study the Scepter for
the next three days. Then he persuaded Banner to help

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

him merge the Ultron Program with the artificial

intelligence inside the gem on the Scepter. Three days
later, their experiments were still unsuccessful. That
night, the Avengers, Maria Hill, Helen Cho and James
Rhodes were having a party, as they tried to
lift Mjølnir. Unknowingly to Stark, the Ultron Program
successfully reacted when exposed to the power of the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor facing
against Ultron, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff
gem, creating the new artificial being, Ultron. After
making a body from the damaged parts of the Iron "Natasha, I could really use a lullaby."
Legion robots, Ultron appeared on the party, "Well, that's not gonna happen. Not for a while. The
proclaiming that humanity was not worthy of survival. whole team is down."
The Iron Legion, controlled by Ultron, attacked the
Avengers, and although most of the robots were ―Tony Stark and Clint Barton[src]
destroyed, including Ultron, one robot managed to The team flew to South Africa where they
escape with the Scepter, while Ultron's consciousness found Ultron, along with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff,
escaped via the internet.[17] taking the Vibranium. They engaged in a fierce battle,
Argument with Tony Stark taking on Ultron alone while the rest of
the team fought the Ultron Sentries and the Maximoff
twins. Eventually, Stark brought down Ultron and
destroyed his body. However, the team had been
mentally taken down by Wanda, who showed them
their worst fears. She caused Bruce Banner to
transform into Hulk in the middle of South Africa, and
the Hulk started to destroy everything he could. Stark
The Avengers argue with Tony Stark called for his Mark XLIV armor; he tried to contain the
"How were you guys planning on beating that?" Hulk in an enforced metal cage, but when this failed,
"Together." the friends began to fight. Eventually, Stark knocked
"We'll lose." the Hulk down, but not without collateral damage.[17]
"Then we'll do that together, too." The Barton Home
―Tony Stark and Steve Rogers[src]

After a brief battle, the lead Ultron robot was

destroyed, although it claimed it would attack again.
With the team gathered together, Stark began
examining the robot to understand what caused it. He
learned that it had destroyed J.A.R.V.I.S.' mainframe in
a rage. Thor stormed in and grabbed Stark by the The Avengers meet Barton's family

throat, accusing him of bringing destruction to the "What is this place?"

earth, Stark defended himself, however, claiming that "A safehouse."
he was coming up with a solution to end the war he had
caused. Stark asked how they were going to defeat him ―Thor and Tony Stark[src]
and Rogers responded that they would defeat him or To relax from their fears they had seen, and to hide
lose as a team. The team later learned that Ultron had until Maria Hillfinds Ultron, the team arrived to Clint
built himself a new body, had created an alliance Barton's Homestead, where they learned that Barton
with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff and had had a wife and two children. Thor quickly went to
killed Wolfgang von Strucker and was planning on meet Erik Selvig so he could help him understand the
stealing Vibranium from Ulysses Klaue.[17] vision he had been shown. Natasha
Battle at the Salvage Yard Romanoff and Bruce Banner talked about their
relations and Tony Stark and Steve Rogers argued

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

about the reason Stark had created Ultron. Nick presence on the net. We have to act now. And not one
Fury was also in Barton's home and he talked with the of us can do it without the others."
team about their next move to stop Ultron. Banner
then realized that Ultron wanted to improve his body,
so he needed Helen Cho and the Cradle device to Tony Stark and Clint Barton returned to the Avengers
create his ultimate body.[17] Tower. Barton brought with him the Cradle with the
synthetic body in it, and he went to search for
Battle of Seoul
Romanoff. Stark revealed to Banner that J.A.R.V.I.S.,
who was not destroyed by Ultron as he thought, was
the person who prevented from Ultron to get the
nuclear codes. Stark tried to convinced Banner to help
him put J.A.R.V.I.S. inside the body. At first, Banner
refused but Stark claimed that it was the only hope
they got to stop Ultron. Banner then agreed to help
The Avengers Quinjet in Seoul him. As the two were almost finished, Steve
"I could take out the driver." Rogers with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff came and
"Negative. That truck crashes, the gem could level ordered them to shut it down. After they refused, the
the city. We need to draw out Ultron." two and Barton fought against the three, but
suddenly Thor came in and revived the synthetic body
―Hawkeye and Captain America[src] with his lightning. The living body jumped out and
briefly attacked Thor until he looked out over the city,
Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye flew with
the living body apologized and called itself
the Avengers Quinjet to Seoul to retrieve
the Vision and claimed to wish to assist them to fight
the Cradle with the synthetic body in it. Tony
Ultron. Thor explained that he had seen the Vision in
Stark went to the NEXUS base in Oslo to find the
his vision and the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity
person who prevented from Ultron getting nuclear
Stones, that is in the Vision's forehead. At first the team
codes. During the fight, Wanda and Pietro
did not trust him, but as proof of his honor, Vision
Maximoff helped the Avengers against Ultron, after
handed Thor Mjølnir.[17]
they had discovered that he wanted to destroy the
human race. They helped Captain America to save Battle of Sokovia
civilians during the battle. Black Widow managed to
take the Cradle and gave it to Hawkeye, but she was
kidnapped by Ultron. Hawkeye was forced to fly to
the Avengers Tower to give it to Stark. The twins
convinced Rogers that giving the Cradle to Stark will
cause more troubles because he, like Ultron, could not
see the difference between saving the world and
The Avengers fight against the Ultron Sentries
destroying it.[17]
"Ultron knows we're coming. Odds are we'll be riding
Birth of Vision
into heavy fire. And that's what we signed up for. But
the people of Sokovia, they didn't. So our priority is
getting them out. All they want is to live their lives in
peace. And that's not going to happen today. But we
can do our best to protect them. And we can get the
job done. We find out what Ultron's been building. We
find Romanoff, and we clear the field. Keep the fight
The Avengers listen to Vision after his birth between us. Ultron thinks we're monsters and we're
what's wrong with the world. This isn't just about
"I don't want to kill Ultron. He's unique. And he's in
beating him. It's about whether he's right."
pain. But that pain will roll over the Earth, so he must
be destroyed. Every form he's built, every trace of his ―Captain America[src]

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

The Avengers, alongside Wanda and Pietro leads a new team consisting of Black Widow, War
Maximoff and Vision, Machine, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and Vision.[17]
found Ultron in Sokovia where Natasha Romanoff was
The facility was visited by Ant-Man, who was told by his
held. Bruce Banner freed her from her cell while the
mentor, Hank Pym, that an old piece of Stark
Avengers evacuated the city. Tony Stark and Vision
technologywas needed to further their plans. Falcon,
confronted Ultron and he revealed to them that he was
who spotted the intruder, engaged with him. After
planning to turn a part from Novi Grad into a meteor,
announcing himself as Scott Lang, he and Falcon got
lifted by Chitauri technology. The city was flying, and
into a brief skirmish, which resulted in Falcon's defeat
the Avengers fought against Ultron and his sentries.
and Lang's successful escape with the gadget. Falcon
The Avengers got assistance from Nick Fury and Maria
then put word on the street that he was looking for
Hill with the Helicarrier and they helped with
evacuating the city, and from James Rhodes who
helped with the battle. The Avengers regrouped to Project Ultimo
prevent Ultron from pressing the key that would cause
the meteor to fall, becoming an extinction level event,
killing billions. Ultron managed to kill Pietro Maximoff,
who sacrificed himself to save Clint Barton. Wanda
destroyed the main body of Ultron to avenge her
brother's death, but a sentry pressed the key and the
meteor fell. Stark and Thor caused the meteor to
explode and Vision destroyed the last body of

New Avengers
The New Team

The Avengers defeat Ultimo

The new members of the Avengers trained by Captain America and "Every team starts with a group of individuals. You
Black Widow want them to show what they're made of... assemble
them and find out."
"Well, we're not the '27 Yankees."
"We've got some hitters." ―Natasha Romanoff to Steve Rogers[src]
"They're good; they're not a team."
With many destroyed Ultron Sentries from the Battle
"Let's beat 'em into shape."
of Sokovia, HYDRAcollected many of the parts and took
―Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff[src] them to an undisclosed location in Eastern Europe,
where they used the parts to create a giant robot
With the defeat of Ultron, the original Avengers were
called Ultimo. HYDRA then used the Ultimo to attack a
no more. Banner flew to an unknown destination and
small village. The Avengers reacted to the attack and
was missing, Stark retired from active duty, choosing to
destroyed Ultimo.[24]
remain as a non-combative member of the team, Thor
returned to Asgard to research the Infinity Stones, and Attack on the IFID Headquarters
Barton officially retired from the roster and returned
home to his wife and children. With the help of Fury,
Hill, Cho and Selvig, a new base, remodeled from an old
Stark warehouse, was established for the Avengers,
located in upstate New York. Captain America now

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Falcon and Scarlet Witch in Lagos

"Eyes on target, folks. It's the best lead we have

The Avengers debate on the Sokovia Accords
on Rumlow in 6 months. I don't want to lose him."
"If he sees us coming, there won't be a problem. He "For the past four years, you operated with unlimited
kind of hates us." power and no supervision. That's an arrangement the
governments of the world can no longer tolerate. But I
―Captain America and Falcon[src]
think we have a solution. The Sokovia Accords.
The Avengers tracked Brock Approved by 117 countries. It states that the Avengers
Rumlow in Lagos, Nigeria. Captain America, Black shall no longer be a private organization. Instead,
Widow, Falcon and Scarlet Witchwaited to locate him. they'll operate under the supervision of a United
Once a garbage truck crashed into the Institute for Nations panel, only when and if that panel deems it
Infectious Diseases building, they went there and necessary."
fought against Rumlow's mercenaries. Captain America
―Thaddeus Ross[src]
entered the building, discovering that Rumlow had left
with a biological weapon. Rumlow and his mercenaries Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross visited the New
escaped to a market, where they split up. Black Widow Avengers Facility and explained to the Avengers that
managed to take the weapon and Captain America and although they had saved the world many times, the
Rumlow fought each other. governments of the world could not let them be an
independent organization. He showed them
the Sokovia Accords, a document that required the
Avengers to operate under the overseeing of an United
Nations panel. The Avengers and Tony Stark argued on
whether they should sign the Accords or not. Stark
highly supported it, since he felt guilty for
creating Ultron and the damages it caused. On the
other hand, Steve Rogers did not agree with the
Accords, claiming that the panel would send them
where they would not think they should go, or would
not send them where they should go. Eventually, only
Captain America interrogates Crossbones
Stark, Natasha Romanoff, James
At the moment Captain America gained the upper Rhodes and Vision agreed to signed the Accords while,
hand, he asked Rumlow who had hired him. Rumlow Rogers, Sam Wilson and Wanda Maximoff were
responded that it was Bucky Barnes and exploded against it.[25]
himself to kill Captain America. However, Scarlet Witch
caught the explosion with her power around Rumlow Home Falling Apart
and tried to move the blast away, but inadvertently
destroyed a nearby building and killing many of its
occupants. Rogers asked Wilson to call the

Avengers Civil War

The Sokovia Accords James Rhodes arrests Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky
Barnes and T'Challa

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

"I'm doing what has to be done, to save us from Ross gave Stark 36 hours to bring Rogers, Wilson and
something worse." Barnes in. Knowing he could not do it alone, he
"You keep telling yourself that." recruited the teenage vigilante Peter Parker, while
Romanoff recruited T'Challa. Rogers' team planned to
―Tony Stark and Steve Rogers[src]
take a Quinjet from the hangar and fly it to Siberia to
In Vienna, the United Nations convened to approve stop Helmut Zemo's plan.[25]
the Sokovia Accords. However, during the
Clash of the Avengers
conference, a bomb was set outside the Vienna
International Centre building, killing
the king of Wakanda. The authorities suspected Bucky
Barnes to be responsible for it. Steve Rogers, knowing
it was an illegal action, defended his longtime friend
from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre and T'Challa,
prince of Wakanda, who tried to kill Barnes in order to
avenge his father's death. This ended up with Rogers' The Avengers' factions fight each other
arrest by War Machine, along with Barnes, Sam "I'm trying to keep... I'm trying to keep you from tearing
Wilson and T'Challa. the Avengers apart."
"You did that when you signed."

―Iron Man and Captain America[src]

Captain America's team came to Leipzig/Halle Airport,

but Iron Man's team waited for them. They gave
Captain America one last chance to surrender, but he
refused. The scattered team of Captain America caused
a dispersion in Iron Man's team, who tried to catch
the Winter Soldier and prevent them from reaching
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers discuss the Sokovia Accords the Quinjet. The two teams fought each other until
Captain America and his team reunited and ran to the
The four were brought to the Joint Counter Terrorist Quinjet, but Vision arrived and stopped them with his
Centre Building in Berlin, where Stark once again tried energy blast. The two teams then faced and charged at
to convince Rogers to sign the Accords, but after he each other. During the fight, Hawkeye told Captain
discovered that Wanda Maximoff was under house America they would stay and only he and Winter
arrest by Vision under Stark's orders, he refused. As Soldier would go. Ant-Man increased his body to a
Barnes had a psychological test by a psychiatrist, a huge size to create a distraction for Captain America
power outage occurred. Rogers suspected the and the Winter Soldier to reach the Quinjet. Iron
psychiatrist had a part in it. Barnes managed to escape Man, War Machine, Vision and Spider-Man worked
from his cell and Rogers, Wilson, Stark, Natasha together to take him down. Once Captain America and
Romanoff, Sharon Carter and T'Challa tried to stop the Winter Soldier reached the hangar, Black
him. After Rogers prevented him from escaping in a Widow waited for them. However, she betrayed her
helicopter, he, Wilson and Barnes went underground. team and stunned Black Panther to help the two reach
Rogers questioned Barnes, who told him that the Zemo. As they flew away, Iron Man and War Machine
psychiatrist, Helmut Zemo, was most likely going to pursued them with Falcon behind them. Stark asked
the HYDRA Siberian Facility, where he could use the Vision, who checked on Wanda Maximoff, to take
highly trained Winter Soldiers, who possessed Falcon down. Vision missed his blast and hit War
enhanced abilities. Rogers did not trust Stark with this Machine's Arc Reactor. He crashed to the ground but
information, so he knew he must have a team to face he survived. Rogers and Barnes managed to escape.[25]
him and Zemo. He asked Clint Barton to free Maximoff Battle of the Leaders
from the New Avengers Facility and pick up Scott
Lang on his way to him. Meanwhile, Thaddeus

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Tony Stark visits the locked Avengers Steve Rogers frees the captive Avengers

"He's my friend." "So, no matter what. I promise you, if you need us, if
"So was I." you need me, I'll be there."

―Captain America and Iron Man[src] ―Steve Rogers[src]

Steve Rogers' teammates were arrested after the During the Battle at the HYDRA Siberian
battle in Lepzig/Halle Airport and were put in Facility, T'Challa, who had followed Tony Stark there,
the Raft prison. Tony Stark told Natasha prevented Helmut Zemo from killing himself and had
Romanoff that Thaddeus Ross knew she betrayed him arrested. After a few days, Stark helped James
them, who made her run from the authorities. As Stark Rhodes, whose legs were paralyzed after the fall, with
visited the prisoners, F.R.I.D.A.Y. informed him that the his rehabilitation in the New Avengers Facility. He
psychiatrist who had meant to interview Bucky Barnes, received a letter from Steve Rogers, explaining that he
had been killed by Helmut Zemo. Additionally, Zemo was sorry for the recent events and he wished they
also had a wig and facial prosthesis matching the could have agreed on the Sokovia Accords. While Stark
appearance of Barnes. Stark entered the Raft and read the letter, Rogers entered the Raft and freed Sam
asked Sam Wilson where he could find Rogers. After he Wilson, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff and Scott Lang.
told him, Stark wore his armor and flew to the HYDRA The Avengers disbanded, but Rogers promised Stark
Siberian Facility. that he and his team would be there for him if he
needed their help.[25]

Offering Spider-Man a Place

Captain America fights Iron Man

Meanwhile, Rogers and Barnes arrived at the facility

searching for Zemo. Stark also arrived and declared a
ceasefire to find Zemo. They found the Winter Soldiers,
all dead. Zemo revealed himself and explained that he
wanted revenge on the Avengers for his loss of his
Tony Stark offers Peter Parker to join the Avengers
family during the Battle of Sokovia. He showed them a
video from 1991, in which Barnes, "You're turning me down? You better think about this.
under HYDRA control, killed Stark parents. Stark Look at that, look at me. Last chance, yes or no?"
demanded that Rogers would tell him if he had known "No."
that. After Rogers told him he had known, Stark tried
―Tony Stark and Peter Parker[src]
to kill Barnes while Rogers tried to stop him, claiming it
was not Barnes' fault. The three fought viciously. The Following his experience with the Avengers, Peter
fight eventually ended with Rogers taking Barnes with Parker continued helping the people of New York City,
him and leaving his shield behind for Stark.[25] hoping that he would eventually be offered by Tony
Stark to join the team. Parker entered into a conflict
Avengers Disassembled
with the Vulture and his crew, which caused some
severe damages in the city. Stark was disappointed at
Parker, who let himself be in danger, so he confiscated

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

the Spider-Man Suit. However, Parker could not let the

Vulture complete his plan, so he stopped him from
stealing some Stark Industries tech and also led to the
Vulture's arrest. Stark was impressed by Spider-
Man and finally offered him to join his Avengers team
and a new suit. However, Parker declined the offer and
the suit, claiming that he should be helping the Spider-Man goes up the Q-Ship
ordinary civilians and learn more before joining.[26]
Meanwhile, Strange was battling Ebony Maw in an
Infinity War effort to prevent the Time Stone from being stolen.
However, Maw was able to gain the upper-hand on
New York Invasion Strange immobilizing him in the process. Parker,
despite his best efforts, was unable to save Strange and
left him hanging on to the Q-Ship, which was heading
towards space. It also caused Parker to run out of
breath causing Stark to order F.R.I.D.A.Y.to activate
the Iron Spider Armor in an attempt to parachute
Parker away from the ship to safety, but was
unsuccessful, with Parker stowing away on it. In the
aftermath of the battle, Wong decided to stay to
protect the Sanctum due to Strange's absence and
Banner opts to call Captain Americato help
The Avengers join forces with the Masters of the Mystic Arts
locate Vision.[27]
"What is this guy's problem, Mr. Stark?"
Attack on Vision
"He's from space, he came here to steal
a necklace from a wizard."

―Spider-Man and Iron Man[src]

Bruce Banner fell down on New York

Sanctum after Heimdall had used the Bifrost Bridge to
help him to safety, warning Doctor
Strangeand Wong that Thanos' imminent arrival was
coming. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts were talking Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Falcon come out of hiding
about Stark's dream to have a baby but were
interrupted by Doctor Strange who called upon Stark "We don't want to kill you. But we will."
and asked for his help. They explained the Infinity ―Black Widow to Proxima Midnight and Corvus
Stones to Stark in the Sanctum until they heard a sound Glaive[src]
outside. They saw the Q-Ship and were
approached by Black Order members Ebony While walking on the streets of Edinburgh, Wanda
Maw and Cull Obsidian, under the orders of Thanos to Maximoff and Vision noticed a news report regarding
steal the Time Stone. The four fought the Order the Attack on Greenwich Village. Vision suggested that
(although short-handed, as Banner was unable to turn he would leave immediately, and just when he was
into the Hulk, despite his best efforts). The battle about to, suddenly, he was stabbed by Corvus Glaive,
caught the attention of Peter Parker, who was on a in an attempt to extract the Mind Stone from
school bus returning from a field trip, felt danger and him. Proxima Midnight also arrived to help with the
saw the Q-Ship off in the distance. With the help of Ned extraction. Glaive demanded that Vision hand over the
Leeds, Parker was able to sneak away with his suit to stone, otherwise they would kill Maximoff. After being
go help. Parker arrived just in time to save Stark from cornered into a train station, the Black Order made
an on-coming attack from Obsidian. They continued their move to get the stone, when from the
together, deflecting all of Obsidian's advances until shadows, Captain America, as well as Black Widow,
Wong was able to teleport him away. and Falcon (who had been called by Bruce Banner to

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

locate Vision) came out of hiding to defend Maximoff The Avengers work with the Guardians of the Galaxy to
defeat Thanos
and Vision. Getting the upper hand, the Black Order
then retreated, in a failed attempt to secure the "The hardest choices require the strongest wills."
stone.[27] "I think you'll find our wills equal to yours."
Rescue of Doctor Strange ―Thanos and Doctor Strange[src]

With Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-

Man aboard the Q-Shipthat was on auto-pilot
towards Titan, they arrived and met the Guardians of
the Galaxy who arrived because of Nebula's order
to Mantis. The two groups mistook each other for
being allied with Thanos and fought each other until
The Avengers along with Doctor Strange head to Titan the identity of the Avengers were revealed. They
"All right, kid, you're an Avenger now." organized a plan to defeat Thanos, whose arrival was
to get the Time Stone. Doctor Strange looked over 14
―Iron Man to Spider-Man[src] million outcomes from the future and knew that they
would've only won once.
As Tony Stark attempted to locate Doctor Strange, he
ran into the Cloak of Levitation and Peter Parker and
became angry with the latter for disobeying his direct
order to return home. However, Parker claimed that he
could not stay as a "friendly neighborhood Spider-
Man" if there was no neighborhood in the first place.
Relenting, Parker came up with a plan to defeat Ebony
Maw and save Strange by having Stark blast a hole in The Avengers, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians subdued Thanos
the hull of the Q-Ship causing Ebony Maw to be sucked
Thanos arrived and were ambushed by the Guardians
out while Parker saved Strange from sharing his fate.
and the few members of the Avengers. They all each
fought valiantly and ferociously against Thanos and
managed to hold their own effectively, although they
could not restrain and defeat him despite their
capability of repeatedly keeping Thanos from closing
his fist, making him incapable of using the Infinity
Gauntlet, which was only brief as Thanos would quickly
Spider-Man is declared as an Avenger break out of any hold they attempted. However,
eventually, Nebula arrived and managed to distract
While Strange suggested they return to Earth, Stark
Thanos long enough that they all overpowered Thanos
insisted that they maintain the course the ship was
(albeit barely) and Mantis was able to hold Thanos into
heading and to ambush Thanos. Strange then told
a state of immobility, while the others were trying to
Stark that if it came down between sacrificing the life
work on removing the Gauntlet. The operation was
of Stark or Parker over the Time Stone he would for the
almost successful until Star-Lord, discovering what
good of the universe. Stark also appointed Parker as a
Thanos had done to obtain the Soul Stone, leading
member of the Avengers much to his delight.[27]
to Gamora's death, became enraged and started to
Battle of Titan react violently to Thanos; punching him, due to his
anger. The reaction made Thanos go free of Mantis'
hold and threw off many of the team, and then he
threw one of Titan's moon aboard the planet which
slowed others off.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

but he was saved by Captain America. However, the

overwhelming number of Outriders made it difficult for
the Avengers to contain, with many getting
overpowered. Suddenly, Thor arrived at the battle
from Nidavellir using a Bifrost Bridge, with his newly
made Stormbreaker and his new
Iron Man confronts Thanos in battle companions Groot and Rocket. Reunited with his
Doctor Strange confronted Thanos on his own and used fellow Avengers after three years, Thor and Captain
a couple of spells to attack Thanos, all of which were America remarked on each others hair and beards.
repelled effectively with Thanos's skill with the Infinity Bruce Banner used the Hulk Buster suit to kill Cull
Gauntlet's powers. Eventually, Thanos defeated Obsidian and Vision impaled Corvus Glaive with his
Strange after dispersing all of the mystical copies own scepter.
Strange conjured and stunning him long enough for
him to put him in a choke-hold using the Power and
Soul Stones. Iron Man then confronted Thanos, battling
valiantly, to the point where Stark made Thanos bleed,
but only found himself no match for the Titan, who
crushed Stark's armor bit by bit and swiftly defeated
him by stabbing him with his own nanotech-fashioned Captain America is defeated by Thanos
dagger. Strange bargained the Time Stone for Stark's
life and Thanos teleports to Earth, in search of the sixth However, unfortunately for the Avengers, as soon as
and final Mind Stone.[27] they had defeated all of Thanos's forces, at the same
moment Thanos had acquired the Time Stone and
Battle of Wakanda arrived on the Battle of Wakanda to get the final stone.
Seeing this, Vision told Maximoff it was finally time to
destroy the Mind Stone along with himself, which she
reluctantly accepted to do just as Thanos was
effortlessly knocking aside the remaining members of
the Avengers and Guardians that stood in his way.
Captain America was able to hold his hand back for a
The Avengers along with the Wakandansoldiers prepare to fight
short time before Thanos knocked him out with his
against the Outriders other hand.

"Cap, that's him."

"Eyes up. Stay sharp!"

―Bruce Banner and Captain America[src]

With Vision now a target of the Black

Order and Thanos, Captain America decided the best
place to protect him would be Wakanda. The Avengers and Rocket are heavily devastated over the loss of
their other teammates
Whilst Shuri worked on a way to separate the Mind
Stone from Vision and keep him alive, Captain Maximoff was able to hold back Thanos just long
America, Black Panther, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, enough to destroy the Mind Stone, however, Thanos,
War Machine, Falcon as well as M'Baku and his army in possession of the Time Stone, was able to reverse
held off the Black Order and Outriders. Black Panther her effects, bring both Vision and the Mind Stone back
was forced to open the barrier to stop the Outriders before killing Vision a second time and adding the Mind
from getting to Vision leading to the battle. During the Stone to his Gauntlet finally completing his quest. It
battle, Scarlet Witch decided to join, and was able to was at this moment that Thor, in a last-minute attempt
kill Proxima Midnight, with help from Black to stop him and avenge his people and brother,
Widow and Okoye. Meanwhile, Corvus launched a full-power assault at the surprised Thanos
Glaive managed to sneak up on Vision and attack him, and managed to impale Stormbreaker into Thanos'

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

chest and then twisted it as deep as he could into the Stark chose to leave the Avengers behind him, shaken
Titan's chest, wounding and agonizing him, as Thor by his unwitting role in the chaos Ultron caused. His
claimed he had kept his word that he would kill Thanos. choice to side with the Sokovia Accords led him to fight
However, the blow was not enough to kill or hinder the against his friend, Steve Rogers, causing the Avengers
Mad Titan and he simply mocked Thor, saying he to divide into two groups. Despite the team's
"should have gone for his head" before snapping his disbanded following the conflict, Stark continued
fingers and teleporting away. Thor stood in silence, working for the Avengers, notably training the
realizing and lamenting what he had failed to do. young Spider-Man as a potential member. Iron Man
Realizing they had lost, many of the Avengers started found himself teaming up with Doctor Strange and
to disintegrate, leaving the remaining surviving the Guardians of the Galaxy to defeat Thanos before
Avengers to look on in horror, unable to do anything he could complete his Infinity Gauntlet. However, they
but accept defeat.[27] failed to do so and Stark was left alone
with Nebula on Titanafter the rest were disintegrated
Members by Thanos.

Current Members Steve Rogers

Iron Man

Name: Steve Rogers

Activity: 2012; 2015 - 2016; 2018 - Present

Name: Tony Stark
Status: Alive
Activity: 2012; 2015; 2016 - Present
Description: Steve Rogers is a World War II veteran and
Status: Alive (on Titan)
the team's leader. After Abraham Erskine's Super
Description: Anthony Edward Stark, called Tony by Soldier Serumtransformed the frail Steve Rogers into
most, is a self-proclaimed eccentric genius, billionaire, the powerful and heroic Captain America, his amazing
playboy and philanthropist. After being abducted by World War II exploits made him a living legend. He is
the Ten Rings terrorist organization, who desired his considered to be the world's first superhero. Rogers
company's weapons technology, Stark constructed a destroyed multiple HYDRA bases, slowly crippling the
high-tech suit of armor that aided him in his escape. organization. During his final battle with the leader of
Shaken from the experience, Stark seeks to bring about HYDRA, the infamous Red Skull, Rogers crashed a plane
world peace using other suits, each one more advanced into the Arctic and was frozen in ice for nearly seventy
than the last. His heroic adventures have brought him years. He was eventually found by S.H.I.E.L.D. and
into contact with enemies, including Obadiah resuscitated. Shortly after his revival, Rogers found
Stane, Ivan Vanko, Justin Hammer and Aldrich Killian. himself alone in a modern world that he hardly
However, his self-destructive nature and love for fame recognizes. When Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D.,
made his actions less than discrete and attracted the called on Rogers to help save the world again, he
attention of Nick Fury. Stark reluctantly agreed to serve quickly suited up as Captain America, taking up
as a consultant to Nick Fury's peacekeeping intelligence his iconic shield and bringing his strength, leadership
agency S.H.I.E.L.D., and later teamed up with them and and no-nonsense attitude to the Avengers in
the Avengers to take down Loki during the Chitauri the Chitauri Invasion. After the team disbanded as a
Invasion. Usually, when not on his own or with the result of the Ultron crisis, Captain America formed a
Avengers, he teams up with his best friend and new lineup alongside Black Widow. However, he had to
partner, James Rhodes. After the defeat of Ultron, face against some of his members led by Iron

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Man because of Rogers' disagreements with

the Sokovia Accords and defending the Winter Soldier.
As a result, Captain America was tagged as a fugitive.
Rogers returned leading the Avengers
following Thanos's attack on Earth. He fought in
the Battle of Wakanda in order to
protect Vision's Mind Stone, but he failed when Thanos Name: Bruce Banner
claimed the stone and wiped out half of the universe.
Activity: 2012; 2015; 2018 - Present
Black Widow
Status: Alive

Description: Doctor Bruce Banner was a graduate

from Culver University who was hired by the military
general Thaddeus Rossto develop a new variation of
the Super Soldier Serum that brought Captain America
into being. Using gamma radiation, Banner succeeded
in his experiments, but the results were more
Name: Natasha Romanoff
disastrous than he thought as he involuntarily
Activity: 2012; 2015 - 2016; 2018 - Present transformed into a monster known as Hulk. Now,
fearful of the damage that Hulk could inflict, Banner
Status: Alive chose to live a discreet life in remote parts of the world,
Description: Natasha Romanoff, better known as Black working to cure the sick and help the poor while trying
Widow, is a former Russian spy and a member to elude those who would take advantage of his ability
of S.H.I.E.L.D., the international counterintelligence to change into the enormous, green menace. Unknown
agency that founded the Avengers, before to Banner, Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. watched over him
it collapsed at the hands of HYDRA. Even in her short and kept hostile forces off his back, as Fury saw
career at S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Romanoff has turned Banner's transformation as being a valuable asset to
covert espionage into an art form. Armed with an the agency's Avengers Initiative. Despite his chagrin,
extensive complement of high-tech weaponry and Banner aided the Avengers greatly in the Chitauri
armaments, as well as a vast repertoire of martial arts Invasion, and later became good friends with Tony
and hand-to-hand combat training, Romanoff's skill-set Stark and worked with him numerous times. Together,
seems to know no bounds. After Loki declared war the two created the artificial intelligence Ultron,
on Earth, Romanoff joined the Avengers, despite not initially as a peacekeeping program, only for the AI to
being applied to the initiative, and contributed greatly go rogue and force the Avengers to assemble once
in the team's battle against Loki and the Chitauri. She again. In the ensuing conflict, Banner was declared
and Captain America remained members of the team missing in action during the Battle of Sokovia and was
after the defeat of Ultron, recruiting new members last reported as being on the Avengers Quinjet. After
under Nick Fury's counsel. Romanoff initially supported two years on Sakaar, Hulk was returned to Earth
the Sokovia Accords, but chose to betray Tony Stark, by Heimdall to warn the Avengers of the coming
realizing the damage their fight against the Avengers of Thanos. However, Hulk's reluctance to take on
opposing the Accords was causing. After allowing Thanos again stripped Banner of his strength, forcing
Captain America and the Winter Soldier to escape, she him to use the Hulkbuster 2.0instead during the Battle
was forced to go on the run. She rejoined the Avengers of Wakanda.
following Thanos' attack on Earth and fought his army Thor
during the Battle of Wakanda.

Bruce Banner

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Name: Thor Odinson and had it modified by Hammer Industries into

the War Machinearmor. During the government's
Activity: 2012; 2015; 2018 - present
alliance with the think tank A.I.M., Rhodes became
Status: Alive known as the Iron Patriot to boost morale as he
investigated alleged attacks by the terrorist group
Description: Thor is the heir of Odin, the king of Asgard. the Ten Rings, until A.I.M. was exposed as being behind
When Thor's headstrong ways nearly plunged his realm them and Rhodes resumed using the War Machine
into war, Odin banished Thor to Earth as punishment, codename, which he personally preferred. Rhodes
where his otherworldly antics drew the attention of aided the Avengers during the Battle of Sokovia and
S.H.I.E.L.D. While in exile on Earth, Thor learned joined the team in it's second incarnation. Rhodes
humility and helped to save his new friends from a joined his friend Tony Stark and the Avengers who
destructive threat sent by his jealous adoptive supported with the Sokovia Accords and fought against
brother Loki. In the process, Thor redeemed himself in those who were opposed to them, ending in Rhodes'
the eyes of his father, and attempted to confront Loki getting injured and nearly paralyzed. He eventually
over his actions; the ensuing confrontation resulted in reunited and reconciled with his returning teammates
Loki's own exile. After being welcomed back to Asgard and helped them in battling Thanos’ army in Wakanda.
as a hero, Thor must now return to Earth once again to
prevent a cosmic-level catastrophe. With Mjølnir, a Former Members
legendary hammer with immense power, in his hand,
the mighty warrior soon finds himself drawn into an Quicksilver
unlikely alliance with Nick Fury's secret initiative, the
Avengers, lending his power to their cause against Loki
and his army. When the crisis with Ultron took place
years later, Thor grouped with the Avengers again.
However, once that ordeal had ended, Thor left his
mortal compatriots once more, returning to Asgard to
further understand his vision on the mysterious and Name: Pietro Maximoff
powerful Infinity Stones. Following Ragnarök and
losing his right eye by his sister Hela, and the Attack on Activity: 2015
the Statesman by Thanos, Thor went to
Status: Deceased
forge Stormbreaker with Rocket Raccoon and Groot,
and then joined the Avengers in the Battle of Wakanda, Description: Pietro Maximoff was a man who was born
where he helped his fellow Avengers in the Eastern European country of Sokovia with his
and Wakandan army to defeat Thanos's army and also twin sister, Wanda. When the twins were children,
made a failed attempt to kill Thanos. their parents died in a bombing involving Tony Stark's
weapons technology. As the two grew up, Sokovia was
War Machine
caught up in constant war and strife, and the twins
regularly took part in various protests meant to drive
military forces out of their home. Wolfgang von
Strucker, the leader of a secret HYDRA group set up in
Sokovia, recruited Pietro and Wanda to take part in a
series of tests involving the Scepter. The energy from
the scepter transformed the twins, granting them
Name: James Rhodes superpowers. Pietro himself was gifted with
superhuman speed, and his talents, as well as his
Activity: 2015 - Present sister's, led to their indoctrination by Ultron in his
Status: Alive campaign against the Avengers. The twins assisted
Ultron greatly for a time, before learning of his
Description: USAF Colonel James Rhodes was the genocidal intents towards humanity; they turned
military liaison to Stark Industries and a close friend of against Ultron, deciding to instead help the Avengers
Tony Stark. He appropriated his Mark II Iron Man suit stop him. However, Quicksilver was killed in the battle,

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

shot dead protecting Hawkeyeand the young boy he Name: Vision

had been trying to rescue.
Activity: 2015 - 2018
Status: Deceased

Description: Vision was a powerful synthetic life form

originally constructed by brilliant scientist Dr. Helen
Cho and then perfected by the deranged artificial
intelligence, Ultron, using the power of the Mind Stone
hidden within the Scepter. Ultron sought to make the
synthetic's body his own, but fortunately, the body was
claimed by the Avengers and perfected by Tony Stark,
Name: Clint Barton who uploaded into it the consciousness of his own
AI, J.A.R.V.I.S., granting the synthetic life. Calling
Activity: 2012; 2015
himself the Vision, the robot proved his faithfulness to
Status: Alive the Avengers and assisted them as a last minute
addition in the Battle of Sokovia. Vision himself was
Description: Clint Barton, also known as Hawkeye, is an
responsible for Ultron's defeat and remained with the
elite agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. A master marksman and
Avengers when they were reformed by Captain
specialist in archery, Barton has been assigned on
America. However, the Avengers divided into two
various different missions and faced numerous dangers
groups, after some of the members' disagreements
in his career; it was one of these missions that brought
with the Sokovia Accords. Despite his love
his comrade, Natasha Romanoff, into S.H.I.E.L.D.
towards Wanda Maximoff, he chose to fight her and
Before the Chitauri Invasion, Hawkeye was assigned by
the members who opposed the Accords. Vision was
Nick Fury to keep watch over Erik Selvig while the
killed by Thanos in the Battle of Wakanda when the
doctor was studying the Tesseract; Hawkeye was
Mad Titan undid Wanda's destruction of the Mind
subsequently brainwashed by Loki during
Stone with the Time Stone and personally removed the
the destruction of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. and
stone from Vision.
unwillingly aided him in setting up his invasion of New
York. However, after the attack on the Helicarrier, he Scarlet Witch
was freed from Loki's mental control and joined the
Avengers to fight against Loki's alien army. After that,
he continued to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. until its collapse,
after which he then returned to the Avengers and
assisted in bringing down Ultron. Once that threat had
been dealt with, Barton chose not to remain with the
Avengers and chose instead to return to his wife and
children. However, Barton teamed with Captain
America with his fight against the Sokovia Accords and Name: Wanda Maximoff
its supporters. After the Clash of the Avengers, Barton
Activity: 2015 - 2016; 2018
and the others siding with Captain America went into
hiding. While Romanoff went with Falcon and Captain Status: Deceased
America on secret missions, and Wanda Maximoff and
Vision stayed in Europe, Barton went into house arrest. Description: Wanda Maximoff was a native of the
Eastern European country of Sokovia who grew up
Vision solely in the company of her twin brother, Pietro, after
their parents were killed by weaponry of Tony Stark's
making. In an effort to help purge their country of
warfare, the twins agreed to undergo experiments with
the Scepter under the supervision of Wolfgang von
Strucker's HYDRA cell, and achieved superpowers as a

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

result, with Wanda attaining various telekinetic and Spider-Man

energy manipulating abilities. In his mission to bring
about the genocide of the human race, Ultron took
great use of the pair, manipulating their enmity
towards Tony Stark to serve his own needs. But upon
learning of Ultron's true motives, Wanda and Pietro
rebelled against the Android and joined up with the
Avengers in the Battle of Sokovia, where Pietro was
killed, leaving Wanda devastated. She later joined up
with Captain America's second incarnation of the Name: Peter Parker
Avengers. Maximoff disagreed with the Sokovia
Activity: 2018
Accords, causing her to fight against some of her
teammates, including her love interest, Vision. She Status: Deceased
later went on the run along with her fellow teammates
that opposed the Accords. She fought in the Infinity Description: Peter Benjamin Parker was a high school
War, during which she was disintegrated when Thanos student and a superhero with spider-like abilities,
used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half the life in the fighting crime as his alter-ego Spider-Man. After
universe. receiving his abilities from a spider's bite, Parker chose
to protect Queens from crime with his powers, juggling
Falcon all of his superhero duties and the demands of his high
school life. Despite his best efforts to keep his identity
secret from the world, he was found and recruited
by Tony Stark in the Avengers Civil War, while gaining
a new suit and technology in exchange for his help.
Following the Clash of the Avengers, Stark allowed
Parker to keep the suit for his time as Spider-Man.
Parker forged a reputation for himself in New York
Name: Sam Wilson
City and became a well-known local hero. He later
Activity: 2015 - 2016; 2018 stumbled into a group of criminals led by the Vulture,
who were creating advanced weapons from
Status: Deceased
stolen Chitauri technology, and went on a quest to
Description: A USAF veteran, Sam Wilson was one of defeat their own leader in order to prove to Stark that
the test pilots for the EXO-7 Falcon flight harness, but he was worthy of being an Avenger. Only after
after his partner Riley was killed in action, he worked defeating Vulture did Parker discover the true
as a counsellor for veterans in Washington, D.C., where responsibilities of a hero, so he decided to decline
he became acquainted with Steve Rogers. Rogers and Stark's offer of membership in the Avengers, in order
Natasha Romanoff turned to his help when they to continue being a "friendly neighborhood Spider-
discovered S.H.I.E.L.D. had Man". After he helped his mentor in rescuing Doctor
been compromised by HYDRA, and he donned his Strange from Ebony Maw, Stark made Parker an official
wings again to aid in stopping Project Insight. Avenger and the three fought alongside the Guardians
Afterwards, Wilson investigated the Winter Soldier's of the Galaxy to defeat Thanos on Titan. Thanos
whereabouts on Rogers' behalf as he was preoccupied however, managed to completely overpower them and
by leading the Avengers against HYDRA, before joining head for Earth. He was disintegrated when Thanos
the second incarnation of the team. He stayed loyal to used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half the life in the
Rogers as they faced against Iron Man and his universe.
supporters on the Sokovia Accords, causing Wilson to
go on the run with the rest of those who opposed the
Accords. He fought in the Infinity War, during which he
was disintegrated when Thanos used the Infinity
Gauntlet to wipe out half the life in the universe.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

e seu exército, numa batalha épica. Depois de o

AVENGERS Conselho da S.H.I.E.L.D decidir lançar um míssil
em Manhattan para destruí-la, o Homem de Ferro o
Nick Fury, diretor da agência de agarra e se sacrifica, indo até o espaço sem saber se iria
espionagem S.H.I.E.L.D., chega a um centro de poder voltar e lança o míssil na nave-mãe dos Chitauri,
pesquisa remoto durante uma evacuação. fazendo com que o exército alienígena seja destruído
O Tesseract, uma fonte de energia de potencial no exato instante em que os heróis conseguem fechar
desconhecido, já ativado, abriu um portal através do o portal. Após o combate, Thor volta para Asgard com
espaço, do qual o deus nórdico exilado Loki ressurge. Loki, Banner segue com Stark, Rogers vai embora com
Loki leva o Tesseract (Cubo Cósmico) e usa suas sua moto e Barton e Romanoff voltam para a
habilidades para controlar as mentes de várias pessoas S.H.I.E.L.D.
da S.H.I.E.L.D., inclusive o agente Clint Barton e o
Em cena pré-créditos, o líder dos Chitauri fala para
consultor físico Dr. Erik Selvig, a fim de que eles o
alguém que está de costas que lutar com os humanos
ajudem em sua fuga.
é cortejar a morte. O personagem oculto se volta e
Em resposta ao ataque, Fury reativa a Iniciativa sorri, revelando ser Thanos. Na cena pós-créditos, os
Vingadores. A agente Natasha Romanoff é enviada heróis comem um prato chamado "shawarma", que
até a Índia para recrutar o Dr. Bruce Banner, havia sido sugerido por Tony em uma cena anterior.
enquanto o agente Phil Coulson vai até Tony Stark e
pede que ele veja a pesquisa do Dr. Selvig. Fury vai
até Steve Rogers com uma missão para recuperar o
Tesseract de Loki. Durante seu exílio, Loki encontrou
os Chitauri, uma raça alienígena que busca conquistar SOLDADO INVERNAL
a Via Láctea com o Tesseract. Em troca do Tesseract,
os Chitauri concordam em ajudar Loki a dominar Dois anos depois da batalha de Nova York, Steve
a Terra. Rogers vive em Washington, D.C. e trabalha para a
agência de espionagem S.H.I.E.L.D. enquanto tenta
Homem de Ferro, Capitão América e Viúva Negra
se ajustar ao mundo moderno. Rogers, Natasha
viajam para a Alemanha para deter Loki, que está
Romanoff e a equipe S.T.R.I.K.E. liderada por Brock
roubando irídio para estabilizar o poder do Tesseract.
Rumlow são enviados para libertar reféns de um navio
Depois de uma batalha com Homem de Ferro e Capitão
da S.H.I.E.L.D. que foi dominado por piratas franceses
América, Loki se rende e é escoltado de volta para um
liderados pelo mercenário Georges Batroc. Durante a
avião da S.H.I.E.L.D. No entanto, Thor, irmão de criação
missão Rogers descobre que Natasha possuía uma
de Loki e deus nórdico do trovão, chega e tenta tirar
outra missão: extrair dados do computador do navio,
Loki do avião para conversar com ele. Homem de Ferro
por ordens de Nick Fury. Rogers retorna ao Triskelion,
enfrenta Thor, mas acabam cessando o conflito. Loki,
a sede da S.H.I.E.L.D. para confrontar Fury e lá é
em seguida, é devolvido ao porta-aviões da S.H.I.E.L.D.
informado sobre o projeto Insight: três aeroporta-
e colocado em uma cela projetada para prender o Hulk.
aviões com o objetivo de espionar satélites, destinados
Porém, a equipe ainda tem que descobrir onde está
a eliminar ameaças previamente. Fury suspeita do
localizado o Tesseract e impedir que ocorra a invasão
projeto Insight, logo depois de não conseguir decifrar
alienígena. No entanto, Clint Barton aparece e atira
os dados obtidos por Natasha.
uma flecha explosiva em uma das hélices. O Hulk acaba
despertando e luta com Thor. Os Vingadores se Durante o caminho para o encontro com Maria Hill,
separam, mas se juntam após o agente Coulson ser Fury é emboscado por um grupo de "policiais"
morto por Loki. Este escapa e vai até a Torre Stark com liderados por um assassino misterioso chamado de
a intenção de concretizar seus planos. O Homem de Soldado Invernal. Depois de uma perseguição intensa
Ferro chega à torre ao deduzir que ela é o local sobre o Fury consegue fugir para o apartamento de Rogers e
qual Loki pretende abrir o portal. O deus da trapaça avisa-o que a S.H.I.E.L.D. está comprometida. Depois
atira Tony da torre, mas ele se salva com a armadura de entregar a Rogers um pen drive que contém os
Mark-VII. O portal se abre sobre o edifício, e a invasão dados do navio, Fury é baleado a tiros pelo Soldado
começa. Os Vingadores se reúnem para enfrentar Loki Invernal. Fury "morre" durante a cirurgia, porém Hill

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

consegue recuperar seu corpo. No dia seguinte o dois aeroporta-aviões, mas durante a tentativa de
diretor da S.H.I.E.L.D. Alexander Pierce chama Rogers substituir o terceiro chip o Soldado Invernal destrói o
para o Triskelion. Quando Rogers se recusa a dizer uniforme de Wilson e trava uma longa luta com Rogers.
informações sobre Fury, Pierce o considera como Nesse meio tempo, os aeroporta-aviões preparam-se
fugitivo. Procurado pela S.H.I.E.L.D. Rogers se junta a para atacar seus milhares de alvos, e temos uma visão
Natasha. Usando os dados do pen drive eles rápida da Torre Stark, onde Tony Stark é apontado
descobrem que as informações criptografadas foram como um dos alvos do Insight. Depois da luta com o
originadas de Nova Jersey. Lá eles ativam um Soldado Invernal, Steve Rogers consegue substituir o
supercomputador que contém a consciência terceiro chip, dando assim o controle dos aeroporta-
preservada de Arnim Zola, que revela que desde que a aviões para Hill que os destroem. Rogers cai do
S.H.I.E.L.D. foi fundada após a Segunda Guerra aeroporta-aviões ao se chocar com o Triskelion, onde
Mundial, a Hidravem a controlando secretamente, Wilson lutava contra contra Rumlow, mas Wilson
semeando o caos global na esperança de que a consegue fugir antes do prédio desmoronar sobre
humanidade estaria disposta a entregar sua liberdade Rumlow. Rogers cai sobre o rio Potomac e é resgatado
em troca de segurança. Eles conseguiram escapar da pelo Soldado Invernal, que depois desaparece. Com a
morte depois que um míssil destruiu o local. S.H.I.E.L.D. em desordem, Fury forja sua morte
novamente, e vai para a Europa em busca de bases
Rogers e Romanoff recorrem a ajuda de Sam Wilson,
restantes da Hidra. Logo depois Natasha participa de
um ex-militar e paraquedista, de quem Rogers se
uma subcomissão do Senado. Rogers e Wilson decidem
tornou amigo. Durante a visita Rogers descobre que
rastrear o Soldado Invernal com a ajuda de Natasha.
Wilson possuí um traje especial que o permite voar e
que ele possui o nome de "Falcão". O trio deduz que o Em uma cena no meio dos créditos, Barão von Strucker,
agente Jasper Sitwell é um infiltrado da Hidra, eles o em um laboratório da Hidra, proclama que os esforços
interrogam e descobrem que Zola desenvolveu um da Hidra vão continuar, ele observa um cetro cheio de
algoritmo que pode identificar as pessoas que podem energia (que pertenceu a Loki e que contém a jóia da
se tornar ameaças futuras para os planos da Hidra, e mente, e dois prisioneiros: um com velocidade sobre-
que entre essas pessoas estão Natasha, Steve, Bruce humana (Mercúrio) e outra com poderes telecinéticos
Banner e até mesmo Stephen Strange. Os aeroporta- (Feiticeira Escarlate). Em uma cena pós-créditos,
aviões do projeto Insight irão vasculhar o mundo, Bucky Barnes visita uma exposição do Capitão América
usando armas guiadas por satélite com o objetivo de em um museu, o que faz ele despertar algumas
eliminar essas pessoas. No caminho para a sede da lembranças.
S.H.I.E.L.D., Rogers, Natasha e Wilson são emboscados
pelo Soldado Invernal que joga Sitwell para fora do
carro. Durante a luta, Rogers reconhece o Soldado
Invernal como Bucky Barnes, seu melhor amigo. O trio
é capturado pela S.H.I.E.L.D., porém Hill consegue
libertá-los e levá-los para um local seguro, onde Fury,
que forjou sua morte, está esperando com planos para Em Sokovia, os Vingadores - Capitão
sabotar os aeroporta-aviões substituindo seus chips América, Homem de Ferro, Thor, Viúva
Negra, Gavião Arqueiro e Hulk - invadem um posto
avançado da Hidra liderado pelo Barão Wolfgang
Depois que os membros do Conselho de Segurança von Strucker, que tem feito experiências em
humanos usando o cetro anteriormente
Mundial chegam para o lançamento dos aeroporta-
utilizado por Loki. Eles encontram dois dos
aviões no Triskelion, Rogers revela que a S.H.I.E.L.D. é experimentos de Strucker - os gêmeos
controlada pela Hidra. Natasha disfarçada de um dos Maximoff: Pietro, que tem super-velocidade,
membros do conselho, consegue desarmar Pierce. Fury e Wanda, que possui telecinesia - e tentam capturá-
chega e força Pierce a desbloquear o acesso ao banco los, enquanto Stark consegue recuperar o cetro de
de dados da S.H.I.E.L.D. para que Natasha possa vazar
os segredos da S.H.I.E.L.D. / Hidra. Depois de uma longa Tony Stark e Bruce Banner descobrem uma
luta, Fury mata Pierce com vários tiros. Enquanto isso inteligência artificial dentro da gema do cetro e,
secretamente, usam-na para concluir o programa de
Rogers e Wilson conseguiram substituir os chips de defesa global de Stark, denominado Ultron.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia
Inesperadamente Ultron desperta e ao refletir sobre global. Os Vingadores combatem o exército de
sua missão, ele conclui que para se alcançar a paz é Ultron e tentam atrasá-lo lutando contra hordas de
necessário destruir a raça humana. Ultron ataca, robôs no local da máquina para nenhum dos robôs
"destrói" J.A.R.V.I.S. e logo após, ataca os tocar nela. Wanda fica no posto para defender o
Vingadores durante uma festa comemorando a dispositivo que ativa a parte final do plano de Ultron.
vitória em sua torre. Ultron foge com o cetro para a Fury chega em um aeroporta-aviões com Maria
base da Hidra, onde passa a utilizar os recursos da Hill, Máquina de Combate e os agentes
base de Strucker para evoluir para um corpo melhor da S.H.I.E.L.D. para ajudar na evacuação de civis,
e construir um exército de robôs. Ele recruta os mas Pietro morre protegendo Barton dos disparos
gêmeos Maximoff, que possuem um rancor contra lançados por Ultron. Wanda percebe que seu irmão
Stark por ser o responsável pelo míssil que matou os está morto e abandona seu posto para destruir o
pais deles, logo depois, Ultron mata Strucker. Ultron, corpo principal de Ultron, permitindo, assim, que um
Wanda e Pietro visitam um estaleiro sul-africano do de seus robôs ative sua máquina. Parte da cidade
traficante de armas Ulysses Klaw para cai, mas Stark e Thor sobrecarregam a máquina e
obter Vibranium e, durante o encontro, Ultron destroem a cidade em pedaços, enquanto Visão luta
decepa o braço de Klaw. contra o último corpo restante de Ultron e o vence
lançando um laser de sua Joia do Infinito, destruindo-
Os Vingadores chegam para o combate, mas Wanda
o. Mais tarde, os Vingadores estabelecem uma nova
passa a controlar os heróis com visões
base no norte do estado de Nova York, dirigida por
assombrosas, fazendo com que Banner se
Fury, Hill, Cho e Selvig. Acreditando que a Joia da
transforme em Hulk, isso força Stark a usar Verônica
mente está segura com Visão, Thor retorna
(Hulkbuster) para detê-lo. Que em uma luta brutal
para Asgard na intenção de conhecer mais sobre as
eles destroem metade da cidade, antes de Stark
forças que ele suspeita terem manipulado os eventos
conseguir deter Hulk. Ultron consegue fugir, pois
recentes. Stark e Barton se retiram da equipe,
está conectado a internet e, por isso ele pode
enquanto Rogers e Romanoff formam os Novos
acessar qualquer dispositivo conectado a rede. As
Vingadores: Máquina de Combate, Feiticeira
dúvidas, medos e alucinações que Wanda causou
Escarlate, Visão e Sam Wilson.
fazem os Vingadores procurar um refúgio, esse
refúgio é a fazenda de Barton, onde se encontram Em uma cena no meio dos
com a mulher de Barton, Laura e os filhos deles. Thor créditos, Thanos recupera a Manópla do Infinito, e
se afasta da equipe para se encontrar com o Dr. Erik insatisfeito com o fracasso de mais um capanga, ele
Selvig para compreender o futuro apocalíptico que promete que irá caçar as Joias do Infinito
viu em sua alucinação. Percebendo uma atração pessoalmente.
entre eles, Romanoff e Banner planejam fugir juntos
depois de lutar contra Ultron. Nick Fury chega e
incentiva a equipe a formar um plano para parar CAPITÃO AMÉRICA:
Ultron. Em Seul, na Coreia do Sul, Ultron força a
amiga de Banner, Dr.ª Helen Cho, a usar sua
tecnologia de tecido sintético juntamente com a GUERRA CIVIL
gema do cetro para criar o corpo perfeito para ele.
Quando Ultron começa a fazer o upload para um Em 1991 (ano da extinção da União Soviética),
novo corpo, Wanda chega e lê sua mente na Sibéria a Hidra revive Bucky Barnes, o Soldado
descobrindo, assim, o seu plano para a extinção
Invernal, agente especial da agência para que ele possa
humana, os Maximoffs tentam desligar Ultron sem
sucesso. Rogers, Romanoff e Barton com a ajuda realizar uma missão com objetivo de abordar um
dos gêmeos caçam Ultron e recuperam o corpo veículo que tem como carga amostras do Soro Super
sintético, mas Ultron captura Romanoff. Soldado, assim ele faz e rouba tais amostras para que
Os Vingadores lutam entre si quando Stark, possam ser usadas em planos futuros da Hidra.
secretamente, faz o upload de J.A.R.V.I.S. - que
ainda está funcionando depois de se esconder Nos dias atuais, em Lagos, Nigéria,
dentro de Ultron na internet - no corpo sintético. Thor os Vingadores - Steve Rogers, Natasha
retorna para ajudar a ativar o corpo sintético com Romanoff, Sam Wilson e Wanda Maximoff -
raios, explicando que era parte de sua "Visão" e que impedem Brock Rumlow de roubar uma arma
a gema é uma das seis Joias do Infinito, os objetos
biológica na IFID. Derrotado pela equipe, o vilão aciona
mais poderosos que existem no universo.
Juntamente com Visão e os Maximoffs, os uma bomba acoplada nele mesmo com fim de se matar
Vingadores chegam à Sokovia, onde Ultron usou o e levar quem está ao seu redor junto, incluindo o
Vibranium para construir uma máquina que levanta Capitão América. Em uma tentativa de impedir o ato,
grande parte da cidade em direção ao céu, com a Wanda usa seus poderes para levitar o vilão, que acaba
intenção de lançá-la no chão para causar extinção
por explodir em um prédio no qual se encontravam

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

civis de Wakanda. A equipe entra em choque pelo aeroporto alemão, e são ajudados por Sharon Carter.
acidente. Em uma apresentação no MIT, Tony Stark é Steve apresenta o plano de Zemo e garante que pode
confrontado por uma mãe de luto cujo filho foi morto contar com o apoio de todos ali. A equipe de Tony
em Sokóvia. chega e começa um grande embate entra as equipes.
Os renegados decidem que apenas Steve e Bucky
No quartel general dos Vingadores, o Secretário de
devem escapar e que eles lhes fornecerão cobertura
Estado Thunderbolt Ross informa ao grupo que
enquanto os dois fogem em um quinjet roubado. Assim
a Organização das Nações Unidasprepararam uma
é feito e Lang se torna o Gigante para melhor
lei para regulamentar os heróis, o "Acordo de Sokovia"
desempenho de sua equipe. Rhodes e Visão tentam
aprovado por 117 países, estabelece um painel para
derrubar o quinjet mas o sintezoide acidentalmente
que eles possam agir quando, e se, necessário. Então a
atinge o colega e este se torna paraplégico pelo
equipe se divide: Stark fica do lado do governo, pois ele
impacto da queda. Os renegados são presos, mas Steve
se culpa pela criação de Ultrone a morte de muitos
e Bucky conseguem fugir.
sokovianos, enquanto Steve tem mais fé em seu
próprio julgamento do que o do governo. Em Viena, Indo para a prisão Balsa, onde os aliados de Steve
em uma conferência da ONU, o Tratado está a ser estão, Stark descobre que Zemo foi o responsável pelo
retificado, quando uma bomba mata o Rei T'Chaka, de incidente em Viena e Sam fala para ele que Steve e
Wakanda, e um vídeo de segurança mostra o Bucky estão indo para Sibéria para impedí-lo, então
responsável foi Bucky, a quem o filho de Tony parte para ajudá-los, mas sem saber que está
T'Chaka, T'Challa jura matar em favor de vingança. sendo seguido por T'Challa. Na base na Sibéria, Steve e
Bucky dão uma trégua ao Homem de Ferro, e juntos
Em Bucareste, Steve e Sam decidem ir contra o tratado
eles abordam Zemo, porém este lhes mostra uma
e agirem por conta própria para capturar o Soldado
gravação da missão realizada por Bucky em 1991, e lá
Invernal. O Capitão aborda seu antigo amigo, e ele
eles descobrem que o veículo abordado pelo Soldado
alega não ser o responsável pela explosão na ONU.
Invernal era pertencente aos pais de Tony Stark, e que
Steve acredita e combate uma força tarefa enviada
eles foram assassinados por Bucky durante aquela
para matar Bucky. T'Challa logo chega em seu traje de
missão. Assim é descoberto que Zemo não queria os
Pantera Negra e confonta Barnes, que é auxiliado por
Super Soldados que estavam naquele complexo, mas
Steve e Sam. O confronto acaba quando James
sim fazer com que os Vingadores se destruíssem
Rhodes chega com agentes do governo e prende os
através de richas internas. O plano funciona e Stark
quatro indivíduos. Em Berlim, eles são levados a
parte para matar Bucky, mas Steve se põe em defese
Everett Ross e Sharon Carter, mas Helmut
do amigo justificando seus atos pelo controle mental
Zemo aparece e liberta Bucky, ativando-o e brigando
que a Hidra o impôs naquela época. Tony não lhe dá
com todos, depois tenta fugir em um helicóptero, mas
ouvidos e luta contra ambos. Zemo está para fugir mas
Steve e Sam o capturam. Depois de recuperar seus
é abordado por T'Challa, que agora estava ciente do
sentidos, Bucky avisa para Steve que em uma base da
plano do vilão e sabe que ele foi o responsável pela
Hidra na Sibéria foram criados outros super soldados
morte de seu pai. Zemo explica a ele que fez tudo isso
igual a ele, e que Zemo pretende libertá-los e com eles
por causa de sua família, morta durante a Batalha de
sob posse, dominar os Estados Unidos. O Capitão sabe
Sokovia, e desde então ele dedica-se a destruir a
que precisará de ajuda para detê-los e para isso,
equipe por vingança. T'Challa se compadece pelo vilão
recruta Clint Barton e Scott Lang.
e decide não matá-lo, mas sim prendê-lo. De volta ao
Ross dá a Stark 36 horas para capturar os renegados. combate entre Steve, Bucky e Tony; Stark nocauteia
Para auxiliá-lo na captura, Tony conta com a ajuda de Bucky mas Steve não se rende e continua a lutar pela
Natasha Romanoff, Rhodes e T'Challa. Ele também defesa de seu amigo. Ele consegue subjugar o Homem
recruta Peter Parker, um jovem de 15 anos do Queens. de Ferro atingindo o reator de sua armadura. Assim ele
No complexo dos Vingadores, Wanda está sob parte junto com Barnes, mas deixa seu escudo para
contenção de Visão por ordens de Tony, que acredita trás. De volta ao complexo dos Vingadores, Tony cuida
que ela seja perigosa demais para estar livre entre civis. da recuperação de Rhodes com pernas sintéticas e se
Sob ordens de Steve, Barton a resgata mas é detido por sente aflito pela richa entre a equipe. Ele recebe uma
Visão, que acaba sendo subjugado pela garota, assim carta de Steve, que se desculpa por omitir o
ela foge com Clint. A equipe de Steve se reúne em um assasssinato de seus pais e lhe garante que o ajudará

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

quando necessário. Stark recebe uma ligação de Ross até Nidavellir para recuperar uma arma capaz de
que alega que os prisioneiros da Balsa fugiram com a matar Thanos.
ajuda do Capitão; Tony por sua vez prefere ignorar a
Na Escócia, Meia-Noite e Glaive atacam Wanda
mensagem do Secretário.
Maximoff e Visão. Rogers, Natasha Romanoff e Sam
Em uma cena no meio dos créditos, T'Challa dá asilo a Wilson os resgatam e se abrigam com James
Bucky em Wakanda, que se congela para não causar Rhodes na sede dos Vingadores. Visão se oferece
mais problemas. Em uma cena pós-créditos, Peter para se sacrificar fazendo com que Maximoff destrua a
ganha um novo brinquedo de Stark. Ao apertar o botão Joia da Mente em sua testa para impedir Thanos de
deste aparelho, ele vê uma silhueta com o formato da recuperá-la. Rogers sugere que eles viajem
máscara do Homem-Aranha sendo refletida no teto de para Wakanda e tentem remover a Joia, sem destruir
seu quarto. Visão.

Enquanto isso, Peter

AVENGERS: GUERRA Quill, Gamora, Drax e Mantis vão para Luganenhum e
encontram Thanos com a Joia da Realidade já em sua
INFINITA posse. Thanos captura Gamora e a leva para sua Nave.
Ela revela a localização da Joia da Alma, para que
Thanos pare de torturar Nebulosa. Em Wakanda,
O filme começa logo após a destruição de Asgard.
Bucky já curado, observa o seu novo braço, agora de
Tendo adquirido a Joia do Poder, do planeta Xandar, e
Vibranium. Thanos e Gamora viajam para Vormir, um
dizimando-o, Thanos e seus filhos adotivos Cull
planeta onde o Caveira Vermelha, guardião da Joia da
Obsidian, Fauce de Ébano, Próxima Meia-Noite e
Alma, informa que a joia só pode ser recuperada
Corvus Glaive interceptam a nave com os
sacrificando alguém que ele ama. Thanos começa à
sobreviventes de Asgard para extrair a Joia do Espaço
chorar, Achando que ele não ama ninguém ela sorri, O
do Tesseract. Thor, Loki e Hulk são impotentes para
guardião diz que não é por ele, Gamora tenta se
impedi-los. Heimdall usa a Bifröst para enviar o Hulk
suicidar, porém, Thanos, usando a Joia da Realidade,
para a Terra e é morto logo em seguida. Thanos pega a
impede, e relutantemente joga Gamora para a morte,
Joia do Espaço, Loki tenta engana-lo, Mas Thanos mata
lhe sendo concedido a Joia da Alma.
Loki antes de partir com seus filhos e destruir a nave.
Nebulosa escapa do cativeiro e pede que os demais
Hulk cai no Sanctum Sanctorum, em Nova York, onde
Guardiões a encontrem em Titã, a terra natal de
volta para a forma de Bruce Banner. Ele então
Thanos. Stark e Parker ejetam Fauce de sua nave e
avisa Stephen Strange e Wong sobre a chegada
resgatam Strange. Eles pousam em Titã, onde eles
iminente, e o plano de Thanos de destruir metade do
encontram Quill, Drax e Mantis. Strange usa a Joia do
universo. Após o aviso de Banner, Strange
Tempo para ver milhões de possíveis futuros e diz aos
recruta Tony Stark e o informa sobre Thanos e as Jóias
outros que existe apenas um em que Thanos perde. O
do Infinito, mas logo em seguida, Fauce e Obsidian
grupo forma um plano para confrontar Thanos e
chegam para recuperar a Joia do Tempo na posse de
remover a Manopla do Infinito. Thanos se
Strange. Banner não consegue se transformar no Hulk,
teletransporta para Titã para recuperar a Joia do
Stark então equipa sua nova armadura, a Mark 50.
Tempo. O grupo o subjuga até que Nebulosa chega e
Depois de uma batalha incluindo Peter Parker, Fauce
deduz que Thanos matou Gamora. Enfurecido, Quill o
captura Strange; Stark e Parker perseguem a
ataca, o que quebra o domínio de Mantis sobre a
espaçonave de Ébano enquanto Wong permanece para
Mente de Thanos, e ele os supera, e durante uma tensa
proteger o santuário. Banner entra em contato
batalha contra Stark ele empala-o. Depois de Strange
com Steve Rogers.
entregar a Joia do Tempo em troca de Thanos poupar
Enquanto isso, os Guardiões da Galáxia respondem a Stark, Thanos parte para a Terra.
um pedido de socorro da nave Asgardiana e resgatam
Thor, Rocket e Groot encontram Eitri em Nidavellir, já
Thor. Thor supõe que Thanos busca a Joia da Realidade,
abandonado, e os quatro juntos criam o Stormbreaker,
que está na posse do Colecionador em
um machado encantado que concede a Thor o poder
Luganenhum. Rocket e Groot acompanham Thor
da Bifröst. De volta à Terra, os Vingadores chegam a

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Wakanda e pedem para Shuri extrair com segurança a

Joia da Mente de Visão. O exército de Thanos invade
Wakanda e os Vingadores montam uma defesa ao lado
do rei T'Challa e das forças wakandanas. Thor, Rocket
e Groot chegam à Terra via Bifröst e se juntam à
batalha. Meia-Noite, Obsidian e Glaive são mortos e
seu exército é destruído. A chegada de Thanos incita
Maximoff a destruir a Joia da Mente a pedido do
Sintozoide, matando Visão, mas Thanos usa a Joia do
Tempo para desfazer suas ações e pessoalmente
recupera a Joia da Mente da testa de Visão, destruindo-
o mais uma vez, e ficando com todas as jóias na

Thor acerta um golpe, e fere Thanos gravemente no

peito, porém, o golpe não o mata, nem o impede de
ativar a Manopla do Infinito apenas com o estalar dos
dedos. Logo em seguida, o Titã se teleporta para longe.
O plano de Thanos se concretiza, e metade dos seres
do universo começam a se desintegrar,
incluindo Bucky, T'Challa, Wilson, Groot e Maximoff.
Em Titã Mantis, Drax, Quil, Strange e Parker também se
desintegram. Os heróis sobreviventes são deixados
separados: Nebulosa e Stark estão presos em Titã;
Rogers, Thor, Banner, Romanoff, Rhodes, Rocket,
Okoye e M'Baku permanecem no campo de batalha de
Wakanda. Thanos, aparentemente já curado, desperta
em outro planeta e observa o nascer do sol com

Em uma cena pós-créditos, Nick Fury está num carro

com Maria Hill, que está recebendo sinais da invasão
em Wakanda, porém, um carro os atinge, e Hill vê que
o carro está vazio. Logo após, eles vêem um
helicóptero se acidentar, e Hill começa a se
desintegrar, junto com os outros. Fury pega um
dispositivo, envia um sinal de socorro e se desintegra
logo em seguida. Após enviar o sinal, o dispositivo é
ativado e exibe uma insígnia de estrela vermelha e

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

certa podem se revelar a grande força de resultado.

Bem orientados, eles trazem para dentro do projeto

Os Vingadores: o que todo seu conhecimento e disposição e tornam

palpáveis o cumprimento de várias etapas do trabalho.

eles têm a nos O Homem de Ferro é a motivação. É aquele que faz as

coisas andarem. Claro que o planejamento é
necessário, mas às vezes gastamos tanto tempo no
ensinar? projeto que quando vamos implantá-lo ele já está
ultrapassado. Um pouco de impetuosidade dá energia
Quando temos um grupo de pessoas com e ela se faz necessária para que a equipe não se
características variadas, temos também um grupo de acovarde diante do novo. Isso também exercita o
pessoas com objetivos diferentes e que se motivam raciocínio e faz com que o grupo tenha respostas mais
de maneiras diferentes rápidas diante dos desafios. Como nas maratonas,
alguém precisa determinar o ritmo.

Thor, o deus, em suas próprias palavras se declara

Qualquer um que tenha acompanhado minimamente o intocável. É comum encontrarmos alguém assim nos
grande sucesso "The Avengers", percebe claramente a grupos. Porém, destoando do habitual, Thor não é
formação de uma equipe que tem todas as qualidades deslumbrado. Ele sabe de seu poder e exatamente por
para obter sucesso, mas que, como grande parte das isso sabe que não precisa subjugar os mais frágeis.
equipes, caminha em direção contrária a ele. Isso Sendo o "intocável", ele demosntra humildade pois
porque normalmente - e até naturalmente - quando sabe ouvir, sabe lutar ao lado dos demais e sabe
temos um grupo de pessoas com características compartilhar.
variadas, temos também um grupo de pessoas com
objetivos diferentes e que se motivam de maneiras E enfim o Capitão América. O líder nato. Uma grande
diferentes. representação de liderança. Mesmo em uma equipe
repleta de poderosos e gênios, a liderança que poderia
No grupo em questão temos pessoas com excelentes ser disputada, foi naturalmente concedida a ele e
níveis de instrução e treinamento e algumas que vão reconhecida pelos demais. Eles confiam na estratégia
bem além disso, com super poderes de precisão sobre- do Capitão América pois sabem que ele foi treinado
humana. para isso e o capitão corresponde transmitindo
Como essa discussão se baseia em uma ficção, segurança nos momentos de maior turbulência. Ele
pensemos apenas no que podemos absorver de "real" pode não ter o maior conhecimento e algumas vezes
de cada personagem. pode parecer antiquado mas o tempo todo ele mantém
o otimismo e a confiança em sua equipe e assim
Inicialmente temos no Gavião Arqueiro e na Viúva consegue extrair o melhor de cada um. E ser líder nada
Negra a face mais humana desta equipe extraordinária. mais é que isso: fazer sua equipe acreditar.
Mesmo sem nenhum super poder eles fazem de suas
habilidades grandes armas. Temos neles, entre outros, E assim, quando cada um reconhece a qualidade do
a persuasão, a sagacidade, a precisão e a eficiência, outro, automaticamente percebe que a equipe só
algumas inerentes destas pessoas, mas todas, por poderá funcionar se as individualidades forem
serem competências humanas, possíveis de serem deixadas em segundo plano. Mesmo que a motivação
aprendidas e melhoradas. São a prova de que todos são seja - e sempre será - diferente para cada um, o
importantes e são também a prova de que o indivíduo objetivo deve ser comum. Alguns vilões, a exemplo de
deve se fazer importante, buscando compensar suas Loki, podem ser mais difíceis de ser derrotados, pois
fragilidades com o aperfeiçoamento de seus talentos. eles pertubam nosso emocional e nos levam ao
extremo de nossas possibilidades. Mas se houver
sinergia dificilmente haverão metas inatingíveis e as
O Hulk é a representação de algo muito comum. características individuais, que a princípio parecem
Indivíduos que aparentemente são de difícil elementos que não combinam, se tornam peças chave
convivência ou de natureza arredia, com a motivação de uma equipe completa e de sucesso.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

O que podemos aprender com eliminar metade do Universo para, segundo

Vingadores: Guerra Infinita? ele, restaurar o equilíbrio do próprio Universo.

Como Vingadores: Guerra Infinita nos Talvez você esteja pensando: estou no blog
mostra que a liderança e o planejamento certo? O que isso tem a ver com a Voitto,
podem decidir o destino do Universo. Desenvolvimento Profissional ou
Gerenciamento de Projetos? Calma aí,
pequeno gafanhoto, já chegaremos a uma
(ALERTA DE SPOILER!) conexão. Por enquanto, apenas relaxe e se
divirta um pouco com essa análise inusitada
de Vingadores: Guerra Infinita.

A união faz a…

Bem, se você acompanha o MCU (Universo

Cinematográfico Marvel), você sabe que em
Capitão América: Guerra Civil os heróis se
dividiram em dois lados. Um lado, comandado
Aguardamos 10 anos por esse momento: a pelo Homem de Ferro, era a favor de que os
chegada do grande vilão Thanos, a maior heróis se registrassem e que as Nações
ameaça já enfrentada pelos Vingadores. Unidas os comandassem.
Vimos os heróis mais poderosos da Terra
crescerem e se desenvolverem como grupo e O outro lado, sob a liderança do Capitão
individualmente. Até que o grande dia América, foi contra esse registro, pois julgava
chegou… e, bem, eles não estavam que ao se sujeitarem a esse comando,
preparados. estariam perdendo a característica principal
de um super-herói, que é fazer o que ninguém
“Mas ei, espera aí, quem são esses mais pode fazer, ir aonde ninguém mais pode
Vingadores e que história é essa de Thanos?” ir, sem o risco das autoridades quererem
Vou explicar de forma simples e resumida. direcionar suas atividades de forma
Vingadores são um grupo de super-heróis dos conveniente ao governo, escondendo os
quadrinhos criado para enfrentar as ameaças verdadeiros problemas.
que nenhum herói poderia enfrentar sozinho.
Está entendendo onde quero chegar? Bem, a
“Mas e o Thanos?” Bem, pensa em um cara questão é que quando o maior desafio de
mau, agora pensa que esse cara mau é muito todos chegou, esses heróis tinham perdido
forte e poderoso a ponto de bater no Hulk! aquilo que os faziam poderosos de fato: a
Além disso, ele tem um exército sob seu coletividade, o trabalho em equipe. Não mais
comando. Para completar, esse sujeito quer agiam como uma equipe bem treinada e unida
em prol de um objetivo em comum.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

As consequências, como você viu durante o

filme, foram devastadoras. Perderam tempo
na resposta ao problema e acabaram lutando Desde o ataque a Nova York no primeiro filme
em vários núcleos separados contra Thanos. dos Vingadores, eles tiveram cerca de oito
Nos poucos momentos em que conseguiram anos para se preparar para esse ataque, mas
trabalhar juntos, quase derrotaram o vilão, mesmo assim falharam. Faltou uma análise
porém mais uma vez a individualidade de riscos detalhada, um planejamento mais
impediu que eles obtivessem êxito. eficaz. Isso nos mostra que mesmo a melhor
das equipes pode falhar se não mantiver
Não somente Peter Quill cometeu o erro de constantemente o foco, com uma estratégia
deixar seus sentimentos prejudicarem a atual e revisada.
equipe, mas também Thor, quando acerta o
peito de Thanos apenas para desfrutar sua Como Thor disse no final de Vingadores: A
vingança, ao invés de eliminar o vilão de uma Era de Ultron, várias jóias do infinito estavam
vez só. Os egos e problemas pessoais aparecendo no decorrer dos anos, o que
prejudicaram todo o desempenho positivo que significava que algo estava acontecendo,
a equipe tinha conseguido. possivelmente alguma coisa muito
ameaçadora. O que podemos linkar com o
O mesmo acontece em uma empresa. Veja risco de ameaça de um projeto. Se ele não for
bem, um projeto só será bem sucedido se identificado e combatido, ele pode levar todo
todas as partes da equipe trabalharem em prol o projeto ao fracasso.
do benefício da equipe, abrindo mão de suas
individualidades. O ego deve ser deixado de Lembre-se de que, da mesma forma, em uma
lado em prol da coletividade. empresa, os sinais de alerta costumam
aparecer muito antes do problema de fato, e
Não estou dizendo que as habilidades um bom líder deve estar atento a esses sinais
individuais de cada um devem ser reprimidas, e planejar as medidas necessárias para evitar
pelo contrário, devem ser exploradas de forma que os riscos se tornem prejuízo de fato.
a gerarem o melhor resultado possível para o
grupo e para o projeto. Mas há um exemplo positivo de planejamento
no filme. Mas de quem? De Thanos, é claro!
Além disso, a figura do líder é importante para Com paciência, o vilão elaborou um plano
a resolução de conflitos, para fazer com que para ser executado à longo prazo que
cada parte esteja em sintonia uma com a funcionou de forma brilhante. Sua equipe, A
outra, extraindo o máximo potencial de cada Ordem Negra, estava focada no objetivo
um de forma a desenvolver esse membro da traçado por seu líder.
equipe a um crescimento pessoal e
profissional. Onde estava esse líder em
Vingadores: Guerra Infinita?

Planejar é essencial Da mesma forma, em Vingadores: Guerra Infinita o

exército de Thanos estava, literalmente, disposto a

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

morrer pelo projeto. Ninguém hesita em cumprir sua

função como membro da equipe. Não estavam
divididos lutando contra si mesmos e, por isso, tiveram

Além disso, como bom estrategista que é, Thanos

evitou a todo momento conflitos desnecessários,
sabendo delegar funções para cada integrante do
grupo, mas agindo quando foi necessário. Em nenhum
momento, o Titã demonstra desespero e descontrole,
pelo contrário, age com absoluta calma e convicção.

Tão focado estava em seu objetivo, que foi capaz de

sacrificar a única pessoa que ele amava em prol daquilo
que ele considerava ser sua função. Guardadas as
devidas proporções e a completa insanidade de tal
atitude, ele demonstra um comprometimento total
com seu projeto.

Mais uma vez, os problemas pessoais e a divisão entre

os heróis os impediu de demonstrarem o mesmo
comprometimento e dedicação ao objetivo maior,
acarretando em prejuízo para todo o Universo

Então, como derrotar Thanos?

Bem, como os heróis farão isso no próximo filme dos

Vingadores cabe aos diretores decidirem. Quanto a
nós, para derrotar Thanos (leia-se problemas e riscos)
precisaremos seguir alguns passos bem definidos pelo
antigo conhecido da metodologia Lean Seis Sigma:
o ciclo PDCA.

Em resumo, precisamos de um planejamento capaz de

lidar com as possíveis ameaças a que um projeto está

Além disso, assim como em uma empresa existem

vários departamentos que muitas vezes não se
comunicam, não “tendo conhecimento da existência
um do outro”, como os Vingadores e os Guardiões da
Galáxia, para que se obtenha o sucesso todos precisam
trabalhar juntos em prol do bem da corporação.

E aí, tudo fez sentido agora? Espero que eu não tenha

me empolgado demais e deixado meu lado nerd
assumir o comando. Não deixe de nos dizer o que
achou nos comentários e ficar ligado para não perder
os próximos capítulos do nosso Blog.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

anos extras de história nas telonas e, mesmo

O QUE VOCÊ PRECISA assim, só fez um terço da grana).

SABER SOBRE OS O segredo para o sucesso é simples: todos os

filmes estão conectados. A Marvel criou uma
AVENGERS – SUPER grande história onde cada longa é um
capítulo. Na prática, mesmo quando uma
INTERESSANTE produção não é tão boa (como os dois
primeiros Thor) o simples fato de elas

Tudo que você

fazerem parte do quebra-cabeça atrai fãs
que querem ter a experiência completa.
O problema é que se trata de uma faca de

precisa saber dois gumes. O grande número de filmes

acaba assustando o fã recém-chegado, que

para entender
vai ter muita lição de casa pra fazer antes de
por o pé no cinema para ver o próximo
episódio. Esse é justamente o impeditivo

para quem quer assistir o novo filme do
estúdio, Vingadores: Guerra Infinita. O longa
exige que seu espectador tenha visto todos

Guerra Infinita” os 18 anteriores. Se você perdeu um (ou

todos), e mesmo assim quer entrar na
conversa sobre o filme, vamos te ajudar:
Perdeu um, dois ou todos os filmes da Marvel? Não abaixo você lê tudo que precisa saber de
tem problema. Separamos as partes importantes dos
longas anteriores, para você entender "Guerra Infinita"
cada um desses filmes, para
entender Guerra Infinita.
Por Felipe Germano

access_time8 maio 2018, 12h11 - Publicado em 27 abr 2018, Homem de Ferro (2008)
Quem você precisa conhecer
Há dez anos, a Marvel Studios era criada com Tony Stark: desenvolvedor de armas
um objetivo bastante claro: fazer filmes multimilionário que é sequestrado por um
sobre os personagens da editora. Deu certo. grupo terrorista e desenvolve uma armadura
O primeiro, Homem de Ferro, foi um sucesso. para escapar do cativeiro. Stark se torna o
Conseguiu US$ 585 milhões em bilheteria ao Homem de Ferro, para de vender armas e
redor do mundo e garantiu a produção de começa a utilizar sua nova invenção para
outros longas dentro do universo Marvel. De combater o crime.
lá pra cá foram 19 filmes, que juntos já
somam US$ 5,9 bilhões — é a franquia com
maior bilheteria da história do cinema (007,
para comparação, tem sete filmes a mais, 45

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

General Ross: militar americano, é pai de

Betty, interesse amoroso do protagonista.
Ross quer capturar Banner pois considera
Hulk um perigo iminente para o planeta.

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Pepper Potts: secretária de Stark, é também

seu par romântico, que vai acompanhá-lo —
e ajudá-lo — durante todos os filmes do
Homem de Ferro (Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Homem de Ferro 2 (2010)

Quem você precisa conhecer
Nick Fury: diretor da S.H.I.E.L.D., uma
agência secreta do governo americano
responsável por proteger os EUA de ataques
extra-oficiais. É interpretado por Samuel L.
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
Jackson. Ele aparece na cena pós-créditos
Eventos importantes de Homem de Ferro, mas só é devidamente
O filme termina com Stark revelando sua apresentado aqui. Fury deixa claro que está
identidade secreta em uma coletiva de tentando reunir uma equipe de pessoas
imprensa. “notáveis”.

O Incrível Hulk (2008)

Quem você precisa conhecer
Bruce Banner: um cientista que, após um
acidente durante seus experimentos, se
transforma em um monstro sempre que fica
com raiva. Nesse filme específico, ele tenta
fugir do governo americano enquanto se (Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
refugia no Rio de Janeiro.
Viúva Negra: Espiã russa interpretada por
Scarlett Johansson. Hoje ela trabalha para a
S.H.I.E.L.D. e atua em dupla com Stark,
quando é necessário.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
Veja também
Thor (2011)
Quem você precisa conhecer
Thor: o deus do trovão é um arrogante
guerreiro prestes a assumir o trono do
mitológico reino de Asgard — que, na
CulturaSeu vingador favorito aparece por quanto verdade, se trata de um planeta. Sua
tempo em Guerra Infinita?query_builder7 maio 2018 - principal arma é o Mjölnir, um martelo que
só pode ser levantado por ele, consegue
fazê-lo voar e conjurar raios.

CulturaTudo que acontece na Guerra Infinita dos

quadrinhosquery_builder16 mar 2018 - 18h03

Máquina de Guerra: o militar James Rhodes (Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

também já havia aparecido no Loki: deus da mentira, é irmão de Thor. Tem

primeiro Homem de Ferro como um amigo o poder de criar ilusões de ótica e é capaz de
de longa data de Stark. É nesse filme, porém, enganar praticamente qualquer um.
que ele assume a identidade de Máquina de
Guerra, com uma armadura semelhante à do
protagonista, mas com armamento mais
pesado. Acaba virando o parceiro oficial do

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Heimdall: interpretado por Idris Elba, é

dotado do poder de enxergar absolutamente
tudo. Ele também é o guardião de Asgard e
consegue conjurar portais
interdimensionais, que levam pessoas até o

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Bucky: amigo de infância de Rogers, já servia

ao Exército antes mesmo do Capitão. E se
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
transforma no fiel escudeiro do herói.
Eventos importantes
Ao longo do filme, descobrimos que Loki não
é asgardiano como se imaginava — e sim um
membro dos Gigantes de Gelo (inimigos
históricos de Asgard) adotado por Odin, deus
da sabedoria, rei de Asgard e pai de Thor,
como um sinal de paz entre os povos. Loki,
após um confronto com Thor, acaba
desaparecendo no espaço.

Capitão América: O Primeiro

Vingador (2011)
Quem você precisa conhecer
Capitão América/Steve Rogers: um jovem
americano franzino que, durante a Segunda
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
Guerra Mundial, tenta se alistar para o
Exército, mas é sempre rejeitado por conta Caveira Vermelha: nazista que, ao tomar
da saúde frágil. Rogers, então, se torna soro semelhante ao de Rogers, tem o rosto
cobaia de um experimento: é o primeiro a deformado e a sanidade mental destruída.
tomar um soro que cria supersoldados. Ele se Seu plano é construir novas armas que dêem
torna um homem musculoso, mais forte e a vitória à Hitler.
ágil que qualquer cara comum. Só que o
cientista por trás da criação da fórmula é
assassinado, e Rogers é o único a tomá-la.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

é, então, descongelado, e agora vive nos

anos 2010.

Veja também

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução) E se “Os Vingadores” tivesse estreado em 1978? Veja o

trailer retrô do filmequery_builder26 abr 2012 - 14h04
O que você precisa conhecer
Tesseract: um cubo brilhante azul
perseguido por Caveira. O objeto é um
antigo artefato que tem poder suficiente
para agir como gerador para a construção
das tão sonhadas armas do vilão.
CulturaMarvel anuncia parceria para produção de game
dos Vingadoresquery_builder27 jan 2017 - 17h01

Os Vingadores (2012)
O que você precisa conhecer
O cajado de Loki: o vilão reaparece na Terra
dotado de uma arma nova: um cajado que
pode controlar qualquer pessoa desde que
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
sua ponta seja encostada no coração da
Eventos importantes vítima.
Ao final do filme, Bucky, em confronto com
os inimigos, desaparece em uma montanha
de neve. Logo depois, Caveira e Capitão se
enfrentem a bordo de um avião que
sobrevoa o Ártico. O vilão pega com suas
mãos o Tesseract, mas o objeto emite uma
forte luz e o nazista desaparece. O cubo cai,
perfura o chão da aeronave e afunda no gelo. (Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
O avião cai com Rogers abordo. Há uma Eventos importantes
passagem de tempo no final do filme: 70 Nick Fury reune os heróis dos filmes
anos depois do fim da guerra, uma equipe anteriores para impedir Loki, que roubou o
busca o Tesseract no gelo. Eles encontram Tesseract. O filme termina com Loki usando
não só o cubo, mas também o Capitão — que o cubo para abrir um portal que transporta

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

um exército de ETs para Nova York. Tony

Stark entra no portal com uma bomba
atômica e sai instantes antes da porta se
fechar. Desde então, ele possui crises de
ansiedade pós-traumáticas. Ao fim,
descobrimos que Loki estava seguindo
ordens de um alienígena chamado Thanos.
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)
Thor: O Mundo Sombrio (2013)
Eventos importantes
O que você precisa conhecer
Descobre-se que Bucky não morreu, e serviu
Ether: uma substância mágica que consegue
de cobaia para experiências russas durante a
alterar as leis da física.
Guerra Fria. Vítima de uma lavagem
cerebral, ele tenta matar o Capitão durante
todo o filme — é ele o Soldado Invernal do
título. Ao final, Bucky mostra sinais de que
está recuperando a memória, salva Rogers e
desaparece. O longa também marca o fim da
S.H.I.E.L.D., destruída pelo Capitão depois
que ele descobre que os americanos
também tinham ligações suspeitas com os
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução) alemães nazistas.
Eventos importantes Guardiões da Galáxia (2014)
O filme termina com Thor capturando o
Ether, que durante toda a história foi usado Quem você precisa conhecer
como arma por um dos vilões. Ele entrega a Senhor das Estrelas/Peter Quil: um humano
substância para um homem conhecido como criado por alienígenas, foi abduzido logo
O Colecionador, um alienígena famoso por após sua mãe morrer de câncer. Como
seu gigantesco acervo de armas poderosas. lembrança da Terra, vive escutando um
Walkman com músicas dos anos 1980.
Capitão América 2: O Soldado
Invernal (2014)
Quem você precisa conhecer
Falcão: ex-militar, possui uma mochila que
lhe dá asas de ferro, se torna um novo
ajudante do Capitão e o ajuda a se integrar
no mundo contemporâneo. (Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Gamora: alienígena que mata tudo que vê

pela frente com uma espada, é filha de
Thanos, um tirano espacial.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Drax: ET sanguinolento, tem como objetivo

de vida matar Thanos, após este ter
assassinado sua família.

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Nebulosa: outra filha de Thanos, persegue

Gamora por esta estar fugindo do pai.
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Groot: árvore falante que consegue dizer

apenas a frase “Eu sou Groot”,
é extremamente poderosa. Consegue fazer
seus galhos crescerem e perfurar inimigos.
Trabalha como caçador de recompensas.
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

O que você precisa conhecer

Orbe: o artefato é uma rocha pequena
guardada dentro de um globo de ferro. Seu
portador consegue forças capazes de
destruir um planeta.

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Rocket Raccoon: um guaxinim falante e

extremamente inteligente, é fanático por
armas e parceiro de Groot.
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Eventos importantes Ultron — e teve inserido em sua testa a

Quill, Gamora, Groot e Rocket se unem para pedra do cajado de Loki.
capturar o Orbe e impedir os aliados de
Thanos de destruírem mundos com seu
poder. O objeto é, então, entregue à Tropa
Nova, uma espécie de polícia espacial. Ao fim
do filme, os protagonistas decidem seguir
juntos, sob o nome de Guardiões da Galáxia.
Na grande batalha final, Groot morre, mas (Marvel Studios/Divulgação)
um de seus galhos é plantado em um vaso, e
Eventos importantes
dá origem à um novo ser: chamado de Baby
Groot. Thor descobre que a pedra do cajado, o
Tesseract, o Orbe e o Ether são artefatos
Vingadores: Era de Ultron (2015) conhecidos como Jóias do Infinito, objetos
poderosíssimos, cada um com uma
Quem você precisa conhecer
habilidade diferente. O Tesseract é a Jóia do
Wanda/Feiticeira Escarlate: uma soviética,
Espaço — por isso, foi usado para abrir um
alvo de experimentos, consegue mover
portal sobre Nova York; o Ether é a Jóia da
objetos com a mente e controlar o
Realidade, capaz de distorcer as leis da física;
pensamento dos inimigos. Começa como
o Orbe é a Jóia do Poder, com força
adversária dos Vingadores, pois sua família
suficiente para explodir planetas inteiros; e a
havia sido vítima de uma das armas de Stark
pedra de Loki é a Jóia da Mente, que controla
(antes de ele se tornar o Homem de Ferro),
os pensamentos de outras pessoas. Também
mas termina como aliada, após entender
é revelado que Thanos, o mandante do
que os heróis planejam proteger populações
ataque à Nova York no primeiro Vingadores,
mundo afora.
está atrás das Jóias. Começa, então, uma
busca pelas pedras restantes.
O plano final de Ultron envolve levantar uma
cidade inteira ao espaço e arremessá-la de
volta à Terra para acabar com a humanidade
— assim como um meteoro um dia deu fim
aos dinossauros. Os Vingadores conseguem
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução) impedir a ação — mas, mesmo assim,
milhares de civis morrem durante a batalha.
Visão: um sintozóide (robô com partes
humanas) idealizado por Tony Stark, mas Depois de ajudar o grupo, o Hulk rouba uma
concebido pelo vilão Ultron (um robô que nave e desaparece, deixando a Viúva Negra,
planeja destruir a raça humana). O corpo do com quem tinha um romance, para trás.
Visão foi preenchido com a inteligência Capitão América: Guerra Civil (2016)
artificial de Jarvis, assistente pessoal do
Homem de Ferro, parte da inteligência de

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Quem você precisa conhecer grupo de heróis, então, se divide: Stark,

Homem-Aranha: Tony Stark descobre que o ainda traumatizado com os eventos do
Homem-Aranha, um misterioso vigilante primeiro Vingadores, defende a lei junto
atuando em Nova York, é o jovem Peter com Homem-Aranha, Visão, Máquina de
Parker. A partir de então, lhe dá um novo Combate e Pantera Negra. Capitão América,
uniforme e passa a servir como um tutor do ainda sem confiar em instituições depois de
adolescente. descobrir a verdade sobre a S.H.I.E.L.D., é
contra o controle governamental e defende
a autonomia dos heróis, ao lado de Falcão,
Bucky, Viúva Negra, Homem-Formiga (que
tem a capacidade de encolher ou crescer
quanto quiser) e Gavião Arqueiro (que nunca
erra uma flechada).
(Marvel Studios/Reprodução) O filme termina com Stark e Rogers se
enfrentando até quase a morte. Os
Pantera Negra: T’Challa, príncipe de uma
companheiros do Capitão são presos, mas
nação africana chamada Wakanda, é o
ele os solta e todos se tornam fugitivos.
Pantera Negra, um homem com uma roupa
Antes de desaparecer, o Capitão deixa seu
impenetrável e dono de uma força e
escudo para trás, afirmando que não pode
agilidade semelhantes às do Capitão
mais segurar a bandeira americana sendo
America. A identidade só é assumida dentro
perseguido pelo país. Ele ainda entrega a
de seu país, mas após ver seu pai ser
Stark um celular, dizendo que voltará a
assassinado em um atentado terrorista
aparecer assim que for chamado.
aparentemente orquestrado por Bucky,
T’Challa atravessa o mundo, como Pantera, Bucky é exilado em Wakanda.
para vingá-lo.

(Marvel Studios/Reprodução)

Eventos importantes
Após as mortes de Era de Ultron e acidentes
ocorridos no começo deste longa, a ONU
decide intervir. Um documento é criado
estabelecendo que os Vingadores só
poderão atuar sob as ordens da organização,
quando, onde e se forem autorizados. O

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

man against himself, other times to protect

QUOTES the planet against an alien invasion from another
universe [...] but the belief that drives us all is the same,
whether it’s one man, or all mankind."
– GUERRA INFINITA ―Nick Fury[src]
"Sinta medo, fuja, o destino chega de qualquer das The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement
formas. E agora, ele chegou. Ou devo dizer, eu and Logistics Division, better known by its
cheguei." acronym S.H.I.E.L.D., is an American extra-
governmental military counter-terrorism and
"E eles me chamaram de louco. E tudo o que eu previ
intelligence agency, tasked with maintaining both
se passou."
national and global security. Founded in the wake of
"Eu finalmente vou descansar e ver o sol nascer em the Allied victory over the Axis powers
um universo agradecido. As escolhas mais difíceis and HYDRA in World War II, S.H.I.E.L.D. was
requerem as vontades mais fortes." organized to protect the United States from all possible
threats. With its advanced weapons and extraordinary
- Thanos
agents, S.H.I.E.L.D. was maybe the greatest military
"Eu lhe asseguro, irmão, o sol vai brilhar em nós power on Earth. Run by Nick Fury and the World
novamente." Security Council in the modern age, S.H.I.E.L.D. had to
deal with the significant rise in enhanced individuals,
- Loki dangerous advanced technology, and alien contact. But
"Você não pode ser o Homem-Aranha amigo da all the problems S.H.I.E.L.D. had to solve eventually led
vizinhança se não existir vizinhança." to the formation of the Avengers, a response team
that was recruited to save the world during the alien
- Homem-Aranha invasion of Earth in 2012. The agency became publicly
"A raiva e a vingança, a fúria, a perda, o known after the Battle of New York, partially because
ressentimento, são todos motivadores tremendos. of the Rising Tide website.
Eles conseguem limpar sua mente, por isso estou In 2014, through the actions of Captain America, the
pronto para continuar." world became aware of the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D.
"Eu apenas estou vivo porque o destino me quer vivo. was infiltrated and largely controlled by the terrorist
Thanos é o último em uma longa linha de cretinos e organization HYDRA. After the battle in which
ele será o próximo sentindo minha vingança. O S.H.I.E.L.D.'s primary headquarters, the Triskelion, was
destino quer que assim seja." heavily damaged, all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s classified files
were dumped on the Internet, and the agency was
- Thor disavowed by its commanding governments and
labeled a terrorist organization. Many S.H.I.E.L.D.
O Universo julgou você. Você pediu um prêmio e ele
officials were taken into custody and subjected to
disse não. Você falhou. E quer saber porquê? Porque
rigorous questioning. However, despite the massive
você não ama nada nem ninguém."
manhunt on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agents, a few operatives
- Gamora scattered across the world in most secret bases
remained loyal to their oath, saving the most necessary
"Não é justo. Não devia ser você, mas é. Não tem
paraphernalia for future use. But the team most
problema. Você nunca poderia me machucar. Eu
responsible for the survival of S.H.I.E.L.D. was
apenas sinto você."
the team of Agent Phil Coulson, who valiantly led his
- Visão teammates against the forces of HYDRA led by the
traitors John Garrett and Grant Ward, winning
the battle in which Garrett's plan ultimately failed.
"The principle S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded upon was pure After that battle, Nick Fury appointed Phil Coulson the
[...] Protection. One word. Sometimes to protect one new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and tasked him with
rebuilding the agency from scratch.

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VII Torneio Temático de Debates – Aléxia e Rafaela #GoSudeste #Ralexia

Now working from the shadows and hunted by almost facto. Following Holden Radcliffe's betrayal for
every army in the world, Coulson used his old team as the Watchdogs and the replacement of almost every
the core of S.H.I.E.L.D. and recruited mercenaries, key agent by an LMD by him, Agents Johnson
former agents, and others to help fill the organization's and Jemma Simmons entered the Framework in
ranks, while simultaneously continuing the fight order to rescue their missing friends. Despite the
against HYDRA. At the same time, another faction of operation's success, they soon had to deal with Aida,
S.H.I.E.L.D. arose, this one led by Robert Gonzales, who became an Inhuman seeking to destroy
who refused to accept Coulson's authority, believing S.H.I.E.L.D. With the help of Ghost Rider, they killed
his faction to be the only "real S.H.I.E.L.D.". After her, but it caused the organization's shutdown, as Aida
the Battle for the Kree City, Gonzales' faction revealed and the Superior managed to frame Johnson for the
its existence, attacking and capturingCoulson's base, attempted assassination of Brigadier General Glenn
the Playground. This ignited an open conflict between Talbot.
the two S.H.I.E.L.D. factions. However, after
A short time after that, the alien Enoch sent the team
successfully working together to attack and
with the exception of Leo Fitz to the year 2091 in
destroy the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility, Coulson
order to fulfill a prophecy. They found themselves in
successfully proposed a merger of the two factions
the Lighthouse bunker, which was populated with the
which occurred in mid-2015. But the peace did not last
remaining of the human race, following a catastrophic
long, as the Inhumans, a super-powered humanoid
event that caused Earth's destruction. For the team to
race led by Jiaying, declared war on S.H.I.E.L.D. The
survive there, they had to blend in among the humans
fight was short and S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to prevent any
and fight the Kree who ruled the place under Kasius'
further damage. After the war, Coulson started a new
orders, while also finding a way back to the present.
programof recruiting and training Inhumans for
They eventually managed to return, joining with agents
a team to deal with various threats.
rallied by Deathlok and started a race against time to
The Inhuman Outbreak soon followed, and S.H.I.E.L.D. prevent the Destruction of Earth. After fighting against
had to stand against the implications it caused. General Hale's HYDRA, the alien Confederacy and a
Following the exposure and the abrupt end of HYDRA's mad enhanced Talbot, S.H.I.E.L.D changed the course
infiltration of the ATCU, S.H.I.E.L.D. was semi-legalized of history and saved Earth. However, Fitz died in the
as the black ops division of President Ellis' process. Since Coulson was dying, he and Melinda
administration, with the ATCU serving as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s May left S.H.I.E.L.D. to spent time together until his
public face. With HYDRA suffering a crippling blow, death and Mackenzie took over the mantle of Director.
S.H.I.E.L.D. became aware of the dark Inhuman, Hive, The remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then took off on a
and soon had to fight against his Inhuman army, which mission to find the past version of Fitz who was frozen
intended to transform all humanity into Inhumans. As in suspended animation in deep space.
the war with Hive reached its end, Agent Lincoln
Campbellsacrificed his life to destroy Hive in a nuclear
explosion in space.

In the aftermath of Hive's defeat, S.H.I.E.L.D. was once

again legalized following the signing of the Sokovia
Accords, but under a new Director, Jeffrey
Mace. Daisy Johnsonabandoned S.H.I.E.L.D. and
became a vigilante known as Quake. At the same time,
they had to deal with new threats, Eli Morrow, who
with the knowledge of the mysterious book called
the Darkhold, managed to gain incredible powers. In
order to defeat him, S.H.I.E.L.D. worked together with
Johnson and Ghost Rider. After the victory over
Morrow, Johnson rejoined the organization. The
revelation that Mace was not an Inhuman caused
Coulson to return to the possession as the Director de

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