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HOW TO WIN AN ELECTION (Lessons from the Experts) Ateneo School of Government © 2006 Outline of the Presentation = PREPARING TO WIN Assessing yourself as a candidate * Knowing the political terrain + Choosing the members of the team + Strategizing = RUNNING THE CAMPAIGN * You as the candidate * Logistical and operation requirements + Your communications plan "AFTER ELECTION DAY: THE REAL BATTLE BEGINS, PREPARING TO WIN: ASSESSING YOURSELF AS A CANDIDATE = NINE (9) THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN RUNNING (p. 24) 1 INTENTIONS (good or bad) 2 QUALIFICATIONS (aiscussed also later in class) Fiipino Citizenship’ regstere voter 1 year residency! read and write ‘adage requirements (21 for LGU ofclais/ 25 for HOR! 33 for Senate VALUES (basic moral and spiritual tenets) PERSONALITY — {intrinsic or externally friendly) REPUTATION. (dossiers of opponents) © SUPPORT MECHANISM (family, parties, campaign teams) 1 FINANCES (own money and external sources (party/ friends) ete.) © FITNESS (health, exhaustion, ete) ® CHANCES OF WINNING ASSESSING YOURSELF AS A CANDIDATE MUSTS TO WIN (p.33) 1 Rgood and marketable candidate 2 Abailiwick or atleast areas that can be penetrated 5 Adecent poo! of resources « Affliation with the right people or organizations = Awellplanned strategy & Amachinery VOTERS AND PROSPECTIVE DONORS QUESTIONS TO NEWCOMERS: (p 34) Who are you? What have you proven? What else can you do KNOWING THE POLITICAL TERRAIN Knowing the Battlefield (pp. 36 to 40) * Scan the political environment The voters + The SPEECS situation in the ares + The stakeholders and players + Putting alin your datobase * Size up the opponents + Their ales and enemies + Classify areas of strengths and weaknesses * Mapping your ballwicks (political mapping) CHOOSING THE MEMBERS OF YOUR TEAM (pp. 46-57) * OPERATIONS = FINANCE + Fund raising * Budgeting + Managing expenses + Suggested allacation per voter forgovernor P 200 {or representatives 250 for mayors 500 = COMMUNICATIONS * What to project (image: reformist, better than the opponent) * How to project (slogans, stickers, etc.) = SUPPORT ‘Researchers Paltical officers Legal exerts Think tank Kitchen cabinet STRATEGIZING (pp. 58 to 63) WHY — * Be clear about the rationale of your plan + Compartmentalize "HOW + Define your main approach + Speci! operations + Meaia projection + Organization = WHAT + Spell out sub-strategies that should fit into the main approach = WHO * Identify people in charge * WHEN * Seta time table or deadline. RUNNING THE CAMPAIGN: YOU AS THE CANDIDATE (p. 71 to 74) "PHYSICAL APPEARANCE * Dress appropriately + Limit the color scheme to two to three at most + Choice of eyeglasses = BASIC REQUIREMENTS IN COURTING THE ELECTORATE * Imarave your awareness level (the public must know you) * Build a good public image + Master the art of public speaking "PUBLIC SPEAKING DO'S + Be clear + Be focused + Be compelling + Be creative + Be concise LOGISTICAL AND OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS (p. 79) Urey Teese ana | Dataaioundatina: | PEERERTIE™™ none sanicerto Contac undecided votes [+ Do tansiea teephore ord | MEER ements | PERE veter * Increase volunteer | lesue regular bate and organize go | Statements, press Sutanduote etfors. | releases, YOUR COMMUNICATIONS PLAN = FAIR ELECTIONS ACT (R.A, 9006) (p. 101) * Print advertisements should not be more than ¥ page in broadsheets and half a page in tabloids three times a week per newspaper, magazine, or other publication ‘National candidates may use not more than 120 minutes of ads for TV and 180 minutes of ads for radio. + Local candidates may use no more than 60 minutes of television ads and 90 minutes of radio ads, "MAINTAINING GOOD MEDIA RELATIONS "WHAT MEIDUM TO USE (p. 104) + Television 67% credibility rating + Radio 20% + Newspaper 5% AFTER ELECTION DAY: THE REAL BATTLE BEGINS * HAVE YOUR WATCHERS, SUPPORTERS READY FOR COUNTING * WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR: (p. 109) * Rumor that you have quit, gotten dissatisfied, or conceded early + Harassment, intimidation, terrorism * Misreading and misappreciation of ballot entries, miscounting of tallies * Ballot box snatching to lose or replace the ballots and election returns + Tampering with the tallies, election returns, statement of votes, and certificates of canvasses, + Protest cases that can financially bleed you * Recall petition by constituents, financed by your opponents Reward Your Curiosity oan pon ye " fvaes = = - a ao o 5