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Collin Jacks

Professor Goeller

ENG 1201

16 March 2019

Annotated Bibliography

The year is 2019 and we have everything humans can possibly imagine. But yet people

still refuse to vaccinate their own children? Why are people not vaccinating their children? My

essay will be about why you should vaccinate your children. Diving into the essay it will contain

information about why you should vaccinate, reasons why people do not vaccinate their children

with counter arguments, medical testimonies revealing why you should vaccinate your children,

and covering topics and questions that arise when vaccinating your children.

Altenbaugh, Richard J. Vaccination in America: Medical Science and Children's Welfare.

Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

This book is a great tool to use for my essay because in this book it provides information

regarding the history of vaccinations, elimination of polio in America, and the anti-vaccine

movement. This book is a reliable source to use for my essay because it is published recently,

found via e library, and has no problems with the CRAAP test. I can use this source for

informing the audience about vaccines and how the anti-vaccine movement became such a big


“CDC Features.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and

Prevention, 30 Aug. 2018,

This source is useful for my essay because it is a government ran website that gives the

audience reasons why you should vaccinate your child. Reasons include… serious diseases are

still out there, sickness can spread very easily, and children need protection at an early age. This

website is credible for use because it is a .gov and tells the audience that this source is credible

because government websites cannot contain fake information. This source is a very basic source

with information, although it has some information it does not contain a lot of information. Just a

lot of quick facts and informing the reader to vaccinate their children.

Chido-Amajuoyi, Onyema Greg, et al. “Prevalence and Correlates of Never Vaccinated Nigerian

Children, Aged 1–5 years.” Vaccine, vol. 36, no. 46, Nov. 2018, pp. 6953–6960.

EBSCOhost, doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2018.10.006.

This source is another great source for why you should vaccinate your child. This article

reveals research in Nigerian children. Over 80% of Nigerian children are not vaccinated due to

socioeconomic factors and shows a high mortality rate in unvaccinated Nigerian children aged 1-

5. Many children in Africa are not vaccinated because of underlying factors including economics

and education. This is a good source to use for arguing why parents should vaccinate their

children because of the statistics revealing all the Nigerian children and correlations between not

vaccinating and mortality rates. This source is credible because it is a scholarly article from the

Department of Epidemiology at University of Texas MD where it was researched and published.

Health, High Intensity. “Paul Thomas, MD- Vaccine Friendly Plan.” YouTube, YouTube, 23

Aug. 2016,

This YouTube video provides key information for any parent having a child and wanting

to make the best and healthiest decisions for their children. This certified pediatrician is being
interviewed and informing people about vaccines and the stigma around vaccinations. He also

gives advice on which vaccines to take and which vaccines not to take. He explains himself very

professionally and is creates multiple videos about anything in the medical world. This video is

reliable because it has been made within the past 2 years, reveals important pros and cons about

vaccines, he also refers to his book a lot of the time that the doctor himself wrote. This video can

be used in my essay to help explain and show truth that doctors really care about vaccinations

and want you to have the most information on your side for when your child needs vaccinations.

He also talks about which vaccines you should and should not take showing that he is on your

side and wants the best for everyone.

Libster, Romina. “Transcript of ‘The Power of Herd Immunity.’” Ted, Ted, Nov. 2014,

This is another video that is a good tool for my essay. This video talks about why

vaccines are important and why everyone should be vaccinated. She shares a personal story from

her hometown and how vaccines helped break the chain of infections in her town. “Herd

Immunity topic”. This is another credible source because it is from an official organization and is

recent in the past 5 years. This video is from a popular and informative website. I can

use this story in my essay to help persuade people to vaccinate because of the herd immunity and

a personal testimony.

Matthijsse, Suzette M., et al. “The Health Impact of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in the

Situation of Primary Human Papillomavirus Screening: A Mathematical Modeling

Study.” PLoS ONE, vol. 13, no. 9, Sept. 2018, pp. 1–15. EBSCOhost,


This source is a mathematical modeling study showing the health impact of human

papillomavirus vaccine. This source is great to use for my essay because it shows the methods,

strategies, and results of the HPV vaccine screening. Revealing in the end that the vaccines

helped reduced the mortality rates and incidences of cervical cancer in girls and boys. This

source is reliable because it is a study that was in September 2018 in the Netherlands and

showing cause and effects of the HPV vaccinations in girls and boys also found on EBSCO host

via scholarly elibrary search.

Maty, Matthew. “Why Vaccinate?” History of Vaccines, 2018,

This website is my 7th source to use for my essay. This source provides information on

the history of vaccines and how they became popular and why they are used today for children

and adults. This information can be used for my essay to help inform people on how vaccines

started and why they are being used because of how effective they are. This source is reliable

because it comes from The College of Physicians from Philadelphia. The source was also

updated 2018 so it is very recent and has the sources from the information the author was talking