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Magazine from the 1920s

For this project, you will be required to make a 4-page magazine
which follows the life of The Great Gatsby. It is important that you choose 3
specific news-worthy areas of the novel in which you think the plot revolves
around and you will need to produce some sort of exciting article. It will
have to be in chronological order of when the events occurred in the book so
make sure you are not mixing up events. Below I have provided a rubric on
how this magazine should be created, follow the directions and you will do
great! This is an important test of your understanding of the novel, but it’s
also important you have fun with it.

Here are some tips for making a great magazine article:

 Be creative with font styles and color, but make sure it is easy to read.
 Organization is key! It must be easy to follow the train of events.
 Find an interesting quote outside the book. (Cite in MLA)
 Add photos relating to the plot and the 1920s!

Cover Page
On this page, it is important to have an intriguing cover, bring the reader in.
1. Choose a name for your magazine
2. Add title of each article somewhere on the cover & include a short
description of what the article is about (10 words).
3. Include a background picture revolving around one, or all of the
articles which you’re writing on.

Pages 1-3
This will be the main part of the magazine, put your best effort in these.
Requirements for Magazine Layout
1. Must be chronological
 Page 1- Event from Chapter 1, 2, or 3
 Page 2- Event from Chapter 4, 5, or 6
 Page 3- Event from Chapter 7, 8, or 9
2. Make an interesting title relating back to article.
3. Organize in two columns- if you don’t know how watch this
YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDwGoTjkhyo
4. Add one advertisement from the 1920s on each page- you can make
it relate to story or not, be creative.
Requirements for Novel Content
1. Two paragraphs on each page. Answer these questions.
 Plot summary of event you chose: Who, what, where, when and
why. (100- words)
 How does this event show aspects of the 1920s? (75- words)
2. Color the page with quotes from the novel (make sure to cite the
3. I need to know what event you are focusing on- so somewhere on
the page, include the novels page numbers that the event is shown.
Make sure it is visible.

Citation of Sources
 For quotes from the book, cite them as you have been doing in class.
 Quotes from the web, include name for origin and create a footnote
for the URL at the bottom of page- For help go here:
 If you are choosing to use an image from the web, add the URL for the
image in the foot notes as well.
If I see that there are no citations there will be a penalty.


For 5pts of extra credit feel free to include an additional page.
 Make a horoscope page
 Create your own advertisement
 Add a beauty regime
 Make a sports page
 Include a story that was from the 1920s (Cite where you got it from)