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Detailed Lesson Plan

Music Grade 7

As the 60-minute discussion end, the learners can perform the following with at least 80% of proficiency
a) identify the different secular music from the Lowlands of Luzon;
b) sing folksongs of the Lowlands of Luzon accompanied by improvised instrument available in the
surrounding and create appropriate movements or gestures to accompany the music selection; and
c) appreciate the significant social functions and purposes of secular music.


a. Topic: Secular Music of Luzon (vocal form) (MU7LU-la-h-7)
b. Material: visual aid, chalk board, music
c. References: MAPEH 7, Kto12 Curriculum Compliant Miranda, Queenie S. et al, pag14-20
d. Values Integration: appreciation and love to our very own music
e. Subject Integration: Appreciation of the Literature of the Philippines

Teacher’s Activity Learners’ Activity
A. Preliminaries
Everyone please rise for our prayer. Jane kindly -(Everyone stands and Jane leads the prayer)
lead us the prayer Let us pray. In the name of the Father … Amen.

-Good Morning Class! -Good morning Sir Jaymark. Good morning
classmates. It’s nice to see you.
-Please take your seats. -Thank you Sir (students will take their seats)

Checking of Attendance
- Let me check your attendance. Who is absent - (The students will say who is absent in their
from this row? (This will continue until the row.)
teacher asks the last row.)

Checking of Assignment
- Kindly pass your assignments in front - (Students will pass their assignment in front)

B. Review of the Lesson

- Let’s have a short review. What is our lesson - Our last topic is about the Devotional Music
last meeting? in Luzon Sir
- That’s right! What are the different sacred - Liturgical Songs or the songs sang in
music of Luzon? Liturgical Celebrations, Pasyon or the song
about the life and passion of Christ, Salubong
or the song sang during the Resurrection and
meeting of Jessus Christ and Mama Mary and
Flores de Mayo or songs sang for Mama Mary
in May.
- Very good! But to add, there are still more - None Sir.
like Credo, Pastores Senakulo, Santra Cruzan
and more. Do you still have any question?

- I’m glad that you leraned from our past - (The students does the petmalu clap)
lesson. And because of that, give yourselves a
a “Petmalu clap”.

C. Motivation
- Now group yourselves into four by counting - (The students will count off until it reach the
off. Let’s start from the last person at back. first person in the front.)

- And now we will be playing “Humming ko-

Hulaan mo”. I will be humming a particular
song and you will be guessing the title of the
- Okay let’s start.

(The teacher hums the songs) - The students guesses the songs well.

D. Presentation of the Lesson

- What have you noticed with our activity - You used familiar folksongs Sir.
- Exactly. I used folksongs from Luzon.

- But now let us tackle the different Secular

Songs of Luzon

- Who among you is familiar with Harana?

- Yes? Ashley. What do you know about - It is song used in courting a lady. Am I right
harana? sir?

- Exactly. It is used in courting a lady. And is

sometimes accompanied by guitar, violin or

- Next is Polka. - Is it like Polka sa Nayon dance Sir?

- Yes! It is a song in dance with duple time


- (The teacher will let the students listen to

Leron Leron Sinta)

- Next is this song.

- (The teacher will let them listen)

- Is the song familiar to you? - Yes Sir! It is the Pandanggo sa Ilaw. We used
to perform that during Buwan ng Wika.
- Very good! That is Pandanggo. A courtship
dance but is also used to entertain farmers in
the rice fields.

- Now let us Listen to Lawiswis ng Kawayan - (The students will listen to the folksong)
- It talks about courtship sir.
- What have you noticed with the song?

- Very good! The song you’ve just listened to is

called the Balitaw. It is a dialogue or courtship
song in triple meter. Mostly in 2 or 3 part
forms and arranged with counter melodies.

- Next is Kumintang. Kindly read what is a - Kumintang is a war song famous in Batangas.
Kumintang. It is a kundiman that gives Filipinos
inspiration to continue their fight for freedom.

- Next is the Kumintang. Please read the - Kundiman expresses the lofty sentiment of
definition of Kumintang. love and heroism, in passionate and
melancholic mood.

- Do you still have any question about the - None Sir!

Secular Music of Luzon?

- If none then we can have an activity now.

E. Application

- Okay with your same groupings sing one

secular music of Luzon accompanied by
improvised instruments found within the
school building. You will be graded using this
Criteria for Singing

Musicality – 40%
Creativity – 30%
Mastery – 20 % - Okay Sir!
Unity – 10 %
Total – 100 %

- Is it clear? If it is then I’ll be giving you 15

minutes to practice. - Yes Sir! We are all ready.

(After 15 minutes)

- Okay are you ready? - Students do the Boom Clap

- Students do the Galing Clap
(After Presentation) - Students do the Okay Clap
- Students do the AprubClap
- Let’s give the Group 1 a Boom Clap
- Let’s give the Group 2 a Galing Clap
- Let’s give the Group 3 an Okay Clap
- Let’s give the Group 4 a Aprub Clap

- You all did it very well class. Thank you for

your cooperation.
- Yes sir. We really enjoyed it so much.
- It was quiet challenging sir but in the end we
G. Generalization all made it.
- As we sing, we realized that each song has its
- Did you enjoyed the activity? own purpose.
- What can you say with the activity we had? - And we realized that we should be proud with
our music and the literature we have in this
- What have you realized then? country and region.

- What more have you realized?

- I agree with you. As a Filipino, we should be - Harana

proud of these songs because this is a clear Polka
manifestation of our country’s rich culture and Pandanggo
heritage. What are the secular music of Balitaw
Luzon? Kumintang

- None sir.

- Do you still have any questions?

- Okay because there is none. Prepare for a


I. Identify the secular music described in each item. Write your answer in a ¼ sheet of paper.
1. A type of dance written in duple time signature.
2. It is a war song that became famous in Batangueno.
3. A dialogue or courtship song in triple meter.
4. It expresses lofty sentiment of love and heroism, in passionate and melancholic mood.
5. It is a traditional practice of courtship in which a young man woos a maiden through a song.
II. Identify the type what type of Secular Muisc is the song below.
1. Sistsiritsit
2. O, ilaw
3. Lawiswis ng Kawayan
4. Nasaan ka Irog
5. Mutya ng Pasig

Key to Corrections
1. Polka
2. Kumintang
3. Balitaw
4. Kundiman
5. Harana
6. Polka
7. Harana
8. Balitaw
9. Kundiman
10. Kumintang

Compose at least 3 stanza of song inspired by our love to the culture and traditions of our society. Write itt in a
short bondpaper.

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