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Dear stuff,
My name is Amina and I’m a 15 years old student at St.Sava National College from Bu-
charest -Romania. Two months ago a few institute representatives members came to our
school to provide some new launching scholarships. I was delighted to hear that I can have
a small chance to discover what fashion really is and to deepen the knowledge in this vast
field. I would like to be considered for "Milano School , the 3 weeks junior course”.
Since I was a child,I knew that art defines me and I couldn’t be more happier than in the
moments when I was creating paintings.My parents gave me at the age of seven at an art
gallery called Basil,since then I’m going weekly.
Recently, I have been thinking more deeply about my future and my career and I realised
that there wouldn’t be a better job for me like" Design”. Why I choose design? I’ve chosen
design because it has a huge impact on people’s lives, we are surrounded by things from
cars ,high-tech websites , toothbrushes, human-centred design leads to the creation of great
products or services throughout a deeper understanding of people and their needs. It also
for pursing a more creative and openminded approach to life. I have attended to several de-
sign lessons at the gallery, from the interior to the graphic one, engraving and even archi-
tecture. But most of all I was attracted by the fashion design. I chose Instituto Maragoni
because in my country there isn’t such an university with so much value and history like
this one.Because the Italian fashion has always been a world leader which formed so many
geniuses. I admire this college through the two great well-known fashion designers who
funded Moschino and Dolce Gabbana ,as well as the more recent gratuated students with
an endless talent like Daizy Shely. I have the chance to learn from the best teachers in the
field ,the tricks of this job and also the institute is part of the elite ,who reminds me of the
similarity with St. Sava National College.I will learn a modern curriculum, interacting with
successful brands: Adidas; Balenciaga;Kenzo;Valentino and so many others. I will meet
educated people in different cultures with different projects and ideas.
During the panting courses organizated by the Basil Gallery I obtained the diploma for the
best pointe-seiche engraving ,plus the 1 st place at the Photofantastic contest section poster
edition 1-march 2017.One of the most beautiful moments I had at my first art show at ERI-
CRISART gallery.
With my talent ,love for fashion ,coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to achieving
success ,I believe I could fit in for this scholarship.I appreciate your time and considera-
tion.I look forward to discussing the position in further detail.

Amina C. Stoenescu