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Eligibility to Work in the UK

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It is our legal obligation to ensure that we accurately record the immigration status of all staff
employed by the University; all employees will undergo a 'Right to Work' check prior to their first day
of employment where copies of documentation proving your right to work in the UK will be taken.

If you require sponsorship to work in the UK you must provide details of your current immigration
status below. Please note that if you become a "preferred candidate" you will be required to produce
original qualification certificates and a scanned copy of your passport before a Certificate of
Sponsorship can be provided; we will contact you with details of how to provide these documents.

All documents submitted in accordance with Home Office regulations will be copied and may be
required to be submitted to Home Office officials for verification or confirmation of your legal right to
work in the UK. For further information please see the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Tier 2 visa holders: please note a new Tier 2 visa would be required for any employment at
Loughborough University.

Immigration Status

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Do you require permission to work in the UK?Mandatory field

Do you require sponsorship to work in the UK?Mandatory field

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Supporting Information

Expected PhD study end date (dd/mm/yyyy)

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Supporting Information

Please use the section below to outline your skills and expertise that are relevant to the job you are
applying for. Please also explain any gaps in your employment history.
You should clearly demonstrate, using examples, how you meet each of the "essential" and as many
as possible of the "desirable" criteria stipulated in the Person Specification (included in the Job
Description file download).

It is advisable to write your Covering Letter in a plain-text editor (such as Notepad) and then paste
the text into the below box to avoid your application timing-out.

Please upload a CV or any supporting information, such as a publication list, that you have not
included on this form. Only one document is allowed and should be clearly named as part of your
application, for example SMITH, John Joseph.