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CONFIDENTIAL, ‘AMIJUN 2018/ADME51 UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA FINAL EXAMINATION COURSE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT COURSE CODE : ADMS551 EXAMINATION JUNE 2018 IE 3 HOURS INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1 2. 3, This question paper consists of four (4) questions. ‘Answer ALL questions in the Answer Booklet. Start each answer on a new page. Do not bring any material into the examination room unless permission is given by the invigilator, Please check to make sure that this examination pack consists of i) the Question Paper ii) an Answer Booklet provided by the Faculty ‘Answer ALL questions in English. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO This examination paper consists of 2 printed pages (© Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL, CONFIDENTIAL, 2 AMIJUN 2018/ADM551 QUESTION 1 Many organizations buy into the idea that employees’ orientation is important to make them feel welcome and valuable to the company. Identify any FIVE (6) benefits of having orientation program. (25 marks) QUESTION 2 Peers appraisal provides a unique perspective on performance. While managers are best able to assess an individual's outcomes and results, peers provide insight into an individual's interpersonal interactions and skills. Discuss any FOUR (4) reasons of using peer appraisal in performance evaluation. (25 marks) QUESTION 3 In addition to fringe benefits, employees were also offered with ranges of services provided at the discretion of the management. Illustrate with example any FIVE (5) services offered to employees. (25 marks) QUESTION 4 poate any FOUR (4) reasons given by supervisors for their failure to impose disciplinary penal (25 marks) END OF QUESTION PAPER (© Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL,