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New Client Requirements

We need to create a Catalogue of courses for all users in the system. We will use a Netflix style to
display the courses and we will use Tags to identify what categories those courses belong to.

The user will be able to navigate side to side to view different courses. When you select a course, it
will open with the image, description and a button to enrol.

When a learner first signs into the system (for the very first time), we will navigate them to the
profile page where they can set up their preference for courses. These can be change at any time.

The user will add a number of different terms that they like to learn and start typing. It will display
results where are already in the system, available to them. When they select it, it will add to the list
which they can remove at any time.
When you create a course, you can add a maximum of 10 tags per course which will refer to the
interests. This will be used to pull into the Catalogue.

Client Admin
Client admin will be able to upload eLearning courses and register users. They will be able to create
Classroom, Webex and eLearning (the same as system admin).

Course management
Within Course management, we will add Private and Public to the course. This will be set for both
Super admin and Client admin.

Super Admin
Super admin will configure courses to be public or private. If a course is set to private all client
portals can see this course and tags within their preference and catalogue. If the course is set to
Private, the Super admin as to either enrol the Client or individual users or team. (typically this will
be the client)

Client admin
When a client makes their course public, this becomes part of the catalogue within the system and
anyone can view the course. If the course is set to Private, only that client portal can see that course.
This can be changes at any time within course management.
Catalogue management
Super admin will be able to switch on the ability to see courses from the public, this is in case a client
only wants to use their own courses in their catalogue and no others. We can also stop all public but
still allow private but standard settings will be allow all public courses.

Login Screen
This client requires the ability to customise the login screen for a portal, so we would need to be
able to provide the client with a url like Domainname.com/Clientname so that they can see that
login page. We could built this as a page builder/website builder drag and drop.

This can be configured by Super admin and Client admin from configuration. They would need to be
able to add background images, add a logo, change the text and change the colour of the box and
even make it transparent.

We need the ability to allow users to register to the system (but this can be switched off from the
client portal login)

If you register, we are going to create a open platform which allows any user to be able to sign up
and start using some of the courses. So we will create a standard portal and any user that logs in will
become a learner in that portal. They will have access to all public courses.