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T H E J H C d e l i v e r i n g j o i n t s u c c e s s o n o p e r a t i o n s

Wildcat cuts it’s teeth on

Trident Juncture

for Army Air Corps

Commando Fliers in
Baltic Exercise
j o u r n a l o f t h e j o i n t h e l i c o p t e r c o m m a n d

Contents Issue 4, 2015

Cover story
Wildcat cuts its teeth on
Exercise Trident Juncture.......... 10

Vector Aerospace
Commemorates final UK
Lynx Helicopter depth
Maintenance event...................... 5
Op GRITROCK, TSW Personnel
parade through London.............. 8

Looks like a Merlin, 16 22
flies like a Merlin.......................... 9

Capability Begins
27 Sqn find their
sea legs on COUGAR 15............12
Exercise Demon Gunner............14
Signed, sealed and delivered,

With Training…
final Chinook MK6 arrives
at RAF Odiham...........................15
Arrcade Games for
Commando fliers in the Baltic....16
Return of the Pegasus
Aviation Training International Limited (ATIL) is a 50:50 joint venture marks a new future for 16X........18
between AgustaWestland Limited and The Boeing Company.
LANDING 15............................... 20
It was formed in 1998 as a special purpose vehicle to deliver
the Attack Helicopter Training Service contract for the UK Army. Honours and Awards................. 21
The contract was financed under a PFI arrangement.
ATIL holds a unique position as a training organisation in being able A busy but successful season.... 22
to provide total synthetic training solutions in the areas of Aircrew,
Groundcrew and Maintenance training. A range of equipment is 9
employed to represent the sophisticated systems that reside within an
aircraft of the complexity of the Apache.
From weapons to avionics, each device allows students to familiarise
themselves with some of the most advanced technology in the world. The
equipment is based on full size aircraft systems and provides a high degree
of fidelity offering the necessary tactile and visual cues, greatly reducing the
need to use operational aircraft for training purposes. Constant investment
by the MoD and ATIL in technology insertions has ensured that the training
system remains one of the most up to date in the world.

Aviation Training International Limited Editorial Submission Date…

Coldharbour Business Park, View this publication

Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4JW FRIDAY 25th march 2016 online please scan the
QR code using your
smartphone or tablet.
Pl e a s e s u b m i t a ll e n t r i e s f o r t h e n ex t i s s u e by n o l a t e r t h a n t h e d a t e s t a t e d a b ove.
Tel: 01935 810300
Email: enquiries@atil.co.uk This publication is copyright Lance Publishing Limited and may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form in whole or in part without prior written permission of Lance Publishing Limited.
While every care has been taken during the preparation of this magazine, Lance Publishing Limited cannot be held responsible for accuracy of the information herein or for any consequence
arising from it. Views Expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the Royal Air Force or the Ministr y of Defence. All images © Crown Copyright unless other wise stated.

Web: www.atil.co.uk
visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 3
Foreword PEOPLE

Foreword MeettheTeam
Vector Aerospace Commemorates
Final UK Lynx Helicopter

About Vector Aerospace

Vector Aerospace is a
global provider of aviation
Editor: Sqn Ldr Mark Radbourne

Depth Maintenance Event

E: JHC-RPS-Media-SO2@mod.uk maintenance, repair and
overhaul (MRO) services.
T: 01264 381 122 Through facilities in Canada,

the United States, the United
sales ector Aerospace (www. which the Fleetlands team have anticipated. However, we shall Kingdom, France, Australia,
Sales Manager: Laurence Rowe vectoraerospace.com), carried out on the UK Armed continue to provide world- South Africa, Kenya
E: laurence@lancepublishing.co.uk a global independent Forces’ fleet in conjunction class support for international and Singapore, Vector
Aerospace provides services
T: 01536 526 662 provider of aviation with scheduled maintenance operators of the Lynx platform,
to commercial and military
– maintenance, repair and overhaul routines. Since 2005, over 600 as we have done in recent customers for gas turbine
Designer (MRO) services, held a recognition Depth maintenance events years for both the French Navy engines, components
Designer: Rowena Wilson ceremony on Friday 4th December have taken place, reinforcing and the Portuguese Navy.” and helicopter airframes.
E: rowena@lancepublishing.co.uk to commemorate the last Vector Aerospace’s reputation Tyrrell continued: “The team Vector’s customer-focused
T: 01536 526 673 Depth maintenance event to be as a world leader in maintaining here at Fleetlands has taken team includes over 2,300
motivated employees.
– completed on a UK Armed Forces the Lynx helicopter family. tremendous pride in supporting
Vector Aerospace holds
Publisher Lynx helicopter at the company’s With the introduction of the UK’s Lynx fleet, which has approvals from some
Lance Publishing Ltd, 1st Floor, Fleetlands site in Gosport. the Wildcat helicopter, the seen service with the Army Air of the world’s leading
Tailby House, Bath Road, The event, which recognised Lynx is now reaching the end Corps and Royal Navy in many turbine engine, airframe
Kettering, Northants NN16 8NL the site’s 37-year support of the of its operational life with theatres of operation, including and avionics OEMs.
Powerplants supported
T: 01536 512 624 UK Armed Forces’ Lynx fleet, was the UK Armed Forces, and the Falkland Islands, Northern
include a wide range of
E: mike@lancepublishing.co.uk attended by many of the people maintenance of this type will Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq and turboshafts, turboprops
W: www.lancepublishing.co.uk who have worked on the platform no longer be required by the Afghanistan, and which is still and turbofans from General
2015 was a year of significant change and missed by all those at RAF Company Registration No. 3253372 over the years, along with senior Ministry of Defence (MOD). on active service around the Electric, Honeywell, Pratt &
achievement for the JHC; the Chinook force Benson and across the Joint – representatives from Defence Michael Tyrrell, Managing world. Aircraft availability from Whitney Canada, Rolls-
completed its long-term commitments in Helicopter Command. Printer Equipment & Support (DE&S), Director of Vector Aerospace Vector’s Depth maintenance line Royce and Turbomeca.
Vector Aerospace also
Afghanistan and in relief, the Puma Mk2 made its 2016 will be a challenging Lance Print Ltd, 29/30 Stapledon Joint Helicopter Command UK, commented: “It is both has remained high throughout
provides support for a wide
first operational deployment on Op TORAL. year as we continue our Road, Orton Southgate, (JHC) and Navy Command. a sad and a proud day to see these operations, and we range of airframes from
commitments in Kabul and Peterborough PE2 6TD Throughout its life, the Lynx the last of these aircraft leave hope to be able to continue

Airbus Helicopters, Bell,
he JHC also said exercises, across 6 countries, at home. We will also be T: 01733 390 564 – which has held the official the site. Although the UK this long heritage of providing Boeing and Sikorsky, its
farewell to 16 Air incorporating over 3,500 busy in the field once again, E: lanceprint@lanceprint.co.uk helicopter world speed record Lynx fleet will keep flying until superior customer service capabilities including major
inspections and dynamic
Assault Brigade after troops and 50 helicopters. exercising and honing our W: www.lanceprint.co.uk since 1986 – has undergone many 2018, no additional Depth for other MOD helicopter
component overhaul, and
16 years. However, We achieved many capability skills for a multitude of – modifications and upgrades, level maintenance events are fleets in the future.” offers full-service avionics
our close ties with the Brigade milestones in 2015, Merlin is now contingent scenarios that Further Information capability, including
will continue as we exercise operating under the command we may be called upon to W: w ww.mod.uk/defenceinternet/ aircraft rewiring, mission
with them throughout 2016 of CHF and the first interim conduct at anytime. Again, aboutdefence/whatwedo/ equipment installation and
and beyond. We worked hard Mk3i aircraft are currently this will require us to work airsafetyandaviation/jhc glass cockpit upgrades.
to regain the skills required in being put through their paces closely with each other and –
the contingent environment, at RNAS Yeovilton, we also interoperate with our allies. Cover credit
and this saw our people saw Wildcat hit the front line © MoD Crown Copyright
exercising around the world, and deploy on COUGAR while I want to thank you all for
often with NATO allies. This the final Chinook Mk6 aircraft the professionalism and
culminated with the COUGAR was delivered to the UK in determination you have
deployment and Ex TRIDENT December. These developments demonstrated in 2015 and
JUNCTURE which saw an array in capability will safeguard look forward to seeing you
of JHC aircraft deployed in the JHC’s ability to support in the field during 2016.
the embarked environment, Defence well into the future.
projecting the key capabilities Sadly, we lost 2 of our Good luck and
of LIFT, FIND and ATTACK most capable officers in a Happy New Year.
from HMS Ocean among other tragic accident in Kabul, Flt Lt
ships. Overall, 2015 saw the Alan Scott and Flt Lt Geraint Maj Gen Richard Felton CBE
JHC take part in 10 separate ‘Roly’ Roberts will be sorely Commander JHC

Please turn to page 10 for the cover story

L Z DZ M a g a z i n e i s a l s o o n l i n e a n d c a n b e f o u n d a t : w w w. l z d z o n l i n e . c o . u k

4 Issue 4 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 5

Germany and so it is a privilege

to be present as 1 Regiment
accepts the Fahnenband from
Brigadier General Hein. This is
an honour gratefully received,
expressing a sentiment that

is absolutely mutual.”

Major Stuart Hughes said:

“Today has been a significant
occasion in the history of 1

for Army Air Corps

Regiment Army Air Corps. It
is an honour to receive such a
prestigious award of gratitude and
Written By: Kerry Randall appreciation from the German

Officers and soldiers from he Fahnenband, a Brigadier General Hein people and demonstrates the very
1 Regiment Army Air Corps Ribbon of Honour made addressed the Regiment strong bond our two nations share.”
(1AAC), based at the Royal of silk in the German thanking them for their service Lance Corporal Matthew
Naval Air Station (RNAS) national colours, was in his country. He said: Vella said: “I joined the Army
Yeovilton in Somerset, were presented to the Regiment by “This bond has grown Air Corps when the Regiment
presented with the highest Brigadier General Martin Hein, between us and will never be was in Gutersloh, it was a busy
honour that can be bestowed the Defence Attaché at the broken. As a mark of special time as we were in high demand
on an Allied unit by the Federal German Embassy in London respect and deep gratitude, for exercises and tours, but I
Republic of Germany at a for their dedicated work in it is now my great pleasure to thoroughly enjoyed my time in
parade on 24 November 2015. Germany and was received present to you the Fahnenband The Ribbon of Honour of the “1 Regiment is pushing hard as it uniquely entwined with its time Germany. It is a great honour for
by Major Stuart Hughes, the – Ribbon of Honour – here at Federal Republic of Germany transitions to Wildcat. As a result, in Germany, a partnership that us to receive the Fahnenband
Regiment’s Second in Command. your new base, your new home. is the highest decoration that the pace of life has been frenetic was positive, productive and from Brigadier General Hein.”
can be awarded to a foreign since it returned from Germany, profound. Put simply, everybody
unit. This award is a symbol of with so much time spent looking who served with 1 Regiment in 1AAC are now looking ahead to
Germany’s deep gratitude and forward that opportunities to Germany misses it, and every 661 Squadron AAC completing
appreciation for all you have pause – once in a while – to tale includes the immortal their Conversion To Role training
done in and on behalf of the reflect on the past are few and lines: those were the days. in January 2016 and their first
Federal republic of Germany.” far between. Today is one such I too have fond memories overseas deployments with
Whilst music was provided by moment. 1 Regiment’s history is of serving with 1 Regiment in the Wildcat AH Mk1.
the Band of The Rifles, Brigadier
General Hein inspected the
soldiers on parade, taking time
to speak to each individually
about their experiences of
serving in Germany before
taking the opportunity to have
a closer look at the Army Air
Corps newest helicopter, the
Wildcat Attack Helicopter Mk1.
After the presentation,
Brigadier General Hein said:
“Coming over from London
as the German Defence Attaché
for this presentation has been a
great privilege, to see the service
members of 1 Regiment AAC on
parade today and receiving this
great honour which my country
expresses with handing over the
Fahnenband. I am very much
looking forward to the continued
close cooperation between our
two nations and our Forces.”

Colonel Mike Smith,

Commander of the Aviation
Reconnaissance Force, said:

6 Issue 4 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 7
PEOPLE capability

Op GRITROCK Looks Like a Merlin,

at the Houses of Parliament where
we were halted and welcomed

Flies Like
by David Cameron. A speech
was given thanking us for all of
our efforts and after 3 cheers
we were welcomed inside.
TSW personnel parade through London
a Merlin…
Once inside the Houses of
Parliment we had a photo with
Written By: Cpl Gasser the PM before being escorted
to the terrace on the River
I was selected as the Dickie Henderson who is in charge 1130 in No. 1s to catch the coach Thames where we were thanked
Written By: Kerry Randall
JHC nomination to carry of State Ceremonial Training. We to Horse Guards Parade. Just as by the Secretary for Health,
out the Op GRITROCK were split into order of service we stepped off the coach the DFID and Defence. After, we
Parade at Westminster with Navy and RFA, then Army heavens opened and torrential were treated to refreshments The first of seven next generation Merlin
where the Prime Minister followed by the RAF (the civilian downpour began, we formed up and given the opportunity to helicopters, the interim Merlin Mk3 (iMk3), has
and other delegates contingency would be added to on the parade ground and stood have a tour inside Westminster been delivered to 846 Naval Air Squadron, based
would thank the wider the rear once on parade located at ease for around 40 minutes in including the various bars which at the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, marking
military for our efforts. at Horse Guards). We started with the rain due to PM Question time are not open to the public. yet another key milestone for the Commando
the basics and after a rusty first which had run over. We finally Overall, this has to be one Helicopter Force (CHF) and the Merlin transition.

y trip started on Tue 10 minutes we finally all got into got the nod and set off, led by of my highlights of my career in

15 Sep, on a long step. With the Band of the Royal the excellent Band of the Royal the RAF and a once in a lifetime ringing CHF one step of over 20 months work.
train journey from Marines playing we really started Marines. Despite the rain it was a opportunity; the feeling of closer to achieving full Although the aircraft looks
Stafford into London to look the part. The pressure honour to parade through London marching, with eyes right passing amphibious capability, little different to the current
Euston and onto Wellington was on as Wellington Barracks is passing through Whitehall and the Cenotaph gave me a feeling of the iMk3 has undergone Merlin Mk3, it brings with it a
Barracks. Our parade practice the home of the Guards but after the Cenotaph. The crowds were immense pride. It was also a rare a series of marinisation significant capability increase.”
started the next day at 0800 and an hours practice we were ready extremely supportive and I could opportunity to be thanked by the modifications to enable operation Under the MLSP contract
was taken by the RSM of 34 FD to parade through London. hear them cheer and clap us in PM and Ministers for our efforts from RN and RFA ships, these awarded to AgustaWestland in
Hosp with the assistance of WO1 The next reporting time was over the Band. The parade ended in the fight against Ebola. include; folding main rotor head, December 2013, further iMk3s main rotor head and tail fold, that you can say that you’re
strengthened undercarriage will be delivered to CHF to meet optimised for ship operations. the first to fly a new type of
and communications upgrades Initial Operating Capability Lt Cdr Ben McGreal, aircraft in the Royal Navy, so
and provide an interim maritime in time for when the Sea King 846 NAS, said; today is a very special day!”
capable Merlin prior to the HC Mk4 retires from service. “Today marks another key The Merlin iMk3 and Mk4
full upgrade to Merlin Mk4. From late 2017, 25 fully milestone in the history of the aircraft will be operated by 845
Lt Cdr JJ Hughes, Merlin Life upgraded Merlin Mk4 aircraft will Commando Helicopter Force. and 846 Naval Air Squadrons
Sustainment Programme (MLSP); commence delivery to CHF. The With more iMk3s due to arrive in extreme climates, conditions
Programme Manager, said; Merlin Mk4 will have an upgraded soon, we’ll be well on our way and terrain ranging from the
“This is a key milestone in avionics suite as well as provide to delivering real capability Arctic to tropical jungle to the
the overall MLSP programme a full amphibious capability to our primary customer – the desert and from ship to shore in
and represents the culmination with an automatic folding Royal Marines. It’s also not often support of the Royal Marines.

8 Issue 4, 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 9

Wildcat The first squadron of

the Royal Navy’s new
For while it may look like its
predecessor, Wildcat represents
will always be teething issues as
the Royal Navy engineers have
cuts its teeth on generation of helicopter a new generation of digital
helicopters designed to cope
discovered during the exercise.
Chief Aircraft Engineering
has taken to the sky in
with a cluttered battlespace Technician Daryl Prichard, the

NATO’s largest exercise
using its powerful camera system, senior maintenance rating,
in over a decade.
upgraded engines, a redesigned said Wildcat was far more

Trident T
he four Wildcat tail that improves durability complex than Lynx and that
helicopters from 847 and stealth, state of the art was generating new learning
Naval Air Squadron, cockpit instruments, and high opportunities for his team.
based at RNAS Yeovilton, tech secure communications. He added: “It’s still a new
have spent the past few weeks Trident Juncture is the first aircraft that we are testing in

being put through their paces outing for an entire Royal Navy the different environments we
on Exercise Trident Juncture. Wildcat squadron, comprising operate in, so it’s going to be
It has been an opportunity for 847’s first nine (of 16) pilots and cold weather next and then onto learning quickly,” he added. and the weight we are allowed to
the Battlefield Reconnaissance 65 personnel – a mixture of the heat of the desert. If this “Wildcat performs well in carry, among other limitations.
Helicopter (BRH) – an upgrade aircrew, engineers, logistics staff helicopter is going to do what it the maritime environment; we “Trident Juncture has given
on the old Lynx helicopter – to and mission planners from the is designed to do then we have have been able to operate with us the opportunity to cement our
demonstrate some of its new Army Air Corps who have been to test it in varying conditions. a wide variety of NATO shipping relationship with 45 Commando
Written By: Tracey Clempson
attributes and functionality preparing the mapping database “As a result this has been a busy both day and night, whilst still Royal Marines who are also taking
in an international setting. for the digital systems onboard. deployment as we are learning retaining our ability to transition part. As part of the exercise,
Commander Graeme Spence, but there are also a large number through the littoral and into Wildcat provided over 12 hours
Commanding Officer of 847 NAS, of aircraft working alongside each the land environment. We have of over-watch against a light
as well as Commanding Officer other on a single deck so there been re-setting from Afghanistan armoured threat to a helicopter
of the Tailored Air Group on HMS is a lot of shuffling around, with to being at sea again and so assault force inserted ashore by
Ocean, said Trident Juncture programmes changing and then regaining our maritime skill-set. Chinook and the US Marine Corps
was an excellent opportunity changing again. So while we may Equally, we have personnel who Osprey; it went really well, and
to prove the operational not be flying all the time there is a might never have been to sea it was immensely satisfying for
capability of the helicopter. lot going on in the background.” and so that, along with working the aircrew involved to provide
“The exercise has given us As an entirely new platform, on a new helicopter, means a service to troops ashore.”
fantastic interaction with the Wildcat can perform a range Trident Juncture has been a steep The squadron has the
Landing Forces as well as access of tasks from surveillance and learning curve for all involved.” UK’s first Forward Air Control
to a wide range of NATO ships reconnaissance, command and The Wildcat programme will (Airborne) capability in the
which has expanded our capability control, control and direction deliver aircraft to both the Royal post Afghanistan era.
as aircrew working with aviation of joint fires, re-supply and the Navy and Army with 847 NAS This allows suitably trained
partners in different environments, provision of force protection having two Army Signallers posted pilots to co-ordinate fast jet
landscapes and climates,” he said. using its powerful M3M 0.50 to the squadron for two years and helicopter airborne fires
As part of the Commando calibre heavy machine gun. to prepare mapping databases from any NATO nation, and was
Helicopter Force, 847 NAS is It was designed with and work on mission planning used to great effect with Polish
the first operational squadron versatility in mind meaning and the extraction of video F-16s as part of the exercise.
to convert across to the Wildcat it can be fitted for different following sorties for analysis. All 847 NAS pilots are
BRH and have been embarked roles quickly and easily. Lt Lovell-Smith added: “Wildcat trained to call in artillery and
on HMS Ocean as the lead Royal Navy pilot Lieutenant has the most complex, advanced Naval Gunfire Support from
aviation squadron working Alex Lovell-Smith, said communications suite we have the air, which was again used
with Navy Merlins, Army Wildcat was proving itself on ever used, and as such it offers to support 45 Cdo in their
Apaches and RAF Chinook, all Exercise Trident Juncture. much more than previous types final raid of the exercise.
providing aviation support for “We have taken four Wildcat I have flown. As we operate the Upon their return to the
the Lead Commando Group, 45 to sea working on a mixed aircraft its flight envelope is being UK, 847 NAS will have little
Commando Royal Marines. type operation with Apache, expanded. For example, halfway time to rest on the success of
However with such a new, Chinook and Merlin; this is through this exercise we had an Trident Juncture as they will
and advanced, airframe there core business and we are increase to our maximum speed shortly deploy to Norway to test
Wildcat in Arctic conditions.
Commander Spence
said: “Having successfully
demonstrated our ability to work
in the maritime environment
we will have a quick turnaround
before re-deploying to Norway
for essential cold weather training
and then later next year we plan
to undertake desert training. All
of this is required in order to fully
generate the squadron to its full
operational capability.”

10 Issue 4, 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 11

MV-22 Ospreys, who began to Apaches who were conducting

conduct deck landing serials. The live firing on shore and at sea

27 Sqn
transit culminated in a run ashore with 30 mm cannon and Hellfire
in Toulon, however before being missiles. The Chinook crews

legs on
allowed some well deserved shore inserted and extracted troops

find thei r sea time, the RAF participated in “Out

all gash”, which involves moving
from all 3 ships to the live fire
ranges on Corsica. Chinooks

AR 15
all rubbish from ship to shore by were also involved in transporting

hand, a particularly unpleasant the men and equipment to set
task. Once this was complete, up the Forward Arming and
the Chinook detachment took Refuelling Point (FARP). The crews
advantage of a few nights out then took part in an unplanned
in the South of France. This airborne re-task to extract
involved watching a great rugby simulated civilian casualties from
match between Toulon and a a landing site to FS Dixmude.
New Zealand Legends team. The Ex provided valuable
Written By: Sgt David Cawood
The third phase of the Ex training for the Chinook Force
saw the British ships joined by and introduced those with limited
This year saw members from all 3 flights of 27 the French Ship Dixmude for Ex maritime experience to life aboard
Squadron support the Royal Navy’s largest Corsican Lion (CL). This offered a Royal Navy ship, along with
deployment of 2015, Exercise COUGAR. the 27 Sqn crews a valuable the many challenges that this
opportunity to conduct deck brings. Despite a few personnel

he Ex served as a test for provided support during the landings to another NATO ship. taking some time to find their
the Joint Expeditionary Distinguished Visitors (DV) Day Ex CL also provided the crews ‘sea legs’, the Chinooks flew over
Force Maritime (JEFM) by moving personnel between with the chance to conduct 176 hrs, carried out 342 deck
and allowed Force Plymouth, HMS Bulwark and underslung load (USL) sorties from landings, moved various USLs
Generation (FGen) within the HMS Ocean. This phase of the ship to shore by day and night. and conducted numerous tasking
Chinook Force, to build maritime Ex culminated in a simulated The Chinooks also transported serials with 45 Cdo. Ex COUGAR
experience. The 2 Chinook night airfield assault which saw vehicles and stores to support has considerably expanded
aircraft worked within a Tailored all aviation assets providing the Marines during the Ex. This 27 Sqn’s maritime experience
Air Group (TAG) that included support to W Coy’s extraction was a busy time for all TAG before we commence R2 standby
Apache, Wildcat and Merlin from Predannack Airfield. This force elements, including the duties in the coming year.
aircraft. A total of 12 aircraft was a successful mission that
embarked on HMS Ocean and involved multiple aircraft types
this meant a very busy flight deck. and saw all troops safely returned
In addition to building maritime to HMS Ocean and HMS Bulwark.
experience, the Chinooks were The second phase of the Ex
also deployed to provide support consisted of the transit from UK
to 45 Commando, W Coy. waters to the warmer waters of
The first phase commenced the Mediterranean. Thankfully,
with WADER drills which served this included a fairly calm crossing
to ‘blow the cobwebs away’ of the Bay of Biscay, apart from
and re-acquaint all involved one particularly rough night that
with operations on board ship. saw some of the crews working
WADER involved all assault particularly hard to land on the
troops practicing emplaning ship. During the transit, deck
and deplaning with the Chinook. landing consolidation training
The troops then put this into continued at pace, by both day
practice with a daytime assault and night. Just before reaching
on Tregantle Fort, Plymouth. the Straits of Gibraltar, HMS
Members of 27 Sqn also Ocean was joined by the US

12 Issue 4 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 13


Gunner Delivered
Final Chinook Mk6 arrives at RAF Odiham
Written By: Sgt Gaz Lovett Written By: Rachel Potts

Exercise DEMON up by SSgt Docherty, 669 top it off, I arranged a surprise work towards a fast approaching Boeing has delivered support our frontline troops in RAF Odiham said “I’ve been deployed around the world on
GUNNER was a Squadron SQMS, arrived on steak night at the Kirkcudbright endex and by Wednesday, its fourteenth and final current and future operations lucky enough to have seen exercises and detachments.
Squadron air to Sunday afternoon in plenty cookhouse on the Saturday all live firing and ACMTs had Mk6 Chinook heavy- for decades to come.” the programme from the very Although the platform has been
ground live firing of time prior to the arrival of night (possibly the best steak been successfully completed. lift helicopter to RAF The new Chinook Mk6 start through to delivery and in service for over 50 years these
exercise conducted the aircraft. By early evening I’ve ever had in a cook house!). Overall, despite occasional Odiham, three months features a suite of updated integration, followed by the 14 new aircraft embody the very
at Kirkcudbright all equipment and Squadron The following week saw poor Scottish weather, 669 ahead of schedule systems including a Digital training of its first crews. It’s quite latest technology to support
ranges in Scotland. personnel were in place, ready the Squadron reset for GPMG Squadron successfully completed and on budget, Automatic Flight Control System unprecedented that a programme the fantastic work the Royal Air
to begin Ex DEMON GUNNER. live firing, but yet again the the live firing range package. bringing the number of (DAFCS) which will provide of this magnitude was able to Force carry out every day.”

he aim was for all 9 Monday 19th Oct was the Scottish weather wasn’t in our More importantly everyone Chinooks in the Royal improved handling qualities move from concept to delivery of The Chinook Mk6 continues
Regiment AAC air first of 2 weeks on the live firing favour. We were informed by learnt a lot and refreshed skills Air Force’s fleet to 60. and aircraft stability, offering all 14 aircraft in such good time. the legacy of over 35 years of
crewman to achieve exercise. Unfortunately, poor the Met Office that low cloud in target indication, loading of reduced workload for crew. This is in no small part down to the front line Chinook operations,

their ACMT qualification weather hampered the first was expected from Wednesday ammo and target practice. Not he order completion The strong partnership exceptional partnership between most recently seen in
on both the M3M and the day’s firing due to low cloud. onwards so the Squadron only was it a very enjoyable coincided with the 35th between RAF Odiham and Boeing RAF Odiham, DE&S and Boeing.” Afghanistan where it provided
GPMG conducted on the Lynx However, background activity aimed to complete live firing by two week exercise, but it also anniversary of Chinook has been instrumental in ensuring Jon Stoackley, Boeing key capabilities in support of
Mk9A. It was also an excellent was conducted and aircrew Tuesday – nothing like a deadline! secured and underpinned the operations for the U.K. the success of the upgrade Programme and Site Leader at operations, and at home in the
opportunity for the new aircraft were able to achieve their Everyone pulled together to Squadron’s R2 commitment. In November 2015, Boeing implementation programme. RAF Odiham said, “It’s fantastic UK using its heavy lift capability
commanders to practice target weapon handling test on the Philadelphia held a celebration Sqn Ldr Adam Shave, OC to see so many new Chinooks to assist flood relief operations
indication and qualify as gun different weapon systems. As event to mark the 35 year Chinook Development Flight, coming into service and being in Northern England.
controllers. As 669 Squadron is soon as the weather cleared, partnership between the MOD
currently committed to VHR R2 live firing was able to take place and Boeing and to celebrate
(land), this exercise was pivotal and some important refresher the Chinook Mk6 nearing
to ensure the Squadron are fully training was accomplished. the end of production.
capable of fulfilling the role. As By the end of the week, all Guests included Air
the new Air Crewman Instructor the air crewmen were able to Vice Marshal Julian Young,
(ACMI) of 669 Squadron, I was complete their day and night Director Helicopters DE&S,
tasked to ensure this training was ACMT shoots on M3M. In who addressed the gathered
achieved safely and accurately. addition, all Aircraft Commanders audience and plant workers who
On the morning of Friday were able to qualify as gun helped build the 14 Chinook
16th October 2015, myself and controllers on the M3M. We MK6, along with Air Commodore
three others departed Dishforth were also joined by WO2 Lyall Richard Mason, the JHC
Airfield. We were bound for from Aviation Standards who Capability Director, and Group
Kirkcudbright Training Centre, kindly assessed both me and the Captain Philip Robinson, the
located approximately 30 9 Regiment ACMI (Air Crewman Chinook Force Commander.
miles west of Dumfries. We Instructor), SSgt Booker, “Since they were introduced
planned to arrive on the Friday passing us both as instructors. into service in 1980, our Chinook
preceding the exercise in order After the last aircraft landed fleet has played an integral
to co-ordinate the arrival and on the Friday, exercise personnel supporting role for British
storage of the ammunition. This were stood down over the forces and have been deployed
also gave us the opportunity weekend. This afforded some on an almost continuous basis
to sight the HLS, prepare people time to get home to see since,” said AVM Julian Young,
the range area, take over the family and loved ones. Those “These new Mark-6 helicopters
accommodation and familiarise who remained in Kirkcudbright will significantly enhance our
ourselves with the local customs had the opportunity to sample existing heavy-lift helicopter and
and culture of Scotland. some local delights at the Special Forces capability. Our
The main body headed Kirkcudbright food fair. To overall fleet of 60 Chinooks will

14 Issue 4 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 15

detachment of Merlin Estonia throughout the duration Further
Mk3 helicopters, of Ex Arrcade Fusion. Any time Information
aircrew, engineers and we get the chance to support the
support staff from Army and NATO like this, we will.” Commando Helicopter
Force (CHF) consists of three
Commando Helicopter Force (CHF)
Naval Air Squadrons (NAS);
with 846 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) After several weeks of getting 845, 846 and 847 NAS. The
is the Royal Navy’s contribution established and moving logistics Sea King Mk4 aircraft of the
to Arrcade Fusion 2015, the into place, Arrcade Fusion has Commando Helicopter Force
annual workout of NATO’s Allied now moved into the active phase. will be retired from service by
Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC). The Reaction Corps’ April 2016. Its replacement,
the Merlin Mk4 will be derived
The UK-based force has commander Lt General
from Merlin Mk3 airframes
been in existence for more Tim Evans added. currently in service with 846
than two decades and stages “This exercise is unique for NAS at RNAS Yeovilton and
a major exercise to see how the ARRC, It is our first time in with 845 NAS at RAF Benson
it might respond to a fictional Latvia and provides an excellent until they transition to RNAS
opportunity to deploy and then Yeovilton in June 2015.
security or humanitarian crisis.
The Naval Air Squadrons
The last couple of Arrcade operate in another NATO country of CHF are integrated
Fusions were played out at – and strengthen our partnership under the command of a
RAF St Mawgan in Cornwall. with our Allies, especially Headquarters, established
This year, however, it’s being those in the Baltic region. to operate helicopters afloat
staged across around 75,000 The exercise is a great chance or ashore in support of the
UK armed forces. It is a
square miles – about ten times to better understand how Latvia
combined Royal Navy and

the size of Wales – of the Baltic could support a NATO force Royal Marine force that flies
States of Estonia, Lithuania and deploying to their country.” helicopters that specialise
Latvia, with the latter serving in amphibious warfare.
as the hub for the 1,700 military The exercise runs until early The pilots are well-trained
and civilian personnel from the December 2015. as they combine commando
combat and survival skills with
four countries taking part. advanced flying skills. They
Lielvarde Air Base, home of operate Sea King, Merlin and
the Latvian Air Force on the right Wildcat helicopters in extreme
bank of the River Daugava three climates and conditions; their
dozen miles southeast of the The UK-based ability to work in terrain ranging
from arctic to tropical jungle is
capital Riga, is acting as home for force has been in second to none. Operations
the normally-Yeovilton-based air
and ground crews of 846 NAS.
existence for more in Borneo in the 1960s earned
them the moniker ‘Junglies’
846 NAS detachment than two decades from the troops on the ground,
commander Lieutenant and stages a major which current and veteran
Junglies covet to this day.
Commander (Lt Cdr) exercise to see how

CHF’s home base is RNAS
Richard Bartram said;
it might respond to Yeovilton in Somerset but
“The detachment will provide
a support flight capability for
a fictional security or all the squadrons deploy
regularly on detachments and
the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps humanitarian crisis. exercises around the world.
across Latvia, Lithuania and

Games For Commando Fliers in the Baltic
Commando fliers have taken their new battlewagon to the
Baltic for the first time for a two-month NATO exercise.
Written By: Tracey Clempson

16 Issue 4 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 17

Return of the
Pegasus marks a new future
for 16X
Pegasus has become the emblem of 16 Air
Assault Brigade as part of changes to the
Brigade’s structure and command relationships.

egasus is recognised the military’s other helicopter Libya and Mali for which it served very high readiness formation.
internationally as the forces, but will continue to work as the Brigade’s emblem. “The parade has given us an
defining symbol of British closely with 16 Air Asslt Bde. The Pegasus adopted by 16 opportunity to gather together
Airborne Forces and The change was formally Air Asslt Bde is the same emblem as a Brigade and reflect on our
replaces the Striking Eagle used marked on Wed 25 Nov at a sunrise used by the 1st and 6th Airborne history under the Striking Eagle,
as 16 Air Asslt Bde’s emblem parade at Merville Barracks in Divisions and the 44th Indian to pay tribute to those killed on
since its formation in 1999. Colchester. Some 2,000 troops Airborne Division in the Second operations while wearing it and
Pegasus has been adopted and civilian support staff from World War. The parachute and look to our future under Pegasus.
as 16 Air Asslt Bde leaves Joint all of 16 Air Asslt Bde’s units glider troops who served at “The Brigade is continuing to
Helicopter Command (JHC) to gathered to watch the Striking battles such as D-Day, Arnhem, develop its airborne capabilities
come under the direct command Eagle flag lowered for the last time the Rhine Crossings and in Burma alongside the Royal Air Force
of the newly formed Headquarters and Pegasus raised in its place. set the high standards expected and Joint Helicopter Force and
Field Army. The Attack Helicopter The ceremony, led by Senior of today’s Airborne Forces. working ever more closely with
Force - formed of Wattisham- Chaplain Reverend Alan Steele Brigadier Colin Weir DSO our partners in the US and French
based 3 and 4 Regiments Army MBE, retired the Striking Eagle MBE, Commander of 16 Air Asslt armies. Whatever, whenever and
Air Corps and 7 Air Assault with dignity and gave soldiers a Bde, said: “As an armed man wherever the next operation is for
Battalion Royal Electrical and chance to reflect on the operations being delivered into battle by air, 16 Air Assault Brigade, Pegasus
Mechanical Engineers - is in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Pegasus defines the role of 16 and its ethos will once again
remaining within JHC along Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Air Assault Brigade as the Army’s be in the van of battle.”

18 Issue 4, 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 19

serving at the closer than thought
B4 Tactical Airfield at Beny sur Mer.
The party then made its way back

to St Croix sur Mer to change into
uniform for the unveiling of the
Current JHC Personnel
Servicing Commando Memorial
at the site of B3 Airfield, which

State, MSM, AOC 2 Gp, 3* and 4* Commendations
was where the RAF Servicing
Ser Award Rank Name Bde/Force Unit
Written By: Sergeant D B Wagstaff Commandos operated from, under

of the location as Supreme Morris presented their stand on the command of the Canadian 652(WF)
From 12 - 15 October 1 MBE Maj Pittaway ARF
Sqn (SA)
a party of 12 personnel Headquarters, as well as the its previous use as the HQ of the Air Force Commander, Wg Cdr
from the Royal Air Force challenges faced by Eisenhower 716th Nazi Infantry Division up to, Johnny Johnson. Attended by a 2 MBE WO Cunningham RAF Odiham Odiham
Tactical Supply Wing and his team in arriving at his during and after the landings. large number of locals including 3 MBE MAC Neale RAF Odiham Odiham
(TSW) carried out a Staff decision. From Southwick the those who assisted the allied forces
4 CGS WO1 Lean ARF 1 Regt AAC
Ride and Battlefield party then moved to Portsmouth Day 3. Wednesday 70 years ago, dignitaries and local
5 CFA Capt Linegar ARF 9 Regt AAC
Tour to Normandy. to board the ferry to Ouistreham. 14th October media, the unveiling took place
During the Crossing Flt Lt The third day saw the party travel with a few words from the CO, 6 CAS SAC Shortt RAF Odiham RAF Odiham

he aim was to explore Robynne Plant presented her to Gold Beach Museum at Ver sur the last post and an impeccably 7 AOC 2 Gp Team CAM Spt RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
the story of Operation stand on the timeline of events Mer. There, CT Craig Withington observed silence in front of the
8 AOC 2 Gp Sqn Ldr Eaton RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
OVERLORD with its ties between the order to go and and Cpl ‘Ginge’ McGuire gave a memorial and flags of Canada,
9 AOC 2 Gp Team Eng Ops RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
to the RAF Servicing the start of the first landings, beach-by-beach account of the France and the UK. Everyone was
Commandos whose activities and the influence of Air Power.. invasion covering the difficulties invited back for refreshments at the 10 AOC 2 Gp Team RTS TSW TSW
following the D Day landings TSW faced by the AEF and how these Mairie afterwards where footage 11 AOC 2 Gp Team Pu2 Mod RAF Benson RAF Benson
emulate in today’s operational Day 2. Tuesday were eventually overcome. The from the operational airfield 12 AOC 2 Gp Cpl White RAF Benson RAF Benson
environment. It was an added 13th October party then linked up with members itself was shown with extremely
13 MSM FS Moss RAF Benson RAF Benson
privilege for the party to be Day 2 started with the party of the RAF Servicing Commando & well informed commentary
invited to a ceremony unveiling travelling to St Mere Eglise, Tactical Supply Wing Association. provided by Alan McQuillin. 7 (Trg)
Commander JHC Commendations 14 MSM WO1 Lambert AACen
Regt AAC
a memorial to the Servicing synonymous with the airborne Amongst their number was Alan
Commandos by the Mayor of operations carried out by the McQuillin, a Servicing Commando Day 4. Thursday Comd JHC Commendations
the village of St Croix sur Mer. 82nd and 101st Divisions of US veteran who landed on Gold Beach 15th October
Ser Rank Name Bde/Force Unit
Paratroopers. At the Airborne on D Day. Needless to say Plt Off On the final day in Normandy, the
Day 1. Monday Museum, Sqn Ldr Libby Taylor Al Greenwood was under a certain party travelled to the British War 1 Con Broom 16X 16X HQ
12th October presented her stand on the amount of pressure when delivering Cemetery in Bayeux where Sgt 2 Sgt Hughes 16X 3 Para
Personnel who departed JHC after citation submitted
Setting off from MOD Stafford significance of that task which was his stand on the nearby B3 ‘Tweeky’ Buckingham presented 3 Cpl Jackson 16X 3 Para
early on the Monday morning, to capture bridges at La Fiere and Tactical Airfield in Alan’s presence his stand on the role of 264 Sqn State, MSM, AOC 2 Gp, 3* and 4* Commendations
4 Maj Webster 16X 16X HQ
the team arrived at the first stop Chef du Pont. She also told the given that he’d actually served during D Day itself as well as Ser Award Rank Name Bde/Force Unit
5 Cpl Fossi Bakam 16X 7AA Btn
of the trip at Southwick Park just story of John Steele the American there during D Day, refueling the story of Flying Officer A C /OBE
outside Portsmouth. Now the paratrooper who became a local and rearming forward operating Willmott of 264 Sqn who is laid to 6 Con Martin 16X AHF/AW 1 OBE Col Shervington 16X 3 PARA
Defence School of Policing, in hero when during the operation aircraft. After a brief period of rest there. The party spent some 7 Sgt Johnson 16X 13AA Spt Regt 2 OBE Gp Capt Harding RAF Benson Benson
1944 it was the setting for the his parachute became entangled reflection at Gold Beach itself at time there reflecting on the scale
8 Sgt Speer 16X 2 Para
momentous decision made by on the spire on the church. By Ver sur Mer it was on to the Radar of loss as quantified by the size
General Eisenhower to launch Museum at Douvres la Delivrande 9 Maj Kirmond 16X 23 PARA Eng 3 MBE Mrs Hammond 16X 23 Engr
playing dead he was spared when of the cemetery and in particular
(AA) Regt
the offence which saw the Allied his colleagues were killed in the where CO TSW, Wg Cdr Tim Moss those colleagues who had been 10 Capt Burdick 16X 16X HQ
Expeditionary Force gain a square below. After a period of gave his stand on its operational found and laid to rest together. 4 QVRM Maj Cassells 16X 2 R IRISH
11 E1 Andrews ARF ARF HQ
foothold into occupied Europe. reflection around the museum and guise as the Luftwaffe’s forward Having already checked out of the 5 CGS CSgt Stewart 16X 4 Para
12 WO2 Davies ARF ARF HQ
A stand delivered by Sgt Euan lunch the party moved onto the HQ and the operation undertaken accommodation, it was decided 6 CGS Maj White 16X 16X HQ
McLennan and Sgt Dean Wagstaff Memorial Museum at Caen where to take it including an anecdote that the coastal route should be 13 Cpl Donoghue ARF 1 Regt AAC
7 CGS Maj Soane 16X HQ 16
explained the significance FS Paul Royer and SAC Donna from the Servicing Commandos taken back to Ouistreham for the 14 Sgt Drabble ARF 5 Regt AAC
AA Bde
ferry back to the UK. This route 15 Flt Lt Thomas RAF Benson RAF Benson
8 CGS Maj Tancrel 16X 4 PARA
would take in Gold, Juno and
16 Sgt Winship RAF Benson RAF Benson
Sword beaches. Lunch was taken in 9 CGS Maj Cradden 16X 4 Para
17 Chf Tech Wood RAF Benson RAF Benson
a restaurant just off Juno Beach and 10 CGS D Grade Simon 16X 16X HQ
again the opportunity was taken 18 Flt Lt Holloway RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
11 CFA CSgt Parrott 16X 2 Para
for the party to visit the beach 19 Flt Lt Jones RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
12 CFA SSgt Coleman 16X 16 Med Regt
and reflect on the momentous
20 Cpl Furlong TSW TSW
events that had taken place there 13 CFA Cpl Earl-Pickup 16X 2 Para
21 Cpl Gasser TSW TSW
71 years ago. With that the party 14 CAS Flt Lt Polden RAF Benson RAF Benson
embarked on the ferry home wiser 22 LH Boucher CHF 845 NAS
15 DCOM Maj (US) Geoffroy RAF Benson RAF Benson
into much more detail as to the 23 PO Carroll CHF 846 NAS
16 AOC Sgt Rylance RAF Odiham RAF Odiham
events of Operation OVERLORD, 24 Lt (RN) Dart CHF 846 NAS
its significance at strategic level 17 MSM WO1 Dorkings 16X 23 Para
25 LH Middleton CHF CHF HQ Eng Regt
as well as the many operations
and tasks carried out at tactical 26 Capt Jurgens 6 Regt AAC 6 Regt AAC 18 MSM WO2 Andrews 16X 7 Para RHA
level to ensure its success.

20 Issue 4, 2015 / LZDZ THE JHC Delivering joint success on operations visit: www.lzdzonline.co.uk LZDZ / Issue 4 2015 21

A year of high profile Cable Wakeboard and Boat

achievements set Wakeboard with both Male
the standard to and Female categories. With
be met in 2016: some very close results the
final standings were:

arly September saw 50
RAF personnel from Slalom – RAF Win
bases all over the UK Cable Wakeboard
and Europe train and Men – Army Win
compete in the week long Royal Cable Wakeboard
Air Force Championships behind Women – RAF Win
the boat in Wakeboard, Water- Boat Wakeboard
ski Slalom and Jump. Hosted at Men – RAF Win
SUWWC and working closely Boat Wakeboard
with OWSC, the championships Women – RAF Win
week is designed to develop
Service personnel of any The overall Inter-Service trophy in the Portuguese nationals the phenomenal level of interest
standard, including absolute was won by the Royal Air Force brothers claimed 2 of the podium during the final push of 2015.
novice, to be able to compete with the Army still having steps for the UK. Out again at The Southern Units Water-ski
competently in the sport by grounds to celebrate as the the UK nationals, Ross claimed and Wakeboard Club operates at
the end of the week, with the service have formally granted 4th before entering the European Queensford lake in Berinsfield,
added station team challenge the sport recognised status. championships and moving on to which is just south of Oxford.
encouraging all participants Not wanting to keep all the the World Champs, where he was The club is run by the Royal Air
to compete in all disciplines. activity behind ‘closed doors’ the knocked out in the semi-finals. Force but welcomes members
The summer Cable RAF team has been out climbing One last big event to finish from all three services. We work
Championships continues to see the steps of podiums at events the season was the ‘Grass in partnership with Oxford
a growing cadre of competitors. throughout the UK, notable Roots Development Day’ held Wakeboard and Ski Club and
The full system at Boxend hosted names include Sgt James ‘Cookie’ in October; working with can offer competition standard
the event and saw 46 airmen Cook, Cpls Ross and Rich Phillips Oxford Wakeboard and Ski facilities for Wakeboard, Slalom,
hitting rails, boxes and kickers and Flt Lt Emma Phillips. AOD’s Club (OWSC), SUWWC held Trick and Jump with coaching
for 3 days before the champion throughout the season and the a day to offer introductory from experienced national
male and female were decided. UK nationals have seen the team sets to RAF personnel from level riders and coaches.
In late September the Army put out a competitive show across the southern region. 48 We like a challenge, next
and Royal Air Force battled out and reinforce the level of sport planned sets to cover water-ski year the aim is to introduce more
the Inter-Service championships within today’s Royal Air Force. and wakeboard saw 2 boats people to the sport, achieve more
once again at Boxend. The 3 The Phillips brothers set the working flat out all day; there representation at competitions
day event saw the two services standard early in the summer; was a great turn out and it and get some shortening’s
compete in Water-ski Slalom, travelling to Portugal to compete was encouraging to see such a in on the competition.

A busy but Further


Successful Season
Check out our Facebook
page SUWWC or contact
Si Revell on 95261 7010.

for RAF and Army Water-ski and Wakeboard

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