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9 To 5, THE Mustcat ACT ONE SCENE 1 The year is 1979. It's early in the morning and the whole world is getting ready for work, ‘The house lights goto half and the familar vamp from “9 to 5” begins to pound— Dah dah dah dah dah dum dum dum, House lights out as we bleed through show scrim and up on Dolly Parton's image Projected over the image of an alarm clock. [For alternatives, see Appendix on page 119] —————_—_—|_|__"_ Doily (s/c oy @) Well, hey there everybody! When I hear that sound it takes me back to a fime before computers and cell phones. Back when apples and blackberries were somethin’ I'd Pick behind the barn. We're goin’ back to 1979 when a gallon of gas ran you about 86 cents, shag rugs, pet rocks and disco were the hottest things around and it seemed like your whole life existed between the hours of 9 to 5. Back then there was no such thing as office assistants, We were just secretaries! And the boss wasn’t interested in no women’s movement. Unless of course it was happening under his desk! GROUP 1 TUMBLE OUTTA BED AND I STUMBLE TO THE KITCHEN GRouP 2 POUR MYSELF A CUP OF AMBITION GROUP 1 &2 YAWN AND STRETCH AND TRY TO COME TO LIFE. GROUP 3 JUMP IN THE SHOWER AND THE BLOOD STARTS PUMPIN’ ENSEMBLE OUT ON THE STREETS THE TRAFFIC STARTS JUMPIN’ FOR FOLKS LIKE ME ON THE JOB FROM NINE TO FIVE. WORKIN’ NINE TO FIVE, WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVIN’ BARELY GETTIN’ BY IT’S ALL TAKIN’ AND NO GIVIN’ THEY JUST USE YOUR MIND AND THEY NEVER GIVE YOU CREDIT IT’S ENOUGH TO DRIVE YOU CRAZY IF YOU LET IT. 9 To 5, THE MUSICAL (ENSEMBLE) — HOO HOO HOO 000 WOOO. (Enter VIOLET, 40's, smart and efficient.) pour \/O Let me tell you all what's goin’ on. That's Violet. She's the company veteran. Also a widow and mom of a teen. (Her son JOSH skateboards on.) jos Mom, where are my clean socks? pouty \ I 6) ‘Thats the teen. VIOLET In the dirty clothes hamper. JosH Why would my clean socks be with the dirty clothes? VIOLET Because your clean socks are dirty! C’mon, we're running late! DOLLY Her life makes the juggling act in the circus look like a piece of cake. VIOLET MY TWO LIVES HAVE GOT ME HOPPIN’ DAWN TILL MIDNIGHT THERE'S NO STOPPIN’ DON’T KNOW WHICH I'M MOTHERING THE MOST. PACK HIS LUNCH AND KISS MY SON AND. GRAB MY PURSE AND I KEEP RUNNIN’ GOT SO MUCH ON MY PLATE I COULD CHOKE. VIOLET & ENSEMBLE WORKIN’ NINE TO FIVE, VIOLET FOR SERVICE AND DEVOTION VIOLET & ENSEMBLE YOU WOULD THINK THAT I VIOLET WOULD DESERVE A FAT PROMOTION. 9 To 5, THE MusIcAL VIOLET & ENSEMBLE WANT TO MOVE AHEAD VIOLET BUT THE BOSS WON'T SEEM TO LET ME, es VIOLET & ALL WOMEN SWEAR SOMETIMES THAT MAN IS OUT TO GET ME. MEN & WOMEN NINE TO FIVE NINE TO FI-HL-HIVE .... (DORALEE, late 20’, sexy as hell country gal, warm and personable with a ready smile, is with her husband DWAYNE.) DOLLY Yo ‘There's Doralee, she's sexy, she’s sweet, she’s— — well, you know who she is! ~DORALEE THEY LET YOU DREAM JUST TO WATCH ‘EM SHATTER YOU'RE JUST A STEP ON THE BOSS MAN’S LADDER BUT YOU GOT DREAMS HE’LL NEVER TAKE AWAY DWAYNE YOU'RE IN THE SAME BOAT WITH A LOT OF YOUR FRIENDS WAITIN’ FOR THE DAY YOUR SHIP’LL COME IN DWAYNE & DORALEE) AND THE TIDES GONNA TURN AND IT’S ALL GONNA ROLL YOUR WAY. “DORALEE & DWAYNE ENSEMBLE NINE TO FIVE NINE TO FI-HIVE DWAYNE AS LONG AS WE'RE TOGETHER “DORALEE & DWAYNE YOU KNOW YOU ANDI YOU AND LHI DWAYNE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH WHATEVER ~ DORALEE & DWAYNE THEY CAN'T KEEP US DOWN, «“DORALEE™ AIN'T NO WAY WE'LL JUST RISE ABOVE IT.