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Erica M.

Leonar BSBA-HRM Program: Literacy and Numeracy


 We all have our purpose in life why we live here on earth. This purpose will be your
reason why and how are you going to live your life. Each one of us faces different kind of
challenges, struggle, complicdwdwdwdsafasfasfafawdwqqdqwdqDations and distractions but we
always look for solutions

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College of Engineering and Computer Studies

Acelo C. Badelles Sr. Memorial High School-Main (Batch 2013-2014)

A classmates, A special friends of Mine to become A family (AAMA)

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Krissa Neil Babael is with Hazel Selauso Alimoren and 7 others.

2 mins ·

on how are you going to cope up with that sort of challenges. All people deserve to be successful
and reach their dreams in life and in order to reach and aim that goal, you need to strive hard and
have some sweat.

As we conducted our program, I can say that I’m a little bit nervous then but at the same
time happy because I know that it is the time where I can share some knowledge and happiness
to other people especially to children. Education is so important for living, not just because it is
the key to success but also it is the tool to have some happiness. Children don’t have the ability
yet to understand what is happening around them because they’re just going to focus to their
wants and their own business. But even though they’re just a child, they always need guidance
and acceptance from people they love. When we arrived to our venue, I feel so down because I
thought that there will be no children that’ll attend to our program but when it’s already 1:00 in
the afternoon, they’re so many and I felt so excited to meet them and witness the beautiful smile
to their faces. As the program goes, they are so happy and excited and willing to participate to
our different activities and show their different capabilities.

Different people have different attitude, skill, talent, intelligence and confidence but
despite of those differences, they became one and happy with the same reason. I have learned
that if you can make other person happy and put a beautiful smile to their faces, it’ll be your
greatest achievement in life that you will treasure for your entire life.