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SKF Machine Condition

Detector Pro IS
CMVL 3600-IS
Intrinsic Safety (IS) rated

ATEX and North America hazardous conditions approvals – the SKF

Machine Condition Detector Pro IS provides for velocity, enveloped
acceleration, and temperature monitoring with general alarm capabilities.

The SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS machine status, so operations or mainte-
(MCD Pro IS) is certified Intrinsically Safe nance personnel can quickly identify the
(IS) for Europe and North America. The rug- need for more in-depth analysis on a par-
gedized MCD Pro IS is ideal for use in the ticular machine.
hazardous environments typically found in
the petrochemical Industrial marketplace.
Multi-parameter monitoring
• Multi-parameter measurements The MCD Pro IS operates as a stand-alone
• Simple machine monitoring device, or as an accessory to the SKF MAR-
• Alarm capabilities for enhanced user con- LIN hand held mobile computers for Opera-
fidence tor Driven Reliability (ODR). When used with
SKF @ptitude Inspector software and the
SKF MARLIN quick connect line of mechani-
Go/No Go machine cal and computerized studs, the complete
monitoring system offers customers in non-hazardous
conditions the added power, and functional-
The MCD Pro IS is designed to provide a ity of immediate in-the-field feedback on
straightforward approach to machinery alarm conditions, as well as data storage,
monitoring. The instrument’s sensor affixes trending, and analysis. Data is logged for
to a machine point via a SKF MARLIN quick trending, SPC (Statistical Process Control)
connect stud (MQC) or magnetic base for rule violation, and percent change from last
automatic collection of vibration and tem- measurement and baseline data.
perature data. Green, yellow, and red LEDs
provide easy-to-interpret indications of
Vibration monitoring Temperature
When performing measurements, the MCD Temperature measurements enhance the
Pro IS’s sensor input signal is processed to “early warning” benefit of the instrument by
produce two vibration measurements for offering a useful indication of mechanical
each measurement POINT. Velocity vibration condition or the load applied to a specific
identifies phenomena which are observable component, since, as a bearing or its lubri-
in the low to mid frequency range, and can cation fails, friction causes its temperature
indicate such structural problems as mis- to rise.
alignment, unbalance, mechanical loose-
ness, and more. Events which occur in the
higher frequency ranges such as bearing General alarm capabilities SKF MARLIN quick connect
and gear problems, can also be detected by When used as a stand alone tool, the MCD studs for quality, repeatable
the MCD Pro IS with its “Acceleration Envel- Pro IS may be easily programmed for six data collection
oping” capability, a signal processing tech- alarm settings, which include the “alert” and
nique which focuses on enhancing the rep- “danger” levels for each of the three meas- Specially designed mechanical and compu-
etitious vibration signals that characterize urements. When measurements are taken, terized studs enable users to collect consist-
such problems. current measured values are automatically ent, accurate, and repeatable data from
compared to six user-defined settings, and each measurement point. Engineered to
the MCD Pro IS’s alarm indicator and LED work exclusively with the MCD Pro IS, the
react appropriately. An “alert” condition pro- SKF MARLIN quick connect mechanical/
vides a user with an early warning of computerized studs provide for a fast, quar-
impending problems for which immediate in ter turn connection which temporarily fas-
depth analysis should be performed. A “dan- tens the probe to a measurement point. This
ger” alarm indicates that a problem has reduces the possibility of errors and incon-
escalated to a point where actions must be sistencies often resulting from data collected
made quickly to avoid a serious failure. by a variety of individuals using varying

Specifications Power User environment

• Main power: Two (2) 1,5 V alkaline “AA” • Operating temperature:
Measurements batteries –– –20 to +60 °C (–4 to +140 °F) ordinary
• Vibration pickup: Integrated piezoelectric • Battery lifetime: 30 hours locations
acceleration (ceramic, shear type) • Backup battery: One (1) 3 V BR1225 –– –20 to +40 °C (–4 to +104 °F) hazard-
• Measurement range: Lithium ion battery ous locations
–– Velocity: 0,3 to 55 mm/s (RMS), 0.02 to • Auto off: Two (2) minute countdown on • Storage temperature: –37 to +70 °C
3.00 in/s (equivalent Peak). Meets ISO last operation (–34 to +158 °F)
Standard 10816-1. • Humidity: 5 to 95% noncondensing
–– Enveloped acceleration: 0,3 to 20,0 gE Hazardous area ratings
–– Temperature: 0 to +100 °C (32 to • Intrinsic Safety (IS): Communications port
+212 °F) –– ATEX : II1G EEx ia IIC T4 (Ta = –20 to • Type: Micro D RS 232
• Frequency range: +40 °C)
–– Overall velocity: 10 Hz to 1 kHz (Toler- –– Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D Quick connect interface
ances measured within the frequency T3A (USA, Canada) • Receptacle: 1/4 turn, 5/8-24 two (2) lead
range are in accordance with ISO 3945) thread with contact
–– Enveloped acceleration band 3: 500 Hz Physical characteristics
to 10 kHz • Case: Water and dust resistant (IP 65) Accessories
• Drop test: Six (6) feet on multiple axes • SKF MARLIN quick connect studs –
Display • Dimensions: CMSS 26xx series
Viewing area: 54,99 ¥ 17,78 mm (2.165 ¥ –– Length: 190,5 mm (7.50 in.)
0.700 in.) –– Width: 43,2 mm (1.70 in.)
–– Height: 41,4 mm (1.63 in.)
• Weight: 431 g (0.95 lb.) with battery,
635 g (1.4 lb.) with temperature magnet
probe tip

Need to boost your plant’s availability and
Start with Operator Driven Why Operator Driven
Reliability from SKF Reliability?
For today’s power plants, optimizing output Because of their proximity to equipment,
in the face of rising operating costs, reduced operators are usually the first to detect even
manpower and stringent regulations is a the smallest changes in process conditions
constant challenge. By enabling operators to and machinery health, including leaks,
take the lead in monitoring and maintaining abnormal readings, excessive heat, vibration
equipment, the proven Operator Driven or pressure.
Reliability (ODR) program from SKF is help- In a successful ODR program, operators
ing plants meet this challenge. perform process parameter inspections,
record and communicate observations on
machine performance, and make minor
adjustments. Using technology to automate
these tasks facilitates consistency, accuracy, Why choose SKF?
and plant-wide information sharing, all of SKF knowledge engineering enables a com-
which can enhance your production and prehensive, single source ODR solution.
maintenance strategies. Featuring hand held monitoring devices,
With ODR, operators become an itegral sensors, and software, SKF’s ODR system
part of an overall reliability-based asset components work together seamlessly and
management strategy that can result in integrate with a plant’s computerized main-
increased productivity and reduced tenance managment and/or decision sup-
unplanned downtime. port system.
SKF has the experience and expertise
totailor an operator driven reliability pro-
gram to meet your facility’s unique goals and
help implement sustainable, continuous

The SKF MARLIN CMDM 6500 (left) and CMDM

5460 (right) are designed to work with the SKF
Machine Condition Detector Pro IS to automate
the machine inspection process.

Ordering information • SKF MARLIN quick connect computerized • SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS
(patent pending) M8 ¥ 1,25 mounting setup key [CMAC 3620]
SKF Machine Condition Detector MCD Pro thread – three (3) studs per package • Temperature magnet for SKF Machine
IS CMVL 3600-IS-K-01-C Kit [CMSS 2601-3] Condition Detector Pro IS probe
Each CMVL 3600-IS-K-01-C Kit consists of • SKF MARLIN quick connect computerized [CMAC 3610]
the following items: (patent pending) 1/4 ¥ 28 mounting thread • Probe tip replacement kit for temperature
– three (3) studs per package magnet for SKF Machine Condition
• SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS [CMSS 2611-3] Detector Pro IS [CMAC 3630]
probe [CMVL 3600-IS] • Tool kit for spot face 1/4-28 • Magnetic probe tip for SKF Machine Con-
• Temperature magnet for SKF Machine [CMAC 9600-01] dition Detector Pro IS [CMAC 3611]
Condition Detector Pro IS probe • Tool kit for spot face M8 ¥ 1,25 • Stinger probe 10 cm (4 in.)
[CMAC 3610] [CMAC 9600-02] [CMSS 60139-04]
• “AA” Alkaline batteries, two (2) each • Drill bit for 1/4-28 kit [CMAC 9600-03] • 1/4-28 SKF MARLIN quick connect for
• SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS • Tap for 1/4-28 kit [CMAC 9600-04] stinger interface [CMSS 2610-1]
setup key [CMAC 3620] • Pilot for 1/4-28 kit [CMAC 9600-05] • SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS
• SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS • Drill bit for M8 ¥ 1,25 kit quick start card [CMVL 3600-QS]
padded carrying Case [31736700] [CMAC 9600-06] • SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS
• SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS • Tap for M8 ¥ 1,25 kit [CMAC 9600-07] user manual [CMVL 3600M-SL]
user manual [CMVL 3600M-SL] • Pilot for M8 ¥ 1,25 kit [CMAC 9600-08]
• SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS • End mill or counter bore for either kit SKF MARLIN data manager
quick start card [CMVL 3600-QS] [CMAC 9600-09] The SKF Machine Condition Detector Pro IS
can be used in non-hazardous areas with
SKF MARLIN quick connect and mounting Optional accessories the SKF MARLIN CMDM 6500 and CMDM
accessories • Cable, SKF MARLIN I-Pro CMDM 6500 5400 series.
• SKF MARLIN quick connect interface series to SKF Machine Condition Detector
For additional information on the SKF MARLIN data
receptacle, 1/4 turn, 5/8-24 two (2) lead Pro IS (Requires CMAC 6142 Snap-on managers, please refer to SKF Reliability Systems
thread with contact adapter, sold separately) [CMAC 6141] publication number SR/P2 10272 EN or contact your
local SKF Reliability Systems Sales Representative.
• SKF MARLIN quick connect mechanical • Snap-on adapter, SKF MARLIN I-Pro
M8 ¥ 1,25 mounting thread – three (3) [CMAC 6142]
studs per package [CMSS 2600-3] • Cable, SKF MARLIN S-Pro CMDM 5460 Product Support Plans (PSP)
• SKF MARLIN quick connect mechanical to SKF Machine Condition Detector A range of Product Support Plans are avail-
1/4-28 mounting thread – three (3) studs (Requires CMAC 6115 Adapter) able to protect your investment. Contact
per package [CMSS 2610-3] [CMAC 6115] your local SKF Reliability Systems sales rep-
• Adapter, SKF MARLIN S-Pro resentative for additional information.
[CMAC 6115]

Please contact:
SKF Reliability Systems
SKF Condition Monitoring Center – San Diego
5271 Viewridge Court • San Diego, California 92123 USA
Tel: +1 858-496-3400 • Fax: +1 858-496-3531
Web Site: www.skf.com/cm

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