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Afferent and efferent pupillary


thyroarytenoid muscle

cricothryoid muscle

lateral cricoarytenoid muscle

posterior cricoarytenoid muscle

arteries of the aortic arch 12346

External oblique muscle forms Anterior layer of rectus sheath
Inguinal ligament
External spermatic fascia
inversion of the foot Anterior and posterior compartment
eversion of the foot Lateral compartment

arcuate line

adduction of eyeball –which muscle

Rectus are the adductors and oblique

abduction of eyeball—which are abductors of the eyeball

uvula and CN-X lesion uvula points away from the affected
CNs in the midline of the brainstem 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12
posterior wall of the heart
diaphragmatic border of the heart
blink reflex
femoral canal
fibrous pericardium
lumbar puncture layers
vertebra prominens
what is light near dissociation?
White ramus communicans
hemiazygous vein
hypoglossal nerve palsy and
deviation of tongue
cupola of the lung
base of the heart formed by

superior border of the heart formed


what is adie tonic pupil/ adie

syndrome/ homer-adie syndrome .
Which lesion produces it

Argyll Robertson pupil o Reacts normally to

o Bilateral loss of constriction in
response to light
gag reflex—sensory and motor

arteria profunda femorii

Great cardiac vein

Middle cardiac vein

Small cardiac vein

Nerve supply of anterior 2/3rd of the

Neve supply of the post 1/3rd of the
Nerve supply of the base of tongue
All the muscles of larynx are Cricothyroid muscle—suplied by the
supplied by RLN except external laryngeal nerve
All muscles of tongue are supplied Palatoglossus
by hypoglossal nerve except
All muscles of soft palate are Tensor vali palatine—V3 nerve
innervated by CN XI except
Number of bronchopulmonary Right-10
segments Left -8
LOAF muscles –name them

Internal oblique abdominis o Runs in posteroinferior direction

o Splits to form the rectus sheath
o Forms conjoint tendon
o Middle spermatic fascia
o Cremasteric muscle
External Jugular vein Posterior auricular vein and
Posterior division of the
retromandibular vein