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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)

Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017

ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

A Comprehensive Review of the

Bookmyshow Website and System
Tamizharsi T * 1,Pulkit Suhasaria* 2, Ashwani Agarwal* 3,
Harshit Manchanda* 4 , Himanshu Jain* 5
Abstract: This paper discusses Ticket booking launched in India in August 2007. As of now, it
reservation system, its advantages, challenges, operates in more than 400 cities present within 4
implementation, methodology, applications. Ticket different countries around the globe covering more
Booking reservation system is a standalone system than 4000 screens with a customer base crossing
in which each Theatre uses its own system and over 20 million and still counting. The year 2016
disconnected from other Theatre and used by witnessed a revenue generation of around 3 Billion
dollars (200 billion Indian rupees) from the theatres
customers and employees to book tickets for
present all over India. The financial year 2016
movies, plays and sports. It increases customer
generated a profit of rupees 3.17 crores for ‘Book
satisfaction and efficiency but it also increases the My Show’ which is far more better than its other
competition among different Theatre. There are competitors site like Ticketfinder.com and
various issues involved too like security issues. Tickets.com. The revenue of Indian theatres that
This paper discusses various Ticket booking has vastly increased because of Book My Show
reservation system and the technology used to plays a huge rule in empowering country’s GDP
implement these systems. It also discusses various and it will continue to enhance in the coming years.
modules used, systems used and testing methods
used when these technology are implemented. It
also discusses ways to improve the system by Site Map Analyzation:
integrating and interacting with other corporates.
It is no doubt that Book My Show is one of the
biggest and the best ticketing portal in the country.
Analyzing the sitemap, it is clearly evident that the
Outlook of Online
company is working to make Online Booking an
Booking System: easy task for the customers. It caters to the needs of
The evolution of Internet as a mass communication all the customers looking to book tickets for
channel has greatly enhanced the public access to movies, events, plays or sports. The site provides a
modern day Internet facilities like Online Booking search bar to search for any movies and other
Systems. Every year the number of Internet users events for which the user wishes to buy tickets. It
grows exponentially, which results in more use of also provides a region wise cinema list to choose
such amenities. One of the most increasingly your favourite theatre to watch a movie. The
popular subordinate of Online Booking System is availability of seats along with their orientation
the Online Movie Ticket Booking System. The with respect to the interior of the theatre is
Online Movie Ticket Booking System provides the displayed to the user to choose seats within the
customers the comfort of booking their favourite desired category. The site also list a separate tab for
movie tickets online from the comfort of their various offers that can be applied on the purchase
home or office sparing them from standing in those in order to give the users an additional benefit of
long queues outside the ticket booking counters of paying less money online. The site provides full
the theatres. support to a new user by giving a site tour to every
new user that logs in to the website.The design of
One of the leading online movie ticketing the site is impeccable which helps to book tickets
aggregator in India is ‘Book My Show’. The advent conveniently.
of ‘Book My Show’ has immensely influenced the
business of theatres. The comfort of booking
tickets online attracts more number of customers to
the theatres. The idea of Book My Show was
developed around 18 years ago from now in South
Africa and now 18 years later, it is one of the
leading platforms working in its domain. It was

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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)
Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017
ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

System Investigation as
an User:
‘Book My Show’ not only allows its customers to
access it online through its website but the the
company also has a mobile application that is
equally user friendly and good as its website. As an
user, the experience of using its website and mobile
application is just matchless.

The User Interface of the ‘Book My Show’ website

is on par with its reputation. The user friendly site
offers the user to search for the event or movies for
which the user wishes to buy tickets. The search
lists the various theatres along with their venues in
Bookmyshow business: case of movies and the venues in case of any event
or plays. Upon selection of the desired seat by the
Currently, there are tens of Ticket booking user, the site asks the user to fill in the details if the
reservation system existing who operates their user is not logged in. For a logged in user, the site
business online mostly. Bookmyshow (Indian implicitly fills the details of the user by fetching it
online Booking company) is one such business from the user’s database. The option of sign up is
model. It helps users to book Tickets conveniently also provided for the new users. After filling the
by offering them multiple choices of Theatres all details, the user is taken to payment gateway page
together at a single platform. Here, customers can where the user can choose the option through
book Tickets by comparing various prices offered which it desires to pay to the merchant.
by respective Theatres. In addition to movie tickets,
they provide tickets for plays and sports. Its The mobile application is similar in functionalities
founders are Ashish Hemrajani,Rajesh Balpande, to that of the website with the enhanced user
Parikshit Dar. They founded this company in year experience design and user interface. Below are the
1999 and is currently a highly profitable company images showing the demonstration of the working
in this business in India. The company is based in of mobile application.
New York.

Major Modules Available:

Technology used:
1) Movies: The movie module is one of the
AJAX: Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous main functionality of the ‘Book My
JavaScript and XML. It is a group of inter-related Show’ website and mobile application. It
technologies like JavaScript, DOM, XML, HTML, allows the user to book movie tickets
CSS etc. conveniently from anywhere.
PHP: PHP is a popular scripting language for
creating web pages. 2) Events & Plays: It informs the user about
ASP.net: Microsoft's Active Server Pages the various events or plays happening over
technology on the .NET framework. the selected city location. It allows the
Java: Java is a general-purpose language originally user to buy tickets to such events and
developed by Sun Microsystems. JavaScript: plays.
JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented, cross-
platform scripting language, mainly used within 3) Videos: This is an added functionality of
web pages. the Book My Show website and app to
UTF-8: UTF-8 (8-bit Unicode Transformation support the movie module. Clicking on
Format) is a variable-length character encoding for this modules, directs the user to a new
Unicode, which is backwards compatible with page where the user can see trailers of
ASCII. different movies, along with some of the
VeriSign: VeriSign is an SSL certificate authority online show, television shows and random
owned by Symantec. lifestyle videos.
Apache: The Apache HTTP Server is a popular
open source web server by the Apache Software 4) My Profile: This functionality helps the
Foundation. user to create an account and get
registered in the Book My Show user’s

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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)
Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017
ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

database. The user can update its Bangladesh, New Zealand, Indonesia, UAE, Sri
information at anytime. The user can even Lanka.
save his credit/debit card details here so
that the user does not have to enter his
details again for future transactions. MyWallet:

BookMyShow has has an option for its users to

5) Support: The support module contains
maintain a m-wallet that makes its user experience
three sub modules including the answers
completely hassle free. The users have the option to
to frequently asked questions, the phone
book tickets with just one click using their
details of the customer care’s office and
Mywallet account.
the email id of the customer care. The
customer is the first priority and any
complaint or difficulty faced by the
Static and dynamic parts of the “common
customer is immediately looked after.
parts” of the systems:
6) Offers: This module contains the various
ongoing promotions and offers that can be Every system has some static and dynamic parts,
availed through the official website or some of them are used for movie ticket booking
application. These offers enhances the and others for the overall transaction process.
number of customers booking tickets
everyday. Static parts include :

1) User interface
Common and different features of the 2) Overall site transitions
system: 3) Site address
4) Helpline numbers
The BookMyShow website is quite different from
other movie ticket booking websites that major Dynamic parts include:
multiplexes use. The BookMyShow website and
app offer a combined complete entertainment 1) User database is ever increasing : With
booking experience. It provides both information as addition of new users the database is
well as complete option of booking for that changing all the time.
experience. BookMyShow offers ticket booking
experience not only for movies but other major
events not only in India but all across the globe. It 2) Offers and promotions: The offers and
has various offers for its users as well as partners promotions offered vary all the time
with other entities such as banks and other mobile with new partners and partnerships.
wallets to provide special discounts.
There are features that makes this a completely
different experience such as : 3) Multiplexes and movies: There is a constant
change in multiplexes and the movies they
Complete information : Trailers and Videos show.

The BookMyShow website shows latest trailers 4) Recommendation system: It also uses a
and video snippets of upcoming movies, plays and recommendation system to suggest
other events. movies based on the users past
experiences and priorities.
Blog and Review Section:
Database of the Website:
It allows users to present their viewpoints and
reviews. Many well known movie critics also The database used in a web application like that of
maintain a blog and section on the this section. book my show is are relational database where
there are six entities (table) namely feedback,
movies, customer, booking and payment. The
International Website: relation has been described between each entity
along with the cardinality of the table participating
The BookMyShow website is an international in the relationship. For instance one movie can
website with presence in countries such as India, have many bookings so the cardinality is defined as
1: N. The relationship would be further converted

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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)
Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017
ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

to tables according to ER diagram rules of admin which can help him make informed
converting them depending on cardinality, weak decisions. Revenue for individual theatre could be
entities etc. Normalization of tables would generated through his module.
definitely takeplace to maintain consistency and
soundness of the records in the table. Information flow Diagram:
Information flow diagram level 0 for bookmyshow

A level 0 diagram is a high level representation of

flow of information in the application. It abstracts
Various Authorizations: majority of the complex structures and gives a
simple view which can be understood by a layman.
Authorizations for visitors:
System analysis:
Visitors can browse the website and visit any page.
Visitors can book shows without logging in the site As we can see in the diagram there are three
and can proceed with the transaction by entering external entities a user, a theatre admin and a main
their mobile no and email id which is verified by admin. The information exchanged between the
bookmyshow to verify the authenticity of the user. entities and the application can be seen in which
user sends a request to book tickets and the
Authorizations for users: application after all internal processing sends back
a message informing whether the ticket has been
Users get all the above mentioned facilities which a
successfully booked or not.
visitor gets. Additionally for signed in users on the
site special privileges such as using their online Theatre admin sends request for updating schedule
wallet (MyWallet or QuickPay) to make payment is of the movies and modifying the no.of theatres to
available. Such web portals have introduced the which the application respond with the updated list.
concept of loyalty points which are added to one’s
account depending on how frequently they use the Main admin sends a request to see the transaction
site. Such loyalty points can be only added if log and everyday sales report to which the
he/she is a user, visitors don’t get such privilege. application sends back data of all the transactions
Users can also see their booking history and can made on the application.
complain if any discrepancy is found. For example
a booking listed which the user never made.

Authorizations for admin:

Admin has special privileges of adding and

deleting movies or theatres on the site. Facility of
generating transaction report is available to the

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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)
Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017
ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

phase level in software development life cycle.I

It comprises if validation and verification.

Testing plan for the system would involve testing

of different modules of the software.
1.GUI testing
2. Navigation testing
3. Functional testing
4. Non functional testing (Performance Security)
5. Data validation testing
6. Negative testing
7. Data Base Testing

Test cases for Booking tickets:

1. Check whether there is a theatre available for the
movie desired.
2. Check the availability of seats on the required
This is a data flow diagram level 1 where the 3. Check whether the available seats are of which
central application is in DFD level 0 is split into class (platinum, gold, silver etc.)
further processes so that a more detailed insight to
the flow of information between the application
and the external actors could be identified. In the
diagram interaction of the application with the Test Scenario: Movie search with all theatres listed
database (a rectangle with one side open) is also
introduced which shows that flow of information as
1. Enter the city of your stay and desired movie to
be watched. Check whether all theatres in the
Possible reports that can be taken from the location for the movie are displayed or not.
Test Scenario: check availability of seats for
Various sorts of report could be generated from the required date
system: 1. Search seats for the class desired.
2. Ticket fare for corresponding criteria
 By fetching the transaction log of the
application for a particular time period
admins can generate reports on peak time Test Scenario: Ticket Booking.
of booking by doing a comparative study. 1. Book the tickets with corresponding criteria
by cash or card.
 By using filters in the fetched transaction
log various important things can be 2. Check for any concession or coupon code and
identified such as the theatre which is its applicability.
earning the most and the highest selling
movie. Scenario:

 Associations can be found out by mining 3. Check whether ticket is being mailed to the
data which can identify which set of rightful recipient.
people choose which class of seats . This
would give them an idea as to how to
distribute the number of seats in each Test Scenario: Cancel Booking.
1. Check whether the request for cancellation is
Testing Plan: within the allowed time from the booking as per the
company norms.
Software testing is evaluation of the software
against requirements gathered from users and 2. If yes cancel the booking update the variables
system specifications. Testing is conducted at the and database.

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Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)
Vol-3, Issue-8, 2017
ISSN: 2454-1362, http://www.onlinejournal.in

3. Initiate booking amount refund process. 1. Corporates of the region that offer various
adventure and experiences along sports and other
Performance testing:
2. Integrating various taxi services that can offer
It will be done by means of load testing and stress
pick up and drop to the multiplexes. This can be
testing where the software is put under high user
added as a option to complete the user experience
and data load under various stress conditions. where we can integrate two services as one.
Usability testing: All the functionalities of the
software will be tested individually by means of 3. Integrating offers for better food that can be
scenarios. It will be a white box testing where the booked along with movie tickets.
tester would know about the internal structure of
the unit to ensure that the unit is working as per 4. Partnering with the movie franchise and other
requirements and are error free. merchandise stores to let the user the option to buy
the movie merchandise along with tickets.
Some improvements:
In every business plan and its implementation there
are always many challenges and errors involved. In Before the boom of the internet it was a hard task
case of movie booking we need the app and the booking tickets. People used to stand in queues
website to be reliable and have smooth waiting outside the theatre to book tickets. The
transactions. Sometimes it fails to provide BookMyshow website and system relieves the
smoother transaction system resulting in loss of people from such difficult task. BookMyshow is
customer time and money. the leader in the Indian online movie ticketing
market. It not only lets the user book movie tickets
Sometimes the apps force user to update the app but has vast offers for experiences and other events
every time a new update is released. Consider a across the globe. The company also provides
situation where there is weak network and you people management and booking skills for events
have saved your ticket in the app, now an update across the country. It has revolutionised the
prevents the app to open it and as a result you are entertainment market with complete user
unable to show your tickets. This kind of service is information experience. The technology used in the
inacceptable. website is the top notch. The company is improving
its services everyday. The promotions on the
To fix this they just need to make sure that user is website also add to the user experience.
able to open the app even if there is an update
pending. In developing a similar system a few points that
should be kept in mind are:
We can improve the database design with the help
of Normalization. Normalizationof tables will help 1. It is important to make the website and
to maintain consistency and soundness of the system efficient and secure. Therefore, it is
records in the table. essential to use the best and latest technology.

These changes will definitely help in enhancing 2. The users are need to be kept in mind while
user experience. designing the system and the UI should be
clean and easy to use.
Corporate systems interaction and
integration: 3. Industry partnerships are important for such a
website to work. Therefore, it is important to
To improve the overall efficiency, productivity and choose the partners carefully.
increase customer experience various corporate
systems have been integrated with movie ticketing References:
system. As there is increasing competition among
various platforms there is an increasing need for • https://in.bookmyshow.com
innovation and addition of services to attract • https://www.wikipedia.org
customers. • techcircle.vccircle.com/tag/bookmyshow/
• economictimes.indiatimes.com
Various corporate systems that can be integrated • https://www.quora.com/
with the BookMyshow website are:-

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