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A Teen Tinting

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Elvis Tabakovic (16) Brian Niemyer (16)

Discovery High school
A+ Teen Tinting’s goal is to increase the
Mission Statement style of most vehicles in my community, one
car at a time. Time and effort into every car.

Serving Metro-Atlanta currently but in the

next 5-8 years the company will open at
Vision least one location that will provides the
piedmont area with tinting and other
services offered.
Intrduing: Lorem ipsum
❏ Creativity
❏ Loyalty
❏ Responsibility

Core Values
Quality work done constantly and
Project timeline
❏ Reliability
❏ Commitment to the task at hand
❏ Being open mind
❏ Some benefits includes the privacy inside
your car win window tint is installed, sun
protection for the interior of the vehicle
and with other services A+ Teen Tinting
❏ A+ Teen Tinting recognized as a

i l e
LLC(Limited liability corporation)

Pro f ❏ A+ Teen Tinting is in the aftermarket

i ne ss automotive. Specifically, Automotive

Bu s services except repair and carwashes

and in the cleaning and polishing
❏ Company’s hub is in Lawrenceville, Ga,
but provides services to metro-Atlanta
❏ Elvis has Experience with tinting five
vehicles and my partner, Brian, has done
one vehicle.
❏ Elvis and Brian have always grew up around
cars and we see ourselves continuing the
❏ Elvis studies the art of car designs on the

ti o n s daily


Most of family has access or is in the car

a l i fi industry.

Q u ❏ Both CEO’s have taken the DISC

assessment to understand our strengths
and weakness in a business.
Within the past 5 years there has been a
constant growth of 3.5% each year to its
current value $1.329 million

❏ Out of 34 people who took part in survey

❏ 64%:Ages 11-15.
❏ 21%:Household income of

i s

al ys ❏ 94%:For Unique

et An ❏ 97%:Reasonable prices.

❏ 88%:Said that tinting windows on a

M ❏
car makes it more attractive.
Out of all the people who replied to
my survey 11 people said a good price
to get their car detailed is $75 and
$95 and above.
❏ Our Consumer Profile could be
from ages 18-65
❏ The market that looks at tinting
usually to be the first modification
to enhance their vehicle from stock
form. They would constantly

fi le search for ways to create their

er Pro perfect image of their car

o n s um ❏ In Atlanta the car enhancements

C have grew largely and is seen by
the amount of shows specifically
made to show off the unique
Promotional Mix
The only expense will include $85 that would be used to
create social media ads and signs on the side of the
road for people who own cars to see.
Competitive Advantage

The idea is out there already in the automotive industry but using
research on competitors, A+ Teen Tinting found a way to include
the idea of convenience. All the consumer needs to do is
contacts the company and establish a appointment and your
address so a experienced employee will come there to tint your
windows and other services that were chosen. A+ Teen Tinting
goes to the customer to complete the service and no other auto
window tinting company does the same method due to the worry
of gas expenses.
Time Management
❏ Weekdays
❏ 6 hours taken by sleep
❏ 8 hours a day taken by school
❏ 2 hours for homework
❏ 3 hours to complete any service requested (2 hours
per car on average)
❏ 5 hours of sleep
❏ Weekends
❏ 8 hours taken by sleep
❏ 6 hours to complete any service requested
❏ 1 hour for any homework
❏ 4 hours of rest
❏ 4 hours to sleep
COG - Cost of Goods
Product Prices
Tinting Film Rolls $25 (For only one percentage tint (32%))

Foam Cannon Kit $89.99

Pressure washer $400 (New Condition)

Mothers Ultimate liquid wax $39.99

Interior wax and window cleaner $45 (combined)

Cost Per Car
*All costs are estimates. (this chart is if the
consumer chooses all service options)*

Tinting Film $4.25 ( If car has 6 windows )

Exterior Wax and Foam cleaner $65
Interior cleaners $12
Total amount $81.25

*If the customer pays for all options the total is $225 and the amount I have
to pay is $81.25 so, in theory I should have a profit of $143.75 per car.*
Labor hours

Window Tinting Estimated 4 hours

*price not affected by labor hours*

Estimated 1 hour and 20 min.

Exterior Detailing *price not affected by labor hours*

Estimated 1 hour and 35 min.

Interior Detailing *price not affected by labor hours*
*All Firefighters, Army Soldiers/Veterans, teachers and police officers get 25% discount
on tints and free wash . Also, 5% of price goes to Breast cancer awareness*

A+ Teen tinting can do these things as well as tinting

❏ For $45 you can exterior detailing and free hand wash
❏ For $35 you can have interior detailing
❏ For $60 you can get deep wax and exterior detailing
❏ For $80 both exterior and interior detailing

Hatchback/SUV Tinting Sedan Tinting

$115 for rear windows (including rear windshield) $125 for rear windows (including rear windshield)
$130 for all windows $140 for all windows
$142 for all windows and front windshield $145 for all windows and front windshield
Monthly Cost
Fixed Expenses Amount
Car and Travel $80

Legal fees $120 (Annually)

Rent $7.75

Telephone $36

Insurance $44.84
Total Monthly expenses : $288.59+$60 for extras=$388.59
Projected Annual Income

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

Estimated $10,800 $14,940 $22,500


Estimated $8,580 $11,869 $17,775


*To start up A+ Teen Tinting the costs to

establish the business is added up to $4,435*
Sales Projection
*estimated* *estimated* *estimated*

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3

$10,800 $14,940 $22,500

60 vehicles 83 vehicles 125 vehicles

*In our break-even analysis we will use the average contribution margin of
our products and the annual fixed costs. The average contribution margin is
$139.50 and our annual fixed costs are $1,631. This causes the break-even
units to be 12 vehicles.*
Business and Personal goals
Elvis Tabakovic
Business Personal
❏ To be well known in my school to ❏ Use the business to grow and
be the go too tint guy. express myself
❏ Have money to not worry on the ❏ Introduce a stronger
price of anything. self-confidence level as a
❏ Enjoy the luxury of working for my entrepreneur
own. ❏ Strengthen more relationships
with more time

Brian Niemyer
Business Personal
❏ To succeed a “successful” status ❏ Reach higher standards in my
❏ To expand the horizons of our academic growth.
company to various types of car ❏ Be able to utilize the business to
business. get future academic opportunities
❏ Provide luxuries to my family ❏ To get well known as a positive
members that deserve it. influence by my peers
surrounding me.
Work I’ve Done
Work I’ve Done
Before After
Work We’ve Done
Before After
Work We’ve Done
Before After
Work We’ve Done
Before After
o Teen Tinting
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A Teen Tinting

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Elvis Tabakovic (16) Brian Niemyer (16)

Discovery High school

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