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Muscle Table 3

Draws central
Xiphoid process, Pericardiacophrenic,
tendon down
lower six costal Converge into musculophrenic, Posterior
Diaphragm Phrenic nerve and forward
cartilages, central tendon superior and inferior abdominal wall
L1–L3 vertebrae phrenic arteries
Posterior intercostal arteries,
Supports intercostal collateral branches of
spaces in posterior intercostal
Upper border of rib
External inspiration and arteries, costocervical
Lower border of ribs below rib of Intercostal nerves Thoracic wall
intercostal expiration, trunk, anterior
elevates ribs in intercostal branches of
inspiration internal thoracic artery,
musculophrenic artery
Muscular branches of
anterior intercostal
arteries, muscular
branches of posterior
Upper border of rib
Innermost intercostal arteries,
Lower border of ribs below rib of Intercostal nerves Elevates ribs Thoracic wall
intercostal intercostal branches of
internal thoracic and
musculophrenic arteries,
costocervical trunk
Muscular branches of
Prevents pushing anterior intercostal
out or drawing arteries, muscular
Costal cartilage and
in of intercostal branches of posterior
edge of costal
Internal spaces in intercostal arteries,
Lower border of ribs groove of rib Intercostal nerves Thoracic wall
intercostal inspiration and intercostal branches of
above rib of
expiration, internal thoracic and
lowers ribs in musculophrenic arteries,
forced expiration costocervical trunk
Subjacent ribs
Transverse Dorsal ramus of
Levator between
processes of C7 lower thoracic Elevates ribs Posterior intercostal arteries Thoracic wall
costarum tubercle and
and T1–T11 nerves
Sternal half of
clavicle, sternum
to 7th rib, Lateral lip of Pectoral branch of
Medial and lateral Flexes and adducts
cartilages of intertubercular thoraco-acromial artery, Pectoral/axilla
Pectoralis major pectoral arm, rotates arm
true ribs, sulcus of perforating branches of region
nerves medially
aponeurosis of humerus internal thoracic artery
external oblique
Lowers lateral angle Pectoral branch of
Outer surface of
Coracoid process of Medial pectoral of scapula and thoraco-acromial and Pectoral/axilla
Pectoralis minor upper margin of
scapula nerve protracts intercostal lateral region
ribs 3–5
scapula thoracic arteries
Protracts scapula
Costal surface of
Lateral surfaces of Long thoracic and holds it Pectoral/axilla
Serratus anterior medial border of Lateral thoracic artery
upper 8–9 ribs nerve against thoracic region
Serratus Ventral rami of
Spinous processes Inferior aspect of
posterior lower thoracic Depresses ribs Posterior intercostal arteries Superficial back
of T11–L2 ribs 9–12
inferior nerves
Ligamentum nuchae,
Serratus Ventral rami of
spinous Superior aspect of
posterior upper thoracic Elevates ribs Posterior intercostal arteries Superficial back
processes of ribs 2–4
superior nerves
Internal surface of Superior borders of
Posterior intercostal artery,
Subcostal lower ribs near 2nd or 3rd rib Intercostal nerves Depresses ribs Thoracic wall
musculophrenic artery
their angles below
Internal surface of
Transversus Posterior surface of Depresses ribs and Anterior intercostal arteries,
costal cartilages Intercostal nerves Thoracic wall
thoracis lower sternum costal cartilages internal thoracic artery

Variations in spinal nerve contributions to the innervation of muscles, their arterial supply, their attachments, and their actions are common themes in human
anatomy. Therefore, expect differences between texts and realize that anatomical variation is normal.

Muscle Table Table 3-1