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Read the text and fill in the gaps with the correct
form of the verb to be and the verb have got.

2. Are these statements True (T) or False

Hello! My name ______ Susan. I ______ a
student. I ______ eleven years old and I like
school very much. My teachers ______ friendly 1) Susan is a student.
and I like them too. My favourite subject is 2) She doesn´t like school.
______ English. I don´t like maths. 3) She loves English.
I ______ many friends at school. Ann ______ my 4) She likes maths.
best friend and my desk mate. 5) She plays football with her friends.
My school ______ big . It ______ many
classrooms, a library, a canteen, a gym and a big
During the breaks I play basketball with my 3. Correct the false ones.
friends. In the afternoon I usually go to the library
with my best friend Ann and we read our favourite
books. A) __________________
B) __________________
C) __________________
D) __________________

4. Answer the following questions about the text.

A) I _______ Portuguese.
B) They _______ a new car.
A) Who is Susan? C) Mary _______ blue eyes.
_____________________________________ D) Mary is _______ thin.
E) Mark and I _______ a lot of books.
B) How old is she?
8. Fill in the blanks with the correct form or the
C) Does she like school? verb to be or the verb have got.
A) I _______ a big house.
D) What´s her favourite subject? B) _______ you _______ a pen?
_____________________________________ C) They _______ (not) a new ball.
D) She _______ many classrooms in her school.
E) Has she got many friends? E) Susan _______ a blue jumper.

7. Fill in the blanks with the verb have got in

5. Complete the following sentences about Susan. the correct form:

A) They _______ students.

A) Susan is __________________________ B) Susan _______ (not) tall.
B) She plays basketball ________________ C) She _______ ten years old.
C) Her school is ______________________ D) We _______ (not) twins.
D) Her favourite subject _______________ E) _______ we friends?

6. Fill in the blanks with the verb to be in the

correct form: