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Pinsao Pilot Project, Baguio City

4th Foundation Day

“Revitalizing our Culture for a Greater Foundation”

Guest Speaker:
Hon. Nicasio M. Aliping Jr.
Congressman, Baguio City


Submitted by:
Irish L. Alalag

Submitted to:
Mr. Brainly Mangatam
REACTION PAPER: Fourth Foundation Day
Foundation Day is celebrated by most of the schools and Universities to commemorate the
day of the school was founded. The act of founding, especially the establishment of an institution
with provisions for future maintenance. Activities includes such as field demonstrations, parade,
pageants and other events that is related to tradition of the School. Students, teachers and alumna
are the primary participants of the activities. Foundation Day is a fun and enjoyable event in school
which showcases the best of all that Pinsao National High Scool has to offer. We welcome all
students and their families to this special school day.

Pinsao National High School Campus Celebrates its 4th Foundation Day this December
10, 2014. Foundation Day starts at December 10 with a parade going downtown to the barangay
hall and back to the school campus. After the parade the school conducted a thanksgiving mass for
us to thankd the Almighty Father for all the blessings showered upon us and to every success of
the school and singing for the mass songs are led by Mr. Emiliano and Ms. Siw-ang together with
them are the seniors and some juniors. The opening and declaration of program for the Foundation
Day was started at 10 AM by the School Principal Edward Vicente. The Guest Speaker was Hon.
Nicasio M. Aliping Jr. but he was not able to attend so he was represented by his friend, Engr.
Joseph C. Cabato. All the students enjoyed watching the presentations of teachers of each
department. The program was made successful without our Master of Ceremony, Mr. Olosan.

Students enjoyed having their lunch at school while they prepare for their field
demonstrations per section. At exactly 1 o’clock the competition started starting off with the Grade
7 performing Dance evolution, Grade 8 with Ball Room Dancing, Third Years with Folk Dance
and the Fourth Years with Cultural Dance. Alumna judged the students.


“Revitalizing our Culture for a Greater Foundation”The theme of the 4th anniversary of
Pinsao National High School encapsulates the institution’s 4 years of empowering and
transforming their students into valuable citizens of society. PNHS celebrated their 4th foundation
day last December 10, 2013 with a spectacle as they welcome the year-long celebration.
The event began with a Eucharistic celebration. After the mass, the unveiling of the
teachers and staffs talent took place. Entering with enthusiasm and powerful movements, the
practice teachers from Saint Louise University captured the audience’s attention as they danced to
the impressive rhythmic beats of the most played songs and the most famous dance steps of that
year. Nearing the end of their performance, PNHS administrators and School representatives were
called on stage to unveil the logo. Students cheered and applauded as the cloth was unveiled,
exposing the 3-V logo.

During the program, School Principal Edward C. Vicente welcomed the students, alumni
and guests to the school’s achievement. Engineer Joseph Cabato, inspired the audience that PNHS
is “only getting younger” and calls to use this vigor in continuing to inspire and in making a
difference. The emcee, got the students excited as she explained the activities for the yearly
celebration. Keeping the spirits high, the teachers of the Mapeh Department and English
Department, serenaded the audience.

The second half of the day, the students were given a treat as their wishes were granted
with the activity “It’s Gadget Time!” Students were allowed to bring their gadgets to school with
the primary objective of exercising their responsibility and emphasizing the importance of Media
ethics in the height of the Social Networking Age. The High School students had activities that
exercised both creativity and social-responsibility in a highly technological world.


With the theme "Revitalizing our Culture for a Greater Foundation" and the Unveiling of
the Marker with Division Supervisors, Dr. Rachel M. Bugtong, PTA officers and the Barangay
Officials of Pinsao Pilot, the Congressman was represented by Mr. Joseph C. Cabato. He
encouraged every student and the community folks on how the culture creates a positive social
environment resulting in greater civic participation. As he expound further, cultural participation
builds bridges across neighborhood, ethnic and class divides in ways that many other forms of
civic engagement do not.
It was indeed a successful celebration, glad and so proud to be part of the Pinsao National
High School family, we vow to do better next year.

Tailor awards to uniquely fit your area’s personality and culture. Develop a nomination process
and winner recognition.
 Design your own ballot box
 Designate an area to display photos of “winners”

Award Suggestions:

 Most likely to swap a shift

 Our Greatest performer
 Most Likely to have something nice to say
 The Calm in the Storm
 Best Hair/Biggest Smile
 Most Likely to win a bowling trophy
 Most likely to become a country music star
 Most athletic

Banners, Posters, and Signs

 Thank your colleagues for their support of the delivery of teaching care
 Hang a large sheet of butcher paper it in a central location and encourage staff, family members
to write “public” notes of gratitude.
 Showcase quality improvement projects
 Honor notable professional achievements, honors, degrees, or awards earned over the past year
 Recognize any unit/department award or recognition earned over the past year.
 Recognize a specific individual
 Honor a newly retired teacher or a memorial of a former teacher

Contests & Games

Consider contests related to Nursing, such as the coolest hat, best looking scrubs, trivia games,
and scavenger hunts.