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Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Project Execution Plan

Project Basrah NGL Project

Originating Company Basrah Gas Company
Document Title Project Execution Plan
Document Number 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Document Revision 03R
Document Status Issued for Review
Originator / Author John O’Brien
Security Classification Restricted
Issue Date 05 Jul 2018
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Revision History

Rev # Date of Issue Status Description Originator Checker Approver

01R 27-May-2018 Issued for review John Gurcam John O’Brien C. VonHaven
02R 24-Jun-2018 Issued for review John Gurcam John O’Brien C. VonHaven
03R 05-Jul-2018 Issued for review John Gurcam John O’Brien C. VonHaven

Rev # Reason for Issue / Change

01R Issued for Review
02R BGC comments incorporated and issued for review
03R BGC comments incorporated and issued for review

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Table of Contents
1.1.  Project Overview 4 
1.2.  Project Scope of Supply 6 
1.3.  Summary of Exterran Responsibility 10 
1.4.  Summary of Client’s Responsibility 13 
2.1.  Project Management 14 
2.2.  Project Reporting and Meetings 16 
2.2.1.  Weekly and bi weekly Reporting 16 
2.2.2.  Monthly reporting 16 
2.2.3.  Meetings 17 
2.3.  Project Document Control 19 
2.4.  Coordination and communications, Correspondence Procedures 20 
2.5.  Project Controls 22 
2.5.1.  Scheduling 22 
2.5.2.  Cost Control 22 
2.6.  Administrative Support 23 
2.7.  Engineering Section 23 
2.8.  Permitting 23 
3.1.  Invoice Format and Content 24 
3.2.  Invoice Attachments 24 
3.3.  Payment Milestones 24 

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

1. Introduction
1.1. Project Overview
Basra Gas Company has a requirement for Gas Processing Facilities at Ar Ratawi in Iraq. The Basrah
NGL Project covers the installation of Gas Receiving facilities, Acid Gas Removal and Sulphur
Recovery facilities, cryogenic NGL extraction and export facilities with a total capacity of 400 MMScfd
of feed gas, split between two identical processing trains.

 Base Case = Gas Processing and NGL recovery facilities

 Ethane Recovery Case = Future conversion of the NGL facilities to extraction Ethane and

The Project is based on the use of replicated, standard, pre-engineered gas treating and NGL extraction
designs, modularized to a high degree, as widely used in the NGL industry and adjusted where needed
to process the feed gas composition specified. A notional 200 MMSCFD capacity per train is requested.

Exterran Execution Plan is to design and manufacture assembled modularized skid units, designed and
built to Exterran standard design requirements, and International codes and Standards with simplifying
the facilities and to meet the project schedule and minimizing site construction time.

The proposed approach fits well with Exterran’s execution philosophy where utilization of existing
designs for skid mounted equipment and associated skids will lend itself well to the fast track approach
and minimization of site construction time based on simple interconnecting hook up of pre-tested
modules on arrival at site.

Maximum utilization of Exterran standard design in accordance with International standards will be
employed with the additional acknowledgement that there will also be compliance to DEM2

Project Overview Details as summarized below:

Client: Basrah Gas Company

Contractor: Exterran Energy FZE
Business Model Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication of Plant equipment and
facilities on a lump sum price, with CIF Iraq delivery.
Country of Operation Iraq
Effective date 03rd May 2018
Duration 75 Weeks Delivery to CIF Basrah Port
CIF date 10th Oct 2019
Expected PAC date 10th Oct 2020 estimated
Expected completion date 10th Oct 2021 estimated

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Project Location

The NGL facilities will be installed at the Ar Ratawi site which is located approximately 12 km west
of the existing NR NGL facilities.

Map of the Ar Ratawi site

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

1.2. Project Scope of Supply

The scope of Supply by Exterran is summarized in the below schematic. Identified in in Blue Boxes is the
Exterran scope for Base Case (ISBL) and in the Red Boxes are the Site Facilities to be delivered by others.

Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication of Plant equipment and facilities with CIF Iraq delivery,
comprise of the following list:
a) Civil Design, including Foundation Calculations and Drawings
b) Balance of Plant Design
c) HAZOP and SIL
d) Feed Gas Inlet Facilities, includes Slug catcher
e) Gas Processing Facilities, including Sulphur Recovery Unit
f) Ethane Extraction Facilities
g) Utility Systems

The complete scope is as detailed below:

 Thiopaq (TOG SQ) process Sulphur Recovery Package, including required shelters etc.
 Pipe Rack
1. Pipe Rack 'A' - Main Pipe Rack
2. Pipe Rack 'D' - Main Pipe Rack
3. Pipe Rack 'M' - SRU Area Pipe Rack
4. Pipe Rack 'B' - NGL Extraction Area Pipe Rack
5. Pipe Rack 'C' - Amine Area Pipe Rack
6. Pipe Rack 'C' - Propane Refrig Area Pipe rack
7. Pipe Rack 'E' - Compressor Area Pipe Rack
 Process Skids
1. S-101: Inlet Separator Piping Skid
2. S-102: Stabilizer Reboiler/Feed Filter Skid
3. S-201: Sour Gas Filter/Coalescer Skid
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

4. S-202: Amine Flash Tank Valve Skid

5. S-203: Amine Flash Tank Platform Skid
6. S-204: Amine Circulation Pump Skid
7. S-205: Amine Reflux Accumulator/Booster Pump Skid
8. S-206: Amine Filter Skid
9. S-301: Dehydration/Switch Valve Skid
10. S-302: MOL Seive Regen Skid
11. S-303: Regen. Gas Heater Piping Skid
12. S-304: Demethanizer/Expander Valve Skid
13. S-305: NGL Pump Skids
14. S-401: Gas Chiller/Refrigeration Suction Scrubber Skid
15. S-402: Refrigerant Accumulator/Economizer Skid
16. S-701: Flare KOD Pump Skid
17. S-601: Hot Oil Skid
18. S-602: Chilled Water Skid
 Exchangers / Vessels on Process Skids (On Skid)
1. E-14106 : Trim Reboiler
2. E-16101 : Gas Chiller
3. E-17101 : Stabilizer Reboiler
4. V-11104 : Amine Still Reflux Accumulator
5. V-13103 : Regeneration Gas Scrubber
6. V-44101 : Fuel Gas Scrubber
7. V-16101 : Refrigeration Suction Scrubber
8. V-16102 ; Refrigerant Economizer
9. V-16103 : Refrigerant Accumulator
10. V-16104 : Refrigerant Re-claimer
11. V-41101 ; Hot Oil Expansion Tank
12. V-63101 : Chilled Water Surge Vessel
 Off Skid – Items
 Trayed Columns (Off Skid)
1. C-11103 : Amine Still
2. C-11101: Amine Contactor
 Packed Columns (Off Skid)
1. C-11102: Amine Flash Contactor
2. C-14101: Demethanizer
3. C-17101: Stabilizer
 Vertical Vessels (Off Skid)
1. V-11101: Sour Gas Scrubber
2. V-11102 : Sweet Gas Scrubber
3. V-13101: Dehydration Inlet Gas Scrubber
4. V-13102 A/B/C : Dehydration Adsorbers
5. V-13501 : Mercury Removal Vessel
6. V-14102 : Cold Separator
7. V-14101 : Cool Separator
8. V-47102 : Plant Air Receiver
9. V-47101 : Instrument Air Receiver
10. V-48101 : Nitrogen Receiver
11. V-12101 : Thermal Oxidizer KO Drum

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Horizontal Vessels (Off Skid)

1. V-10001: Inlet Separator
2. V-11103 : Amine Flash Tank
3. V-14103 : NGL Surge Tank
4. V-17101: Stabilizer Feed Separator
5. V-62101 : Cold Drain Tank
6. V-62102 : Flare KO Drum
 Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers (Off Skid)
1. E-11105 A/B: Amine Reboiler
2. E-14105: Product Heater
 BOP Structures / Shelter (Off Skid)
1. Stabilizer Ovhd. Compressor Shelter
2. Inlet Compressor Shelter
3. RSV Compressor Shelter
4. Residue Gas Compressor Shelter
5. Refrigeration Compressors Shelter
 Anchor Bolts & Anchor bolts templates for Off-Skid Towers & Vessels
 Procurement and Supply of Electrical Materials
(MV/LV Cables, Earthing Cables/ Earthing Materials, Heat Tracing System, Light
Fixtures, Transformer, Re-claimer Heater (H-16104), Seal Gas Heater (H-14101), Ups And
Battery Charger, MV/LV Switchgear/MCC, Diesel Gensets, Emergency Panel, Small
Power DBs)
 Procurement and Supply of Instrumentation Materials
(Instrument Cables, Instrument Junction Boxes, Instrument Bulks, Orbit Valves, Control
Valves, Shutdown Valves, Corriollis Flow Meter, Turbine Flowmeter, Annubar Flowmeter,
Control Panels/Control Room/Far, Fe/Fit, PSVs, Level Gauges, Transmitters
(PT,DPT,TT,LT), Pressure Gauges, Temperature Elements)
 Packages
 Air Cooled Exchangers
1. E-17102 Condensate Product Cooler (Off Skid)
2. E-11103: Amine Cooler (Ache)
3. E-11101: Sweet Gas Cooler (Ache)
4. E-11106: Amine Still Reflux Condenser (Ache)
5. E-13101: Regen Gas Cooler (Ache-S-301)
6. E-14107: Expander Compressor Discharge Cooler (Ache)
7. E-14108: Demethanizer Product Cooler (Ache)
8. E-16102 A/B/C: Refrigerant Condensers (Ache)
 Compression Packages
1. K-40301: Stabilizer Ovhd. Compressor
2. K-40302 A/B: Inlet Compressors
3. K-40304: RSV Compressors
4. K-40303 A/B/C : Residue Gas Compressors
 Refrigeration Compressors
1. K-16101 A/B/C: Refrigeration Compressors
2. K-14101: Turbo Expander Compressor Package
3. K-13101: Regen Gas Compressor (S-302)
 Chilled Water Compressor Package

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Fired Heater
1. F-13101: Regen Gas Heater
2. F-41101: Hot Oil Heater
 Centrifugal Pumps
1. P-11102 A/B: Amine Booster Pumps (S-205)
2. P-11103 A/B: Amine Still Reflux Pumps (S-205)
3. P14101 A/B: NGL Pipeline Pumps (Off Skid)
4. P-62101 A/B: Flare KOD Pumps (S-701)
5. P-41101 A/B/C: Hot Oil Circulation Pumps (S-601)
6. P-63101 A/B: Chilled Water Pumps (S-602)
 Multistage Pumps
1. P-11101 A/B/C: Amine Circulation Pumps (Off Skid)
 PD Pumps
1. P-50102: Methanol Injection Pump (On Skid)
2. Chemical Injection Pump
3. Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Pump
 IA Package
 N2 Package
 Flare Package (F-62101)
 Thermal Oxidizer Package
 EOT Crane
 Fabricated BOP Pipe Spools

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

1.3. Summary of Exterran Responsibility

 Basic Engineering including process simulations, PFDs, P&IDs Heat & Material balance, process
control definition
 HAZOP & SIL Review shall be Organized & chaired by CONTRACTOR and COMPANY
 Flare Radiation Study. Use of validated model.
 Equipment design including equipment data sheets, project specifications & standard
specifications for all equipment within ISBL scope of supply
 Modular skids including piping, structural, insulation & E&I detailed engineering for all
components within ISBL scope of supply (process & utility systems)
 Process & Utility Units skids & off-skid equipment including piping within ISBL
 Flare system, piping on skid & pipe rack modules
 Flare system interconnect piping between skids & pipe rack (shipped loose)
 Slug catcher, including instrumentation & including relief valve design.
 Operational day storage tanks required by ISBL process & utility systems. Storage of all
consumables used within ISBL scope, including, but not limited to, caustic, nutrients, AGRU
medium, hot oil.
 Interconnecting process & utility pipe spools between ISBL skids & ISBL off-skid equipment
(shipped loose). For pipe spools that require field welds, provide details of pipe spool finish. Plain
pipe ends with 150 mm extra length for field adjustments.
 Interconnecting process & utility pipe spools between ISBL skids & ISBL pipe rack or between
ISBL off-skid equipment & ISBL pipe rack. Note: For pipe spools that require field welds, provide
details of pipe spool finish. Plain pipe ends with 150 mm extra length for field adjustments
 Pipe rack modules & pipe rack piping within ISBL up to tie-in with OSBL supplied pipe rack.
Piping within ISBL pipe rack modules is supplied by CONTRACTOR insulated.
 Finish painting of ISBL supplied interconnecting pipe that requires field welds. CONTRACTOR
shall supply touch-up paint.
 Touch-up paint for all piping & other surfaces. Performed by COMPANY with support of
CONTRACTOR, in accordance with CONTRACT.
 Interconnect bulk materials including interconnecting cable tray, instrument tubing, I&E cables,
small bore utility piping & insulation materials for ship loose items within ISBL scope.
 Instruments & valves including Control, S/D & Blowdown Valves for on-skid equipment
preinstalled on skids
 Instruments & valves including Control, S/D & Blowdown Valves for off-skid equipment within
ISBL (shipped loose)
 Gas Chromatograph / analysers with housing. Housing is shade only.
 Sample piping (from skid edge) to analysers/Gas Chromatograph. No screwed connections for
sour gas service.
 Standard accuracy process flow meters within ISBL suitable for process control. Non-custody
transfer metering.
 Insulation bulk materials for field insulation of ISBL off-skid equipment. CONTRACTOR shall
design, supply and install insulation on free standing equipment and protect it from damage during
transport. If there is a risk of damage, CONTRACTOR shall supply the insulation and it will be
installed by COMPANY.
 Platforms & ladders for ISBL skids & ISBL off-skid equipment (shipped loose). On-skid
installation by CONTRACTOR unless shipped loose. No Stairs included.
 Ladders for ISBL pipe rack access.
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Pipe supports for ISBL supplied interconnecting pipe spools (shipped loose)
 Aboveground drain system ISBL. Installation of Drain System by COMPANY
 Utility stations within ISBL process & utility areas. Utility stations located on modules / skids
installed by CONTRACTOR. Piping for utility stations within pipe racks installed by
 ISBL Plant control system - (DCS, SIS system). Control System is PLC based.
 ISBL Control room (Field Auxiliary Room).
 ISBL Local Unit Control panels for compressors
 ISBL Local Unit Control Panel for SRU. For control panel that is installed in a pre-fabricated
building / container. SRU Control panel is containerised.
 ISBL Local Unit Control Panel(s) for Hot Oil Heater(s)
 ISBL Local Unit Control Panel for Regeneration Gas Heater
 ISBL Local Unit Control Panel for Expander Compressor
 MCC Building & electrical distribution within ISBL’s scope. Electrical cabling within modules,
skids & MCC Building by CONTRACTOR to JB on edge of module, skid or equipment. Electrical
cabling between adjacent MCC containers installed by COMPANY. Modules, skids & MCC
installed by COMPANY.
 Instrument, control & electrical cable pre-installed on skids; terminated at modular skid junction
boxes (except power to motors)
 Electrical power cable to motors (on-skid & off-skid) from MCC
 Cable tray & bulk material for connection of ISBL supplied ship-loose instruments. Cable tray
shall be pre-installed on pipe rack modules.
 Interconnecting cable trays & electrical bulk materials between ISBL supplied equipment.
 Earthing lugs on modular skids, pipe racks & off-skid equipment. CONTRACTOR installs
earthing to single earth point on skid & off-skid equipment. COMPANY connects earth point to
site-wide earthing grid.
 ISBL skid lighting. Electrical cabling within modules, skids & MCC by CONTRACTOR to JB on
edge of module, skid or equipment. Modules, skids & MCC installed by COMPANY. Area lighting
assumed to be sufficient. Exterran shall ensure lighting is sufficient to safely operate equipment in
multi deck modules.
 Design of Aircraft warning lights on high structures. CONTRACTOR shall design the support
brackets for installation and for cable routing.
 Emergency power system for ISBL equipment, including emergency diesel generator, diesel
storage day tank.
 Design of Foundation for ISBL supplied equipment, pipe supports & pipe racks.
 Anchor bolts & anchor bolt templates for off-skid towers & vessels.
 Shelters associated with ISBL scope equipment, e.g. compressor shelters, including fixed
maintenance equipment. For Compressor Shelters, Manual gantry crane will be provided.
 Design of foundations & paving ISBL area.
 Design of Site drainage & water run off for areas in ISBL Process Units area.
 As built drawings for ISBL scope of supply. As built drawings for ISBL skids / module and pipe
racks is part of CONTRACT and supplied prior to shipment. Any site modified / marked up
drawings are provided under the Site Services Scope CONTRACT.
 Final documents & data books per agreed document register.
 Split AC for the control building (FAR) & MCC building. Split A/C units only considered.
 Fire suppression system within ISBL designed & supplied buildings (if required)
 Offline sample conditioning system. Considered as part of sampling system.
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Design of offline sampling equipment such as cylinders & laboratory equipment.

 Tower internals random packing (e.g. trays). Vessels internals installed & protected from damage
during transportation. Final inspection required after installation on site. Loose packing installed
 First fill of ISBL Adsorbent including inert support materials for the Mercury Removal Unit.
 First fill of ISBL Molecular Sieve Adsorbent including inert support materials for the Dehydration
 First fill of solvent for the Acid Gas Removal Unit.
 First fill of nutrient for SRU.
 First fill of caustic solution for SRU.
 Design of First fill of propane refrigerant
 First fill of glycol.(if applicable)
 First fill & spare inventory of methanol for methanol injection system.
 First fill of filter elements for process filters & coalescers.
 CONTRACTOR is responsible for the engineering & design of the lubricants, including providing
a detailed technical specification to COMPANY in a timely manner for the first fill of lubricants.
COMPANY may exercise option of procuring / supplying first fill of lubricants. Contractor to ask
Company approval before proceeding with procuring Lubricants.
 Design of Gas Chromatograph carrier & calibration gases.
 Special tools for commissioning, start-up, operation & maintenance of equipment.
 Option for Spare parts for commissioning, 2-yr operating spares, Supply of capital (insurance)
 Over, Shorts & Damages. CONTRACTOR included 10% OSD allowance for nuts & bolts,
gaskets, instrumentation, cables, cable trays, E&I bulk, shipped loose piping, piping insulation and
equipment insulation.
 First fill of heating medium / hot oil.
 First fill of de-ionized water.
 Flow coding on process & utility pipes within ISBL skids & ISBL pipe racks. Flow coding as per
color coding system supplied by COMPANY.

Above to be read in conjunction with EXT-App-G D3 ISBL Scope of Supply Matrix 22 Feb’18

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

1.4. Summary of Client’s Responsibility

 Installation of all materials supplied by CONTRACTOR at Project Site in Iraq.
 Site Safety Review including final determination for Fire & Gas detector locations & fireproofing
requirements. All others led by BGC and supported by CONTRACTOR.
 Flare system piping from Slug catcher to ISBL Flare system
 Flare system piping from OSBL equipment to ISBL Flare system. COMPANY will provide relief
loads, relieving & venting scenarios from OSBL sources.
 Caustic bulk storage tank. Bulk storage tank is used to intermittently top-up ISBL's operational
day storage tank. CONTRACTOR shall provide consumption rates.
 Interconnecting process & utility pipe from edge of ISBL to OSBL. Battery limit valve by
 Instruments & valves for equipment supplied by COMPANY including for pipe runs that extend
beyond ISBL
 High accuracy or custody Transfer (fiscal) flow meters
 Underground drain systems ISBL is designed and engineered by CONTRACTOR. Drains from
skid mounted equipment shall be routed to the skid edge for connection to the drain system
 Firefighting equipment & systems including fire water & deluge system piping. However, Fire
Water system not envisaged for Project. No deluge piping interconnection considered
 Fire & Gas system
 Equipment & structure fireproofing ISBL. Equipment / skid design to accommodate fireproofing,
as required. COMPANY to supply PFP details to CONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR to allow for
cleats on skirts, saddles, pipe rack legs, etc., where concrete / brick type fireproofing may be
required. However, this is not envisaged for Project. No cleats considered on Steel legs.
 Safety showers & eye wash stations within ISBL process & utility areas.
 Portable site safety equipment.
 Interconnect cables, cable trays & supports between OSBL to ISBL’s Control room, MCC or other
 Site-wide earthing grid.
 Electrical power system, OSBL: power distribution, transformers, switchgear, breakers, voltage
stability studies, back-up power generation requirements, UPS systems, grounding systems,
lightning protection & surge systems. CONTRACTOR shall provide ISBL electrical power
 Site-wide area lighting, including within ISBL.
 Procurement, supply and installation of Aircraft warning lights on high structures including
Connection to site-wide system by COMPANY.
 Procurement and installation of Foundation for ISBL supplied equipment, pipe supports & pipe
 Site clearing, earth moving, soil stability studies & grading activities.
 Procurement and installation of foundation & paving ISBL area.
 Procurement and installation of Site drainage & water run off for areas in ISBL Process Units area.
 Site drainage & water run off for all areas outside ISBL Process Units area.
 OSBL roads, walkways, area fencing, site access & security activities.
 Foundation design & any structural supports for equipment not supplied by ISBL.
 Installation of outdoor HVAC units (ship loose item) by COMPANY
 Procurement of offline sampling equipment such as cylinders & laboratory equipment
 Procurement and installation of First fill of propane refrigerant.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Procurement and installation of Gas Chromatograph carrier & calibration gases.

Above to be read in conjunction with EXT-App-G D3 ISBL Scope of Supply Matrix 22 Feb’18

2. Project Engineering and Management

2.1. Project Management
A dedicated Overall Project Manager from Global Project Operations (GPO) is assigned for the
project. The Project team is located at Exterran facility in Hamriyah, UAE. The facility will also be the
location for the vast majority of the fabrication of the process plant and supplied equipment that will
be completed and Shipped as CIF, Khor Al Zubair Port, Basra, Iraq

This gives a distinct advantage of the complete Balance of Plant execution to be under the control of a
single entity and under a single location.
BGC will have the full opportunity to see the fabrication progress at first hand and give the required
assurance to BGC that the fast track schedule is implemented.

The Overall Project Manager will be the contractual single point of contact between the customer and
Exterran and will have the overall authority and responsibility for managing and executing the project
according to the execution plan.

The overall Project Manager is responsible, in conjunction with the engineering team for the full
integration into the plant of the equipment and compressor skids supplied as part of the Out of Country
Scope. This will cover all engineering reviews including HAZOP, SIL and other coordination between
various centers to ensure smooth execution. (Whereas Exterran will coordinate and provision for the
associated costs of the HAZOP and SIL all other safety studies will be arranged by BGC with Exterran
support and attendance as required. All workshops, where required, will take place in the UAE).
Multiple HAZOP will be required to avoid delays to the schedule – firstly the process and treating plant
including reciprocating compression packages will undergo HAZOP, followed by subsequent
HAZSOPs for packaged plant such as the SRU, Refrigeration package and turbo expander followed by
a final HAZOP for remaining packages such as flare and thermal oxidizer

The Overall Project Manager will ensure integration of work performed by all Exterran business units
from Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, HSE, Quality and In Country Operations
team to ensure streamlined execution of the Project.

The Overall Project Manager’s responsibilities will cover but not be limited to the below
a) Scope management, including establishment of Work and Cost breakdown
b) Project Change Management
c) Time management, including schedule baseline, detailing, tracking and control
d) Cost management
e) HSE management in close coordination of the HSE Manager
f) Quality management
g) Resource management
h) Communication management

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

i) Risk management
j) Stakeholder & Interface management
k) Contract management
l) Engineering management
m) Procurement management
n) Manufacturing management,
o) Logistics management,
p) Lessons learnt and Process improvement
q) Closeout

Project Management team – The manufacturing project managers/project engineers will be

responsible for the various packages on the project and will coordinate closely with the overall
Project Manager. Supporting Project roles are allocated for the main SRU package and other
major bought out packages and a dedicated separate Project resource for the management of
the fabricated equipment at the Hamriyah facility

Engineering – The engineering team will be responsible for ensure safe design of all the project
scope according to project requirements and applicable standards and will also facilitate and
conduct various studies as applicable.

Procurement - The procurement team will be responsible for the sourcing of all materials and
bulks needed for the fabrication of the process modules and will also be responsible for the
procurement of all bought out tagged items. Procurement also comprises expediting and

Project Document Control – a single point of contact will be established for client
documentation transfer, they will be responsible for the collation and control of all necessary
documents to be issued to and from the client.

Project Controls - will be responsible for the control and monitoring of the project progress in
relation to schedule and commercial on going execution plus assistance in monthly report
preparation for the client and continuous internal monitoring.

HSE - will coordinate HSE activities during the initial design execution ensuring compliance to
the necessary codes and standards.

Quality - will coordinate with the project team, including internal and external manufacturing,
to ensure compliance to Exterran standard quality activities and International codes and

Fabrication and Assembly – a full multi discipline fabrication and assembly team will be made
available for manufacturing of all equipment, Skids, Piping, structural and misc. items.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Logistics: Exterran Logistics Team will be responsible to get all equipment to the required CIF
destination. The logistics department will ensure adequate packaging of all equipment for freight
and all equipment / materials shall be moved by Exterran to CIF Basrah Port, Iraq. All relevant
detail packing list and commercial paperwork for Export from CIF location and import to Iraq
will be provided and coordinated with BGC according to the required document to ensure the
release of the frights based on Iraqi customs requirement.

Operations: An Operations Manager will coordinate the operations preparation phase and in-
country operations and maintenance activities. This will be closely coordinated with the
overall project manager to ensure smooth operation support. Exterran already have
Operations established in Iraq and will utilize their in country experience to assist in the
construction, commissioning and operation phases of the project. (In country works being
subject to separate service agreement under BGC 0353)

2.2. Project Reporting and Meetings

This Project Execution Plan contains the Project Calendar that illustrates the reporting dates for
Project reports and for the planned meetings that are known at the outset of the project. These are
indicative dates and may be prone to minor changes depending on progress or key personnel
availability. (Refer Attachment - 01 of this document)
However all key project members should take note of the planned dates and start planning availability
as per the calendar.
It is anticipated the vast majority of the meetings will take place at Exterran’s Hamriyah facility located
in Hamriyah Free zone Sharjah. This is the head office in terms of Project Execution with Projects,
Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Logistics all located at Ajman. In particular once the
fabrication stage of the project is reached then the benefits of meetings at Hamriyah will be self-evident
with the practicality of being able to visit the shop floor and physically see the progress first hand
No meetings with Exterran attendance are anticipated outside the UAE
The Project Calendar will be a live document that will be maintained so as to align with any changes
agreed with BGC. It will be updated and shared with BGC as part of the monthly progress reports
A summary of the anticipated meetings is given below in para 2.2.3

2.2.1. Weekly and bi weekly Reporting

A high level narrative weekly report will issued each Monday for BGC review – this should focus on
main activities completed in the week and highlight areas of concern and open issues List.
A bi weekly dashboard report is also to be issued in BGC template format to allow easy correlation
with other BGC project reports. The dashboard will be a single page spread sheet illustrating key
activities achieved, areas of focus and concerns and shall include progress curves and some yet to be
agreed form of quantity measurement on bulks / KPIs

2.2.2. Monthly reporting

Exterran will submit to BGC Monthly Project Management Progress Reports in accordance with the
agreed Project Calendar.
The reports will contain such information and details as pre agreed between the 2 parties
As a minimum the monthly report will include the following main sections:
(i) Overall Progress summary
(ii) HSE update/statistics (once fabrication hours are expended)

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

(iii) Schedule, Progress and Productivity (including progress curves, quantity tracking, etc.)
(iv) Key milestone summary
(v) Main accomplishments in the reporting period
(vi) Summary of events per work package/discipline
(vii) Summary of events for upcoming reporting period
(viii) Areas of concern - risk and opportunity
(ix) Technical query and Deviation Request summary
(x) Invoicing and Payment status

Anticipated relevant attachment would comprise

1) Project Master Document Register

2) Project schedule (level 2)
3) Overall Progress Curves
4) Issue Log
5) Variation log – where relevant
6) Procurement Report (when applicable)
7) Expediting Report (when applicable)
8) Inspection Status (when applicable)
9) Shipping status (when applicable)
10) Progress Photos (when applicable)

Exterran’s Monthly Project Management Reports will also include the native file (.XER) of the latest
updated Primavera Schedule (but without resource /cost loading as this is deemed proprietary
It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to generate and update the project report to Executive
Management on a monthly basis as defined by the project requirements. Other members of the project
team (Project Controls, Project Accounting, Planning etc.) will be required to support the project report

2.2.3. Meetings
The Project Manager will schedule regular, recurring team meetings as indicated by the stage of project
activities, internally these will be weekly. The intent of these meeting is to disseminate pertinent project
related information and to facilitate direct communication between the various groups. Internal weekly
meetings will be recorded with actions and distributed to the Project team the same day.

A summary of the anticipated meetings both internally and externally are listed below

Project Kick off meeting

Weekly progress meeting internally (Project team)
Weekly progress meeting internally (Executive Leadership team)
Weekly progress meeting externally
Weekly engineering meetings (Skype Call)
Monthly Progress meeting externally
Management (Sponsor) Review Meetings (3 monthly as deemed necessary)
Contractor Meetings (BGC attendance not anticipated)
Design Review
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Identification of Safety Critical Elements

30% Model Review
60% Model Review
90% model review
HAZOP (multiple)
SIL (Separately after HAZOP)
Constructability and Installation Review
Pre Start up Safety Review
Engineering Review meetings as deemed necessary
Project security Meetings
Pre Operations Meeting

Weekly conference call skype meetings between the respective discipline engineers will be recorded in
an ACTION LIST which will track items discussed and their status

Separate Project related meetings/workshops are to be coordinated by BGC for which Exterran will
be in attendance as required (QRA, FERA Alarm and Trip Management for example)

Additional meetings can be called at any time by Exterran or BGC for the purpose of keeping all
parties fully informed with respect to the progress of the scope and for discussing technical subjects
and resolving such problems as may arise in the execution of the project.
All meetings will be conducted in English and the Minutes of Meeting will be issued in English
Where possible and practical meeting agenda and objectives of the meeting will be shared in advance
The respective Representatives should chair the meetings or at least nominate a deputy as required

Exterran will use their standard Minutes of Meeting format for recording of the meeting outcome and
actions. Exterran unless otherwise agreed will record the meeting and intend to share them within 48
hours of the meeting.
As a minimum the Minutes will include
Date of issue
Sequential No.
Sheet number and total number of sheets
Attendees and distribution List
Contract Number
Subject (brief but explanatory title)
Venue and Date of Meeting
Actions and proposed completion dates

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

2.3. Project Document Control

Exterran will use SharePoint as a means of exchange of documentation with the client.
This is a web based portal site that is very user friendly for document exchange. Exterran will set the
SharePoint account up and will give access to BGC and also provide a user guide and training to ensure
BGC can readily use SharePoint.
Information will generally be presented in Microsoft standard or Adobe Acrobat pdf document
formats. Each document exchange will be accompanied by a transmittal clearly defining drawing
numbers, description, revision status, reason for issue (information/approval) date and unique
transmittal number. Exterran will endeavor to prepare a single document transmittal per day compiling
all the available documents into a single submission thus reducing processing time on receipt.
Exceptions may exist to this approach for any critical identified documents.
BGC must also only issue documents to Exterran under cover of transmittals, however, letters from
BGC to Exterran will not be issued under cover of a transmittal. Email communication is the normal
mode for document transfer with the email containing the transmittal and a link to the location on the
SharePoint drive where the documents can be downloaded from.

Approval cycle for documentation is 14 calendar days. The approval cycle period is under contractual
discussion, since BGC team not being able to work in CONTRACTOR's document management
BGC must ensure that all multiple discipline comments should be returned on a single document
without any confliction that is only 1 set of consolidated comments should be received and there should
be no discrepancy or contradiction provided from the various multi discipline departments in relation
to the comments received. Consequences of not following this requirement in terms of timing and
completeness of comments will have a detrimental impact on the project schedule.

In order to maintain the schedule this is necessary and if for any reasons documents are delayed beyond
14 days Exterran will then proceed with design on the basis that the overdue returned document is to
be considered as approved. The approval cycle period is under contractual discussion, since BGC team
not being able to work in CONTRACTOR's document management system.

In line with Appendix G C5 List of Documents for Approval per Section XIV of Section V Scope
Definition, Exterran submitted schedule is based upon approval of those documents identified for
Approval. If additional documentation is identified for Approval this may have a detrimental impact
on schedule.

A Master Document Register (MDR) will be produced and maintained that details current status of all
drawings, and Project documentation. BGC should use the MDR to verify and confirm exactly what
documentation is required for what purpose (i.e. Information, Review or Approval) a practical approach
the document exchange will benefit the project schedule.

The MDR will monitor the date of issue of each document the date of the return, the status and the
latest revision of each specific document. This enables the Document Controller to generate a snapshot
to track any overdue documents. The MDR is a live document that is continually updated on a daily
basis. The MDR will be shared with BGC as part of the monthly Progress Report

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Exterran will comply with BGC document numbering philosophy and tagging philosophy for plant
A separate but similar Document Register is generated for vendor documentation. This is for internal
purposes and is not intended to form part of the MDR shared with BGC. It will follow a similar format
for the Internal MDR with similar coding and submission options. The Vendor Document Register
can be shared with BGC
However there will be limited instances where vendor documents will have to be shared with BGC and
these will be submitted in the same fashion as all other project documents and will be issued under the
cover of an appropriate transmittal The Vendor Document Register can be shared with BGC for
tracking of the related vendor documents that are exchanged

Per the final agreed MDR, Exterran will submit the required documentation to BGC under one of the
3 required Issue Codes i.e.
For Approval
For Revised
For Information
BGC will clearly identify on the returned transmittals the review code that has been applied to each
particular document
A or 3 Approved – re issue if required
2 Accepted with comments noted, Revise and Resubmit
1 Rejected – revise and resubmit – Do not proceed
If BGC have no comments to documentation issued for information then those documents will not
have to be returned to Exterran.
Rejection of an issued for Review document does not infer that Exterran cannot proceed. Rejection
should only apply to documents submitted for approval. However should Exterran proceed following
receipt of a “Rejected” (for Review) document, they do so at their own risk and compliance to Contract
Requirements is mandatory regardless of any return status code from BGC.
All resubmitted documents will follow the Project required revision update protocol
For Information Initial submission 01I subsequent submission 02I
For Review Initial submission 01R subsequent submission 02R
For Approval Initial submission 01A subsequent submission 02A
In addition to the above subsequent submission codes will be utilised for
Issued for construction eg 06C
Issued for construction with Holds eg 06H
Issued As Built eg 07Z
All above will be applied in compliance with BGC coding and Reference Data document 0000-BGC-

2.4. Coordination and communications, Correspondence Procedures

Project Coordination and communications will be aligned with BGC requirements as defined in Section
VII Administration Instructions
Correspondence between COMPANY and CONTRACTOR in relation to the CONTRACT will be in
electronic format. Hard copies will only be made available on specific request.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Email communication is deemed the formally recognized contractual format for project
communication. Only Contractual matters related to changes to price, scope and schedule are deemed
necessary to warrant communication via letter.
In this fashion both parties will avoid generation of unnecessary project letters.
A log for project letters will be retained for both outgoing and incoming correspondences. This log will
not record email communication. The letter and the log will contain the following detail
Project Name
Contract Title:
Contract Number:
Chronological Reference No:
Security/Confidentiality Classification: (where applicable)
Date sent:
Copy to:

Each correspondence (email or letter) should be related to a single subject matter

In the event of oral communication of instructions or information exchange, related to the project, this
shall be followed up with a confirmed written communication within 7 days.

The various project templates provided by COMPANY will be utilized as follows

Technical Queries (per Appendix 7a of Administration Instructions)
Technical Deviations, (per Appendix 8 of Administration Instructions)
Variations (per Appendix 10 of Administration Instructions)
Site Instructions (per appendix 9 of Administration Instructions)
Personnel authorization Form (per appendix 11 of Administration Instructions)

All correspondences shall be via the respective COMPANY and CONTRACTOR representatives.
Other will be included in CC as the subject dictates.
A standalone Project Communication Protocol document will be issued to BGC giving further
instruction and detail on project team member contact details.
Project Communications Protocol 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-6048-00001)
The exception to this is that the respective Project Document Controllers will communicate directly
with each other with BGC Project Manager and Project Engineer included in the CC
In addition, Exterran will generate an internal Communication Distribution Matrix to assist the
Document Controller to ensure the specific documents are shared with the right internal personnel.
(Refer Attachment - 03 to this document)
Project Folders on a common drive will be utilized for the recording, filing and control of all related
project documentation, this is for internal use only
The Project Drive is structured as follows with numerous sub folders under each Main folder

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

1.1 Project Management

1.2 Scope Management
1.3 Time Management
1.4 Cost Management
1.5 Quality Management
1.6 HR Management
1.7 Communication Management
1.8 Risk Management
1.9 Procurement Management
1.10 Stakeholder Management
1.11 Contract Management
1.12 Engineering Management
1.13 Manufacturing Management
1.14 Construction and Commissioning Management

2.5. Project Controls

2.5.1. Scheduling
An overall project Level 4 schedule will be developed to ensure adequate focus and attention to a fully
logic linked Programme. The schedule will be in Primavera and will incorporate the following phases:
 Project Milestones
 Engineering
 Procurement
 Fabrication
 CIF deliveries of all scope of supply and Milestones attached to them

This schedule will be used to identify and track the project critical path. The schedule will be updated
on a regular basis as defined by the project requirements. Bi weekly progress reporting figures will be
shared with BGC.
The fabrication section of the schedule will be structured such that fabrication activities associated with
either train1 or train 2 can be monitored and reported separately
Exterran will prepare separate documents to demonstrate the basis of the schedule construction and
define the methodology for progress measurement and reporting per the below documents.

Project Schedule Basis 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-AA-5765-00002

Progress Measurement Procedure. 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-AA-6180-00001

2.5.2. Cost Control

All costs and forecasts will be updated and reviewed on a regular basis (at least monthly). Component
cost and forecasts from other Exterran groups, contractors and suppliers will be incorporated into the
overall cost forecast. A Change Management Procedure will be utilized to track any scope, cost, or
schedule changes.
Internal costing other than estimations on Value of Work done will not be shared with BGC.
A joint procedure for demonstration of VOWD will be established between Exterran and BGC and
will form part of the monthly progress reports.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Should variations be required to the scope of works, these will be discussed and agreed on an individual
basis prior to implementation in accordance with the contract.
A separate document will be provided to BGC giving an overview of Exterran Project Controls
Procedure as identified below
Project Controls Procedure 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5759-00001

2.6. Administrative Support

General administrative support is provided by a Project Administrative Assistant who will provide
administrative support, facilitate meetings and coordinate business travel, etc. A Project Assistant will
be assigned to the project. This role will vary from full-time to part-time as the project workload

2.7. Engineering Section

Engineering will be limited to the following activities:
1. Civil foundation design for the plant equipment and facilities
2. The design of all underground elements related to the scope, e.g., drain system, buried cables
3. 3D model reviews
4. Process design of the fully integrated facilities
5. Mechanical static and rotating equipment design
6. Electrical and instrumentation design of the fully integrated facilities
7. Completion of specific design to BGC referenced scope of work document
8. Support the fabrication and procurement activities
9. For further detail on engineering specifications refer to Engineering Execution Plan as this is not
listed as contractual deliverable. However, please refer to EXT-APP F Execution Plan updated 4th
March 2108 Section XIV of Contract document.

Engineering will in the vast majority be executed internally with the flexibility to utilize Exterran
approved engineering support services for detail design if required... The facilities design is based on
proven designs.

2.8. Permitting
Exterran will strictly comply with BGC site permitting requirements. All environmental and operational
permits shall be BGC responsibility.

3. Payment Invoicing Procedure

Payments to Exterran will be performed in accordance with Article 7 of Section IIIA – Special Terms
and Conditions.
To comply with this requirement Exterran will:
 Ensure the invoices cover the period or activity specified in Section IV – SCHEDULE OF
 Distinguish between remuneration types included in the CONTRACT, if necessary by
providing separate invoices for each remuneration type.
 Send invoices to BGC address as set out in Appendix 13 – Invoice Requirements.
 Bill all invoices in its registered name specified in Section I – Form of Agreement.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

 Ensure invoice(s) are in the paper and/or electronic format as agreed between both parties.
 Include all relevant BGC coding and supporting documentations as specified in this Section
On achieving the completion of a particular milestone activity Exterran will formally request, by letter
from BGC, the signed Milestone Completion Certificate related to that particular milestone, with
supporting evidence. On receipt of the signed milestone completion certificate the invoice will be
prepared generally in line with the below requirements.

3.1. Invoice Format and Content

The Commercial Invoice pro forma is set out in Appendix 13 of SECTION VII Administrative
Instructions. The pro-forma will be agreed between both parties in advance of submission.
The Commercial Invoice will clearly show, as a minimum:
 An invoice header, including Exterran’s name & address;
 BGC invoicing address;
 A unique sequential Invoice number;
 Invoice date;
 Contract title and SAP PO number;
 A description of the Works completed performed;
 Exterran’s bank details;
 Exterran’s Value Added Tax registration number or equivalent Government/State Tax number
(if applicable);
 Withholding tax (if applicable);
 The amount invoiced to date;
 The amount now due;
 The governing rate of Value Added Tax or other Government/State Tax relating to the
invoiced amount (if applicable);
 The amount of Value Added Tax or other Government/State Tax included in the invoice (if
 The cumulative amount of retention (if applicable) and the retention element of the invoice.

3.2. Invoice Attachments

Where invoice attachments are applicable these will be provided and attached along with the invoice
This may include but not be limited to
1. Demonstration of percentage progress where applicable to a milestone
2. Demonstration odf any assoaicited document submissions related to the milestone
3. Any Third Party invoices (if applicable);
4. Agreed Contract Variations
5. Signed Payment Milestone certificates

3.3. Payment Milestones

The Payment Milestones have been identified, defined and agreed between Exterran and BGC and
recorded in SECTION III C Schedule of Key Dates and Liquidated Damages for Delay.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

Payment will be in accordance with the achieved Payment Milestones is described in Section IV -
Schedule of Prices. Once BGC have given acceptance of the Payment Milestone, achievement will be
issued via the Payment Milestone Certificate
It has been agreed that certain Milestones and related Liquidated Damages may be split on a per train
basis. In particular this is applicable to Milestones 9 onwards
Refer to Attachment - 04 of this document for a summary of the key dates that illustrates the number
of milestones, the anticipated dates and where LDs apply to a specific milestone. For further
definition of each milestone specific requirements refer to SECTION III C Schedule of Key Dates
and Liquidated Damages for Delay.

All invoices will be sent to the following address:

Basrah Gas Company
Attention: BGC Scanning Unit
Basrah Gas Company (Beside South Gas Company)
[Name in Arabic is:‫ البص رة غاز ش ركة الجن وب‬/ ‫]غاز ش ركة بجان ب‬
Safwan Road
Khour Al Zubair
Basrah, Republic of Iraq
Contact person is Mr. Tareq Issa (+964 (0) 7809233879 or Mr. Mohammed Jawad +964 (0)
Every invoice must be submitted as an original signed hardcopy, together with the appropriate
supporting documents. Email or fax invoices are not acceptable as evidence of submission but soft
copy version will also be sent for information via email as notification of dispatched invoice

4. Procurement & Sub-Contracting

Exterran policy dictates that equipment and services will only be procured from those companies who
are approved vendors and comply with Exterran quality standards.

In addition there are project requirement of CONTRACTOR must utilise vendors and suppliers for
the scope of work that are capable of and willing to travel to Iraq to provide the necessary services
associated with the supply, warranty and rectification of any issues covered under the CONTRACT.

Procurement and sub-contracting will be undertaken as follows:

 Purchasing will be undertaken by Exterran procurement team in accordance with existing
Exterran procedures.
 Exterran procurement team will procure all equipment and will provide sourcing of long term
spare parts.

Regular meetings and teleconferences will be held as required to ensure good communications and
provide information to parties on the process and status of manufacture or fabrication.

A detailed Procurement schedule is produced covering all placed purchase orders. This is a continuously
updated spreadsheet monitoring and recording delivery status all the way up to equipment delivery and
final documentation delivery.
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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

This procurement schedule can be shared with COMPANY on regular basis and will be issued as part
of the monthly report

A Commercial bid tabulation will be completed on all main purchase orders (in additional to the
technical bid evaluation). It is not envisaged that either the technical bid evaluation or the commercial
bid evaluation will be shared with BGC and no BGC approval is required prior to Exterran placing any
purchase orders. Exterran may also opt to single source certain items where the project schedule
constraints dictate such and have also envisaged no restrictions on country of Origin

Exterran shall be responsible for planning and directing all expediting efforts and resources necessary
for maintaining and improving on Contractual Delivery Dates (CDD).
Exterran shall, maintain regular expediting contact with all vendor’s, identify focal points, and ensure
that the correct level of field expediting is applied to all purchase orders, with primary focus on all long
lead and critical path packages.

Exterran will provide personnel to be trained by BGC in the updating/population of ESPIR web based
data base (www.e-spir.com) for the supply of
 Two years spares
 Strategic / Insurance spares
Commissioning and start up spares will also be supplied in SPIR format but will not need to be entered
in the web based system,
Both Exterran and BGC vendor list are referenced and included within the contract. Refer SECTION
X Technical Information. Exterran vendor list is very much a live document and will be updated on a
regular basis to add or delete vendors selected to suit the project requirements and/or feedback from
supply chain performance. Any new identified vendors will be presented to BGC where it is not
anticipated that vendor approval will be reasonably withheld.

5. Manufacturing
Fabrication and assembly of the skid packages or modularized units is performed by Exterran. Exterran
reserves the option to utilize approved sub-contractors for items including equipment skids frames,
pressure vessels, tanks, etc. Exterran implements a strict check on subcontracted items. To ensure a
high quality product, the fabricators will operate (as a minimum) to the following:
a. All fabrication shall comply with Exterran’s manufacturing Quality System. All external
fabrication shall be performed using acceptable subcontractors. Suitably qualified management,
supervisory and inspection staff will be provided throughout.
b. All fabrication activities will be carried out by qualified tradesmen. All welding will be carried by
qualified welders working to accepted weld procedures. All weld procedures shall be established
and qualified in accordance with the applicable design and construction codes.
c. Marking, cutting, machining and assembly shall be performed using recognized engineering
practices. All dimensions shall be controlled to ensure that the product meet Exterran’s
engineering standards.
d. NDT, Painting, Thermal Spray Painting, Insulation and scaffolding works shall be carried out by
Exterran nominated sub-contractors at Hamriyah Facility.
e. Testing will be carried out in accordance with written procedures acceptable to Exterran.
f. Testing within the shop will comprise as a minimum – (Also refer Section XIV App G D4
Pre shipment Activities of modules, skids and packages) for further detail.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

NDT of piping
All visual and dimensional checks
Hydro testing of vessel and pipework
Drying of piping and equipment
Flushing of lube oil system
Flange Management (torqueing)
Pump alignments (primarily at vendor works)
Megger testing / insulation resistance testing
Instrument calibration (vendor works)
Loop / continuity checks of installed cabling
Bought out equipment standard factory acceptance test prior to delivery
Chemical cleaning of the Amine system.

Exterran shall carry out Trial-Fit work as much as possible for all the skids at its manufacturing location.
This will include complete build of multi-tier skids, trial fitting of all ladders and platforms. In addition
the absolute maximum insulation will be fitted (vessels, columns, and piping) in the shop to reduce the
extent of insulation works at site and Interface register shall be maintained by Exterran and provided
to BGC in the requested format per contract requirements.

Exterran shall design the Skid Modules and optimize the extent of modularization based on past
experience. However due consideration of shipping constraints and practical handling constraints at
site are also key to ensuring the delivered product is the most cost effective solution to suit the overall
project requirements.
The fact the fabrication and assembly takes place in the same location as the engineering team reside,
gives distinct advantages and immediate resolution of any concerns/clashes etc.
Exterran Construction Manager will also contribute to construction related design issues and
construction presence would be considered for the relevant model reviews. It would be beneficial to
have both Exterran Construction Manager and BGC lead construction personnel present at Hamriyah
during the final stages of disassembly. This will ensure a full understanding of the rebuild requirements
and clear visibility of the packing arrangements
12 month Preservation will be applied for all shipped equipment per Exterran standard guidelines
Location for the assembly of the compressor packages is based on packaging at Exterran facility in
Hamriyah. However Exterran reserve the right to consider Singapore and/or USA, if any schedule or
other project benefits are possible. Packaging in the UAE, does give distinct advantages to BGC for
close monitoring and first hand visual progress validation related to both compressor assembly and all
other vessel and module fabrication and assembly.

Release of Goods for shipment.

The governing documents required prior to release of any equipment are
 Inspection Test Plan
 Punch List
The Inspection Test plan will be fully signed off before offering equipment for release. All related
Inspection Test Records will be complete and available for verification to demonstrate extent of

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

The release of products for shipment shall not proceed until the planned arrangements have been
satisfactorily completed and the Certificate of Conformity has been signed-off by Project Quality
Manager and Project Manager or his representative.

In conjunction with the above Inspection and Test Plan completion a Punch List will be produced for
each item of equipment. The Punch List is a compilation of pending works from the approved
drawings, specifications, data sheets, codes, etc. or damaged, defective, missing, etc. items identified
during the final Inspection and installation of the particular item.
The punch list items shall be categorized as Category- A, B and C. following the discussion and
agreement with BGC

Category A: Punch list item that must be closed before the system handed over from a phase of
work after mechanical completion, generally the A category punch list shall be closed prior to the
hydro test.

Category B: Punch list item that can be allowed to roll over for later action completion- not
affecting the ability to do the next phase of the work. An item “B” in certain phase of work could
be transformed in “A” in the next phase if needed/relevant... Category B items generally closed
after the hydro test but before the mechanical completion.

Category C: item subject to design change at BGC request.

Categorization of the punch list shall be in consultation with BGC and the approval to carry out at site
shall be agreed with BGC.

BGC will have the right to review the outstanding punch list items and, at its sole discretion, indicate
on the punch list any items that are not fully completed. The said items have to be completed by
Exterran prior to handover.
It is understood BGC’s appointed Installation Contractor will be responsible for the Commissioning
Management System (CMS) to be employed at the site. With adequate advance coordination it may be
possible to arrange for Exterran Inspection and Test Records to be aligned with the proposed CMS
such that there is seamless transition between completion of testing within the fabrication facilities and
the continued required testing post installation. Due recognition must be taken of the extent of testing
completed at the fabrication facilities such that repeat and unnecessary testing can be avoided at site
For further detail on Completions Management and Release prior to shipment refer to Project Quality
Plan 70000-EXT-N004-BNGL-G0000-QA-5798-00001

6. Logistics
Project logistics will be managed by Exterran’s logistics department.
The project team will coordinate the movement of all materials from the point of manufacture or
purchase to CIF Iraq Port. All shipping documents including, packing list, commercial invoice, and
certificate of origin together with any specific import document requirements fall under the Logistics
Manager’s responsibility. Any disassembly essentially required due to shipping restrictions will be
identified and coordinated by the Logistics team and Project Manager.
The logistics team will ensure the equipment and skids are packaged in accordance with Exterran
standard practices at the point of manufacture or at a centralized shipping facility to suit the mode of
shipping and the conditions at point of delivery.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

The Logistics team shall ensure and check that during handling and storage of materials; at least the
following general criteria are met:
- Use of appropriate procedures in handling, storage, packaging and preservation.
- Use of measures suitable to avoid damage, loss, or deterioration.
- Transport and lifting aids are suitable for the work to be carried out.
- That documentary evidence of equipment or material condition is kept.
- Removal of materials from the warehouse/storage is in a controlled manner.
- All materials that will require lifting are done using proper lifting technique.
- Pre-shipment transportation permit requirements en-route to port of loading will be obtained.
- Dimensions to be maintained within BGC advised envelop (25m x 5m x 5m LBH), with the
exception of 5.5m diameter for Thiopaq equipment as well as 40m length for towers/columns.

The location of the Exterran fabrication facility in Hamriyah (less than 1 hour from Dubai) has
distinct advantages as it is located just 1 km form the Hamriyah Port which will be used for load
out of the vast majority of the cargo
Exterran also own several low loaded multi axle articulated vehicles which are regularly used to
transport Exterran fabricated skids and columns for the fabrication yard to the port .This maintains
Exterran’s full control for the short transport journey to the port.

Exterran confirm that it is anticipated CIF destination and location will be Khor Al Zubair Port,
Basrah Iraq.
Documentation as per INCOTERMS 2010 CIF will be provided.
Preservation will be for a period of 12 months with packaging for sea worthy transport as necessary

It is anticipated there may be as many as 7 (separate dates) for major shipments, these being a
combination of all the process modules and vessels fabricated at Hamriyah plus other major
packages being delivered direct from vendors such as turbo expander, incinerator, SRU or flare.

7. Quality Management
Exterran will follow its internal manufacturing quality control mechanisms to ensure quality is
maintained. Exterran will utilize existing Manufacturing Quality Plans that will define the equipment
quality requirements. Exterran’s quality system is based on the ISO 9001:2015 series of standards and
recommended procedures and practices; it provides a framework used to define the control of materials
and processes, and verification of activities.
Exterran will provide a Project quality Plan per the below, which will be based upon the requirements
of Section IX Quality Management

Project Quality Plan 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G0000-QA-5798-0001

8. HSE Management
Exterran HSE objective is to achieve the goal of zero incidents during the manufacture and operations
by following the Exterran HSE plan, as well as minimizing effects to the environment. Safe installation
and operability are equally important.
Exterran understands the importance of Safety, Health, and Environment during the execution of the
works, and is committed to insure that they and their subcontractors provide and maintain a safe
working environment. Exterran is also committed to incorporation of HSE principles in the design of
the facility, in order to maximize the long term protection of personnel, property, and the environment.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

From a HSE statistics reporting point of view all manufacturing related man-hours will be recorded
and reported. This will include all Exterran fabrication personnel and all Framework contractors
executing project works on Exterran premises (such a painters, scaffolders, insulators)
HSE statistics will not record man hours spent by Exterran’s nominated sub-contractors for any sub
contracted fabrication such as pipe racks or out sourced vessels.
A Project Specific HSE plan will be developed as below and this will cover Exterran contracted works
up to CIF. It will not include and out of country site related HSE and security issues

Project HSE Plan 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-HX-5880-00001

9. Training and Competence

A Training coordinator will be appointed who will be responsible for the preparation of the training
material and the presentation of the same to BGC personnel.
Training will be offered in 3 separate formats
a) Class room training – in line with BGC scope definition – will take place in Iraq and translator will
be provided by Exterran as necessary

b) On site hands on training – This will be initiated prior to commissioning such that by operation
readiness the BGC staff will have an excellent understanding of the operational, maintenance and
safety aspects of the plant

c) Training of 6 off BGC operators (in batches of 2 for a period of 3 month each batch) at various
similar process related Exterran facilities (some flexibility on numbers and rotations may be
necessary to suit both in country (Oman/Pakistan and Iraq visa constraints
An option will also be considered for a full Plant Operator Simulator, to be housed in a dedicated
room in the BGC control room for training of operators on the control system prior to actual
operation on the plant control system. A more detailed Training plan will be established as detailed
design becomes more finalized

Training Program, plan and Materials 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G0000-YA-1927-00001

10. Construction supervision, Commissioning and start-up

Whilst construction is excluded from Exterran scope of work, Exterran will ensure the interface for
any support needed including from equipment vendors for the following activities:
 Assembly at site
 Installation of the equipment
 Pre-commissioning
 Commissioning and Start-up of the equipment ready for start-up approval provided by client

Exterran encourage early involvement of construction personnel so they can contribute to the
design development from a constructive perspective. Exterran will appoint a Construction
Representative who will participate in early design reviews and in particular the
constructability review to be organized and reported by Exterran.
Similarly Exterran appointed Commissioning Manager will be allocated early to the project so
pre commissioning and commissioning related initiates can be incorporated into the design.

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Project Execution Plan Revision: 03R

The Site Man Power histogram related to the Site Support Service (SSS) Contract will be developed
in conjunction with BGC to establish the optimum team and the required time of mobilization.
This will cover Construction, Commissioning and Operations personnel.

Due consideration should be given to the early involvement of the relevant personnel and to be
agreed with BGC.

 Construction Manager is expected to be on site no later than 6 months before first equipment
 Commissioning Manager (CSU lead) is expected to be on site no later than 9 month before
start up

11. Operations and Maintenance

Exterran will provide operation support for all supplied scope in line with the separate Site Support
Service Contract. Details are not included in the EPF Execution Plan

12. Project Calendar

Refer to attachment - 01

13. Exterran Organization Chart

Refer to attachment - 02

14. Exterran Internal Document Distribution Matrix

Refer to attachment - 03

15. Summary of Payment milestones and Penalty

Refer to attachment - 04

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-5760-00001
Attachment - 01

Project - Basrah NGL, Contract BGC0352 Project Calendar Date:- 05-Jul-18

Week Week # -4 Week # -3 Week # -2 Week # -1 Week # 00
Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 00 Week # 01 Week # 02 Week # 03 Week # 04

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week W # 04 Week # 05 Week # 06 Week # 07 Week # 08 Week # 09

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 09 Week # 10 Week # 11 Week # 12 Week # 13

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 13 Week # 14 Week # 15 Week # 16 Week # 17

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 18 Week # 19 Week # 20 Week # 21 Week # 22

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 22 Week # 23 Week # 24 Week # 25 Week # 26

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 26 Week # 27 Week # 28 Week # 29 Week # 30

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 31 Week # 32 Week # 33 Week # 34 Week # 35

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 35 Week # 36 Week # 37 Week # 38 Week # 39

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Wk # 39 Week # 40 Week # 41 Week # 42 Week # 43

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Week Wk # 43 Week # 44 Week # 45 Week # 46 Week # 47 Week # 48

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 48 Week # 49 Week # 50 Week # 51 Week # 52

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 52 Week # 53 Week # 54 Week # 55 Week # 56

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 57 Week # 58 Week # 59 Week # 60 Week # 61

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 61 Week # 62 Week # 63 Week # 64 Week # 65

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 65 Week # 66 Week # 67 Week # 68 Week # 69 Wk # 70

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Week # 70 Week # 71 Week # 72 Week # 73 Week # 74

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 74 Week # 75 Week # 76 Week # 77 Week # 78

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Week Wk # 78 Week # 79 Week # 80 Week # 81 Week # 82 Wk # 83

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Week Week # 83 Week # 84 Week # 85 Week # 86 Week # 87

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Contract "Effective Date" Engg. Weekly Skype Meeting for 2018 Monthly Progress Report Operations Review Non Working Days / Not applicable
Project KOM Weekly Meetings / Report Monthly Progress Review Meetings Constructability review TBC Risk Management Meeting (TBC)
Sponsor Meeting Design Review Meeting SIL Workshop Submission of VOWD - 2018 TBC Lessons Learnt Meeting (TBC)
Business Performance Review HAZOP 1, 2, 3 Model Review, 30%, 60%, 90% Fortnightly Progress Report - 2018 TBC Leadership Management review
Attachment - 02 (Part of PEP)

Project Organization Chart Revision: 01R

Project Organization Chart

Project Basrah NGL Facilities at Ar Ratawi

Originating Company Basra Gas Company
Document Title Project Organization Chart
Document Number 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-3352-00001
Document Revision 01R
Document Status Issued for Review
Originator / Author John O’Brien
Security Classification Restricted
Issue Date 22-May-2018
Revision History is shown next page

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-3352-00001
Attachment - 02 (Part of PEP)

Project Organization Chart Revision: 01R

Revision History

Rev # Date of Issue Status Description Originator Checker Approver

01R 22-May-2018 Issued for Review John O’Brien Gurcam John C. VonHaven

Rev # Reason for Issue / Change

01R Issued for Review

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Doc. no.: 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-3352-00001
Attachment - 02 (Part of PEP)

Project Organogram for BGC Basrah NGL Project


Project Manager
John O’Brien

Construction Manager
Operations Support Operations Manager Construction Support
Training Santosh Wadekar
Team Cristian Donnet Team

Commissioning Manager
Commissioning Support
David Bolland

Project Manager Project Manager * Project Manager * Project Manager

SRU Package Skids and Vessels Compression (Bought Out)
John Gurcam Akbarkhan Sakharkar Akbarkhan Sakharkar John Gurcam

Fabrication Manager Fabrication Manager

Engineering Manager Procurement Project Controls
(Modules & Vessels) (Compression) Contract and
Raghavendra Manager Quality Manager Manager HSE Manager
Mahesh Bhimro Mahesh Bhimro Document Control
Prabhakar Suraj Devadiga Hari Shetty Jaspreeet Kaur George Mohan
Yesade Yesade Rajesh Krishnarao

Process Lead
Sergey Tatarinov Process Safety Supervisor Cost Engineer HSE Superintendant Document Controller
QA/QC Manager
(Hung Kai Jor) Jayasree Rhadedevi Ali Mohammed Industrial Engineers Victorino Lopez Kalish Bhosale Valeriano D’Souza
Manufacturing Industrial Engineers
Satheesh Kumar
Rotating Equipment Mechanical HSE Engineers Document Controller
Quality Planner
Sagar Sonavane Ramesh Vadivel Buyers Area Managers Superintendent Area Managers Peter Bernard Biju Sunny
Asit Bastia
Instrumentation Electrical
Sajan Joseph Rajan Nair Document Coordinator Cost Control Quality Assurance Cost control
Olive Puno (fabrication) Daniel Menguita (fabrication)

Piping Structural & Civil

Saket Mohan Vincent Herald Expeditor lead
Shop Team Welding Manager Shop Team
Binod Kumar
S Ramaraj/ S Venkatesh
Designers Engineers
Warehouse supervisor
Gabia CS
Quality Doc Control

Project Engineer Compression Engineers

Sleva Subramanian.
Logistics Manager

Document Control
* Same individual
Dileep Kumar Nair
Logistics Support

Doc. No. 7000-EXTR-N004-BNGL-G00000-YA-3352-00001 Page 3 of 3

BGC - NGL Plant
Communication Matrix Rev-0
Operation / commiss
1. Project Management 2. Engineering 3. Procurement & Expediting 4. Fabrication 5. Logistics
training ioning

All commissioning related material

Rev 0

Purchasing Status Weekly Report

Attachment ‐ 03

Installation Spares and First Fills

All Operating anf trainng relaterd

Process Equipment Mat.(Off skid

Expediting Status Weekly Report

Process Equipment (On/Off skid

BOP Piping, Structure Steel…etc

Skid's Manufacturing/Assembly
Buy-Out Equipment & Packaged

Vessels & Exchanger & Towers


Fabricating/Assembling Weekly
Kick-Off Meeting MOM (Project

Rotary & Package Engineering

Vessels & Exchanger, Towers)

Export Regulatory Paper work

Civil & Structural Engineering

Other Procurement Activities

Piping & General Engineering
External Project update MOM

Skid's Mat. (piping, Steel Str,

Internal Project Update MOM

In Country of Origin Permits,

Other Items Manufacturing

Brittmore & USA Logistics

Weekly / Bi-weekly Report

Instrumentation & Control

MR Status Weekly Report

Buy-Out Items Logistics

Brittmoore Comprssors
Logistics Management

Electrical Engineering
Contract Management

Project Management
BGC‐NGL Project

Quality Management
Scope Management

Process Engeering

Static Engineering
Time Management

Cost Management

Risk Management

HSE Engineering
Monthly Report
PM Integration





Internal document distribution Matrix


Name Position Location 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 6.1 7.1
Project Manegement
Chris VonHaven Vice President - GPO HOU CC CC CC TO CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Hesham Tashkandi VP regional HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Todd Akers Managing Director & Manufacturing Director HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Rajesh Krishnarao Contracts Manager HOU CC CC CC CC CC CC
Elizabeth Crawford Legal Counsel HOU CC CC CC
Albert White Technical support Manager HOU CC CC CC CC
Dave Bolland Commissioning Manager HAM CC CC CC CC CC
Cristian Donnet Operations Manager (Iraq) DAF CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Santosh Wadekar Construction Manager OMAN CC CC CC CC CC
George Mohan / Kalish Bhosale HSE Supervisor HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Project Control
Jaspreet Kaur Project Control Manager HOU CC CC TO TO CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Victorino Lopez Project Cost Engineer HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Krunal Parekh / Peter Project Planner HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Procurement and Supply Chain TO
Saket Deshpande Supply Chain Manager HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
David Kerr / Binod Kumar Expeditor HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC

Chris Uzzell Sr. Director Engineering HOU CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Shashikanth Patil Engineering Manager Sr. HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Raghavendra Prabhakar Project Engineering Manager HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Selva Subramanian Engineering Project Engineering HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Dileep Kumar Nair (NOTE 1) Engineering Document Controller HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Jayasree Radhadevi Process Safety HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC
Manufacturing / Hamriya PM
Andrew Okene Manager of Project Management HAM CC CC
Mahesh, Bhimrao Yesade Production Manager HAM CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC

Iwona Urbanek Project Manager HAM TO TO TO TO
Colin Forster Doc Controller / Information Managemen IRAQ TO TO TO TO
Arun Venugopal Project Engineer HAM TO TO TO TO
* Default Users

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Attachment ‐ 04
BGC0352 ‐ Summary of Payment milestones and Penalty
After Effective  LDs / day
Item Scope Actual date  Milestone
date  (2.5%) cap
1 Mobilisation 2 weeks 17th May 2018   10%
Early Engineering & Project 
2 8 weeks 28th June 2018   5%
Control deliverable submission
3 Major PO (batch 1) 8 weeks 28th June 2018   10%
Design Layout for ISBL & Early 
4 10 weeks 12th July 2018 $2,000 
Civil Deliverables
Interface Design Data (per 
5 10 weeks 12th July 2018 $2,000 
COMPANY's interface table)
PEFS/ P&ID’s issued for Main 
6 12 weeks 26th July 2018  
Process Plant HAZOP
7 Major PO (batch 2) 26 weeks 1st Nov 2018   10%
60% 3D Model Review  
8 29 weeks 22nd Nov 18 $2,000 
9 30% fabrication 30 weeks 29th Nov 2018 20%
Delivery of civil/underground 
10 40 weeks 7th Feb 2019 $1,000  5%
material CIF Basis INCOTERMS
11 60% fabrication 45 weeks 14th March 2019 15%
12 90% fabrication 60 weeks 27th June 2019 10%
13 Substantial completion 70 weeks 5th Sept 2019 2.50%
Delivery to Khor Al Zubair Port, 
14 Basrah, Iraq ‐ 'CIF' INCOTERMS  75 weeks 10th Oct 2019 $100,000 
for final shipment
15 Company Handover Cert 75 weeks 10th Oct 2019 2.50%
127 weeks
Company Performance 
16 estimated 1 year  10th Oct 2020 5%
afater shipment
179 weeks
17 Company Completion Certificate 10th Oct 2021 5%
estimated 2 years 

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