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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019

Student Name

Gavin Lanier


Class Period



Research Topic

How exercise with diet could change your life


Thesis Statement

Exercise is not easy nor is dieting, but this combination can change your life drastically.

Description of Product


will be documenting my


attempt to make a workout plan with a diet to make working out rewarding and fun.

Form of Product (Highlight all that apply)










Please explain


will be using an app called 30 day fitness to help with some

your product

creative ways to make the workout more fun. I will take progress pictures every week along with a progress video with some tips every two weeks. I will post my progress once a week with pictures and every other week with a video. At the end of my project, I will film a video of myself showing the progress not only I have made but the people who have been working out have made. I also plan on letting my trainer get in a video and give some educational information. This will demonstrate how much progress I’ve made toward my goal.

Describe the connection between your research (annotated bibliography) and your product.

My research showed that daily practice is essential to staying consistent to the process , so I have set daily goals. It also confirmed my thesis that staying on a diet with exercise is tremendously beneficial for your health.

How will you display this in your digital portfolio?


will post the screenshots of both my progress and the progress of

those who workout with me. I will also post a video at the end. I will also log my time every week and post a time log to document how much work I have done

Estimate the number of hours needed to complete ALL of the items on your to do list (page 2) including your final product. ​You must document at least ten (10) fieldwork hours

will spend 15 minutes per day minimum, so I expect to spend at least 10 hours over 5 weeks, but it will likely be more.


outside of class.


Explain how you will document each and every step for completing your product (journal, blog, video blog, etc.).

Screenshots, time log, video, journal of workouts, and my required blogs.

What do you hope ​to learn​ during this process?

I hope to learn enough about working out and dieting that I could make my own workout plan, and meal prep for someone.

My To Do List Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete the product, make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. The log will be turned in on March 15, 2016!



Completed by Date



Download the 30 day workout app


2. 1st week: workout 3 days with 2 cardio days


3. Progress picture with journal workouts for week 2


4. 2nd week: workout 4 days with 2 cardio days


5. Progress video and journal workouts for weeks 3 and 4


6. 3rd-4th week: workout 5 days of week, cardio Wednesday


7. Progress video along with a educational talk with my trainer


8. Last week of exercise, workout 5 days 2 cardio


9. Update diet every week

Weekly Monday and Thursday


Post all content on website- update weekly, but review and revise at the


end of the journey.

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