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•Sarjana Ekonomi/Akuntansi •Qualified Internal Auditor •


Komplek Griya I am an Internal Auditor with over than 12 years of professional experience
Caraka C-1 in all level position with public, state owned, and private companies.
Arcamanik -
Bandung 40295 Performing operational, financial, compliance, and special audits, starting
from the planning phase to the communicating result and monitoring
The Green Palace progress using International Professional Practice Framework (IPPF)
Apartment, guidance from The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).
Tower Palem
Unit 03AL.
South Jakarta
2018 • Kisel Indonesia Birth : 1 Jan 1981
syafrizal.hasbi GM Internal Audit Status : Married 2017 • PT Tigamas Utamasari Nationality : Indonesian
Head of Internal Audit Religion : Islam
0813 2216 5146 2012 • PT Bumi Resources Minerals, Tbk. Height : 167 cm.
Internal Audit Superintendent Weight : 79 kg.
2011 • PT AJ. Tugu Mandiri Blood type :A
Head of Internal Audit
HOBBIES 2010 • PT Elnusa, Tbk.
Internal Audit Supervisor SKILLS
2006 • PT Bakrieland, Tbk.
Internal Auditor Risk Based Audit Planning
2006 • PT Enseval, Tbk. Annual Audit Programming
AR Controller Audit Budgeting
EDUCATION 2005 • PT Valbury
Develop Audit Policy & SOP
Business Associates Develop standard forms
Engagement programming
2014-2015 YPIA (QIA) Staffs supervising
2002-2005 Extension LANGUAGES Reporting & communication
FE Unpad (SE) Audit administration
1999-2002 PAAP FE Bahasa •••••••••••••••••• GRC evaluation
Unpad (A.Md.) Fraud risk identification
English •••••••••••••••••• Financial statement analysis
Local •••••••••••••••••• Internal & external cord.
The Institute of Internal
Auditors (IIA) ID:1629541
GM Internal Audit (March 2018 – Current)
KISEL Indonesia (Koperasi Telekomunikasi Seluler) – Sales & Distribution Channel, General Services, &
Telco Infrastructure.
Report to: Ketua Pengurus
Scope of work: Induk koperasi, 11 Wilayah, & 5 anak usaha (PT)

• Setting the KISEL’s internal audit strategy and developing leading practices, and maintaining audit
programs and advisory services across the company
• Directing the Operational Audit Department to ensure compliance by established internal control
procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation.
• Directing the Investigation Audit Department to detecting and investigating fraud.
• Ensure governance, control and risk management process are best in class for a “Koperasi” that is in a
business transformation.
• Oversight control over financial reporting, operating risk controls, and the internal processes based on
COSO Framework.
• Providing strategic and technical leadership to the independent internal audit function, and for providing
advice on the company’s operations control environment and risk management practices.

Head of Internal Audit (March 2017 – March 2018)

PT Tigamas Utamasari – Private Investment Holding Company/Hotel, hospitality, & tourism.
Report to: President Director
Scope of work: Holding & subsidiaries

• Establishing a work plan and budgeting of the led sector

• Conducting the function of assurance and consulting effectively
• Conduct the assignment on the request of the President Director
• Assisting the board of directors in managing the strategic risk
• Conducting both internal and external coordination, whether periodical or incidental, technical and
• Developing guidelines, systems, and procedures
• Conducting the coordination and controlling the activity of work plan organization
• Conducting the coordination, consultation, supervision, and review of the led activities units
• Conducting the audit of review on the request of President Director
• Monitoring the follow up of audit results
• Conducting the development implementation and managing both guidelines, system and procedures as
well as the information systems and technologies
• Coordinating the management of administrative and reporting activities
Internal Audit Superintendent
PT Bumi Resources Minerals, Tbk. - Mining
Report to: Internal Audit Manager/Division Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management
Scope of work: Holding & subsidiaries

• Conduct and lead risk based audit assignment the business unit within the group
• Conduct and review for compliance with policies, procedures and accounting standards. Ensure that the
companies comply with Group policies and procedural
• Identify areas of weakness or improvement opportunities, relevant risk and implication and purpose
recommendations to improve control
• Design test procedures. Ensure proper documentation and communication of audit observations and
work performed.
• Present audit findings and recommendations to Senior Management
• Prepare formal written reports on audit findings and recommendations.
• Assist Internal Audit Management with periodic reporting to the Board of Director and develop annual
internal audit planning.

Head of Internal Audit

PT Asuransi Jiwa Tugu Mandiri – Life Insurance
Report to: President Director
Scope of work: Head office & branches

• Conduct and manage risk assessment and Internal Audit evaluation to identify loopholes and area
requiring management intention to prevent fraud, embezzlements, misappropriations, misuse, and
wastage. And ensuring total objective of the organization are achieved economically, efficient and
• Prepare and manage an Annual Internal Audit Plan and Budget on risk assessment including tasks,
assignment and timeliness for completion for each task and main activities, personnel to be employed
and budget limitation.
• Organizing the execution of audit project to achieve target in the Annual Internal Audit Plan
• Develop additional audit technique/procedure for a more efficient and effective internal audit approach
• Review the draft of audit report to ensure the quality of audit in overall
• Communicating the result of audit findings and audit recommendation to Management and Audit
Committee to ensure a proper and timely decision making
• Monitor and manage risk management aspect in all business process, such as financial, operational,
reputation, and process efficiency.
• Conduct any other organizational governance task and anti-fraud programs specially assigned by the
Internal Audit Supervisor
PT Elnusa, Tbk. – Oil & Gas Services
Report to: Internal Audit Department Head
Scope of work: Holding & subsidiaries

• Perform individual internal audit projects as part of the entire internal audit plan
• Develop internal audit scope, perform internal audit procedures and prepare internal audit reports
reflecting the result of the work performed
• Champion internal control and corporate governance concepts throughout the businesses
• Perform to follow-up on the outstanding of internal audit issues.

Internal Auditor
PT Bakrieland Development, Tbk. - Property
Report to: Internal Audit Division Head
Scope of work: Holding & subsidiaries

• Evaluate the implementation of system and procedures

• Identify the deviation and problem occurred in every Department/Business unit
• Evaluate and analyze Internal Audit findings by analyzing precisely and accurate and suggest for solution
• Improve procedure work process
• Prepare audit report
• Assist Internal Audit Division Head for periodic activity reporting to President Director and Audit

Account Receivable Controller

PT Enseval Putera Megatrading, Tbk. (Bandung Branch) – Distributor Pharmacy
Report to: Corporate Internal Audit Division & Branch Manager
Scope of work: Bandung branch office

• Daily updating of AR receipt and monitors the outstanding balances

• Monitor for past due invoices, long outstanding, project unbilled
• Assist and explain to Branch Manager for any issues arise
• Observe to customer in the sales area of Bandung Branch
• Report the AR Controlling activity periodically to Corporate Internal Audit Division

Business Associates
PT Valbury Asia Futures (Bandung Branch) – Financial Services
Report to: Deputy Trader
Scope of work: -

• Update database of potential customer/investor

• Marketing and presenting the company’s financial product
• Monitoring Asian stock and index market
• Managing investor funds
• Making good relationship with investors

No. Topics Provider Year Place

1 Professional Audit Forum: “DAI’s RBIA
IIA Indonesia – Bank Indonesia 2018 Jakarta
2 Forum Diskusi YPIA “Audit Cuci Tangan” Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2018 Jakarta
3 Professional Audit Forum: “Ethics & Value” IIA Indonesia - Telkomsel 2018 Jakarta
Training Quality Internal Audit for ISO
4 Geo-Anfield Consulting 2018 Jakarta
Performance Management System
5 Q-One Consulting 2018 Jakarta
Seminar Nasional “Disruptive Technology: Universitas Padjadjaran & Ikatan
6 Opportunity and challenges for Akuntan Indonesia (IAI) – Wilayah 2018 Bandung
Accountant”. Jawa Barat
Professional Audit Forum: “Rating in
7 IIA Indonesia - Maybank 2018 Jakarta
Audit Reports”
8 IIA Indonesia National Conference IIA Indonesia Chapter 2017 Bandung
Risk Based Auditing : A Value Added
9 IIA Indonesia Chapter 2016 Jakarta
10 Internal Audit Camp Workshop PT Bumi Resources, Tbk. 2015 Jakarta
11 Enterprise Risk Management Josuhn Business Training 2015 Jakarta
12 Internal Control - COSO Based Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2014 Jakarta
13 Program Sertifikasi QIA - Manajerial Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2014 Jakarta
14 Program Sertifikasi QIA – Lanjutan II Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2014 Jakarta
15 Coal Mining for Non-Miners PT Bumi Resources, Tbk. 2013 Jakarta
16 Business Process Improvement FKSPI ESDM 2011 Jakarta
17 PSAK’s Convergence to IFRS FKSPI ESDM 2010 Jakarta
18 Linux Operation System Training PT Elnusa, Tbk. 2010 Jakarta
19 Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry PT Elnusa, Tbk. 2010 Jakarta
20 Risk Based Internal Auditing PT Elnusa, Tbk. 2010 Jakarta
21 Basic Safety Training PT Elnusa, Tbk. 2010 Jakarta
22 Internal Quality Auditor Training Premisys Consulting 2010 Jakarta
23 Financial Audit for Internal Auditor Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2009 Jakarta
24 Risk Management Strategic Workshop PT Jardine Lloyd Thompson 2009 Jakarta
25 QA Internal Audit Function Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2008 Jakarta
26 ESQ Basic Training for Executive PT Arga Bangun Bangsa 2008 Jakarta
27 Operational Audit Practice Implementation Yayasan Pendidikan Internal Auditor 2007 Jakarta
28 Effective People PT Enseval Putera Megatrading, Tbk. 2006 Bandung
29 Financial Market Investment Training PT Valbury Asia Futures 2005 Bandung
30 Accounting Retooling Program Asian Development Bank - DIKTI 2005 Bandung