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Anthropometries of the Blue Period Artist:

What makes this artwork
The Anthropometries of the Blue Period
is a contemporary art because the artist
uses a used naked woman as ‘human
paintbrushes’ to make his Anthropometry
paintings, which were produced as
YVES KLEIN elaborate performances in front of an
Born: 28 April 1928, Nice, France
How does this artwork reflect the
Died: 6 June 1962, Paris, France people in today?
Yves Klein was a French artist and an This artwork/ performance work reflects
important figure in post-war European the people in today in giving them the
art. He was a leading member of the idea that painting is no longer the
French artistic movement of Nouveau function of the eye. We can also use
réalisme founded in 1960 by art critic human body to create a beautiful artwork.
Pierre Restany.
Cut piece (1964)

Yoko Ono
performance-art-artworks.htm Born: 18 February 1933 (age
85 years), Tokyo, Japan
m/2017/04/10/yves-klein-the- Genres:Avant-garde; downtown;
anthropometries-of-the-blue-period- performance
art; experimental; fell away from her body. Challenging the
rock; pop; electronic; new wave neutrality of the relationship between
viewer and art object, the artist presented
Yoko Ono is a Japanese-American artist,
a situation in which the viewer was
musician, author, and peace activist,
implicated in the potentially aggressive
known for her work in avant-garde art,
act of unveiling the female body, which
music and filmmaking as well as her
marriage to the lendary John Lennon. served historically as one such ‘neutral’
Ono was highly successful in bringing and anonymous subject for art.
feminism to the forefront of the art world
How does this artwork reflect the
through her performance and conceptual
people in today?
The people today are very aggressive
especially the men. In todays generation
men are aggressive as well as women, if
we reflect it today lots of people who
became parents at the early age.
Shoot (1971)

yoko.htm Born: 11 April 1946, Boston,
Massachusetts, United States
What makes this artwork
contemporary? Died: 10 May 2015, Topanga, California,
United States
Cut Piece is one of the best
performances in contemporary art, Known for: Performance art, installation
because the artist itself sat on a stage art, sculpture
and invited the audience to approach her
and cut away her clothing, so it gradually
Books: Chris Burden, Positions In scapegoat. It might also speak to issues
Art, Coyote Stories, Chris Burden: of gun control and, in the context of the
February - Maj 1999 period, the Vietnam War.
How does this artwork reflect the
American performance artist Chris people in today?
Burden is most known for his 1970s
This performance work Shoot by Chris
works that placed him in extreme danger,
Burden reflect the people in today as it
such as being shot in the arm by an
required courage, vision and an excellent
assistant or being crucified on the back of
a car.
Seedbed (1972)

Born: January 24, 1940
The Bronx, New York, U.S

Artworks: Died: April 27, 2017 (aged 77)

Manhattan, New York, U.S.
performance-art-artworks.htm Vito Acconci is an American performing
in the late 1960s. More recently, he has
https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/47322 shifted his focus to architecture and
9873321561032/ landscape design, particularly works that
Artist: merge indoor and outdoor space
performance/installation artist who
https://www.theartstory.org/artist- began.
What makes this artwork
contemporary? https://www.theartstory.org/movement-
This artwork become contemporary
because it touches on the idea of https://hybridutterance.wordpress.com/2
martyrdom, and the notion that the artist 010/02/19/seedbed-1972-vito-acconci/
may play a role in society as a kind of Artist:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vito_Accon Marina Abramovic's is one of the key
ci artists in the performance art movement.
Her work often involves putting herself in
What makes the artwork
grave danger and performing lengthy,
harmful routines that result in her being
This artwork become contemporary cut or burnt, or enduring some privation.
because Seedbed was a seminal work
that transformed the physical space of
the gallery through minimal intervention Artworks:
to create an intimate connection between
artist and audience, even as they
remained invisible to one another.
How does this artwork reflect the
people in today?
It reflects the Religion, war and power,
beliefs, outlook, emotion and passion of https://www.theartstory.org/artist-
the people in todays. The artist gives the abramovic-marina.htm
people way on how to achieve their
desire specially those men. What makes this artwork
Rhythm (1973)
This artwork become contemporary
Marina Abramović because this piece exemplifies and
demonstrates the synchronicity between
Born: 30 November 1946 (age
the mistakes of the past and those of the
72 years),
Belgrade, Serbia
How does this artwork reflect the
Artworks: Seven Easy Pieces, The
people in today?
The artwork could even be inspirational
to some various audiences could
consider Marina’s mental, emotional, and
physical numbness to be typical behavior
in situations that she portrays. Society
wants to believe in what they think is
normal, but once again Marina
Abramovic uses her compassion for
pushing her body to the limit to show the
simple comparison of present and past. It
gives society no choice but to accept
there are even artistic messages that can
be taken from self-mutilation.
Interior Scroll (1975) and deeply suppressed history of the
vulva, the powerful source of orgasmic
pleasure, of birth, of transformation, of
menstruation, of maternity, to show that it
is not a dead, invisible place.” The
performance evolved from a dream in
which “a small figure extracted a text
from her vagina that simply said ‘the
Carolee Schneemann
knowledge.’” As such, “Interior Scroll”
Born: 12 October 1939 (age 79 years),
asserts the vagina not only as a site of
Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
physical creation, but as a source of
United States
thought and creativity. By pulling a
Carolee Schneemann is an American physical object from an otherwise hidden
visual artist, known for her discourses on space, the interior becomes visible, and
the body, sexuality and gender. Her work therefore, vocal.
is primarily characterized by research
How does this artwork reflect the
into visual traditions, taboos, and the
people in today?
body of the individual in relationship to
social bodies. Schneemann's works have It reflects the people today especially to
been associated with a variety of art a woman in terms of being brave to face
classifications including Fluxus, Neo- challenges in life. It reflects by recounts a
Dada, the Beat Generation, and conversation with ‘a structuralist film-
maker’ in which the artist sets intuition
and bodily processes, traditionally
https://www.theartstory.org/movement- associated with ‘woman’, against
traditionally ‘male’ notions of order and
What makes the artwork
Interior scroll become contemporary
because it globally influenced in the
world of art. “Interior Scroll” was to “
physicalize the invisible, marginalized,