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March 21, 2019

Mr. Hunaid Gandhi

Managing Director
AFL Dachser India
Mumbai 400001


1. Solution to identify the “Kamzor Kadi Kaun” people, who are not in
sync with your logistics operations.

2. Bring in E-Intelligence VAS to your Logistics Operations.

Dear Hunaid Ji,

I am actually trying to come to you with a very different perspective. I don’t want
to look at you as a customer, but wish to work with you and through our solutions
and eventually make your logistics operations and service deliveries more Tech
and E-Enabled. All my below offered solutions come FOC for you to go as a
compliment with your service delivery. We can define my “Revenue Stream”,
through the VAS we bring to your customers as added advantage.

I wish to share with you that we have ready solutions, which I believe can bring
lot of Control, Visibility and adaptability into your logistics operations.
I already have following proven solutions.

1. We have a Integrated Control Room, to manage your logistics operations

24X7 and can actually help your vehicles run more, save more and be more
efficient in deliveries. Believe me, my solution can actually identify staff,
who are non-responsive to your logistics operations. - About 400+
transport and logistics companies today use our solution.

2. We have a Railway Wagon tracking solution, to help you monitor your

containers moving in wagons. – Gateway Rails, Hind Terminals and
Vedanta are using our Wagon tracking solution.

3. We have an app, which can help you trace and track the movement of your
ground and field forces and has an added feature of assigning tasks to them,
while they are on move.
4. We also have a complete container yard management solution – Gateway
Rails, Ameya Logistics are using our Container Yard Management

I request for an audience at a date/time suitable, to help me walk and talk you
through our offered solutions.

I look forward,

My best regards,
Upender Bhati
Director – Business Development
ITG Telematics