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Your Keys to Heaven

Unlocking the Gates to personal Your Kevs to Heaven

and Spiritual Enlightenment Unlocking the Gates to Perstlnal
G. S. Limited lnc. and Spiritual Enlightenment
24ttA N. Montgomery St.
Ojai, CA 93023
Ph.r-805_640_8368 Table of Contents
,\c1.row1edgements......,..................................,. vii
Cop)fight !r,200ó hy Clary Spl!cy and Dc¡n Hr'.r)rcl
l,orcword .................,...,......,. ix
First l,ldilior
I,finled in
\irrrr First Step ................................................... xi
U..S A.
I r I roduction ......,. ................. xv
lsRN 0-9778716-0-ó
All righ$ rescrrcd. ¡io pafi ol rbis publicat¡on nray be reproduced or used in anv
fbm,rh\dn\rneJr-(t(tronir'mechanical.phor,,cop¡rng.orrcr,,rdin\\rrhour l: A Child's Life Less Ordinary.....,.............,... I
$ rÍren p(r¡Dis5¡.,r Íúrn rh! pubhsh.r
[lery ellbrt has bcen ¡nadc ¡o obtain pemission tor rhe malerial ir rhe book.
Thc¡udror. cditors. and publishcN sinccr€ty apobgize t¡r anv iD¡dlertent cno¡s
oromissions and wjll be happr'to corrcct rhenr i¡ future cditions.
2: Ange1s.............. .....,...,...,. 13
And how they allbct r¡s.
Pubilshcr's Ua lalog ing- lr-Public¡lio¡ Dala
(Prcpafed by lhe Drnmhue Croup, t¡c.) -l: Demons .,...,..,,. ..........,,... 33
And how they all¡ct Lrs.
Spive)'. Cary (Csfy JrLnc)
Your keys lo llcrveu I unlocking the gaNs ro persürrl ¡rod spifitual
,l: Spiritual Gil'ts, ..............' 89
en lightenmcnt /' Cory Spive) ¡nd Dean Hymei: cdired by f,arici¿L. Fry tsted.
And how they work.

p. : i1l. : cm + I sound disc ldigital ;

5: flow to See and Hear Spiritually,.......,.... 107
4lr.l ür.)

Includes bibliogrnphic¡l rcr¿rerrces ¿nd indc\. 6: Hcaf ing............ .............123

ISBN: 0-97787 I ó-0-6

l_. SpiriLu¡lisrr.2. Sclf-re¡lization Re tigious aspecls. jl. SpiriLuaJheaInrg 7: Spirit Replacemenf......................,...,...,.... 193
4.^¡gels. L lly el.Dc¡n II.Ir!: patricia L.. 1940- ul. Titte. Mirte: IIow to ¡eplaco you xorn out spirit.
Spiriiual sccrcts rc\crled
tt: Soul Unlocking ............209
uf l275.s4.{ Só5 2006 llow to unlock hc¡vcn's knowlcdgc hiddcn within you.
|]].9 9: Gil'ted Chif dren .......................................,, 221
I jn(lcIi\tundin!l c¡(h's pfccious c¿r go.
l:dilcd hr l,rlricir l .Ir]
Inr¡k dcsign by lhn||¡\ [ltrtlicrD
( ircr dNisn h.l N¡\ lx$rrtr(r
l0: tlsing \1rur Spirilual ( i ifts ......... ............... 27 5
I I: .Mcss¿gcs liro¡ll ( j o<1 .................,................ 2g3
N4ofc Sp¡fitr¡¡¡ Scc¡crs Ilcr t,¡lcrl
I2: Morc'l'estimonials......-......................,..,..,. 2gg
| ll:,t rü(l li)remost. I want to lhank God and all ofmy Heavcnly lamily
,rl A|l1rcls. ll it were not for thcm ar¡d thcir lovirrg paliencc I would
l3: A Perfcct Wo¡.1d......................................... 339 rr,,t huvc any spiritual secrcls lo share with you.
Nc\1. I would like to thank my vcry best friend, managcr and co-
The Final Step ..-,,........................................... 341 ,,11lrr,f. l)c¡n Hynrcl, fbr his friendship and the samc type of lovhg
t,.¡lr.rrec ll¡al Cod and thc Angels gave to me. lt took that loving
ti.rlrdrcc tr) write a bookwith ¿r1 organ izationa lly-ch allenged person

| \\ oul(i like 1() thank my assistant and onc of thc most crcative
l'vc cver mct, Nils Lawfencc. NiLs has the paticnce ofa saint;
1r., r¡rlr:
li, rec(ls lhat \rorking \rilh me. I would likc to thank him for his
,'\rr llrc lop creativc tale¡ts. Those talcnts made itposs¡ble to figure
,'l|t lro,,! to iLlustrate $hat I have in ny head and to arrange it into a
l, l'rl)lr b(x)k for you to see.
| \\r)Uld likcto ack¡ou.ledgo that both Dean and Nils arc extremcly
.¡rrrrturrlly gilted. They'rc able to see, hear and talk to Cod and Angcls,
r, r i rvc spiritual gifls.lcmove f)cmons from people and sce in all of
tlr r¡rilitual dimcnsions including heaven. They have contributed to
rlir r l)roicct il1 so many ways. Not only did Dean hclp w¡itc the book
rr , I N ilr dcsig¡ it, they both gave me ¡¡essages liom God and Angcls
rlr.rr \\clc i|llpo ant for thc complction of this book. It's a lot easier
l', I llrc (lir fl( spiits ofthe un ive¡se to trick and confuse one spirilually
r,rirr(l p¡ifsoD, bL¡t to trick and confusc threc was impossible for them.
| , ||r't rhrnk Dean and Nils enough for all of their hard work and
l,,rr¡' lr(rrr|s. Without them, thcfe would be no book. All I havc to say
r'. | l(x c you gnys. You rc the best.
t \\ (nrkl also likc to thank Michacl Scott for his cd¡ting talenl and
l,,r l)ri¡rg thc fiNt pefso¡ to read thc book and say it was great. I
$ ,,r l(l lil(c lo lhlnl( Corey Worden for dnwing many ofthe pictures
Ir llrr' hrrk. llis l¡lcnt and rtlention to detail is amaz¡ng. Thank you
Lrr( \r lirf youf Pillicncc urr(l fbr dmwing pictlrres when you were
l,L|| rrctl oLrl ¡ntl hrui nolhing lcll 1o givc. | \\ould like to thirnk Patricia
I r l. r¡rr steor¡rl ttlitor'. rr llo ¡rv Anqcls lc¡tl kr nc. Wc bofh livc i¡r
I rl.1r. ( irlilirf iiriürl it \rus nlcilll tt) be llurl wc nlccl. Shc is irn ¡rnir/ing
r.(rrr{)f lr)(t l)crs(D. I would like to lhank
Dc¡¡is Mullican, who also
)jli ( alilinlr¡¡. for his creative talcnt. Oennis ae";gnea
lr\ cs ¡ll (

l.r¡,'¡¡¡ ,'¡ ¡¡¡" naBus in this book. This is a vcry

the Fopevonp
crectiv'e, rime-
cor)sunririg and detail oricnted job.
ASir¡n | lvould likc to thank God and all the llrefc ¡rc m4ny books abolrt spirituality on the m¿üket todal but
Angels who paticntly ¡ lititimc a book concs along that truly teachcs us something
,,rrt c in
8r¡r(lcd ntc lhrouSh the spiritual lcssons I necderj to t"u__unú
bcljcvc nrc. I had a lo1 to leam so that I t\\'\\ \'t)ur Key.t to Heaye, is that book- Within these pagcs you will
could prescnt this book k) l\' tirkcn on an extraordinary journey. Therc w¡ll be times when you
y('Lr itn(l lhc rvorld.
rlrlnk you afe rcading fiction. Rest assured, it's rcal. yoür Ke)'s fo
//, ,¡r (1¡ has thc power to change thc lives of its readers.
liütr Keys b lJedrenhas bcen years in thc making. It is a highly
.rrrticipalcd book written by one of the forcfiost authorities on
'.t' I itr¡r¡il),: Cary Spivey. In this book, hc cxplains how many ofthe
l'lr\ \ical, mentaland emotional illnesscs that people sufler from today
.rr t'. irr lcality, spilitual blocks. l lc describes how spiritual blocks can
, rr1r¡rlc $,cry lacet ofyour lif!. More importantly. he has the u¡ique
.r )Llrtv to lcach others how to heal these illncsscs by removing thcir
,t'u ituirl blocks. Through a simplc daily spiritual regimcn ofprayer,
rrrllrlirt¡o¡r, and thc process ofusing your spiritual gilis, you, too,
, .rrr litl your physical and spiritu¿l body ofall illncss.
| .c¡ming to rccci\.e spiritualgilis jsjust one ofthe spiritual sccrets
li \ L rllcd within this book. yo r Kefs to Hedre, unveils nlany ancient
'|r itu¡l sccrots that leligious lcaders around thc world don't talk
rl¡ or tcach. Why is this? Is it because they don't know about the
." '(|t
r( ls. of arc they afraid to give peoplc thc porver to rcach total
.l)|l rrLrirl c¡lightcnmcnt? Whatever the casc, within this book many
,¡rrr rtrurl sccrcts will be revealcd guiding you to pcrsonal and spiritual
, rr rJrlrlcrrmcnl,
li¡tr K(\'.\ to Hea\,en is a book you will rcturn to over and ovcr
.,r',|||l (lhroúghoUt your lil¡timc) and each time, you rvill learn
.,' |lrlhing now.
Wc a|c llll spiritually gifted. Cod's light shines within each ofus.
| ( | ( iiry Spivcy lcach you how to tum it on.
'lhc inlormation and experiences in this
book are the author's own lr,rrrr thc timc we are bom, we are on a joumey through life Wc
or wcrc told to the author with permission to publish. The opinions , ,,r rsl¡rrtly search for answcrs to our questions. Whatevcr the questlon,
irfc thc altthor's unless othe¡wise indicated. The exc¡cises ald rlrle is ahvays an answer Iflhe answer doesn't satis¡' us,we continue
rc(ivilics in ihis book ale designed 1br everyone. However, they are to sc¡rch. I believe that, if you're rcading this book. you're still
n()l nrcant to take the place of appropriate and necessary medical ',cLrrching for answers to some ofyour qxestions
Il-rilltlllCnl. I lr is book is designed to take you on a joumoy of sclfdiscovery
Ilcsults ofsuccess $.ill vary from individual to individual depending | \\ ill shrrc with you infonnation that you will not find in any other
on onc's nccds, condition and app¡o¿ch to the pl.ocesscs outlined in 1,,¡rli; inlbrmation that will hclp you in your search fo¡ answerc'
rhis hook. I ifsl. I'd like you to respond to the followilg questions with total
lr,,r( sty. fhcre is no right or wlong ansNer, iust your answet
if rl)orlunce ofanswcring thcse qucstions will be fevealcd to you later
rrr ih,: book. Keep in mind that this is the lirst step fu the discovery
\\ lrrl¡rvcr il is you are searching for'

t 1|rrl)lclc the following:

l. ltcligion is...

I llcrven ls,

\ Angcls afe...

l)cnrons afc-

/ :ipifituaI (l itts ¡re...

Complete the Questionnaire: Spirituality is a waste of time
'1 In history, people have bcen able to talk to God'
.tx. Civen my past, I caü't be spiritual
.19. I don't have time to be spiritual.
Rate yoursclffrom l- 10. 10. Cod doesn't cxist.
I0 l00o¿ agrecment with the question or stalemcnt \1. Angels don't cxisl.
I :1007o disagrcement with the question or statenent Dcmons don't exist.
t l. Spiritual gills don't cxist
L _God does cxist. Thc o y way to heal yourselfis fhrough medication'
2. Angels do exist. 15. Spiritr.Lal healing is for suckers
L Demons do exist. I doD't need to be spiritual.
1. _In history, people have becn able to see God. t7. Denrons cause emotional problems/illness'
5. I can see, hear and talk to God. lli. No one can sec, hear or talk to God or Angcls'
6. God has spiritual gifts for eleryone. Children are spirituallY gifled.
1. In history, people have bcen able to see, hca¡ ¿nd lalk to ,l( 1. ¡ don't want 1-he responsibility ofbefug spiritual
Angeis. .ll. N4) religron is the onl¡ corrcct religion
lJ. Only selcct pcople can sce, hear and talk toAngels. ,n. 'fhere are other dimensions that I cán'see wjth my
Angels can hclp guide your lifc. physical eyes.
10. Dcmons c¡u.c ha\oc in crer¡onc. lile. There are other dimensions I calt see with my spiritual
ll. I have thc ability to heal myself11.onr physical, nental yos.
and cmotiolral illness. Solneol1e h¿s to be specially selccted to see, hear or ulk
12. I can sec, hear and talk to Angels. t0 Cod.
ll. Hca\,en does e¡ist. I havc a physical illness
14. I have to die to see lleavcn. I havc a nental illness-
15. L)cmons causc mental illness_ I koow everyú1jng there is about spiritualily and rcligior'
¡n history, people have boen able to hear Cod. Mcditation is a wasle of mY time
11. I can visit heaven whencver I choose to_ t Devcf meditated in mY lité.
I have a physical and spiritual body. I mcditate every day.
t9. No one can sce God and Angcls. I don't know how to meditate
10. L)cmons cause physical iliness. I can"t lind my soulmate.
21. I havc a spirit and soul within me. Soul mates don't exist
2). Spirilual gifts are given to mc b1, God. I h¡vc fcar.
13. I cin rcceivc spifitlral gilis. I havc angcr
24. Thefc ¡rc a Iimitcd nunbcr of spiritu¿rl gif-ts I cnn I h¡vc guill.
I hr:lier. lrrrl, Irir5 r' ' do r irh .f ir il u.r lil)
25. ¡lvc¡yonc otr ljurlh bclongs to lhc s¡ntc sllifi(Ulll I livc in clo¡ri¡1.
59. Trulh is inportanl.
6(i. Trulh is inrportanl in bcing spi¡-in¡at.
6l. Fairh is inrporlant ro me. I}ITRODUCTION
Q Beirrg in.r rrhrion.hip t:' ir)tpnnant ro
61. 5piritr¡:llit) r. im¡on.rnt irr rcl:lion,trrps.tnc. lr,rli, lr.ginrin!i, we were all creatcd eclual;llot owphysical bodies
l,' i, or r¡rllr. but ot¡r spilitual bodies that once lived in hcaven.
64. I havc pfoblenrs I necd to fix in my li1'e. | ', |\,)r( rrrr oi¡Íh has a physical arld a spiritualbody living together
65. iL¡rou ( \ ( r\ llrinS ¡rhout cv(r) Ihr¡18
r,(). Lrcryr'nc d¡irFnosed \\.ith rncntal drsordcrs should rake \ ,,r¡r :pilitral body rcsides within your physical body. Ofcourse.
mcdications. ¡\\ 3rc ofyour physical body because you can see lt and you
67. Evcryonc diagnosod with emotional problems shoulcl "|.,r{
,r , rt ,,f rrrl¡ilybasis. I'-ronl the time you wakeup until the time you
take medic¡li(nrs. r,, 1,, rlctp. you are totally aware of yoür physical body and the
68. I bclievc lhat people havc thc abi¡iry to diagnose physical ¡ lr1 .i rrl rvor'ltl surrounding you. Ilowever.
most pcople are not aware
illness wirh rheir spir.itual abilit¡es. rt, ,r rlk. sprfilúrl body is liv¡ng $'ithi¡ the physical body.
I lrr,'rrg|orrt this book I will demonstratc that ñ'hatcver happens
69. In medical school, dootors should also be trained to r, 1,,rrr :¡rrr itLH I bod¡ rlircctly affects your physical body l wiLl prove
diagnosc physical, ntental and emohonal illucss '
with L, r,,r llrrrl ull Physical. mental and cmotional illness first occurs in
spjritual abiliries. , rr ,¡rrritrrirl ln)dy and that thc physical body is only suffcring the
7{). Earthbou¡)d spir.its exist. ,, 1 ,tr\r si{le cÍl¿cts.
7¡ Thei'nly $a) to slun bci F i drup arJdrct rstogotorch¡b t,,rrr ¡rhysicalbody yourmind canonly comprchend whatyou
_:( I| "rn \ce. trcar ¡nd r¡lk r., nt) dcitd loreLl onc\ in
,,, r.rrrlil. but your spirituaL body has thc ability to comprehcnd
c¡tr ntJniti5l nt¡ dlc.rrnr nnrl desrrr.s. , \ , | \ llr Il] i lh0 cntire univcrse. Your spirilual body is connected to
74. Children can scc earthbouncl spirits. l,' rr, rr rrrrrl il h¡s all ofthc secrcts ol heavcn locked insidc. Oncc
/). I can sec caúhbound spjri¿s. .,,rr ¡ir rrl'eD yoLlI spiritualbody and release this knowledge' you wil)
76. I think l¡1¡s qucslionnairc was a waste ofmy time. l, .r1'1. ro co¡rprchend in your phys¡cal body-your mind
77. God lovcs evcryonc. , rr tlrrnr thul yirur spiritual body knows. Awakening your spiritual
1'!l\ rs llrc singlc most important thing that you can do in yoLrr
l¡l, rIrr. A$¡kcning your spiritual body is the first step to
world aroundyou. By notawakcningthe
' r',1, r,,trrrrrlrrrg thc spirilrLal
l,',r',rl lxxlv. you arc only living hall'of a life-just a physical
t ll|.r r,)recpl Inay bc diliicult lo comp¡ehend at first. But, ifyou
,'rrLirlrr fc¡(ling Ihis book. you will come to a compllrte
llr, lirsl sl)irilüal sc0fclIwill teach you is how to awaken your
l,rrt||;rl l¡r'Llv. I $ill ¡lso rc!cal many other spiritual sccrets
r1,,,',fl¡¡||t tlrishrxrk lhc scc¡cls th¡t rclig¡ous leaders fiom around
1,, $ r,rl(l {l()n l lcilch.'lhcsc s¡icrcts rcally do c\ist.
( )|lL ol lhe l1r(lst intp()llrlllt sPiritu¡l sccrels you will lc¿nn is ho$'
, ,,,rrrrrrr¡rirrrlc (lifurlly lo (iocl. Angcls nd othcr ¡lc¡venly
llr, r.ll( lr\ l lrl rlot lrrllitrtl lrl¡)lrl ilrsl l)rilyirrll 1o thcrDl l'lrr l¡lking
¡l)oUt actllally secing, hcírril1g alld ralking k) tlten using you¡
spirilual Tesiimonial bY Carolyn Scibetta
tr!cs. cars and volcc.
I have alw¿ys bccn i¡tterested in ho\a,pcoplc who have so n[ch boys: long ago we
Iuith in a rcligion $,hich is based on Co¡l.s feachi¡gs, continuc t m a s¡nqle mother of two-fhree
to dúbbed the Musketeers'
l¡ur.c so much doubt and léar in their minds aná he¡rts abour
t rrl|rIr]iuatinF dircclly $ ith Cod. Angels ¡ J lleavenl\ Tooether. we l¡stened to Gary on the rad¡o
lltcrc ¡Ie ncoplc \\ho lhinl il i..gcrilcgious. I'Ur
Hicr¡rchv ca;h Wednesday morn¡ng, every chance we
il s r.c¡l and aryonc can clo it. you don,ih¡vc rt, be'ct
mc ¡,sur.. rou could. When we couldn't l¡sten together, e¡ther
ofany pai:iicíUr: because of the boys' schoolwork or my work,
rcligion or 1áith; you just hale to bc opcn-rninded,rí *iifi,ig
Jcirfn sonlething üew.
i" ie woutd share tie stories of what we heard
Accordine t(' manJ ¡ncient religious lcxr\. Cod and lhe Angcls over d¡nner that even¡ng.
rlrfúcll\ commrrn¡c¡tcd to thc pcoplc of th0l tunr anrl they puied Recently we had a couple years of bad luck
irxnrt sontc \ ctJ/ finpolílnt ntc\saees. lt rs wri cn irr the Old Tcslam.,r!t and we were search¡ng for answers, reasons'
llr.rl ( i,)d ralked Io Nr,:th dnd u nmed him ol'thc Grc¡r Flo¡rd. or /essons t¡táf / fi,oughtwe must have to learn
wfillcn that Cod talked 1o Moses ancl gaue tim ttre
il is ¡lro
Io turn our "luck" around l was raísed
I irlll|r]irndtn( t\. ¡l ij wri cn In lh( \4 jliDt I.ciiaion rh¡t lhc ien I utscopal¡an and yet t had trouble a\¡gn¡ng my
t t,oticts with the behav¡ors Id seen d¡splayed
'.rl'ri. t.rlkcd ln \4ulunrnt¿d .nd diur.rrecl rhc r-lirr.an inl- lli,n. tii,
wfittcn thc Mormon religion thar thc Angel Maronr. talked with Lv those ¡nvolved ¡n organ¡zed rel¡g¡on
.loscpl¡ S¡nith and guidcd hin1 to Iind thc Boók of Mo¡monis¡rr. Mv oldest son, Br¡ai suggesled that I ask
.. I rrsk ¡,ou. if thesc pcople \!erc ablc tu hcir and tall dircLtly \r irh r,, v lot hetp. Not long atter that. we díscovered
t'int ¡|lrd llrc Arrgels. wl,y-should you not hc lhle ro diiccrly u¡aí Garv wás coming to Porlland for aweekend
r' 'rr)rnr¡ tL.:rtc $ ilh thcth Jl\o? Well. u uün I Let mc shorr yt,u
) how. ::a¡n¡na;. The sem¡narwas more than we could
Inc \fr' tuat srljfctj rc\(aled in thts hOOk rfe \cr) itnl)orlünl. I aflord. but my eldest son, who had saved the
rsli you to irpproach cach ofthcm with an open an<1 inquiriug mirrcl. Drcnev to purchase new hockey equlpmen\
(t||lr.tlrLr', rrjll ¡¡erá¿ ¡t tó me so l could spend the day w¡th
)ourlisu¡rrer rhe.niflru:rl trLnhlh¡tlic.r.irh-rnyoU.
lt('$ Jo I knu$ rh(,(L, spirilu!l secr(rs., urtv I took a ioan and he made my reseNatton'
Wcll.l $"slucky cnough tobe bonr with my spi¡itual body alrcady ó¡¡ November 1. 2003 l entered a room
.rrr,r(t.rrr.rl u ithr,n rnc. Thr(,ulhoul my lifc. | \r.is riughr
many spinttii I a lrctel ¡n downtown Portland that had the
lL\*rr. C,'d. Arrgel:. and Hca\rnl) Hicrurchy.-l rrilf l,,ri teach ¡t,Jst amazing energy ¡n ¡t. You could feel th¡s
\"ri \\lr,rl',\| \\.rs 1¡ gltr lnd I hup<. onc dry. thi t\).)üve charqe in the a¡r. There were about
)ou u jll pJ,s on ro
()ttrcfs $hrt you !\'ill lc¿l.ne.
tw, ntv exc¡led people sitl¡ng al tables,
.l \vork and wilh pcoplc lion all walks ol. lit-c: Iloctors. larycrs. vtttisp¡n¡tg quietly amongst,lhemselves
In)|lrc|lrrs cclcbritios ¡s wcll as housewivcs. postal cmployecs. tt,:tlt q to hnow one anothe( l hey were alt
.r|hi f:r('t,,r) \\,,t krj s- I Jl( ) irll lrirr c unc rhrrrg i t.otnrnotr: lhc\
\l'Irllr.rl.l'(¡||r,s \\'jth i t¡¡t./rn{ sp¡titu¡l clrpJl)tlitics. In tlli\ b(\,k,¿tllI w¿iti¡íq for Gary to arr¡ve. I guess I knew that
lrir\r r'r, lti'l(1i Irir) lf.t l|"ttijrls r('llft.ttn¡¡ srrt¡J ,,i tltctf rl)iftlrj¡l t)¡t lhill day. ny t¡fe would change forever'
qr.'up was very d¡verse: ¿ gentleman
I llr,\, tlrj.( r¡ L.,lir,1l. l\.r-rr.rl l(,|lIl,,li.rl, tll|i,U!lt,,Ul tt t ltt.. )
is, a wonan who had lost her daughter
, l\n'k.,,l'1.r,(,1
llrl' tltir. ),,u. ilt 5.(.tl:t rr!,r\ ilr i.fr,rl ilr(l r,,u .lltrili¡ rr.. lt¡ sttiaklc:, another woman whose husband
iu¡1. l¡icilsc do ()t sliil) tllc tcstiutonirls; tlrefc i\ ntuch t{) wi¡s lctttl¡tnlly ¡ll. a hosp¡ce nurse' a w¡fe ¡n a
bc lcrrfrrc(l
t¡()wl|)¡c iDa;iage feel¡ng ¡ns¡gn¡f¡cant and
ntvt\illI: í¡ tltolhar and dilttghter wt¡o already
knew the answers to the¡r quest¡ons, a woman ¡ttt¡tost ¡nstantly. My bus¡ness began to s¡gn new
want¡ng desperately to conce¡ve a ch¡td, and itccounts, my failing car hung on unt¡l we saved
me want¡ng to r¡d myself of the Demona that unugh for a new one. My aft¡tude became br¡ght
were caustng me to nearly self_destruct my l¡fe. ¡útd sunny-hav¡ng sa¡d farewell to a "Psycho
And, of course, we all had quest¡ons about the t)amon" that made me cyn¡cal, ¡mpat¡ent, and
more mundane th¡ngs l¡ke love, ¡ncome and h cquently angry-even w¡th my ch¡ldren, whom
.lobs, /osl ilems and our relat¡onsh¡ps w¡th our lddore.
fiends and familv. Of all the sp¡itual g¡fts God gave to us, the
That day weal had our quest¡ons answered t¡¡ost momentous came ¡n a pbone call from
but more imponan y we learned about God, cary's off¡ce ¡n March-about f¡ve months after
Heaven. Angels. Sp¡ritualG¡frs and Demons. We I d attended Gary's seminar. Gary was back in
Iearned how to meditate and how to see God, lbftland and he was tak¡ng appo¡ntments for
how to receive sp¡ritual gifts, and how to ask our p ¡vate read¡ngs wh¡le ¡n town. I wasn't sure how
Angels for help and guídance. Gary r¡d us of our I was go¡ng to pay for the sess¡on, but I made my
u.emons and showed us how to keepthem away. itppo¡ntment f¡gur¡ng that if tbe boys wanted to,
We allleftthat day, awed by what wé had learn;d we'd go see Gary as a fam¡ly. One th¡ng I'd come
and, among hugs and goodbyes. we look home lo understand ¡s that there are really no
wtth us a single tool to help us cont¡nue on our ú)¡ncidences. lwasn't sure why I'd gotten the call
path: A med¡tat¡on CD.
lltat weekend about the personal sess¡on, but I
Personally. I had b¡g quest¡ons regard¡ng my krcw that only good had come from my first
sons, Br¡an and David; specifically. how vlas'l orcet¡ng with Gary. I know that my prayers had
dorng asthe¡ronly parent? The answer lgotftom heen answered ¡n some way or another s¡nce I
t'a.ry (no matter how I phrased my quest¡ons, lrcgan getting intouch w¡th myAngels.lhad come
trytng to make the answers d¡fferen was that I lt) took at every oppoñun¡ty as a poss¡ble answer
needed Io teach my chitdren the spír¡tuat secrets k) a prayer.
I just learned. I needed to teach them how
to on March 14, 2004, my boys and lentered
awaken their spir¡tual bod¡es, how rc recerye lhe hotelwhere wewereto meet w¡th Gary. When
sp¡r¡lual g¡frs and how to meditate. Gary totd me we saw h¡m, I reíntroduce myself and ¡ntroduced
that manyAngels surrounded me and b:oth ofmv t¡tv sons. ltold Gary that laftended his sem¡nar
children an! that they were very spir¡tua y gifteá. ut November He remembered me. I told Gary
Na.turally, when I got home from the óelmina¡ lltat. my boys and I meditated together and that
my ktds wanted to know everything about my day. whitc I was hav¡ng problems seeíng and heaing
we talked lor hours about att t iad seen, doie r üy Angels. God. and my sp¡r¡tual g¡fts, my ch¡ldren
and exper¡enced. I told them how GaN had t:otld see everything w¡th ease and were able to
taught us Io medibte ard I put the CD in oui
ard we listenedThat was the frrst night our'fam¡ly
lt)ll t¡te what our g¡fts were.
t didtl t take long tor Gary to real¡ze that my
nBditated tqether That was the day our uues rr(/c.sl so¡r was splífLtally g¡fted w¡th cla¡Noyance
improved spectacularty. Our bad luck seemed to ;¡nd da¡nLrd¡ence. mean¡ng that he could
vantsh overn¡ght. Good things began to happen tnluft¡lly see aDd hear sp¡r¡tually. Gary said he
had a Jesus Heañ ¡ns¡de of h¡m, and that th¡s
h¡s decisíon. Very pla¡nly, he told me that he no
meant he'd be a sp¡r¡tual healer. My youngest
lonaer needed ¡t after seeing Gary. The
was also sp¡ritually g¡fted; we spent some ¡¡me
meáication would always be ava¡lable to him
dlscusslng h¡s d¡agnosed Attent¡on Deficit should he feet the need for ¡t. I get "Fñday foms"
Disorder. Gary totd h¡m to ask h¡sAngets for hetp
that h¡steachers complete each Fríday that tell
when he needed b stay focused on schoolwotk. me what work-íf any-¡s not complete for the
Gary seemed conf¡dent that, with alt the Angels week and the teachers give comments on now
around h¡m and w¡th his spiitual gifts, he wóuld the week has gone. The sl¡ps were good wh¡le
not nave any trouble soft¡ng out the different he was on Rital¡n, but they are even better now
energtes around h¡m. AIso, I have my Iunny. happy-go-lucky son back'
For myself. lwanted desperatety e see my The Ritat¡n had taken th¡s wacky, sharp'as-a-
Angels and hear them. Gary told me'that t woutá, tack kid and drc¡ned h¡m,leav¡ng h¡m frequently
¡n t¡me. He told me that I used the other side of w¡th headaches at the end of the day.
my bra¡n ¡n the long hours lworkeq ano was Both ny k¡ds are stretch¡ng the¡r sp¡r¡tual
unaccustomed to using the ¡mag¡nation part of winqs, so ló speak, f¡gur¡ng out how lhe¡r sp¡r¡tual
my bra¡n. He told me that ¡f lexercised th¡s qifti work and what they need to do and how to
m.uscle, I d be seeing and hear¡ng ¡n the sp¡ritual aiscovet the best way to use them. We have all
dmens¡ons before long. ln our med¡tat¡ons w¡th come fo see or sense Demons ¡n people' rooms
Gary thatday. God had g¡ven me the spiitualgift and the wortd. Together, as well as separately'
of new eyes. nrrth cary's help I ptaced them in mv sons and I work to r¡d them f¡rst from fam¡ly
my head w¡th my phys¡cal hands. Before we teft, and fr¡ends then the ne¡ghbors. As for me, my
we asked cary ¡f he could help us to try to heat a new spiritual eyes seem to have worked fírst in
fríend suffer¡ng from lung cancer. He'asked my the phvs¡cal sense. Several days ago, I was at
sors. fo asslsf hlm. They workad for many my offíce very early ¡n the morning. I put on my
m¡nutes, and Gary and my two sons saw ne readlno o/ásses to read my e-ma¡l and
snakes that were caus¡ng her cancer. Together d¡scováreá, b my surprise, that I coutdn t focus
tney removed the serpentl¡ke snake ent¡t¡esfrom I Look mv qlasses off and cleaned them then put
ourf end. ¡hem bácl on. t stillcould not make oul the words
on the computer screen As I fl¡pped them up to
.. lf our liues were changed dramat¡cally
November f¡rst-they were changed even more
the too of mv head, I realized that I could focus
dramat¡cally that day on March 14. w¡thout them. I haven't worn them s¡nce that day.
Today, our fiend is feet¡ng better and has I don't need them. My v¡s¡on wasn't peúect right
more energy. S¡nce lhat day. my youngesl son awav. At f¡rst I had trouble focusing between
nas nol laken h¡s Rilal¡n lo help h¡s concenlral¡on writtén words on my desk and the words on my
tn school. Each day he asks for concentratíon comDuter screen, but ¡n about a day, that was
from h¡s Angels and each day he's atso able to ooná. also. Now I read l¡ke I d¡d when I was in my
pay attent¡on and sort out 11¡s schoolwork ¡n the >Os. t prav that soon I w¡ll be able to see God,
phys¡cal d¡mens¡on. Not tak¡ng ttte R¡talin was the AÁgeis and all of my Sp¡t¡tual g¡fts l have
confidence that lw¡ll.
It seems to me that Gary Sp¡vey became the I will teach you aboLlt lhe spiritual dimensions around
tnstrument tor us to f¡nd our path to God, the you and how they aflbct you herc in the physical
Angels and our Sp¡rituat gifts. We're ready to dimcnsion.
snare our expeiences and do our share to ,.pav I \vill teach you how to usc yourspiritual gifts to heal
yourselfand othcls.
fotward" what cary d¡d for us.
i will prove to you. by using sp¡rilual arlwork. lhat
whal i'm teaching you in this book has existed
Thank You Ga ry throughout history: The sccrets were always in flont
Carolyn Sc¡betta ofout eycs,
Pottland, OR I will uie quotes lrom ma¡y difl'erent spiritual lexts
fo back up my teach¡ngs.
I rvill share with you the person¿l nessages givell to
I wantcd to shárc Carolyn,s testimonial bccausc it shows
how a fámily me by God-rnessagcs thal hcwanls me to pass along
lcamed to conmunicate with God and Angels. It also clemonstrate's
to you.
how the membcrs of this 1¡mily changcd thcir lives for the better You will ¡eccive your very own Keys to Heavcn
onüc.the) learned hou lo r(.jcive lheir spiritual gilts and use rltcnr
ha\e lhesc narural. Cod_givcn spiritual abilit¡es. b t
are tocked up rnsiric your spirirual body. lt is nurv timc for you
I his list is only the tip ofthe iccberg. There is far mo¡c spiritual
Lrrorvledec and manv rnorc secrc¡s containcd within thesc pages As
to awaken your spirifual body and lcarn how to unleash your r,'rr Nill nolice. rhii book is designed so th¿l you rcad lhe lesson'
natural spiritual abilities. llrsl- I \\.ill then ask you to stop and play thc CD' so I can pcrsonally
, Il doesn'l maner what rcligionlouarcoryourspiritualbcliels. lt I'Iidc you through cach stcP.
oolsn t maller n hat pcrsonal ¡scuesyouareslruggltng$ith you \\ ill I ivanl to s;ess that I lcamed cvcrything that I am teaching
Fcnclrl lrol¡ lhrs book. l \e helpcd n)any thrrusandc úf pe(,ple llfsrhaDd from God,A¡gcls and other spiritual bcings Thc infonnation
tnroughout lhc üorld lo cre¡tc rTlot.c posili\c Ii\cs and ¡.rrr. iflo,l l|rrhis book does noi come iionr othe¡books But I haveaddedquotes
ale I e¿d) and lrar q ¿¡ 6pE. rnind. I wilJ rr.ach ou lhe Inllo$ i g:
lrorr ancient religious tcxts a d I've used soml¡ ¿ncicnt religioüs
rr|tu ork in order t-o provc th¿rt thc truth has always been there'
I will teach you how to awalen yolrr spiritual body. l'vc always hadbod andAflgels guiding my life and my spiritual
I n,il,l rcaclryoLr hou roaskyuulAngcii lor¡urd.Lnce ' r',',trh. \ou il rs lime lbr Cod and Angcls lo gtlide )our I¡.fe ¡nd
ano netp. r,,1r. sniriru¡l trowrh. I belic\ c lhat you ¿rc an áma/lng \plrtual Delng
I will ¿each you how to rcceive you¡ spiritual eycs ii searching for spiritual enLightcnment. I hope thejou¡ney wc
lirkc togethcr wil-l lcad you closer to your pcrsonal and spiritual goals'
and ears
I willteach you how to communicate with God.Angels
and Hea.r'enly llierarchy. Anrl when I iay ll s litDe. l-ct yourjourney bcgin..
"cor¡munication" lmcan you will be able to sec, hear.
and talk to thcm.
I will teach you how lo rcccivc spi¡.itual gifts ¡nd ho$
to use them 1i) ch¡¡llic y()ur lil¡ instirntly i¡no torcvcr.
I will teach you lboul I)cnt(nls r¡lrrl tltc h¡voc thcv
r rusL. in ¡r'rrr' lili. I rr ill lls,, r, l..lr \,,u lr,,\! r,,
of'thc I)crrr{)ns hy lsirrg yorrl s¡rir.ilirirl gills.
!r¡ l:l
\',,1r[ l(eys fe¡ iilsi¡vq¡1

A Grur-ps Lre
Less Onp¡Nanv
{ }Ic (ley, whcn I r,as in my mid thifties,I was lyilg down meditating
ru lrcn suddenly, I sarv all ofthese Angcls that I hadn't seen before.

I lrcy gathered around me in a circle. They r.crc looking at nre and

,.ir! ing. "Are you süe that's him? Why docsn't hc look like the rest of
rlr.r)r'¡ Why is he so difl'erent? Do you think we madc a mistake?"
'l'hc l hcard a¡othcr voice. I rcmembered this voice liom the
trIrccs I experienccd as a child. It was the ¡¡lgr1llgrl being. He told
tlrc Angels, "No mistakc. IJc has the keys; they are inside ofhim."

¡\ (lhildhood Less Ordinary...

PhLlif pe De ah¡nil!iS¡e ll60:t t6i.1l

NItr\dedcs Llcxur Arrs. L llc, Frufcc

I'hobb),: ltrrh.rl tta\
Pun \\ o Mlr rrr hr-^h)r\ ltct\rrtishijj!{,!n l

itl( ((ilt.t St,^\'.r) .t .t!¿rs okl.

Qary 6plvey \', ¡L¡r K¿ys to LledYeR
My childhood was very much the same as any other kid I grcw up ,||rrl. in fact, fca¡ed them, but people still kncw that Lancaster was
with, with onc exception I was always able to see, hea¡ an¡ talk t; ,lrll!1!Dt. Word ofhis abilities always seemed to get out and the pcople
myAngels. Other than that, I was perfectly lormal! rr 1r,r didn't fear'lhem" always showedup looking for ansqers to their
, Fo¡child
the most part, I cnjoycd all ofthe same activities that every
in my neighborhood did; hanging out with friends aná
rlrk stions. Rencmber, this was the time ofthe Great Depression and
ÍriÍry people had questions about their future. My grandmother said,
cousns, gomg to the occasio¡ral drive-in l¡ovic or going swimming ''I lis rbilitics came in handy allthe time, especially in the busincss your
the family's swimnürg hole in a little seclion of CcdaiCreek. in." l would ask, "What business washe in?" Shc woüld
Ce-dar llrurdfárherwas
Creekwas ¿bout two miles outside ofthe small town ofBiscoe, Nofih my glandfather was a
¡rLsl srrile and laugh. Late¿ I found out that
Calolina where I grew up. Thc swimminghole was damned up so thal lrr'tlcgger. He made moonshiDc liqmr and he had a liquor still out in
rt was deep enough for all ofthe kids in tow¡ to go srvimm ing
in. No tlrt wcr-o-ds. He always l'.¡ew whcn the authorities were about to catch
one, wherc I livcd, had a swimming pool in their backyard in those lrrrrr. so he would box up the liquor al1d hightail it out ofthere before
days. rlr.y caught him. Hc was known to be spiritually giftcd, b{rt lrc was also
I rcmernber grou rng up on my Ctandtnorher I ula Lcc Spircy.. I r, ,w n ai orc of rhe best bootleggers that Montgomery Counq¡, N oflh
^larm rr rur¿l \ofh ( ¡roli¡a r\ ilh plcnD of land. lors .rfanimais.
a lot

t rr¡ olin¡ had cver seen. My grandmotlcr said that, not only could my
nr ro\.c anü not mUch monc). I didn't know rc uere poor going on
becau,e |1iu(lpe see thc futule, he was also abie to diagnose what was
cverybody arotrndüs waspooq as wcll. A11 I knew was tilat we always $ ith hcalth. Thc lights he saw arouncl people, he refered to as
had plenty of good Southern cooked foocl to .at and we *cre tlrtirArigels.
happy nlost ofthe t¡ne. I cnloyccl thesc stories the most because I was able to re¿lize
,hv lhe,[
remembcr rn¡ grandma .ining iI lhe mid<1le ol.her lir ing roorn lr,rlr aniarly age that rvhatever I was going througirwas notmal My
$ ood hcalcr $ hilc .hc popped popcom in ¿n ,_,ld blaci ( ifÍrd dad could do it! Too bad he had already died and wasn't around
rr,,n \l\illet and rold sroricq. \\c uould pc,¡ popconl ancl she rrould Ir) lcll me how everything ü'orked Too bad no one elsc really knew
¡.ll ,r,,rics. I lrar uas th< nomr to¡ m) lamili back lhcn In lhc early lllrt rt lcast il was a piecc of comforting inlbmation klowing that
l',1'U.. bec.rLr\e m) larrril¡ couldn r ailrd a lclcr r.inn. Lalcr u < ,('Irconc was likc me and that I shouldn't be scared ofmy abilities
(clcvision, my family's first one. And I rcmemberthat Bot i
they were r;lly
cxcited to get it. l hc Gil't...
VIy vrandmolhcr.. l-ula Lee Spi\c) and \ola persons. ai\a)s
,lr:¡l, r¡rrcrciri|lg\luriesIotell mc. Ihc.loric( I renlembcrlnúst clearl] I urrs rny mothe¡ Eunice, and fatheq Coy's, only son My sister, Joyce,
rvcr(j those thal G¡andmother parsons told me about my
Grandpa \!rs tcn years older than me.l came lo them latcr inlheirlife, so itwas
l.¡ncaster Parsons, who died before I was bonr, and his spiritual
rr ]l,t like bcing an only child.I was a very positive child. very sensitive'
llbilitics. Shc said, "He was adventurous, fuir and enjoyecl life to the
l,,vccl cvcrybody and I just loved to laugh and make other people
lullcst-" l.always renrcmber her sayírg, ,.you,rejustiike your
Grand Lrrrrgh.
dadl" I le knew things before they would happen and couid see lights I was t)om spiritually gifted and could always sec with my spirihral
arrurrd pcoplc. This rnade sense to mc because, at the time, I
sta;ed , ycs (clairvoyance) and hear with my spiritual ears (clairaudience)
l(nowing thiogs before they happenecl ancl I could always see a light :iircc bccoming áwarc ol'my spiritual abilities ofclairvoyance and
¡round cvcryonc)s hcad_ Sometintes it would glotv a lirtle alnd L lrrir'¡uclicncc as a small child, I always had a sellse ofnot being
sor)lctrmcs rt glowcd a lot. I noticcd that thc people who child, were
had the I ln(l Nith mc whal I rcfcrred to as m¡¡a1s. My pals, as a
l)rgecsl glow wcrc thc pcoflc thirl I likcd thc most.
rrry Angcls. I rvus lucky bccatrse my mom, Eunice. ncvel told me lhat
My gt-ltn(lDtotl)cr tol(l Inc thilt pcoplc c¡trc l]rrnr ncur uncl lar..just rrry Angcls clidn'1 cxist. Whcncvcr nry pals had a story 10 share wjth
lo irsh nry glrn(ll)l qLrcsliorrs. Shc sli(l lrc tfic(f to kccp his Lrbiliiics
lre:r. shc alwuys lislcnccl. nllrybo bcc¡usc shc w¿ls intcroslcd in what
sccfcl l)ccilLtsc ¡t wirs tl)c l()J0s itn(l |l!||rv (li(|ll,t Iovcd ¡rlc I Iol or nraybc lTccattso
ücry '5.¡irey r ,,rrr. I(eys io lfe¿rv¿t
her dad, my grandpa Lancastcr, had ma¡y ofthc same abiliües rhat I As thc kcy rvould fit inlo the cafth, I woulcl lLrm lhe key unlocking
l1ave and she kncw what to expect.
rl r' L rrtlr lhcn I would see lhis bla]lkct oflight su|round and elrgulfthc
Sometimes I thiDk my morrr had a liard time dcciding il I was
being sedous about talkúrg to rlv pals rry Augcls oriflluslhada
irilr rcrrroving ell ofthe darkless. Instantly. everylhing would bc
, LL|'r rnd thc carth would glo\\ with this bfight gold ene¡gy. Whilc
rcallv vivid únagination. Ncve helcss, she ncr,er scoldecl mc cilher
r r . rncrgy blanket was surrounding the earlL thc ¿rril¡ 1lg¡l being
way; shejust lislened to my storics. At thc titne, I wasn,t aware ofjust
,,rL|{l ¡lways rell ne, "Just allow the Iight lo do its iob. ' The voice
how closc she rvas listening. I fbund oLrt larcl that shc was kceping "
alrvays conlbrt me and tcll mc, "One day you will understand
lrack of$rhat' I would say. She ¿llways kcptit to hcrsell audjust listcneá ",,rrlrl
,, rLt th is all Ineans. For no\I, you'rc still too youl1g."
to me. ncvcr telling 111e that I couldn t lalk to my of rhat üey Solnetimcs, rvhile I rvas slill i1l the tmncc, nry pafents woüld wakc
didn't erist. Ifanyorc lold mc that I oould¡'t sce^ngcls Angcls or.talk to
thcm, I rvoukl tcll t¡y rnorr ¿nd she rvould ¿sk rrc,;Can you sec
, , rrp belble I got thc key inlo the earth. When this happened. I
just be distraught. screaüring to thc point olphysic¿rl ilhess
lhem'J"I alu'ays answcred. Ycs_ Shc would say. ..Wcll tlley nrust be '\r,rld
L,l throNing LLp. If I did not ger üe key into thc caúh aDd release thc
there thcn, Just bccausc someonc clse can,l see thcm docsn'l mean
they don't cxist" At th¿rt ri¡¡c, i¡ rhc early 1960s, Angels $.cre a I r'lr1 gol{l cuergy to removc thc dafkltess lron1 thc cafth, then úy
srüect that you only hc¡rd ofin church, or an omamentihat t.rppcd ¡,lrr':rca1body rvoultlbe in lrene douspain because ofdle dar* cnefgy.
thc Clhristnras lree- Ne\erlhclcss, I grcq, up \,,,ith my vcr! own stall of \lt.f ¡ ti$ hours, the pain Nould cvcntually páss. Ho\1,cvcr, cvery
,rrr(. I got to fclcase the gold energy, I woulcl awaken $'ithout any
Angels thát only l could see. hcar aDCl t¡lk to.
'.'rr in nry physicalbod-r'.
Thc Trance... l\4y farnily called my strange trances, fitu. I ¡enlcmbcr my mom
.L\ irrg. 'He's having anothcf fit again, gel some cold watcr, wash
,r.. l¡cc. ancl tell him we gct it." Patfonizing me was thc only w¿y to
Mary timcs throughout rny childhood.I rvould go into an involuntary
tmncc-like state. \\ ir \c mc up from n1y t¡ancc without r¡e throwing a fil for the next
Whilc i¡ thc trance I uould sce this ó'glr¡ /lg¿l being looking ,,
ol'hou$. Evcntually. my l'amily would aüaken me by agrecing
over me maktng surc I lras okay and, whilc | $,as in the trance. I rlr 11 thcv saN $.hat I was trying to sho\r thcm. In their naive way,
\l ould sce olher beings that $, ould talk to ne in clifferent languages. I I r\ prfents \lould say. "Yes, we see eve¡ything, krc."
'lhcse expeienccs wcnt on throughoul my childhood. As I got
was alw¿ys able to understa d thcm and spcak flucntly in their
languagc. This always balTled nry family, cspeciallyühen I wotLld ralk ,kler: I rvoulcl ask my Angels. "What does this vision mcan?" The
out loLrd articLrl¿rtcly in dif'l'erent langLrages that were totallv r r,rir¡rr rvas ofan ovenvlielning darkncss ready to o!eflakc cvcrytbing
uüecognizablc to m), family. l,,rt is good, *hich made me l'eel likc. if I didn't do my.job this would
With a few exccptions. the trencc w¿rs always thc same: I \|ould , u , rrr lnd. "Who is this lighl being that is tall(ing to ü1e?" Thcy rvould

cxperience shortness ofbreath and physical pain. I rould be cr-ying .Ll\'¡vs tellrne. "lt's nol time for you to undcrstand the vision. but you
and screamrng at the top of lny lungs because I \\,oLrld scc this rLrrLst ncvcl lorget it for onc day you u,ill understand its impo ance."
darkncss surfounding and engulfing thc earth. lt l'elt as though the
darkness was tr-ying to e\tinguish ali lif¡ on e¡rlh. I uould sifup in I'srchic Abilitics.,.
bed with nry cyes widc open tryinq to show my prrcnts rncl siiter.
somelhing th tthcy could ¡ot scc. In lhc lllillcc st¡lc. uty Angcls \' rr chilcl. I bcgln 1(r clcnronslr¡tc psychic abilitics. I knew things
¿lwrys h¿lndcd rrc r scl of l<cys anrl tlircclctl rllc t0 pLrr onc lcy in lI l(nc thcy hilppcnc(l: lhcsc lhings *'cr-c Lrsuallv sl¡¡ll and unintpoúanl.
t¡c ca 11h. I'Lrl irrc\plicirhlc l() ir clri ol '1 to 5 your s old. I colrld sec thirrr¡s olhcl
As u yolnrchi . lcollcclcrloklslirIrorrl,els tcoLrkfir.lgcl lrxr ¡r', r¡rlc eoLrk{rr'l sce
r I \ls tir\ri irtc(l hv tl)L rrr SorIL tirrrcs tlrc¡ r!t.rc roll
rrli||ry ol t¡lc
l feor. rlrl)i r rr'lrr'rr I r\rs rhoLrt T vcirrs oltl w rrr n irtg rrrr llrilrer. ( oy
r|ll lrfr\srol('rr(l I rt)sr\rr(.tlr(,¡rr(s Ilrtfrl
$ary Spivey \'( )ü¡r Ksy$ lo Esavqn
I r'l,l I !rrr tlre ;rccidcnt bcfbre it occurrcd. I also félt the nran,s pain frvo weeks 1ater, she found oüt th at s he had passed . . barcly She
l(i,,r( lrf l¡lt il. I w¡s ernp¿thing his lain: An empath is sorneonc who "I
||rr mc walking down the hallway and said, am forever in your
r ;1r Jc( l s(nllconc clse's urergy. I 1,elt as ifsomeonc ripped my arm
oll, ,ii h{ li)f putting my mjnd al easc for the past two \recks." At that
lirtlierl rlrc in thc head and punch me in the stomach all atihc samc rrr(illrent, I sensed not only her happiness. but mine as well l was
trrr(. I ¡.lid the natuál thing thar a 7-year-old child woulal do ifthey Llr lr l( ing to myself that t really enjoyed helping her and that maybe
hrrtl bccn lipped, kicked and punched: I began to cry, ..Hclp himl Hel; tl||s is \\'hat l'm suppose to be doing with the spiritual abilities tha¡ I
him now!" I u,as holding nly stomach and screar¡ing,..It hurtsl lt \\ irs bom $ith.
hLrltsreally bad!" My father, thi¡ling that I tvas physically ill, rva[tecl As fate had it, Iwás stillan ambitious teenagerfullol'li andüith
rn h(lp mJ hcc.ru<c I ua, ubr iotr.l¡ goirB tlü.,r,Bh sunrr.lhinB. rr rrrrr¡r life lessons to leam. At that time, cven though I h¿d thesc abilities
lSlner mxrlc no elldrl ill ¡ll t,, rc.cue tlle man u lhe ttJclor bccatr\c, 1t' hclp people, mypassionwas playing music This is where rny crazy
in his world, noth i¡rg had occun-ed yct. Seconds larer, whcn the tractor liirir-.lo starled; I woulcl color it silver and u,hite whcn I played nrusic. I
tuncd over on thc fian, the pain and 1'ear I was fceling instantly left ¡rLrr-v' cclbass
guitar in a very popular band arrd I had rock star drcarns, so
me. At this point, my crisis secl¡ed to be over while evclyone clse,s 1r( lping pcople with myspi tualabilitieswas certaí1ly nolmypriority,
was cedainly just bcginning. I'11 never forgct the puzzled look |ny \cl I playedmusic throughoutthe state ofNorth Carolina and Florida
father ga\,e me as he ¡ushed to pull the man lronl u¡dcmeath the lirr ¡ shoí period of tine after high school, but ¡ did['t want to be a
tractor Laterthat day, he asked me how I knc$, thc tractor\1,as going r,tirfving musician, so I went into sales. ln sáles, my psychic abililies
to f¡ll over. I told him thar t¡y Angels had showed me a vision. rcrlly came in handy and so ditl the crazy hairdo and whitc clothes
. ^As I got a little older. mv fanily \r,oüld al$ays ask mc qLrestions.
At lámily-gatherings
A ryonc who saw rne would always rcmcmber me. lt u'asn't long befor€
theyq,ouldpláy a little galne called,..Ask Ga$, a I \!¡s onc ofthe top salesmen in my conrpany lventually, I wcnt into
question." I rvould be put in thc üiddle of the floo¡ and everJone hLrsincss for rnyselfand. sincc the crazy look was alrcady working lbr
woüld gathefaroLlnd a¡d take tums asking mc qLtestions. ¡ remember llc. I kcpt it.
hcin! ¿round', )(arc olJ and,,rc ot rn1 r,rrt.lc. rr :r. Lkin" r.¡uc.r Howcver, all thc time I was in sales and in busincss lbr myself I
¿Dorrl üork \otncthing. but ¡h(.ini$ca hc gnl(lidn lhd\can)thtnE rrlr,' rys had a sense ofmissing somefhing, ovcn thougb I lvas succcssful
to do withhis qüestion. Thc answcr.he rcceivcdrvas aboLrt his girlir.ienJ lforn a matcrial poinl ofvie$'.
Kids that young will say what they secl Everyone in the rJom nent [!en though I'vc had an cxtremelybusy lil¡, ] ah¡'áys meditate
s ent because my unclc was marficd. And that \!as the end ol.thc rri(l talk 10 my Angels daily. In my meditations, I always saw the
'.AskGary a qLrestion"game. They still askedlnc questio1ls, ofcoursc, sr|lrc vision that I saw as a kid: the kcy thal lrould fit i1lto the earth
bLrt it was alw¿ys in privale, now. rcrnoving the darkness allowing lhe eaúh to glow. I always ask my
There were many other occurrcnces thal happencd lhroughout Augcls lbr thc meaning oflhis vision a¡d they always give me the
my childhood. For example, one day during high school I was callcd sl lrc answer, "lt's nol timc for you to understand yet."
mto the guida¡cc counselor's ol}lcc. I remembcr thinking that I $,as Iahvays had a sense ofnrissing solncthing inmy life,but I couldn't
probably in t¡ouble. I was wonderirg, .'What did I do that vas pLrl my finger on what it was-
bad?" I rvalked down to thc olllcc and sat in the chair outside thc
counselor's door fo¡.ll'hat secmed an eternity. running through e\,cry I'sychic Mects Psychic...
possible sccnar-io, \\, ondcring u hat I had tlon e. J-hc ckxl. l i na l ly
c rcakci
open and the guidancc coLlnsclor ¿rskccl nto lo contc in irn(l sil. l.hcn Arxl lhcn. onc d¡y, I rnct a psychic nar¡ed Rtlth Rogers end \\'e bccame
shepulledhcrchaircloscr 1o minc ¡nd s¡itl...l lllt\,r.jlrst {)rc qlresti(rl. qorxl liicntls Onc (l¡y" Ilrrlh. wllo h¡d a radio shorv in Tanrpa. f-lorida.
I.it¡sllookarc.lllytnll)1)ftlIt1cri||¡ltt t)iglrt srlr0ol l)irl I¡r;rss.)"..ycs. iIVilc(l rrrc lr) hc rr gltcsl (nl lhc show. llwlls ¡ sh()rv whclc wc would
l l blfcly." I r()l(l hcl .,,,(,r,.f
I Y|,rtr Ke)¡ri Io netlv¿tl
tl)||rktrlr h.rck l() llrc ¡ÍI!.\\hú|| | ¡rcllnj{l tllc
!Úi(li r(r cr)ll)scl(,f Íl r,,rrltl rrlrr:rys tcll rr¡e thc silrrrc lhrtlS. "ll s ¡r()l lrrrrc lt)r yt'lr l()
high selrrxrl ancl hrrrv good it rrrltlc llc l¡cl. ¡ wits gcllillg thc \rtr)c t|l|(l( rslutl(1.-'
f¡cling cvcry tim0 I ulswcfcd ¡ qucstion an(l hclpctl soncirnc.
l. so¡ tcd out peoplc's prclblcrns. I uould llel l h(i Visil...
bcticr. too. The f.f,oling
that I was miss¡ng sotnctl.ri¡rg u,as {onc and I kncw riglrt then
was suppose to hclp peoplc rrilh üy spirirual abilitics
al1d insighl. \rxl so il \\ s thar, whcn I was in my mid thirties, I was lying down
rre(iilirtinq whcn, sLrddcnly: I saw all of thesc Angels that I
Ilight then and thcrc t k¡ew I wonted to start cloing radio jows; hadn't
takrng calls and helping peoplc. I becarne a gucst psychic ,fcI bcl¡;0. They gaúcfed around me in a circle They vere looking
on mAny
radio shows¿cross Amer-ica. Sincr: my crazy look u,as
working fbr .'i rr," soyil,g, ':A.e you surc that's him'¡ why doesn't he look like
"ncl 1¡ade a
me a¡rcady. I kept it. I soon bccane known as tlrc psychic
witñ the rlrc resl ol'them? Why ¡s he so different? Do you think we
crazy white hair who {_lresscs in all white. Fo. abollt two years. |l||.t¡rkc.'-'
I had
my own radio shorv in Tampa, Florida untilthc stalion 'lhon I heard another voicc l remcmbered this voice fiom thc
rias sold and
they canceled alll¡e pfogmmming. I evcntually started doing .¡.V r' ,r'trs t c¡oerrcnccd as 3 child lt was th( árig'l /lgl'¡ being Hc told
rntervicws and talk shou,s and. ofcour-sc, I kept the look,
but not rI...\¡lrls, l\L' Iniilake H( hd' lllc kcys: lhcy arc inside ol him
w¡thoul a challengc. Dvery TV prrducer and dircctor l,vc
Añ of thc Angels stcPpcd asidc while this being came in and
worked withtold me thc same thing, ..No one rvill ever take you flrtrr¡tluced himselfas God. I was ¡n disbeliefbecause' evcn though
scflously \\,.ith that over,thc-top. cccenlric look.,,Sometimcs rcmenber seeing this árigrl /Ml being throughout my wholc Lifc' I
produccrs and directors would n¿ke ¡¡c doubt my Iooi(.
tt did sccm
wrsn't surc ofthis wbole God situation lmean'in a rcligjous seüse'
likc a hugc lrurdle for peoplc to gct over \l,hcn lhcy firsl mcct | $,as surc there nust be a God: It made sensc that thcre was some
Eycry t¡mc I had rhc slightcst doubt about my look. I rvoulti \rr'rrerne Dower to cuntl ol c!erylhinS lNas always ablc lo scc Angcls'
ask nry .,,'t *u. ihinking,o.yset[. hy wouldn'l Cod extst'l'll admil that
Angcls what they thought. l hcy rvere always qLrick to rcspon<1
in a
sccing God freaied mó out a littLe because I never thought
that' iflle
loud voicc "NO, DO NOT CH^NCI yOUn LOClrcl,,tncn
woLrld say, "Everything is pct.j'ecl and you arc about to tlid exist. Ite would visit me. But therc He was'
Onc of the lirst things Hc said was, "l sce you lislened to the
crcr) lhing upb) lcning th¡¡ p¡¡plq 5¡pinion. infl uc c< y,rrr'.
Thcy "
erpla¡ned to me thJt. cvcn m), lorrk is A¡rgclsand kepl youl look my wooly lamb l bcgan laughingbccause
¡art oICorl.s ¡u,riecr pl:r,,. I lifc' I
al$¿ys rss¡¡ond by i¡ying.' \ ¿ ll ¡rc llrc AngÉ|, a (i l.rn nnl) t f'.ítiz"d coi tad a greal sense ofhumor Al lhis point in my
now realize God has ; plan lbr evcryone and, if His plan calls
for me
I'm surc ya'll know \.\,hat's best tbr me.. They rvoulci smilc anci is what I'm
chucklc.saying. "How would wc tecognize vou. my .Wooly to have whitc wooly hair and clress in all white. then that
Lamb..., soiús to do.
It \vas n¡cc to know that I could entcrlain my Angcls
by looking likc ñr thc years following my first visit from Cod' He taught me
a lamb to thcm.
Doing radio a¡Ll TV lcad mc into doing priv¿ttc sessio|s m¿nv sccrets about spirihally and how the spiritual world d¡rectly
pcople r rcre I could help them with auy problenr they
with rclaÁs to and affects tts here in the physical world l uscd all ofthe
may hrvc.
Thjs i. ',t helc nD Angcl. curnc in ll¡¡ci) briau.c rhc) ,r nL,l,l ,rlu inlbrmation He taught me in my privatc sessiolls with people so I
r¡, could sharpen my skills. Every tjme God taught n1e som€thi
lell mc ho\v to hclp th(' prrson | \\xs \!orkin! \ ith :.o lhut I rorrltl gifts'
I used it to hclp ;eople lle taught mc hol¡' to reccivc spiritual
rcsolve thcir problcms. jllness' how
how to hcal people liom physical, mcntal and emotional
k¡cw I rvas.doi¡lg what I was sLtpposc to do. bú the one tlting
, . Istiil
úat to visit hcaven a¡d tgach others to visit heaven He taught me how
to tcach someone to talk with Him, see Him' and hcar Him and
bothcred mc nofe thall ar)ything rvas nty visiou ofthc
htbng rnlo the eaÍh. llvery t¡¡e I askcd m¡r Angels about this,
thcy much lnore-
uary Sptvey I Your Keys lo flsovs¡r
lrrcfylhr¡tg ( itxl litügltt tt ir i tltis ht¡rk il¡td I will lcach yor¡. (;(xl s¡i(|. "1)cnrn)s llll(l dxrk cncrsics h¡vc hccll ¡lli'cting ntltl¡'s
I \r ¡¡s ¡tblc l() ¡sk ( i{)d (lucsti(nts ¡bont ¡nythi g. (hc ol thc Ijrsl by the
,letisiorrs lirf nrarry gc¡rcralions llvcry Scncruti()n is shapcd
gcncratlons to
qücstiu¡s | ¿skcd hin¡ w¿¡s ¿b()!¡t lhc rccurrit¡g visi()n th0l I had li{nrr r!cvious gcncratiotr and your gcllcration will shaPe
my childhood and throughout my cnrire adulr lil¡. Thc v¡sion ol this il,tt,,s'-" lic ¡lso said rlüt now is llrc timc forcvcryone to stan blicving
kcy fitting into thc ear(h and a blaoker ofgold encrgy removing thc rrr llinr and not in the stodes passcd down from
geDeratlo¡ lo
da¡kness was forcver imprintcd in my mind. His answcr was, ..1 will lcncr¡lion. The lrue meaning of many of ihese storics has been
rcvcal the meaning ofyour vision when it is time. Now is tlotthe time. i,,r1"""*¿ frv Demons and dark cncrgics Believe in the firsthand
I will tell you this about your visio¡: it pc ains to evcry man, woman knowlcdgc you can get by communicating directly with Him.
aod child on carth." WirliGod working clnecily lbrough mc, I have put together
I often thought God would get impatient and tired ofanswering l)(x)k so that you can discover what God wants you to know
questions for me, but I{e nevcrhas. God has taughtmemany spiritual tl)rough your own cyes ano ea$,
secrets and given ¡'ne many mcssages that He wants me to pass on to li:you want to lcamthe spiritlLal sccrcts God sharcd wilh me'
thc rest ofthe world. r,lc¡se conrinue rcading. It willchange your lifc and cnlighten
not your
The most important step in yorLr Spiritüal Journcy is
God Speaks... l¡sl step lvh€n you cross the finish line, but your first step Your
lir't steo in vour Spiritual Joumey is to answcr lhc ql¡cstions abotlt
God said that Hc has much to teach about true spirituality and the pug" in lhc beginning ol lhe book lfyou did not
',u'.r.lion "i l'or
spiritual world that cxists around all of us. God wants everyo¡te fo ,,nr*er the iuestions, plcase go back and answcr thcm now'
awaken their spiritual body and release theirspiritual knowledge that's rhis ¡s the ti$t step in your Sp¡ritual Joumey'
locked up inside eacb and cveryonc ofus. He also wants everyone to
be awarc that thcre's a spiritual war ofcood vcrses Evil going on
around us each and cvery day.
Cod said, "Look at what the Demons have done to rclicion
throughout his¡ory-making ñan fighrand killin rhe name ofreligion."
God said úat l{e doesn'r like ¡t rhat differentrcligions are fighting
ovcrwhosc beliefs are right or wrong, and that people arc dyingover
religious beliefs.
God said, "ln the beginning, it was simple: Everyone had one
belief." lt was in l{im and His divine goodness. As time progrcssed,
the true meaning ofrcligion was dilutcd because ofthe Dc¡nons and
dark cnergies that possesscd the minds of man and tumed their egos
against one another and madc thcm tum religion iüto the mess it is
God wants evcryone to know that they have lice will to do and
bel¡eve in whatcver they want to believc in, but this samc frce w¡ll is
also mankind's vulncrable point. It is frec w¡ll that the Dcmons and
dark encrgics infect and attack, turning people and nations against
one anolner.