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A. Business Concepts and the Business Model

HavenTea is a fiction themed milktea house and cafe, using the

renowned fiction characters to display its uniqueness. Find your

comfort zone without stepping outside the city, devour the taste of

authentic Taiwanese tea and freshly made boba’s cooked to

perfection every day, while having a worthy chat with your friends

and loved ones. An aesthetically designed place of comfort for

locals and weary travelers, this café feeds your fantasies of fictional

characters, accommodates your need of solitude and also a pit for

group hung-out. Being a milktea lover and enthusiasts, we ensure

the quality of our products and service. On top of its enhanced

affordability and enhanced space plan and design, HavenTea offers

you a wide variety of flavors you can choose from to suit your taste

buds’ need. Be it a tea-based or a coffee-based drink along with a

sinker of your choice with a delicious meal at the side.

B. Business VMGO


 Provide customers a place of contentment and


 To create a different milk tea experience that would

leave customer in awe.

 To set and maintain the highest standard of quality

and ethics in everything we do.

 To earn the trust and loyalty of our customers,

employees and our community.

 To be the crowd favorite milk tea house and café in

the Philippines.


 We, the HavenTea meeting the demand of all milk

tea enthusiast ensures you authentic homemade

drinks that gives you comfort in an affordable price.


 HavenTea provides a top quality of authentic

homemade drinks and is open to all ages.

 HavenTea gives you idealistic and aesthetically

designed concept themed space according to your


 HavenTea aims to satisfy your cravings and a place

of comfort.

Executive Summary

In today’s fast-paced work environment, having time with

one self is much needed. To give relief from long hours of work,

labor and studies is what HavenTea desired to give to its

customers. It offers opportunity to fill oneself with renewed energy

to start again the task of life. HavenTea aims to give customers

sufficient time for rest, recreation and intellectual pursuits.

HavenTea follow the concept of dynamic, fantasy-themed

decoration that draw out the kiddie heart and brings excitement

and comfort to the customers. Having its mission and vision in

mind and making its goal to achieve. With the help of our family,

friends and suppliers supporting us in every step of the way to

make our business possible. Trainings and seminars given to the

workers to teach them in making and mixing milk tea and safety

precautions in doing kitchen works for the protection of the

customers and the cleanliness of the product. Target market is set

for both male and female in the age ranges from 13 up to 30 years

old.In doing this business, determining the advantages and

disadvantages, knowing the competitors and assessing the

demands and supply of our business is needed especially to

examine the capabilities of our suppliers to grasp what kind of

distribution we have. We serve Taiwanese inspired milkteas,

frappes, and smoothies. Homemade coffees that are brewed to

replicate the barako taste of native coffees. We also serve breakfast

meals such as tapsilog (beef tapa and egg), cornsilog (corned beef

and egg), pansilog (pancit and egg), bacsilog (bacon and egg), and

siomai rice. We also cater finger foods such as flavored fries

(cheese, sour cream, and barbeque), Mexican and cheesy styled

nachos and ginger bread.


The Business Proponents

A. Management

Manager should be a graduate of Masters in Business

Management or have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant

Management, and a milk tea and coffee enthusiast. Shall have

participated in business related conventions and seminars. Shall

have entrepreneurial and marketing skills and experiences. Good

leadership and personnel management.

Finance Officer should be a graduate of Bachelor of Science in

Accountancy and should be a board exam passer. Shall have an

excellent knowledge and skill in financial management. Has at

least 1-2 years’ experience, good moral character and a team


Workers should be at least a k-12 High School Graduate, knows

basic customer service etiquette and has background in kitchen

works. Should be 18 to 25 years old, in good health and has good

moral character with at least 1 year of job experience.

B. Technology

In order to make this plan into reality we need a capital infusion

of 1,500,000 pesos. To attain this we need to get investors who are

willing to put in at least 50,000 peso. Investors who are

professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

A rental space for business in Solana District located at

Tibanga, Iligan City will be ideal since it is popular area for

students who are the target market. The space will designed

accordingly to the theme. The installment of electricity for

ventilation will be catered by Iligan Light Power Incorporation and

water installment through Iligan City Water works.

Various flavor of tea bags will be imported from Taiwan for

quality and authentic taste. Coffee beans will be ordered locally to

satisfy the Filipino taste of strong and flavorful coffee. Other

ingredients will be ordered locally to ensure freshness. Technical

equipment’s including the TV, Computers and food machines will

be bought at a local appliance store.

C. Support Team

The management will conduct an orientation and trainings for

the workers, to teach them how to mix and make the beverages
and cook the dishes. Also seminars to have safety precautions in

doing the kitchen works.

We will also conduct seminars regarding proper safety and first

aid training to all our workers. We will also send our head cooks

and barista to conventions to enhance their skills.


Target Customers and the Main Value Proposition

A. Specific Target Customer

The specific sex target customers are male and female because

our products are for both sexes. The specific age target are 13

years old – 30 years old. We choose to start at the age of 13 years

old for our customer because these people are already capable of

purchasing our product and is willing to venture on new products

and in what is in trend. We settled to end at the age of 30 years old

because they still have enough time for their leisure activities. But

if a 31 years old and above wants to purchase our product we can

consider it as long as they are capable of paying what they have


B. Target Location

The customer dine in a spacious and aesthetically designed

space and orders a beverage and a meal of their choice at

HavenTea. They can contact us through our store number for

inquiries or go to our physical store to experience comfort and

leisure at Solana District, Tibanga, Iligan City. Customers avail our

products to satisfy their cravings while spending quality time alone

or with company.



A. Opportunities in Bigger Market

Opportunities in the bigger market are actually

growing since our services is all about food and

beverages. One of the opportunities is during exams

since students’ wants solitude and we have cubicles

and soundproof rooms for studying. Students after

class who wants to satisfy their inner demands are

also an opportunity.

B. Estimation of the total market demands and supplies

and its Major Factors

Our estimation of the total market demand is 70%

because everyone needs a break from work and

studies. Since leisure time is essential to mental and

physical growth and should be taken seriously. The

HavenTea can supply 95% of the demand within a

year. The other 5% is for emergency usage.

C. Competing Enterprises in the Industry

One of the top competitors we have are the chingkee

tea, infinitea, bo’s coffee and dark roast café for they

also offer quality tea and coffee based beverages

making them a great competitor.

D. Comparative Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of our food and beverages service is

that it is served in a buffet style in which the

customers can freely choose which flavors and sinkers

they want to combine. We also have in-house cubicles

and themed soundproof rooms to ensure the privacy

the customer is looking for.

The disadvantages is that customers are likely to

spend more time inside the room limiting the number

of customers.

Suppliers and Capabilities

Food Making Machines and equipment’s will be bought

from EMCOR – Cagayan De Oro, they have durable

appliances that matches our demands. Black Tea,

Green Tea and Oolong Tea will be ordered from Taiwan

to meet the authentic taste of Taiwanese inspired

Milktea. For Coffee, Liberica (Barako) beans will be

ordered from farmers from Benguet, Philippines since

they are the primary producers of native Philippine

Coffee. Fresh boba or tapioca pearls are supplied also

from a Taiwanese bubble tea brand called One Zo. This

includes a variety of flavors in the shop such as honey,

caramel, taro, black sesame boba and many more.

This will enhance different flavors of the in-house

Milkteas along with garnish of add-on sweets.

Ingredients for meals and other products will be

bought from local supermarkets as well as the


E. Channels of Distribution

HavenTea mainly offers food and beverage services. Thus, its

service will be enjoyed or served directly to the customers.

Also, Milkteas will be served with the name of the costumer

and it will be served especially by the waitress or the waiter.

Chapter VI

Services Offering: Description Evolution, and


A. Feature and attributes appealing to the customer

The HavenTea features are versatile and adopts both

modern and native taste in its menu and ambiance. We

provide a buffet of sinkers that will provide variety of add-

ons for our customers. Our house favourite black pearls are

cooked with precision to ensure the sweet and chewy taste

every day. Our house specialty that distinguishes itself from

the others are the Taiwanese inspired milkteas and coffee

that matches the barako taste of Filipinos. The design of our

place is different from the others, it has a solitude area and a

space for talks and laughs. We have study corners, private

rooms and a common area perfect for instagrammable posts.

It’s a one spot stop for milktea and coffee junkies.

B. How the products or services would be accepted to the


Given the fact that there are also numerous milktea

shop here in Iligan City namely Chingkee Tea, Bo’s Coffee

and such, people will still look for something new and

venture to another place. They will still look for Instagram

worthy places and the trend followers will follow. That is why

HavenTea is striving for a unique twist to make use of the

psychological behaviour of the people.

Chapter VII

Enterprise Strategy and Enterprise Delivery System

A. Implementation of Business Strategies

In order for your business to be successful, you need to implement

business strategies. One of our business strategies are setting

ground rules for our employees. In this way, they may know their

do’s and don’ts, their duties and responsibilities as well as their

limitations. Another strategy is quality control in which it can

reduce costs that are associated with wastes like adding or

improving job training programs for all our employees can help

reduce costly employee errors and conducting training sessions to

enhance their skills. We will also give incentives to those

employees who meet quality standards in order to maintain and

improve their performances.

B. Input to output processes of products/services

Since our business is a tea and café house, the manpower that we

have is divided into two categories. The first manpower are the

office workers. The Manager who is responsible for strategies in

our steps in promoting and keeping the business alive and trendy.

The Assistant Manager who keeps the business and the workers in

sync and organized. The finance officer who calculate the business

assets and liabilities. The second manpower are the service crews.
The Kitchen Staff responsible for food making and preparation. The

waiters, attending to the customers needs. The front desk, who

receives and entertain the customers. The utility who is

responsible for keeping the area clean and sanitized at all times.

C. Customers satisfaction level

HavenTea aims to satisfy our customers by serving the best

milktea and coffee, and by giving our customers the comfort that

they are needing within the premises of HavenTea. We assure that

we will make them satisfy with our foods and services, providing

them with the great comfort feeling and right prices that fits to

their budget.

D. Profit Generated Market Share

Our estimation of our profit in a month is 300,000 pesos.

Multiplying it in a year which is = 300,000 pesos X 12 months. We

have 3,600,00 Philippine Peso of profit every year.

E. People Performance, Productivity and Morale Level

Our employees are highly productive because of their benefits from

the company when they work hard and because our workers and

well-equiped and well-trained. We are also proud to say that we

treat our costumers as our family so that it can give the costumers

a homey feeling. They will receive benefits from the company when
work hard. Our workers are being taught to be ethical in every way

to make our business look good in the eyes of people. Our business

is also legal on for we have complied all the requirements needed to

be submitted before building our business.