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April, 2008

Grade Nine Mathematics
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Place the letter of the best response in the space provided.

1. _____ The strength and direction of a linear relationship between two random
(a.) line of best fit (c.) correlation
(b.) relationship (d.) scatterplot

2. _____ A set of data in which the value of any variable can be any real number.
(a.) discrete data (c.) dependent variable
(b.) no correlation (d.) continuous data

3. _____ A relationship where as the independent variable increases, the dependent

variable increases:
(a.) Positive correlation (c.) strong correlation
(b.) Negative correlation (d.) weak correlation

4. _____ A pattern between two sets of numbers.

(a.) correlation (c.) relationship
(b.) continuous (d.) independent variable

5. _____ Data that forms a straight line pattern is described as:

(a.) linear (c.) parabolic
(b.) exponential (d.) non-linear

Circle the DEPENDENT VARIABLE in each of the following relationships.

6. Time spent using a cell phone / Remaining battery life

7. Height / Age

8. Pages read in a book / Pages remaining

9. Height / Weight

10. A runner’s finishing race results / Amount of time spent training


Match each description of correlation with a

graph to the right. Place the letter of the graph in
the space provided. (2 points)

1. _____ weak, positive

2. _____ strong, negative

3. _____ no correlation

4. _____ strong, positive


2. a) Draw the line of best fit through the following scatterplots.

b) Then identify if the following is linear or non- linear. (3 points)

__________________ __________________ _____________________

3. (a.) Draw a scatterplot using the data from the table. Label the x and y axes
appropriately. (2 points)

Time (years) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Height of tree (meters) 0.5 1.8 2.9 3.3 3.9 4.4

(b.)Draw the line of best fit. (1point)

(c.) Is the data discrete or continuous? (1point)

(d.)What is the slope of the line of best fit? (1point)

(e.) What is the y-intercept? (1point)

(f.) What is the equation of the line of best fit? (1point)

(g.) What would be the height of the tree if it was 15 years old? Show all your

(h.)Describe in words the relationship of the age of the tree and its growth. (1point)