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by Airbus
Welcome to
Services by Airbus
Portfolio Catalogue!

Dear customer,

Services by Airbus was founded in June 2015, with a clear mission:

deliver world leading integrated aviation services, creating value
and enhancing your performance. As part of Customer Services,
we complement our Customer Support mission – as ONE Airbus
commitment toward our customers.
Laurent Martinez Serge Panabière We leverage our unique aircraft OEM position lead to design and
Head of Services Head of Services deliver the highest standards of services. Either offered on a stand-
by Airbus   Business alone basis or integrated as complete solutions, our services cover
& Marketing   your current and evolving needs throughout your value chain with a
simple motto: Bring the unique Airbus knowledge and experience
to your critical need.
With such a portfolio of services, it is essential to present our offer
from your perspective. Our services are therefore organised along
four main domains - Maintenance, Upgrades, Flight Operations
and Training.
In your daily operations these domains are linked and intertwined.
As are our services! We have developed packaged solutions to
provide you with a complete portfolio of end-to-end life-cycle solutions
provided by Airbus and its company network: SATAIR Group and
Behind these words, there is a professional and enthusiastic team
of more than 3,000 people worldwide which are committed to innovate,
design and deliver your Airbus Services.
Feel free to contact us. We are at YOUR service.
Worldwide presence

14 Maintenance
& Engineering
Pools 10 Material &
17 Flight Ops
Locations 16 Training

Broughton Copenhagen
Cambridge Hamburg
Cardiff Bremen
London Frankfurt
Waterloo Toulouse
Porto Madrid
Washington Beijing
Mobile Atlanta
Phoenix New Delhi
Dallas Hong Kong
Miami Dubai Taiwan
Mexico city
Bangalore Ho Chi Minh
Sepang Kuala Lumpur

São Paulo

Buenos Aires

More than 3,000 people worldwide.


Maintenance  1 page 7

Upgrades 2 page 45

Flight Operations 3 page 59

Training 4 page 83

Packaged Solutions 5 page 101

Important information
This document is for information only and
is describing the products and services available
in the Airbus Customer Services Catalogue in June 2016.
It is not meant to be used as a basis for
Purchase Order issuance.
For any further information on Airbus products
and services or ordering process,
please refer to the corresponding
Airbus Customer Services Catalogue,
accessible through AirbusWorld portal.
006 Training

Your benefits
Maintenance 007

008 Maintenance


To ensure the maximum availability and reliability of your

aircraft, Airbus offers a wide range of services on Mainte-
nance & Engineering and Material Management to opera-
tors, MROs and OEMs.
With the combination of Airbus FHS and Satair Group
strengths, benefit from 3 material solutions to fit your
maintenance strategy for all material categories. For your
entry into service, Services by Airbus offers an optimised
initial provisioning package (Start) covering all material to
start your operation. Whether you are looking for parts on
an ad-hoc basis, new or used condition, Satair Group’s
ordering team will provide you with worldwide access to
Airbus parts, tools, modifications kits and supplier parts
(Access). To guarantee your parts availability, Services
by Airbus delivers integrated and cost-effective solutions
aimed at securing your aircraft technical performance
with minimal risk and investment (Perform). In addition to
Material services, Services by Airbus provides also line
and base maintenance, as well as fleet technical mana-
gement services to guarantee your aircraft availability and
on-time performance (Infinite). With the trend of digitalisa-
tion, Airbus values your data to allow fast and right decision
making through innovative e-solutions and Airbus Smarter
Fleet ®.

Start with a smooth fleet entry-into-service for the provisioning of ALL your material categories
Access to parts sales, repair, lease or exchange on an ad-hoc basis through a SINGLE channel
Perform Get high operational reliability performance through tailored and INTEGRATED solutions

Airbus Airbus and Multi Fleet

Transport solutions available for all type of Services
Long-term agreement ensuring fixed pricing conditions for a certain period and/or parts availability delivery performance
Maintenance 009

Start Access Perform

Material planning
& recommendations
Standard provisioning documents
Supplementary Provisioning documents

Maintenance provisioning documents

Structural parts
Parts sales
Parts repair, exchange, Lease

Lease Service Solution

Component sales
Component on Demand
Provisioning solutions

Flight Hour Services

Consumables Expendables
Standard parts
Aircraft CES parts sales
Engine CES parts sales
Airbus Managed Inventory
Integrated Material Services

Modification kits
Modification kits sales
Tool sales
Tool packages
Tool lease and repair

Airbus Multi Fleet

ADOC Web Maintenance
Job Card Publisher
AIRMAN-web A320-family
A330, A340
A380, A350
Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring A380, A350
Repair Manager
Airbus Smarter Fleet ® solutions
Maintenance Mobility - Airbus Smarter Fleet ®
Prognostics and Risk Management
Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

e-Doc Browser - Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

Expertise and other services

Airbus Material Seminars
Integrated Purchasing Programme

Customised Spares Logistics

Consulting services
Maintenance & Engineering
Material Management
010 Maintenance

Material planning
& recommendations
Standard provisioning Supplementary
documents provisioning documents

Airbus provides you with material provi- Those supplementary provisioning docu-
sioning data concerning spares and tools ments aims to support you better prepare
planning and purchasing for a given fleet of your Entry Into Service or Fleet Growth.
aircraft. Airbus Provisioning Services delivers They consist of Material Storage Data
recommendations which are tailored to your (MSD), Fleet commonality analysis (FCA),
needs and based on your customised pa- Must Have Recommendation and X-File
rameters. Part Fabrication Material.
These standard provisioning documents are Provisioning data is available in Spec2000
made to help you better prepare your Entry chapter 1 formats.
Into Service or fleet growth and consist of The X-file contains a list of local manufacturer
Recommended Spare Parts Lists (RSPL), part numbers and the required raw material.
Detailed Parts Lists, Tools & GSE recom-
mendation and Spec2000 provisioning files.

Maintenance 011

Maintenance provisioning documents

For the operation of the in-service fleet, Airbus Material Maintenance Forecast
Your benefits
Airbus offers a variety of planning services (AMMF) is a customised material recom-
to enhance material availability for mainte- mendation to provision the right material
Reduced effort in planning and
nance events. Airbus ensures that, for both for heavy maintenance events (C-Check or preparation for a maintenance
scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, Structural Overhaul) and reduce the amount event
customers can get all the material they need of high priority and AOG orders. This fo- Reduction of orders on AOG
and high priority basis
without jeopardising the planned aircraft recast integrates consumption data from
Prevention of delays during
ground-time. more than 2200 maintenance events from maintenance event due
more than 120 Airbus operators worldwide to missing material
Fly Away Kit Recommendation is a selec- and is adjusted for aircraft age, effectively of Reward scheme for data sharing
tion of the most needed spare parts for on- Spare Parts for specific Aircraft (Manufac- Decreases the cost of mainte-
board storage, based on the Recommended turer Serial Numbers), utilisation profile and nance material by enabling
advanced / early purchasing
Spare Part List (RSPL) and customer usage environmental conditions, and is tailored to at best market price
parameters. The range of spare parts within the maintenance work package. Provision the right material
this kit covers LRU, LMP, STD, Tooling as for heavy and base maintenance
Airbus Component Replacement Data events and secure higher material
well as efficient repair kits. All selected parts (ACRD) is a document which is reflecting availability
are based on ETOPS and MEL requirements all necessary items, the customer will need Considerable time savings
as well as a long Airbus provisioning expe- for replacing all positively recommended
in obtaining information
about all required maintenance
rience. This recommendation is set for ope- LRUs in the customers’ s RSPL. It consists items by eliminating the need
ration to destinations without maintenance to read through a large amount
of tools, expendables consumables and of Maintenance documentation
support. ground support equipment. The ACRD is (ACRD)
based on the latest revision of RSPL, AMM Consolidation of all materials
linked to a LRU part number in
and IPC. one single document in a clearly
arranged layout (ACRD)

012 Maintenance

Structural parts
Parts sales
Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits New parts

Parts related to the body of aircraft and
Used and surplus parts
Airbus is offering certified used and surplus
structure parts. material. In order to best support the opera-
Excellent fit
Examples: Fuselage, doors, access panels, tors in reducing inventory and maintenance
High reliability
fairings, flight control surfaces of an aircraft costs and support AOG assistance, Airbus
High durability
and their accessories and controls. offers a portfolio that includes both Airbus
High service-level structural parts and Original Equipment Ma-
Continuous product improvements nufacturer (OEM) components in a certified
High residual value serviceable condition.
Field support

Airbus (Cage Code D4296):
• Airbus Spares
• Airbus COD
Satair (Cage Code R1120):
Airbus Spares
• Satair Direct
• ATA, SPEC2000, Customer Order Desk
SPEC2000XML (SITA) quotes-used.spares@airbus.com
• Satair COD Your Account Director
Maintenance 013

Parts repair, exchange, lease

Provided by Satair Group

Airbus offers repair services for Airbus Proprietary Parts with the capability and quality of a world-class Original Equipment Manufacturer
(OEM). The Airbus Repair Management department acts as the customer’s single point of contact for spare parts repair related issues and
handles all administrative details for the customer’s repair orders.

Part exchange service Part lease service Part repair capabilities

To minimise your operational downtime, Airbus offers a lease service for proprie- Our Airbus Repair and Partner Repair
Airbus offers an extended range of parts for tary parts that enables you to continue to Shops have combined structural repair and
exchange, such as rudders, elevators, winglets operate your aircraft while unserviceable manufacturing experience and can provide
or sharklets, before or after the removal of your parts are temporarily being removed and you with comprehensive solutions, whether
part. repaired. This helps you to avoid capital you require a minor repair or a complete
• 24/7 availability via AOG desk commitment for high value parts. overhaul. Additionally, fixed repair packages
• Over 11,000 different new and used units • 24/7 availability via AOG desk are now offered for several part numbers
available worldwide • Over 11,000 new and used units (e.g elevator, glazing) in order to allow cus-
available worldwide tomers to monitor upfront budgeting and
• Parts exchange in advance before
lead times.
removal • Guaranteed stock of essential flight
• EASA/FAA/TCCA/CAAC certifications
• Attractive exchange prices for used and control parts
• All types of damage and malfunctions
fully serviceable parts • Parts delivered in latest technical
standard condition • Fleet-wide engineering and design
• Parts delivered in latest technical
knowledge embedded into repair
standard condition • Attractive lease fees
• Advanced lease or exchange options
• Flexible lease period with option
prior to repair
to extend or to convert to purchase
• Guaranteed repair times
• Customised repair scope adapted
to your needs
• Global footprint in USA, Europa an Asia

(Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, China)
(Americas) or your
Account Director
014 Maintenance

Structural parts
Lease Service Solution
Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits Airbus provides you with a special tailored

Lease Service Solution (LSS) for structural
parts to support your major maintenance
No upfront investment required
Highest technical standards
Simple use and return process
An onside available part mitigates risks of
Large pool available non-part availability, extended grounding
times in case of major findings and unex-
pected high costs.

No upfront investment required

Highest technical standards
Simple use and return process
Large pool available

Your Account Director
Maintenance 015

Component sales

Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Line Maintenance Breakdown Part LRU and LMP
New Condition (LMP) New Condition Used Condition
A part, assembly or end item which can be A Line Maintenance Breakdown Part is a Airbus is offering certified used and surplus
readily changed on an aircraft during line sub-component of an LRU (Line Repla- material for about one year. In order to sup-
maintenance operations. LRUs are consi- ceable Unit) which may be replaced without port best the operators in reducing inventory
dered as economically repairable and can removing the LRU from the aircraft. De- and maintenance costs and support AOG
be returned into a serviceable condition. pending on its complexity, an LMP can be assistance, Airbus offers a portfolio that in-
Rotable LRUs are supported by a Com- repairable or expendable. A list of applicable cludes both Airbus structural parts and Ori-
ponent Maintenance Manual (CMM). A list LMPs can be found in the Recommended ginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) com-
of applicable LRUs can be found in the Spare Parts List (RSPL). ponents in a certified serviceable condition.
Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL).

Airbus (Cage Code D4296):
Airbus Spares (application on AirbusWorld)
SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA) Contact
Airbus Customer Order Desk (COD) Airbus Spares
Satair (Cage Code R1120): Customer Order Desk
Satair Direct ATA, SPEC2000, quotes-used.spares@airbus.com
SPEC2000XML (SITA) Satair COD Your Account Director
016 Maintenance

Component on Demand

Your benefits Continuing Airbus FHS successful expansion

and recognition as a key industry player,
Standard Exchange services
Replace your deficient LRU with a serviceable
Airbus FHS now extends its customer offer one and we manage the repair loop.
Component On Demand combines both
aircraft manufacturer expertise and Airbus by introducing Component On Demand for
FHS Engineering to deliver access to: new and used parts on A320, A330, A340, Loan services
More than 1,000 part number A350XWB and A380. Get a serviceable LRU on lease for a certain
references extended over period of time.
three locations: London,
Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.
Recent components at latest Repair services
technical standards, free of Parts Access our strong network of repair partners,
Manufacturing Approval (PMA)
and Designated Engineering we’ll monitor for you the repair, test and
Representative (DER). overhaul.
Repair services benefiting from
Airbus upfront investment required
in selecting
the best-in class repair stations.
Highest technical standards
Simple use and return process
Large pool available

Airbus Component On Demand
will help you to find the right spare to
dispatch your aircraft

Send your request with
Part Number reference to
Maintenance 017

Provisioning solutions

For your entry into service, Services by Air- Fly Away Kit Packages
Your benefits
bus offers an optimised initial provisioning Based on the Fly Away Kit Recommenda-
package covering all material to start your tion, all parts and tooling required to take
Provisioning packages
operation. on-board can be purchased via an Airbus
Fly Away Kit Package deal at attractive Secured parts deliveries
Provisioning packages conditions. The Fly Away Kit solution is the One single order point
Relying on the aircraft manufacturer tech- appropriate one for operators having special with full status visibility
nical expertise, we will help you to select requirements: Cost effective through
consolidated shipment
and define the right scope tailored to your This solution provides the most convenient
operations and needs; using the Recom- way of purchasing all spares of the Fly Away Minimised AOG risks

mended Spare Parts List as a baseline. Kit Recommendation. To minimise your Airbus high quality standards
These packages aim to consolidate the administration process and to save time, Tailored package offer
provisioning of new and used vendor parts all parts are offered as a set price from Cost-efficient spares packages
and integrate other material categories one source. Airbus will take over the parts Airbus technical expertise and
as per the individual requirements of each ordering for you. experience on provisioning
specific customer. By taking the recommended parts and
Airbus will be your single focal point taking tooling on board the aircraft operators can
over order handling, sourcing, tracing of become independent of local parts, too-
parts as well as the consolidation. ling availabilities and service providers. It is
We take care of all provisioning orders and designed to save grounding time caused by
shipments with each single supplier and potential spares parts shortages at exotic
provide you with a regular update of the destinations.
order status. All parts will be inspected and To go one step further, we offer on-board
quality assured by Airbus. storage solution on-demand, meaning all
parts will be integrated into one container to
ensure easy handling during operations.
Airbus can offer on-request customised on-
board storage solution with two different
options to enable highly flexible operations
and match your operational needs as fol-
• Airframe solution or
• Container storage solution.
For the container, the size of that package
is optimised for on-aircraft storage within a
LD3-46 container.
018 Maintenance

Components -
Flight Hour Services

Your benefits Airbus has set-up a dedicated organisation, • Components maintenance services cove-
to deliver Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) ring repair services at Original Equipment
which consists of guaranteed solutions Manufacturers (OEMs) or repair stations
Guaranteed spare parts availability
ranging from component supply and repair of all selected unserviceable components,
Reduced up-front spare investments
to full airframe maintenance. vendors management, warranty adminis-
Predictable costs thanks FHS Components guarantees all primary line tration, modification of components (ADs,
to fixed prices
replaceable units (LRUs) spare parts availa- SBs) and reliability monitoring
Reduced removal rate
bility through an exclusive on-site stock and • Logistics services between the pool and
Enhanced reliability monitoring
and worldwide fleet data a mutualised pool access service, as well as repair station (transportation between on-
state-of-the-art repair services. site stock and pool remains optional)
Single interface delivering turnkey
components solution
• Specific solutions also can be developed
The FHS Components service provides
for high-value components (nacelle, lan-

customer with:
ding gear, APU, cargo loading system,

your investments, simplifying
“ • Critical line-replacement units (LRUs) on-site
stock inventory positioned at customer
main base and selected outstations.
slides and more).

your material management •

Standard exchange Pool access, which
facilitates main base and outstations stock

Airbus FHS
Airline Core Unit return
On site stock
Repair loop 5
Remove 6
1 2 Install
Unserviceable Unit
Serviceable Unit

Pool concept OEMs

Maintenance 019

FHS-Tailored Support Package

The FHS Tailored Support Package

(FHS-TSP) is an integrated suite of solu-
• Airframe Maintenance module deals with
the execution of the scheduled mainte-
Your benefits
tions combining FHS Components with nance: Line, Base and Heavy maintenance
Guaranteed aircraft availability
Engineering Services and/or Airframe
Maintenance: Reduced risk of high cost
Full FHS-TSP solution’s scope guarantees operation disruptions
•Engineering Services module provides
up to aircraft on-time performance (OTP), Unique airframer’s expertise to
Airbus expertise for an advanced Fleet secure smooth entry into service
covering technical, logistics and mainte-
Technical Management (Maintenance Pro- Advanced fleet technical
nance delays.
gram and Planning, Reliability Program, management
Engineering Support, Airworthiness Re- Improved MRO performances
through Airbus selection
view etc.) and integration
Single interface delivering
turnkey maintenance solution

Fleet Technical Airframe

FHS TSP Management Maintenance

Tailored Support
Package FHS Components
Our commitment: Your
fleet performance excellence!

Pool Access Repair

Components On-Site Component
Stock Engineering

020 Maintenance

Consumables Expendables
Standard parts
Aircraft Consumables Expendables
Standard (CES) parts sales
Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits Materials identified as raw material, compo-

sites and chemicals are indicated as Consu-
Parts are manufactured in conformance
with a standard specification which
mables & Expendables and are handled wit- includes design, manufacturing, test and
Competitive Prices
hin the Airbus standard parts team. acceptance criteria and identification
Global Airbus ordering volume
These materials cover, for example, metal requirements. Applicable Standard Parts
Stock Availability
extrusions and profiles, plastic extrusions, are mentioned in the RSPL. Moving Stan-
More than 10.000 active part wires, cables and protection, seals and dard Parts are stocked at Airbus sites
numbers published on Airbus
Spares strips, insulation material, tapes, paints, and are available at attractive prices for
Order Flexibility adhesives and lubricants, switches and orders on all priorities. For example: nuts,
Worldwide sourcing including hoses. Airbus relies on a worldwide partner bolts, fasteners, rivets, bearings, clamps,
rare parts, 24/7/365 network to supply and to source the material electrical connectors, switches and many
Customised Price Agreements on demand. more. Airbus Material & Logistics has
Stable prices without contractual developed a turnkey service for your
binding Standard Hardware ordering. An enlarged
Airbus Services Synergies range of active Airbus part numbers is
Option to integrate into Airbus available in Airbus stock.
Managed Inventory (AMI) and
Integrated Material Services (IMS)

Airbus (Cage Code D4296):
Airbus Spares (application on AirbusWorld) Contact
SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA)
Europe & Asia Pacific
Airbus Standard Parts team
Satair (Cage Code R1120): Tel: +49 40 5076 4004
Satair Direct 24/7 back-up by AOG Desk Airbus Spares account
ATA, SPEC2000, Americas
SPEC2000XML (SITA) Satair COD csr.na@airbus.com
Maintenance 021

Engine Consumables Expendables

Standard (CES) parts sales
Provided by Satair Group
The Engine CES are parts of an aircraft en- The engine manufacturers supported,
gine or engine accessory parts but not limited to, include:
The product may only be certified by the • Pratt & Whitney
engine manufacturer. • Rolls Royce
• Honeywell
We offer spares support for engine consu-
mables and expendables for both turbo • CFF/SNECMA
prop and jet engine configurations.

Satair (Cage Code R1120):
Satair Direct
ATA, SPEC2000,
022 Maintenance

Consumables Expendables
Standard parts
Airbus Managed Inventory
Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits Airbus Managed Inventory (AMI) service

offers collaborative parts planning and au-
on an automated continuous replenishment
tomated replenishment (of a configurable Airbus optimises the inventory level through
High guaranteed availability
of material on-site. scope) of high usage non repairable parts, analysis of the parts’ consumption close to
Reduced stock levels such as consumables, expendables and real-time. Recurring and resource intensive
and inventory costs. standard parts. Capturing the customer’s steps can be eliminated from order process.
No transportation or order material consumption creates triggers to Inventory planning, ordering, order follow-up
follow-up expenses.
launch the replenishment process, thus and the transportation process are ma-
Lower administration costs.
significantly reducing the ordering cost, naged by Airbus.
A nominated AMI Manager as whilst achieving optimum inventories at The customer may opt to configure the
your dedicated single focal point
focuses on performance manage- agreed performance levels. The enhanced service to include an ever increasing amount
ment, daily operations, continuous off-shelf availability of parts contributes to of manufacturer parts and Standard Hard-
follow-up, part scope configuration
and inventory planning. reduced aircraft maintenance turn-around ware parts. This promotes the service to a
times. dependable source of maintenance parts
Airbus manages the customer’s inventory providing sustained service levels at a pre-
level, for a customised scope of high usage dictable cost to the customer.
parts in the customer’s warehouse, based

Record of material movement sent to Airbus

Back ordering
Airbus calculates re-order quantity and
generates order in customer's system Airbus

Material shipped

Customer Material shipped


+49 (0)40 5076 3030
Maintenance 023

Integrated Material Services - Provided by Satair Group

Modification kits sales - Provided by Satair Group

Integrated Material Services (IMS) is a solu- The solution is an innovative new managed
tion that manages the entire supply chain for supply chain service offered to the airline af-
airlines and MROs. This solution will cover termarket. Airbus and Satair experience over
all expendable materials and related pro- the years provides a wealth of knowledge in
cesses. planning, procurement, distribution, quality
and engineering that IMS will leverage.
Satair Group has significantly increased
the scope of this solution to include all ex-
pendable parts providing a cost-effective
material management service to airlines.

Orders for modification kits related to standard Service Bulletins (SB)
can be placed with Airbus (Cage Code D4296) via:
• Airbus Spares (application on AirbusWorld)
• SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA)
• Airbus Modification Kit department
024 Maintenance

Modification kits

Part packages for your modifications. A pre-

defined selection of single parts defined to
perform a modification as specified in a Ser-
vice Bulletin.

A modification kit consists of:

• Airbus Proprietary Parts
• Standard Parts

(Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, China)
tools.americas@airbus.com Note: For kits and services related to aircraft upgrades, please contact your Airbus Upgrade Services Key
(Americas) Account Manager (KAM): upgrade.services@airbus.com
Maintenance 025

Tool sales - Provided by Satair Group
Tool packages - Provided by Satair Group

Equipment required on ground to sup- Airbus Proprietary Tools

port the operation and maintenance of the Airbus is the unique approved source for
aircraft and its equipment. the acquisition of Airbus genuine tools, also
Whether it supports an Entry-Into-Service, called Airbus Proprietary Tools.
a scheduled check or a maintenance event, To ensure safety and quality Airbus Proprie-
Airbus Tool Services supports airlines’ main- tary Tools are differentiated from imitations
tenance activities by providing operators by the Airbus marking plate which is at-
and MROs with a flexible and reliable tached to the tools and their delivery cases.
service: • Aircraft and personnel safety
• Tool acquisition: Airbus Proprietary tools • 24/7 Airbus support and guarantee
or OEM tools • Defined lead times and competitive pricing
• Tool packages •Full compliance with authorities require-
• Tool lease ments
• Tool repair • Tools inspected and delivered by Airbus
• Tools & GSE seminar
OEM tools via Airbus
Airbus is also a focal point to acquire tools
from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufac-
turers) so you can simplify your administra-
tion. From standard to complex tools a large
stock is always available to meet any needs.

Orders for tools and GSE can be placed with Airbus (Cage Code D4296) via:
• Airbus Spares (application on AirbusWorld)
• SPEC2000 (electronic ordering via SITA)
• The Airbus Customer Order Desk (COD)
026 Maintenance


Your benefits A large variety of activities have to be

initiated to prepare a smooth Entry-Into-
Service or return of an aircraft to service
Highest Quality
after maintenance events. Airbus can as-
Tools from approved sources only
sume the responsibility and provide you with
Airbus inspection and certification
of each tool tool packages based on your maintenance
planning parameters.
Package content based on
your maintenance set-up Tools from numerous suppliers are ordered
and shipped in consolidated packages to
Cost Savings
ensure you are fully prepared when your new
Attractive package deals
aircraft is ready to fly.
Focal point for planning
Airbus takes care of planning, ordering,
Reduced workload and packaging and transportation of your Airbus
transport cost
genuine tools and supplier tools to ensure
the right tool for your right task.
Maintenance 027

Tool lease and repair - Provided by Satair Group

Airbus offers repair and lease services for

Airbus and supplier tools
• Wide range of tools including rarely used
tools and tools required for special tasks
Your benefits
(e.g. main landing gear change trolleys,
A modular offer
Tool repair engine change equipment)
We offer a full range of repair capabilities for • Online access to full inventory on Airbus Airline processes oriented

more than 1200 Airbus and supplier tools Spares User friendly
with a quick turnaround time (TAT) ensu- • Inspection, recalibration and repair ma- Get access to aircraft data in real-time
ring your in-time tool availability and conse- naged by Airbus Efficiently manage unscheduled
maintenance: “The right task
quently a return to operation of your aircraft • Simple use and return process at the first time”
as soon as possible. • No capital investment required
Provide powerful functions to monitor
• Worldwide repair network • Tool shipments on AOG priority aircraft systems performance
• Quick and qualified responses to repair • Worldwide warehouse network
• Repair stations approved by Airbus Tools Lease Service Solution (LSS)
• Repair includes latest technical configu- Inspections for a Service Bulletin (SB) embo-
ration diment regularly take more than 200 days.
• Competitive prices To cope with such long-term maintenance
tasks and also with the uncertainty of some
Tool lease additional checks, it is more cost-effective
Airbus offers an extensive selection of tools and convenient to directly lease from a wide
with more than 5500 Part Numbers worth pool of parts and tools.
about 100 million USD, which are available
The Lease Service Solution (LSS) offers this
both for Airbus and non-Airbus fleet. Tool
Lease Service also regularly invests in new
• no upfront investment required
stock to support current operators and the
• highest technical standards
growing fleet such as A350, A320neo and
• simple use and return process
• large pool available

Contact Contact
repair.vendor@airbus.com tool.lease@airbus.com
(Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, China) (Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, China)
repairs.na@airbus.com tools.americas@airbus.com
(Americas) (Americas)
or your Account Director or your Account Director
028 Maintenance

Maintenance Job Card Publisher

Your benefits ADOC Web Maintenance is an on-line

content management tool designed to cus-
Job Card Publisher is Airbus software which
allows the production of the company’s
tomise electronic documentation available in maintenance job cards by:
ADOC benefits
SGML format. • Retrieving the documentary elements from
Generate savings by using
a common tool for your whole fleet ADOC Web Maintenance allows you to edit, the Company maintenance documentation
revise and publish: available in Standard Generalised Mark Up
Improve the authoring, updates
and customisation of technical • Airbus Maintenance manuals: Language (SGML) and Extensible Markup
documentation - Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) Language (XML)
Quick access to documentation - Trouble Shooting Manual (TSM) • Assembling the documentary elements
thanks to the user-friendly interface and the corresponding production data
- Illustrated Parts Catalogue (AIPC)
- Aircraft Wiring Manual (AWM) • Formatting the job card
Job Card benefits
- Aircraft Schematic Manual (ASM) • Printing the job card
Simplify & customise the job cards
production a save time - Aircraft Wiring List (AWL) Job Card Publisher allows a simplified and
Improve the aircraft availability • Airline internal documentation compatible cost-effective job card production thanks to
with ADOC Web Maintenance docu- the following features:
Fully integrated into the process
and Maintenance Information mentation structure definition (Document • Use of a single tool to produce both
System Type Definition - DTD) Airbus and non-Airbus job cards
• Other Aircraft Manufacturer maintenance • Job Card layout customisation and
data connection to the Maintenance
• Manual import and re-use of mainte-
ADOC Web Maintenance provides the fol-
nance work packages
lowing features to improve the electronic
• Automatic printing of large work
documentation management process:
• Automatic revision management to signi- • Simplified administration and easy
ficantly reduce the workload at each deployment
revision of maintenance data
• Enhanced customisation functions
allowing non SGML-expert users to edit
maintenance data
• Capability to handle Airbus, non –Airbus
and airline maintenance documentation
in a single tool
• Reduction of the IT costs thanks to the
online solution

(Europe, ME, Asia Pacific, China)
or your Account Director
Maintenance 029


AIRMAN-web is an online solution for real-

time aircraft health monitoring that has been
AIRMAN-web is a modular offer composed
of three modules:
Your benefits
developed by Airbus in cooperation with • Foundation dedicated to the aircraft
Reduction of direct
airlines, to efficiently manage unscheduled dispatch thanks to the real time monito- maintenance costs
maintenance and improve aircraft dispatch ring of aircraft events
Reduction of indirect
reliability. It aims to improve maintenance •A  dvanced (optional): to monitor the maintenance costs
operations by providing the company with performance of the aircraft systems Increase of aircraft availability
real-time information and recommenda- • Interface (optional): for SMS / e-mail
tions. AIRMAN ensures the processing of notifications, connection with the Main-
data received through downlink on Airbus tenance Information System (MIS) and
aircraft equipped with an on-board mainte- aircraft data request.

nance system and a real-time communica-
tion system like ACARS or ATSU.
An aircraft maintenance
analysis tool

Access online through AirbusWorld

Backup access available in case of AirbusWorld portal unavailability
030 Maintenance


Your benefits The CrossLogbook is an enriched digital

version of the technical and cabin paper
The CrossLogbook is fully interoperable
with the Maintenance Information System
logbooks. This application includes dedi- (MIS), Minimum Equipment List (MEL),
Improve and secure logbook data
management through standar- cated modules for each user profile: pilot, Configuration Deviation List (CDL) and
dised data and real-time access cabin, maintenance and administration. FlySmart with Airbus.
Reduce turn-around time and Due to its uniquely high level of customi-
operating costs
sation, it can be used on all aircraft types
Tailored solution adapted to
the airline’s processes providing a cost-effective fleet-wide solution
Reduce operating costs
for you as an airline.

Eliminate paper costs

No investment needed to adapt
your IT infrastructure


Cockpit Maintenance
Cabin administrative
Maintenance 031


AirPl@n is the comprehensive suite of services

designed to support airlines’ maintenance
Furthermore, Airpl@n offers extensive
customised studies for the optimisation
Your benefits
programme & planning activities. of maintenance programme and planning
Shorter resolution lead-time
as well as tailored support and seminars
AirPl@n offer covers the following Improved aircraft availability
Maximised aircraft residual value
• Maintenance programme preparation: Further characteristics of AirPl@n:
identification of scheduled maintenance • Easy preparation of maintenance
tasks applicable per aircraft fleet packages through dynamic generation
• Maintenance planning preparation: of task cards and job cards and identifi-
definition of maintenance task planning cation of required material;
for each aircraft • Compatibility of AirPl@n deliverable for
• Maintenance task preparation: identifica- upload into Maintenance Information
tion of required material for maintenance System (MIS).
• Work package production: Supply of
documentation for the performance of
maintenance tasks

Perform Prepare Prepare Prepare Perform

Engineering Maintenance Maintenance Production
activities programme planning planning


Seminars and assistance

AirPl@n Scope
032 Maintenance

Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring

Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring (AiR- About technology & expertise
Your benefits THM) AiRTHM state of the art preventive service
In an increasingly competitive environment, is based on uplink technology allowing real
Enhanced aircraft operational
and dispatch reliability
allowing optimised maintenance and real time remote access to aircraft data parame-
time troubleshooting to maximise aircraft ters via ACARS. 24/7 real time data analysis
Minimised aircraft grounding time
availability. enables Airbus AiRTHM engineers to de-
Reduced costs
AiRTHM is an advanced Airbus service liver to airlines’ MCC both in flight and on
Anticipated scheduled maintenance
through which A380 and A350 operators ground maintenance and technical advice.
 arly delivery of line-replaceable
E can receive advice on optimised mainte-
units (LRUs) with FHS components
nance and real time troubleshooting actions
Enhanced aircraft on-time perfor- AiRTHM offering is built on two stand-
mance with full Flight Hour Services empowering your MCC personnel to make
tailored support package (FHS-TSP)
alone modules fitting the aircraft ope-
right and timely decisions.
ration phases

Pre-departure check

Aircraft manufacturer real-time
expertise to improve operators’ opera-
Flight watch

tional performance

Take-off Landing to gate

Parking Pre-flight Taxi Climb Cruise Descent Taxi Post-flight

Flight watch
Continuous monitoring of critical messages to identify root cause
during the flight
Maintenance 033

Repair Manager
Airbus Smarter Fleet ® solutions

Repair Manager is an innovative on-line

solution to assist line maintenance and
Repair Manager ensures that the damage
report contains all the necessary informa-
Your benefits
engineering personnel in assessing and tion for damage assessment including the
Optimise Turn Around Time
reporting structural damage for all Airbus link to the relevant documentation such as
civil fleets. the Structure Repair Manual (SRM) or the Reduce delays and cancellations

This solution is based on an electronic engineering drawings. It will ease the com- Improve troubleshooting
system to author and keep record of all munication with Airbus experts in order to
Improve productivity
structural damages and repairs reports determine the best solution for the aircraft
using a 3D-simplified model to ease internal dispatch.
and external damage location. The appli-
cation is accessible on-line via Airbus Cus- An application to ease and speed up

tomer portal AirbusWorld. structural damages management:
• Damage assessment & reporting
• Repair procedure identification A structural repair
• Record keeping of repairs allowable software

Mixed fleet Reduce Cross Ease

compatibility paper platform processes
034 Maintenance


Airbus Smarter Fleet ® is the Airbus and Airbus Smarter Fleet ® will initially
IBM solution to provide end-to-end e-so- focus on two activities: Firstly, it will
lutions for maintenance, engineering and integrate and also further develop Airbus’
flight operations. current portfolio of e-solutions.
Secondly, it will provide cross-functional
Airbus Smarter Fleet ® current offer fleet data management using an open,
consists of: modular and flexible platform based on a
• Fuel Efficiency Portal precise assessment of customer needs and
• Maintenance Mobility tailored implementation.
• Prognostics and Risk Management
• e-Doc Browser

It aims to provide an open, modular and Our partnership: A unique platform

of integrated & tailored solutions
flexible platform in order to support the cus-
tomers’ increasing needs in three key areas
related to data processing:
1 Data gathering: Simultaneous, exten-
sive and cross-functional collecting of
relevant data and information from diffe-
rent sources
2 Data value extraction: Accurate data
and information processing through
monitoring, filtering, reporting and
correlation, of retrieved data but also
simulation, help for decision making
and optimisation
3 Cross domain collaboration: Full ac-
cess to processed data and information
for all concerned stakeholders
Maintenance 035

Maintenance Mobility - Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

This solution provides maintenance person-

nel with up-to-date critical information, inclu-
Supervisor interface
• Real-time awareness of event's criticality
Your benefits
ding dedicated dashboards, work packages •Anticipate corrective and preventive
Optimise Turn Around Time
and documentation. The objective is to opti- actions
mise line and base maintenance activities by •Manage work packages' assignment Reduce delays and cancellations

utilising the benefit of mobile devices. in real time Improve troubleshooting

• Monitor Troubleshooting with just the
Improve productivity
right information

Line mechanics mobile application

• Mobile access to real-time awareness
of relevant information
• Real time job progress
• Easy interaction with MCC & Mainte-
nance Coordination
• eSignature

e-Doc Browser
• Mobile documentation
036 Maintenance

Prognostics and Risk Management -
Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

Your benefits Prognostics and Risk Management (PRM)

software solution detects in advance unex-
PRM is today available for A330 and will be
soon expanding to all Airbus aircraft and
pected technical events having a significant regularly completed with new sets of algo-
Secure the coming dispatches
impact on aircraft turn around, systems’ rithms.
Increase aircraft availability
reliability and efficiency.
Turn unscheduled maintenance
into scheduled maintenance
Examples of first monitoring capabilities:
• Fuel: imbalance prediction
• Hydraulic: leak detection
• Engine Oil: leak detection
• Pneumatic: bleed leak (nacelle), PRV
and HPV failure
• Oxygen: leaks detection and servicing
• Electrical Power: IDG failure
• Landing Gear: extension / retraction
disagree prediction
• Air Conditioning: heat exchanger
efficiency loss

How it works:

Calculations based on ACMS report

loaded in the aircraft

Specific parameters collected all along the flight and sent

to ground at the end of the flight

Ground algorithms to detect aircraft systems degradations

Maintenance 037

e-Doc Browser - Airbus Smarter Fleet ®

This solution is a documentation browser

available on all popular mobile platforms
The e-Doc Browser solution extends the
current Smarter Fleet portfolio by providing
Your benefits
enabling manual display for maintenance additional valuable functionalities to assist
Enhances synergies for all business
(Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Illustrated the airline in operating in a more efficient partners through efficient end-to-end
Part Catalogue, Trouble Shooting manual, and optimised manner. management of parts and
rationalisation of the supply chain
wirings, schematics, Electrical Practices
Manual), repair (Structural Repair Manual) Addresses the small and medium
manufacturer segment of the industry
and operations (Minimum Equipment List). for which Satair has a strong focus
on the Total Cost of Ownership
Reduces inventory costs and
inventory holdings as well as internal
and external transactions, operational
and process costs
Ensures one single point of contact
for many hard-to-find-parts
Increases parts availability and
shortens lead times
Enhances inventory management
24 hour, 365 day AOG coverage

• User-friendly and intuitive • Mixed-fleet maintenance manuals •O  nline consultation: instant access
ergonomics • Structural Repair Manual to-up-date information from everywhere
• Optimised for mechanics • Minimum Equipment List • Tablets and smartphones from 7":
• ADOC Web customised manuals iOS, Android and Windows
• Option for offline / backup mode
038 Maintenance

Expertise and other services

Airbus Material Seminars

Your benefits Our seminars have specifically been de-

veloped to support your goal of optimised
The regional seminar modules are held at
various locations worldwide. In addition, a
Material Management, knowing that cost Spares Mobile Classroom offers fully custo-
Expertise: Wide-ranging know-
how for all Material Management reduction and increased operational efficien- mised seminars which can be held at your
segments. cy are major objectives in the aviation industry. facility.
Hands-on exercises: Case Airbus Material & Supply Chain Services
studies with realistic scenarios
and examples to understand offers a selection of seminars with diffe-
supply chain processes and rent levels of specialisation from beginner to
daily operations in spares
business. advanced level.
Flexibility: Choose between core,
specific, customised and on-site
seminars – from beginner’s to
advanced level.
Global team spirit: Informal
networking in a highly motivated

Core Specialisation Customised

Seminars Seminars Seminars

 ewcomers: Principles • GSE & Tools Specialisation • Spares Mobile Classroom
of Material Management
• Material Planning
• Intermediates: Material & Inventory Management
Management in Operation
• Transport Logistics
 xperts: Advanced Material

 egional: Material Management

or your Account Director
Maintenance 039

Integrated Purchasing Programme -

Provided by Satair Group

Satair Integrated Purchasing

Programme (IPP)
Reduction of cost
With the Satair IPP®, the customer reduces
Your benefits
The Satair Integrated Purchasing Programme the handling and financing costs.
As an aircraft manufacturer, we provide
(IPP®) gives the customer a unique opportu- a unique combination of technical and
business excellence to support you in:
nity to focus on the core business and leave Reduction of handling cost
the complex and time consuming burden • Replacement of a large amount of Maximising fleet usage
of purchasing and handling spare parts in the customers’ suppliers with Satair Mitigating delays & cancellations
the safe hands of a professional and highly as the source Meeting safety standards
experienced partner. • Performance monitoring and discrepancy
Streamlining organisation & tools
handling carried out by Satair
Controlling fuel expenses
• Payment transactions conducted with
Reducing operating costs
Satair as the sole supplier
• Improved overall delivery performance
by Satair with a target of 95%
• Full e-commerce and Spec2000 enabled
product support

Reduction of financing cost

• Reduction of inventory investment as
Satair stocks parts across the demand
from many airlines
• Enhanced inventory management - Satair
has an inventory turnover rate of approxi-
matively three compared to airline turno-
ver rates of approximatively one.

Implement Follow-up
Assist you to display Review and monitor
an efficient action the recommendations
plan & initiatives

Phone: +49 (0)40 5076 2641
Fax: +49 (0)40 5076 2590
040 Maintenance

Expertise and other services

Customised Spares Logistics - Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits Airbus Customised Spares Logistics (CSL)

service takes care of customers’ spare
parts shipments from order receipt to final
 SL customers benefit from
eliminated effort for follow-up destination for all order priorities and ship-
and tracking of their orders. ping methods.
Invoice processing is simplified
by consolidation into one invoice
per month. By understanding customers’ logistics
Customers also benefit from requirements and order behaviour, consi-
reduced financial exposure due
to all-in rates. The risk of additional dering the complexity of the global spares
costs caused by volatile transport network, flight schedules and multiple
surcharges (such as fuel, security
or exchange rates) is covered interfaces, the CSL service provides pro-
by Airbus. cess integration and fast availability of the
The combination of zero investment material where it is needed. Regular perfor-
requirements and flexible contract
duration makes it easy to sign up mance reviews are conducted to constantly
for the CSL service. adapt the service to ever evolving customer
Maintenance 041


Airbus Consulting Services is uniquely po-

sitioned to provide airlines and MROs with
efficient and tailored recommendations to
optimise their organisation, processes and
4 major
3 transversal
Airline Advanced
From organisation assessment to capabi-
& Engineering Tools
lity assistance, Airbus Consulting Services
has developed a wide range of advisory Material Airstart
services. We offer dedicated and innova-
tive solutions aiming at covering airlines and
MROs’ main operations domains. Operations Fuel & Flight Efficiency

Training Airbus Consulting offers to airlines

a wide range of tailored services

Your benefits
Airbus Consulting Services’ approach is As an aircraft manufacturer, we provide
to propose customised recommenda- a unique combination of technical and
tions and cost effective solutions based business excellence to support you in:
on the following added value:

A dedicated and multicultural Maximising fleet usage

team of consultants coming
from various backgrounds Mitigating delays & cancellations

Customised services according Meeting safety standards

to customer’s context and Streamlining organisation & tools
Controlling fuel expenses
Privileged manufacturer visibility
on worldwide fleet records and Reducing operating costs
best practices
Unique Airbus technical know-how
and best product knowledge
Robust and proven methodology

Assess Advice Implement Follow-up

Provide feedback to de-
Analyse your current Assist you to display Review and monitor
liver the most appropriate
status focusing on an efficient action the recommendations
recommendations &
future objectives plan & initiatives
042 Maintenance

Consulting services
Customised Spares Logistics - Provided by Satair Group

Your benefits Maintenance &

Maintenance & engineering
activities Airbus Consulting Services delivers turnkey Operational Reliability and On-Time
• Improved fleet performance solutions to enhance airlines’ maintenance Performance
• Streamlined organisation & engineering organisation, processes and • Maintenance control centre
• Know-how & best practices' transfer
• Be better prepared to EASA approval procedures. Through our expertise and implementation assistance
• Regulations knowledge & experience experience in more than 150 projects wor- • Operational Reliability services
• Easily meet regulatory requirements
• Enhance your staff skills to improve ldwide, we aim to optimise airframe main- • Reliability control & airline economics
your maintenance & engineering tenance and improve your operational per-
activities and minimise your
Operational Interruptions formance.
Airworthiness Review
Maintenance activities Our team of experts has developed a
• Airworthiness Review (regulatory)
• Reduced ground time unique and large range of tailored advisory
• Enhanced planning and work preparation
• Airworthiness Assessment (advisory)
• Streamlined maintenance event process
services to address airlines’ maintenance &
• Secured maintenance event performance engineering challenges. Maintenance advanced tools
• Base maintenance best practices • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
• Ensured experience transfer using Maintenance & engineering activities
coaching approach implementation assistance
• Best Industry Practice
• Optimised hangar usage • Support to Maintenance Information
• Increased maintenance capabilities • Support to EASA Part 145 and Part M re-
• Valuable return on experience System (MIS) optimisation.
gulatory assistance
Operational Reliability • Engineering workshop services
and On-Time Performance
• Capability extension assistance
• Better anticipate line maintenance
• Improved Operational Reliability
• Aircraft lease return advisory assistance
• Maintenance program and planning op-
Material Management
• Cost effective organisation
• Enhanced maintenance event timisation Assistance services to better control Turn
processes Around Time (TAT) and costs, increase avai-
• Reliability improvement programmes Airframe maintenance activities
lability and improve direct AOG management.
Optimised maintenance • Maintenance checks performance
• Spares Management Process Review
practices impacting OR • First base maintenance check assistance
• Minimised maintenance costs • Spares Inventory Review
• Maintenance means definition & optimi-
• Increased aircraft availability • Warehouse advisory assistance
Maintenance advanced tools
• Increase your visibility and
traceability with RFID technologies
• Better control your turn around
timing in repair processes
• Reduce your inventory
and improve productivity
• Take full benefits of Airbus advanced
tools and get methods to constantly
improve the Maintenance Information
System integration
Maintenance 043
044 Upgrade
Upgrade 045

046 Upgrades


Airbus Upgrade Services provide a wide range of mo-

difications to enhance and optimise aircraft depending
on its intended role. The scope can include almost any
aspect of the aircraft from the appearance and layout
of the cabin to the flight operations’ performances.

As new technologies are developed, often in association

with new aircraft programmes, we are able to offer retrofit
solutions which can allow fleet harmonisation and latest
performance standards for the in-service fleet.
We offer global solutions which include engineering design,
installation instructions (Service Bulletins), associated kits
and documentation updates.
Upgrade 047

Airbus Multi Fleet

Cabin Upgrade Services
Cabin & Related System Upgrades

System & Airframe Upgrade Services

System Upgrades
Weight Variants
Air Traffic Management System Upgrades
Sharklet Retrofit A320 Family
Extended Service Goal A320 Family
048 Upgrades

Cabin Upgrade Services

Cabin & Related System Upgrades

The cabin is one of the most important Keeping up with new trends and

From concept to production:
technical expertise, high-quality
renderings to current production
elements in an aircraft. It is through the ca-
bin that the airlines create the experience
that they want to give to their passengers.
Their expectations are evolving following
In the highly competitive commercial aviation
world, customers will upgrade their cabins to
• Maximise revenues
the global trends in terms of comfort and • Differentiate the brand image
services. • Fulfil the passengers’ expectations
In order to provide the best passengers’ • Be part of market trends
experience, Airbus aircraft operators can • Harmonise the fleet
adapt their cabin to satisfy their expec- • Add value to the aircraft
tations. Airbus Upgrade Services is best
placed to provide to those operators the Importantly the cabin is a key revenue
highest standard of integration services, generator for the airline and getting the
from light cabin refurbishment to full cabin interior layout and services correct is vital to
reconfiguration. an airline's success. Airbus offers solutions
which allow the operator to be competitive
in the market, whilst satisfying the passen-
gers. New innovations such as Space-Flex,
Pivoting Bins, Smart-lav together with new
max pax boundaries for the A320 offer signi-
ficant opportunities to maximise revenues.

Our upgrade services cover the needs of

all customers: Passengers’ airlines, leasing
companies, freighter companies, Corporate
Jets, VIPs and Military derivatives, for all
Airbus aircraft types, from the first A300 to
the latest A350.
Upgrades 049

What we can retrofit

Cabin monuments General cabin

• Cabin crew rest rooms • Linings & furnishings Your benefits
• Stowage • Floor covering
• Galleys • Passenger supply channel Upgrading the cabin to the latest
passenger and operator requirements
• Lavatories • Curtain partitions
• Ancillary equipment Integrating latest technologies to
enhance the cabin competitiveness
Cabin systems • Placards and marking
Harmonising the cabin across the
• Medical outlets • Cabin emergency equipment fleet
• Passenger oxygen Increasing the aircraft residual value
• Emergency lighting In-flight entertainment
• Connectivity • High speed SATCOM
• Cabin general illumination • Replacement of CRT overhead video
• Cabin intercommunication with new light weight LCD
data systems (CIDS)

Seating and passenger layouts

• Passenger seats
• In-seat power systems
• Cabin attendant seats
050 Upgrades

Cabin Upgrade Services

Space Flex Benefits

Optimise space to allow more seats
Increased revenues from additional passengers
PRM Facilities On-Board

Smart Lav Benefits

Optimise space to allow more seats
Increased revenues from additional passengers
More recline space Via optimised wall profile

3530Swift SFE Seat Benefits

Fast shipset delivery 4 months between purchase order to OEM ex-works
Turnkey seating solution Customisation, Delivery, Conference Management,
Support by Airbus
Success legacy 3530Swift is based on BL3520 design

Cabin LED Unit Benefits

Enhanced look homogenous & customisable lighting
Save weight 25 kg lighter
Longer Life Cycle + 190% compared to current version

Pivoting Bins Benefits

More bags on board + 60% compared to current version
Spacious feel enhancing passenger experience
Modern look for greater cabin appeal
Upgrades 051

Connecting in
The Airbus platform is: Connect with Confidence: the air like at home
• Built for on-board mobile telephony • High Bandwidth Connectivity
services (OMTS), internet access, • Passenger experience like at home
on-board wireless streaming and crew (Bring Your Own Device)
• Multi services: Internet, mobile telephony,
• Based on a modular concept with wireless streaming, aircraft flight operations
functions adaptable to your needs applications
• Designed to connect to various SATCOM • Mix and match: Different technologies,
technologies (i.e. L-Band, Ka-Band, several suppliers, integrated with IFE
Ku-Band, Air to Ground) systems on all Airbus aircraft
• Ready for applications dedicated to aircraft • Airbus technical publications documentation
data management and flight operations updated accordingly
• Available on the entire Airbus product line, • Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) or
line fit and retrofit Seller Furnished Equipment (SFE) options
• Ready to be fully connected with Airbus • Extended Service Goal (ESG) eligible
cabin management
• Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)
certification by Airbus Continued
Airworthiness for your aircraft
• Value added solutions
052 Upgrades

System & Airframe

Upgrade Services
System Upgrades
As air traffic demand increases over the co- What we can retrofit
Your benefits ming years, the aviation sector must cater Avionics upgrade
for the new systems needs required to sup- Precise navigation capability
Optimise the aircraft operations port the growth. We are able to offer latest (RNP, Landing Systems, FLS, GLS...)
and performance technology standards in terms of avionics Data Link communication (FANS A+, FANS
Benefit from Airbus support capability and performance.
and expertise in system
The drivers for such enhancements may be Flight Management Systems
Reduce fuel bills, noise and emissions
safety, or simply the need for more efficient LCD displays
Reduce the operating costs
flight trajectories. Upgrades can enable Weather radar upgrade
Harmonise the fleet reduced costs, time, fuel use and impor- Electronic Flight Bag
Increase the aircraft residual value tantly emissions, whilst maintaining the
Updated aircraft technical highest air safety standards. Flight Operations
documentation and configuration
Extended range operations
Compliance with current & future
airworthiness regulations
We can: Operating weight adjustments
• Enhance aircraft performance Narrow runway operations
• Customise aircraft performance Additional centre fuel tanks
• Improve flight efficiency Aerodynamic improvements
• Align with new regulations
• Adopt latest materials and technology Environmental awareness
• Customise configuration to suit regional Efficient flight planning
needs Lower fuel burn and emissions
Reduced emissions
Change the aircraft role: Noise reduction
• VIP conversion Material changes in line with new stan-
• Install or remove cargo loading systems dards
• Harmonise fleet configuration
• Enhance the aircraft market value Enhanced safety
• Reduce noise and emissions Fuel Tank Inerting System
Enhanced communications
Landing Systems
Meeting new regulations
Upgrades 053

Air Traffic Management

Weight Variants System Upgrades
Changing aircraft weight variants can allow Brand new systems enable efficient & safe
customers to optimise Range & Payload flight operations in three main domains:
according to their operations in order to • Communication: Data link & SATCOM
increase revenue opportunities needs with FANS A+/B+, Iridium or
• For more range: increase MTOW Inmarsat solutions
• For more payload: increase MZFW and/ • Navigation: Optimised flight paths
or MTOW with RNP-AR
• To reduce the fees (take off, landing, • Surveillance: Collision Avoidance and
flight): decrease MTOW automatic data broadcasting with the
• For more flexibility: change from single ADS-B Out
WV to multiple operational WV (MOW)
or dynamic WV
• Due to Airworthiness Authorities regula-
tions: change from multiple WV to single

weight Maximum
Fuel Capacity
TOW for D2
TOW for D1

Maximum structural payload

air distance
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6
small medium long
054 Upgrades

System & Airframe

Upgrade Services
Sharklet Retrofit

Sharklets are the most visible development

Your benefits of the A320 Family airframe in recent years.
They are wing tip devices which increase
Fuel burn saving over 4%
on longest routes. the effective wing span of the aircraft and
Payload range improvement – reduce lift-induced drag.
Up to 100nm or 450Kg payload
Typical CO2 emissions reduction They were introduced as an option on line-
of up to 800t per year, per aircraft
fit aircraft in 2012 and 94% of A320 family
Operational service limit extension
for aircraft between MSN1200 and aircraft delivered today have them fitted
MSN5514. +36,000 flight hours, from the final assembly line.
typically 10 years additional service.
Protected aircraft residual value
and improved remarket ability
Having transformed the performance and
appearance of our new aircraft they are
Better take-off capability and obstacle
clearance at restricted airports now available for retrofit on the in-service
Reduced direct engine maintenance A320 Family fleet.
cost by up to 2%
Latest A320 family design,
appearance and performance
Fleet commonality. Same airport
classification and no mandatory
pilot training.
Upgrades 055

Two possible solutions • ame Sharklets for line-fit

and retrofit
Production Retrofit
• Embodied by any MRO
A319, A320 and A321 aircraft delivered post
MSN5514 already carry the Sharklet provi- •S
 imple kit design including
Airbus SB
 upport and technical training
They can be retrofited in just 65 man-hours
available from Airbus
(typically 1 day) by an MRO or operator.
 ompatible with Space Flex,
other upgrades and scheduled

In-Service Retrofit
Older A319 and A320 aircraft post MSN1200
also require an additional wing reinforcement
The kit is delivered preassembled and has
been optimised to minimise the downtime
required for embodiment by an MRO.
056 Upgrades

System & Airframe

Upgrade Services
Extended Service Goal (ESG) - for A320 Family

Aircraft are delivered from the production In order to reach extra 6 to 13 years of
line with a certified maintenance program operations, this is done in 2 steps:
designed to be utilised up to the aircraft 1 Component upgrade, RDAS
Design Service Goal (DSG). This is defined and Concessions review
in terms of Flight Hours (FH) and Flight 2 Structural upgrade
Cycles (FC). A thorough testing program
is carried out on a representative aircraft
before this point to highlight what modifi-
cations are necessary in order to continue
the maintenance program after the DSG.
Upgrade Services provide the appropriate
Service Bulletin to allow operations until the
defined Extended Service Goal.

Flight Cycles
Flight Cycles(FC) ESG cover SB
Concession review
60,000 FC ESG
60,000 FC RDAS review
ESG Possible 10 years of additional operations
48,000 FC
48,000 FC Components
Design Service Goal Structural

60,000 FH 96,000 FH
60,000 FH 96,000 120,000 FH
FH 120,000 FH

Components Upgrade Structural

ESG cover SB / Concession review / RDAS review Upgrade
Upgrades 057
Flight Operations
060 Flight Operations


NAVBLUE is the new generation of digital, user-friendly Flight

Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions. Powered
by Airbus’ pioneer spirit and infused with Navtech’s agility, it
combines the best of both worlds.
A leading global provider of flight operations solutions ser-
ving more than 400 airlines and aviation service companies
across all platforms, NAVBLUE has a proven track record in
product innovation. With access to Airbus’ resources and
data, NAVBLUE provides its customers with the best solu-
tions based on the best data, fully supporting them in their
digital transformation.
NAVBLUE is a fully owned subsidiary of Services by Airbus
and is based in Hersham (UK), Toulouse (France) and Water-
loo, Ontario (Canada), with offices around the world.
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Data+ Products

Your benefits NAVBLUE has been producing NDB (Navi-

gation Data Bases) for over 30 years. It was
OEM to serve operators that use this data
into their Flight Management System:
the first company in the world to produce • ARINC 424
Flexible offer:
navigation data as a regular service. • GE aviation systems
Access multiple media and formats
based on the industry standard NDB are used for FMS (Flight Management
ARINC 424 specification; • Universal avionics
Systems) and the simulators, as well as
Conform to both fixed and flexible ground positioning systems, aircraft simula- • Thales avionics - RNAV2
production schedules to ensure
delivery of complete subsets of tors, airspace modelling, and air traffic sys- • Honeywell
ARINC 424 data, or processed flight tems for world-wide customers.
management system databases • Thales information systems
in time for download prior to the • CMC (Canadian Marconi Collins)
AIRAC cycle changeover or, where
appropriate, customer-specific
update schedules.

Customised offer:
Customisable data based
on customer requirements.
Multiple media formats available:
Paper charts, Charts available
on both iOS and WindowsOS.

Data+ products let you
access the right data, at the right
time, in the right format and
in the right place.
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Charts+ is a ready-to-use set of aeronau- Product features: Your benefits

tical charts (IFR, terminal, en route) that
draws on information published by national TERMINAL CHARTS FEATURES: Operational benefits: Charts+
Aeronautical Information Services. • Aerodrome provides an intuitive and proven
charting standard. It allows a quick
The Charts+ products are available for mul- • Taxi and easy access to information
• Area in the cockpit.
tiple electronic EFB platforms as well as pa-
• Radar Flexible offer: Charts+ is adapted
per chart product. It can be customised to to customer needs: provides
user requirements. Each piece of chart data • MSA or Terrain depiction tailored charts from departure
• SID to destination and alternate.
is processed individually to provide relevant
• STAR Data accuracy: Charts+ is based
and customised content in all operational on National Aeronautical Infor-
contexts. • IAC mation Publications and cus-
tomer-originated data.
These charts aim at:
• Providing a realistic view of the terminal and
• Airspace with boundaries
airspace to the pilots in order to improve
• Airway systems
their situational awareness
• Track and distance
• Easing ground taxi operations • Grid MORA
• Securing and ensuring efficient flight pre- • Restricted areas
parations and operations • Enroute COM frequencies
• Tailored enroute charts
• Enhancing safety and efficiency of airline
(ETOPS, Area)
Charts+ products are usable on paper or
on any EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).
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Data+ Products
Airport+ / Data package

Your benefits Airport+ provides worldwide operators and

authorities with reliable and flexible aeroda-
charting, and planning (EUROCAE ED-99 /
RTCA DO-272). These databases aim at:
Operational benefit: Airport+ da- ta solutions contributing to improved safety • Providing a realistic on-board view of the air-
tabases allow the activation of the and efficiency in all airport operations.
different functions in aircraft that are port surface movement area to the pilots in
improving safety and operational Airport+ products are EASA certified with order to improve their situational awareness
efficiency in all airport operations.
LoA Type 1 and/or Type 2, and based on and/or to supplement surface navigation;
Flexible offer: Airport+ databases National Aeronautical Information Publica-
are adapted to customer needs: as • Easing ground taxi operations;
offer based on airports/runways of tions, complemented with data extracted
interest. •
Securing and ensuring efficient move-
from satellite imagery.
Data quality: Increased reliability
ments on the airport surface;
thanks to high quality data (Use of Airport+ provides to customers ADB (Airport
• Enhancing safety and efficiency of airline
high resolution satellite technology Data Base package) composed of:
for very precise, complete and up- operations.
to-date airport data). It allows criti- • Airport mapping database(s) (AMDB), or
cal data validation with regards to These products are usable on-board with
safety (Airport+ Datapackage). • Runway database(s) (RDB), or the AMM (Airport Moving Map) function
Strong coordination with Airbus • A mix of both AMDBs and RDBs running either on Airbus avionics systems
Design Office, Airbus flight test
(Aircraft and simulators) teams to These products represent a collection of including the Airport Navigation Function
ensure 100% compatibility between (A350) and On-board Airport Navigation
the avionics systems and the data aerodrome information, organised and ar-
(Airport+ Datapackage). ranged, for ease of electronic storage and re- System (A320 Family, A330/A340, A380) or
trieval, in any on-board systems that support on any EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).
aerodrome surface movements, training,
Flight Operations 065

Airport+ / Moving map

The moving map displays an Airport Moving

Map (AMM) function on an Electronic Flight
• Own-ship position display with directiona-
lity (in Class 2 operations): The own-ship
Your benefits
Bag (EFB) to allow pilots to enhance their si- position display provides user with access
Customisation: The map display is
tuational awareness thanks to a realistic on- to different own-ship oriented viewpoints: fully customisable depending of the
board view of the airport surface movement North UP, Track UP and center on aircraft customer needs and requirements:
• Displayed elements: de-ice pads,
and ease ground taxi operations. Required functions. constructions areas…
data for the moving map are the same Air- • PDF reader for consultation of digitalised • Colors,
• Text style
port+ AMDB which will be used on on-board airline documentation filtered by airport.
avionic functions. • Search function for any Airport elements Easy usage: Moving map applica-
tion is designed for both tactile and
Moving map is an on-board usage function (gates, taxiways, runways…). mouse/keyboard usage.
which can be used on Class 1 or Class 2 • Manual drawing on the map display.
Right information: The map display
EFB devices for flight crew. In comparison with the other offers on the integrates an automatic declutter
system which shows only required
Moving map can be used either as stand- market, moving map provides cutting edge information levels depending on the
alone EFB application or integrated within user experience with top graphic perfor- zoom level for airport and runway
mances and friendly interface. This applica- overview.
N-Flysmart suite. Avionics connectivity on
Class 2 device provides own-ship position tion is a modular solution since it is an evolu- Own-ship position: The own-ship
position display meets regulatory
display capability. tive application based on plugin that allows requirements regarding positioning
integration much quicker evolution. accuracy with different type of
display and positioning data
Functionalities: sources (Airport+ Moving Map).
The Class 2 integration with N-Flysmart al-
• 2D/3D display of an airport map database
lows the application to retrieve departure
or/and runway map database:
and destination airports to automatically
- AMDB graphical elements display: Poly-
populate the application context and avoid
gons, lines, points and their associated
double pilot entries.
labels or information.
- RDB graphical elements display: Pick to
display runway characteristics like width,
distances, and Pavement Classification
066 Flight Operations

Data+ Products

Your benefits Vertical+ product family encompasses Obs-

tacle datasets (Area 1 and Area 2), Terrain
• Obstacle datasets are discrete collections
of 3D models of objects that could pose
Traditional eTOD production implies
datasets and eTODs (electronic Terrain and a hazard to air navigation, according to
aerial scanning and ground surveys. Obstacle Databases). These products are regulation or to customer specifications;
An advanced satellite technology all derived from high resolution satellite data • eTOD refers to the combination of Terrain
allows acquiring data in a cheaper and can be tailored to customer needs.
and more efficient way, and over and Obstacle datasets.
areas where aerial and ground Description of data characteristics:
surveys are prohibited.
Airbus has privileged access • Terrain datasets provide continuous ele-
to on-board systems and airlines vation of the ground and, if desired, vege-
as a data provider.
tation and man-made structures over the
area of interest, with a typical resolution of
1 value each 10 meters;
Flight Operations 067

N-Software Services
N-Flight Planning

NAVBLUE N-Flight Planning is multi-tiered, In-application verification of RAD/SRS com-

Your benefits
fully scalable flight planning software suite pliance within EUROCONTROL airspace
which allows dispatchers to create & opti- Considering RAD, CRAM and other AIP Improve Flight Plan Accuracy:
mise flight plans. Better view of impending operational
regulatory restrictions in fuel burn algorithms and weather problems, proactive
This browser-based solution outputs opti- alerts, graphical user interface,
Utilising forecast meteorological data directly continuously updated NOTAMS.
mum routes and fuel consumption to reduce from the NWS, the met office (UKMET), and Reduce Fuel Costs: Multidimensional,
operating costs, increase productivity, and other third party providers (Schneider Elec- cost optimising models producing
maximise safety. most cost efficiency. Savings in
tric, Australia BOM, etc.) fuel and time related expenses
N-Flight Planning creates accurate and (crew, maintenance).
Receiving worldwide NOTAM’s, including us
optimised flight plans with advanced route Improve Dispatcher Efficiency:
NOTAM office, Canadian NOTAM office, Maximise productivity and efficiency.
construction tools. It provides the best mix and EAD-EUROCONTROL, and indivi- Plans flights to comply with global
of airway routes, free flight routes (including restrictions and rules. Sophisticated
dual states as required. algorithms to evaluate rules and
High Altitude Airspace in the USA), and restrictions to produce optimal
direct routes. & compliant plans.
Create Tangible IT Cost Savings:
NAVBLUE n-flight planning solution ensures Faster implementation. Lower
accuracy and optimisation by: TCO and quicker ROI. Web-based
or hosted environment. Remote
or on-site training.

N-Software Services help
you enhance your operations
through unique software
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N-Software Services
N-Crew Planning

Your benefits NAVBLUE offers two crew planning solu- These two applications work together to
tions: the Preferential Bidding System and create a pairing and reserve schedule that
Low total cost of ownership optimi- the Pairing Optimiser. satisfies management's coverage needs
sation: Streamlining the crew plan- and the flying preferences of crew members.
ning process while reducing crew These solutions are used by more than
costs and improving operational 40,000 airline professionals each month to
build pairings, and to bid for and create in- The training bidding module will address re-
Enhance operational efficiency:
Achieving operational producti- dividual customised schedules. current training and any crew training event
vity targets while increasing crew
member’s quality of life. By utilising NAVBLUE N-Crew Planning, air- requirements.
lines receive a fully functional system that NAVBLUE Pairing Optimiser is a fully-con-
meets their requirements for crewing while figurable desktop application that is custo-
giving crew members a schedule for a high misable for each airline. It produces crew
quality of life. pairings covering a scheduling period of a
NAVBLUE Preferential Bidding System week, month, or even a full season of more
builds both flying and reserve schedules with than half a year.
an add-on module for training schedules. By utilising the Pairing Optimiser, airlines can
It consists of two applications, Preferential reduce the time to plan an effective pairing
Bidding System scheduler and Preferential solution while reducing costs and managing
Bidding System bidder. fatigue in crew members.
Reduce crew members Fatigue
• Develop optimal pairings that integrates
with the automated rostering system to
manage crew fatigue
• Create pairings based on key fatigue risk
mitigation factors: flight, duty, and rest
limits as functions of Window of Circadian
Low (WOCL), circadian rhythm limitations,
and comprehensive flight duty period and
rest rule-sets based on a gradual fatiguing
point tracking system.
Flight Operations 069


N-Flysmart is a comprehensive set of appli- N-Flysmart suite is available on both

Your benefits
cations helping the crew to perform opera- iOS and WindowsOS and offers:
tions with maximum safety and efficiency: Basic Software Applications Digital operations: Remove paper
cockpit and ground processes
• Customised performance solutions • Load & Trim Sheet
(load sheet, take-off, landing, inflight) Optimise aircraft performance
• Take Off and Landing Cards computations: Additional payload
• Documentation browser and engine maintenance costs
• In-Flight Performance reduction
• Electronic Flight Folder Improving cockpit operation efficiency:
• Ops Library Browser
• Cross-Logbook for maintenance Reduce crew workload for pre-flight
and inflight
Optional Software Modules
• eFlight Folder
• eQRH
• Cross Logbook
• Electronic charting
More options will join EFB in the future,
such as Weather On-board, Airport Moving
Maps, Pilots’ mobile office.
070 Flight Operations

N-Software Services

Your benefits N-Airfase is a flight data analysis software

designed to help airlines improve safety
N-AIRFASE performs all the major functions
of the flight data analysis process. A sophis-
Enhance efficiency: Easy and quick via post-flight reviews of recorded in-flight ticated Flight Analysis Program, unique to
view on statistics to help end-user events. each aircraft type, reconstructs the flight,
to make the right decisions and
upgrade flight safety actions compares actual data with recommended
when appropriate. N-Airfase aims at: values and highlight events and deviations.
Advanced visualisation tool: Easy • Identify areas of operational risks and Its results are presented through a user
and quick expert analysis through
visual representation of data. precursors to unsafe Flight Operations friendly interface, including advanced visua-
• Establish trends for continuous assess- lisation tool, 3D animation, allowing easy re-
Accurate events detection:
N-Airfase detects abnormal ment and monitoring risks view of flight information, while a powerful of
events and trends.
• Track the appropriate remedial actions configurable reporting editor delivers com-
prehensive and customisable reports.
This product is compatible with all major
types of commercial transport aircraft, such
as Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Em-
braer, etc.
Flight Operations 071


N-Documentation is a complete solution to

manage the airline technical documentation,
Your benefits
whether authoring, revising or publishing. Enhance data accuracy:
Document viewing solutions are proposed N-Documentation improves
data consistency, quality
to fit the corresponding user environment. and operational process.
Ensure data agility: A flexible
solution adapted for growing
and mixed fleet.
Up to 80% time saving:
Increase efficiency and
reduce costs by improving
your documentation update
lead time.
072 Flight Operations

N-Software Services

Your benefits N-Tracking provides operators with flight With N-Tracking, the operators will:
tracking and much more: • Respond to ICAO recommendation
Provide Collaborative Decision •
Flight tracking: Functionalities for basic from Nov 2015:
Making information through CDM tool
to better manage airport turn-around. flight tracking and flight profile details - 5 minutes reporting
Optimise use of existing data •
Event alerts with audio when abnormal during normal operations
to lower datalink costs (ACARS). - Frequent reporting during
situation occurred
Anticipate disruptions and act non-normal operations
pro-actively, maximise on-time • Flight plan 633 capability
performance. • Provide Collaborative Decision
• Weather information: Weather data over- Making Information
lays on the map (Satellite and IR imagery, - CDM tool to better manage
SIGMET, AIRMET and PIREP) airport turn-around
• Airport information: Airport moving map, • Reduce Airlines Datalink
CDM tool (Collaborative Decision Making), costs when possible
NOTAM, TAF and METAR - Optimise use of existing data
• Flight Replay to lower Datalink cost (ACARS)
Flight Operations 073


N-Performance provides aircraft perfor- •

LTS (Load & Trim Sheets): Optimise and
Your benefits
mance calculations to optimise take-off and check that your loading is safe, generate the
landing, maximise payload, decrease fuel mandatory document required by the regu- Make sure you optimise your opera-
consumption, and minimise wear and tear on lator (Airbus aircraft only). tion for every flight: N-Performance
allows you to optimise each flight,
the aircraft. • PEP (Performance Engineering Programme): given their own specificity (type of
aircraft, specific airport, load sta-
N-Performance comprises three main modules: Targeted at Flight Ops Engineers, manage tus…) to ensure maximum payload
performance aspects during flight prepa- may be carried while maintaining
• TODC (Take Off Data Calculation): Optimise required safety margins.
your operations compared to the exact ration, but also monitor the aircraft perfor-
Optimise take-off and landing for
maximum take-off and landing weights, mance after the flight (Airbus aircraft only). your mixed fleet: Regardless of air-
craft manufacturer, N-Performance
calculated upon the real conditions of each optimises take-off and landing per-
specific flight. formance according to regulations
and manufacturer specifications.
Deploy one single tool for all your
staff: One program with adaptable
interfaces that permits multiple air-
line functions (e.g. dispatch, pilot,
engineers) to perform performance
calculations specific to their job
074 Flight Operations

N-Software Services

Your benefits N-SAMS (Safety Assessment and Manage-

ment System) is a global reporting platform
N-SAMS adapts to any environment: managing safety data workflow across air-
N-SAMS is neither aircraft type
specific, nor airline sise specific. lines’ organisation and processes, ensuring
Any airline can implement you are in line with ICAO requirements.
successfully S-SAMS.
N-SAMS involves all Safety players
at your airline: Flight Crew, Cabin
Crew, Ground Handling, Mainte-
nance, audits, inspections,
N-AIRFASE data, coffee corners…
N-SAMS integrates all SMS
(Safety Management System)
areas: 4 modules to: Report events,
Qualify and create Occurrences
and Safety issues, Define Actions
to mitigate risks and Monitor
through following of your Key
Performance Indicators.
Flight Operations 075

Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE


ROPS by NAVBLUE is an avionics alerting • ROPS continuously calculates the distance

Your benefits
system designed to prevent runway over- needed to safely stop the aircraft taking the
run on landing. The only overrun prevention aircraft performance into account Real-time, performance-based
calculation: Continuous real-time
system certified by all leading authorities. • If this distance becomes longer than the calculation of stopping distance
vs remaining runway length.
remaining runway length, ROPS triggers
How ROPS by NAVLUE protects: an alert. Clear and directive alert: Clear,
unambiguous visual and aural
• ROPS continuously monitors the aircraft’s alerts with simple procedures.
position and energy with respect to the True runway overruns protection:
runway Via a system that truly protects.
Via a backup insurance that
truly pays.

“ Bespoke Solutions by
NAVBLUE optimise the overall

Air Traffic Management ecosystem
by providing products and services
around safety, compliance and
076 Flight Operations

Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE

Airspace - by NAVBLUE

Your benefits Airspace by NAVBLUE redesigns your airs-

pace, either enroute or terminal, so as to
Efficiency: Improve efficiency make it more efficient.
of operations by providing more
direct routes, shorter approaches,
optimised vertical profiles (Conti- Airspace by NAVBLUE aims at organising
nuous Descent Operations)
and improving payload. and optimising the airspace in and around
Safety: Enhance safety by providing the airport with the goal of either increase
fully repeatable and manageable an airport’s capacity or design green proce-
procedures defined down to
runway threshold. dures (fuels savings and CO emission re-
duction) and organise access to an airfield
• Reduce noise in sensitive areas. in remote areas.
• Reduce fuel burn and aircraft
CO2 emissions by providing
shorter and optimised approach
and departure paths.
Capacity: Increase airport capacity
by de-conflicting departures and
arrivals, and optimising airspace
usage while reducing ATC workload.
Accessibility: Improve airport
accessibility by implementing
IFR procedures in terrain challen-
ging environment and/or lowering
approach minimal, thus reducing
number of weather related diver-
sions and cancellations.
Flight Operations 077

Your Operations - by NAVBLUE

Your Operations by NAVBLUE comprises • Your Performance Studies: Conducting

Your benefits
the following modules: Performance, Noise, Fuel studies when
required by the authorities, enabling de- Concentrate on what you like,
we do the rest: At certain time,
• Your RNAV Validation: Testing your RNAV ployment of improved operations. Produ- you might be willing to outsource
procedures to help your designers. cing your Load & Trim sheet. part of your operations so that
you can concentrate on your
• Your EFB Management: Ensuring remo- • Your RAIM Prediction: Ensuring that current other challenges.
tely data management and administration GNSS signal your flights will encounter will Gain even more efficiency:
of your EFB for efficient flight operations in meet the necessary requirements to per- Your Operations is driven by those
very same persons that developed
the cockpit. form your GNSS procedures as planned. the tools you use. There are no bet-
• Your EFB Approval: Supporting you in ob- • Your Training: Three modules to help you ter conditions to get the most
of these tools.
taining the EFB operational approval from be more efficient, for EFB Management,
your authorities, in order to take faster the Weight & Balance and Performance.
full benefit of N-Flysmart. • Your Flight Data Analysis: Analysing your
• Your Documentation Management: De- operational flight data by identifying si-
veloping and managing your customised gnificant occurrences or risk precursors
flight operations documentation in digital using a global statistical approach.
format (migration, customisation, revision • Your Navigation Data Validation: Make
and publication). sure that the Navigation database you are
using is always up to date.
078 Flight Operations

Bespoke Solutions by NAVBLUE

GNSS Monitoring - by NAVBLUE

Your benefits It is impossible to predict events that may

affect the GNSS signal such as solar activ-
Ensuring compliance with ICAO ity. GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE helps
Annex 10 requirements: GNSS
Monitoring by NAVBLUE allows ANSPs to monitor and record the GNSS
airports supporting GNSS operations signal (according to ICAO Annex 10 guid-
to meet ICAO Annex 10 guidance
requiring monitoring and recording ance) and track any drop in signal quality.
of GNSS data.
Quick reaction in case of signal drop:
GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE can
give alerts if the GNSS signal quality
is degraded, which can arise from
natural events such as ionospheric
interference but also local signal
Legal recording of GNSS signals:
Record signal data for all constellations
GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Compass
and SBAS to support accident
and incident investigation.
Flight Operations 079


ELISE by NAVBLUE helps airport services

Your benefits
and ANSPs to increase capacity, reduce
holding and increase safety in low visibility Shorter Runway Occupancy Times
on your runway: Reducing ILS pro-
conditions. It also enables optimisation of tected areas (by exact calculation
airside land usage, allowing buildings to be or diminishing them with stealth
technology) allows for shorter
built on land previously deemed unusable. Runway Occupancy Times,
hence improving Safety.
Increasing Runway throughout in
Low Visibility Conditions: ELISE by
NAVBLUE exact simulation model
enables to greatly reduce spacing
of aircraft in arrival sequence
depending on their type.
Opening new possibilities for Airport
development and buildings: ELISE
by NAVBLUE make it possible
for airport to reduce ILS protected
areas and assess actual impact
of new buildings.
080 Flight Operations

4 3
Consulting services
Consulting major transversal
areas domains
Airbus Consulting Services is uniquely po- Maintenance Airline Advanced
sitioned to provide airlines and MROs with & Engineering Tools
efficient and tailored recommendations to
optimise their organisation, processes and Material Airstart
From organisation assessment to capabi-
lity assistance, Airbus Consulting Services
Operations Fuel & Flight Efficiency
has developed a wide range of advisory
services. We offer dedicated and innova-
tive solutions aiming at covering airlines and Training Airbus Consulting offers to airlines
a wide range of tailored services
MROs’ main operations domains.

Your benefits

Airbus Consulting Services’ approach is As an aircraft manufacturer, we provide

to propose customised recommenda- a unique combination of technical and
tions and cost effective solutions based business excellence to support you in:
on the following added value:

A dedicated and multicultural Maximising fleet usage

team of consultants coming
from various backgrounds Mitigating delays & cancellations

Customised services according to Meeting safety standards

customer’s context and objectives Streamlining organisation & tools
Privileged manufacturer visibility Controlling fuel expenses
on worldwide fleet records and
best practices Reducing operating costs
Unique Airbus technical know-how
and best product knowledge
Robust and proven methodology

Assess Advice Implement Follow-up

Provide feedback to de-
Analyse your current Assist you to display Review and monitor
liver the most appropriate
status focusing on an efficient action the recommendations
recommendations &
future objectives plan & initiatives
Flight Operations 081

Flight Operations

Airbus Consulting Services delivers turnkey Best Industry Practice (BIP)

Your benefits
solutions to enhance airlines’ flight opera- • Enhancement of your flight operations
tions organisation, processes and proce- organisation Best Industry Practice
• Streamlined organisation
dures. Through our expertise and experi- • Fleet use optimisation • Optimised fleet performance
ence in more than 100 projects worldwide, Management of fleet evolution
• Know-how and best practices transfer
• Optimised cost
we aim to ensure efficient and safe opera- • Fleet Entry-Into-Service assistance Management of fleet evolution
tions of our customers’ fleet. • Fleet growth assistance • Optimised synergies with Airbus
• Support to change management
Operational Control Centre (OCC) • Improved knowledge of Airbus tools
Our team of experts has developed a
enhancement Operational Control Centre
unique and large range of tailored advisory • Efficient coordination within OCC
services to address airlines’ flight opera- • Coaching for implementation of • OCC adapted to your fleet size
processes • Know-how and best practices transfer
tions challenges:
Local and international compliance
Local and international compliance • Regulation knowledge & experience
• Compliance with aviation standards • Be fully prepared for third party audit
• Compliance with standards
Quality and safety
• Third party audit preparation • Compliance with international
safety and quality standards
Quality and safety • Be fully prepared for third party audit
• Assistance in the implementation of Operations advanced tool
Safety and Quality Management System • Increased efficiency of OCC
• Get the best of your current tools
Operations advanced tool • Customised guidance for tools
• Flight operations tool review • Advisory for suitable new tools
• Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) readiness solution
roadmap Fuel and flight efficiency
• Measure and quantify current
Fuel and flight efficiency initiatives
• Identify further initiatives
• Fuel and flight efficiency • Alignment and engagement
• Aircraft Performance Monitoring (APM) of all departments on a common
fuel efficiency strategy
• Cost Index (CI) strategy
084 Training


Training by Airbus provides state-of-the-art Training Solutions

to ensure safe, reliable and economic operations of all Airbus
Aircraft throughout their lifecycle.
A comprehensive and tailored training portfolio is designed and
developed by Airbus for pilots, cabin crews, performance and
operations engineers, maintenance personnel, structure and
repair specialists. Innovative courseware, highly-qualified instruc-
tors and the most advanced training technologies available on the
market are the pillars of the Airbus Training offer.
The different training courses can be performed in one of the
facilities in our Training Centre network which are located across
the globe (see page 86). They can also be delivered at your desk
with our e-Training solutions or at your doorstep via our mobile
Training 085

Airbus Multi Fleet
Airbus Training Network

Flight Training
Flight Training courses
ACE Suite

Flight Operations Training

Flight Operations Training courses
Cabin Crew Training
Cabin Crew Training courses
Cabin Training Suite

Maintenance Training
Maintenance and Structure Training courses
Maintenance Training Suite (ACT Suite)

e-Training by Airbus 96
Consulting services
Training consulting
086 Training

Airbus Training Network

7 3

5 16

4 14




Your training: where you need it, when you need it, how you need it.

Reaching new horizons together

01. ATC* Europe - Toulouse (France) 06. Dubai (UAE) 11. Campinas (Sao Paolo)
Flight Training Approvals: CAAC (A380 Flight Training Approvals: EASA / UAE GCAA Flight Training Approval: Brazilian Civil Avia-
and A300-600 only), EASA, FAA (A350 only), tion Authority (ANAC)
RFCAA 07. Miami (U.S.A.)
Maintenance Training Approvals: CAAC / Flight Training Approvals: Brazilian Civil 12. Buenos Aires (ARG)
CASA / EASA / UAE GCAA / RFCAA Aviation Authority (ANAC) Maintenance Training Approval
EASA / FAA / Mexican Civil Aviation Authority
02. A
 TC* Europe - Hamburg (Germany) (DGAC) 13. Tunis (TAR)
Maintenance Training Approvals: EASA / UAE Maintenance Training Approvals: Maintenance Training Approval
GCAA / RFCAA EASA / Mexican Civil Aviation Authority
14. Bangkok (THA)
03. Beijing (China) Maintenance Training Approval
Flight Training Approvals: CAAC / EASA 08. Mexico
15. Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
Maintenance Training Approvals: Flight Training Approvals: FAA / Mexican Civil
Flight Training Centre in progress
CAAC / EASA Aviation Authority (DGAC)
16. Hong Kong (HAECO)
04. Bangalore (India) 09. Singapore (AATC, SIAEC)
Maintenance Training Approval (EASA)
Maintenance Training Approvals: (AATC) Flight Training Approvals: EASA /
EASA / Director General of Civil Aviation CAAS
(DGCA) (SIAEC) Maintenance Training Approval:
05. New Delhi (India)
Flight Training Approvals: EASA 10. Jakarta (Indonesia)
Flight Training Approval: EASA
(GMF) Maintenance Training Approvals:

*Airbus Training Centre. Further approvals can be provided upon request

Training 087

Flight Training
Flight Training courses

Airbus offers a full coverage of Flight Crew training through competency-driven courses for pilots of different experiences and qualifications.
Hands-on training is introduced by a functional mix of training devices up to the latest standard of Full Flight Simulators.

These include: • Technical Flight Familiarisation training • Recurrent training and refresher courses
• Intermediate training courses for ATPL for non revenue technical flights • UPRT: e-Training courses for systems
qualified cadets requiring experience on • Airbus Command Course: Our highly and variant differences familiarisation
Jet aircraft or Multi-Crew cockpit training interactive, high quality Command briefing but also N-Flysmart and eQRH.
• Airbus Type Rating course (standard course, integrates a special focus on non
Transition training) technical skills such as decision-making,
and comprises four complementary
• Reduced Type Rating (Cross Crew
Qualification) and difference training
(Common Type Rating) courses, • Airbus Crew Resource Management
taking credit from previous Airbus including Human Factors
experience to reduce Type Rating
training duration
• Initial Operating Experience (IOE)-Line Three engine
ferry flight
Flying Under Supervision (LIFUS),
Technical Flight Command course
immersing one of our experienced Familiarisation
instructors into your flight crew
• Airbus Pilot Instructor Courses (APIC)
Fleet Technical
dedicated to future or experienced Pilot course In-Service
pilot instructors Recurrent
Providing flexible services and refresher
THROUGHOUT the career path training courses
of your pilots

Base Flight
Instructor Examiner Training
courses courses ZFTT

Cross Crew Qualification

(Reduced Type Rating)


Familiarisation Difference Low Visibility Operations (LVO)
Training (CTR)
ELT Jet and/or Head-Up Display (HUD)
Familiarisation Familiarisation
training (STR) ETOPS

Type Rating Familiarisation courses: ROPS, TCAS, FMS, FANS,

Sharklets, FLS, FlySmart
088 Training

Flight Training
A350 Flight Training

Your benefits Innovation with A350 XWB

Flight Training. New aircraft.
ACE Trainer, a new generation
of learning tools
Optimised training program New flight training concept. Airbus Cockpit Experience (ACE) trainer is
with focus on essentials New generation of learning tools.
Type Rating course performed introducing simulation at a very early stage
For A350 XWB, Airbus has introduced a
in 23 days instead of 25 in the training course.
new Type-rating course, with a significant
Efficient learning process • A350 familiarisation through a mobile
Hands-on active learning from change in the footprint compared to a tradi-
day one. Better knowledge retention tional type conversion course. virtual cockpit
Increased pilots’ motivation and
proficiency For the ground phase, trainees first encoun- • Knowledge acquisition on systems,
Optimised use of higher ter with the A350 XWB will be in a 3D virtual normal/abnormal procedures and
level devices and interactive cockpit: Airbus Cockpit Standard Operating procedures (SOPs)
APT+: Systems and procedures
knowledge acquisition during ground Experience (ACE) Trainer, the essential in a simulated crew environment
phase with ACE Trainer. FFS: Freed brick of the new competency-based training
space for use in manual flying and
• Free play simulation for system practice
operational scenarios philosophy. and skills reinforcement
Continuous skills reinforcement Then fixed-base (but high fidelity) APT+ and • Self-paced learning to proficiency
Trainees can act freely and use full-motion simulation put the trainee in an
the tool as much as necessary
to further develop skills at their pace enhanced realistic environment.
Manual handling in the Full Flight Simula-
tor (FFS) is introduced from the early stage
of the course with a first session on day 8.
Trainees have more opportunities to practice
throughout the course, and follow scena-
Optimised integration of theory rio-based flights towards the end of the course.
and practice for ground training
thanks to the ACE Trainer:

Systems Knowledge ACE Trainer Guided exercices and

Modules (SKM) "Learning by discovery"
Theoretical knowledge Practice

System knowledge acquisition Guided hands-on lessons Assisted

with focus on "need-to-understand" Procedure Lessons for Ground Standard
Operating Procedures and installation
of ECAM management Free-play
for session preparation/briefing/
Training 089

ACE Suite

Airbus flight training concepts, tools and ex-

Your benefits
pertise can be deployed at customer’s site.
Via the ACE Suite service, we propose a Flexible
global training solution to address your in- Airbus training concepts transposed
ternal A350 training needs. in your environment.
Service duration from 5 to 10 years,
adapted to your needs

Enhanced training
Effective training programme,
efficient learning process.

ACE Suite The A350 XWB ACE Suite gives Highest training quality
access to Airbus essential training OEM-backed training standards
ACE Suite media package
media, educational content and Sharing of approved training
ACE Trainer, including programmes and course contents
documentation required for A350
• ACE Launcher with local LMS
• Aircraft simulation with associated XWB Flight Crew Licensing (FCL)
Costs savings
lessons and beyond.
Reduced travel and work disruption
• Walk-around visualisation tool
• Software interface for N-FlySmart Limited up-front investment
The ACE Suite offers long term sup-
Educational content: port to ensure airlines’ safe and op-
• Airbus Syllabus: Flight Crew Training timised operations, while reducing
Program for trainees and instructors:
significantly the total cost of training.
- Flight Crew Trainee Data (FCTD),
- Flight Crew Instructor Data (FCID)
• Systems Knowledge Modules (SKM)
• Training Tutorial

• Installation guide and remote assis-
tance for deployment
• Training media package updates
• Online support 24*7
• Instructors or quality technical advice

Note: ACE Trainer and ACE Suite will also

be available for A330 and A320 by 2019.
090 Training

Flight Operations Training

Flight Operations Training courses

Safety, Performance and Weight & Balance

courses have been designed to cover all flight
operations related activities:
• Safety courses
• Courses for Flight Operations engineers
• Courses for Flight Operations line per-

Flight Safety officers and engineers, Flight

Operations engineers, dispatchers, load
controllers and planners are trained to
acquire advanced knowledge of aircraft
documentation, systems and computation
Training 091

Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Crew Training courses

To ensure a successful aircraft Entry-In- • Type Specific Cabin Training course • Train the Trainer course (Airbus Ca-
to-Service and the safe operations of all aims to provide airline personnel (cabin bin Crew Instructor Course) aims to
Airbus aircraft, Airbus also provides cabin crew, instructors and cabin engineers) train existing and future airline instructors
crew training courses. with information and operational instruc- in the development and delivery of cabin
Enhanced knowledge of Airbus aircraft and tions on Airbus aircraft and cabin crew training within their own airline.
cabin systems leads to cabin crews’ opti- systems and to reinforce competences The course is also aimed at improving
mum service on-board and passengers’ full for a successful Entry Into Service (EIS). the competences in teaching, facilitation,
satisfaction. This course also enables airline’s cabin feedback and presentation skills.
Airbus Cabin Training offers an outstanding crew instructors to develop their own • A320 Corporate Jet Cabin Training
"Learning by doing" approach which en- training programmes and update their course aims to provide airline personnel
ables trainees to optimise their learning time operating manuals. (cabin crew, instructors and engineers)
and adapt teaching rhythm to their needs. • Cabin Crew Enhanced FAP Training with information and operational ins-
Trainees benefit from Airbus multi-qualified (CIDS) module is designed to provide tructions on A320 Airbus Corporate Jet
and experienced cabin crew instructors trainees already familiar with the A320 aircraft.
to acquire advanced knowledge and best or A330/A340 Family classic Flight Atten-
practices. dant Panel (FAP) with the knowledge and
In terms of training media, Airbus has de- operation of the enhanced FAP.
signed software based on the latest air-
• Initial Operating Experience (IOE)
craft cabin development, e.g. Virtual Cabin,
provides airlines with line training during
Virtual Handset trainer and Flight Attendant
the Entry-Into-Service of the aircraft with
Panel (FAP) trainer, providing trainees with a
an Airbus instructor. This service provi-
virtual reality of the entire cabin interior and
des assistance to operating cabin crew
functionalities. With this media, trainees can
with their knowledge of the new aircraft
fine-tune their knowledge of cabin systems
cabin systems and safety equipment.
and emergency procedures.
092 Training

Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Training Suite

Your benefits Airbus has developed a Cabin Training

Suite, an integrated services package de- Cabin Training Suite
Enhanced training ployed at customers' bases allowing airlines
Training media
performance to cover their internal Cabin crew initial and • Cabin Knowledge Modules (CKM) -
Training by Airbus concept recurrent training needs. courseware and software
transposed into environment The Cabin Training Suite is composed of: • FAP trainer (Flight Attendant Panel
The CKM courseware teaches trainer) - software
Cabin Knowledge Modules (CKM), Virtual
trainees the “need to know” • Virtual Cabin - software
(they stick to the essential) Cabin, Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer • Virtual Handset trainer (A380/A350
“Learning by doing” approach and Virtual Handset trainer (for A350 and XWB only) - software
which enables trainees to optimise A380 only). Documentation
their learning time and adapt
teaching rhythm to their needs This all-in-one solution offers long term sup- • Generic Cabin Crew Operating Manual
port to ensure airlines’ safe and optimised • Getting to grips
Enhanced training quality operations, whilst significantly reducing the
Interactivity of the training media: total cost of training.
boost motivation for trainees, • User and installation guides
learning by exploring The Cabin Training Suite is proposed for a • FAP trainer configuration tool
minimum of three years and is renewable. • Learning Management System
Flexibility Administration course + installation
Proximity of an in-house-concept Support and Expertise
Flexibility for practice: no work • Technical support
disruption, no need for aircraft • Software updates
access, no risk/cost of damages • Courseware revisions
on aircraft

No travel and living expenses
for trainees
Avoid long or costly courseware
development and update

Note: ACE Trainer and ACE Suite will also

be available for A330 and A320 by 2019.
Training 093

Maintenance Training
Maintenance and Structure Training courses

Airbus offers a broad range of certifying and specialised courses covering all maintenance and structure related activities.
These courses can also be tailored to fit recurrent training needs or to cope with specific issues faced during operations.

Certifying courses approved by multi- Specialised and recurrent training Initial Operating Experience (IOE): to
ple national airworthiness authorities: courses for Line and Base maintenance support customers at aircraft Entry-In-
• T1: Mechanical engineers covering specific domains to-Service and throughout the operational
• T2: Avionics such as: life of their Airbus aircraft
• T1+T2: Mechanical + Avionics • General Familiarisation courses Airbus Maintenance Instructor Course
• P1: Practical on device • E WIS (AMIC): to prepare future or experienced
• P2: Practical on Aircraft • Engine run-up maintenance trainers
• CMQ Intra family: Engine difference • Taxiing courses
• CMQ Inter Airbus family • Troubleshooting Structure courses portfolio encompassing
• Aircraft servicing metallic and composite structure courses
• Ground handling ranging from:
• Cargo loading • Damage assessment
• CAT II/III • Repair design
• E TOPS • Execution of the repair solution for
• Cabin interior structure specialists
• M35 (B1/B2) for US customers • Corrosion control
• Management training (Gen Fam) • Fatigue and damage courses

See page 96, for our e-Training

094 Training

Your benefits
Maintenance Training
Faster fault identification
88% and ease in routine tasks Maintenance and Structure Training courses

Decrease in maintenance
73% errors and components'
damages ACT for Maintenance, a proven efficiency
The Airbus Competence Training (ACT) ACT can be made available at your facilities
concept has been efficiently deployed by either via short term lease of our ACT mobile
88% Optimisation in technical
documentation usage Airbus over recent years. This concept, a classroom or through a long term solution (5
learning-by-doing approach, focuses on years): ACT Suite
operationally-oriented training and is appro-
ved by the airworthiness authorities. Based on ACT, the Airbus Maintenance Mo-
87% Decrease of inappropriate
removals By combining the ACT Trainer and the bile classroom aims at making Airbus-stan-
Virtual Aircraft, you can reduce your prac- dard courses, instructors and technology
tical training time on a real aircraft by 50%, even more widely available around the world.
Improved accuracy in contributing to its decreased downtime and
100% problem solving and
associated costs.
troubleshooting tasks

Increased safety
93% awareness

* Survey run with 26 customers /

300 engineers

Virtual Active learning Virtual

Cockpit + supported with the ACT Trainer Aircraft
and Virtual Aircraft
+ Same quality as FFS + Scenario based architecture
+ Different scenarios + PC based architecture
to optimise training Airbus technical data
used as a support to theoretical
A/C and practical parts Courseware
Training 095

Maintenance Training Suite (ACT Suite)

ACT Suite is a long term on-site solution to cover others services, such as: instruc- Your benefits
proposed to maintenance and enginee- tors sourcing and standardisation, support
ring training organisations to address their and updates of courseware and software, Training performance
internal training needs with Airbus training etc. Airbus concept transposed
in customer environment
standard. With ACT Suite at their facility, customers
The ACT Suite solution has been built will ensure their training quality and at the Training quality
around the Airbus Competence Training same time, benefit from significant savings
OEM backed training standard
(ACT), the Airbus active learning concept on courses development, travel and living
Approved and up-to-date courses,
approved by the Airworthiness Authorities. cost. meeting regulatory requirements
The package can be customised Optimised maintenance operations
Human factors oriented

Proximity of an in-house-concept
Flexibility for practice: no work
disruption, no need for aircraft
access, no risk/cost of damages
on aircraft
ACT Suite “ACT Suite” is proposed as a 5
years renewable service package Savings
Media package
• ACT trainer incl. the Virtual Cockpit for maintenance / engineering Reduced travel costs for customer
maintenance trainees
• Virtual components location training organisations to address
• Airbus LMS Software their internal personnel initial and Limited courses development effort
• Aircraft knowledge modules recurrent training. Fleet operational reliability benefit
•M  aintenance Instruction
Learning with less impact
and Learning Guide on the aircraft
• Learning documentation The targeted customers are:
Airlines and/or their affiliated
Media deployment
MRO training organisations
• Installation + LMS
administration course •
Independent MROs training
centres, Training academies
Instructor proficiency
• AMIC ACT tool familiarisation
• ACT Trainer and Training
media updates
• Update of educational content
• Online support 24*7
• Technical Advice: Instructor
or Quality (remote advisory service)
096 Training

e-Training by Airbus

Your benefits Online access to Airbus expertise Thanks to the implementation of a new and
efficient Learning Management System
Highest standards The e-Training by Airbus offer introduces a (LMS), the learners and their training mana-
comprehensive courses portfolio covering gers can benefit from advanced features,
OEM-backed data
almost all training domains: Maintenance, including the possibility to edit Airbus de-
Courses developed with experienced
Airbus instructors and in-fleet data Flight, Flight Operations and Cabin crew claration of attendance automatically via the
training. platform, and extensive training records for
Training efficiency effective learning and progress monitoring.
Cost-effective training solutions We propose a flexible offer that ranges
Self-paced study for better retention from e-Training courses (pay-per-course) The access to e-Training naturally allows
Extensive use of videos to support to e-Training libraries: 12-months service your personnel to learn and refresh at any
self-study subscription providing access to Airbus time, from any location, on any device. You
educational content such as courseware, can take advantage of Airbus’ exclusive po-
instructor-led videos, practical guided exer- sition of having fleet-wide data to use the
Access from any location,
at any time, on any device cises for troubleshooting preparation, and latest available standards on the market.
operational data, for a special focus on re-
current training.
Training 097

Flight e-Training courses Flight Operations Maintenance

Familiarisation courses/briefings e-Training courses e-Training courses
for flight crew
• A320 • EWIS (group 1 to 8)
• ROPS Familiarisation course – all aircraft • A330/A340 • FTIS (Fuel Tank Inerting System)
• FMS2 Familiarisation course – all aircraft Aircraft Systems Briefing
• A350 • A320 General Familiarisation – all engines
• FANS A+ Familiarisation course – all aircraft • A380 • A380/A350 New Technology
• FANS B+ Familiarisation course – all aircraft •X ML Authoring e-Training course • Optical Fiber Inter System – all aircraft
• FLS Familiarisation course – all aircraft Now integrated into “Administration of Flight • Human factors – all aircraft
• Sharklets Familiarisation briefing Ops Manuals for Flight Ops Engineer” • A380 Supplemental Cooling Systems (SCS)
• AP/FD TCAS course – all aircraft course • A350-900 to A350-1000 maintenance
• A320 HUD L4/5 Familiarisation difference course
briefing - e-Training
• A320 Family Same Type Rating e-Training libraries
Familiarisation Briefing •A
 320 Maintenance Recurrent
• A350-900 to A350-1000 Familiarisation e-Training library
briefing • A300-600 e-Systems Knowledge
Library for flight crew
UPRT Recurrent e-Training for flight crew • A310-300 e-Systems Knowledge
Library for flight crew
 320 Maintenance Recurrent
FlySmart with Airbus for flight crew
e-Training library
• A320 FlySmart with Airbus for Flight Crew
• A380 e-Systems Knowledge
• A330 - iPad course
Library for flight crew
• A340 - Windows course
• A350 Cabin Knowledge Modules
• A320/A330/A340 FlySmart with Airbus (CKM) for cabin crew
for Flight Crew – new Windows L6 graphic
interface course

eQRH e-Training for flight crew

• Dangerous goods
098 Training

Consulting services

Airbus Consulting Services is uniquely po-

sitioned to provide airlines and MROs with
efficient and tailored recommendations to
optimise their organisation, processes and
4 major
3 transversal
Airline Advanced
From organisation assessment to capabi- & Engineering Tools
lity assistance, Airbus Consulting Services
has developed a wide range of advisory Material Airstart
services. We offer dedicated and innova-
tive solutions aiming at covering airlines and
MROs’ main operations domains.
Operations Fuel & Flight Efficiency

Training Airbus Consulting offers to airlines a

wide range of tailored services

Your benefits
Airbus Consulting Services’ approach is As an aircraft manufacturer, we provide
to propose customised recommenda- a unique combination of technical and
tions and cost effective solutions based business excellence to support you in:
on the following added value:

A dedicated and multicultural Maximising fleet usage

team of consultants coming
from various backgrounds Mitigating delays & cancellations

Customised services according Meeting safety standards

to customer’s context and Streamlining organisation & tools
Controlling fuel expenses
Privileged manufacturer visibility
on worldwide fleet records and Reducing operating costs
best practices
Unique Airbus technical know-how
and best product knowledge
Robust and proven methodology

Assess Advice Implement Follow-up

Provide feedback to de-
Analyse your current Assist you to display Review and monitor
liver the most appropriate
status focusing on an efficient action the recommendations
recommendations &
future objectives plan & initiatives
Training 099

Training consulting

Airbus Consulting Services delivers turnkey Our team of experts has developed a
solutions through a recognised expertise in unique range of tailored advisory services
training facilities and organisation. Thanks to address airlines’ training challenges:
to our experience, we aim to reduce and • Assessment of training organisation
optimise training costs as well as help in- • Support to training equipment selection,
crease airlines’ competitiveness in training acceptance, & qualification
business. • Training regulatory approval support
• Training programme review
• Airbus training “as-is” assessment
100 Airbus Engineering
Airbus Engineering 101

Packaged Solutions
102 Packaged Solutions


Airbus Packaged Solutions are sets of value added combinations

of services covering the main domains in your operations. The
packages offer you a complete end-to-end solution all along the
value chain and will be tailored according to your specific needs.
We will be your single supplier interface, covering your entire
operational needs so you can focus on your core activities.
Airbus Engineering 103

Packaged Solutions
Airbus Multi Fleet

104 102
Starter Kit
Aircraft & Parts Availability
Optimised Asset and Residual Value
Enhanced Flight Operations
Fuel Efficiency
104 Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions
Starter Kit

Your benefits A modular turn-key solution to quickly

start your operations
One single partner Services by Airbus has developed a Starter
and interface kit for you as a start-up airline or operating
Quick & easy an Airbus aircraft for the first time.
implementation This modular packaged solution consists of
Ensured efficiency basic services for your overall organisation,
and minimised risks maintenance & engineering department
and flight operations. Our team will be there
for you right from the start with expertise
and recommendations to facilitate your
Entry-Into- Service and make sure you have
the services you need to start your opera-

The modular offer:

Starter Kit A pre-defined set of services covering basic needs in

all your domains

Starter Kit Complementing Starter Kit Essentials with additional

services for optimised organisation and performance
Packaged Solutions 105

Starter kit modules

Overall organisation Flight Operations
& Engineering

• Entry into Services • General Familiarisation • Data for Navigation

recommendations Training & Airport

Starter Kit • Organisation, process &

procedures review
• Materials
• Training for Pilots
and Cabin Crew
Essentials • Material services • Means and tools for
Flight planning & Flight

• Optimisation of • Qualifying Maintenance • Performance studies

organisation & processes Training & MEL customisation
• Preparation requirements • Maintenance Program • EFB-package
Starter Kit for mandatory documents Definition (qualification, hardware,
& AOC approval approval, training)
Boost • Real time health
monitoring solution
106 Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions

Aircraft & Parts Optimised Asset

Availability and Residual Value
Our aircraft and parts availability package Services & Products We offer you a package that maximises
has been created to optimise your mainte- • Provisioning packages: page 17 your asset efficiency and residual value
nance & engineering activities for improved • Tools: pages 25 by enhancing your products with cabin,
operational reliability and on-time perfor- • Engine CES parts sales: page 21 sharklet, connectivity, e-solutions and flight
mance. We offer you an end-to-end solu- • FHS-Components: pages 18 operations services.
tion for aircraft availability including FHS, • FHS-Tailored Support Package: page 19 Consulting
Integrated Material Services combined with • Connectivity: pages 51 • Consulting Services: page 41, 60 & 96
e-solutions and training bringing efficiency
into the maintenance activities. Training
• Flight Ops Training: page 90
• Maintenance & Engineering: page 42 Services & Products
• Material Management: page 42 • Cabin Upgrades: page 48
• Connectivity: page 51
• System Upgrades: page 52
• Maintenance and Structure Training:
• Sharklet Retrofit: page 54
page 93

Digital Services
• N-Documentation: page 71
• ADOC Web Maintenance: page 28
• AIRMAN-web: page 29
• AirPl@n: page 31
• Airbus Real Time Health Monitoring:
page 32
• CrossLogbook: page 30
• Repair Manager: page 33
• e-Doc Browser - Airbus Smarter Fleet ®:
page 37
• Maintenance Mobility - Airbus Smarter
Fleet ®: page 35
Packaged Solutions 107

Enhanced Flight Fuel Efficiency

For operators with challenging airports or a The Fuel Efficiency package consists of
need to improve your flight operations per- sharklet and cabin weight saving upgrades,
formance, we have developed the Enhanced combined with e-solutions for flight perfor-
Flight Operations Package. This solution in- mance and navigation optimisation to improve
cludes consulting services, e-solutions, data your fuel efficiency. Our services will support
analysis and training to optimise your flight your targets for long term sustainability and
performance. will contribute to profitability.

Consulting Consulting
• Flight Operations: page 80 • Fuel & Flight efficiency: page 80

Training Training
• Maintenance Training: page 95 • Flight Ops Training: page 90
• Flight Training: page 87
Digital Services
Digital Services • N-Flysmart: page 69
• N-Documentation: page 71 • Fuel Efficiency Portal -
• ADOC Web Maintenance: page 28 Airbus Smarter Fleet ®: page 70
• N-Flysmart: page 69
Services & Products
• N-Airfase: page 69
• Cabin Upgrades: page 48
• N-SAMS: page 74
• Sharklet Retrofit: page 54
• Airpl@n: page 31
• Connectivity: page 51
Services & Products
• ROPS: page 75
• System Upgrades: page 52
• Navigation+: page 62
• Charts+: page 63
• Airport+: page 64
• N-Performance: page 73
108 Portefolio Service by Airbus


































Portefolio Service by Airbus 109


































110 Portefolio Service by Airbus


































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