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Measure Key Mode Tempo Dynamics Range-Voice Range-Piano Texture-Piano

1 to 15 G Minor Schnell f, pp C2 - Bb4 Galloping

Getting chased
16 to 32 G Minor Schnell pp F#4 - G5 F2- C5 Chasing/eerie feeling

36 to 40 G Minor Schnell p, f D4 - C5 G2 - B4 No bass line - makes

way for Father's part
41 to 50 C Minor Schnell pp, mf, p, mf F4 - Eb5 F1 - C5 Adds diminished chords
F Major adds sense of peril
51 to 54 Bb Major Schnell mf C4 - F4 F2 - F4 The father ignores the
child's plea (V7 - I)
55 to 72 Bb Major Schnell ppp E4 - G5 F1 - D4 The music creates an
invitation to go with the
73 to 79 C Minor Schnell f, p A4 - Eb5 F#2 - D5 Comes out of the calming
Erlkonig music into a
panic like state
80 to 85 B Minor Schnell p D4 - B4 B1 - B4 Creates another
G Major V7 - I cadence
86 to 96 C Major Schnell ppp D4 - G5 G1 - E5 Creates a playful line
uses arpeggiation versus
block chords
97 to 104 D Minor Schnell p B4 - F5 G#2 - E5 Panicking triplets again

105 to 115 C# Minor Schnell p, f D4 - D5 D2 - D5 Between piano and voice

D Minor it sounds like it's trying to
calm the child, but not
116 to 123 Eb Major Schnell pp, ff D4 - F5 D2 - F5 Moved to block chords
instead of arpeggiations

124 to 131 D Minor Schnell ff, f G4- Gb5 G1 - G5 Hasteful galloping

G Minor

132 to 148 G Minor Schnell f, f, fp, p C#4 - G5 G1 - D5 Galloping to the end

Andante Powerful ending to
bring out the death factor
Character Music/Text Relationship

Narrator The text is talking about

riding at night, and the piano
part sounds like a horse galloping.
Father The bass line cuts out to add a
calming sense to the Father's text.
Son Diminished 7ths chords introduce
the son's angst about the Erlkonig.
Father The music comes to a V7-I cadence
and makes the situation seem comical
Erlkonig We get introduced to the Erlkonig
and his melody is very happy sounding
in hopes to entice the child to come.
Son A descending diminished triad adds to
the child's sense of angst as he yells
to his father to help him.
Father We get another V7-I cadence to
emphasize the father's lack of concern.
Erlkonig The Erlkonig's melody is still playing
and he is still trying to convince the
son to come along with him.
Son The Son's panic is at a high right now
with the descending diminished chords
again, while the right hand sounds like alarms.
Father The Father finally realizes what the son
is talking about, and this is the first time
we don't hear a V7-I cadence, and it stays
minor because of the realization.
Erlkonig There is neapolitan action going on
as a final attempt to try and get the son
to come willingly.
Son The descending diminished triads come
back, and the voice is singing a high Gb
almost a screaming like tone.
Narrator The piece comes to an end as the tempo
slows down as the father realizes that he's
holding his dead son, because the Erlkonig
had killed the child.