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eee eee SAMPLE BALLOT GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION ‘APRIL2, 2018 KNOX COUNTY, MISSOURI Notice of Election Notice is hereby given thatthe General Municipal Election will be held in the County of Knox on ‘Tuesday, April 2, 2019 a certified to this office by the participating entities of Knox County. The ballot forthe Election shal be in substantially the following form. KNOK COUNTY | CITY OF EDINA CTY OF Knox CITY HEALTH DEPARTMENT. __| acca)! i ‘SALES TAXISSUE ‘QUESTION FOR MARSHALL EX OFFICIO aoe: es crivtian ‘COLLECTOR TRG of Esa impose a sales "TWO YEAR TERM sha knox County Hea lacotonsn fone pet | [Deparment ax wy be increesed from ero |“ycents porene hundred tars” | |arsporaton purposes of biding, 5 . E maintain o-ceaton of stress, LORETTA GOODWIN lseessed valuation to'9 maxima of dowels, and associates cur a (25) ants per one hundred dobars See fsssesed valuation forthe county neatn| Mea? (center and mainonance operation of are (game? Ityou aren favor of ts i FOR ALDERMAN AT-LARGE, Iscaton fist cel ex on wes Sec Fou ae tn varie ‘ue vean Tek Sevion ie evel nae othe wr | eee Ns fre FoR aLDERWAN : eo C2 Davi MecABE TWO ean Tena (D) sanrana sued ote For ne @) = Fonmensen orsoanoor | [-Tyapypeance = Foun Year TER [ weLc0n wooowaRo iG sent i (mar Panis = JBETTY JO GONNERMAN JUDITH PEARCE ‘VILLAGE OF NEWARK. FOR ALDERMAN FOR TRUSTEE = | } ‘SECOND WARD. ‘TWO YEAR TERI ; | TWO YEAR TERM sic er onterom roan goane) HaWGNS [DiborkriecsHauser 3 CITY OF BARING oO FOR MAYOR a VILLAGE OF NOVELTY Ah FOR ALOERMAN Gs wererone OVER TER FOR MENBER OF THE BOARD TONY SNELUNG weer | OF TRUSTEE c sais | TWO YEAR TERM oe [Co betar sTRaNce erect Fororycounci.mewaer | [= “THE SP0Rv EARL “CHUCK” BARTON “TWO YEAR TERN io (Co Toweauey (a = eee eseeee eee et ‘CITY OF HURDLAND- —= VID POSTON FOR ALDERMAN AT-LARGE = —— ‘ONE YEAR TERM ‘CLARK COUNTY WATER SUPPLY DISTRICT \ a ‘SPECIAL BOND ELECTION ‘QUESTION sat Consoldated Pubic Water Supoly [Distret Ho. tof lark County, nissoun Iseue is watorver revenue bonds in a prncipa amount of upto $4 500,009 fer Ine purpose of ecqurng, construct. Jumisting and equipping improvements Io the Deets watorworks system the [cost of operation ana maintonance |S systom end th principal of ad | erat on said evenve bonds tbo jpayabe soley For ho rovenuoe [served by the Dist om the lareraton ots waterworks system, lnusing autos extensions and improvements thereto? NO. eed Lewis COUNTY c-1 ‘SCHOOL OISTRCT FOR DIRECTOR THREE YEAR TERM (ROBERT REED MILLER TAMMY TATE I ERNHEDoES [Ci sTevEN D. MeHENRY_ LAPLATARAI ScHOOL DISTRICT FOR MENBER OF BOARD OF EDUCATION. ‘THREE YEAR TERM Ci tmoTHy w. wooo PROPOSITION K.LDS, ‘Shall the Board of Education ofthe La Plata Rll Sctoo| Dit Mlesout lbrrow money inthe amount of Three Mion Two Hundred Eighty Thousane | |otar $3,280,000) or me purpose ot [proving hinds forthe sito [evelopment consructon, equisoing, and furietng ofa highschool ator land elementary gyrmasury tothe lecent funds are avalible, corplat of later remodeling and repair |mgrovernans to tha ening facts of Ine oisvex, and issue bonds for Ne lpaymert teres resulting ino debt Iservice property tax levy of $0 8000 per Jruncre colars of assessed valuation? fis propostion fs approved, the lacustoa dob sorvce try ofthe Schoo! Dae estimates fo roreane fom 0.0000 to $.8000 per one muncrec [dors of ascossed Valuation of eal and [personal property YES: NO.