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‘SAMPLE BALLOT GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION APRIL, 2019 LEwis COUNTY, MISSOURI NOTICE OF ELECTION Nefcis hereby given thatthe Generel Murcia lector wil be hk! inthe Cunt of Lew on Tuesday Ap 2, 2018 ating ‘ons olor bythe partspaing eis of Lows Coon. Tha Balt forthe Elan shal ein euttatnly te foning fom. Lewis COUNTY PALMYRA R4 ‘CANTON R-V NURSING HOME DISTRICT SCHOOL DISTRICT SCHOOL DISTRICT ___e-— __Stoee vent PROPOSITION 4. |To choose by ballot (2) directors who| To choose By al shall sorve as mombars of the Board [Shall he Lewis County Nursing Home | | who shall serve ‘of Education of eald School Distct District be euthorzed io crease the | | palmyra Rd Board of Education for | | fora term of thre (2) years each. Jannual rat of property tax tom 12.99¢ | | term of three (8) years each. to 28¢ on the hundred cola assessed Elven eee Jafar lvaluston? I en forte MICHELLE FRAZIER YES {208 KNOCHEL JOSH WELKER NO ROTH MeELVAIN (CLARK COUNTY ae ‘SCHOOL DISTRICT — ee ELSE aie To choose by ballot two (2) Boarg ‘Membors who shal serve as Directors of the Clark County Ret SPECIAL SCHOOL ‘School District Board of education sreciAL BcHDOE. 'BOND ELECTION fora term of threo (2) year term: Bea ea ioat eee Se Fee PROPOSITION 2 MARK PLENGE ‘Shall the Board of Eaueaton ofthe (CRAIG HUNZIKER [Skat te Board of Education ofthe | [Canton R-V Schoo! Dist, Missour, |wiiout an estimated increase in the [carent debt serice property tx lov, leorow money in the amount of wo inion fve randresthousane dolars ($2,600 000) forthe purpose of rovting funds to implement safety and] 'Securay mossuret: to complete enema) leticiency Improverents and repairs to nets, without ton, 00 heating, ventation and a condoning Palmyra Rel School District. Nsw, jwitnoutan estate increase inthe Jcurent debt service property tax levy, lnorrow money in the amount of Tres are tion Five Hunarea Thousand Dellars (s,800,000) forthe purpose of prouging funds to sample catty and |secuty access contol uperaces athe nigh schoos renovate the high ool RUTH BROTHERTON Lewis counry ct |Ve-kg uisingclassroome and SCHOOL DISTRICT frescos ante midi scoot ktcer [WAG sytons,tue-poning, an ay, eee ag eniaae ec lather measures tat provi ang-erm erste renter a celing_ | loperetina cost reductions; othe exent (CHOOSE BY BALLOT TWO lin re avatstie, compete cher ie replacement. iging ane electrical |-pgreses, and foo repairs: construct Jan alec complex wrth a new a weather vack ang actwey Feld expand the high school weight room wah an action to nouse he wresting program: Jrenovete and upgrade the elementary playground; tote extent nds are DIRECTORS WHO SHALL SERVE AS MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF [EDUCATION OF THE LEWIS. JCOUNTY c. SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR| ‘A TERM OF THREE YEARS EACH, remodeling and improvements tothe lexsting faites ofthe Dist incucing lschnology equipment; and isu bonds forthe payment hereof? Itthis proposition is approved, the lajustod dent service levy ofthe Schoo! [Deticts estimates to remain ROBERT REED MILLER ercenccaepete oer emedsing _ | lunchanged at 0 5500 par one handed TAMMY TATE near eramerts cine exsing | Ijotars of assessed valuaon af eal and ERIN HEDGES forthe payment thereat? Personal property LINDSAY CAUDILL ts propostion's approved, the ves laiuste debt service levy of he Schoal| [| NO JEREMY GEISENOORFER econ datas my 3 NICOLE SIMMONS: lunchanged at $0.68 per one hundred |dolars of assessed valuation of eal an personal property) = E ves NO. LARC COUNTY PUBLIC WATER ory oF EwNG cmry OF LABELLE SUPPLY DISTRICT NO.1 P————————— | To choose by ballot one (1) Mayor FOR ALDERMAN who shall sorve as a member ofthe SOUTH WARD ae City of Ewing Fora ro (2) your rm, ‘TWO YEAR TERM [Shat Consolidated Pubic Water Supply Vo taro vo Frome [ues wtorvors vera borden] |) DEANWAGY SNDEY DOSCHER principal amount of up to 5,800,000 for ne purpose of acqunng, constcing, fering and equipping improvements | ppm |_ re ———— othe Disbiete watorworke sytem, he aa cost cf eprain and martenancs of | |r choose by ballot one (1) 1st Ward CITY OF CANTON sat system and te principal af ane ehcone fo balk on (et ncrston sed revenue bonds obe | | member ofthe cy ofewmgfora |) payable solely fom the revenues ‘wo (2) year term. FoRMAYOR [serves byte Dict rom ha TWO YEAR TERM loperaton ofits waters system, lnauaing al tre extensions and iret ons L seerore improvements thereto? ALAN TOLER JARROD PHILLIPS ves NO se) se ‘CANTON RW FIRE PROTEOTION Distticr —__ | |To choose by ballot one (1 2nd Ward FOR ALDERMAN NTT _. |" Aigerman who aba serve WARD member af the City of Ewing fore ‘Two YEAR PROPOSITION FIRE A See shat re Board of Credo ofthe ot arom ROBIN BRACEY [canton Rv Fre PretectonOistey, jweroutan estimated icease inthe SUPFORD WADE lcrent dot serdce propery tax ey. es leoraw meray in he amount of Tree oS Hundred Twenty Thousand Dotars | (__woeren———————— ] 3320000) othe purpose of proving FOR ALDERMAN paraded apparatus an equpment at CITY OF LABELLE Ime Canton, Wontonto, and ‘Two YEAR TERM jnitismetown stations: rd issue bonds | =< forthe payment here? FOR MAYOR eames ‘Two YEAR TERM ‘GEORGE HAUSDORF rs ropesionie approved, he lachsted debt service ey ofthe Fie von ferom Distt estrstoatromaln KENNETH E. RUSH - lunchanged at $0.0718 per one hundred | | —“=SNETAS.RUS (pg ldotars of assessed vatuaton of rel and] ||) CHRISD. HEMER a ersona Gave > ALDERMAN personal propery _| [Cram TURPIN oe 8 SCOTT HOFFNAN TWO YEAR TERM NO eth Voter one PROPOSITION FIRE B sare J [Fi stinron kav urcrurc FOR COLLECTOR [shat the board of recor of the ‘Two YEAR TERM [canton RV. Fe Prtecton Distt be lsutherzed to tevy an adore ox of enorme [0.9828 per one hundred corso i Jssecseea valatonto aleve nat more || = OTME LEWIS han ity cons on te one nares Jctars ofzesescedvauatonwmcnie |[ the base authorized ra fore re | Ge SERTER————————— ) protean distin order to provise funds cr te continued operational FORALDERMAN suppor at al stations of he stir? NORTH WARD TWO YEAR TERM YES Nile ie NO. LINDA GOODSON ROY LEWIS SR. VILLAGE OF MONTICELLO ‘To choose by batot five (5) ‘Members who shall serv members of the Village of Monticeto| ‘for a one (1) year term. PROPOSITION A [shat te Vitae of Monticto be Jautnonized to forge annual lecons Iie numberof eandidates who have Iied fora parcular offen s equal too |number of postions in the ofc tobe (nl by he elacon? YES NO.