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23MAR2019 | Vol 11 Issue 01

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Jacinda Ardern Abdul Aziz

"Speak the names of those The hero who tackled
who were lost rather than the terrorist and helped
Pg 02
the man who took them." save more lives...
www.iwk.co.nz /indianweekender /indianweekender

NZ Local Hero
13 Kiwi-Indians
make the list

Amjad Hamid, Ansi Alibava, Atta Elayyan, Arifbhai

Mohamedali Vora, Ramiz Arifbhai Vora, Mojammel
Hoq, Khaled Mustafa, Hamza Mustafa, Syed Areeb
Ahmed, Lilik Abdul Hamid, Haji-Daoud Nabi, Junaid
Ismail, Sayyad Ahmad Milne, Linda Armstrong,
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2 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

How things unfolded

t was a calm Friday afternoon
of March 15 in Christchurch,
Jacinda Ardern
where people continuing with in her first media
their normal lives - workers at their
respective workplaces, shoppers at appearance after
malls, mums preparing afternoon tea
at homes, students in their schools, the massacre on
and members of Muslim community
preparing for their weekly Friday Friday, March
prayers scheduled around 2 p.m.
when the world suddenly came 15 strongly
shattering down on them as a heavily
armed and radicalised man opened condemned the
indiscriminate firing on worshippers
in two mosques.
attack on the
The first few hours of the frenzy
unleashed by an absolutely evil, and
mosque and
radicalised man on Friday, March declared the
15, has been permanently etched
in our collective memories as, and shootout as a
best described by Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern as “the darkest day of ‘terrorist attack’.
New Zealand."
A 28-year-old man laden with,
highly dangerous semi-automatic
weapons and even worse, a highly Abdul Aziz
radicalised extremist ideology of
hatred towards everything “foreign”
to his own views, went on a shooting
spree, first at Al Noor Mosque at
Deans Avenue, where he killed
42 innocent lives, before calmly
driving to a second nearby mosque
at Linwood and killing another
seven people.
Even worse, than the brutal and
gutless killing of innocent people
aged between 3 years to 70 years,
was the fact that man live streamed
his shooting spree of 17 minutes on
Facebook Live which was shared in man standing at the narrow gate of Subsequently, he drove east
millions on social media. the mosque who greeted him with towards Linwood Islamic Centre
Clearly, humanity has taken an ‘Hello brother’. which was located seven kilometres
almost U-turn on that Friday, March The gunman then walked inside from Al Noor Mosque and sped there
15 afternoon. and started indiscriminate firing at in 5 minutes before starting another
What has happened since then is the worshippers present in the hall round of shooting there.
a collective effort of the entire New and other room. Some worshippers The Hero who fought
Zealand nation, under the leadership tried to escape through the mosque with the gunman
of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, window while others continue to s narrated by one of the
and supported by every stripe of fall prey to the bullets. The gunman witnesses, the gunman did
political leanings in the country, to continued shooting at the wounded not find the door of the mosque and
turn back the direction of humanity people multiple times before
shot from the window that alerted
that was pushed for a U-turn. returning back to his vehicle to pick
people inside who ran for cover.
It would not be an exaggeration to another weapon, and on the way back
The gunman was then confronted by
say that on Friday, March 15, 2019, to his car shot many more outside.
Abdul Aziz who threw a credit card
efforts have begun to rebuild a new The gunman returned back inside going back to the mosque. Mr Aziz Shortly, the gunman’s car
reader at him to distract him from
New Zealand nation. the mosque shooting the worshippers picked up the shotgun the gunman slammed against a police car at the
shooting the other worshippers.
At 1:40 p.m., Al Noor Masjid on who were wounded and unable to had left and pulled the trigger, but it kerb on Brougham Street where two
move. The gunman, however, managed
Deans Avenue, Riccarton - a suburb had no bullets. Seeing the shotgun in police officers apprehended him.
The gunman spent approximately to pull another firearm from his car
close to Hagley Park was preparing Mr Aziz’s hand, the gunman ran to Other police officers also approached
for the Friday prayers – when a six minutes inside Al Noor Mosque and started shooting at Mr Aziz who
his car trying to flee from the scene. Mr Aziz seeing a gun in his hand
gunman entered the mosque after before returning back to his car and ducked behind other vehicles parked
Mr Aziz trying to get hold of him but were later let off after realising
stopping his car at the driveway of shooting a woman coming towards in the driveway. Mr Aziz then called
ran behind the car and smashed the he was a ‘hero’ trying to stop the
the mosque fired on a 70-year-old the mosque. him to the driveway to deflect him to
window with the shotgun. gunman.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 3

Commissioner Mike Bush who had either flown or driven to 16-year-old Hamza Mustafa and visited at almost every mosque in
Christchurch to pay their respects 44-year-old Khaled Alhaj Mustafa the country just before the weekly
and offer their support to the families that witnessed more than 700 people Friday prayers that marks the one
affected in the attack inundated the to be a part of the funeral ceremony. week since the terror attack on the
city with flowers and messages of A total of 15-people were buried two mosques. People came with their
compassion and empathy. on Wednesday and Thursday, March bouquets and messages, and women
An immediate relief centre was 20 and 21- a few on Friday morning, donned scarves to show their love
established at the Hagley Community March 22 and a mass funeral of 26 and support towards the Muslim
Centre and later Sir Richard Hadlee deceased was held just after 4 p.m. community and the solidarity
Community Centre, just opposite including the three-year-old, Mucad towards the dead and the wounded.
People also formed human chains
to the Christchurch Hospital to Ibrahim, the youngest victim who
around mosques at the time of Friday
coordinate the support and relief for died in the terror attack.
prayers while some Kiwis also joined
victims. 2-minutes silence worshippers inside the mosques to
These venues received assistance observed for the victims: witness the prayer.
in kind such as perishable and non-
The gunman killed seven people afternoon, March 16 to meet the
perishable food items, blankets, daily
and injured several at Linwood families of the victims of who died
necessities, along with volunteers
Mosque. Two explosive devices and got injured in the vile act of
offering services like free transport,
attached to suspects’ vehicles were violence.
taxi services, looking after victims
found and disarmed by the police. She made her first stop at Refugee
in hospitals and much more, for
First Responders: and Migrant Centre to meet a group
the people stationed there since the

P olice Commissioner Mike of community leaders. She later,

Bush in a media appearance on upon request from the community
One such place that can be deemed
Wednesday confirmed the response leaders stopped went to Hagley
as the ‘Ground Zero’ of rebuilding
time of the police after the first call to College to meet the families of the
New Zealand nation – which
111 that was made from the mosque victims. Ms Ardern shared the grief
symbolises the compassion, empathy,
at 1:41 p.m. with the families present at the
inclusiveness and rejection of racial
The armed police unit was on the centre and assured to provide every
bigotry and hatred, was the corner of
scene [Al Noor Mosque] at 1:47 possible support from police, ACC Memorial Park Cemetry, Linwood
Deans Avenue, the street on which
p.m, within six minutes of the call as and hospital and government so that
Al Noor Masjid is located. The street
mentioned by Police Commissioner the last rites of the deceased can be
corner was poured with bouquets and
Mike Bush at the media press done as early as possible.
had almost transformed the corner
conference. The Armed Offenders “The visit was an important
as a valley of colourful flowers and
Squad was present within 10 opportunity to share the grief of the
messages of love and compassion
minutes, and within 36 minutes, the country directly with those who have
all along.
gunman was in custody of the police experienced so much loss," she said.
Hundreds of Kiwis, men, women,
at Justice Precinct. First of many candle children, students dressed in school
Prime Minister vigils for the victims: uniforms offered their prayers and
Jacinda Ardern’s
emotional media S aturday, March 16 saw thousands
of Kiwis come together at
the Aotea Centre in Auckland to
love at the place in flowers, messages
of love on big boards, candles,
speech: pictures. Students in school uniforms

Outside Hagley Community Centre

Auckland vigil

T he Prime Minister Jacinda Evening Vigil:

Ardern had announced on
n event, ‘Jummah
Wednesday, March 20 at the press
Remembrance: Vigil for lives
conference that a 2-minutes silence

participate in the first of many candle sang hymns, songs in Maori language, taken in Christchurch’ was called
rime Minister Jacinda Ardern in will be observed on Friday, March 22
vigils to condemn the violence performed emotional Haka as they at Auckland Domain from 6 p.m.
her first media appearance after after a call of prayer or Adhan being
and remember the victims of this braved their tears remembering the to 8 p.m. The event was called to
the massacre on Friday, March 15 made at 1:30 p.m.
unprecedented violence. The event fallen souls. remember the victims of the racial
strongly condemned the attack on the The country came to a standstill
saw Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, attack and express its solidarity
mosque and declared the shootout as The last journey of the on Friday, March 22, after Prime
Ministers from the government, towards the victims and their
a ‘terrorist attack’. deceased: Minister addressed the nation from
families. Police in a media release

“These are people who I would Members of Parliament, community Christchurch with the greeting
ollowing the post mortem by
leaders and the general public come requested the people to be patient as
describe as having extremist views the authorities, the bodies of the ‘Assalam Alaikum’, that means
together, grieve and mourn the they expected several thousand to be
that have absolutely no place in New deceased started to be handed to the ‘Peace Be Upon You‘ followed by the
vicious attack that took the lives of ‘Call to prayer’ as it was broadcasted present at the vigil for community
Zealand and in fact have no place in families from Tuesday, March 19,
50 people and broke innumerable live on Radio New Zealand and reassurance and as a precautionary
the world,” Prime Minister Jacinda and the first funeral was conducted
families in Christchurch. TVNZ. This was followed by two- measure to ensure public safety.
Ardern said in her speech from the on Wednesday, March 20.
Beehive addressing the nation. Floral tribute at Deans Approximately 30 graves were minutes silence observed throughout It's not just against Muslims.....Pg 4
“You may have chosen us – we Avenue & Linwood prepared and arrangements for the nation. Strength and compassion
utterly reject and condemn you,” PM Mosque: Thousands of people turned up mark Ardern’s leadership..........Pg 5
the funeral prayers (Janaza) for

Ardern added. ollowing the two attacks, at Hagley Park and near Al-Noor Kiwi-Indians pay respects
both male and female members at Auckland prayer meeting......Pg 8
Mosque in Christchurch for the
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Kiwis from all walks of life at Memorial Park Cemetry. The Shell-shocked nation comes
Friday prayers. Hundreds of Kiwis
travelled to Christchurch on Saturday and different parts of the country first funeral was of father-son duo, to a standstill..........................Pg 9
4 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender


WE ALL NEED TO HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACKS is the Muslim community that has borne the
Muslims were the target brunt of white supremacist ideology, it is not as
in Christchurch – but all though that Muslims are the sole targets. White
migrants are ‘invaders’ supremacist literature always refers to migrants
as a whole in terms like “invaders”, in which
in this twisted ideology. the Muslim community is a subset.
The term has come into greater parlance with
the rise of far right nationalism in the west over

migrant person of colour without a the past few years. President Donald Trump is
story to tell about some discrimination reported to have used the term even as recently
they have faced in this country would as after the Christchurch attack, for which he
be rare. It happens in public places, in transit, has been widely criticised.
at work and in practically every environment. When they refer to invaders, they refer to
Having made the all-important decision to anyone and everyone that looks different,
move to this country, often with their loved dresses differently, speaks differently, has
ones to make a new life here, most such different beliefs and has different societal and
migrants sweep away experiences that reek of sartorial mores. And that is exactly the term that
discrimination under the carpet and learn to the Christchurch terrorist used to describe his
cope. Few can sweep away the deep sense of This flocking together, added to differences colour of the skin, appearance and speech in target.
hurt though. It rankles and gnaws and chips in appearance, culture, speech and social direct interaction. Think of the number of times The grieving families of the departed and
away at self-worth one incident at a time. behaviour creates a greater sense of we’ve heard “go back to your country” stories the injured need every kind of support from
Migrant groups are often unjustly accused differentness in the ‘mainstream’, reinforcing from migrants. all New Zealanders, who have been extremely
of choosing to stay insular and not willing the ‘us and them’ divide. It doesn’t take much to turn negative forthcoming in giving generously in the healing
to engage in any meaningful way. Unjustly, In fact that sense of divide is so deep discrimination into hate. And social media process.
because there are neither institutional platforms that following the tragic incident, many is a willing handmaiden – a virulent force- And it is not just the Muslim community that
nor initiatives for such engagement, but of conscientious and outraged, right thinking New multiplier. needs to be vigilant against potential future
course, there’s plenty of lip service. After all, Zealanders subconsciously referred to the us It is now known that the attack was carefully attacks. In the twisted logic of perpetrators of
isn’t diversity of some 200 ethnicities such a and them divide even in their spontaneously planned and the day, time and places for this kind of mindless mass murder, everyone
cool thing to have? scrawled messages like “This is their home. perpetrating the brutal atrocities were selected who doesn’t look like them is an invader.
In the absence of an environment conducive They are us,” [our emphasis]. for maximum damage and impact on one So all Kiwis – whether migrant or not – must
to meaningful inclusive engagement, migrants It is this deep-seated ‘us and them’ that has distinct group – the Muslim community, which have one another’s backs.
tend to flock together and congregate by become deeply embedded in western society, appears to have been singled out because in the
religion, culture, their original nationality or strengthening a perverse kind of nationalism circumstances, they were the easiest targets. Dev Nadkarni is the founding editor of The
ethnicity. based almost solely on appearance – mainly the Though in the Christchurch terrorist act it Indian Weekender.

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Are you fed up
She said she would with Council’s
n the days following the horrific
never so much as even
Christchurch terrorist attack, New Zealand
and New Zealanders under Prime Minister utter the perpetrator’s
red tape?
Jacinda Ardern’s leadership have become the
name. She wore
cynosure of the world’s eyes.
In recent times rarely has a world leader a headscarf while We are here to
attracted such universal praise for leadership
in a crisis as Ms Ardern. She has received
meeting with the loved help you.
accolades from people and leaders from all ones of the deceased,
walks of life across the globe – and these have
been amplified in media reports.
injured and the
Most people saw her responses – both community
symbolic and political – as genuine.
She said she would never so much as even
utter the perpetrator’s name. She wore a
Several New Zealand advertisers have
headscarf while meeting with the loved ones of
voluntarily pulled their advertising from the
the deceased, injured and the community. She
social media platforms in sheer disgust.
urged New Zealanders to voluntarily surrender
Kind hearted New Zealanders raised more
their weapons – which drew a good response,
with people streaming in to do so. than $9 million within a matter of days and
The sheer shock of the tragic incident and the government came forth funding funerals
her astute leadership even saw traditional and promising to do everything it can to help Reasonably Priced • Quality Service Guaranteed
gun using groups and businesses act almost affected families. One of these measures was
instantaneously – TradeMe banned the sale of fast tracking the visa process for the families
guns and so did stores like hunting and fishing and loved ones of the deceased and injured.
and some others. One week after the incident, parliament Unitary Plan advice
On the political front, she moved the opened with a Muslim prayer followed by a
nationwide two minutes of silence in tribute to
Resource consent
administrative machinery to urgently prepare
grounds for a drastic but long overdue the departed souls. Subdivision consent
legislative change to laws governing gun Stories of hundreds of acts of kindness like Pre-application advice
ownership. A petition with more than 70,000 the Indian community’s places of worship Policy advice Raj Maharjan, Director
signatures was delivered to parliament. providing free food, taxi drivers offering
free rides and other altruistic acts have been
Plan Change
A strong official protest was registered +64 21 022 310 75
against social media giants who did little or swirling, showing the strong, resilient Kiwi Planning review (due diligence
spirit that is also full of compassion. before buying or selling) rajm@isolutionsnz.com
nothing to spread of the perpetrator’s live
videos and documents that were accessed Kiwis and our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Project management www.isolutionsnz.com
across the world. There have also been media have truly set an example for the world.
Council liaison /isolutionsnz
A pity that it took the sacrifice of 50 lives
reports of potential legal action against New Specialist input liaison
before we had the good sense to ban deadly /raj-maharjan-696769b5
Zealanders who shared the videos, with strong
weapons whose sole purpose is mass murder.
action from their employers.
6 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender


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The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 7

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8 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Kiwi-Indians pay respects at

Auckland prayer meeting

everal hundred people of the
Indian diaspora gathered at
Auckland’s Mahatma Gandhi
Centre on the evening of Thursday
21 March to pray for the 50 souls that
perished in the Christchurch attacks.
The Auckland Indian Association
convened the meet at which almost
every Indian community organisation
was represented.
The prayer meeting began with the
lighting of 50 candles representing
the 50 departed souls arranged in
the shape of a heart, followed by the
opening recitation of Sanskrit shlokas
by Dr Devrambhai Keshavlal Raval, The prayer meeting began with the lighting of 50
priest of the Radhakrishna Temple. candles representing the 50 departed souls arranged in
The learned priest also delivered
a stirring speech, highlighting the
the shape of a heart, followed by the opening recitation
concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, of Sanskrit shlokas by Dr Devrambhai Keshavlal Raval,
the ancient Sanskrit shloka that says priest of the Radhakrishna Temple
the world is one family.
Islamic prayers were also recited
and their significance explained, from the same creator, which is the President Bhiku Bhana also
followed by eloquent speeches common thread that runs through the addressed the meeting. An emotional
by Muslim community leaders core of all religions. The speakers Mr Bhiku Bhana said he had lost a
also sought to correct misinformation is deeply embedded in the Indian leadership throughout the crisis.
Mohammed Moses, trustee of the nephew in the attacks.
and the misinterpretation of religious ethos. He commended the generosity Also present at the event were
Mount Roskill mosque, prominent Honorary Consul of India in of Kiwis and members of the Indian Members of Parliament Priyanca
community leader Mohammed texts by groups interested in Auckland Bhav Dhillon said the diaspora after the tragedy. Radhakrishnan and Parmjeet Parmar.
Tauqir Khan and a leader of the creating divisions. victims included ten who originated All the leaders praised and thanked Several other leaders and
Ponsonby mosque. Auckland Indian Association from India. He spoke of India’s unity New Zealanders for their genuine individuals of the Indian diasopra
Speakers emphasised the universal President Narendra Bhana and New in diversity and reiterated the idea support, compassion and generosity spoke at the event.
belief that all creation emanates Zealand Indian Central Association of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s ••
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 9

Shell-shocked nation Kiwi-Indian communities

comes to a standstill come together in solidarity

othing in recent
history has
shocked New
Zealand as much as last
week’s terrorist attacks
in Christchurch.
Kiwis shell-shocked
and benumbed by
rolling news bulletins ¡¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMED men, women and children turned up for the
of the unfolding event

special prayer service for the victims of prayers services in the last two days.
cancelled engagements
across the country to mosque mass shooting held at Takanini Sikh Sangat NZ sets up free seva
Gurudwara on Friday, March 15.
deal with swirling fears
Speaking to The Indian Weekender, Daljit
camp in ChCh
of copycat attacks, potential violent retaliation ther organisations such as Sikh Sangat
off or altogether cancelled. Big gigs and sports Singh from Supreme Sikh Society of New
and a deep sense of despondency. NZ has also come forward by setting up a
fixtures in Wellington and Christchurch were Zealand (Takanini & Otahuhu Gurudwara)
The last day of the popular Pacific youth ‘Free Seva Camp’ with its volunteers devoting
also similarly deferred. said that the members from the Supreme Sikh
festival, PolyFest, was cancelled, as was the Society are already present in Christchurch their time and efforts to extend its full support
The shockwaves from Christchurch spread
following week’s two-day annual Pasifika through the region. In Fiji, the Nadi Chamber since yesterday providing necessary support to all members of the Christchurch community
Festival due to be held at Western Springs. of Commerce and Industry cancelled its Holi to the victims, families and the community who are in need.
Pasifika is the world’s largest Polynesian celebration, an annual event that is eagerly present there. “Sikh Sangat NZ Trust extends its heartfelt
festival. looked forward to by the Nadi community. “Our team members have set up a camp condolences to the families of our Muslim
A number of vendors and visitors plan This week, the authorities having started there providing food, snacks, and all the other brothers and sisters who have lost their lives in
months in advance for the festival. A number the handover of the remains of the deceased to necessary support required by the community
this act of horror. In this difficult time, our heart
of businesspeople from Samoa, who sell their at this hour of tragedy,” Mr Singh said.
their loved ones, and the families being able to goes out to them,” the spokesperson from Sikh
wares at the two-day event were already here “We have already raised over $25,000 for
grieve properly and contemplate closure, the Sangat NZ told The Indian Weekender.
the victims and the community in ChCh can
and have been left with nowhere to go with country is slowly limping back to normalcy in “The camp is set-up to offer Free Food and
get in touch with us for any help needed. Our
the merchandise they brought all the way from terms of hosting events. Transportation in Christchurch, Temporary
volunteers Arvinder Singh 022 025 5990,
Samoa at tremendous expense. This Friday, the rugby toe at Eden Park will Tarandeep Singh 022 049 1964, Jaspreet Shelter, Emergency Clothing, Blood Donation
A communal Holi festival event to celebrate go ahead as will a number of cultural events. Singh 021 082 64722 can be contacted for and financial help with Repatriation and/
the Indian festival of colours was also cancelled, However, all will be tinged with the sadness that any assistance needed there,” Mr Singh or Funeral Services. We can also help you
with some others rescheduling with a view to hangs heavily over the country and many have further added. financially in arranging any urgent travel
raise funds for those affected by the attacks. incorporated a small ceremony for condolences Supreme Sikh Society also conducted special arrangements for immediate family members
Music concerts that were to be held the next and even fund raisers for those affected by the prayer sessions in its Gurudwaras for the souls too,” the spokesperson said.
day after the attacks in Auckland were also put tragedy. departed in the mass shooting. More than a
thousand community members comprised of

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10 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Messages To the brothers and sisters at the Muslim Community

The Hindu Council of New Zealand (HCNZ) join with other New Zealanders in
condemning the terrorist attack on the Muslims brothers and sisters, performing
their Friday prayer at the Deans Avenue mosque and at the Linwood Avenue
mosque in the City of Christchurch. It has been confirmed that there are 49
fatalities with many others injured.

As the authorities continue to deal with what is an unprecedented and abhorrent

event for New Zealand, HCNZ extend our sincere condolence to the Muslim
community. Our compassionate thoughts and prayers are with the families of the
victims here in New Zealand and around the world.  
16th March 2019 HCNZ extend our thanks to the people of Christchurch, the emergency services
To: All the Presidents / Chairs / Head Priests, and the New Zealand Police for their compassion and bravery during this
Religious Institutions / Mosques / Temples / Gurudwaras / Churchs.
Community Groups / Community Associations and Federations.
terrifying time. HCNZ with all other Hindu organisations, Temples and Association
(HOTA) around the country extend their heartfelt support to the Muslim
An emergency meeting was organsied by the Crime Prevention Group in Auckland today in the wake of the
community in this time of need.
events in Christchurch, attended by the Senior members of the community. It shall be followed by more meetings
as the situation unfolds and becomes clear. We are following up the developments closely. As New Zealanders we stand together as a proud nation of more than 200
Meanwhile, we condemn the cowardly attack in Christchurch and we are standing with the victims, their migrant communities, sharing the common values. No act of terrorism will
families and friends, and the wider community with all possible support and focused on caring for our divide us.
fellow Kiwis and those affected. The whole community is in shock.

Vinod Kumar - President, Hindu Council of New Zealand

Message to the Heads / Organising Committees of the Religious institutions:

People across community groups and institutions are concerned after the Christchurch incident, and it is
important proactive precautions are taken for safer communities.
We recommend the valued Organising Committees at all the religious places and where large congregations
gather, the following: International Muslims of New Zealand
(Kilbirnie Mosque)
1. Review the Institutional Safety.
7/11 Queens Drive
2. Consider organising ‘Stand on Watch’ on the days of prayers i.e. some of the members among the
devotees / sangats may be deployed to keep watch at the entrances of the place.
3. Keep the back door closed. Wellington
4. Arrange to check the CCTV cameras at the premises are updated and working. 16 March 2019
5. Alert the people in charge of the CCTV cameras around the shops and areas of the places of worship to
keep a vigil.
6. Any suspicious behavious reported to Police immediately. PRESS RELEASE

And, a humble request to all the religious centres and places of worship to organise a prayer for the Muslims in New Zealand’s capital have been deeply moved by the outpouring of
departed souls in the Christchurch incident. support from the Wellington community following the Christchurch massacre.

The main Islamic organisation in Wellington is IMAN (International Muslims of New

For and on behalf of the Crime Prevention Group Zealand), which runs Kilbirnie Mosque.

Since the event, people of all races and faiths have been visiting the mosque to leave
flowers, candles, cards and their prayers of support.
Sunny Kaushal
President IMAN president Tahir Nawaz said, “We are all deeply moved by the support from the
community. I have had scores of phone calls, emails, faxes and texts from church
NZ Crime Prevention Group Incorporated
E-mail: cpnz@xtra.co.nz I PO Box 27040, Auckland 1440 I Facebbok:StopCrimeNZ pastors, Jewish leaders, and the general community.”

Several churches were packed with worshippers conducting prayer vigils. Pastors have
offered to let Muslims pray in their churches for as long as the mosques are closed on
police advice. People have offered help in all sorts of ways.
- ends -

Authorised for release by Tahir Nawaz, IMAN President

027 571 0929

It is with great anguish and grief that I am sending this email to you. It is the type of email that I
18 March 2019 had hoped I would not have every had to send.
You have all heard details of the tragic Christchurch Mosque shooting. I do not need to elaborate
Kia Ora and Namaste
further. In personal health and safety under God’s eye, regardless of age, background, gender,
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh NZ strongly condemn the terrorist attack at nationality or faith we are all equal. We must all help each other in such times of need. In
this situation it is a time to be calm and control any natural emotions, and take a conciliatory
the Deans Ave mosque and at the Linwood Ave mosque in the City of approach.
Christchurch on Friday, which ended up with the killing of many of our fellow
I ask all branches to open their doors in every way in the name of support.I ask that we show a
beings. This act of terror is against humanity and there is no place for such
solidarity and compassion in the manner that we as Indians are known to do so.
acts in New Zealand
This incident is one of personal grief for myself. There are at this stage 49 fatalities. One young
HSS NZ Inc extends its sincere condolences to all the families & friends of gentlemen who was a victim was members on Christchurch Indian association. Indeed they have
direct victims who lost their lives in this tragic event. Our compassionate been actively involved in the Indian community in Christchurch for over 100 year. Names have
not been released yet but we spoke to the family and the person, Junaid was in his mid thirties a
thoughts and prayers for the speedy recovery of those victims who are father of 3 young children. He would go to the Mosque to pray every Friday. As a toddler I played
seeking medical treatment & support due to this barbaric act of terrorism and with him. His uncle who I looked up to , was one of the pioneering person who built that Mosque
to everyone affected. near Hagley park. His grand father was a partner with my father in business. My grandfather
and his great grand father were the first 2 Indians to settle in Ch-Ch over 100 years ago. In the
In this time of need, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh NZ extends their heartfelt MOKAA displays at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, there is a panel on 3 pioneers, one a Panjabi
support to the families who are affected by this terrible incident. another a Gujarati and the other a Muslim. That was Junaid’s great grandfather. The family came
from the village of Ardda Vada in Navsari Gujarat. We are very, very close.
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh NZ urges and appeal to all New Zealanders, let us
As you can there is great connection with that family and the Indian community. As the oldest in
all stand together as a proud nation of many migrant communities, sharing our family I have a moral duty to confide with the Ismail family.
the common values of love, compassion, co-existence in harmony & let no act
I know the President of CIA Ramesh Bhai and his helpers are doing
of terrorism divide us. It’s high time to be more vigilant that no divisive forces everything to offer support to so many. They are working overtime as so
allow us to succumb to these threats & to join hands to fight against these much of Ch-Ch is in lockdown still. Many are small business owner. I know
forces. that Indian High commission Mr Kohli and Bhav Dhillon are also the same
We must all gel together in this occasion.
Kind regards,
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh NZ Inc
Bhikhu Bhana - President, New Zealand Indian Central Association
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 11

11 Kiwi-Indian lives lost in ChCh terror attack Noor Mosque on Deans Avenue, and family The family has a dairy shop in Christchurch
¡¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMAD Ozair Kadir, 24
members are in the process to repatriate his that they have been running for the last

he unprecedented act of violence at the two body back to his hometown in Hyderabad, 31-years. Mr Junaid’s twin brother was
mosques in Christchurch aggravated a profound India. parking his car outside the mosque when
impact in the lives of the Kiwi-Indian community. the shooting took place, and he survived the
Of the 50 dead and 48 injured, 11 people of Indian
Junaid Ismail, 36
attack. Mr Junaid, 36, was a father to three
descent, albeit of different nationalities were confirmed young children - Nadiya, 5, Adam, 3, and
dead and three wounded who are admitted in the Yusuf, 1. Mr Junaid was buried on Tuesday
Christchurch Hospital. evening at Linwood Cemetry.
The 11-deceased included five Indian nationals who
were in New Zealand on different visas, three New
Mohammed Imran Khan, 47
Zealand citizens of Indian origin and three of Fiji-Indian
descent who were travelling or living in New Zealand.
24-year-old Ozair Kadir came to New
Father-son duo Arifbhai Mohammedali Zealand to study International Aviation
Vora (58) and Ramiz Arifbhai Vora (28). Academy of New Zealand in Christchurch
as he aspired to become a commercial
pilot. Mr Kadir belonged from the state of Junaid Ismail, Indian descent man, born
Telangana and had come to New Zealand and brought up in New Zealand was also
a year ago. Mr Kadir was killed in the Al one of the 50 who died in the mass shooting.

A native of Gujarat Father Arif Vora and his wife had

come to New Zealand almost a month ago to welcome a
new member of their family. Mr Ramiz Vora’s wife had
delivered a baby just a few days ago and father-son duo
planned to discharge the family members from the hospital
after the Friday prayers, as per reports. The pair was killed
in the Al Noor Mosque shooting.
The father-son duo has been buried on Friday, March
22 at Memorial Park Cemetry in East Linwood in a
mass funeral.
Ansi Karippakulam Alibava, 25

A native of the Indian state of Kerala Ansi came to New

Zealand to pursue a Master of Agribusiness Management
at Lincoln University. She went to the preliminary prayer
just around noon and initially escaped the shooting with a
group of women and children. Looking for her husband,
Abdul Nazer Ponnath Hamsa she was going back to the
mosque when she was brutally shot by the gunman near
the fence pleading for help.
Ms Ansi worked at Kmart in Christchurch, and she was
married to her husband two and a half years ago. Ansi’s
husband Abdul Nazer had received the Ansi’s body and
was planning to repatriate the body as soon as the official
procedure is over at the time of writing of this story.
Maheboob Allarakha Khokhar, 65

Maheboob Khokhar was at Al Noor Masjid when he

fell prey to the indiscriminate shooting last Friday, while
his son Imran Khaokhar was parking his car outside. Mr
Khokhar came to see his son who works here in New
Zealand and has lived here for almost a decade now. Mr
Khokhar was a retired employee of Gujarat Electricity
Board and belonged to the town of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.
The family is preparing to repatriate his body back to his
12 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Mr Khan was shot with six others at the Farhaj Ahsan, 30 firing and left behind his wife and two children, community leader Haji Musa Patel were killed
Linwood Mosque firing last Friday. He was 2-year-old daughter and an eight-month-old in the Linwood Mosque. The funeral of Haji
lovingly known as ‘Imran Bhai’ and was son. Mr Ahsan’s father and parents-in-law came Musa Patel was held at Manukau Memorial
renowned for his Biryani and curries at his to New Zealand earlier last week to perform the Park in Auckland in the presence of over 1000
Indian Grill restaurant. Mr Khan had a lot of last rites of their son. Mr Ahsan was a resident community members from the Fiji and Indian
Kiwi customers who would come to dine at his in New Zealand and was buried in the presence community present for his final journey.
restaurant who remember him for his love for of his family members on Thursday, March 21 Three Indians injured in the
at Linwood Cemetry.
food, cricket and community work. attack:
Mr Khan was buried in a mass funeral at the Three Fijians of Indian origin Iqbal Jahangir, Mohammed Shahadat and
Memorial Park Cemetry on Friday, March 22 amongst the deceased: Mohammad Shamim Siddiqui were three of the
in the presence of his family members, friends 61-year-old Ashraf Ali, 58-year-old Ashraf 48 injured reported to be on Indian origin.
and around 1000 members of the community Ali and an Imam on a visit to New Zealand Iqbal Jahangir is the co-owner with the
gathered to give their final adieu to the lost from Fiji Musa Vali Suleman Patel, 60. famous Indian restaurant Bawarchi Restaurant
souls. The 47-year old leaves behind his wife, 61-year-old Ashraf Ali and 58-year-old in Christchurch, and Mohammed Shahadat is a
15-year-old son, cousins, aunts and siblings in Ashraf Razak Ali were killed in the Al Noor chef at the same restaurant. Both received bullet
Mr Ahsan was killed at Al Noor Masjid Mosque, while renowned preacher and
New Zealand. injuries to their bodies at the Linwood Mosque
and were admitted to the Christchurch

The High
Commissioner of
India in
New Zealand
HE Sanjiv Kohli
met the Indian-
origin victims
and their family
members at the
hospital and
assured them
of all possible
help within given
Mr Jahangir belongs to the Indian
city of Hyderabad from where his
brother Khurshid Iqbal has flown
along with his elder brother Tanvir
Iqbal who came all the way from
Brisbane Australia to support his
Mr Jahangir has undergone three
surgeries already, is out of danger but
is suffering from grievous injuries that
might halt him from normal work for
life. He is receiving his treatment at
the hospital and being looked after his
Mr Shahadat also suffered bullet
injuries to his shoulder and is out
of danger but recovering in the
hospital. He belongs from the state of
Jharkhand, and his family members
are on the way to New Zealand to
meet him.
The High Commissioner of India in
New Zealand HE Sanjiv Kohli met the
Indian-origin victims and their family
members at the Christchurch hospital
and assured them of all possible help
within given constraints
Kiwi-Indian Mohammad Shamim
Siddiqui, 58 was shot in the arm at
Al Noor Masjid and is recovering in
the Christchurch Hospital. He has
since undergone two surgeries after an
artery was ruptured and is unlikely to
be able to move his thumb and index
finger after suffering nerve damage,
media reported.
Mr Siddiqui came to New Zealand
20 years ago, he lives 150 metres from
the mosque, works as a taxi driver.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 13


Kanwaljit Singh
Kia Kaha Christchurch – Our hearts go out to you
United we will stand strong – through this crisis we’ll pull through
National List MP based
Proud to be a Kiwi – On our darkest day
We’ll rise and heal together and hold hands while we pray in Manukau East
Christchurch we are with you – with our siblings who have died
This tragedy has shocked us but we are unified
A coward killed our brothers and our sisters while they prayed
And there’s feelings of sheer helplessness but we are not afraid
A 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
We condemn these acts of terror and reach out to Hagley Park
With Endurance and Compassion we will come out of the dark P 09 278 9302
While there’s disbelief and anguish and a lot of pain F 09 278 2143
Our spirit will not falter despite an act insane E Bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz
“Beware the ides of March” they warned when Caesar reigned in Rome facebook.com/Bakshiks
The hallowed land in Hagley Park became a funeral home @bakshiks
15th of March in Kiwi Land was tragic and heart breaking
That we never will forget this day – there is no mistaking 
Christchurch – you were rattled when an earthquake struck you down
You were rocked but you proved that “Rose” was a verb not noun
6.3 on the Richter scale – And yet you didn’t submit
You stood firm like Gibraltar – with fortitude and grit 

I know we have our fault lines but I know we do not lack

Empathy and Caring – Our Crusaders will bounce back
We’ll guard Pacific’s Triple Star – led by our own Jacinda bakshi.co.nz
Change policy on gun laws – And we’ll do it with Ahimsa  
  Funded by the Parliamentary Service.
Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,
Like a Phoenix from the Ashes – All of us will rise 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

For hateful crimes of violence – we wholeheartedly despise

While many can pontificate they cannot walk the talk
Like this tiny nation Down Under who shepherds all her flock
In this mosaic of cultures we’ll live in
Be it Puja - or Namaz - or the Rosary 3.6548ha Development Site Opportunity
The Church, the Mosque and Temple teach
and preach the same
That Hate and Pride are sinful and are ZONED TERRACE HOUSING AND
vices we should tame APARTMENT BUILDINGS
  76-78 Fred Taylor Drive, Red Hills,
When I chose to immigrate in 1997 Westgate
The land of the long white cloud sounded
just like heaven Fast developing location opportunity to secure
Men of every creed and race live the Kiwi very desirable land approximately 19 kms from

dream Auckland CBD, and 31 kms from Auckland
God’s own – this has to be –
Where Kindness reigns supreme This rare opportunity is offered to the market,
  develop a community just minutes away from the
From our Northern Cape Reinga to the tip North Westgate Mall and Westgate Town Centre.
of Invercargill
Humanity is in our genes – our only choice Nearby housing development all but sold out.
is goodwill Situated in a prime position near the corner of
Christian, Sikh or Hindu, Non-religious or Dunlop Road, comprising 3.6548 ha of flat land
Muslim with a wide frontage to Fred Taylor Drive is a
Bloodshed is not our answer – it’s never must to view.
  Easy Access to North Western Motorway and
In this hour of chaos led by Our Ardern State Highway 18.
In solidarity we stand - We are the Silver
Fern Tender: 4:00pm 15 Apr 2019 (unless sold prior)
L3, 50 Kitchener Street, City
With fearlessness and courage, lead us
on she will
Our lady in the Beehive is resilient,
strong and still Marie-Anne Molloy
  p. 027 357 8477
14 NEW ZEALAND Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Successive governments have let The Department of Internal

Affairs urges people and
organisations to remain
New Zealanders down on gun laws
anything untoward – even

he Christchurch terrorist if he wasn’t a New Zealand he Department of Internal Affairs has
national. received a strong response from the public
attack has brought to the
It was always a question and organisations, such as internet service
surface a range of issues
providers (ISPs), in relation to reducing the
that have been quietly simmering of when, not if. And
availability of footage of the Christchurch
away for decades in New Zealand. that was answered most terrorist attack. However, the department is
Many of these have been well tragically on the afternoon urging everyone to remain vigilant and to
signaled but they were avoided, of 15 March 2019. continue to report any objectionable material
ignored or simply denied. It speaks volumes for the through its website.
Let us look at just one of “We’re thankful for all of the support
naivety of New Zealand’s
these issues – security – on we’ve received both within New Zealand, and
government and the laxity internationally,” Digital Safety Director, Jolene
which successive New Zealand
of its security system that Armadoros said.
governments have badly let Kiwis
has almost completely “We’re working around the clock to stop
ignored the fast-emerging footage of the Christchurch shooting incident
Why would a peaceful country from being circulated and we encourage
long celebrated as the second safest security threat from white
everyone to report any links to this footage.
in the world and one that has a most impressive away and things like that won’t ever happen supremacists in several countries. In any case, We’re grateful to all of those who have reported
anti-nuclear reputation need to have 1.5 here. Everyone in New Zealand’s security not too many western governments have taken it, but we need to keep going.”
million firearms – nearly 15,000 of them semi environment underestimated the combined this threat seriously until recently. British The ongoing effort to stop the circulation
destructive power of social media powered hate agency MI5, for instance, has only recently of footage involves several organisations
automatic weapons capable of mowing down
and the easy availability of firearms. set up a cell to monitor such groups. This is a including law enforcement agencies, online
people as they brutally did in Christchurch last platforms and Non-Government Organisations.
It’s a clear case of the famous Kiwi ‘she’ll be serious wake up call for all.
week? Why is it so easy to order and possess right’ attitude gone too far. The footage related to the attack has been
It is deeply distressing that it took the wanton classified as objectionable by the Office of Film
these weapons? Why aren’t adequate checks in New Zealand governments seemed to live
death of 50 innocent people at prayer for the and Literature Classification, therefore it is an
place? Why aren’t proper records kept? in La La land, even as Australia pulled up its
government to announce reforms on gun laws offence under New Zealand law to possess,
Successive governments have let New socks a long while ago. Speaking to Radio
– a thing which should have happened decades share and/or host it.
Zealanders down by ignoring proposals to New Zealand after the terrorist attack, former “Please continue to report any links to us and
Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, ago. A previous government accepted just seven
reform gun laws by a combination of absolute the online platforms you see it on and, together,
who worked hard on gun law reform in the John of more than 20 recommendations that were
we will continue to try and prevent harm to
naivety and allowing to be manipulated by made in the interests of the security of Kiwis.
Howard government (in place just 12 days after people through seeing this video,” Jolene said.
powerful interest lobbies, even when mass What might have guided these decisions? You can help by encouraging your friends
the Port Arthur massacre), said it would have
shootings like Aramoana have happened in Kiwi politicians of all hues and the country’s or family members to:
been impossible for any individual to acquire
the past. security establishment have a lot of soul • Report the footage to online platforms
the type of firearms used in Christchurch
searching to do. • Make a complaint to the Department of
It is inconceivable that governments didn’t anywhere in Australia.
Internal Affairs’ Censorship Compliance
see this coming in the face of increased attacks New Zealand was fertile territory for an
Dev Nadkarni is the founding editor of The Team
all over the world in recent years and being smug attack of this type especially by a person who
Indian Weekender. • Delete the video and/or any footage of it
and complacent in the belief that we are too far looked too ‘main stream’ to be suspected of Share this message.




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The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 FIJI 15


Commissioner warns
Fiji PM urges people to speak up, against hate speech
staying silent would be an injustice P
o l i c e

rime Minister Voreqe be an injustice to the victims Brigadier-
Bainimarama has and to all of humanity. General Sitiveni
called on people to “We must speak up, and Qiliho gave a stern
speak up and root out hatred in light of New Zealand’s warning against hate
from our society. darkest day, our voice must be speech.
He was speaking at a prayer louder than ever. He said Police were
vigil at Makoi, Nasinu as “We "We must closely monitoring
the Fijian death toll in the must speak recognise that this people who advocated
Christchurch mosque terror up, and in light type of hatred hate on social media
attack rose to two. of New Zealand’s does exist in the and they would face
Hundreds who packed darkest day, our voice world and we the full brunt of the
the Makoi Women’s Centre must be louder must root it out law. He made his
between Suva and Nausori than ever.” wherever it lies. remarks as a third
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama with New Zealand High
heard Mr Bainimarama say: Commissioner Jonatahn Curr during the open prayer for We must be aware Fijian was confirmed dead after being shot in the terror
“My friends, all too often, after our brothers and sisters in Christchurch NZ at Makoi’s Womens that acts of extreme attack at two Christchurch mosques in New Zealand last
a hate-filled act, we describe
Vocational Centre
violence often begin in the Friday.
Christchurch is unfathomable was committed, it is not
the crimes as “unspeakable”. form of hateful words and Brigadier-General Qiliho’s remarks also came after it
in both its scale and in unspeakable. Staying silent,
But while this shooting in divisive ways of thinking.” was revealed that British Police arrested four people in three
the monstrous nature it and not speaking up, would
separate incidents who referenced the Christchurch terror

Christchurch Shootings Vigil : attacks as part of malicious comments and racial abuse.
All three allegedly referenced the Christchurch shootings.
Separately, a man from the Oldham area — also near

‘We Are All One In God’s Eyes’ Manchester — was arrested for malicious communications
referencing the attacks and was released on bail pending
further inquiries.
“I can understand how the victims’ families must be feeling right now and I came here to be with A family friend, Zaheer Ali, confirmed from Christchurch
our Muslim brothers and sisters during this time of grief.” that Ashraf Ali, 61, was the third Fijian killed in the mosque

e are all one in God’s eyes shootings.
regardless of race, colour or The other two were Pesh Imam Hafiz Musa Patel and
religion, says Adi Vara Tuqiri Ashraf Razak. The late Mr Ali lived in New Zealand for the
of Makoi, Nasinu. past 17 years. His body was one of the last to be retrieved
Ms Tuqiri, who belongs to the Seventh- from the Al Noor Mosque.
day Adventist Church, was among Fijians Zaheer Ali said Mr Ali’s body was yet to be released to
who had come to support the Muslim his family.
community during a vigil prayer Once pathologists had conducted their post-mortem
session that was held at Makoi “I examination and report prepared, Mr Ali’s body would be
last week. would like released and his death would be registered formally as a
Speaking on the recent to encourage victim of the terror attacks.
Christchurch attacks, Ms everyone to promote Fijians from various denominations joining the Muslim community during the In Suva, Commissioner Qiliho said they were identifying
Tuqiri said: “I would like peace and love in the open prayer for our brothers and sisters in Christchurch NZ at Makoi’s Women’s and watching people who had been posting comments
to encourage everyone to world instead of such Vocational Centre
vilifying the Muslim community after the Christchurch
promote peace and love violence and to Fiji Jonathan Curr religion promotes hatred and violence shootings and they may arrest people in relation to it.
in the world instead of such hatred." reading condolence messages and Islam is the same, so I hope that we He said Fiji did not have a place for people who believed
violence and hatred. from Fijians to the people of all see Islam in a different light. Being in and spread hate on a community and degraded any
“I can understand how the victims’ Christchurch, NZ, after the opening a Muslim, I have encountered many
families must be feeling right now and I prayer at Makoi Women’s Vocational occasions, whether online or in person,
He warned that people would face the full brunt of
came here to be with our Muslim brothers Centre on March 17, 2019. Photo: where people have labelled Muslims as
the law if they engaged in behaviour which encouraged
and sisters during this time of grief.” Simione Haravanua terrorists just because there may be some
vilification of any group in Fiji. He said officers were also
Naziah Ali, the publisher of Mailife  “We need to unite, not only as Muslims organisations around the world that take
Magazine, also urged everyone to reflect or Pacific Islanders, but as humans advantage and use the name of Islam to keeping a close watch on Nasaibitu Village in Wainibuka,
on what happened and unite as one to because this is an attack on humanity,” push for their agenda. Tailevu, where a man was stopped from building a place
ensure that no other person experienced Ms Ali said.  "It is really unfair that we all get of worship.
a fate to that suffered by victims of the She urged everyone to stand together lumped together and in this case innocent “The Deputy Police Commissioner has visited the
Christchurch massacre. in ensuring that hatred was not bred or Muslims, while in the act of prayer, have Wainibuka disputing parties and there are underlying
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama promoted in our societies. been attacked and 50 of them have lost issues therein that are not religious in nature that is causing
with New Zealand High Commissioner “I hope that people also see that no their lives.” the dispute,” Commissioner Qiliho said.

Sanatan Dharm cancels Holi celebrations in Fijians thanked for support after NZ Attacks
he Fiji Muslim League (FML) one can bring us this much pain.
honor of victims of Christchurch terror attacks has thanked all Fijians for their “We are happy with the response we

he largest Hindu organization support after the devastating have been receiving from everyone.
in the country says that all terror attacks on two mosques in People have come together as one and if
plans to celebrate Holi on a Christchurch, New Zealand, last Friday. we continue to live like this then we can
Speaking to Fiji Sun, FML religious live happily.”
large scale at Sanatan temples have
adviser Mufti Mohammed Zaeem said FML Vice-President Basheer Ahmed
been cancelled after the Christchurch
everyone showed their support for said Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama
terror attacks.
muslims. had worked hard to ensure that everyone
Sanatan Dharm Pratinidhi Sabha “The world has come together to unite was treated equally.
of Fiji National President Sarju as one during this incident. Even here “I have always seen that from day one
Prasad says this will be done as a in Fiji people have come together, no the Prime Minister wants to bring peace.
sign of respect to the victims of the matter what religion they are from,” Mr When everyone wants peace then no one
terror attack. Zaeem said. will even look at the religion,” he said.
Prasad says although communities “On behalf of FML, Muslim “His speech last Sunday at Makoi
will still be celebrating the festival organisations and the Muslim people really made me feel good. He is a Prime
of colours, it will be done on a much I take this time to thank everyone who Minister who walks the talk.
smaller scale and the focus will be has showed love and sympathy these “Everyone has their religion, but when
on praying for those affected by this past few days. There have been vigils it comes to peace there is no religion
inhumane attack. throughout Fiji. We should always live because we only see humanity. The way
He also stated that all Sanatan this way. An attack against one is an forward for any country is to get people
schools will be closed this Thursday attack against everyone. It can happen to together and this incident has brought
for Holi. anyone and if we live in unity then no Fijians together,” Mr Ahmed said.
Thought of the week
"Do not wait; the time will never be 'just
right.' Start where you stand, and work
with whatever tools you may have at your
command, and better tools will be found
as you go along."
– George Herbert
Auckland Weather forecast for the week
The untold saga March 22 – March 29 2018
around the Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
terror attack A p.m. A passing A couple Clouds Mostly Sun and Mostly

here is an emerging consensus that the Christchurch terror attack was not limited to merely shower in morning of morning and sun, sunny, some clouds sunny
New Zealand’s biggest southernmost city, but rather a far bigger global event with global place shower showers pleasant pleasant
Indeed, over a period of time, it will be seen, especially after the initial and rightful initial 27° 25° 24° 25° 28° 25° 222°
emotional outpouring settles a bit, how dramatically New Zealand has emerged on the map of 18° 18° 17° 18° 18° 19° 19°
global terrorism.
Right now the focus is surely and rightly on the immediate response of dealing with grave losses
to our communities and uniting a grieving nation. This week in New Zealand’s history
Undoubtedly, the efforts led by the current political leadership so far have largely been successful
in attracting intense domestic support and global adulation. 27 March 1883
The mainstream media coverage has also been primarily focused on these issues related to The 'Sallies' come to New Zealand
Christchurch terror attack.
However, there are a few areas around Christchurch terror attack that has received insignificant
O n 27 March 1883 two young English Salvation Army officers, Captain George Pollard and
Lieutenant Edward Wright, arrived at Port Chalmers. Their mission was to establish a New
Zealand branch of the Christian evangelical movement, which had been founded in the slums
Firstly, the attack despite appearing to be directed against the Muslim community in fact is of London’s East End in 1865.
equally malicious toward the entire migrant community – especially people of colour. For the 27 March 1984
ethnic migrant communities, including Kiwi-Indian community a piercing question, though
currently under the carpet, yet easily palpable is what does this attack means to them? Trades' Hall bombing
The Kiwi-Indian community has borne a significant brunt of the attack by losing 11 precious
lives and leaving three more gravely injured with one facing the possibility of being permanently
P Caretaker and unionist Ernie Abbott was killed on 27 March 1984 by a bomb at Trades’
Hall in Wellington’s Vivian St. Trades’ Hall was the headquarters for many trade unions and
police suspected that they were the targets.
disabled. Among those of Indian-descent people who lost their lives, five were Indian nationals;
three were Fiji-Indians and three New Zealand citizens who have settled in the country about two 28 March 1955
decades ago. NZ cricketers skittled for 26
This is a significant loss to the community, and put aptly by the High Commissioner of India to n recent years most test matches between New Zealand and England have been keenly
New Zealand Sanjiv Kohli in words who said, “The attacks were a tragedy of huge proportions contested. This was not the case in 1955.
which had left a lot of countries suffering, with families of Indian victims shoulder to shoulder
with them.” 28 March 1983
In the twisted ideology of white supremacists, the targets are against “foreign invaders” – who Signing of CER agreement strengthens trans-Tasman
are primarily people of colour, with differing beliefs, faiths and worldviews, including Indians – trade ties
which is of our utmost concern. he Australia–New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement, better known as
The killer – who is mostly believed to be a white supremacist – has clearly mentioned “Indian CER, was New Zealand’s first comprehensive bilateral trade agreement, and one of the first
invaders” in his “manifesto”. such agreements in the world.
Denouncing immigrants, the manifesto has dubbed them as “invaders”, and talks about an
invasion from India, along with China and Turkey. 29 March 1901
Once the dust settles in, and we collectively regain our ability to see and analyse things Skippers Bridge opened
objectively, more answers will be sought about the perceived sense of safety and security of the
broader ethnic communities, including the Kiwi-Indian community. A t 96 m long and 91 m above the river, the Skippers suspension bridge over the Shotover
River near Queenstown in Central Otago is one of the highest and most spectacular in New
Substantiating the point being made here is the loud cry made by the instigator of Christchurch
terror attack of “subscribing to “PewDewPie channel on YouTube.”
Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 1
Surprisingly New Zealand mainstream media has completely missed such a vital fact around
Christchurch terror attack that can throw much light into the twisted white supremacist ideology. Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
For the uninitiated, since October 2018, much of the YouTube community, and the internet at Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
large has been engrossed in the battle for YouTube supremacy, as an independent creator, Felix Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg went up against an Indian Bollywood channel T-Series. Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian-based channel has been mostly uploading music videos whereas PewDiePie – refers
Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
to a 29-year-old Swedish YouTuber who is primarily known for his relatively innocuous meme
Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
and video game commentary videos.
In the last few months the battle between two channels in the internet world had attracted Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 | accounts@indianweekender.co.nz
significant attention of the internet world with leadership in subscription base fluctuating between Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
both of them.
At the time of writing, T-Series has 90,649,931 subscribers on YouTube, whereas PewDiePie Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
has 90,457,675 subscribers. There is about a 12,300 subscriber gap between the two channels, and is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
it’s still growing, with T-Series putting more distance between itself and PewDiePie every minute.
Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
This seemingly innocuous internet fight had a marked symbolism of white supremacist ideology
the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
targeted so ludicrously against an Indian-based channel.
The fact that the instigator of Christchurch terror attack had so vividly called for subscribing Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
PewDewPie channel only exposes the underbelly of white supremacist ideology so blatantly
Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
targeted against everything Indian.
From a Kiwi-Indian perspective, this is an alarming concern, and it’s omission from New Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Zealand’s mainstream media coverage on the Christchurch terror attack, is a stark reminder of the
fact that a lot has to be done over and beyond the current phase of kindness and compassion to
fully integrate ethnic population in this country.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 OPINION/EDITORIAL 17

Kohli and his merry band of men all ready for

the World Cup 2019
YAJURVINDRA SINGH In India, the World Cup in 1975 Chahal and the left-handed Kuldeep

and 1979 did not generate much Yadav makes them together, one of
he selection of the Kohli-
interest as India was still considered the most lethal bowling attacks in the
led merry band of men for
to be minnows in world cricket. world. The only problem that India
the most prestigious cricket
The International Cricket Council may face is that in June the weather
tournament, the World Cup 2019, has
(ICC) based in London also had a is cold and wet in England and the
never been so intensely discussed
non-caring attitude towards India. wicket and atmosphere during that
before. India seems to be the red
In 1979, they were made to travel to period is not very conducive for a
hot favourites to lift the cup and so
cold Scarborough in North Yorkshire wrist spinner.
for the millions of fans, the sparkle
to play practice matches against their The main area of concern for India
of another World Cup victory seems
main rivals, Pakistan. The weather will be their batting in the middle and
eminently possible.
did not make it possible for both the lower order.
This has, therefore, excited the
teams to play a serious match, but it The last four tail-end batsmen's
brain cells of most Indian cricket
led to a life-long friendship between entirely different selection process contribution has been abysmal, to say
the players. pressure. in a professional the least and if the Indian top order
The cricket World Cup, since its
Cricket in India grew by leaps and The team is manner and this batsmen fail to fire, then the chances
inception in 1975, had created an
bounds with the 1983 World Cup the front-runner to should pave the of getting a good total drastically
aura of recognizing the team that
win. A surprising win by a team that lift the Cup and so way for a much better reduces. M.S. Dhoni no more inspires
wins it as the World Champions. The
the bookmakers ranked as complete selection has become system in the future. the confidence of demolishing a pace
1975 Cup was the first time when
outsiders shocked the cricketing important. The team's core Virat Kohli is not only attack and the consistency amongst
all the top cricket sides of the world
world. The win brought to mind the structure of players has now been achieving wonders with his bat the other middle order batsmen is
competed against each other. The
famous biblical story of David and reasonably established. The team but is also showing remarkable still a question mark.
popularity of the football World Cup
Goliath. The mighty West Indies management, along with the captain, leadership qualities. The foremost The Indian side will need17to
must have had a significant impact,
were brought down by the then lowly has ensured that the players who they of which is his ability to use the acclimatize themselves quickly to
as cricket fans from all over the
considered India, from a situation felt were of prime importance have brilliant cricketing brain of India's the cold, heavy weather conditions
world, finally had something to look
that seemed impossible. Cricket and now sealed their place. most successful former captain, in June in England. India has always
forward to just like football. The
the uncertainty of the game, came The way that each position has M.S.Dhoni. India, at present have struggled to do so in the past. The
time frame of four years between
through winning. been identified and players tried astrong One day side. defining moments will be, as to
each cup, like the Olympics and the
India, since then, hoped for another and tested for it to make their mark, They have two of the best-limited whether this talented Indian side can
Football World Cup, made it even
win and this finally did happen after shows the professionalism that has overs batters in Rohit Sharma and beat the weather and the movement
more similar.
28 years, in 2011 at home. The team now come about in the selection Virat Kohli. that the ball generates off the wicket
The victories by the West Indies in
selection was never the focal point of process. There seems to be a focus But what has been an extraordinary and in the air.
the first two World Cups in 1975 and
any discussion as Indian supporters and transparent approach between the development in Indian cricket, is the There is a buzz and confidence in
1979 further enhanced the acceptance
were more concerned about the selectors, captain, senior players and bowling. The speedsters Bumrah, the present Indian side that has never
of the final result. The top-rated Test
outcome rather than each individual. the coach as to their requirements. Bhuvneshwar and Shami are bowling been seen earlier and this merry band
side also happened to also be the
The Indian team under the This itself shows how India brilliantly. They along with the wrist of men do have the ability to establish
winners of the limited overs version.
captaincy of Virat Kohli has an has finally matured in the team spin of the right-handed Yuzvendra themselves as true champions!

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18 INDIA Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender


Congress in a huddle to clinch
alliances in Delhi, Bihar, Maharashtra
rom Delhi to Bihar to
Maharashtra, the Congress
scrambled to finalise its
alliances on Tuesday, a day
after the notification for the first
phase of voting in the April-May
Lok Sabha elections was issued,
allowing candidates to start filing
From Delhi to Bihar to
Maharashtra, the Congress
scrambled to finalise its alliances on
Tuesday, a day after the notification
for the first phase of voting in the
April-May Lok Sabha elections was
issued, allowing candidates to start
filing nominations.
Suspense continued in Delhi
over whether the Congress will join
hands with chief minister Arvind
Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)
and Nationalist Congress Party
(NCP) chief Sharad Pawar stepped
in as a dealmaker, presumably after
finalising the details of the alliance finalising previously announced hold now while the BJP seems to
between his party and the Congress alliances, with the party demanding be willing to give up even seats it
that are yet to be announced. what some of the analysts see as a currently holds to allies.
In Bihar, Congress leaders disproportionately high number of PC Chacko, the Congress party’s the autocratic Modi-Shah rule,” said Gandhi left for the north-east for an
familiar with the development said seats. In Bihar, for instance, where Delhi incharge, said, “I am in Gopal Rai, the AAP’s Delhi unit election campaign.
an alliance between the Congress, the Congress isn’t particularly consultation with Congress party convener, referring to Modi and BJP Soon after, Pawar reached out to
the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and strong, the party has been holding leaders in Delhi on the possibilities president Amit Shah. Sanjay Singh, a Rajya Sabha member
several smaller constituents of the out for 11 seats while the RJD is of forging an alliance with AAP. The The AAP leader also said the of the AAP. Singh did not get into
Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) willing to give it a maximum of Congress Working Committee has Kejriwal-led party wanted to the details of his conversation with
will be finalised in the next two days. eight. decided to align with like-minded actively participate in efforts to Pawar, but stressed that “this is the
But alliance talks between the On Tuesday, former finance parties to defeat the BJP in the Lok stitch up an alliance of opposition time to save” the country. “The party
Congress and the Communist Party minister Yashwant Sinha tweeted: Sabha elections.” parties at the national level, but [he was referring to the Congress]
of India (Marxist) in West Bengal “Unsolicited advice to Rahul The final decision, which will be alleged that the “Congress has kept can be saved later....there will be
appeared to have failed after the Gandhi, pl finalise your alliances taken by Congress president Rahul everyone confused”. enough time to save the party. Right
grand old party announced on in Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi and Gandhi, is expected soon, he said. In the morning, Gandhi, now the attempt should be to save
Monday its candidates from Raiganj elsewhere today. It is already too The AAP leadership, which accompanied by senior leader the country and democracy,” he said.
and Murshidabad constituencies, the late.” Last week, Sinha, once one tried hard to form an alliance with Mallikarjun Kharge, drove to In mid-February, Pawar hosted a
bone of contention between the two of the senior-most leaders of the the Congress, sent out conflicting Pawar’s New Delhi residence where meeting of top opposition leaders, an
sides. Both seats are currently held Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and signals. “There will be no alliance the leaders are believed to have event attended by both Gandhi and
by the CPI(M). now one of Prime Minister Narendra with the Congress in Delhi. The discussed seat-sharing between Kejriwal. There were suggestions
Analysts have previously Modi’s severest critics, tweeted that way Congress has again and again the Congress and the NCP in that the two leaders should join
commented on the difficulty the the Congress and others seem to be refused an alliance indicates that the Maharashtra. The conversation then hands for the seven seats in Delhi,
Congress seems to be having in fighting over seats they don’t even party is not interested in defeating shifted to Delhi. Later in the day, which will vote on May 12.

BJP seals pact with Kerala parties, to contest 14 seats

According to the agreement, the BDJS will contest Thrissur, Idukki, Wayanad, Mavelikkara
and Alathur seats while Kerala Congress will field its candidate in Kottayam
SP, BSP to contest all 48 seats
he BJP on Wednesday constituencies.
nnouncing AN alliance in
announced the seat-sharing The support the BJP received
Maharashtra after Uttar
pact with two parties in during its agitation against the
Pradesh, the BSP and the SP
Kerala for the upcoming Lok entry of women of all ages to the
on Tuesday said they would contest
Sabha elections. Sabarimala temple has triggered
all the 48 seats in the state.
While the BJP will be contesting fresh hopes within the party cadre.
The seat-sharing formula will be
from 14 out of the 20 Lok Sabha However, internal differences
worked out soon, said leaders. Abu
seats in the state, the Bharath within the state leadership have
Azmi, legislator and state president
Dharma Jana Sena (BDJS) will deepened in the recent past over the
of SP, said that the alliance would
contest five seats and the Kerala distribution of poll tickets.
work to defeat BJP and Congress.
Congress (Thomas) will contest While Rao said the candidates will
“We have forged an alliance and Sena’s chances in five to seven Lok
one seat, BJP general secretary P be announced later, party sources
the seat-sharing will take place in Sabha seats.
Muralidhar Rao said. said Thushar is likely to contest
next two days. BSP MP Dr Ashok Siddharth, in-
The final agreement was BDJS will contest Thrissur, Idukki, from Thrissur while the BJP will
The SP wanted to fight Lok Sabha charge of the state, said: “BSP chief
reached at a meeting of senior BJP Wayanad, Mavelikkara and Alathur field Kummanam Rajashekharan,
polls in the state on one seat but Mayawatihas asked us to contest
leaders with BDJS leader Thushar seats while Kerala Congress will who recently resigned as Mizoram
the Congress-NCP combine did not polls in Maharashtra with SP.
Vellappally in Delhi. BDJS is the field its candidate in Kottayam. Governor, from Thiruvanathapuram,
include us in the alliance,” Azmi The Congress and BJP has
political wing of Sree Narayana Although BJP leaders admitted where the party claims to have a
told mediapersons. He claimed that deceived the Dalits, minorities and
Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, that the party has not been able strong support base.
the SP-BSP alliance will provide a Other Backward Classes as most of
which wields influence in the to make many inroads into the The BJP’s O Rajagopal won from
third alternative in the state and the the promises have remained on the
Ezhava community. state’s politics, they claimed their Nemam in Thiruvananthapuram in
alliance might impact the BJP-Shiv paper.”
According to the agreement, the vote-share will go up in almost all the 2016 Assembly election.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 INDIA 19

2019 polls most crucial since Independence: Yechury

ndia is facing the "most crucial" elections after Independence where the
criterion for deciding whom to vote for will not be the government's
mere performance, but the fact that our secular democracy is in peril
and has to be saved, said CPI-M General Secretary Sitaram Yechury.
"This is not an ordinary election where the ruling party of the day is
judged on the basis of its delivery of its promises made at the time of the last
general elections alone. The balance sheet of its betrayals is often the main
issue of electoral discourse," Yechury has written in the forthcoming issue
of the party's mouthpiece "People's Democracy".
"This election, however, is the most crucial one in the history of
Independent India because what is at stake is the very future of the secular
democratic republic, as enshrined in our Constitution," he added.
Yechury said the Narendra Modi-led government has mounted an
"unprecedented assault" on all constitutional authorities and institutions

Likened to Indira as people during these last five years.

"The four fundamental pillars of our Constitution -- secular democracy,

still love her, says Priyanka

economic self-reliance, social justice and federalism -- have all been
systematically weakened during the last five years.
"Hence, the primary task before India's electorate is to ensure the defeat of

ongress General Secretary earlier faced pro-Modi slogans from in the last five years. Shiksha mitras this government and give a mandate for the establishment of an alternative
Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday BJP supporters gathered outside as and Anganwadi workers did not get secular democratic government that must defend our constitutional
said that people compared her she reached there. anything. The BJP had announced Rs republic," Yechury said while arguing that this would require a stronger
looks with her grandmother Indira As Gandhi, who was clad in a red 17,000 per month for them. presence of the CPI-M and the Left in the 17th Parliament of India.
Gandhi as they still remember the sari, got out of her car, hundreds “It is good to produce report cards
Mayawati not to contest LS elections

late Prime Minister with respect for of BJP workers started shouting but what has actually happened?
the work she had done for them. the slogans and continued even as There is nothing on the ground. I ahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati on Wednesday said she
She also countered the Bharatiya she entered the temple. Most of the am meeting people daily, they are will not contest the Lok Sabha elections.
Janata Party’s allegations about people in the crowd were regular distressed,” Gandhi said. "Keeping in mind the current political situation, I have decided
elections as a picnic for the Gandhi worshippers, who were stopped from The younger sibling of party chief not to contest the Lok Sabha elections," Mayawati told the media.
family, saying that she has not been entering the temple due to her visit. Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day boat India, Maldives vow to combat terror, support each
to Italy in last three to four years.  Even shops and other ride on the Ganga as part of the
Reaching the Chunar ghat in the establishments near the temple had Lok Sabha election campaign that other

evening, she paid tribute to Nishad to down their shutters. will end on Wednesday in Varanasi, ndia and the Maldives have reiterated support for each other in a
community leader Raj Nishad at Gandhi, who spent some 20 Modi’s parliamentary constituency. number of areas of mutual interests including combating terrorism,
the river bank. Also holding a small minutes praying at the temple, Having set out from Prayagraj on while Maldives vowed to remain "sensitive" towards Indias strategic
road show or the party’s Mirzapur however, remained unperturbed. Monday in a specially-built vessel interests in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
candidate Lalitesh Pati Tripathi, As the sloganeering continued, with supporters, Priyanka Gandhi, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was on a two-day official visit
the great-grandson of former Uttar she drove off to offer a chadar at the who is the party’s in charge of eastern to the Indian Ocean island nation starting March 17 at the invitation of
Pradesh Chief Minister and Union Kantit Sharief dargah near by where Uttar Pradesh, began the day after her Maldivian counterpart Abdulla Shahid. She was accompanied by a
Minister Kamalapati Tripathi, there was a huge crowd outside offering prayers at the Sita Samahit delegation of senior officials.
Gandhi also hugged and interacted waiting to meet her. Most had arrived Sthal temple in Sitamarhi. "Minister Shahid reiterated his government's 'India First Policy' and said
with several women party workers at 7 a.m., they claimed. She also held a meeting with party that his government looks forward to working closely with India on all
at the Chunar ghat before ending her Meeting media in Bhadohi, Gandhi workers and leaders at the Sitamarhi issues.
second day’s programme. asked what the Modi government guest house, where she had halted for
He also reiterated that the Maldives would remain sensitive towards
Earlier in the day, addressing a had done in the last five years. the night on Monday. She also met
India's security and strategic concerns," the joint statement after their
large gathering waiting for her since “Be it farmers, youth or several other delegations including
meeting said on Monday.
afternoon at the Sindaura ghat, she anybody, no one is satisfied with that of the weaver community,
Sushma Swaraj said that in line with her government's "Neighbourhood
said, “Many people say that I look the government. Together they will Shiksha Mitra, and Anganwadi
like my grandmother. You compare change the government this year,” workers in the area. First" policy, India stands ready to fully support Maldives in its socio-
us because you have a lot of love and she said. Asked to comment on economic development.
respect for her because she had done Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Both Foreign Ministers agreed on the importance of maintaining peace
a lot of work for you all.” Adityanath’s claim that since the and security in the IOR, and to strengthen coordination in enhancing
She also hit out at the Narendra Congress was to blame for regional maritime security.
Modi government for not fulfilling the state’s backwardness since Hatred is never benign: Priyanka on NZ shooting
the promises it made to the people. i t had ruled the state the
During her river journey from
Bhatoli ghat to Sindaura, Gandhi
most after Independence,
she hit back, saying E xpressing condolences over the deaths in the shooting in two mosques
in New Zealand, Congress General Secretary and eastern Uttar Pradesh
in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday said hatred is "never benign".
even switched to a smaller boat “this ‘what they did in
so that she could interact with the last 70 years’ has an "The horrific terrorist act in New Zealand should be a warning to the
people residing near the Ganga’s expiry date.” whole world -- hatred is never benign," she tweeted.
banks. As the sun was setting, the “Now the BJP "My heart goes out to the victims and their families, may love and support
people switched on the flashlight of should tell the from the millions who are repelled by this crime sustain them and give them
it farmers,
their mobile phones and she went to people what it courage," she added.
youth or
meet them by taking her motorboat did At least 49 persons were killed and 48 others, including an Indian, injured
anybody, no one is
near the banks. when a gunman, said to be a right-wing extremist, opened indiscriminate
satisfied with the
The Congress leader, who also government." fire in two mosques in Christchurch city during Friday prayers.
visited the Vindhyavasini Devi Nine Indian nationals or persons of Indian origin are among the missing.
Temple, eight kilometres from here,

Kirron Kher faces fight from Congress and within BJP

he quintessential 'Mummyji' as the BJP candidate. Taking a cue from the popular Minister Narendra Modi and her own
of Bollywood movies is Hailing from Chandigarh itself, TV chat show 'Cofee with Karan' celebrity status to impress voters.
donning her motherly avatar the 63-year-old Kirron not only faces (of director Karan Johar), in whose "None of the local top leaders
as she has begun her over two-month a tough challenge from the Congress final episode she came as a jury have so far been seen campaigning
long electoral campaign to retain the but also from within the local unit of member, Kirron has launched her with her.
Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). own localised version in Chandigarh "Till the ticket is decided, no one is
Having been elected from here in Chandigarh BJP President Sanjay with '#CofeeWithKirron'. ready to project her as the candidate
the 2014 general election by a margin Tandon and former MP from the "#NamoAgain is the future of even though she is the sitting MP," a
of nearly 70,000 votes and defeating Union Territory, Satya Pal Jain, are India. So is this lovely kid. And all BJP insider in the city said.
four-time Member of Parliament breathing down her neck as claimants such sweethearts. When you come for Kher is campaigning at her
(MP) and former Union Railways for the BJP ticket. #CoffeeWithKirron, don't leave your own level - meeting advocates,
minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, Both were ticket aspirants last kids behind :) #MyCityMyPeople," industrialists, housewives, youth,
actor-turned-politician Kirron Kher time also but Kirron managed to beat Kirron's Twitter handle states as she children, businessmen and
did well for her first political outing them down. banks on the popularity of Prime several others.
20 INDIA ABROAD Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

You are making Canada Indian Americans top best boss

list: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
proud: Trudeau to Lilly Singh 1st, Google’s Sundar Pichai 3rd
anadian Prime Minister he year 2018, for tech, was
Justin Trudeau congratulated full of controversies, data
Canadian-born Lilly Singh, breaches and lawsuits.
who goes by the stage name Right from Facebook’s Cambridge
Superwoman, on bagging a late night Analytica debacle, which had a
show of a major TV network and said domino effect on Mark Zuckerberg’s
the YouTube sensation is making social media empire, to Elon Musk Microsoft employees gave Nadella
Canada proud. smoking weed on a podcast in 82 points on a rating scale of 100,
Trudeau tweeted on Sunday California, to the Google+ bug, which made the best CEO of a large
evening: “Congratulations which lead to the company speeding company this year. The company
Superwoman! You’re making up the demise of its semi-defunct also got appreciated for its culture,
Canada proud - and making us laugh social media platform, the year has diversity and perks and benefits.
along the way.”  been full of twists and turns that not Pichai was rated 80 and his
To which, Singh replied: “Thank only unboxed the dark secrets that company, despite the anti-trust
you Prime Minister! Please find a give a glimpse into what goes behind lawsuit in the European Union,
way to send me ice caps and Timbits the scene in these tech companies, and the Google+ bug that gave the
while shooting.”  but also tested the mantle of the private data of 52.5 million users to
Singh has landed a rare chance to people that lead these companies.  the developers, was appreciated for
host a late night talk show on a major The show will be re-titled “A “A Little Late” will feature Singh, While the second spot was bagged its diversity, culture and as the best
broadcast network -- a feat for a Little Late with Lilly Singh” and will who first became famous as a by The Home Depot chief Craig place to work for women.
woman of colour. launch in September, making her the YouTube star, conducting in-studio Menear, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Interestingly, while the head of
She will replace Carson Daly as only woman to currently host a late interviews, as well as feature pre- who is the only other Indian-origin Google and Microsoft bagged the top
the host of NBC’s late night talk night talk show on one of the big taped comedy sketches and other CEO in the list of top 50 CEOs at two spots in the coveted list, shortly
show. networks, reported variety.com. “signature elements”. large companies in the world, came behind them in the list was Amazon
in third. founder Jeff Bezos, who bagged the
Indian-origin Demurrage Analyst creates app set Comparably, a platform that rates
companies based on a multitude of
6th spot, and Apple CEO Tim Cook,
who bagged the 12th spot on the list.
to save millions for oil tanker industry factors, released a list of best CEOs
of 2018. The ratings were based
Elon Musk, on the other hand,
despite all the controversies
An Indian-origin analyst has
on employee interviews that were surrounding his tweets this year, was
come up with an innovative
conducted anonymously. ranked as the 19th best CEO in 2018
solution that is potentially Interestingly, in the survey, by his employees.

US to begin accepting new

set to save millions of
dollars for the oil and gas

H1-B visa petitions

tanker industry, through an
app she created.

-Demurrage is an app for he US Citizenship and a US Master’s degree. According to
calculating demurrage Immigration Services the USCIS, the new change would
claims on the go for oil and (USCIS) would start result in an estimated 16 per cent
gas tankers.  For the benefit of accepting new H1-B visa petitions rise, or an increase of 5,340 workers,
laypersons, demurrage claims for the fiscal year 2020 starting April in the selected H1-B petitioners with
are made by ship owners to 1, the media reported. an advanced US degree.
cargo charterers in case of delays The employment start date for Florida-based paralegal Vishal
in loading/unloading. Claims worth The app can be used to calculate demurrage of a tanker at a port in USA while the
demurrage analyst is working from his office or home somewhere in Asia these visas would be October 1, the Ghadia, told the American Bazaar:
millions of dollars often get rejected American Bazaar daily reported. “In the last six years, USCIS has
due to late submission. in Android currently, can be used by stand a risk of being rejected due to Like previous years, the regular received enough H1-B applications
Leena Asher, the brain behind everyone in the industry anywhere late submissions beyond agreement visa cap limit for H-1B this year to fill the 85,000 cap within the first
the I-Demurrage app, is a Specialist in the world. In fact, the app can time bars. In a first, the I-Demurrage remains at 65,000.  five working days of the month of
Demurrage Analyst and a subject be used to calculate demurrage of app has been created to make Additionally, another 20,000
April. This time, too, we can expect
matter expert in her industry on a tanker at a port in USA while the the time-consuming process of petitioners, who possess a Master’s,
the cap to reach within five days and
demurrage. She says, “I identified demurrage analyst is working from calculating demurrage more easier. or a higher degree from a US
there’s a need for an app to calculate his office or home somewhere in the number of H1-B applications
I-Demurrage enables the user university, will also get the visas.
demurrage after interacting with my Asia. “With I-Demurrage being the similar to last few years.” 
to calculate demurrage in a simple But, according to many lawyers,
industry peers. first of its kind app, analysts can However, some lawyers have said
and effective format and email this year may be extraordinary,
The process can be made simpler send out claims from anywhere, mostly because of the continued that that an apparent crackdown
calculations to the user’s email ID. on H-1B and the overall negative
and since we’re in a tech-savvy anytime,” said Leena. scrutiny as well as some subtle rule
The app aspires to save millions in sentiment around immigration would
generation, I decided the app was The energy demands around the changes announced earlier this year.
the process. Leena recalls the very reflect on the filings. 
the need of the day. As the creator, world have been rising substantially. In January, the USCIS introduced
moment she had her brainstorm Prominent immigration attorney
I hope I-Demurrage saves my This has led to an increase in the a change in the order in which
number of oil tankers carrying which led to the creation of the Sheela Murthy told the American
industry peers’ time and money in allocations would be counted. 
their busy work-routines.” millions of barrels of oil across the app. “I was travelling to Krakow Bazaar: “We expect fewer H-1B
The agency will now put all the
She has been working for one globe. The oil tanker industry has in Poland to train a new team and filings since many employers are
petitions including the ones with
of the world’s largest oil and gas witnessed an immense increase in at 10pm I recalled I had a claim to be frustrated with the system and the
advanced degree in the regular cap.
companies for over 15 years and demurrage and associated costs. sent. I didn’t have my office systems In the second round, it will select the administration that has its head in
has been a Demurrage Analyst for However, oil tanker owners and with me and I could not travel to the remaining petitions. the sand regarding the shortage of
10 years. The venture is based in charterers continue to face the office location at that hour. That was The new order is expected to high-skilled workers to keep up the
Houston, USA. The app available challenge in demurrage claims that the ‘Ah’ moment,” she said. increase chances of petitioners with momentum of our economy.” 

Indian American researchers develop new model for safer self-driving cars
or ensuring safer self-driving cars, a team of vehicles and autonomous robots. First author The AI systems powering driverless cars are
Indian American researchers has developed Ramya Ramakrishnan from Computer Science trained extensively in virtual simulations to prepare
a new model that uses human inputs to and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, the vehicle for nearly every event on the road.
uncover Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘blind spots’ said, “The model helps autonomous systems better But sometimes the car makes an unexpected
in them so that these vehicles can avoid dangerous know what they don’t know.” error in the real world because an event occurs that
errors in the real world. “Many times, when these systems are deployed, should, but doesn’t, alter the car’s behaviour.
MIT and Microsoft researchers have developed their trained simulations don’t match the real- The researchers validated their method using
this new model which identifies instances in world setting [and] they could make mistakes, such video games, with a simulated human correcting
which autonomous systems have “learned” from as getting into accidents. the learned path of an on-screen character.
training examples that don’t match what’s actually The idea is to use humans to bridge that gap The next step is to incorporate the model with
happening in the real world. between simulation and the real world, in a safe traditional training and testing approaches for
This model can be used by engineers to improve way, so we can reduce some of those errors,” said autonomous cars and robots with human feedback.
the safety of AI systems, such as driverless Ramya Ramakrishnan.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 WORLD 21

THERESA MAY: Paris among most expensive cities, Chennai among


P aris, Singapore and Hong Kong are most expensive cities in the world
while Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru are among the cheapest places to

live, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2019 Worldwide Cost
of Living Survey.
The three top cities are tied at the top spot, CNN quoted the annual survey
as saying. It evaluated the cost of over 150 items in 133 cities around the

world. Zurich, Switzerland, was placed at fourth position. Japan's Osaka
shared the fifth place with Geneva, also in Switzerland. Seoul (South Korea)
and Copenhagen (Denmark) and New York (US) were jointly placed at the
seventh spot. Los Angeles (US) was named the 10th most expensive city in
the world, along with Israel's Tel Aviv.
The world's cheapest cities include Caracas (Venezuela), Damascus
(Syria), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Karachi (Pakistan),
Lagos (Nigeria), Buenos Aires (Argentina) as well as the three Indian cities

ritish Prime Minister Theresa EU next Friday, on March 29, unless "You want this stage of the Brexit of Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi.
May has told the public she the law is changed. All other 27 EU process to be over and done with. I
is "on their side", laying members would have to agree any agree. I am on your side."
Resume talks with Dalai Lama, aides, US tells China
the blame for the delay to Brexit
squarely with MPs.
Speaking from Downing Street,
extension beyond that date.
Tusk said he believed the EU
would agree to a short extension,
She said it was "now time for
MPs to decide" whether they wanted
to leave with her deal, no deal or
T he US Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom
Samuel Brownback has said the US will continue to support the Dalai
Lama's 'middle-way' approach and urged China to resume formal dialogue
May said people were "tired of but only if the withdrawal deal whether they chose not to leave at all with him or his representatives, the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
infighting and political games" and negotiated by Theresa May - the latter she warned could cause said on Monday.
it was "high time" politicians You is signed off by MPs next "irreparable damage to public trust" Brownback said this during a visit to Taiwan for the 2019 Regional
made a decision on the next want this week. in politicians. Religious Freedom Forum, last week, where President Tsai Ing-wen was
steps, the BBC reported on stage of the Brexit It has already been "So far Parliament has done also present. Brownback noted in his speech March 2018 marked "the 60th
Wednesday. process to be over o v e r w h e l m i n g l y everything possible to avoid making anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama being forced into exile."
Earlier, May wrote to EU and done with. I rejected twice. In her a choice," said May. According to a CTA post, the US Ambassador criticised China's
Council President Donald agree. I am on statement, May said: "Motion after motion and occupation of Tibet saying it "demonised and criminalised the Buddhist
Tusk requesting to delay your side. "Of this I am absolutely amendment after amendment has faith that lies at the core of Tibetan civilisation".
Brexit until June 30. sure. You the public have been tabled without Parliament ever "Tibetans understandably continue to lament his absence from Tibet and
She said the postponement was a had enough. deciding what it wants. All MPs have long for the day that he is able to return and resume his rightful place as
"matter of great personal regret". "You are tired of the infighting, been willing to say is what they do their most important religious leader," he said.
The Prime Minister reiterated she tired of the political games and the not want." Australia to slash annual permanent migrant intake
would not be willing to extend Brexit arcane procedural rows, tired of MPs She made a final appeal to MPs
any further than that date -- despite
appeals from some MPs for a longer
talking about nothing else but Brexit
when you have real concerns about
to back her deal and told the public:
"You just want us to get on with it T he Australian government will slash the nation's permanent migrant
intake from 190,000 to 160,000 in the lead-up to May's general
election, authorities said on Tuesday.
extension to give time for a change in our children's schools, our National and that is what I am determined
direction. The UK is set to leave the Health Service, knife crime. Fairfax Media and News Corp Australia said the government will place
to do."
an official cap on the figure at that level, reports Xinhua news agency.

Three more nations join UN

The announcement will be made as part of the Federal Budget, which
UN chief will be released by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh

appalled at Environment's Clean Seas campaign Frydenberg on April 2, and comes months after Morrison first signalled the
move in November 2018. The budget is widely considered the government's

hree more nations -- major opportunity to make up ground on the opposition Australian Labor
New Zealand Antigua and Barbuda,
Trinidad and Tobago
Party.Australia allowed 162,417 permanent migrants in financial year
2017-18. The government will also announce measures to encourage new
mosque attack and Paraguay – on Friday joined
UN Environment's Clean Seas
migrants to Australia to work in regional areas to ease the burden of rapid
population growth on Sydney and Melbourne.
campaign, bringing the number As many as 87 per cent of the 112,000 skilled migrants who arrived in
of countries now involved in Australia in 2017-18 settled in either Sydney or Melbourne.
the world's largest alliance Boeing 'finalising' software update after crashes
for combating marine plastic
in 2016, Antigua and Barbuda has
pollution to 60.

been a pioneer in the fight against
he three nations signed marine plastic pollution. We are
up during the Fourth UN delighted to join the Clean Seas
Environment Assembly in campaign and share our drive and
Nairobi where more than 4,700 experience with other nations so that

N Secretary-General delegates from 170 countries together we can take decisive action
Antonio Guterres is were meeting to hammer out new to turn this toxic tide that threatens
"shocked and appalled at guidelines to lessen the speed of the livelihoods, wildlife and the survival
the terrorist attack" at two mosques planet's depleted resources. of our oceans," Minister for Health,

in Christchurch, New Zealand, his Launched in 2017, the Clean Seas Wellness and the Environment in oeing has said it is finalising a software update and pilot training
spokesperson said. campaign works with governments, Antigua and Barbuda Molwyn revision related to MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation
Guterres "recalls the sanctity of businesses and citizens to eliminate Joseph said. System) in 737 Max, following two deadly air crashes in less than five
mosques and all places of worship" the needless use of disposable Landlocked Paraguay has months.
and "calls upon all people on this plastics and protect the oceans and committed to clean its polluted rivers, "Boeing is finalising its development of a previously-announced software
holy day for Muslims to show signs rivers from a toxic tide of pollution starting in the capital Asuncion. update and pilot training revision that will address the MCAS flight control
of solidarity with the bereaved that is endangering livelihoods and Among Trinidad and Tobago's law's behaviour in response to erroneous sensor inputs," Dennis Muilenburg,
Islamic community," Stephane killing wildlife. top priorities is reinforcing its waste President and CEO of the US aircraft manufacturer, said in a statement on
Dujarric, the spokesperson, said at a The alliance now covers more than management system while also Sunday, Xinhua reported.
press briefing. 60 per cent of the world's coastlines. educating the population about the Muilenburg's announcement came after Ethiopia's Transport Minister
"The UN Secretary-General Antigua and Barbuda banned need to separate household waste. Dagmawit Moges said earlier on Sunday that information recovered from
reiterates the urgency of working single-use plastic bags in 2016, According to UN Environment, the flight data recorder of the Ethiopian Airlines plane showed the March
better together globally to counter becoming the first country in the every year around eight million 10 crash which killed all 157 people on board had "clear similarities" with
Islamophobia and eliminate region to do so. tonnes of plastic ends up in the Lion Air's crash in Indonesia in October, which killed 189 people aboard.
intolerance and violent extremism The island nation is now working oceans, poisoning fish, birds and Both of the doomed planes were 737 Max 8.
in all its forms," he added. The UN to eliminate polystyrene products, other sea creatures. The MCAS is an automated safety feature on the 737 Max designed to
chief also extended his condolences which it hopes to achieve over the That's the equivalent of one prevent the plane from entering into a stall, or losing lift.
to the families of the victims and to coming year. It is also looking to garbage truck of litter being dumped Some pilots had complained about unintended nose-down situations
the government and people of New expand its recycling capacity and into the sea every minute. Plastic while flying the Max 8 jet, according to US federal database.
Zealand. Earlier on Friday, gunmen extend a scheme for collecting and waste, in the form of microplastics, There has been a global ban on flights of Boeing 737 Max following
opened fire at two separate mosques recycling plastic bottles. has also entered the human food the Ethiopian Airlines crash. The US grounded all 737 Max 8 and 9 on
in Christchurch, killing 49 people "Since introducing the region's chain, and the consequences are not Wednesday amid mounting pressure.
and wounding 48 others. first ban on single-use plastic bags yet fully understood.
22 SPORTS Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender


never seen a player like Virat South America confident of winning bid to host 2030 WC

Kohli: Coach Justin Langer A South American bid is the front runner to be awarded the hosting right
for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, according to the head of the region's
football governing body.

ndia may have lost the ODI series against Australia The tournament will be held 100 years after Uruguay won the inaugural
in New Delhi on Wednesday, but skipper Virat Kohli World Cup as hosts. Argentina and Uruguay originally announced plans to
still earned praise from the Australian head coach vie for the event two years ago before Paraguay was added to the candidacy
Justin Langer. in October 2017. Chile became the fourth country to be included in the bid
The former Australian opening batsman said that he has last month.
never seen a player like Virat Kohli. "If we do our homework and the countries also do theirs, I think we are the
“I have never seen a player like Kohli. They showed favourites to win," South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL)
character and great fighting spirit. India had the better of President Alejandro Dominguez said after a meeting with the Presidents of
us in Australia and we were able to have the better of them Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile here.
here,” Langer said. The South American effort faces competition from a British-Irish proposal
Langer said he was “incredibly proud” of a team who and a group comprising Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
also swept the two-match Twenty20 series. The Argentine coordinator for the candidacy, Fernando Marin, said a
“It is going to be tough to pick the World Cup squad. meeting of the South American bid's management committee - comprising
It has been an unbelievable ride since India arrived in representatives from all four countries - would be held in Buenos Aires on
Australia,” Langer said. April 8.
“I think Jhye Richardson and Pat Cummins are forming
India thrash Bangladesh to reach SAFF final

a great partnership, they can also contribute with the
bat. Usman Khawaja also has been fantastic, having not are expected to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) he Indian women's football team secured its berth in the final of
played much of white-ball cricket, in the last 12 months.” before the World Cup starting May 30. the SAFF Women's Championship for the fifth time in a row with a
The 12-month bans handed down to Smith and Warner Australia now head to the UAE to play Pakistan in a clinical 4-0 win over Bangladesh at the Sahid Rangashala Stadium.
by Cricket Australia for their role in the Cape Town five-match series starting March 22 before the 50-over Dalima Chhibber opened the scoring for India, which was followed by a
ball-tampering incident end on March 28 and the duo World Cup begins in late May in England and Wales. brace from Indumathi Kathiresan and an injury-time strike by Manisha, as the
defending champions took their tally to 15 unopposed goals in three matches.

3 major concerns for India ahead of World The match began with both teams going hard from the first whistle as
Bangladesh looked to make the most of their physical prowess, pressing the

Cup after series loss against Australia Indian defenders with rigorous pace. The Indian centre-back duo of Ashalata
and Sweety Devi, however, stood tall and denied the opposition forwards any

ndia had few questions to answer question has popped up in the many sniff at goal.
before the Australia series, and series before this year too, and yet, After a tense start, India found the foothold they wanted with their first
the loss has only added more after trying out as many as six to corner of the match. With 18 minutes gone, Sanju curled in an excellent
questions than answers before the seven players in the role, there is delivery from the left that fell to Dalima inside the box and the right-back
World Cup. little clarity on who will walk out in made no mistake as she placed the ball into the back of the net.
After the series loss against England against South Africa for
Australia, captain Virat Kohli did not India’s first game at the World Cup. Serena joins Priyanka Chopra as Bumble investor

want to hand out excuses but instead “As a side, combination-wise, we ennis star Serena Williams has joined actress Priyanka Chopra as an
focus on what could be changed. are pretty sorted condition-based. investor of social and dating application Bumble.
He also said that there was no Maximum one change, you’ll get to Bumble on Wednesday announced Williams, who had earlier
panic in the dressing room and that see condition-based. But other than teamed up with the company for an ad campaign #InHerCourt, will be joining
India’s World Cup plans are perfectly that, the XI we want to play, we are the organisation as an investor and active member of the Bumble Fund.
on track. pretty clear about it,” Kohli said after Being an investor, the 37-year-old tennis champion wants to "amplify
Australia won their first bilateral the series loss and this could well be female entrepreneurs and creating a place for them to personally and
ODI series in India since 2009, and this middle order spot even he is professionally champion their growth", read a statement.
this was a reversal which should be worried about. She said: "In my life, and today more than ever, I've learned how impactful
taken quite seriously by the Indian one woman's voice can be when given a platform to speak and be heard.
Backup wicket-keeper
team management.
Dinesh Karthik was axed and "I am passionate about building on this progress and opening doors for
The players will now head across to
Rishabh Pant was included women of all backgrounds, especially women of colour, to share their
different franchises for the upcoming
against Australia. As message and trust in their potential to accomplish great things."
IPL, but what about the World
Pant was given a a side,
Cup plans? Federer has mixed feelings about Miami Open venue

go in the final combination-
We take a look at three major wiss tennis player Roger Federer, who has played four Miami
two games when wise, we are pretty
talking points from the series loss Open finals and won three, all on the old Crandon Park courts in
MS Dhoni was sorted condition-based.
and how it could have an impact on Key Biscayne, said that he has "mixed feelings" with this year's
rested. Maximum one change,
India’s World Cup ambitions:
However, for move to the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.
you’ll get to see
Dependence on the top order all his potential, For the first time in 31 years, the tournament has another venue built
India’s prolific run in limited the young man has with an investment of $60 million and which already had, on the first
overs cricket was primarily because not nailed day of the qualifying phase, about 13,000 spectators inspecting the new
of their top order - which has been facilities, reports Efe news.
their engine room over the "I understand all that, but I also recognise that it was a great
last 15-20 months. tournament, with a lot of history," Federer said on Tuesday.
R o h i t "We must not forget that it was considered the fifth most important
d o w n tournament on the circuit, only surpassed by the four Grand Slams."
his spot in this side. Federer recalled that, at the old venue,he starred in matches with five
He struggled with the gloves in unforgettable sets since he began to compete there, including his first final in
Mohali, did not too convincing
2002 which he lost in four sets to the American Andre Agassi.
Sharma, against the spinners in Delhi and
Shikhar Dhawan, then failed to step up and 'Messi, Ronaldo lucky-unlucky to be greats same time'

a n d Virat Kohli have been take responsibility with ionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both lucky and unlucky to be
prolific at the top of the order and the bat when the pressure playing in the same generation, said former Manchester United coach
more often than not, one of the was amped in Delhi Jose Mourinho while commenting on the long-running debate on who's
batsman wins the game for the side. during the chase. the best. Speaking on the latest instalment of 'On the Touchline' on beIN
However, in New Zealand and Will the Indian selectors
SPORTS, Mourinho praised both football stars and said had there been only
then against Australia at home, India go back to Dinesh Karthik
one of them at a given time, he could have bagged 10 Golden Boots. Both are
struggled every time the top order for the World Cup or
5 times Ballon d' or winners.
failed to click and the middle order will they persist with
"I think they are lucky and unlucky to be playing in the same generation.
was just not able to step up and be Rishabh Pant.
Also, former Indian cricketer, They are lucky because they can compete each other. They look at each other
Gautam Gambhir said before the in a positive way and get extra motivation. If there was only one of them, he
Middle order muddle
fifth match that India should look at would have 10 Golden Boots," Mourinho said.
Who will be India’s number 4 at The 56-year-old Portuguese coach said that Ronaldo and Messi have
KL Rahul as the secondary wicket-
the World Cup? raised the performance bar very high.
keeper for the World Cup.
The question occupied all the "Now, I think they have put the bar really high. And you have the
This is now a huge problem for
headlines before this series, this players coming behind, who I like to call the 'little monsters'.
India for the World Cup.
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 FEATURES 23

Nokia 2.1 vs Samsung
Galaxy J2 Core
Xiaomi’s Redmi Go smartphone compared with
Nokia 2.1 and Samsung Galaxy J2 Core.

iaomi on Tuesday launched factor and on-screen
its first Android Go navigation buttons.
smartphone, Redmi Go. Nokia 2.1 offers a more
The first sale for Redmi Go will take appealing look with
place on March 22 through mi.com, colour combinations of
Flipkart, Mi Home stores and Mi blue plus copper and light grey plus with the same chipset and storage video recording alon with flash and
preferred stores. silver. In terms of display, Redmi Go configuration. Galaxy J2 Core has the auto-focus. Nokia 2.1 comes with
With Redmi Go, Xiaomi Core. and Galaxy J2 Core offer a 5-inch smallest 2,600mAh battery, and runs flash on both rear and front cameras.
joins a small but growing list of screen with HD and qHD resolutions on in-house Exynos 7570 processor.
Display, design Price
Android Go phones. Android Go is respectively. Nokia 2.1 has a bigger On the software front, Redmi Go
Android Go phones being entry- Among the three, Redmi Go has
Google’s lightweight OS for low- 5.5-inch HD display. and Galaxy J2 Core run Android
level phones offer a simple look and the cheapest price tag of Rs 4,499.
end smartphones. Android Go runs Oreo (Go edition). Nokia 2.1 runs on
feel. Performance Next in line is Galaxy J2 Core which
lighter versions of Android apps like the latest Android Pie (Go edition).
There’s no notch or edge-to-edge Redmi Go is powered by is available at Rs 5,990. Nokia 2.1 is
Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go
displays on these phones. Redmi Go Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 Camera priced the highest at Rs 6,499.
and more.
has a metallic body with capacitive processor paired with 1GB RAM For photography, all three sport
In India itself, users have choices Summing up,
and two colour options of blue and and 8GB onboard storage. The an 8-megapixel rear camera and a
between Android Go phones like All three phones offer similar
black. 5-inch HD display, 5-inch smartphone packs a 3,000mAh 5-megapixel selfie snapper. Redmi
Nokia 2.1, Nokia 1, Samsung Galaxy specifications and features. Nokia
qHD display, 5.5-inch HD display. battery. Go offers features like burst mode,
J2 Core and Micromax Bharat Go. 2.1 does cost higher but it also comes
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core also In comparison, Nokia 2.1 has a Full HD video recording, and HDR.
Here’s a comparison between with the latest software, a bigger
comes in blue with a similar form bigger 4,000mAh battery, and comes Galaxy J2 Core also features Full HD
Redmi Go, Nokia 2.1 and Galaxy J2 screen and battery.

Samsung plans to expand investment in AI, 5G WHATSAPP’S NEW FEATURES: Reverse image search to in-app browser

amsung Electronics Co on Wednesday hatsApp regularly updates its app
said it will propel technology innovations with new features on Android and
to tackle the unfavourable business iOS. The messaging app also tests
environment and foster new growth drivers such many features on its beta versions.
as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G. Samsung Some of the features in tested are available
vowed to step up its innovations to overcome for users through WhatsApp beta on Android
business challenges amid falling prices of and iOS. Here are some features WhatsApp
memory chips and flattening global demand for has been testing for quite some time, and are
new smartphones. expected to release soon.
“The company plans to push for profound a WhatsApp group. The messaging app will
‘Search Image’ tool
innovations across the divisions as the give users options to either restrict people
WhatsApp’s reverse image search is
unfavourable business environment is expected to and mobile communication divisions to expand from being added to groups, or allow anyone,
expected to help curb the spread of fake news.
continue this year,” Kim Ki-nam, vice chairman our market-leading position.” or allow only contacts.
Known as the ‘search image’ tool, this feature
of Samsung Electronics, said at a meeting at the The world’s largest handset and memory chip will let users search any image shared on Advanced search tool
company headquarters attended by about 1,000 maker said it posted $215.8 billion in sales and the app. Users can long press on the image As the name suggests, this feature will
investors. $52 billion in operating profits last year on a and select the ‘search image’ option. This make searching for files on WhatsApp easier.
To get ahead in the fast-changing tech industry, consolidated basis, posting record high profits feature is in testing mode right now but it isn’t WhatsApp currently allows users to search
Samsung said it will expand investment in driven by the boom in memory chips, Yonhap available for beta users as yet. using keywords. The new feature will let
burgeoning tech segments to propel growth. news agency reported. users specify the file type like photos, GIFs,
“We will focus on new, promising businesses, Its bid to propel its 5G business comes as In-app browser
links, videos, documents and audio.
such as AI and 5G, to bring meaningful changes Huawei, the world’s largest telecom equipment WhatsApp is expected to launch an in-app
and will actively respond to new business maker, faces growing pressure from the US over browser. At present, all links when opened Download single sticker
opportunities,” Kim said. security protection issues. are redirected to the phone’s default browser. An update for one of WhatsApp’s most
Announcing business plans during the The Korean tech firm currently has a mere Apps like Facebook and Twitter have their popular feature is the option to download a
shareholders meeting, the first since a 50:1 3 % share in the 5G equipment sector, lagging own in-app browsers for links. single sticker. WhatsApp offers sticker packs
stock split in May which was aimed at making far behind Huawei’s 28 % and Ericsson’s 27 %, for users on the app and through Google Play
Group invitation
it easier for retail investors to purchase stakes in according to market researcher IHS Markit. Store. Users have to download the entire
A feature many users will be happy with
the firm, Kim said: “We will continue to release The company has set a goal of capturing a 20 pack even if they wish to use just one or two
on WhatsApp is ‘group invitation’. This
innovative products in our home appliance and IT % share in the 5G equipment market by 2022. stickers.
feature will bar users from adding anyone to

OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 6T: Are the changes good enough for you to upgrade?
nePlus is gearing up for its while keeping the screen fuller. Sony’s IMX586 sensor that also
next big launch, OnePlus 7. The mechanism is expected to be powers phones such as HonorView
The upcoming flagship has very similar to Vivo Nex. Oppo F11 20 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro.
already made numerous unofficial Pro and Vivo V15 Pro also have a This will be a big improvement over
appearances ahead of the official similar camera system. OnePlus 6T’s 16-megapixel and
launch. OnePlus 7 is set to continue Another big change is ‘gradient 20-megapixel dual rear cameras.
the design experiment OnePlus design’ and newer colour option.
Incremental upgrades
began with OnePlus 5T. And as While OnePlus 6 series had the
With each flagship phone,
expected, there will be incremental glass back panel, but they quickly
OnePlus rolls out incremental
upgrades in the specifications fell behind the trend after Xiaomi,
specifications upgrades. OnePlus 7
department. Honor and others embraced
is going to be no exception.
gradient design. According to
What’s confirmed so far? The smartphone will run on
reports, OnePlus 7 will launch
OnePlus 7 will not come with the latest Qualcomm chipset,
three gradient finishes including
wireless charging feature. When Snapdragon 855. According to
one with black and mustard yellow
OnePlus moved to glass back a recent listing, OnePlus 7 will
Warp Charging. improved the design to a smaller combination and purple and black
panel, it was rumoured that the feature 6.5-inch AMOLED screen,
notch in OnePlus 6T. With OnePlus combination similar to OnePlus 6T
company will finally introduce the What are the big changes improved in-screen fingerprint
7, the company is reportedly going Thunder Purple.
long-awaited feature. CEO Pete expected? sensor, and 8GB of RAM. The
to do away with notches altogether. The biggest rumour around
Lau earlier this month said that the OnePlus faced big backlash smartphone will be powered by a
According to recently leaked OnePlus 7 is the 48-megapixel
modern wireless chargers were “far when it introduced notch display 4,000mAh battery with 44W fast
images, OnePlus 7 will sport a rear camera. The next flagship
inferior” to its wired fast charging, in OnePlus 6. The company later charger.
motorised pop-up selfie camera smartphone is said to come with
24 FEATURES Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

edges are crisp. • Serve immediately

• Serve with the drizzle of ketchup on top. TANDOORI CHICKEN PIZZA BREAD
Makes 2
INGREDIENTS: • 250gm - chicken, boneless
2 - bread slices • 1tbsp - lemon juice
• 2tsp - mayonnaise • 1tbsp - tandoori masala
• Butter, spreadable • 1/2tsp - ginger, garlic paste
• Lettuce • Oil for frying
• 2tbsp - chicken, shredded or 1 drumstick

Light meals and variations • Salt according to taste

• Black pepper to sprinkle
• Wash and cut chicken into small bite size

andwiches are easy meals with • 1 - potato METHOD • Mix chicken with all the ingredients, cover
vegetables, meat and cheese slices • 1 - onion • Bbuy shredded chicken or boil 1 drumstick and refrigerate for 2 hours.
placed on or between the slices of bread. • 1 - tomato and shred it. • Heat oil in a pan, fry chicken pieces along
The combination of bread with tasty filling • 1 - cucumber • Mix shredded chicken with the mayonnaise, with its marinade on a medium flame, till
and some flavoursome condiments makes it • Butter, spreadable mix well with fork and keep aside. done.
into a sandwich. When all the options are gone • Green chutney • Cut the crust of the bread. • Cool the chicken and shred it. Keep aside.
regarding meals then sandwich is the one which • Spread butter on both the slices.
INGREDIENTS FOR GREEN • 4 - bread slices
is always there. And also, you can play with • Layer 1 slice of the buttered bread with
CHUTNEY: • Pizza sauce as required
sandwiches according to your own choices and • 1/2cup - coriander leaves chopped lettuce. • 1- onion, small
fill it with your own flavours and ingredients. • 2tbsp - mint leaves chopped • Pile the shredded chicken evenly on the • 1 - tomato, small
CHILLI CHEESE TOAST • 1 - green chilli lettuce. • 1 - capsicum
• 1/2inch - ginger piece • Sprinkle salt and pepper on the chicken. • 1tsp - oregano
• 1/3tsp - salt • Place the other buttered bread on top of the • 1tsp - chilli flakes
• 1tbsp - lemon juice chicken and gentle press with your palm. • Cheddar cheese, grated
• 2tbsp - water • Serve cut into triangles.
TIP; it goes best with a tea parties and picnics. METHOD
Can be made in advance and refrigerated. • Heat oven to 200 degrees Cc. Cover the tray
• Peel, wash ginger, wash coriander leaves, with the foil. Keep aside.
mint leaves and green chilli. PIZZA TOAST • Peel, wash and chop onion. Wash, chop
• Grind everything together in a grinder into tomato and half of capsicum.
a paste. • Mix the vegetables in a bowl with oregano
• Boil potato, peel and then thinly slice them. and shredded chicken.
• Peel, wash and slice onion crosswise, wash • Spread pizza sauce on each bread.
and slice tomato and cucumber crosswise.
• Sprinkle cheese on the pizza sauce bread.
TO ASSEMBLE • Pile the chicken mix evenly on top of the
• Take 3 slices of bread, spread tomato cheese.
ketchup on each slice. • Sprinkle red chilli flakes.
• Layer the tomato bread with 2 slices of • Keep slices on the foiled tray and bake for
potato, 1 each slice of onion, tomato and 5-6 minutes till the cheese is melted and the
Makes 6 cucumber. sides are crisp.
INGREDIENTS: • Spread green chutney on the other 3 slices of • Serve immediately
• 120gm - cheddar cheese, grated the bread and place it on top. • TIP:; I it can also be made into a lunchbox
• 1 - onion, small • Give each sandwich a firm but gentle press sandwich; add another slice of pizza sauce
• 1 - tomato, small with your palm and spread butter on the bread on top the chicken and toast it in a
• 1 - green chilli outer side of the bread.
sandwich toaster.
• 4tbsp - coriander leaves, chopped • Heat skillet and grill bread on both the sides
• Goes well in children’s birthday parties.
• Butter, spreadable till brown and crisp. Makes 4 • Sometimes left over chicken also plays a
• 6 - slices of bread Serve cut into triangles. INGREDIENTS: good role in these sandwiches.
• Tomato ketchup TIP; it is best for after school snack or • 4 - bread slices CHILLI CHEESE SANDWICH
METHOD breakfast. Can be made in advance and • Pizza sauce as required
• Preheat oven to 200 degrees. refrigerated, take them out 10 minutes before • 1- onion, small
• Peel, wash and chop onion. serving and grill it. • 1 - tomato, small
• Wash and chop tomato and green chilli. CHILLI CHEESE BAGEL • 1 - capsicum
• Mix together all the ingredients except • 1tsp - oregano
bread. • 1tsp - chilli flakes
• Spread butter on each slice. • Cheddar cheese, grated
• Pile the mixture evenly on top of the bread. METHOD:
• Bake in the oven for a couple of minutes • Heat oven to 200 degrees Cc.
(5-6 minutes ) until crisp and browning on • Peel, wash and chop onion. Wash, chop half
the sides. of tomato and half of capsicum.
• Serve immediately with the dash of tomato • Mix the vegetables in a bowl with oregano.
ketchup on it. • Spread pizza sauce on each bread.
TIP; it can be a after school snack or • Sprinkle cheese on the pizza sauce bread
children’s party food. • Pile the chopped onion mix evenly on top
• Sprinkle red chilli flakes and bake for 5-6
minutes till the cheese is melted and the
sides are crisp. Makes 4
Makes 2
4 - bread slices
INGREDIENTS: • 2 - mozzarella cheddar cheese slices
• 1 - bagel • 1/4tsp - chilli flakes
• Butter, spreadable • Butter to spread
• 1tsp - chilli flakes
• 2tbsp - cheddar cheese, shredded METHOD:
• Tomato ketchup • Spread butter on each slice.
• Place the cheese slice on 2 breads.
METHOD • Sprinkle chilli flakes on the cheese bread
• Heat oven to 200 degree c and cover the
and cover it with the other 2 slices.
baking tray with the foil.
• Toast the sandwich in the sandwich toaster
• Cut bagel into half.
Makes 12 till golden and crisp.
• Spread butter on each bagel, sprinkle cheese
• Serve the cheese sandwich cut into triangles.
INGREDIENTS: followed by chilli flakes.
• 6 - bread slices • Place bagel on the baking tray and bake for
5 - 6 minutes till the cheese is melted and the
• Tomato ketchup
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 FEATURES 25

The NZ Massacre – Ignorance always causes pain & suffering

could not even see this glaring truth that all spiritual beings are equal
contradiction in his hate-filled and are to be treasured as children of
world view. a common Father, then another’s pain
The problem with ignorance is that becomes mine. To inflict suffering
it has an amazing potency to befool upon another is to inflict pain
ACHARYA DAS and befuddle one’s thinking. This is cupon oneself. The Bhagavad-gita

the power of illusion. famously states;
e are deeply saddened by
When you are covered by illusion A person is considered still
the extreme and senseless
you cannot see anything with clarity, further advanced when he regards
violence which led to the
doesn’t matter how ‘smart’ you are. honest well-wishers, affectionate
death and suffering of so many men,
To experience actual empathy for benefactors, the neutral, mediators,
women, and children, in Christchurch
others, which is the antidote for the the envious, friends and enemies,
on 15 March 2019, at the hands of a
cruelty that naturally arises from the pious and the sinners all with an
hate-filled racist.
the tribalism of identity politics, equal mind. - Bg 6.9
What was the root cause of
it requires that we experience a He is a perfect yogi who, by
this display of the darkest form
deep and profound commonality comparison to his own self, sees the
of ignorance?
with others. true equality of all beings, in both
And how do we end the seemingly
person, or swear at a political rival, Christchurch mosques. At the very least this commonality their happiness and their distress, O
never-ending march of violence as
or murder someone because they are It is inherently evil. Whether on must lie in our humanity. But for a Arjuna! - Bg 6.32
a tool to ‘solve’ perceived conflicts
of a different race or religious belief, display in its’ milder form as political deeper and more lasting foundation, The cultivation of spiritual
based on different identities?
is the capacity to ‘otherize’ them and TV news commentary, or as mass we must look beyond that which is knowledge should be the primary
The next thing I say will cause
strip them of any shared humanity. murder, it is the same animal. both temporary and material. We focus of all human beings, and the
many people to shut down and flee to
When I see others as different from The perpetrator of the Christchurch must look to that which is spiritual underpinning of our lives, for it is
some other ‘space’ to be entertained,
myself, it dehumanizes them in my massacre released a manifesto which and eternal. through spiritual insight that one can
distracted or to seek something
eyes, and grants me permission to was steeped in this ignorant view The life of a body is imparted by find the peace, happiness and love we
to help fill the emptiness of our
ignore their suffering, or, when taken of things. the spiritual being who is residing all seek.
uninspiring lives.
to the extreme, to even celebrate their He railed against “invaders” within that body. A famous prayer from the ancient
It’s EMPATHY! That’s how.
suffering or demise. (immigrants from ‘other’ countries), Life is a symptom of the Vedas states:
Empathy means ‘the ability to
Over the past decades we have seen whom he felt he must defend his presence of an eternal spiritual Auṁ asato-mā sad gamaya
understand and share the feelings
an escalation of ‘otherizing’ with the homeland from. being within the body. The body tamaso mā jyotir gamaya
of another.’
explosion of and popularizing of But was he not also from an does not truly have life as an mṛtyor māmṛtaṁ gamaya
The lack of empathy lies at the
identity politics. ethnic group (Europeans) which inherent characteristic. Auṁ śānti śānti śāntiḥ
heart of all the violence, pain, and
We have abandoned Martin Luther ‘invaded’ Australia and caused a And the temporary labels attached Oh Lord, Lead me from illusion
suffering, that one person inflicts
King’s call for us to look beyond massive displacement of the original to the body are exactly that, into the eternal reality, from darkness
upon another.
race (and external differences) inhabitants? temporary! into the light, from death to the nectar
Please don’t dismiss this truth
and recognize the nobility of our By that rationale, he should have These labels are not truly who you of immortality.
as a shallow or flakey idea – it is
common humanity. turned his gun upon himself before are, they are but part of a brief and Let there be the peace of spiritual
an extremely profound truth. And
It was identity- shooting anyone else. temporary identity. enlightenment!
the great enemy of empathy, which
politics/’otherizing’ which was at But he was so clouded in the When we come to value the reality – Bṛhad-āraṇyaka Upaniṣad
allows us to walk past a homeless
the root of the of the massacre at the darkness of ignorance that he of our spiritual being and embrace the 1.3.28

wHAT IS truth and appearance

devotion and inner growth

GOD AND MAN make lakshmana's

quest your own

Dorothy Winstone Centre,

Auckland Girls Grammar school,
Howe Street, Auckland Chinmaya Mission New Zealand presents
Date: 14 April to 18 April 2019 Five free evening talks in English by
Time: 7.30 PM to 9.00 PM Swami Swaroopananda
Global Head of Chinmaya Mission

www.chinmaya.org.nz | 09 275 6954

Chim.indd 1 11/02/2019 12:57:12 AM
26 TIME OUT Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender




Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate 1. What food do Giant Pandas normally eat? Bamboo Downing Street (Number 10)
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers 2. How many years are there in a millennium? 1000 21. ‘Stars and Stripes’ is the nickame of the flag of which
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching 3. In Jungle Book what kind of animal is Baloo? Bear country? United States of America
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any
other (i.e. they are connected). 4. What is the distance around a circle called? 22. Who does (the animated character) Princess Fiona
Circumference marry? Shrek
5. What is the name of the boy that visits the chocolate 23. Which planet in our Solar System is known for having
factory owned by Willy Wonka? Charlie Bucket a ring? Saturn
6. What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan? Tinkerbell 24. Which country can you see when directly looking over
7. What colour are Smurfs? Blue the sea from The White Cliffs of Dover? France
8. What is the nickname for the bell of the clock at the 25. What is the name of the Australian stick or toy that
Palace of Westminster in London? Big Ben is designed to come back to you when thrown?
9. What type of animal is Bullseye in the Toy Story
films? Horse
26. How many days are there in June? 30
10. Who is the patron saint of Ireland? St. Patrick
27. What was the name of the monk in the Robin Hood
11. Name Batman’s crime fighting partner? Robin
legend? Friar Tuck
12. What is the name of Peppa Pig’s brother? George
13. True or false? The horse is the fastest land animal. 28. What form of aerial transport does a witch favour?
False Broomstick
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE NO: 11 14. True or false? Mickey Mouse’s middle name is 29. The Beatles music band featured how many members?4
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. Fauntleroy. False (it is Donald Duck’s) 30. True or false? Scarlet is a bright red color.True
15. How many sides does a triangle have? 3 31. What galaxy is Earth located in?The Milky Way
16. True or false? Harry Potter’s middle name is James. 32. What is the first element on the periodic table of
True elements? Hydrogen
17. Bees create what sweet substance? Honey 33. Who was created by Gepetto the woodcarver?
18. What is the capital of England? London Pinocchio
19. How many days are there in a fortnight? 14 34. What is the name of the Lion in The Lion, The Witch
20. In which street does the British Prime Minister live? and the Wardrobe? Aslan

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your

little ones along with their photographs for this page. E-mail us
at reporter@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 FEATURES 27

Fashion & Beauty

22March – 28March | By Manisha Koushik
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui
consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is available for
consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 • www.askmanisha.com
ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)
Your focussed approach will help you achieve much. Those into buying and selling
are likely to expand their business. Lucrative investment options are likely to boost
your financial health. A favourable week for an outing with the one you love is
foreseen. Serenity and tranquility prevails on the domestic front. You are likely to
spend a bit more in shopping than is required. Medical check up is likely to find you
fit as a fiddle. Lucky Number: 4 / Lucky Colour: Bronze Yellow
TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)
Despite your caring nature, you may find it difficult to please someone. If you give in
now, you will never be able to take a stand in future. Do what needs to be done, but
don’t let the situation turn ugly. Taking time off from office for personal work may not
be appreciated. Connoisseurs of good food will find some new dishes a gastronomic
delight. Those looking to rent a house will find one that fits their pocket. Lucky
Number: 5 / Lucky Colour: Parrot Green
GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)
Reward the deserving, if you want to motivate your staff. Those involved in a business
venture may find the going exceptionally smooth. You will find the family members
sympathetic to your cause. This is the right time to consolidate your financial position


by both saving and investing. Some of you can neglect your health through sheer
laziness. The one you are trying to get romantically linked with may not show much
interest now, but persistence will pay! Lucky Number:3 / Lucky Colour: Beige

Follow these heatless curl CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 20)

Your competence is likely to be recognised, so expect to be placed in a responsible

hacks for luscious curls

position. Those in love may get a chance to celebrate a special event. Those appearing
for an exam or competition may need to keep their romance on a low key to avoid
distraction. A cash crunch may force you to explore other avenues of earning. Regular

t is already common knowledge that strands of hair around the straw from root to tip. workouts will find you in top physical condition. You can get motivated for a weekend
outing. Lucky Number: 9 / Lucky Colour: Maroon
constant heat and styling daily can cause Then, bed the straw at the point at which your
serious damage to your hair. In real life, hair ends and secure this with a rubber band. LEO (JuL21-Aug 20)
to get the amazing poker straight hair or fierce Do this until all your hair is wrapped and let You may get saddled with a vacancy at work that is hard to fill. A social gathering
curls, cantake a toll on the health of your hair. it setovernight. The next morning, gently undo may have the spotlight on you, making you the centre of attraction. You find comfort
and joy within your family circle, but try to go beyond the known faces. Pending
And to curb your hair from this kind of damage, all the rubber bands and get set for spring-like
tasks will be successfully completed. A raise is expected for those in the hospitality
there›s not much you can do other than apply hair! sector. A chance to address a gathering is foreseen, which will do much to build your
regular hair masks and heat protectant sprays.  reputation. Lucky Number:22 / Lucky Colour: Lavender
Fortunately though, there are other means
VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 23)
to get voluminous curls without heat. With the Different people may be pulling you in different directions, but you must take your
help of these alternative styling tricks, you will own call in the end. Your professional excellence gets noticed and brings better
have curly hair for days! opportunities. Family life will prove immensely satisfying, as great bonhomie
amongst family members prevails. Words of praise from someone you admire will
Braid/ French Braid make you feel good from inside for the rest of the week. Pleasing the one you love
will help in cementing lasting bonds of love. Health remains satisfactory. Lucky
Number: 6 / Lucky Colour: Chocolate
LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)
You are likely to capitalise on a beginning made by someone else. Raising capital
for a new venture may not be as easy as it seems. A surprise check is possible this
week, so don’t get caught goofing off! You will manage to get into the good books of
someone by doing exactly what he or she wants. Spouse will be in a romantic mood,
so don’t be surprised to find something special arranged for you! Lucky Number: 15
/ Lucky Colour: Turquoise
SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)
View the problem faced by you from all the angles, before arriving at a decision. A
string of visitors at home may have your hands full, but you will manage to find
someone to share your workload. Those worried about financing educational pursuits
or business will have the money when the time comes! At work, your style of working
may come in for praise by higher ups. Those suffering from a lifestyle disease will
find some relief. Lucky Number: 17 / Lucky Colour: Parrot Green

A pply some leave-in conditioner on your

damp hair. Then divide your hair into two Socks
SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)
Getting a kick out of someone’s compulsion is not on, so don’t become party to it.
parts and braid each part separately. Try to do
this at night so you can sleep through the night
and give your hair enough time to dry and curl.
T his hack is ideal for those who have
already got a brilliant blow out and want
to maintain it. Take all the pairs of clean cotton
Students stumbling on the academic front will need to steady themselves now. On
the professional front, you will manage to put in your best to achieve what you have
set out for. Parents or a family member is likely to breathe down your neck and may
In the morning, open up the braids and dab socks you own and wrap different sections of monitor your actions closely. Love life remains satisfactory. Take care of health by
some oil into your hair so that it is not fizzy.  eating right. Lucky Number: 11 / Lucky Colour: Pink
your hair and wrap it around the sock. Keep
Straws knotting the ends, to keep your hair securely CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)
wrapped. On the business front, if you are entering into any negotiations, keep the top man
informed. A positive phase of life begins for the newlyweds and bliss is for the asking.
Use a silk scarf an tie it over your head before
Those studying will need to burn the midnight oil and take all the help they can to
you sleep, to secure and keep the hair intact. In perform well. Support of family members is assured in whatever you undertake. A
the morning, untie the socks slowly and shake shopping trip with family members will prove quite enjoyable. Health needs to be
your hair lose, for bouncy and voluminous watched closely. Lucky Number:1 / Lucky Colour:Violet
curls! AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)
Pin curls A beginning made by someone is likely to be continued by you with positive

W et your hair a little and then part it into results. Good earning possibilities materialise for entrepreneurs. A sightseeing tour
with family or lover will prove most enjoyable. Your creative bent of mind will be
different sections.
appreciated. Students preparing for competitions may not get everything on a platter.
Wrap half inch or one inchsections around It will be prudent to wait for a senior’s mood to turn favourable before asking for
your finger and pin them on your scalp with the leave. Check the eats received as gifts before consuming. Lucky Number:3 / Lucky
help of bobby pins. Do this until all your hair Colour:Beige
is wrapped. PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)
Let your hair set overnight and in the morning You are likely to stick to your point of view, irrespective of the consequences. This
unpin your hair carefully. If you want them to foolhardiness may work in your favour! A new relationship will keep you happy and

T his is an old-school hack that was followed

by our mothers and grandmothers, that
ensured excellent results and perm-like hair.
be in the form of super-curly ringlets, let it stay
as it is, if not, run your fingers through your
hair so it loosens up a little and adds volume. 
emotionally secure. Finances are never a problem for you and a steady stream of
wealth continues to pour in. You are always out to better yourself and no challenge
is ever great for you, but what you lack is deliberation. Drive out the negativity from
Collect a few drinking straws and wrap small your life. Lucky Number: 1 / Lucky Colour: Coffee
28 ENTERTAINMENT Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender


with Meryl Streep and Beyonce, NZ mass shooting
says ‘feel privileged to share
ollywood celebrities violence in Christchurch. My heart
platform with amazing women’ including Amitabh Bachchan,
Anupam Kher and Sonam
goes out to all the families affected
by this tragedy. May God give peace

riyanka features in careers. It does give one a feeling of Kapoor Ahuja among many others, to the souls of the departed and
the list alongside achievement.” condemned the attacks on two strength to their families left behind.
Meryl Streep, Priyanka is no stranger to power mosques in Christchurch, New Adnan Sami: Disgusting,
Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, lists — she was on the Forbes 100 Zealand, which killed 49 people. Barbaric and Shameful towards all
Ellen DeGeneres, most influential list that released in Expressing grief over the attack, humanity! Where does this stop?
Jennifer Lawrence, and November 2018 and Variety’s 500 Amitabh tweeted: "We live in How do we explain all this to our
Nicole Kidman, Reese Most Influential list that came out in difficult times ... Sad and terrifying. children?
December the previous year. Prayers." Rannvijay Singha: It's
Witherspoon and Tina
A source close to her shares, “Pri- Anupam Kher: said that he heartbreaking to hear about the
yanka recently featured in husband is "deeply saddened, anguished New Zealand Christchurch Mosque
Priyanka Chopra Jo-
and musician Nick Jonas’ video and horrified at the senseless shooting that killed 49 people. This
nas has been named
Sucker, which topped the Billboard and cowardly killing of innocent is so sad. It's so sickening. Praying
one of the 50 most
Hot 100 chart. After her marriage to people in New Zealand and mosque for their friends and family.
powerful women in
Nick in December, Priyanka has been shooting." He also wished for the Richa Chadha: Social media,
entertainment in USA
going through a great phase, person- speedy recovery of the injured. violence, validation, mental health....
Today’s power icons
ally as well as professionally.” Varun Dhawan found the mass Very sad. What a tragic day.
shooting "heart breaking". Vishal Dadlani: Horrified by the
The list honours
"Innocent people are easy targets gruesome Christchurch terror attack.
women who have
because they want peace and love. Where is the humanity in human
redefined the en-
Thoughts and prayers with the family kind.
tertainment indus-
of the victims," he wrote.
try and changed
Here's how others reacted:
the game in their
Sonam Kapoor Ahuja: I'm
respective lines
so sorry New Zealand for what
of work.
happened. I'm so sorry to the Muslim
Priyanka fea-
community for all the bigotry and
tures in the list along-
hate you all are facing. I'm so sorry
side other power
and so very heartbroken for all of
players such as three-
time Academy Award
Abhishek Bachchan: Deepest
winner Meryl Streep,
condolences to the victims and their
media mogul Oprah Win-
families of this terrible attack in New
frey, singer Beyoncé, TV
Zealand. Just terrible news.
personality Ellen DeGe-
Preity Zinta: Deeply shocked and
neres, Oscar winner Jenni-
saddened by this cowardly act of
fer Lawrence, and actors Nicole
Kidman, Reese Witherspoon
and Tina Fey. 'Inshallah' is going to be magical journey: Alia
Talking about this in- ctress Alia Bhatt, who is years since Hum Dil De Chuke Inshallah is a co-production
ternational recogni- going to collaborate with Sanam. The actress, who is currently between Salman Khan Films and
tion, Priyanka says, filmmaker Sanay Leela gearing up for the release of Kalank, Bhansali Productions.
“For me, power Bhansali and superstar Salman shared her feelings on Twitter.
is simply an en- Khan for "Inshallah" feels the epic A song titled "Ghar More
ergy that em- romance drama will be quite a Pardesiya" from the forthcoming
powers me magical journey. film featuring Madhuri Dixit-Nene
to do what She was interacting with the and Varun Dhawan and herself,
I love. It’s media at Zee Cine Awards 2019 on got 18m views on YouTube
the ability to Tuesday here, when the "Raazi" and was trending at the
open doors, actress said: "The announcement number 2 on it.
and turn my has been out today and the way I Talking about the
dreams into a mentioned in my tweet that it's a overwhelming response,
reality of what big dream come true to work with Ali said: "Till afternoon, it
I was destined Sanjay sir and Salman. got 14 millions views and I am
to do. "They are like a magical very happy that more and more
"I feel privileged combination together. I can't wait to people are watching the song.
to share this platform get on the journey. It's going to be "I have worked very hard on this
with these amazing women quite magical." song. I was very nervous. I was
who have each pushed through their Alia joined Salman in Bhansali's feeling like almost 50 per cent of the
own challenges and created their upcoming epic romance drama film is released so, now I can calm
own realities and today stand shoul- Inshallah, which will also mark down a bit when the film releases.
ders above everyone in their chosen Salman-Bhansali reunion after 19 I will be nervous but excited."

Insecurities push you to do better: Arjun Kapoor

ctor Arjun Kapoor, who made his debut in Bollywood in Pinky Faraar, Panipat and India's Most Wanted. Has the thought things for granted. I would like to believe, if people are pas-
2012, says the profession comes with a lot of insecurities of stardom coming with an expiry date ever crossed his mind? sionated about their profession they don't take it for
which push him to do better. After stepping into the He replied: "Depends how frivolously you treat it and how granted," added the Aurangzeb actor, who has
world of acting with Ishaqzaade, he starred in films like Gunday, much you take it for granted. been roped in as the brand evan-
2 States, Ki & Ka, Half Girlfriend, Mubarakan and Namaste The expiry only happens when you burn yourself out, when gelist for the second edition of
England. you take it for granted and when you missuse the power that is Belvedere Studio B - a property
Does he agree that the acting profession comes with a lot of given to you." that celebrates the spirit of
insecurities? The son of producer Boney Kapoor and nephew of actor Anil creative collaboration.
"Yes. Of course, insecurities, but not bad insecurities... It is Kapoor said an artiste has to be durable for the long run.
suppose to push you to do better. Being insecure is looked at as... "You can't be there for the short run. A lot of people fizzle
in a negative context but that's not true," Arjun said. out because they are not able to handle it... What is stardom?
"I might be insecure about something but that should make me Stardom is the ability to survive success and failure... To "I
work harder so that I feel more secure," he added. be up there you can't say 'I am only doing well'. It's might be
Arjun said he is a very secure person but everybody has about when you are not doing well and how insecure about
"moments of weakness, where one feels insecure for a second". you respond to it... It also teaches you and something but that
"But you need good people around you to make you feel makes you a star," he said. should make me work
secure again and put perspective. You need to work that you love "The expiry date comes in when you harder so that I
doing," he added. The 33-year-old actor, who has tasted success haven't taken care of your relationships, feel more
as well as failure, has three upcoming projects - Sandeep Aur equations, connect with audience... Taken secure."
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 29

Sonakshi Sinha a talented Have to discover many

actress: 'Bhuj' director more images: Akshay
ilmmaker Abhishek Dudhaiya says Sonakshi Sinha is a talented actresss. rom being an action hero to comedy
Dudhaiya is working with Sonakshi for his upcoming film "Bhuj" -- based on real king and now as Bollyood's poster
life events during India-Pakistan war of 1971. boy of patriotism, actor Akshay
In the film, actor Ajay Devgn will be seen playing Indian Air Force Kumar says he has still many more
pilot Vijay Karnik, while Sonakshi will essay the character of areas to explore.
Sunderben Jetha Madharparya, who is a social worker and "I have a long way to go. I
a farmer women, who convinced 299 other women from want to do a lot and I will keep
Madhapur to help build a runway.
on working hard. I don't want
Karnik was in-charge of the Bhuj airbase during
to stop at one point or have
the war, which remained operational despite
only one kind of image.
facing heavy bombing from Pakistan. He was
There are many images of
accompanied by 50 IAF and 60 Defence
Security Corps personnel at the airbase. mine which I still have to
Talking about Sonakshi's character, discover, Akshay told media
Dudhaiya said in a statement: "Sonakshi on Monday while promoting
Sinha is an extremely talented actress. his forthcoming film 'Kesari'
She is the perfect choice to play the role Before 'Kesari', Akshay has
of Sunderben Jetha Madharparya. We are tried his hand at several patriotic
delighted to have her on board for this film." themes and social issues such as
The film also stars Sanjay Dutt, Parineeti Chopra and Ammy Virk in 'Gold', 'Rustom' , 'Padman'and 'Toilet:
pivotal roles. Ek Prem Katha'.
Asked if patriotic films or socially driven films is his current
Jeetendra's 'Caravan' to be screened in China fest focus, Akshay says that he doesn't like to get typecast.

eteran actors Jeetendra and Asha Parekh starrer "It all depends on the story. I am doing 'Housefull 4' and I
"Caravan" will be screened at the upcoming Hainan am doing a horror comedy too..."
Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) in China. Talking about 'Kesari", Akshay said it is a story which
The 1971 Bollywood classic will be shown under the needs to be told. The movie is based on 1897 Battle of
category of 2019 Spring screening Gems of Asia -
Saragarhi, in which 21 Sikh soldiers of the East India
Spotlight on India.
Company army fought 10,000 Afghan invaders.
Happy about the screening, Jeetendra said in a
"It is an emotional film. It is the story about those brave
statement: "I am honoured to know that 'Caravan'
Sikhs who fought for their country. Unfortunately, not many
movie has been chosen by committee to be
people know about their battle. A year ago, when I was researching

screened on the day of opening ceremony in
the festival. "This is the great initiative about it, there were hardly 3-4 articles on internet, but now there are
which will enrich and promote about 40,000 articles on them.

and I are
the cultural exchanges between "I hope after this film, things will change and it will be added
China and India." in the school syllabus," he added.
Directed by the legendary
Young actors sharpen your
each other's
filmmaker Nasir Hussain, "Caravan" was a thriller which
also starred actress Aruna Irani in a pivotal role. The skills: Ashutosh Rana

film was released in China later and its music by the

support: Karisma
"Mozart of Bollywood", R.D. Burman become very ctor Ashutosh Rana, who has featured
popular then. in some successful films including
"Simmba", "Dhadak" and "Mulk"

Founder of the Beijing-based India China
Film Society (ICFS), Kishor Jawade said: "It is ollywood actress Karisma Kapoor says her sister and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and among others, says working with the young
a tribute to Indian cinema by specially screening she are each other's biggest support system and confidante. Asked if Kareena comes to generation of actors has sharpened his skills
of 'Caravan' by HIIFF and ICFS." Nitin Sharma, her for tips on acing motherhood, Karisma said: "Kareena and I are very close and we and updated him as an actor.
International head of events, ICFS, termed the discuss everything, including our kids. We are both each other's biggest confidante and support Asked how it feels to work with younger
screening as an "absolute honour and a proud system."Which of her films' remake would she want Kareena to star in? talents today, he said: "It feels really nice
moment for Bollywood". The festival will Biwi No.1, replied Karisma, who has featured in films such as Anari, Hero No. 1, Zubeidaa when audience acknowledges, accepts and
be held from March 23 to April 16 in and Fiza among many others. She called the 1990s' era as the golden time for Hindi cinema. appreciates your work. It motivates you to
the city of Sanya on the Hainan "1990s has some of the biggest hits in the history of Indian cinema and has been one of the perform better in future."
Island. best eras in Indian cinema," she said. The 44-year-old actress was last seen on the big "I feel fortunate that I have worked with
screen in the 2012 film Dangerous Ishq. What's keeping her away from the silver screen? young actors like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt,
"My family is my priority. I do keep myself busy with work. I have never planned Ranveer Singh, Soha Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor,
anything in my career. So, you never know I may do movies in future, but nothing Ishant Khatter and Sushant Singh Rajput because
is decided," said Karisma. She was here at the ongoing Lotus Make-up India when you work with them, then they automatically
Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2019, where she walked the runway for update you and sharpen up your skills as an actor."
designer Sanjukta Dutta. Is Karisma fashion conscious? "For me, Ashutosh will next be seen in a web series called
fashion is all about comfort and anything which enhances "Chhatrasal", where he essays the role of Mughal
feminity," she said. At the fashion gala, she was dressed ruler Aurangzeb. Talking about his new web series,
in a black and red Mekhela chador as part of Rana said: "He is one of the biggest figures of
the designer's 'Morom' line. Indian history. If you talk about Mughal dynasty
then in that period, there were only two figures who

Can't beat, join them: Sharmila on Taimur-frenzy were really vital -- one of them is Akbar because of
his ideology and another one is Aurangzeb. People

eteran actress and internet sensation She received the Lifetime achievement don't remember rulers who ruled the country before
Taimur Ali Khan's grandmother, award at HELLO! Hall of Fame Awards 2019. and after them."
Sharmila Tagore, says the only way "I think it's a great honour. It's a recognition The actor said he always wanted to be a part of a
for the family to deal with the paparazi frenzy from very prestigious media house so, I am historical web series.
over her grandson is to accept it. very honoured. I suppose they are giving "I feel your wish gets fulfilled but the universe
The two-year-old son of Saif All Khan me award for working many years in this tells you that you have to wait for it."
and Kareena Kapoor is always surrounded wonderful film industry," she added. Maharaja Chhatrasal
(hounded) by a bunch of paparazis. Sharmila Tagore, who was launched by the was a medieval
Interacting with the media at the HELLO! iconic filmmaker Satyajit Ray, has worked Indian warrior of
Hall of Fame Awards 2019, she said: "I in many successful Bollywood films like the 16th century
suppose we have to live with it. This is the "Aradhana", "Kashmir Ki Kali", "Chupke from the Bundela
age of social media. I don't think anything can "However I learnt from Sara (Sara Ali Chupke", "Amar Prem" and amongst others. clan, who fought
be done about it." Khan, Taimur's half-sister) to say if you can't Asked about her most memorable moment
against the Mughal
She feels if one cannot beat the trend beat them then join them," she said. in her long film career, she said, "There is
Emperor Aurangzeb,
then one should join it. However, she is also Taimur's pictures regularly feature on Page not one, but many. All the films that I have
and established
apprehensive. She feels the excessive media 3. He catches more eyeballs apparently than worked in are my favourites. They are like my
any actor's kid of the film industry. his own kingdom
coverage is not good for Taimur as he is too children.
When asked what Sharmila felt about that, "You can't have one favourite child so, in in Bundelkhand,
small to deal with it.
"I am very old-fashioned. I don't think she said: "I guess I should be happy about it short, while I can't pinpoint one, maybe I'll becoming the founder
children should be exposed to all this. but I don't think it's very good for the child." write it in my memoirs someday." of Panna State.
30 FEATURES Saturday, March 23, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Winstone Centre - Auckland Girls Grammar School.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the master.
These talks are based on key verses from the Sri Rama Gita from
the Ramayan by Saint Tulsidas.
Lakshman approaches his brother and guide, Lord Ram, whilst
they are in exile in the forest and inquiries as to the nature of
devotion, inner growth, Truth and God. Lakshman, himself
a knowledgeable person, is asking these questions for the
benefit of mankind. Lakshman’s questions capture the essence
Royal Easter Show 2019 Learn about Māori culture and kai (food). This event is the final
night of Ellen Melville Centre's Free Te Reo Māori language
of a seeker’s path of enquiry and remain as relevant today as
they always have been. Over 5 evenings Swami Ji will reveal
classes. the profound answers to these timeless questions in a simple,
For more information please see the Ellen Melville Centre humourous and captivating manner. For further information,
Facebook events page. please E-mail secretary@chinmaya.org.nz or call 09-2756954
This event is free and all are welcome - Register now for FREE
Meditation Class https://goo.gl/forms/ivv3j70qdjFpKcYR2.

When: Thu 28 Mar 2019, 7:30pm–8:45pm

Christchurch Victims Memorial Day
Date: Saturday, 23 March
TIme: 1:45 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Baitul Muqeet Mosque, 20 Dalgety
Drive Wiri
The Ahmadiyya Muslim community New Zealand will be holding
a Christchurch Victims Memorial Day this Saturday 23rd March at
the Baitul Muqeet Mosque. We would like to invite you with your
Date: Thursday April 18 to Monday April 22 friends and family to attend and take part in remembering the
Time: 12 AM – 12 PM victims, and to share a message of hope and peace for the future.
Venue: ASB Showgrounds, 217 Greenlane Road West, Epsom,
Auckland, New Zealand At the 2019 Royal Easter Show you can
enjoy the massive line-up of entertainment, circus acts, carnival
Kia Kaha Aotearoa: Stand Against
rides, sideshows, exhibits and much more. The Royal Easter
Show has a special place in the hearts and minds of many New
Thu 4 Apr 2019, 7:30pm–8:45pm Date: Sunday, 24 March
Zealanders. LIT Cotton Candy will be there with our LED light Thu 11 Apr 2019, 7:30pm–8:45pm TIme: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
products, all food grade! LED light buckets with a huge variety of Venue: Onehunga Community Centre, 83 Church St, Venue: Aotea Square, 281-297 Queen Street, Auckland
flavours to choose from, LED light candyfloss sticks with any of Onehunga, Auckland Love Aotearoa Hate Racism (LAHR) is anticipating an
our 30+ flavours of candyfloss freshly spun, Helium LED Balloons Everyone is welcome to join our classes or workshops. No unprecedented turnout at this rally against Islamophobia and
and Jumbo 40cm glowsticks. At LIT Cotton Candy, we offer a previous experience is required, there is no need to wear special racism at Auckland’s Aotea Square this Sunday, March 24, at
new, unique and exciting flavour to the FUN enjoyed already by clothing, and most people meditate on chairs (sitting on a cushion 2pm. Organisers expect thousands to gather in a passionate and
thousands at the Royal Easter Show! is optional). The way in which we present meditation and Buddhist defiant display of unity following last Friday’s massacre at two
And stick around for our free fireworks display, lighting up the mindfulness is accessible to everyone. We offer practical advice mosques in Christchurch. During a week of immense sorrow, with
sky above the ASB Showgrounds Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well as methods and techniques that can easily be integrated the families of the Muslim victims preparing to bury their loved
evening’s blasting off at 9pm. The Royal Easter Show is New into daily life. We are here to help you.Classes run in a series and ones, LAHR organisers and volunteers have been hard at work
Zealand's largest and most loved family show, an annual must- are also self-contained, so you can attend a whole series or an to ensure this is the biggest protest Aotearoa/NZ has ever seen.
see for everyone. individual class. There will be an extensive list of speakers, including:
• Ibrar Sheikh, Secretary of the Federation of Islamic
Matariki Festival - With Hāngi The Global Head of Chinmaya Associations of NZ;
• Campaigning journalist Nicky Hager;
Dinner Mission • Ian Rintoul from Refugee Action Coalition Sydney
Time: Thursday 6 June 2019 6:30pm – 8:00pm Date: 14th -18th of April 2019 • Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson MP;
When: Thu 6 Jun 2019, 6:30pm–8:00pm Venue: Ellen Melville Time: 7:30 - 9:00 PM • Mike Treen from Global Peace and Justice Aotearoa;
Centre, Cnr High St & Freyberg Plce, CBD, Auckland Venue: Dorothy Winstone Centre - Auckland Girls Grammar • Māori activist and co-founder of LAHR, Joe Trinder;
Restrictions:All Ages, Admission: Free School • Migrant Workers’ Association’s Anu Kaloti, LAHR co-founder;
Celebrate the launch of the Matariki Festival with a free traditional The Global Head of Chinmaya Mission, Swami Swaroopananda, • Unite Union organiser Joe Carolan, also LAHR co-founder.
Māori Hāngi dinner. will be giving a series of FREE evening talks in English in Dorothy

unmatched value for
your advertising dollar
The Indian Weekender Saturday, March 23, 2019 FEATURES 31

Digital media linked to Say no to cheese omelettes for
healthier heart
depression in young adults D o you savour cheese
omelettes? If so, think again

ncreased use of digital media as consuming more eggs
may be partly responsible for and dietary cholesterol may up
the growth in the percentage of the risk of cardiovascular disease
young adults experiencing certain (CVD) and death from any cause,
types of mental health disorders in researchers have warned. "As
the US over the past decade, suggests The study suggests that egg part
new research. yolks are one of the richest of a healthy diet, consumption
"More US adolescents and young sources of dietary cholesterol people need to consume and other
adults in the late 2010s, versus the among all commonly lower amounts of dietary fat, the

mid-2000s, experienced serious consumed foods. One large cholesterol. People who team said.
psychological distress, major egg has 186 milligrams of consume less cholesterol Eating three
depression or suicidal thoughts, and dietary cholesterol in the yolk. have a lower risk of to four eggs
more attempted suicide," said lead "The take-home message heart disease." per week was
study author Jean Twenge, Professor is really about cholesterol, which associated with 6 per
of Psychology at San Diego State cent to 13.2 per cent -- and 63 per happens to be high in eggs and cent higher risk of CVD and
University in the US. These cent in young adults aged 18 to 25 specifically yolks," said co-author 8 per cent higher risk of any cause
"These trends are weak or non- trends from 2009 to 2017 - from 8.1 per Norrina Allen, Associate Professor of death, they added.
existent among adults 26 years and cent to 13.2 per cent, showed the at the Northwestern University. The researchers say that eating
over, suggesting a generational
are weak or non- findings published in the Journal of "As part of a healthy diet, people less than 300 milligrams of dietary
shift in mood disorders instead of existent among Abnormal Psychology. need to consume lower amounts of cholesterol per day was the guideline
an overall increase across all ages," adults 26 years and "Cultural trends in the last 10 cholesterol. People who consume recommendation before 2015.
Twenge added. years may have had a larger effect less cholesterol have a lower risk of However, the most recent
For the study, the researchers
over, suggesting a on mood disorders and suicide- heart disease," Allen added. dietary guidelines omitted a daily
analysed data from the National generational shift related outcomes among younger For the study, which will be limit for dietary cholesterol. The
Survey on Drug Use and Health, in mood disorders generations compared with older published in the journal JAMA, the guidelines also include weekly egg
a nationally representative survey generations," said Twenge. team involved 29,615 adults from consumption as part of a healthy
that has tracked drug and alcohol instead of an overall She believes this trend may be six prospective cohort studies for up diet. An adult in the US gets an
use, mental health and other health- increase across all partially due to increased use of to 31 years of follow up. average of 300 milligrams per day
related issues in individuals aged 12 ages electronic communication and They found eating 300 mg of of cholesterol and eats about three
and over in the US since 1971. digital media, which may have dietary cholesterol per day was or four eggs per week.
They looked at survey responses changed modes of social interaction associated with 17 per cent higher Other animal products such as red
from more than 200,000 adolescents enough to affect mood disorders. risk of incident cardiovascular meat, processed meat and high-fat
aged 12 to 17 from 2005 to 2017, symptoms consistent with major Moreover, research shows that disease and 18 per cent higher risk dairy products (butter or whipped
and almost 400,000 adults aged 18 depression in the last 12 months young people are not sleeping of all-cause deaths. cream) also have high cholesterol
and over from 2008 to 2017. increased 52 per cent in adolescents as much as they did in previous The cholesterol was the driving content, said lead author Wenze
The rate of individuals reporting from 2005 to 2017 - from 8.7 per generations, she noted. factor independent of saturated fat Zhong from the varsity.


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